Rottener and Rottener in Denmark

If the February 5 murder attempt on Lars Hedegaard in Copenhagen didn’t make it clear what Europe’s Islam critics are up against, the aftermath of this monstrous crime has certainly done so. I’ve already written here about the morally challenged Ekstra Bladet journalists who, when Lars felt compelled to find a new place to live after the attempt on his life, followed his moving van in an obvious effort to be able to report his new address. Then there was Danish TV host Martin Krasnik, who in a March 17 interview with Lars played prosecutor, comparing Lars’s book on Islam, In the House of War, to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and trying to paint him as a man whose purported extremism had isolated him even from his fellow Islam critics.

Krasnik got a lot of heat for that sleazy display. Now comes another Danish journalist, Klaus Wivel, who has chosen to take this occasion not only to get in a few kicks at Lars but to smack around several of those (myself included) who have responded to Lars’s close shave with shows of solidarity. To be sure, Wivel, writing in Weekendavisen, admits that Islam is not a thoroughly innocuous phenomenon and that Krasnik acted like a thug. But the thrust of his article is that Lars and his friends and defenders have gone too far. After the Krasnik interview, Wivel notes, some of the thousands of reader comments at the Free Press Society’s website were anti-Semitic. (Krasnik is Jewish.) While acknowledging that Lars and company despise anti-Semitism, Wivel finds it “significant that these weeds are growing in their backyards.” Meaning what? That Lars is responsible for the prejudices of every commenter on the Free Press Society’s site?

Wivel says that in Lars’s view, the argument about Islam isn’t a “parish-council debate”: it’s “war.” This mentality, Wivel insists, can only lead to defeat. About which I can only ask: is Wivel serious? Let me get this straight: when people are coming to the door of your home and trying to kill you, and the media, in the aftermath, treat you like the perpetrator, you shouldn’t feel that you’re at war? Does Wivel sincerely expect that Islam critics who have been subject to murder attempts and death threats, all the while being systematically, heartlessly, and mendaciously vilified in the media – people like Robert Redeker and Geert Wilders, who have to live with round-the-clock bodyguards because of would-be assassins, and people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Fiamma Nirenstein, who lived with bodyguards and ended up leaving Europe entirely – should treat the whole matter like a parish-council debate?

Wivel talks about Jews. What about all the Jews who are fleeing France and other European countries because Islam has made their lives unlivable? Is it excessive, in Wivel’s view, for them to think or speak of themselves as being at war? “If one is in the House of War,” Wivel warns, apropos of the anti-Semitism of those commenters at the Free Press Society site, “one takes on the attributes of the enemy.” But Wivel’s solution, it would appear, is to pretend that we’re not at war. He mocks Lars for believing that “we’re standing…at the gates of Vienna.” Wivel seems already to have forgotten that a few weeks ago Lars was almost standing at the Pearly Gates. Which of these two men is more out of touch with reality?

Earth to Wivel: it wasn’t we Islam critics who took the question of the Islamization of Europe out of the realm of civilized, parish-council-style debate. It was our opponents in politics, the academy, and the media – who, from the very beginning, have chosen to respond to our rational arguments not with rational arguments of their own, but, rather, by demonizing us, misrepresenting us, trying to destroy our reputations, and, in more and more cases, putting us on trial. And after the Breivik atrocities on July 22, 2011, their war – yes, war – against critics of Islam shifted into an even higher gear as they rushed to link us to the mass murderer. Wivel himself, ten days after Breivik’s atrocities, e-mailed me a battery of questions, asking if Breivik’s actions had caused me to reconsider what I’d written about Islam or to regret any metaphors or language I’d used. Did I worry now, he wondered, that my rhetoric about Islam had helped drive Breivik to his extreme actions? Would those actions change the way I wrote in the future?

Wivel had given a positive review to my Islam book While Europe Slept, but now, post-Breivik, it seemed that he, like many others in Scandinavia who had ever dared to breathe a critical word about Islam, felt pressured to change his tune – or, at least, to dramatically moderate his tone. “You, like so many other journalists in Scandinavia in the wake of this atrocity,” I wrote in a reply to his e-mail, “are allowing yourself to be led down a very dangerous road.” I noted that what had been true about Islam before July 22 was still true now. “Why is everybody over there [i.e., in Scandinavia; I was in the U.S. at the time] suddenly so scared?  Why are serious and responsible writers being pressured to defend themselves from the insane charge of having contributed to unspeakable actions that are entirely at odds with everything they have ever written? I find all this very terrifying.” As for the charge that my criticism of Islam in two articles published in The Wall Street Journal and at Pajamas (now PJ) Media in the days after July 22 was somehow “indecent,” I wrote that

I have never wept so much as I did on July 22 and in the days afterwards. But I am not about to enter into a sensitivity competition….It is possible to be weeping constantly and still write a cogent, unsentimental article….That is what it means to be a responsible adult.

When I wrote those articles in PJM and WSJ, I feared that Norway would turn away from worrying about the threat of Islamization. Everything that has happened since July 22 has intensified that fear.

As it turned out, I was right to be worried about the direction in which things were heading. A few months later, I found myself being ordered to appear at Breivik’s trial – technically as an “expert witness,” but really as a co-defendant. The idea, plainly, was to use the trial to discredit the criticism of Islam once and for all, by linking it irrevocably with Breivik’s mad murder spree. In the end, my lawyer kept me out of court by pointing out to the judges that, in their eagerness to put Islam critics on trial, they’d overlooked the fact that Norwegian law forbids forcing anyone to testify as an expert witness. Meanwhile, in Denmark, Lars was busy fighting a hate-speech charge all the way to the Supreme Court.

No, Klaus, this is no parish-council debate.

Which brings us back to Wivel’s Weekendavisen piece, at the end of which he has a few things to say about me. Noting that in 2009 I had publicly criticized Lars’s association with Vlaams Belang – a Belgian political party that not only opposes Islam but also loathes secular liberalism – Wivel expressed bafflement over my support and praise for Lars after last month’s murder attempt. He just can’t figure out why, given my 2009 statements about Vlaams Belang, I would stand up for Lars now. The very fact that Wivel can ask the question is sadly illuminating. If such an assassination attempt had taken place – what? – thirty years ago, things would’ve been different. But there have been so many murders and murder attempts since – from the near-fatal 1993 shooting of the Norwegian publisher of The Satanic Verses, to the 2002 gunning down of Pim Fortuyn, to the 2004 butchering of Theo van Gogh, to the mass mayhem over the Danish cartoons – that the shock has worn off. Today, many Europeans simply take it as a given that anyone who criticizes Islam risks extra-judiciary execution. To criticize Islam is like jumping off a cliff or stepping into heavy traffic – it’s a stupid, reckless move, period. Such people don’t see somebody like Lars as a champion of their own freedom, and don’t see themselves as having a moral obligation to rally to his side when his life has been threatened. Alas, Wivel is apparently now of this number. Vlaams Belang? What? Sorry, but everything that’s happened since 2009 – above all, the broad-based post-Breivik effort in Norway to stifle Islam critics and crush free speech – has made Vlaams Belang very much a secondary issue. But Wivel doesn’t get it. In his piece, he actually refers, in a sneering tone, to “Bawer and his war buddies.” This is what it’s come to: a leading journalist genuinely can’t make sense of the solidarity of principled people in the face of a cold-blooded jihadist assassination attempt, and is capable of making snide references to “war buddies” and the like, as if would-be murderers – men with real guns who are out to end people’s lives – are figments of our imaginations.

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  • Chezwick

    1) In 2009, Bruce expresses his opposition to Lars' support for Vlaams Belang.

    2) In 2013, Bruce expresses his support for Lars in the wake of the assassination attempt against the latter (and the media vilification campaign that existed before and after said attempt)

    Klaus Wivel is mystified at what he perceives to be an incongruity. In his stilted universe, since Bruce and Lars never formally resolved their ideological differences over Vlaams Belang, then any subsequent principled solidarity between them just makes no sense at all. This is because he is a Leftist, and Leftists see the world almost exclusively through the prism of ideology. They are simply unable to comprehend the idea of principles actually taking precedence over ideological purity.

    • MikeWood

      Spot on, Chezwick. Ideological purity and tribalism.

  • JohnDK

    criticising Krasnik is alledgely anti-semitic. Well, Hedegaard converted to judaism when he was young, so criticising Hedegaard must also be anti-semitic.

  • lambsev77

    Wivel… ? Is that a misspell for Wevil? Sorry for the tongue in cheek…

    Wivel would I think rather get along and go along… and he will likely pay Jizya and live, or submit and live, but it seems sure to me he is not going to lose his head.

  • Klaus Wivel

    Dear Bruce Bawer
    I appreciate your response although I must say that, more and more, I get the sense that you are writing with your guts instead of your highly capable brain. It is like looking at a stove that only works at maximum heat, no matter whether you are warning against the odd bed fellows people like Lars Hedegaard are having – or it is praising him and attacking me for reminding you of your former statements. Frankly the end result is confusing.
    Let me remind you again of your recent remarks. In May 2009 you wrote with, I'm sure, Lars Hedegaard among others in mind:
    "when writers who represent themselves as champions of liberty start cozying up to distinctly illiberal parties like Vlaams Belang – and when one of those supposed champions of liberty starts to sound uncomfortably like the Islamist enemies of freedom whom he purports to despise – then there’s something terribly wrong, and genuinely evil, afoot."
    Terribly wrong, and genuinely evil. It is difficult to find harsher words in the English dictionary.
    Today you say: who cares? It is a "secondary issue" because of everything that has happened since.
    But hold on. Critics of Islam had been attacked up until 2009 too. They were under a terrible threat. You who, at times, read my articles in Weekendavisen know that I am no friend of Islamists and that I haven't failed to point this out. Were you being heartless towards these threatened champions of freedom then writing what you did in 2009?
    So what has happened since? Something "terribly wrong, and genuinely evil" indeed. Anders Breivik has happened, and this is what makes me profoundly confused and saddened. Your reaction to his mass murder has not been to cling to your clever words of 2009 which, eerily, sensed that something disastrous was in the making. Your reaction was the opposite. Instead of leaving a word of praise for the victims and investigate the butcher you complained that the attack would strangle the necessary Islam criticism (which it, thank God, hasn't), and you wrote a book accusing your fellow Norwegians of being new Quislings.
    I haven't read that book, I must admit. I found the accusation tactless and cruel. As a man who deals with language you know that Quisling was a traitor towards his country and was executed by shooting after the Second World War. It is not an innocent metaphor. I don't need to remind you that this was a view you shared with Breivik who also felt that the Norwegian Socialdemocrats were traitors and that they needed to be punished.
    I shall refrain from trying to explain what happened with your otherwise sharp faculty of reason, although I believe that some of the many tears you shed after the attack were reserved to you being quoted in Breivik's manifest. I do not belong to those who would hold those references against you, but I do hold against you that you didn't stick to your senses and delved deeper into how such an atrocity could happen. It's called introspection, it is an honorable intellectual deed that you had already begun in 2009 and which, bravely, lead you to attack those who thought of you as their compatriot. Instead, post-Breivik, you led your guts do the talking, and they have brought you to a place where the way home is going to be long and painful.
    As for the fierce antisemitism that has flourished on Danish internet sites since the Krasnik-Hedegaard debate I am frankly surprised and alarmed by the cavalier attitude I sense among you and other of Lars Hedegaard's friends. Although you were not brought up on this continent you know far better than most Europeans that Jew hatred is not a monopoly of Muslims and that it has been thriving for decades especially in East-European countries. I don't need to remind you of what is happening in Hungary these days and that in Poland, although almost all the Jews that were not killed in the Holocaust were kicked out the country in the years to come, antisemitism is still a normal activity in many circles. Europeans have been far more effective when it comes to killing and expelling Jews than any other people in the world. Islamic countries have for decades been trying to live up to this.
    That a few days of Krasnik-bashing on Danish internet sites could kick up this level of garbage is a sign that "something terribly wrong, and genuinely evil" is afoot and that writers, who rightly point out Jew hatred among Islamists, ought to take a good look at what is happening right beneath their noses.
    All the best
    Klaus Wivel

    • defcon 4

      Enjoy islamofascism, you deserve it.

      • Chezwick

        KLAUS WIVEL: "I do hold against you that you didn't stick to your senses and delved deeper into how such an atrocity could happen."

        RESPONSE: "…how such an atrocity could happen"….? Simple. Anders Breivik was insane.

        You claim not to hold Bawer responsible for being mentioned in Breivik's manifesto, but it's obvious you do indeed hold him sufficiently responsible that you feel "introspection" is necessitated from Bruce. Meanwhile, contrast the linkage you and your media cohorts have tried to establish between the murderous rage of a single individual and the anti-Jihad,….with your utter refusal to link the murderous rage of tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of Muslims worldwide with the religion of Islam.

        Note the staggering incongruity.

        Want to prove your own rationality and objectivity, Mr Wivel? Then admit right here and now on this page that the "Islamists" that you insist you are no friend of….derive their beliefs specifically from the dictates of their religion.

        • Chezwick

          My guess is that even if you agreed, you would never admit it. Such is the atmosphere of fear and trepidation in Norway and the rest of Europe this day and age that a man dare not acknowledge what he knows to be true….for fear of the inevitable repercussions. And we're not just talking about the physical threats from Muslims. I suspect your greater fear is being shunned as a hater by "polite society" in Norway….and being banished to the political wilderness, just like your old friend Bruce.

          • Klaus Wivel

            Dear Chezwick

            I admit right here and now that "Islamists" derive their beliefs specifically from the dictates of their religion. Satisfied?


          • defcon 4

            Your Europeon intellect doesn't make up for your craven, amoral cowardice.

          • thomas_h

            Could you refer us to the article in the Danish press where you unambiguously express the above?

          • thomas_h

            Reading once again your comment above I notice you are talking of what "Islamists derive…from the dictates of their religion", but not if they read them correctly. If you mean they do (read them correctly) then you're clearly implying that their religion is a malignant, murderous cult. But if you believe they are not reading it correctly then your statement is of no interest.
            So, if former, then please do let us know where we can find you saying so in the Danish media. If latter one will have to conclude you are a very cautious man trying to avoid landing on the islam's hit list yet anxious to retain his journalist appearance. An impossible task.

          • Chezwick

            Well sir, my hat off to you. You proved me wrong. Perhaps there is hope for you and your people.

            Having now concurred in the linkage between extremism and Islam, one might hope that this acknowledgement of yours becomes manifest in your writing and political activism. In the final analysis, the problem in Europe is Islam, not the anti-Jihad. As for Anders Breivik, he is a lunatic who promulgated in his manifesto – among many other absurdities – that European nationalists and Muslim extremists could and should join forces. Does such thinking in any way reflect the sentiments of Bruce Bawer and other anti-Jihadists?

            Time to focus on the true threat, sir. Bruce Bawer and co are not going to bring down Western civilization. But Islam has been working towards that goal since the Muslim conquests began in the 7th century. The mass Muslim immigration into Europe has given them new impetus and opportunities never before seen in history. Time for any and all who believe in human freedom and equality to join the struggle against Islamization.

          • thomas_h

            "Time for any and all who believe in human freedom and equality to join the struggle against Islamization."

            I hope you are aware of that "the struggle against Islamization" can not be won without stopping and reversing the islamic immigration and a comprehensive information campaign and frank unsentimental criticism of Islam. In other words the "struggle against islamization" can not be launched without the strugglr against Islam.
            I am of course talking about forcing a showdown and winning it even if, and preferably so, it involves mass deportation of moslems.

          • Drakken

            Civil war is now all but inevitable, the left has made this possible by ignoring the problem and importing muslim colonizers into your midst. When you dance to the fiddlers tune, sooner or later you must pay the fiddler.

          • thomas_h

            I think you should have kept your hat on the head, Chezwick

            I talked to a few of my Danish friends who follow closely the debate around the problems connected with Moslem's presence in Denmark and are very well acquainted with Mr. Wivel's writings on the subject. They can’t find a single instance where Mr. Wivel expresses an opinion consistent with his declaration above: ” I admit right here and now that "Islamists" derive their beliefs specifically from the dictates of their religion.”
            True enough, he admits it HERE, on FPM, but is careful not to admit it THERE, in the Danish media. Such admission would be implying directly that “their religion” is evil and would send him to the periphery of the Danish journalism as it did for Hedegaard and quite possibly earn him a bullet in the head – as it almost did for Hedegaard.
            Mr. Wivel values his career and his life too much to imperil it by adhering to journalist integrity. That can be understood and forgiven. What can not be forgiven is that he attacks those who dare to live and work faithful to the principles he betrays.

          • Chezwick

            Well Tom, Now the anti-Jihad has a direct quote from Mr Wivel to throw at him any time he backslides or is otherwise hypocritical.

          • thomas_h

            Right! On the other hand Mr. Wivel took care to put it in a way that would allow him, if pressed, to claim that what the “islamists” derive from “their religion” is not what their religion commands, but what their incorrect deriving makes them do. Mr. Wivel is a careful little chap.

            Also, if his past journalist activity really included a forthright criticism of Islam, it would be fun to see his reaction to a charge of being one of those who had contributed to Breivik’s murderous madness.

    • oldschooltwentysix

      You say that Bawer "shared with Breivik who also felt that the Norwegian Socialdemocrats were traitors and that they needed to be punished." What have you been smoking?

      Breivik is a madman, yet I get the sense you, as others, want, in arrogant fashion, to tie Bawer and Hedegaard to him still by conflating what is "something terribly wrong, and genuinely evil."

      If Hedegaard had been killed, I am curious what would you have then said? That he deserved it? Forgive me, but this is the sense I have from reading your reply.

      The issue of antisemitism deserves its own discussion, and neither Christians or Muslims come out clean. To divert what Bawer is saying (i.e. there is a violent war being waged against Western values and that too many Westerners want to accept responsibility) makes me wonder just what point you are trying to make.

      • Klaus Wivel

        Let me answer with a question: What on earth makes you think that I would think that Hedegaard deserved to be killed? It is a monstrous accusation.

        • Bruce Bawer

          This is not the first time, Klaus, that you have suggested that you can read my mind. No, I wasn't crying for myself over being named in the manifesto. Not in the slightest.

          I didn't accuse all Norwegians of being Quislings. Just those who tried to use the Breivik atrocities to silence me and others. And worse.

          If you think I have ignored anti-Semitism on the part of non-Muslim Europeans, you aren't familiar with my work.

          You just don't get it.

        • Drakken

          A little clarity would go so much further than smoke and mirrors of denial.

        • oldschooltwentysix

          Except I did not say that you would think so, did I? Please spare the "outrage" you feel when you put words in my mouth.

          You saying expressly that Bawer shares Breivik's view that "the Norwegian Socialdemocrats were traitors and that they needed to be punished" is much more monstrous than what I did NOT say!

          That you answer my comment with a question is a distraction to the main point, namely, that you conflated, improperly, and seem lost in a maze as a result, unable to see qualitative and quantitative differences that are obvious when one cares to look with an open mind.

    • Drakken

      What it really comes down to Klaus is that you and your fellow journalist have come down on the side of the leftist/marxist/muslim vabal, and anyone who critizes them in less than glowing terms is automatically labeled far-right and to be vilified at any and all costs, even at the expense of your own native people, hence folks like you who side with your leftist ilk are labeled rightly so as Quislings. In case it has escaped your leftist worldview, the folks on the right are rising through the ashes of the socialistic statism that you have wrought upon yourselves by importing millions of muslim colonizers who share nothing with the people of Europe and hold you with nothing but contempt and hatred. If you think that the muliticultural experiment in stupidity is a success, your part of the problem. The solution is going to come as a sudden and bloody Balkans on steroids which you folks could have avoided, but you let compasion get in the way of national survival, mark my words, this is going to get extremely bloody real fast and we are beyond the tipping point of that happening, it is now enevitable.

    • Eagle

      The atrocity with Brevik happened because he is and was a complete sociopath ,it could happen again with another person without human feeling and compassion like Brevik. There is no introspection needed, The Muslim radicals will continue their terror and carnage and their political and religious ideology is to take over and dominate. Untill Islam will play by Western civilized rules they will have to be exposed and they need honorable people to stand up against their awful ideology.

    • Ghostwriter

      Dear Mr. Wivel,

      Breivik was a lunatic who should have been hung. It's a shame your country doesn't have a death penalty. He's a prime candidate for it. As for Mr. Hedegaard,he deserves protection. Just because you don't like his opinion,doesn't give you the right to kill him. The people threatening him deserve jail time,not walking around free. Hopefully,some sanity will return to Scandinavia and put these people behind bars where they belong.


    • TG Browning

      Let's cut to the chase on the issue here. I do not see any condemnation of attempted murder. This is not germane to the issues raised here? I don't particularly give a damn about any of the issues preceding the attack. I have the feeling most of the blather I've just read from you here and from your article to be much like junk food. It's filling, causing quite a bit of empty calorie rhetoric and completely extraneous to the base issue. Some bastard tried to murder somebody else because he disagrees with what the man says and believes. You like the mass insanity of the middle east with honor murders, suicide bombing, and murder as a leisure activity? Over perceived insults?

      Congratulations — you've managed to join the happy campers who are raping the rule of law and reason by obfuscation of the true danger ignoring politically/religiously motivated attempted murder.

      TG Browning

  • Fnord

    "Free speech in Norway crushed"? This from the man who refuses to do interviews, and who has left the rational debate to spew his venom at sites like this. You may find reading Bjørn Stærks articles illuminating, Bruce. Its not too late to come back into society.

    • gee59

      Excuse me – somebody that refuses to give interviews is somehow stifling free speech is inane. To say something or not are both forms of free speech.

      You are totally irrational with a rant like that. Who in the world would want to be in a society like Norway's that is total control by the extreme left?

    • oldschooltwentysix

      To believe there is free speech in Norway is laughable. Few are willing to exercise the right to free expression because of the way people will treat them afterwards. Get outside the Norwegian bubble that worships conformity and this phenomenon is easily seen.

    • Chiggles

      That you, Goodwin?

      • Bruce Bawer

        I don't refuse to do interviews. I have seen that meme before, and don't know where it started, but it's nonsense.

        • Fnord

          Hey, then give a call to Knut Olav Åmås, he has been trying to get you to speak several times.

          • Bruce Bawer

            He hasn't asked to interview me. He's asked me to write for Aftenposten. They don't pay.
            I don't write for free.

          • Bruce Bawer


          • Knut Olav Åmås

            Oh yes,we pay op-ed contributors every day, for kronikker and essays, though not writers who write on behalf of an organiszation or and institution. You are welcome with proposals, and they don't need to be finished texts, could be ideas.

            Aftenposten has tried to contact you several times in 2011 and 2012, but perhaps we are not updated on how to reach you.

            I have just ordered your latest book, "The Victims' Revolution".

            By the way, Martin Krasnik's piece on wearing a kippa in Copenhagen's Nørrebro in late Desember, 2012, was a very important piece of journalism, reprinted in Klassekampen also, I think.

            Knut Olav Åmås
            Editor, culture, op-ed and science
            Aftenposten, Oslo

          • Drakken

            Well Knut, how come you folks in media don't do a story on all those rapes commited by muslim colonizers there? I certainly would like to hear about that??

          • defcon 4

            Amoral cowardice is obviously their only value.

    • reader

      Even if he did, refusal to speak IS free speech. This post would fit nicely in Orwell's 1984. These people are really delusional.

    • defcon 4

      When you can't criticise Islam fool, you no longer possess the right of free speech. Furthermore, I don't notice cowards like you saying anything about the undying, voluminous Jew hatred found throughout the holey books of islam.

  • marios

    Islam is not religion but political ideology to conquer the world. Muslims go to rally in European countries with posters " Islam will dominate in the world". G-d bless courageous people like Lars Hedegaard, Geert Wilder, etc and those who are openly on their side and openly express their support to them. Islam=Fascism. The same goal but even more refined tactics. Cowardly Europe already can be named Euroarabia. 1930th scenario is repeating just in our eyes. Still MSM in the most European countries (and unfortunately not only there) are sold out for petro dollars. I don't believe that majority of journalists are stupid or in high level ignorant about what Islam means. Just narrow minded cowardly cynical hypocrisy to earn more money.

  • marios

    Out of Koran:
    "Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)
    War is ordained by Allah, and all Muslims must be willing to fight, whether they like it or not. 2:216
    80% of Koran is alike those two above. Wake up non-Muslim/infidels! Islam domination means yours and mine death and even worse death of our children. "
    About anti-Semitism: Norway is on one of the first places among European countries. Shade of Quisling never left Norway. Norway always voted with Islamo-Nazis in UN against only one democracy in the ME state of Israel. It is fact.

  • Birgit Hviid Lajer

    Klaus Wivel – take care , you don't take any critic of the interview with Martin Krasnik for being anti-semitic or garbage. People with a foot in other countries is'nt always the best answer for a given purpose.!

    We see it with the next generations from people with islam – they are not only in our country, although they ar born in the country, because they in a way have been brougth up with another culture and knows to little about ours in Denmark and Europe. We see it also in the third generations of young people. Not everyone – but maybe to many for the country and our own culture, since religion is so big an issue.

    About Krasnik – he is maybe too much engaged with Israel? And – although int. politics also can be interesting and relevant, it could be nice with danish views to the issue . And they are not jewish or islamic.
    People with backgrunds in ANY other country or religion aren't necessarily the best to judge what's best for Denmark, our old culture and the Danes. We recognize that they have to be true to their forefathers – some too much.

  • watsa46

    Europe, the cradle of antisemitism, feels well! The savages returned to what they were before being colonized by Christianity and secularism. Genetically & viscerally they have not changed. Then they decided to pass their disease to the Muslims who were positively predisposed to endorse their teaching. Then both spread their hate to black Africa.
    Let us be correct, we are not at war with Islam and Muslims. They are at war with the rest of he world. This is not semantic. Perhaps the majority of Muslims are silent but their leaders (Sunnis & Shia) who by default or not, speak for them, are on the path of war 360 degree around.

    • Christian West


  • Drakken

    Holgar Dankse for the sake of your people, awake!

    • thomas_h

      It's Holger Danske, Drakken. :-)

  • Herb Benty

    As Europe decended from Christianity to socialist/ secularist/ marxist, I couldn't help remembering the phrase, " if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything". Having left the wisdom of our wonderful Creator, Europe has become, Stupid and Satanic, a human cesspool of FALLEN individuals pretending to be intelligent. And LOOk how the DEVIL manipulates Europeans against Israel and gives INSANE ISLAMISTS A BIG HUG ! God Almighty is collecting HIS people now, while this world rages in the turmoil of GODLESS, human-led " governments". The "elites" day will end soon.

  • Birgit Hviid Lajer

    See to the situation in Egypt now – jailing!