Norway’s Happy Lies on Muslim Immigration

Should one laugh or cry? That perennial question raised itself yet again on January 10 when Norway’s purported newspaper of record, Aftenposten, ran what several readers, in the comments field, quite properly dismissed as a shameless piece of propaganda that, as one of them put it, “stinks” of the “red-green agenda.” The headline: “People with immigrant backgrounds are becoming more like the rest [of us].” The article was based entirely on data from Statistics Norway, the government statistics bureau. Although that agency has a long record of massaging its numbers and serving up frankly absurd prognoses in order to make it look as if Islamic immigration into Norway is less of a fiasco than the average Norwegian man-in-the-street knows it is, Aftenposten‘s reporters, Kjersti Nipen, Øystein Aldridge, and Kjetil Østli, passed them on in the usual reverently unquestioning fashion.

“In some areas immigrants are becoming more like us,” they quoted Statistics Norway researcher Lars Østby as saying, “but there are few areas in which the population without immigrant backgrounds are being influenced by immigrants.” This was, first of all, a highly bemusing claim, given that a crucial element of the rhetoric churned out by the professional boosters of immigration – Islamic immigration in particular – has long been that the influx into Norway of persons with radically different cultural backgrounds enrich the country in extraordinary ways. Could it be that at least some of the longtime purveyors of that line decided that it wasn’t working, and decided instead to try the more modest argument that immigration is a neutral phenomenon that doesn’t really affect the native population one way or the other?

One imagines that Østby’s assertion came as something of a surprise to more than a few ethnic Norwegians who in recent years, thanks to Muslim perpetrators, have ended up in Statistics Norway’s database of rapes, gay-bashings, and other such offenses whose numbers in certain parts of the country have climbed steadily along with the Muslim populations of those areas. Ditto the many people who have felt compelled to move their families out of various Oslo neighborhoods in order to protect their kids from increasing gang violence and to be able to send them to schools that aren’t hotbeds of bullying, harassment, and worse. (It is perhaps worth noting that in addition to Østby, Aftenposten‘s reporters interviewed a staffer at Norwegian Social Research who managed to come up with exactly one specific way in which immigrants may be influencing Norwegians: in Oslo’s immigrant neighborhoods, she said, young Norwegians, perhaps in imitation of their Koran-observant neighbors, are drinking less alcohol. In short: if there is any impact, it’s utterly benign.)

Among those who should have raised their eyebrows at Østby’s statement were the editors of Aftenposten itself, whose archives, after all, are packed with news stories that flatly contradict his pretty picture of today’s multicultural Norway. Only three days earlier, for example, that newspaper ran an article about a new government report which, among much else, recommends that Islamic worship services be permitted in public schools and argues that schoolteachers shouldn’t criticize Muslims’ objections to sexual equality. (To push them on this matter, the head of the report committee insisted, would be to violate their religious freedom.)

Among the specific claims made in the January 10 article was that both “marriage immigration” and fertility rates are down among the Norwegian-born children of immigrants. Anyone familiar with Statistics Norway’s usual sleight-of-hand would quickly have noticed that Østby and his scribes at Aftenposten didn’t label the immigrants they are discussing with the word “Muslim” or even, more broadly, with the term “non-Western,” which would include many Vietnamese, Chinese, and other non-Muslim Asians who, for the most part, have integrated splendidly into Norwegian society. No, they used the catchall word “immigrant,” which of course covers everyone from Danes and Swedes to Americans and Brits. Most important statistically, perhaps, it also embraces Poles and other Eastern Europeans, who, in recent years, have poured into Norway to work in construction and similar trades, providing wily statisticians with figures that allow them to draw glowing conclusions about immigrant employment, crime, family size, and the like – and thus whitewash Muslim immigration.

Østby further contended that the children of immigrants are now going to college in higher-than-average numbers – which is good news for those benighted souls who still cling to the assumption that education and the acceptance of Western values go hand in glove. For a cogent wake-up call on this front, one needed only to turn from Aftenposten‘s January 10 article to a piece by Hege Storhaug posted on the same day at Sappho, the website of the Danish Free Press Society. It began as follows: “Islamization [in Norway] is moving faster year by year…But academia and politicians can’t (or won’t?) puncture the aching abscess.” Without mentioning Østby or Statistics Norway by name, Storhaug tidily shot down the widespread illusion that education is a cure for Islam’s ills by pointing out that the pro-jihadist student group Islam Net, based at University College of Oslo, boasts 2000 paying members. Yes, more and more children of Muslim immigrants are getting higher educations – and more and more of them are joining an organization that segregates men and women, calls non-believers kuffur, and looks forward to a future in which Norway will be part of a sharia-governed European caliphate.

Storhaug took her readers on a brief tour of organized Islam in Norway (a country, remember, with only five million inhabitants, including maybe 100,000 Muslims): the Islamic Cultural Centre, a branch of the Jamaat-i-Islami movement, which is considered extreme even in Pakistan, has 3500 members; the Tawfiq Islamic Center, which supports the terrorists of Al-Shabab, has 5400; Oslo’s Rabita mosque, run by a disciple of Holocaust fan Yusuf al-Qaradawi, has 2500; Minhaj ul-Quran, whose founder has said that any critic of Muhammed, whether “Muslim, Jew, Christian, infidel, man, or woman, will be executed like a dog,” has 3000.

For a clear picture of just how Islam has influenced Norway – and is preparing to influence it in the future – one had only to watch the NRK news-discussion program Dagsnytt 18, also (as it happens) on January 10. The topic was this: Islam Net (see above) had invited a famous Islamic scholar to Norway to give a talk under its auspices. Audun Lysbakken, head of the Socialist Left Party, was concerned that this scholar supports such “barbaric” practices as stoning adulteresses, and had asked Islam Net (pretty please) to disinvite him. On Dagsnytt 18 that evening, you could see Lysbakken meekly repeating his polite request, all the while assuring everyone that he fully respected Islam Net’s freedom of speech (a freedom that, he and other politicians stridently insisted after the Breivik atrocities, should be denied to the critics of Islam). Sitting beside Lysbakken in the NRK studio was Islam Net leader Fahad Qureishi, who, with not an ounce of meekness in his body, passionately dressed Lysbakken down, instructing him that what he called “barbaric” is, in fact, Islam itself, and in using the word barbaric Lysbakken was calling the Prophet himself (“peace be upon him”) barbaric – an act that was plainly, in Qureishi’s view, the very gravest of offenses. Lysbakken, he warned portentously, should choose his words more carefully.

Rarely, if ever, have Norwegians been vouchsafed so concise and vivid a foretaste of what awaits them, or their posterity, if they continue to let their country be governed by the dangerous self-delusions of Lars Østby and his ilk. I’d encourage you to watch the Dagsnytt 18 segment yourself (which begins about 25 minutes into the show). It doesn’t really matter all that much if you don’t understand Norwegian: the steely look in Qureishi’s eyes, the authoritarian tone of his voice, and the feeble, pathetic, baffled reactions to his incendiary tirade by Lysbakken and the program host tell you all you need to know.

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  • AdinaK

    It is impossible to achieve integration with Islamists and that is the bold faced truth.

    Their relationship with blood obviates any "meeting of the minds", and ensures that infidel blood will flow, until they submit –

    Without an Islamic reformation the rest is just smoke and mirrors, at the expense of western civilization –

    It is what it is.

    Adina kutnicki, Israel –


    "F" norway too.

    • IRL

      Insulting an entire country for this is like me blaming you for Obama.

    • Drakken

      Now Now My Friend, Norway is like the rest of us westerners and deserves our support, for if they go, we go.

  • Mary Sue

    Haha by the time Norway's coddled leftists learn to say "Oh ***k off" to the Islamists, it'll be far too late.

    • JacksonPearson

      Exactly. It's liken to Florida's out of control and breeding Burmese Boa's that have taken over the swamps, with a hunt and kill program for licensed hunters. The same applies to Norway and them allowing deadly vipers in their homeland. You're right, when it gets out of control there, it's going to be to late to reverse the multiculturalism. Sharia law and beheadings will be the norm.

  • dan the pro

    and you thought that the enlightned kommissars of the leftmarxistmaoistatheistic govt of the norge and places from the northern maelstroms were your guides into freesex and drugs and rocknroll utopia–you imbecilic putzes– you have been sold into white slavery and don't even have the guts to admit it to your progeny-those you did not abort…. the next step is your own stoning party (with real stones you nordic fools!!) go back to your feminized ways you scmucks–hell on earth awaits you.

    • LibertarianToo

      Wait — "feminized ways" and "schmucks"?

  • Chezwick

    Higher education in the West today does nothing but validate the contempt Muslims have for Western society by 1) consciously pushing an anti-Western curriculum…..and 2) by defining ourselves through our vapid, gutless, devoid-of-content multicultural ethos.

    Meanwhile, the Muslims of Norway are referred to in the liberal media as "the colorful community." A rather ironic descriptive considering Muslim women there are typically covered head-to-toe in the black chador, niqab or burkha.

    • IRL

      "Higher education in the West today does nothing but validate the contempt Muslims have for Western society by 1) consciously pushing an anti-Western curriculum….."

      Correct. Just compare the history of the Islamic conquest of Spain with the Spanish conquest of Mexico. In the former, not a bad word will be said about Muslims, and the conquest is portrayed as nothing but advantageous for Europe: Great progress in art, science and medicine. In the latter, the conquistadors are portrayed as heinous villains, while the Aztecs could slit out hearts of innocents all day without a bad word being written about them.

      "and 2) by defining ourselves through our vapid, gutless, devoid-of-content multicultural ethos."

      This is what happens when a civilization loses faith in itself. I wish more people would state the obvious: "We have a better and more advanced culture: The West is best."

    • jay

      Can you express similar sentiments about Jewish women in Norway? Huh… lol… There goes your 'objective' observation down the drain. Don't sow the seeds of hatred! You won't be able to harvest the crop! You are so shallow, narrow-minded, prejudiced and ignorant person — not fit for discussion.

  • gsk

    My dear AdinaK: you cannot reform a revealed religion. Either it is true or it is false. If it is true, it stands; if it is false, then what is the point in making it more palatable to modern sensibilities? Either Muhammed is the most esteemed prophet of God/Allah (and we’d better get in line) or he was a lunatic, and if the latter, all the polish in the world won’t make him a man worth imitating.

    • bri

      What? If you found out that allah, whose most esteemed prophet is mass-murderer muhammad, was the "big boss in the sky", why would that make you get in line? Don't you have moral principles?

    • Drakken

      Islam either must be destroyed or it will destroy us, it is that bloody simple, choose wisely.

    • kaz

      excellent analysis, gsk, but you didnt tell those of us that cannot figure it out which kind of revealed religion it is that western countries have invited to rule them, and replace their native populations with true believers. is islam a true religion, revealed from the mouth of god through his holy prophet, and telling us mortals what we must do to achieve permanent luxury and bliss in the next life………….or is islam a product of the criminal ravings of a desert lunatic, who borrowed the name of an arabian pagan idol and promoted it to the one true god, who speaks only through the lips of a hallucinating mastercriminal who has been dead for 14 centuries, yet continues to mass murder from the grave with his poisonous religion? which allah has the west invited to conquer, enslave, and genocide it?

  • Niels Thyge Riisgaard

    The brave Norweigian Hege Storhaug’s article on Sappho /Danish Free Press Society is one of many wake up calls. But most of Scandinavian is still fast asleep. On top of that the deed of massmurderer, Behring Breivik, has empeded readers to comment on the article. Only 3 (THREE) comments. Fear is master. There shall be no breakthrough in combating the Big Lie until fear is overcome. Compared to this state of affairs I say: Eric Bloodaxe ruled ok.

  • Silverio Facundo

    Islam: God's gift to Europe for centuries of bullying Jews. Let the Norwegians enjoy their new "friends".

    • mlcblog

      Yup. They were the force behind Hitler, via the Grand Mufti.

    • IRL

      Sounds more like another of God's gifts to the Jews of Europe. Enjoy.

    • David

      Good one!! Especially for the Norwegians who learnt all they needed to know from Quisling. One day they will stop begging and fawning long enough to realise what they have permitted to happen to themselves. A day I look forward to.

  • RAH

    The Hand of the Prophet: A Novel of Islamic America, 2053….
    Discounted on Barnes and Nobel
    By the year 2053, large parts of the United States have fallen under the rule of fanatical, home-grown Sunni Muslims, who have established the Islamic Republic of America, an Islamic theocracy under Shari’a religious law. Now, the Christians are the terrorists. All author's royalties from this book will be donated to a charity to help those who have suffered in the War on Terror.

  • Charles Martel

    Here is the clip with English subtitles. It's an aberration, it's infuriating. The worse part is that when the anchor questions him specifically about stoning, this savage explains without skipping a beat, that it may not be possible in the immediate future because people could object, but in a future Shariah state, definitively. And emphasized that what we call barbaric is true Islam because that's what Mo mandated.

    After that, try to reform Islam, or dialogue with these barbarians.

    • Drakken

      There is no dialogue with islam, it must be talked too with a iron mailed fist.Anything less is an exercise in futility.

  • Rostislav

    It was a pleasure to know that immigrants from the Eastern Europe work in the Norwegian construction. But I can't see any statistics just where exactly do immigrants from the Islamic countries work? That is, I can understand that they happily rape, become like Norwegians, participate in gang violence, get higher education, kill women, defend freedom of their "religion", etc – but it seems to me a bit strange kind of work, for the country's newcomers especially. Do they do anything else in Norway, except the mentioned activities? Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    • IRL

      We have a lot of Poles working in the construction business, and I even have got to know a couple of them. Nice people.

      Immigrants from Islamic countries are often illiterate, under-educated, unwilling to assimilate and not rarely have an obnoxious arrogant attitude, as if we owe them something or are their servants. Social services certainly have their hands full dealing with them, and the only way to get some of them off the couch is when they get their government paycheck or participate in a demonstration. (If only they could show the same level of energy in a regular job as when they scream and gesticulate over an alleged "insult".)

      Crime, that is a different story. A few years back, a nice Pakistani girl in her 20s who my sister knew a little worked in a grocery store. I remember her, nice long hair and a contagious smile. A few months later I learned she got stabbed and killed by two of her own brothers because she had become "too Norwegian".

      "Do they do anything else in Norway, except the mentioned activities?"

      There are always a few exceptions confirming the rule.

  • PAnderson

    Noway is similar to Sweden. It's a burning hell ghetto in many areas literally like hell.
    Lear more from this youtube channel,

    • Gabrielle

      In Sweden, the government has turned on the indigenous population in favor of the Muslim immigrant. Swedes feel that they are strangers in their own country and from the looks of things so do the Norwegians.

      I have asked this question many times and never get an answer. Why are all other cultures allowed to keep theirs, but our Judeo-Christian Euro-centric culture must be diluted by all others? The inevitable outcome is that ours will eventually disappear.

      • jack

        all others will disappear as well. after muslims conquer europe the americas and asia wont stand a chance. its not just judeo christian but all others. the world governments and ruling families want all humans under submission.

  • rightwingcanadian

    that's ScandinDHIMMIA for you.

  • Anthony

    O come sons of Allah, and spit on us, rape our women and daughters, transplant the homes of our fathers and defile the faith of our fathers which we ourselves loathe.

    Yes, we men of the North have grown infirm and feeble, we want you, our new overlords to lead us to our own dishonorable death, well deserved by virtue of our collective cowardice.

    We, the heirs of all that we once proudly possessed now prostrate on our knees like buffoonish fools, wormy idiots, nay worse, sinners by silence which makes us cowards before a lesser foe, beg you o Moslems to end our shame and our disgrace.

    Yes, and never before in the annals of history has such disgrace masqueraded as honor, such foolishness as wisdom, and such deceit to ones self as virtue.

    Norsemen, there will be no Valhalla only extinction in the sure to come Götterdämmerung you were tricked into embracing.

    In that embrace, a deaths embrace, you will have what you so deeply wished for at the hands of your own self appointed executioners.

    • vin

      Don't be so discouraged still time left to defend Islam. This people had declared war on all the nations of the world and every subjects of the nation is conscious that their territory will not fall on the hands of Islam. They are only concerned for their business of selling Islamic branded Ideas which they solely consider as if only belongs to them. In order to find appreciation for their products (branded Ideas) they colonies territory of other nation and make a fearful suffocation atmosphere and coward the inhabitants of the region to accept their products and to reap profit which is exercise of power. Thy will impose their imperial shariah law which is "Boycott, Destruction and Death of non Muslim branded Ideas and only existence or acceptance of Muslim branded Ideas".
      The best way to defend Islam is to produce kids and make them loyal to the self's community.

  • UCSPanther

    It is sad to see Norway, one of the lands from where the fierce and adventurous vikings hailed from, and the same country that resisted to the best of its ability the Nazi army during WWII despite being betrayed from within, turn into a pathetic shadow of its former self.

    When the economic downturn spreads across the EU, old and new emnities will be ignited and governments will be hard pressed at best to keep things together.

  • Ghostwriter

    I doubt Norwegians like this situation a whole lot.

  • kaz

    in a free country, if foreigners come and rape the women, and insult the residents, the citizens rise up and slay the raping invaders. this would happen anywhere real men who have not been enslaved live. in the west, everyone cowers in fear as the invading superior people rape their women, insult them, and force them to labor in slavery to feed and clothe the invaders. there is no difference between slavery and things as they are in the west. western men have accepted defeat at the bloody hands of islam, and watch helplessly while their women are raped, and fearfully await the day of their mass execution. our descendants, if we are allowed to have any, will curse and revile the cowardly generation that could have expelled islam from our countries, but instead welcomed, enabled, and surrendered to it. norway is no different from the rest of the cowardly west. the only country with any guts is serbia, and european and american war criminals defeated serbia, and forced it to accept genocide in bosnia and kosovo.

    • jack

      but western men are also misogynistic and do not care to help their women. one survey in norway showed that half of norwegian men( I dont know if the immigrants were surveyed) said they believed a womans rape is justifiable by what she was wearing. western men like all others hate women. the rapes are just the beginning. here in america men still openly bash women even in the media and when the women say anything they are "feminists."

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Proverbs 12:22………."The Lord detests lying lips……..", so from the top the detestible liars
    in Norwegan media do so because they are vile and encourage the villainy of Islamist beasts.

  • PacRim Jim

    Norway of Noway?

  • Jeff

    Hey, I'm offended. Don't you know? Islam is responsible for all the great things in the West. It brought Europe out of the Dark Ages. And just recently I found out that Muslims discovered America before Columbus. OK, enough. When are people going to see Islam for what it is?: A supremacist pan-Arab cultural fascism.

    • jack

      amerindians came over first. in 3 separate groups. phoenicians came to the americas. they were black. chinese, norwegians, then europeans. muslims only recently came over. Im part Amerindian by the way. muslims did not discover the americas.

  • DrBukk

    Here's how to stun a fool believing in equal validity among great religions. Remind them of Aztecs, who regularly practiced human sacrifice. Would they judge that morally equivalent? They all flocked to Catholicism in less than 100 years and that religion no longer exists because it was almost as cruel as Islam.

    • Mary Sue

      Not only that, the Princess of the Aztecs had a vision where she said that a few boatloads of people would be bringing news of the True God. That definitely helped somewhat (after the Conquistadors had to do some fighting).

    • jack

      but those native americans are still superior to all others in several ways. it was the iroquois who gave america our bill of rights. even the arawaks had property rights. along with other great things amerindians had. their religion is actually the best one.

  • yori

    norwegens. change your stupid goverment

  • free-thinker

    To all the Norway-bashers ,we are a humanistic society not like the barbarian hordes who are responsible for the killings of a million innocent Iraqis.Yes ,some Muslims here are involved in petty crimes but where common people live it happens in every such society and country.
    My concern is not what Muslims will do to Norway ,my concern is what extremists like Anders Behring Breivik and his accomplices will do to this society.And to all the extreme Zionists and the knight templars ,keep your stinky noses off Norway.

  • javed

    Looks like you people have stone-age pagans' ideas about Islam. Muslims in Norway or other places are not perfect, just like the Christians or the Jews. All three sects are 'human beings', so give them the same rights, treat them equally without prejudice. Equality and justice can eradicate most of your social, economic and political problems. Open your minds and hearts. For well-researched articles on Islam, visit:

  • Duncan Fisher

    I’ve lived in Norway now for going on fourteen years. The majority of people I know, are against mass immigration. (Especially immigration from Islamic countries.) I have even had liberal friends that just five years ago swore that immigration was good for Norway. Now? They’re against it.

    Immigrant youth are going to school as they get “free money” from the government to take school. I know quite a few who are in Norway as asylum seekers for monetary gain. They’re also in school and plan on returning to their own countries once they complete their schooling. (Norwegians are basically paying for foreign schooling.)

    Plenty of newspapers in Norway openly lie about immigration and often leave out the ethnicity of those involved in heinous crimes comitted. That is of course, if they’re even reported on to begin with. (Like Muslims raping 80 year old women and robbing them. Or Muslims beating Norwegian women for not giving up their phone number. Or like the massive rape spree in Oslo comitted by Muslims.)

    More and more Norwegians want to cut immigration down to a trickle. Some even want it gone for good with deportation. That’s why Jens Stoltenberg, leader of Arbeider Partiet lost last election. FrP (a known anti-immigration party) won a joint seat in this election with Høyre (Right). FrP and Høyre are now giving Norways immigration policies a much needed makeover.