Passage to Marseille

marseillesMarseille, with a population of something under a million, is France’s second largest city, and, as the BBC reported last year, “it’s likely to become the first Western European metropolis where the majority of the population will be Muslim.” With a candor for which it has not always been known, the BBC acknowledged that “Marseille can appear dirty, poor and covered in graffiti,” and that, moreover, it’s riddled with crime, with whole neighborhoods living under the authority of “criminals, not the police,” who have long since given up trying to maintain law and order. But the BBC was quick to add, in what has become a familiar media formula where such cesspools are concerned, that Marseille is a “rich, vibrant, colourful city which many hope can become an example of how multiculturalism can work.”

That a city made up increasingly of no-go zones can be a model for anything is, of course, a sad joke, but, as we know, there is a widespread need nowadays to embrace and promote this kind of hooey. Never mind that things got so dicey last summer that the mayor of two districts of Marseille asked for the government to send in the army and, as the Telegraph reported, “set up roadblocks around neighbourhoods to vet inhabitants for weapons and drugs ‘like in times of war.’” The Telegraph noted that back in 2011 Marseille’s public prosecutor had warned “that parts of Marseille were like ‘the favelas of Rio.” To be sure, the Telegraph also felt obliged to flavor its report with a pinch or two of the usual hogwash about Marseille being a “vibrant Mediterranean melting pot” and so on.

Leave it to the New York Times, however, to provide the definitive snow job on the city by the sea. On October 4, the Gray Lady’s Michael Kimmerman served up a piece about Marseille – which he hailed as “the secret capital of France” – that was a masterly example of just how to make negatives sound like positives. Calling Marseille “a stubbornly glorious melting pot of seediness and sun,” Kimmerman said that this “is precisely why it’s so wonderful.” You can just see all the Times subscribers in their Upper West Side breakfast nooks looking up excitedly at their spouses, their cups of latte trembling in their hands, and saying: “Oh darling, let’s go slumming in Marseille!”

Yes, Kimmerman acknowledged the high crime levels, but was very skillful at providing bogus “perspective.” For example: “Baltimore’s homicide rate is higher.” Yes, but (1) it’s not all about homicide stats; (2) if you aren’t a gang member and stick to the right parts of Baltimore you’ll be safer than in the corresponding areas of Marseille; and (3) the Times, last time I checked, wasn’t trying to pass off Baltimore as “gloriously seedy.” Kimmerman also made the ingenious argument that people in Marseille “like to exaggerate the crime; it’s part of their contrarian nature, burnishing the city’s tough image.” Uh, OK.

But the line that Kimmerman really seemed to cotton to was the one pushed on him by one Minna Sif, a Moroccan-Corsican-French writer who proudly boasted that “Marseille resists becoming bourgeois by its nature.” Its residents don’t “regard themselves as Moroccan or Corsican first; they become Marseillais.” (Funny, there’s no mention of them thinking of themselves as French.) “Its soul is multicultural,” Sif said. The message could not have been more brilliantly tailor-made for a certain kind of perennial Times reader, for whom multiculturalism is a blanket excuse for every variety of malfeasance, however dire, and for whom nothing, in any event, could be worse than being tagged as bourgeois.

Kimmerman did give some space at the end of his piece to a waitress who, countering his rapturous rhapsodies about the city, told him that “Marseille is a nightmare” and that she and her husband “would leave in a second if the opportunity were right.” But, in a slick, barefaced effort to utterly discredit her testimony, he noted that as he departed the restaurant, he saw her chatting with customers and “roaring with laughter.”

In the comments field below Kimmerman’s article, a number of French and other European Times readers congratulated him on seeing past Marseille’s violence and disorder to its supposed charms. But at least one reader, who called himself “Optimator” and who had just been in Marseille, felt compelled to offer a corrective to Kimmerman’s account:

I was walking alone around 11:00 pm carrying a small backpack and was attacked by two men. One ran up behind me and put me in a “sleeper hold” while the other gratuitously sprayed me with pepper spray. I fought them off and fortunately they fled without any of my belongings. This was just two blocks from Vieux Port, which I assumed would be relatively safe – even at night – since it is one of the most visited sites of the city.

I have walked alone late at night in several large (and small) cities throughout the world and never encountered anything like I did in Marseille. The city was even a little edgy during the day time with thousands of tourists and locals walking about. Some beggars are aggressive and do not hesitate to get in your face, and the smell on some of the busiest streets was worse than a sports stadium bathroom.

Perhaps I was being naive. Perhaps it was bad luck. Perhaps it was typical Marseille. For those traveling to “the secret capital of France,” take precaution when walking around even near the most popular sites. It isn’t as safe as one might think given its distinct reputation for culture.

No, “Optimator,” you weren’t being naïve or unlucky: you’re just too much of a rube, obviously, to appreciate the subtle pleasures of squalor, dirt, and grunginess. Alas, you don’t possess the requisite sophistication, the raffinement, to recognize that that sports-stadium bathroom stink to which you refer in such a crudely unreflecting and critical tone is, in fact, a scent as splendid in its own way as the finest perfume. Your problem – comprenez-vous? – is that you simply haven’t attained a lofty enough plane, either socially or culturally, to understand how downright exquisite it can be to experience nostalgie de la boue – which (take notes, now) literally means “yearning for the mud,” and refers to the estimable ability of rarefied, highly cultivated souls unlike yourself to enjoy the spectacle of their inferiors’ wretched, malodorous, crime-ridden lives. Nor, needless to say, “Optimator,” have you learned to recognize that a “multicultural” twenty-first-century burg, whose innumerable imperfections and myriad perils only make it all the more thrilling for an intellectually curious and culturally inquisitive foreigner, is by definition infinitely superior to an ordinary “bourgeois” town, with its deadly dull civil order – what genuinely worldly, adventurous visitor is looking for that?

To be sure, “Optimator,” you’re far from alone in your vulgar incapacity to savor the cultural richesse that has inundated France over the last generation or two. Among the other coarse souls who’ve failed to grasp how magnificent these developments have been is longtime journalist Ivan Rioufol, a fixture at Le Figaro for nearly three decades, who’s now being prosecuted for saying on radio – silly man! – that a new poster campaign featuring images of bearded Muslim men and veiled Muslim men, under the slogan “We are the Nation,” violates France’s secular spirit. (Has the Times covered Rioufol’s prosecution? Guess.)

Then there’s actor Alain Delon, the now 79-year-old star of Is Paris Burning? (ahem) and Swann’s Way, who let it be known the other day that he (along with 24% of French voters) supports the National Front, with its strict immigration platform – an indication, presumably, that he doesn’t find sheiks chic or share Kimmerman’s notion that “no-go” is the nouvelle vague. One can only conclude that Delon, like many other Gallic gentlemen of his generation, is nostalgic not for the mud but for the France of his youth – refusing, unlike Michael Kimmerman and other, more forward-thinking types, to accept that la vielle France is melting away, like the snows of yesteryear, and giving way to a brave new multicultural nation of which Marseille is, as Kimmerman so aptly puts it, the secret capital and vibrant symbol.

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  • Chezwick

    I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again….Europe’s a goner.

    By an accident of geography, America just has a little more time.

    • BS77

      A slow suicide for France and England. They have allowed the Trojan Horse into their gates and soon will moan in despair.

      • Lokie

        Problem is they aren’t moaning. They are bending over and taking it up their arse’s and smiling.

    • A Z

      It is the result of Blowback from Empire, stupid (greedy?) industrialists (Ford & Dearbornistan) for example, and liberals.

    • Drakken

      Europe is far from gone, it is only at the beginning stages of a nationalistic resurgence. Mark my words, this is going to blow up into a Balkans on steroids. There are hundreds of villages around Europe that don’t tote the multicultural lie and actually do something about their muslim problem, you just never hear about it in the news for the powers that be don’t want the muslims rioting in response, this is going to get very ugly soon enough.

      • defcon 4

        There’s no political solution to islam0fascism. Because you can’t play politics w/those whose ideology advocates lying and dishonesty.

      • alihusaini

        Good,looking forward to dealing with some white-trash scumbags.

        • Jon MC

          Presumably “white-trash scumbags” means “white non-Muslims”?
          You know those “najjis Kafir” (filthy non-Muslims) as the ‘Noble’ Quran calls us.

          • sb

            ‘najis kafir’ is not mentioned anywhere in the Quran, Let us do a bit of research before believing everything that comes across us! :)

  • jerseychris

    So, nothing has changed since the last time I was there in the ’60s. Same shit hole with the same murderous thieves, they’re just not French anymore.

  • Poupic

    It had to happen to France. The colonial power that sucked the life out of “The natives” that had different names in every French colonies. The country of my birth that got rid of my parents in French cattle trains to Auszchwitz after rounding them up by the French police. Ask me if I shed a tear for “Belle France” that never was for the Jews. France has always been the anti- Semitic country par excellence and still is even more now that it is fast taken over by Islamic masses.

    • Martin Adamson

      Well, France may be an anti-semitic country but at least when it was the Colonial power in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Syria it did a good job of protecting the Jews of those countries from their Muslim tormentors, giving them freedoms and opportunities they had not enjoyed since Roman times. When the French Colonists left, the Arab Jews went with them, taking with them all of those newly judenrein countries finest musicians, artists and intellectuals.

      • alihusaini

        You are a fool!!!!The Vichy government went after the Jews in North Africa as well.Go ask any Moroccan Jew and he will tell you that he LOVES King Mohammed V and Hassan II.That’s the problem with people who blindly hate,your stupid and can’t see straight and your mouth is full of lies!

        • defcon 4

          I’ll bet it’s pretty tough to find any Moroccan Jews in Morocco these days.

          • alihusaini

            The Jews of Morocco left for Israel for economic reasons,not because of any persecution as they were not persecuted in Morocco.Many Morocco Jews go back to Morocco to visit their holy sites there(which are protected).
            These are the facts,check for yourself or ask any Moroccan Jew no matter where they live and they will tell you what I am telling you.Kinda throws a wrench into your ignorant preconceived ideas,huh?

          • defcon 4

            LOL, oh that’s funny. Oh wait, you weren’t serious were you?

      • Poupic

        As luck would have it France had concentration camps in Tunisia that continued to operate after the US liberated Tunisia for example. France is perhaps one of the most anti- Semitic countries world wide even today. The French police arrested my mother and both my parents ended up as ashes in Auszchwitz, shipped there in French cattle cars

    • joesph

      True, but there are people now in France whose only crime is being born there…they are the ones we would like to see saved…..allah is death…Satan had two hands and neither are working against each other but for the master who controls them….dis-information is done at the top…go there and kill it…then the heavy woirk of properly educating the people but that won’t be done without blowback from the muslims who are already there…so ther will have to be bloodshed to get back what has been given away…yes, France does need this as a judgment but judgment does not have to last so long that every person gets wiped out….The “Jews” in Europe faced ‘judgment’ from YHVH ….that’s what it was really about….Now that you know you should be about getting correct before your “EL” ….France will pay…all will pay…’allah’ is the messenger of death and for those who deserve it…..

      • defcon 4

        There are plenty of people who think they can sit on the fence about islam0fascism. Because, after all, sarcastically speaking, all religion is the same.

  • jakespoon

    Enjoy the “diversity” . Robbed,raped or murdered,take your pick. Or maybe all three.Throw in a kidnapping and sex slavery, a vacation to remember.

  • Jakareh

    I’m going to be optimistic here and say that what’s happening to Marseille, when considered within the larger context, is good. It is good because this unfortunate city serves as a showcase for the future that awaits all of Europe unless Europeans wake up and soon. In a way, slow change is worse than quick change. It’s the frog in the boiling pot phenomenon.

    • Jack of No Trades

      Just don’t let them out the city limits and France may be saved.

    • Infidel4Ever

      I hope you’re right but I don’t think so. Europeans are fed a steady diet of mis-information about the true nature of Islam. And the few who try to sound the alarm are intimidated and prosecuted. Many Islamic cesspools already in Europe and still no sign of them wising up.

      • Mohammad Izzaterd

        Plenty of boiling pots and cesspools – Marseilles, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Malmo, need I go on?

        • alihusaini

          Yea,main street America!

      • Drakken

        That is why because they are prosecuted that they now handle the muslims in the midst very quietly and under the radar.

    • joesph

      with the enemy inside the gates it will look more like Stalingrad should the French truly wake up to what horror awaits them….

    • Porkys2istan

      It can’t be that bad (yet). All the middle class people haven’t left (yet). It’s when the French equivalent of “White Flight” happens that you will see the real face of islam. Marseille still (barely) functions. There is still a tax base. Tourists still show up, even if only during the day.

      But Islam doesn’t produce anything, other than terrorism. It is, however, exceptionally good at leaching off of real societies. The real effect will show up when every person who can leave Marseille does leave. The tax base will dry up. The roads will not be fixed. The sewers will break and stay broken. Finally, at the very end, the Fire Department will not show up without a massive police escort, and large sections of the city will just ‘disappear’.

      Only then will the true face of islam show itself in France.

      Some of you will point out that this is exactly like Detroit. There are many similarities, but also important differences (like no muslims). Detroit lost it’s industrial base and before it could attract something else it’s entire skilled and manufacturing base gradually moved away, destroying it’s tax base. Less taxes = crappier city = even more skilled people leaving, until all that was left were the elderly, the disabled, and the criminal. But even in all it’s horrible mismanagement, corruption, and deterioration Detroit still has functioning Police, the fire Fire Department will still show up to put out fires, roads are repaired (eventually), and the sewers are fixed (when they get bad enough).

      For all of Detroit’s despair, it still doesn’t have an occupying force hostile to America, the government, the police, and all other religions. There’s a natural limit to how bad Detroit can become, that Marseille will eventually surpass in unimaginable ways.

      • Jakareh

        “For all of Detroit’s despair, it still doesn’t have an occupying force hostile to America”

        There isn’t?

        • Mohammad Izzaterd

          LOL. Great point.

    • defcon 4

      The same thing is already going on in the US, it’s most blatantly obvious in the Islamic republic of Dearbornistan.

  • Softly Bob

    Charles Martel spins in his grave.

    • Dangerous Dean

      That’s Charles “The Hammer” Martel to you, pilgrim.

      • ErikKC

        We need another Hammer.

        • Race_Dissident

          The only Hammer we’ll get these days is MC Hammer.

        • Drakken

          It is coming, you can take that to the bank.

          • alihusaini

            Bring in on wimp!!

  • ErikKC

    I live in Europe. I travel to the South of France regularly. Previously, I flew in to Marseille, and took a train. Having to spend more than even a few minutes in that cesspool is excruciating. Now, there is a direct flight to Nice. I love Nice. So, I take a train in the other direction.

    I’ve been robbed and assaulted in Marseille on several occasions. The place sucks.

    • alihusaini

      Yea well,that’s what happens when you let the people you have been brutalizing and stealing from into your country!!Ha ha ha!!!!Funny!!

      • defcon 4

        Who has been brutalizing whom ali al taqiyya?

      • ErikKC

        Actually, over the past 50+ years, over 12 million Muslims have died violently. Brutally. Of that number, over 90% were killed, wait for it, by Muslims. Of he rest, over 90% were killed by non-Muslims defending themselves from Muslim aggressors.

        Feel free to expose any extent of theft as well. We BUY their oil. Every drop of it. And, in fact, American oil companies were completely shut out of Iraqi oil contracts, in favor of Statoil, BP, etc.

        Get a clue there son.

  • David Masada

    islam is a disease, it is spreading throughout the world. Marseille was a fabulous city, now it is infested with the muslum rodents. And remember, the islamic disease is already festering in the United States, more and more of these muslum mongrels are reproducing like ticks and soon it will be too late!

    • Mohammad Izzaterd

      Facts you don’t want to know: Every year the State Dept. Office of Refugees and Asylum imports about 70,000 Muslims Now being a ‘refugee’ or ‘asylum seeker’ is far more precious than being selected as a legal immigrant. You get a free flight paid for by US, when the wheels touch ground, you are automatically given all the welfare benefits of a full US citizen. No kidding. NGOs (Catholic, Hebrew, Lutheran, the biggie IRC) get PAID by the govt. per head to bring them in and support them for 3 months while the NGO gets the new refugees signed up for all the freebies. It’s a 10 billion dollar a year racket paid for by US. Kinda like the UN but even larger. For more info, go to refugeeresettlementwatch. Eye opening.l

    • alihusaini

      Ha ha ha !!!That’s right!!!Get used to it,we are here to stay!!!

      • Softly Bob

        Yes, you’re here to stay, for a while at least. Until the day that you are cast in the pit of fire along with your false prophet Mohammed. You’ll remember everything that you have posted on here and it will dawn on you what an idiot and a liar you have been. You’ll wish you’d never been a Muslim and never been born. You will see that we were right and that you were wrong. You’ll be so ashamed and so terrified.
        Of course, that doesn’t have to happen. You still have time to find the true God (through Jesus) and give up worshiping Satan (Allah).

  • zoomie

    As I recall reading about, the NY Times lauded the collective farms of the Ukraine. Of course they didn’t mention the Ukrainians were starved to death. EVIL, THE NY TIMES IS.

  • joesph

    To Chezwick: …..and a lot more guns and people who will live on rice and beans until every muslim is sent home…..NYTimes is run by people who have no particular god …they will accept whatever they think will profit them….so what it appears to me is that due to the violence of ‘muslims’ and the complacency of NYTimes it comes as no surprise to see NYTimes bowing before the ugly face of allah….America is now at the point where the real believers in the Bible and the ‘God’ of the Bible will be able to see the false believers…..I expect most Christians to fall before the onslaught of ‘allah’ here in America. They will convert and then when everyone is tallied by the Lord by what each one does then there will be the reckoning….

    • Drakken

      You could not be more wrong about the folks here in the US falling for islam, you forget that there are over 300 million guns in the hands mostly conservative folks who will not go quietly into the night without a fight.

      • defcon 4

        It might very well come down to that. The a-holes in our federal government have made it no secret they want the 2nd amendment to go away and after that, the 1st amendment.

      • alihusaini

        Yea,but the US will fall,historical fact,look it up moron.

  • laura

    what about “slumming” in flatbush? its closer to the upper west side, its seedy, culturally enriched w/graffitti, musica jamacian. people forget that this is right around the corner. no need to get on a plane. i stopped suscribing to the NYtimes months ago.

  • SvenP

    I think the whitewashing of these problems shows an utter lack of understanding for “natives” that are not well off. These writers are upper middle class and they do not live in a multicultural area, any foreigners in their area will be highly educated. They are sacrificing the native poor to countless hardships all for a naive and moronic idea “multiculti”.

    • Race_Dissident

      Those who champion diversity most stridently are those who can afford to avoid it.

      • ServosT

        Exactly. Gated communities and private schools are a wonderful defense against the gathering horde.

  • ConservativeNYC

    Sounds like pre-Guliani Times Square. Deblasio will have us back there in no time.

  • A Z

    Every journalist should have a score modeled after those of AMerican Conservative Unions’s (ACU) conservative score or something similar

    I would off the bat say such score should go from 0 to 100, but someone, who lies as much as Michael Kimmerman deserves a -100

    You could rate news organizations by taking the average score of their journalists although there are problems with that approach.

  • A Z

    Is it Michael Kimmerman or Michael Kimmelman

    “A fellow at the London School of Economics,[4] he was born and raised in Greenwich Village, the son of a physician and civil rights activists. He attended PS 41 and Friends Seminary in Manhattan, graduated summa cum laude from Yale College with a degree in history and received his graduate degree in art history from Harvard University”

    Anyone spot the problem with Kimmelman’s upbringing and education?

  • A Z

    Minna Sif is a woman. That explains why Kimmelman survived. Oh Michael is so brave.

  • jack

    If you go to Malmo Sweden you find the same thing where police do not go to Sharia controlled areas because they will be attacked by the Muslims

  • PouponMarks

    Kimmerman has the Marxist/Communist/Progressive/Atheist disease: multi culti, One World (“Imagine there’s no country”), the descent and disappearance of distinctive ethnic, religious, and cultural groups. He imagines in this confusion and degradation that he will be the 2%, like the Soviet Communist Party, for whom none of the rules apply, and where privilege for the Vanguard is the reward controlling the Masses. If this collapse of the World occurs, it is these types of Jews and the TransNational Biilionaires that should be slaughtered by the Muslim Hordes-who will not be diluted or dissipate.

    • Guest

      I wouldn’t presume to speak for all atheists but I think you’ll find that few atheists have a high opinion of Islam. I certainly regard it as a cancer of the mind and have opposed multiculturalism since the 1980’s. Even then, when the cold war was still the main preoccupation of most people, I was warning of the Islamic threat and getting some very strange looks for my pains – most people just couldn’t see it. I will say, however, that I have no time for straightforward racism. I don’t give a damn about the colour of a persons skin – a good person is a good person and a bad person is a bad person and the colour of a persons skin makes not a blind bit of difference to that. If that make me “Marxist/Communist/Progressive” then so be it.

      • PouponMarks

        I don’t have an inherent problem with atheists, but they have a proselytizing problem with Believers. Why the militancy? Why the marginalization of Christians and the belief system that held America together, and is repeatedly cited by the Founders as essential for a Union to prevail?

        You atheists have to decide. I suggest that you look at Niall Ferguson, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Camile Paglia for some wisdom and depth.

        • defcon 4

          The only religion persecuting atheists today? Islam, in Bangladesh, but you don’t notice atheists up in arms about it.

          • PouponMarks

            Ann Coulter said it succinctly when she noted that no culture in history has existed, much less survived, without a theological basis.

            When church, temple, etc., attendance decline, then so will the society in all respects.

  • Lokie

    I visited Marseille in 1998 on a rugby tour. At that time it was the most dangerous city I had ever been in, In all my travels in Europe. Upon returning to the USA, a few years later I was talking to another Russian Rugger who told me that France had lost their country to these rodents and that was in year 2000. Sadly he was correct. Now from reading the news. England has also fallen.

    • Mohammad Izzaterd

      Did you ask him about the rodents who have invaded Moscow? lol

      • Drakken

        The muslims in Moscow know their place, for the Russians are not afraid to put the boots to them when they get a little uppity.

        • defcon 4

          In the long run, that policy won’t work.

  • cacslewisfan

    I think this idiocy starts with high taxes and welfare. In every European country with Islam taking over, it all started with Socialist programs that required high taxes and a low skill population who decided they’d rather be on welfare than work. Europe ended up having to import cheap labor from the nearest area with poor desperate people. The nearest pool was located in the Middle East. We have a similar phenomenon in the US. Social programs that demand higher taxes and citizens who have decided they’d rather not work. We allow Mexicans to “self import” because they work for little, get paid under the table, and they “do the jobs Americans won’t do.” Unfortunately, there is a high price to pay for Socialism (encouraging laziness in citizens and taxing the hell out of people): we must import large numbers of poverty stricken people from dysfunctional countries to pick up the slack. Socialism and Communism can only limp along with slave labor (labor camps, work prisons, mines, etc). Socialists, Communists, and the liberal Democrats who love them have been, and always will be, the people in favor of slavery.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Meanwhile, most of the writers here at FPM continue to obsessively mischaracterize jihadists, who are waging jihad, i.e., a holy war in the cause of Allah for the establishment and expansion of Islam, as somehow being violent terrorists instead, as if holy war and terrorism is one and the same thing.

    Nevertheless, France and several other Euroloon countries will in the not too distant future soon become Muslim majority countries and inevitable Sharia states via stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad under the guise of mass Muslim immigration, which manifests today totally unopposed and uncontested thanks to jihad (holy war) being conflated and morally equated as somehow being terrorism by these very same less than astute writers.

    Hence, since terrorism is always and only violent, non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad (holy war) is allowed to manifest totally unopposed and without opposition, because it isn’t violent, and never mind the fact that it is far more detrimental to the national security of the West relative to violent jihad, that, on the other hand, would be opposed because it is violent.

    In any event, when will they ever wake up? Apparently, not until after Europe becomes totally Islamic, if ever.

    • Drakken

      Trust me, islam isn’t going to take over and are about to receive a very nasty surprise called nationalism on steroids. The govts of Europe are now running scared of the under current of massive discontent and try to suppress and prosecute it as much as they can, so things are handled quietly as to escape the notice of the powers that be. There is no doubt that a Balkans 2 is coming and all it is going to take is a incident that starts locally and spreads like wildfire from there, which country it will start in is a matter of speculation, but my money is on Germany and Austria.

      • logdon

        If and when Marine Le Pen’s FN gains office things will change.

        The French are in equal parts nationalists and socialists.

        When times are easy they succumb to socialism, when hard it’s nationalism.

        Right now under the idiocy of the socialist EU which is collapsing before their very eyes, times are hard.

      • defcon 4

        WE can only hope.

      • alihusaini

        Europeans and their descendants are too damn lazy to do
        anything.Blah,blah,blah about your “nationalism on steroids”. White supremacist are always plotting their next big “gig” to start your stupid race wars while your girlfriends,wives,moms and daughters are partying(if you know what I mean!!!Ha ha ha!!!!) with the very subhumans you are plotting against!

        • unablogger

          Meanwhile your lot are blowing each other up.2013.10.12 (Samarrah, Iraq) – Seven women and several young children are among seventeen shoppers disassembled by Islamic bombers along a crowded sidewalk. (Lahore, Pakistan) – Jihadis bomb a bustling food market, killing at least one.2013.10.10 (al-Reesa, Egypt) – Four people are killed by a Shahid suicide bomber.2013.10.09 (Aleppo, Syria) – At least ten Syrians are blown up by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.2013.10.09 (Kut, Iraq) – Eight poultry workers on a truck are torn to shreds by Mujahid bombers.

  • Diversity Fatigue

    A 24-month confinement to Marseille would go a long way toward curing Kimmerman’s rediculous fantasies about cultural “enrichment.” Let him actually live there for two years and see what song he is singing after that.

    • defcon 4

      If he survives.

  • herb benty

    Calling Poland and Charles Martel…….or has the left’s “wimpification” of the Western male completely destroyed our first line of defence- ourselves?

  • Seek

    There is something about Muslims sticking their asses in the air five times a day in public, and with the intent of blocking street traffic, that I find unhygienic, sociopathic and downright illegal. So why don’t French authorities make arrests?

  • alihusaini

    Yea,welcome to your “Christian” America.

    • jakespoon

      Marseilles is in France,dumbass. Oh,BTW, mohammed was gay. Just thought you should know.