Sweden’s March Into Oblivion

swedenSweden is self-destructing, and more and more people are writing about it – but, with very few exceptions, still not in the mainstream Swedish media, where denial continues to reign supreme. Indeed, even as concerned observers in neighboring Denmark and Norway are sounding the alarm about the fallout of Swedish immigration policies, Sweden’s own mainstream media – and the rest of its cultural establishment – are laboring overtime to silence the truth-tellers and keep the rabble from openly questioning the wisdom of their betters.

Case in point: recently, in an attempt to win back the nearly 30 percent of male union members between ages 18 and 49 who support the heterodox Sweden Democrat Party, LO, the country’s powerful confederation of trade unions (think of the AFL-CIO at the height of its powers and multiply by two or three), spent a big chunk of cash to demonize the Sweden Democrats, painting them as a pack of fascists. (Never mind that LO’s own oppressive, ideologically lockstep alliance with the political establishment is right out of the Mussolini playbook.) One rare recent exception to the Swedish media’s see-no-evil approach to immigration and its consequences was a fascinating map, published last month in the newspaper Sydsvenskan, showing the relative levels of danger in the various neighborhoods of Malmö, the city that is regarded by many cogent observers as the ninth circle of the Scandinavian inferno.

Meanwhile, as I say, the admonitory essays keep coming. One example: “Sweden’s Race to the Bottom,” a bracingly frank piece that appeared on December 4 on the website of Jyllands-Posten, Denmark’s biggest newspaper. The author, Morten Uhrskov Jensen, didn’t mince words. His opening sentence: “Sweden has chosen to break down.” Jensen went on to outline the steady slide in the quality of education in Swedish primary schools over the last decade or so, as detailed in a recent PISA study, and to link that decline to what Jensen bluntly called the country’s “insane immigration policy.” Sweden, warned Jensen, “will have to pay a very high price for its experiment with permitting excessive immigration from dysfunctional states.” He placed special blame on the media, noting that in an article about the PISA study, Aftonbladet, Sweden’s largest paper (and, as he put it, “official Sweden’s mouthpiece”), chose to ignore the real reason for the school crisis and to pretend it’s all the fault of “the decline in equality in schools,” which, in turn, is a result of “free school choice.” Reacting to this transparent hogwash, Jensen commented: “One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

Five days later, Jyllands-Posten offered another grim report, this one entitled “A Land of Ghosts and Shadows.” In it, Danish author Mikael Jalving recounted the repercussions of a recent advertisement in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. The ad was for a book – its title might best be translated as The Immigration Cover-Up – that quietly but devastatingly lays bare the suicidal folly of Sweden’s immigration regime. It’s a remarkably comprehensive work, providing an informative overview of such topics as asylum smuggling, immigration and crime, sharia law, the costs of immigration, censorship of Islam critics, the wielding of the word “racism” as a weapon, the treachery of such pro-immigration authors as Stefan Jonsson and Mattias Gardell, and feminist fecklesness in the face of Muslim patriarchy. Privately printed by the authors, Karl-Olav Arnstberg (an ethnologist) and Gunnar Sandelin (a former reporter for Swedish television), after they failed to secure a publisher, the book, Jalving wrote, can justifiably be described as a piece of “underground literature” which, like Solzhenitsyn in the USSR, is being read “only behind closed curtains.”

The Dagens Nyheter ad for The Immigration Cover-Up was a rare exception to the Swedish media’s systematic exclusion of alternate views. According to Jalving, the newspaper’s editors put Arnstberg and Sandelin through several rewrites, forcing them to tone down their language and make the ad as innocuous as possible, before they finally agreed to print the thing. Nonetheless, anodyne though it was, it thoroughly enraged the crème de la crème of the Swedish left, who gathered in Stockholm to protest what one of them denounced, in a fiery speech, as “racist propaganda” and to demand that the editors of Dagens Nyheter make a public show of contrition. (All this in response to a nearly 400-page scholarly tome that – crammed with statistics and footnotes – is every bit as dry and dispassionate as the left’s reaction was hot-headed and hysterical.) Jalving didn’t hide his disgust: calling the PC profs, pols, and pressmen at the demo “spoiled little children in suits,” he contrasted them with the majority of Swedes, whom he characterized as “seasoned and lucid Vikings” who’ve “had enough of the elites’ lies and careerism.” I hope he’s right, but I wonder how long these Vikings plan to wait before actually doing anything to try to pull their country back from the precipice.

The day after Jalving’s piece appeared, Expressen, the Swedish daily, ran a story announcing that its editors had hooked up with a Swedish research group, imaginatively named Researchgruppen, to perform a serious, in-depth investigation. Of what? Muslim terrorist cells? Of course not. In good Swedish-media fashion, the goal of Expressen‘s probe was to unearth and expose the names of the readers of three alternative online news sources, Avpixlat, Fria Tider, and Exponerat. I call these sites “alternative” because they run the sorts of stories – about things like, oh, Muslim terrorist cells – that mainstream Swedish media won’t touch. But Expressen doesn’t call them “alternative.” It calls them “hate sites.” (I’ve seen hate sites, and though I haven’t done a thorough study of these three sites, the material I’ve read on them from time to time is no more hateful than the typical article at Front Page or PJ Media.) Anyway, Researchgruppen managed to figure out the e-mail addresses of no fewer than 6200 people who had left “hateful comments” at the three “hate sites” – and then managed to figure out whom those addresses belonged to and proceeded to gather “personal data” on them, which, Expressen promised, would be served up in future articles.

Among the individuals exposed by Expressen as a participant in the discussions on these three sites was Anders Dahlberg, a member of both the National Guard and the Sweden Democrat Party. He lives in the southern town of Skåne and is currently running for a local political office. Researchgruppen identified him as the author of a number of anonymous comments at the Avpixlat site. The one Expressen singled out for opprobrium was his suggestion that it might be impossible to end Sweden’s multicultural society without the use of force, and that ethnic Swedes might want to arm themselves in preparation for that eventuality. Members of the Swedish elite rushed to express their revulsion at this contemptible sentiment – none of them, of course, pausing to ask whether Dahlberg’s statement is, in fact, more or less contemptible than the roles they themselves have played in the ongoing erasure of the nation that he’s plainly determined to save.

Then, this past Tuesday evening, somebody threw a bomb into the mail slot of Dahlberg’s home. The explosion caused the front door to fly off its hinges and across the living room. Although Dahlberg, his wife, and their children were all home at the time, nobody was hurt. The news of the attack was followed hard upon by a report that Dahlberg had been stripped of his position in the military. “What he has written is not consistent with the values of the Ministry of Defense,” said an armed forces spokesman.

So it goes. On Thursday evening, in reaction to a clash in Stockholm between neo-Nazis and “anti-racists,” thousands of citizens of Uppsala, Gothenberg, and Malmö took to the streets in yet another iteration of that favorite Scandinavian pastime, the torchlight procession against racism. Accounts of the preparations for these events noted that in case of any friction, “dialogue police” (dialogpolisen) – a term I have never before encountered – would be on hand. Stockholm anti-racists plan a Sunday demo. Perusing images of the Thursday evening processions, which showed the pious multicultural multitudes flaunting yet again their proud refusal to test their common ideology against reality, I couldn’t help pondering the melancholy question: are they really unaware that they’re marching their country into oblivion, or are they consciously embracing extinction in the belief that even self-slaughter is preferable to being called a racist?

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  • Hass

    The current intake of Muslime (with breeding rate) immigration, Sweden will be the first Eurotrash country to become Muslime majority within 10 years.

  • UCSPanther

    No matter what repression/intimidation they try, the Swedish Elites will ultimately lose in the end.

    They have willfully ignored reality for far too long, and they will pay a steep price as a result.

    • davarino

      Unfortunately the “elites” dont live where they have to experience the “goodness” of this mulitculturalism that is being crammed down their throats. The snap back to reality will give them whiplash

      • Glenn Partridge

        Multiculturalism isn’t the problem, Islam is and muslim’s are!

        • Drakken

          All cultures and all religions and all people are not all equal, that is the failure of multiculturalism, it is an invitation to a Balkans on steroids. We are all tribal my nature, when you force people to live together a war is always inevitable.

          • Glenn Partridge

            The problem in the Balkans is Islam, Just as it is in Burma and in Thialand and in Sweden and in Norway and in England and in China and in France and in Belgion, get my drift? but why stop there, and in Iraq and in Afganistan and in Lebenon and in Mali etc.
            For any solution to this probem we must identify and name the enemy and that enemy is Islam but because of pc correctness there’s a reluctance to speak the truth.
            To blame muticulturalism is to go to far, it’s chucking the baby out with the bath water.

          • Drakken

            Where ever islam goes, the blood always flows without exception. I do give those plucky buddist’s in Burma credit though, they are not infected with this PC virus and are not afraid to say not here, not now, not ever.

          • Glenn Partridge


          • defcon 4

            The Buddhists of Myanmar know what islam brings with it — all they have to do is look how Buddhists are being treated by muslimes in any muslime state, both in islam’s bloody intolerant past (Afghanistan was once a peaceful Hindu and Buddhist state) as well as its equally bloody and intolerant present.

        • MukeNecca

          “Multiculturalism is NOT the problem”???

          ARE YOU DRUNK?

          • Glenn Partridge

            No I am not drunk. Do countries have problems with immigrants who are not Muslim?
            I live in Australia and was around when the Italians began to immigrate here, initially there were some problems of racialism on both sides it seems natural
            for us to have fear of the other, they wouldn’t let their daughters marry an Australian we called them garlic munches’ and thought they stank, today we love
            garlic. They bought us spaghetti and pizzas. They worked hard, created businesses, they successfully assimilated. It’s the same story for all other immigrants regardless of colour, nationality or religion…. except Muslims!
            As Christopher Hitchin’s wrote “religion poisons everything” well Islam has really done a job on Muslims and it is them who are giving Multiculturalism
            a bad rap.
            I do not want to be rid of all the different nationalities
            that now make up Australia, even from the Middle East as long as they are notIslamic.
            It’s not too far a stretch to call Islam a death cult!

          • MukeNecca

            OK, so you are not drunk and I apologize for using such uncivil form.
            But you obviously don’t understand what does the term multiculturalism mean. If you understood you would realize that all the arguments you bring above to support your claim are utterly incongruous.

      • MukeNecca

        Unfortunately the “elites” dont live where they have to experience the “goodness” of this mulitculturalism…”

        Unfortunately the “elites” don’t live WHEN the “goodness” of this mulitculturalism ignites popular revolt. It is a pity when quislings escape justice and die peacefully in bed instead by facing the firing squad. That is why I wished the traitors would live 150 years.

        • Drakken

          The so called elites are not going to escape this nightmare that is coming, for there is no longer anywhere to run to. The left will pay dearly for their treachery.

          • defcon 4

            No they won’t, they will convert to islam, if they haven’t already done so.

          • Drakken

            Either way, they will pay dearly for their treachery.

    • Frederikahere

      Like here,

  • cedar rebellion

    The three main phases of socialism (1) always win political contests (2) after winning always fail in their schemes and (3) failure results in totalitarianism and chaos. Then, of course, after the third phase, the cycle resets and starts anew.

    Sweden is late into the second phase and moving into the phase 3.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      This is one of the best posts that I’ve seen, here, recently. Look at the United States ,,, Obama wins re-election, Obamacare is headed for disaster, the failure of the American health system leads to chaos, and then … Obama must restore order.

      Obamacare wasn’t designed to help anyone or to be efficient. It was designed to fail, and pave the way for totalitarianism …

  • keithbreedlove

    What will be truly unfortunate, two things actually, is all those statuesque Swedish beauties in burquas and that many of those Swedes who don’t subscribe to this national and cultural suicide won’t be able to escape it while most of those elites who foster this nonsense will be able to move out and then decry the Right-inspired violence that prompted them to leave. then they’ll probably join a Left-wing/Progressive think tank and work to destroy their new home. And the cycle will continue.

    • nomoretraitors

      “Swedes who don’t subscribe to this national and cultural suicide won’t be able to escape it”
      Those Swedes need to RISE UP, not run away

      • keithbreedlove

        And where are those vikings?

        • Ture

          Oh, we are here. We are not running anywhere.

  • Kwan

    Looks like Sweden’s Left is using the same playbook as the American Left. Flood the country with immigrants that don’t want to assimilate and reject the values of the country they now call home. Any effort to stop the insanity is met with being accused of racism. The left has gotten a lot of mileage out of this racism accusation, but patriots will have to accept the label and try and awaken the population to another of the Left’s deceptions designed to bring about the fundamental transformation of the country, in this case Sweden, into a third-world backwater.

    • tommy651

      they are not immigrants, they are colonists. they don’t come to our countries, they are brought to our countries by our leftist politicans. their purpose is to make us a minority in our own countries so that they can democratically become leftist dictatorships. the left gave up on military conquest decades ago. colonization is their new strategy to take over the world. it you take the time to investigate you will find that it it is only western democracies with wjhite majorities that are being colonized.

      • defcon 4

        Do these white leftist idiots really think a muslime majority is going to allow white leftist dolts to rule over them?

  • Luke

    I don’t understand. Diversity is supposed to be the salvation of all those evil homogeneous western European cultures.

  • ratonis

    Ole says: “Give me back my country!”

    • nomoretraitors

      Time for Ole to TAKE it back

  • Trapper

    Yes, they feel so good about themselves to be “against racism”, and for a liberal feeling good is what counts.

    • PG

      I used to laugh at hippies when they said, “If it feels good, do it.” But now I see the appalling consequences…I should have punched them instead, maybe.

      • ganderson

        Punching the hippies probably would have felt good!

        • PG

          Ha ha, very good point!!!

  • bribri

    they don’t like racists and fascists so they import thousands of them?

    • Berceuse

      Well, said. I lived in Sweden, and the dirty secret is that it is and always has been a deeply racist society, particularly among those who most voiciferously profess their left-progressive credentials with smug piety. It has also always flirted with, and occasionally embraced, fascism — here, too, the hard-core left being the most guilty.

      • tatave

        It is always the case with left-progressive or not.

    • Sintram

      In Sweden it’s an axiom that only whites can be racists.

      • cracker jack

        I am Canadian and that is true here as well.

        • Sintram

          I guess much of the West is infected by the false notion that only whites can be racists.

          • tatave

            Only those that want to be infected!

  • montana83

    The Vikings, now known as the Viqueens.
    They got rich selling their fellow Europeans into Muslim slavery. The Scandinavians haven’t changed one iota in 1000 years.

    • blert

      That’s some altered history for you.
      The muslims ALWAYS bagged their own slaves… to include the Africans thay sold on into the trans-Atlantic slave trade… centuries after they’d normalized their rapine ‘economy’ all across southern Europe from Spain to the Don River.

      BTW, ‘viking’ = ‘pirate’ in the Norse language of the day… and it’s the DANES that were the dominant Norse super-clan.

      DNA traces them back to Cro-Magnon culture — stacked up against the Pyrenees tens of thousands of years ago — they were ice-bound.
      Keep in mind Jante Law. Google it.
      Melding muslims with modern Norse-men — is a total non-starter.
      It’s as irrational as any Leftist nostrum.
      BTW, el Duce was a child of the LEFT. Fascism/ Hitlerism are all w a a a y to the left of American republican democracy.
      Lest we forget.


        That’s right. MUSLIMS captured Africans and sold them to European slave traders.

        Without Islam, there would not have been slaver of Africans in America.

        AND slavery continues today in Sudan an Maurtiania.

        Bowtie Louie Garbageklan is a slave master, enslaving black people in America.

        • defcon 4

          I’ll bet muslime slavery exists in more islamic states than merely the Sudan and Mauritania. Turkey is the capital of the sex slave trade in Europe/Eurabia.

      • montana83
  • atadxart

    As a Swedish national (although luckily residing in Japan since many years back), I was waiting for your take on these recent developments in my home country, Bruce. Having spent the last couple of years watching in disbelief what can only be described as the self-destruction of my native land, only to have my voice of genuine concern completely disregarded and branded as racist and reactionary by not only the Swedish establishment, but even by those close to me, I am ashamed to admit that I harbor an element of dormant schadenfreude deep within me that comes to life whenever I encounter overseas depictions of the Swedish mass delusion.

    It surely is a relief to know that astute observers around the world such as yourself are noticing, and bringing into the spotlight, the utter madness entrenched in the collective Swedish psyche. What is worrying, however, is that the Swedish establishment would never view such reports as a cause for alarm; rather, their depiction as the lone radical fighting an uphill battle somehow reinforces their belief in their role as the progressive pioneer destined to lead the rest of the world in the quest for human goodness.

    It wasn’t until I moved abroad that I became able to see the Swedish political climate for what it is. I had always ascribed the lack of dramatic clashes in Swedish political discourse (until recently, that is) to a longstanding tradition of pacifism, neutrality and general agreeableness, but I am now of the conviction that it is rather due to a distinct lack of variety in the flora of opinions deemed acceptable to express. Permeating every cell of the Swedish political body are a chronic need for consensus and an incapacitating fear of confrontation. The range of opinions and rhetoric officially classified as kosher is shockingly narrow, yet narrower it gets with every passing day. I was well into my twenties when I realized this, and I believe my overdue awakening was delayed by the fact that I too had simply aligned myself with the views set down by the establishment for much too long. You don’t necessarily realize the limitations imposed on your freedom of expression until you express thoughts balancing on the fence of what is considered acceptable. I suppose this is a tragic quality that always characterizes negative liberty; the failure to fully appreciate it before you become privy to its limitations and how they affect yourself.

    I do wish that the Swedish establishment some day wakes up from its hibernation, and somehow manages to see their actions in the way that they are perceived by the rest of the world, stripped of the all-encompassing veil of misguided political correctness and self-congratulatory narcissism.

    Bruce, I would like to thank you very much for your continuously brilliant reports on the sinking of M/S Scandinavia. Your intellectual clarity and honesty along with your journalistic courage are a much needed breath of fresh air. I only wish more people in our neck of the woods were introduced to your writings.

    • Drakken

      Somewhere smothered under all those layers of all that socialistic garbage is a Viking dying to get out.

      • nomoretraitors

        Time for the Viking to FORCE his way out

      • Frederikahere

        I would say, “fighting to get out!”

        • Sean Bateman

          They are not vikings they are thralls!

          • MukeNecca

            They mistake depravity for freedom. So they celebrate homosexuality as expression of freedom and crack down on those who dare to call it perversion.
            Thralls indeed in more than one way.

          • MarinersRoyalsBraves2014

            WHAT PART OF 1 in 4 Swedish women being raped do you not understand? Sweden is not apart of Rome.

          • MukeNecca


          • defcon 4

            Couldn’t gay rights be called a canary in the coal mine WRT islam0fascism and/or freedom? After all, the LGBT community is ruthlessly (and oftentimes lethally) treated by muslimes in islamic states.

          • MukeNecca

            I honestly don’t understand in what way
            your comment relates to, refutes or supports, what I said about Swedes mistaking liberty to engage in sexual depravity for freedom.

            Otherwise, the canary in the coal mine is a metaphor for an early warning about an imminent danger. So why do you feel islam’s treatment of homosexuals tels us more about the horrible nature of islam than the persecution of millions of Christians, terrorized, killed, maimed and humiliated by the moslem ogres for the past 1400 years?

            Why should Islamic persecution of homosexuals be treated with more seriousness than Christian holocaust unfolding right now in front of our eyes in the Middle East and Africa?

            After all, homosexuals have choice of refraining from practicing homosexuality thus saving their lives. Some may say that also Christians can save their lives by renouncing Christianity. But refraining from practicing perversion and renouncing one’s God are two very different things. I am sure you will agree.

          • defcon 4

            I’d only say that persecution of anyone in the name of islam results in less freedom for everyone.

    • Habbgun

      I am sure Churchill had that same sense of schadenfreude. Sometimes we would rather be wrong than right but if we have to be right it is good to see a certain type of person suffer for their own stupidity than to have to constantly see others suffer for it.

    • nobamunism

      Opinions are the first thing to be collectivized. Political correctness is collectivized opinion.

      • solidspine

        I don’t agree with the socialism, but frankly my grandfather
        who was also 100 percent Swedish was a communist, not in his party so much as
        his behavior.

        His form of coop and communism in rural America worked very
        well for most of the 20th century.

        The reason it worked was everyone was Swedish, at least
        everyone was culturally exactly the same. Even if they may have been partially
        German. Socialism worked fine because of the homogenous Scandinavian culture at
        that time.

        • Drakken

          Funny how the father of the American communist party Gus Hall was a Finlander. Amazing that most of the Scanihoovians were and are still a socialist bent where I am from and they always vote DFL.

        • nobamunism

          Well…..that and the fact you could drop out of the co op any time you liked.

        • MarinersRoyalsBraves2014

          When everyone is homogeneous, that’s called socialism, when people are all mixed together that’s Marxism and Communism! People need to understand that. The Japanese are homogenous and have strict immigration, they are not Commies, they have the 4th largest economy in the world!

    • ganderson

      I’m not a Swedish national, but I have deep ties to Sweden- I speak the language and have many friends and relatives there. Seeing what’s going on there saddens me. I’m fortunate in that I interact with normal people when I go there- not the elites but ordinary Svens and Lenas- and I do see some small signs that people are beginning to see the problems inherent in inviting third world savages into their county. Here’s hoping that Jimmy Åkesson’s party gets stronger.

    • Sintram


      (From one Swede to another.)

  • Drakken

    Here is how your going to win against these multicultural Quislings, start targeting them, as they have firebombed your homes and cost you your jobs and livelihoods, up the ant by doing the things they do to you but multiply it by tenfold, the time for niceties and pleasantries is over, if they firebomb your house, your burn theirs down, they bring a knife, you bring a gun, they put one of yours in the hospital, your put theirs in the grave. Time to go on the counter offensive instead of being on the defensive.

  • Drakken

    They are going to have a nasty civil war long before then.

    • T-Rex

      It is more likely they will become a satellite of Iran and there will be no civil war. Just thousands of refugees fleeing the progressive government’s surrender of Sweden to the jihadists.

      • Drakken

        I don’t believe that for a second, sooner or later someone is going to fire the shot that starts another Balkans on steroids, and no one is better at killing people enmasse than Europeans. The muzaloids of whatever stripe will soon be fleeing for their very lives, you can take that to the bank.

        • mcbee555

          It’ll never get to the “bank” unless that someone you mention, a warm-blooded Viking steeped in the traditions of his people’s history, unearths his ancient battle-ax and says
          “I have had enough! It stops now!”

        • pupsncats

          I don’t think Europeans are into killing the Islamists but rather their own people (abortion and contraception). And Europeans would be under the darkness of Communism if it wasn’t for Americans, Canadians and Australians who saved them during both world wars.

        • AnneMclaughlin

          From your mouth to gods ears. Nice thought but sounds like wishful thinking.

          • Drakken

            The one thing I can always count on without fail is human nature, and make no mistake, things are rapidly spinning out of any goverments control and once that first shot goes off, it is off to the races to the Balkans on steroids. You cannot import 3rd world savages into a 1st world nation without dire consequences, we are tribal by nature and forcing people to live together that have nothing in common always leads to war, without exception.

      • MukeNecca

        Please, please, not jihadists”. “Moslems” is the word.

        When you use “jihadists” instead “moslems” you are reinforcing the delusion that our civilization is under attack by the “tiny minority of extremists” – not by Islam.

    • nomoretraitors

      It should have started long ago

      • Drakken

        Agreed, now it is going to make a Serb blush.


          G-d Bless Serbia.

    • defcon 4

      If it’s not a military overthrow of a corrupt government it’ll never happen.

      • Drakken

        It takes but one snowball pushed down a mountain to start an avalanche.

  • Rupert

    I wouldn’t like to be any of the people responsible for this mess come judgement day.

    • Drakken

      That day is coming sooner than anyone realizes.

      • defcon 4

        THe question is, who will win?

        • Drakken

          We will, our European propensity for eliminating those who don’t go along with our program is infamous or famous, depending on your point of view.

  • Veracious_one

    The news of the attack was followed hard upon by a report that Dahlberg had been stripped of his position in the military.
    Obama has removed US military officers from their positions when they attempted to identify Islam as a source of terrorism and as a threat to US security…..

  • mcbee555

    Sweden has had a policy of declaring neutrality in two world wars. It wasn’t going to spend its resources on one side or the other. Manufacturing for the Nazi war machine was acceptable to Sweden, that’s business and still being neutral.
    Sweden pressures its tiny population of Jews who’ve been citizens of loyal, long standing. Yet, Sweden wants to do away with meats pronounced “Kosher” by rabbis. It wants to prohibit the Jewish ritual of circumcision for new-born boys. Is that the Swedish government’s affair? Muslims do it to both male and female babies, no outcry from Sweden about that!
    Sweden has been vocal and oppressive where Jews are concerned. Not so with Muslims though, who don’t eat meat products unless an imam says they’re “halal.” Sweden won’t address that. Sweden won’t address the record rapes of Scandinavian girls by Muslim immigrants who also brutalize Muslim women anyway.
    Now that Sweden is a major party to its own demise, it can’t declare neutrality in that process, it has declared itself a willing target by its own apathy and excessive liberalism which morphs into “soft fascism.”

    • blert

      You are factually incorrect. Neutrals may ONLY manufacture non-combatant materials if they want to maintain ‘strict neutrality.’ America traded with France (Napoleon) but did not sell weapons, gun powder, etc. Instead, America sold cotton and other such commodities.

      Sweden enabled Germany to side-step the Versailles Treaty — even before Hitler came to office! The famous 88mm triple threat gun was of SWEDISH technical development (behind EVERYONE’S backs) — and Swedes were still providing technical support to the Finns right up until 1968 — when the last 88mm port defense guns were retired!

      (The Germans took their 77mm WWI gun and had the Swedes improve on it. You’ll hear Rick Blain (Casablanca) refer to “77’s” when advising Isla Lund (irony alert) about the approach of the detested Nazis.)
      Both Sweden and Switzerland came out of the war rich as Croesus. Both demanded payment in gold. This came out of the mouths of NAZI victims — and the looted central banks of Europe. It took the Marshall Plan — and its trade flows to re-establish European gold reserves.

  • Dallas25305

    Obozo would not call the murders in Fort Hood acts of Islamic terror which anyone with a brain knows they are. The murdered mens families did not get proper compensation because of that. Note that the corrupt, lying Liberal Socialist media backed the racist, liar Obozo to the hilt. People who believe in freedom owe it to themselves to refuse to buy newspapers or watch shows on the leftist media for your own survival. This is the only way to deal with and eliminate the hateful leftist media. Aid them in going broke, by not watching.

    • blert

      I would go further and declare that terror and terrorism are profound word distortions — as good as anything Orwell might posit — as what we’re describing are not at all ‘terror’ attacks.
      In the original meaning, ‘terror attacks’ are media-centric extravaganzas designed to grab the headlines — and push a new party theme. The earliest were schemed up by the KGB themselves (!) something that has only been admitted after the end of the Cold War.
      We really ought to call this style of ferral warfare out for its ancient roots: PIRACY.

      While modern readers overwelmingly associate piracy with high seas brigandage — it, ‘piracy’, also covers land bound martial antics. It’s essence is total lawlessness. The sole recourse for captured pirates was the gallows, left suspended between earth and sky.

  • nobamunism

    All democratic socialist countries eventually commit cultural and moral suicide in an effort to sustain the Ponzi scheme. Sweden has to import misery because it has a homogenous population. The US simply ignores the borders.

  • cestusdei

    Some nations choose to die. When the Muslims finally decide to take over they will be so shocked. Their grandchildren will curse them.

  • Jakareh

    Swedes should start an organization modeled on the Irgun to discourage the settlers and their leftist sponsors.

  • cecil91

    Moral of the story is that no one ever accused the Left of thinking outside its emotional box. It is a simple case of ideology trumps Reason. It is the same mindset that told Jim Jones followers that it was OK to drink the koolaid because he said so.

  • russedav

    If Sweden were a civilized country its government would be in jail with all it’s stolen monies repaid to the taxpayers. No danger of that.

  • sunnyman6

    Being Swedish myself, I can testify that all information in this article is correct. The situation in my country is totally absurd, just as absurd as it seems from this story. And why don’t the Swedish people stop this nonsense?
    Partly because the leftists control the media and censor all information that could cast doubts on the insane immigration policy. Instead, the public is systematically fed with tear-jerking stories about the poor hapless immigrants.
    The fact that 90 % of these are not “refugees” in the proper sense but arrive in search of a more affluent lifestyle fed by the extremely generous Swedish social benefits — paid by us Swedes through the world’s heaviest taxes — is hidden from the public.

    • tommy651

      “…leftists control the media and censor all information that could cast doubts on the insane immigration policy.” sounds just like the united states.


      Is the Internet in Sweden censored?

      In the US people are beginning to realize that the media is not impartial.

      Every Islamofascist attack, every jihad on innocents creates more animosity to Islam.

      • Uzaydan Misafir

        Internet isn’t censored, hence the accusations against “hate sites”. Very popular “hate sites” indeed.

        I live in Sweden and working class people have been the first to wake up. Next up is the middle class where there are signs the tide is turning. A couple of years ago it wasn’t possible to critizice immigration or the consequenses of it in polite conversation. Today the second is possible and my gut feeling is that a lot of people are more critical than they sound and are just waiting for the opportunity to speak out. Remember consensus is extremely important…

    • Svenne Svensson

      P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

      I’m afraid I have to point out a minor
      error in your text.

      The correct term is “inbreeding
      rate”, not “breeding rate”.

      • sunnyman6

        ? I have not mentioned the word you refer to.
        My advice: DON’T write comments when drunk!

        • Drakken

          Swedish humor, it is an acquired taste. ;)

    • herb benty

      Then HELP wake Sweden up, It’s not yet too late to save Europe.

  • Rupert

    Liberalism is a mental illness.

    When Islam takes over Sweden all these Leftists will be the first to die.

  • 9iamlegion

    Thank God! Someone outside this country writes about the insanity. Please help us! We have lost everything, our culture, our rights, our freedom of speech. I’m not being sarcastic. It’s a nightmare! The only thing that can save us is if the eyes of the world are turned to all the terrible things happening here. Violence, gang rapes, mistreatment of the elderly, the chaos of the school system, young people fleeing to Denmark and Norway in search of a future and a better life. Please tell the world about “The Democracy Who Killed Itself”….

    • tommy651

      all the muslims are doing is what your leftist politicans brought them to your country to do, create enough chaos to set the stage for a leftist totalitarian government. keep electing the leftists.

      • tatave

        Well,but those leftist at the end of the day,who will run the country,we be the totalitarian muslims.I can hardly wait to see what will be the fate of the architects of the scheme.

    • Jill

      I’ve got news for you! the rest of the world has the same problems. Do what the Left did, build grass roots support and campaigns and run for office and get your country back!

      • Ture

        I would say it is a bit late for that. But fear not. We will take our country back.

    • Drakken

      Well don’t you think it is about time you unleashed that Viking inside you? Because to be frank, nobody is going to help unless you help yourselves, so fight damnit!

    • mcbee555

      You and people like you have the best vantage point. We have a similar problem in the USA. It’s a matter of seizing the desired direction, “taking the bull by its horns.” Those who consign themselves to the spectator seats have to stop whining with the typical “They ought to….” Who are the mythical “they?”
      They are us! Socialism is a creeping disease which capitalizes from the inaction of apathetic people, who can’t imagine their freedoms slipping away. They think it will somehow, some way, endure forever.
      When the U.S. Constitution was hammered out, Benjamin Franklin walked out of that session to be greeted by anxious citizens hoping for the best. Franklin was asked “Sir, do we have a republic?” His response was “We have a republic if we can keep it.”
      If we don’t protect the life precious to us, it is perceived by those wanting to steal it that we didn’t care enough anyway.
      We have the same disappointing problem here in the USA. A few speak for the many. The many avoid involvement, commitment, they hope for a good Samaritan to herd them back to the freedoms upon which the Socialists have encroached.
      “Hope” is a start, a part of the answer, A nation in which citizens vote for their government only gets the government it deserves dependent upon existing apathy.
      Whether it’s Sweden, USA, UK, wherever, any nation in which voters participate in electing their government get the government they deserve. They must make the right choices.

    • pupsncats

      You laid the foundation for the eventual collapse yourselves by being closed in on yourselves and trying to insulate yourselves from the reality of the world outside your borders.

      Who do you think is out there to help you? The U.S. is rushing forward to emulate your killing of democracy. So are Canada, Australia, the U.K., and all the other countries of what used to be known as Western Civilization.

    • Martin_Larsson

      I Believe that the election in 2014 will be cancelled. The situation is so bad that everyone is talking to each other what country is best to escape. If you sit in the metro or commuter train with a train packed with 100 people at most 3-5 looks like ethnic Swedish people. The government is slashing the country as much as they can because they know the race is already lost. The Haag Tribunal need to arrest Fredrik Reinfeldt and put him in jail for genocide.

      • 9iamlegion

        Yes! Like I said it’s a nightmare. I decided to write a diary everyday to give to my children and later on grandchildren so that they will know what happened and who is responsible…

        • Martin_Larsson

          Our generation is the last ones of Swedes that had the opportunity to grew up in a neighbourhood that could easily be mistaken as an Astrid Lindgren’s fairytale. There is nothing left to hold on to anymore…

  • SmashZion

    The Muzzies are the symptom; who spreads the disease?


    • http://www.ronlewenberg.com/ Ron Lewenberg

      Antisemtiic Untermench need to lie. This piece comes from a 30 minute news segment from Israeli TV on Socialist and Muslim antisemitism in Malmo. Thjis 1 minute piece is the rejoinder from a non-Swede brought by the Swedish government to SILENCE JEWS.
      The cowardly Nazi subhumans not only cut out the video to LIE, but the losers delete my comments when I post this truth in YouTube.

      Barbara Spectre is an America who moved to Israel and found that Israelis would not put up with her. So she was invited by the oikophobic regime in Sweden to create an institute there. She is not a Swedish Jew. She has shilled for anti-Zionists. She is a universal anti-nationalist whose job is to protect persecution of Jews under the multicultural regime.

    • UCSPanther

      You antisemites are just as blind and foolish as those progressives.

      You don’t need to be Jewish to be a progressive idiot, you know.

    • http://www.ronlewenberg.com/ Ron Lewenberg

      The video comes from an Israeli News piece on PRogressive and Muslim antisemitism. It is the rebuttal of a foreign “Jew” imported to Sweden by the multicultural Quislings to silence Jews. She may as well be a Nazi like you.


      SmashSocialism, you dumb Sack of SHlTler,

      Is the president of sweden jewish? The socialists of sweden and Eurabia are destroying Europe for some reason.

      This is your future…

      Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender 1945

      BTW, the Israelis are not the unarmed Jews of WW2 n a z i filth infested Europe.

    • iluvisrael

      When stupid, blame the Jews.

    • mcbee555

      “Jewish Multicultural Plan to Destroy Europe?” How could anyone come up with such a ridiculous title? I think there are approx. 16-17 million Jews in the entire world and yet, the Jew-hate pathology goes on. Europe has wrought its problems upon itself . Europe scapegoating a few Jews once again won’t change it.
      It causes me to wonder who are the human beings, Are they the scapegoated Jews or those who seem to live for the opportunity to attack them?
      Over 50 million lives lost in WW2, brutal genocide, cities and nations smashed, death camps, yet no lesson learned.
      Islam applauds the fools who’ve subscribed to such hate.

  • JVR

    Sweden gave millions of dollars to the ANC in the 1970s as that organisation were waging a thoroughly violent bombing campaign. SA went to the ANC as a result. Sweden will now have to implement the very same style of multiracial rainbow nation they have helped to impose on South Africans. What goes around comes around.

    The remaining white SAcans have and are learning to live in dhimmitude, perhaps Swedes can now learn from them (and no, they are not going to give money to violent organizations destabilizing Sweden).

  • mackykam

    Sweden is reaping the rewards of its anti-Semitism, socialism and Islamism. Norway and Denmark are not far behind. Holland is in the rear-view mirror. Britain is up next, along with its twin, France.
    God works in mysterious ways but sometimes the mystery is in plain sight.

  • very worried

    Hi Mr B Bawer and Thank you very much for the article above. Im a Swedish native and in my, former, nice home country. The truth suddenly has become racism! Is not that strange? And after posting this question on the web, I most surtenly will her from the “stormtroopers”= also called “journalists” of expressen very soon. I wish you all a very merry christmas. And remember. NEVER give up hope! In the year -2014 YOU can make a difference, wote the sane and only way in EU, and all other elections.

  • Sintram

    Thanks Mr Bawer for an excellent article!

    As a Swedish native I can testify that, however bizarre it may seem, this is actually the way things are.


    sweden proves the point that socialism destroys countries.

  • groovamos

    No country is allowed to remain majority white. The USA leftists have their tools of assuring this outcome, with the Hart-Cellar Act of 1965, and the southern border very handy. The Swedish leftists are just doing what is required by the leftist canon. Its all about white guilt you see.

  • Snowflinga

    Sweden is changing rapidly and, as with all changes, they are not readly noticed by those caught up in them. But anyone who has known Sweden and who occasionnaly visits the country can not help but notice the gradual degeneration of a once excellent and well functioning society.

    The degeneration of Sweden is accelerated by an inability to sensibly discuss the catastrophic policies that are leading to Swedens collapse. In 1997 the Swedish immigration minister said: “Racism and xenophobia shall be criminalised and hunted down.” It was the minister himself who got to define what shall be considered to be “rasism” and “xenophobia” and his defintion of these words was “anything that is critical of Swedens massimmigration policy.”

    This was an Orwellian hijacking of the words and a betrayal of basic democratic principles.

    Anyone who tries to critically examine what is happening in Sweden is routinly howled down as “rasist” a “fascist” and “undemocratic.” Democracy has been stolen and has been redefined as its opposite. George Orwells famous three slogans: “War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength” has been expanded in Sweden to included a fourth: “Tyranny is democracy.”

    • sunnyman6


  • supplyguy

    What is it w/ liberals and cultural suicide?
    Does the term self-loathing even begin to describe these people?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      They think it’s part of evolution. They hate the world as it exists and blame capitalism. They blame “white” (or “Jewish”) America (or Jews in general) for capitalism.

      Most of them are losers who need to blame someone else for their failures. It’s not their own fault you see, it’s capitalism.

      • supplyguy

        Is that evolution or devolution, because they certainly aren’t evolving into a higher form of life.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          They have a flawed understanding of many things. “Survival of the fittest” supposedly ensures that whoever lives is superior to the ones he or they kill.

          Sound familiar?

          And many probably do imagine that their descendants will be evolving in to higher life forms with each subsequent generation. But they don’t think it all the way through. These are answers you’ll get only if you really push them, and a lot of them will be embarrassed as they realize the implications of their instinctive responses.

          They just hope that history somehow proves that we are superior today than past civilizations, and that generally supports the idea that the fittest civilization will survive. And they also think of the right or conservatives as being the ancient elements holding back the West. They’re pretty stupid and delusional. But this is consistent with what is taught in many or even most schools.

  • hktony

    This is all good news for non swedes. Let them be a lesson for others as to the consequences of islam in democratic countries. I hope they go down the crapper asap. People still don’t see the danger that liberals can do in empowering muslims. So good bye Sweden enjoy your dhimmie status.

    • Drakken

      Sooner rather than later that old Viking gene is going to come out of hibernation and then watch as the muslims and their leftarded enablers flee that Viking berserker rage.

      • USA_Svensk

        Will not happen. The swedes are wusses.

        • Drakken

          I’ll bet you a cool grand that it does and in less than 5 years time, Europe right now is ripe for a nationalistic resurgence, all it is going to take to push the whole thing over into civil war is one of two things, economic strife or a muslim doing something extremely egregious where the average European says enough is enough and gets Serbian on the muslim invaders, and then turn it’s attention on the communist who started this suicide. What kind of governments we end up with is going to be a crap shoot though.

          • USA_Svensk

            Sorry, I think you are wrong. The swedes wont do anything.
            As long as they can watch “Dancing with the stars” on TV they are happy. I have talked to a few and they are so indoctrinated and brainwashed that they can not see the problems that lies ahead.
            Hope you pay me in US Dollars. The Swedish Crown is worth anything soon. lol.

          • Drakken

            The current paradigm is unsustainable, hence the rise of nationalism. I’ll take my coin in Danegeld thank you very much ;) I would even take it in Kruegerands.
            It only take 5-10% to persuade the rest.


        The Viking gene is a recessive gene.

        Sweden is suffering from Estrogen Poisoning.

  • http://www.teaparty.org/about-us/ Nixys

    I really wonder what is going to happen to Europe in my lifetime.

    Sometimes I just marvel, and dispassionately observe, how it truly seems that Europe is determined to destroy itself. It has been trying since WW1, and perhaps it will ultimately be responsible for WW3 as well.

    I wonder what will begin the end? Will it be another major Islamist attack? There have been several and the show goes on. Another beheading of a solider on the street? Still the bread and circuses. Will it take destruction of a cultural artifact like the Eiffel Tower? Or perhaps it will take the nuking of an entire European city? I really have no reason to believe these things will stop.

    They will almost certainly continue, the only question I have is, will they escalate at some point, and will it eventually cause a backlash? It truly seems inevitable. I am just at a loss to explain this. Really I am almost amazed. Another calamity in Europe. Another Franz Ferdinand. Again, again, really, again?

    Is this what my great-grandparents felt like, witnessing WW2, after already having been so SURE mankind would never repeat the same mistakes again? Ah.

    • Drakken

      History always repeats itself, and that is a wonderful analogy used in reference to one of my ancestors, Franz Ferdinand. This time if I was a betting man it will start once again in the Balkans and spread rapidly from there, the muslims are gearing up for another go at it in Bosnian and this time the Russians are not going to sit this one out. There already a couple hundred Russian “advisors” in Serbia. The Europeans will be in no position to help the muslims this time.

  • kilfincelt

    I have a friend who lives in Sweden. She is an American but married a Swede. She told me that when she first moved there she saw very little crime. Not so anymore.

    I also spoke to her future son-in-law, a native Swede. He is not happy about what is happening in Sweden regarding those who have no desire to fit into the country’s culture so some are beginning to wake up to the problem. Apparently, Sweden also has a new political party that is anti-immigration. Membership in that party has been growing despite some ideas that they have that are less mainstream.

  • KenoshaMarge

    A lesson from Sweden that Americans that value their freedom would do well to learn.

  • solidspine

    I am 63 years old and I am Swedish. I have never understood
    Swedish people, love them, but they drive me crazy. At one time the state of
    Minnesota was dominated by Swedes, soon it will be dominated by Somalia’s.

    You have to wonder about Swedish intelligence, Leaf Erickson
    left that area, came to Minnesota and said, I am going home, this is exactly
    like Sweden except colder and more rocks to wreak the plow.

    Years later, where to the Swedes from Sweden migrate?

    Minnesota and now the Somalis are following them, I doubt
    they will find any place colder.

    • Drakken

      And they always vote DFL no matter what.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Sweden is “Detroiting ” itself .

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    When are the Vikings going to break out their axes and sharpen them?

    • USA_Svensk

      The axes have been exchanged for lollipops long time ago.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Sweet, but not very lethal in a nation on the verge of destruction …

        • USA_Svensk

          It’s ok. They rather go down with the ship than fight. Their “cahones” (spelling?) are gone for ever.

          • Drakken

            You could not be more wrong.

          • USA_Svensk

            I hope I’m wrong too. But I don’t think so. Time will tell.

  • pupsncats

    One does wonder about how insanity and the lack of all common sense are the controlling factors of the majority of all of the people in Western Civilization in all of their acts.

    Is self-slaughter preferable to being called a racist? Is giving up freedom to be a slave to a tyrannical government sane? To these people the answer to both is yes.

  • keyster

    I would somewhat prefer our Hispanics from the south to Europe’s Muslims.
    Jus’ Sayin’.

    • http://www.teaparty.org/about-us/ Nixys

      They are vastly preferable.

    • Rupert

      Hispanics are from White European Christian stock.

      Much better than the Euro libtards Muslim foot soldiers.


        Latin, Central and South America are products of European Spanish/Portuguese IMPERIALISM.

        Euro language and religion and culture were IMPOSED on the people living south of the border.

        • defcon 4

          Did you prefer the human sacrifice that was part and parcel of the Azteca empire? Tens of thousands of people were sacrificed annually.

  • Observant55

    I have read Arnstberg and Sundelin´s book about immigration and in my opinion it is a pamphlet without any scientific base or method. It is full of notes but they are refering to various extremist sites like Avpixlat, a site which full of really badly researched aricels against immigration and sometimes homosexuells. The schollary pretensions are just fake, as is most of the speculations in the book.
    I borrowed in my local library in so to call it undergroud litterature would be wrong.

  • Snowflinga

    The EU is developing into the new EUSSR and the political leaders of Europe have betrayed their own people. They are changing the ancient and beatiful Europe by means of massive immigration of Muslims and others from dysfunctional societies.

    Sweden is now in a terrible situation because of the EU and their own political leaders who are strongly influenced by the 68 generation with their strange and revolutionary theories.

    Unless the people of Europe wake up soon, especially the Swedes, the future of Europe looks very grim indeed.

    England is also in a catastrophic situation, but there are brave Englishmen like Paul Weston who are speaking out about the dangers of mass immigration and multiculturalism.


    I really hope that all the Swedes wake up soon as well.

  • Rupert

    I’ve see more women in Burka’s in the UK than I have in Saudi Arabia.

    • KatieNorcross

      Or in the US

  • AnneMclaughlin

    Ten? Closer to five. How can Swedish men, and from what I can see and read, I use the term loosely sit by knowing their daughters, wives, sisters, granddaughters are being preyed on by muslim thugs. The native populace knows where they live and should be picking them off in every, dark alley, or place where they can be removed dealt with and found miles away in a secluded area. If its done in the north of the province in December then switch to an area at least 200 miles away in January. Get
    your thumbs out of your backsides and remember who you are the descendants of. They use terror ? You are smarter than they are. Bring their terror to them and focus on men only. That way you take out the cowards. They are brave only in a group.Show the world what a Viking can do. If the wimps moan about it leave the moaner with the clowns you take out. Leave notes telling them Rape started with you and will end with us. The world is watching you and no one is going to aide you unless you wake up and fight back. No guns you say ? Icepicks are a great way to break the ice and also the pericardial and pleural spaces.

    • Drakken

      God bless and pass the ammunition! You would be amazed at how easy it is to get weapons in Europe.

  • LindaRivera

    Sweden’s elites are now waging WAR on their own people.

    The God-haters tracked down Anders Dahlberg and succeeded in their goal
    of a terrifying attack on this man and his family. In today’s Sweden
    it’s regarded as acceptable behavior for Expressen and Researchgruppen
    to instigate terror attacks against non-Muslims. Everyone involved in
    this profound evil belong in prison.

    Expressen and Researchgruppen must be very disappointed Dahlberg and
    his family escaped great injury and/or death. They didn’t know that
    guardian angels protected Dahlberg and his family. Our Merciful, Awesome
    God will continue His divine protection for many, many people! I’m
    forever grateful to our Amazing, Precious, Most Wonderful Creator! May
    God’s Great Name be praised for all eternity!

    Bible, Psalm 31:20 You hide them in the secret place of Your presence from the conspiracies of man.

    Bible, Psalm 20:7 Some boast in chariots and some in horses, but we will boast in the Name of the Lord, our God.

    “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell.

  • LindaRivera

    The HORROR NEVER Stops in Sweden.

    The Islamisation of sweden

  • the real problem

    you guys are acting like blinds and totally brainwashed. what left parties? go to youtube and typpe muslims in sweden, germany, uk, nederland and so on. all those countries are led by left parties bullshit? you are BLIND if you cant see the real problem, which are the JEWS. the is a part of the plan, all the ways to NEW WORLD ORDER. i saw too many docs at every thing happened at higher scale, if you research ENOUGH, you’ll find AT LEAST a jew as a head of the problem. fighting muslims wont stop the problem, but they will make you a ‘racist’. fight the real enemy, which are ONLY the jews. all Europe suffer because of those third world rats and it seems everyone is at ‘confused’, ‘what to do’ step. will be too late to act. Breivik struggled muslims and the party that imported them. but he missed the real evil behind all of this. his a prisoner now, jews are doing their plan like nothing happened. OPEN YOUR EYES!

    • defcon 4

      Delusional Jew hatred — the hallmark of nazis and islam0nazis everywhere.


      socialist filth.

      Blaming Jews for problems of your making.

      “F” Off socialist.

      Screw Eurabia.

      May the lowest form of life win in Eurabia.

      Forget help from the US to save you socialist animals.

    • Notalibfool

      I am far from blind and can easily see that you are a paranoid anti-Semitic fool. What is with this blame Jews for everything mentality? Do you realize just how insane you sound when you make such comments?

    • the real problem


      US is destroyed by the jews. how in the world a powerful country like US may have billions of dollars debt? debt to federal reserve, which is owned by the damned jews. who did the crisis in 2008, from which all the world suffered and countries in development were trigged into poverty? they said only one name, goldman sachs(a jew) and some wall street workers. your brainwashed citizens did not react over this, being stolen money from them all, and not a single guy get prison treatment for the worst economically failure of the century. this soon will repeat, when the debt to federal reserve will gone wrong. screw the jews! Adolf Hitler: ‘My spirit will rise from the grave and the world will see i was right’

      as for the judaism in sweden, watch this braindead pro-israel guys


      • UCSPanther

        Another fool whose thought pattern goes “When in doubt, blame the Jews.”

      • defcon 4

        Your delusional Jew hatred might play better in any islam0fascist state.

        • the real problem

          defcon i want a soap from your skin. these posts were adressed to blind swedish citizens. they cant see the real evil. if i want to speak to jews, i will put Hitler speeches from youtube. not your fault because you have been born a jew, but you may repair this. kill yourdamnself!

          • defcon 4

            You can try, but first you’ll have to deal w/my good, 12 gauge friend Mr. Remington and my angry Rottweiler.

    • Jane

      You silly little man. The only problem is people like you. You only accept Leftist drivel and you ignore the truth that’s being told from the very people who are living this mess.

      No sweetie, it is you that needs to open your eyes.

  • Gee

    Sweden has earned what they are receiving from their Islamofascist masters.

    As ardent supporters of the Germany regime in the 1940s they can have the direct result of that ideology – Islam

  • carltjohnson

    I was aware of the similar plights in the rest of the world. but not to this extent and not in the country of my ancestors. It reads as if written here in the states.
    I write about The Fight for Conscious Human Life© and the insidious paradigm we have lived in that dates back to the days of Babylon. Its really about mindsets that are opposed, one from a sovereign conscious view and the other, a collection of bicameral misconceptions. America dealt with the differing cultures quite well until the advent of the progressive era. America is not a multicultural nation, it is a nation of one culture that has been made up of many from the start. We see so much ridicule toward nationalisms, but is it not what we admire about each other…”When in Rome” one may not want to live there but one can appreciate and indulge in the culture while visiting.
    And the ludicrous idea of race is sickening…it seems that one becomes what one thinks about most of the time (Earl Nightingale)…and they want to blame you, because they think it.
    There seems to be only one way out. Wake Up!, as we did at the fall of Babylon, before we were divided, dispersed and our language confounded. Wake up and stop doing business with all of this nonsense, stop doing business with those that are not conscious. Each of us, concentrate on your self and Be the Best that you can be, ask not, what government can do for you, ask first, what you can do for yourself…hopefully it will begin to seep in and in the process, out compete those that have failed to act in disciplined conscious thought and self controlled behaviors, according to the laws of nature.
    Maybe, Sweden and the rest of the world need to take a serious look at Mark Hamilton’s Prime Law© and finally eradicate the Rule of Man!

  • Lawrence Farnsworth

    Sweden is done.
    No political party there will stand up to Islam for fear of being branded with the r-word.

    Even Sweden’s Green Party has given up campaigning against halal-meat, because nothing says animal-friendly like killing a cow with a rusty blade then letting it slowly bleed to death, while a man chants “Allahu Akhbar”

    • fenrisulv

      the sweden democrats will

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Although the same mental disease that afflicts the Swedish elites hasn’t progressed nearly as far over here in America yet, it is nonetheless progressing very steadily and also becoming overwhelmingly prevalent over here as well, as the elites of both mainstream political parties here in the good ole USA blindly embrace the false ideology of PC multiculturalism too as if it is some sort of gift from God, instead of a time bomb that is an incredibly self-destructive form of cultural communism.

    Thus, mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage, which is really non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad for the strategic purpose of demographic conquest, is fully embraced over here too by our elites as being good for our society, and the leaders of both mainstream political parties are conspiring today to make amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens currently living in America against all laws a legal reality in the very near future under the guise of comprehensive immigration reform, which will be anything else but reform.

    Meanwhile, a person like Phil Robertson utters the truth from a Christian perspective about homosexuality in an interview in a leftwing magazine, and his show not only suddenly gets cancelled by A & E and advertisers like Cracker Barrel abandon him, but Phil Robertson and Christians also get vilified and demonized as being bigots and racists by the so-called MSM.

    Of course, the Left was thoroughly disgusted and utterly alarmed by the popularity and success of Phil Robertson’s Duck Dynasty Show, since it featured religion and praying on a very prominent and regular basis. Thus, of course, the Left set out to destroy the show and Phil Robertson at the same time via that interview. Indeed, it was an obvious hit job!

    Thus, it looks like it won’t be very long before the USA catches up with Sweden, because if things don’t change soon, the Left will continue over reaching and getting away with it.

    • defcon 4

      Islam0fascism is already here in Dearbornistan, Michigan.

  • Drakken

    Barbara Spectre is a American Communist jew, it is that simple, there is a difference between a Jew that is willing and able to defend him/her theirs and the communist variety which seems to flourish amongst the self hating, self deluded Quisling types like that traitor Chomsky and this other useful idiot Spectre.

  • knowshistory

    what the infidel world needs is a western country to completely succumb to the evil rule of islam, and the sooner the better. sweden may have self selected itself for this role. the sight of swedish boat people, fleeing state sponsored genocide in what was once their own country, but being repelled from neighboring shores where evil governments are too politically correct to risk taking them in might, just might wake up the residual population of sensible people somewhere that has not decided to surrender to the evil of islam. if just one country would do the right thing and expel its muslim invaders, the reconquista might begin. if not, the world is doomed to the stupidity and evil of islam. thanks, sweden, for volunteering. please succumb to islamic slavery and genocide as soon as possible. you just might save the world.

    • Drakken

      It is about to start in Bosnia once again, only this time, there won’t be anyone in the west to rescue the muzzys from their own demise, for the Russians are not going to sit this one out.

      • SwitchedOnSavage

        Hope you are right

    • http://www.teaparty.org/about-us/ Nixys

      Something will happen in which Europe finally reaches the tipping point. My guess is, it will be one of these:

      – Greece will have a flare-up with Turkey
      – The Balkans will erupt into violence again
      – Geert Wilders will get assassinated in the Netherlands, or otherwise some major tragedy will occur in the Netherlands
      -Jihadists will blow up the Eiffel Tower, and good old France, which is deeply proud and irrational beneath its progressive veneer, will instantly go crazy with revenge
      -Jihadists will blow up the Olympic games in Russia and Russia will go crazy with revenge (this probably won’t have much effect though, since everyone already knows Russia is crazy and doesn’t care about progressivism, mostly)

      Rome, Italy and the Catholics are going to sit this one out, I’m pretty sure.

      • knowshistory

        more likely the surrenderists would continue to prevent any proper reaction to any of the above mentioned events. the Olympics, for instance, have already been shot up by violent jihadis. would “blowing up” the Olympics really be that different? I suspect it will take a nuclear event to wake up those determined to surrender to islam. one thing seems certain: if a really catastrophic event doesn’t happen, and happen soon, the western world will casually invite a critical mass of their worst imaginable enemies to colonize, defeat, enslave, then genocide them.

        • http://www.teaparty.org/about-us/ Nixys

          Agree that the surrenderists are in complete control now and are pushing hard to keep it that way. It may indeed take a nuclear event. But I still have a bad feeling about the upcoming Olympics- and it’s precisely because they’re not being held in Sweden. If they were it would be nothing. But a russia is hair-trigger crazy, just had huge anti-immigrant riots, and Putin is a former KGB thug. If shirt gets real, he WILL flip out, I have absolutely no doubt of that. I DO doubt that the West will follow him, likely choosing instead to distance themselves am say, oh Russia is Russia.”

          Nukes or not, if the Eiffel Tower goes down, expect a response from the Frogs.

          • knowshistory

            anything would be better than the cowardly surrender our elite traitors have chosen for us.

          • Drakken

            Those in power now, won’t be in power shortly. Critical mass is being reached and when it does, welcome to the new Balkans on steroids.

          • Drakken

            Look at it this way, the Russians aren’t afraid to kill muslims by the thousands if it suits their purpose, and say what you want about Putin, he is at least a patriot and does what is in Russias interest and doesn’t give a rats azz what anybody has to say about it.

  • herb benty

    Bruce, Islam is a powerful Satanic-infused/maintained cult. The ungodly, such as leftists, are easy pickings for the master of deception.

  • Nonbeliever

    Who are the leftard scumbags who outed the patriots? THEIR names and home addresses need to be exposed.

  • Erik Throfast

    I’m a 19 year old Swede and my thoughts about the future of my country are not optimistic. Our immigration politics are by far the most extreme compared to the Western world. It is not that me, my family, my friends or the Swedes in general are racists, but it has gone too far. Our politicians highest priority (except Sweden Democrats, who are called racist by media & etablishment) is to hold on our crazy immigration politics, not our welfare, healthcare or schools. We have among the highest taxes in world, but we no longer get anything for them! I can say 100 % that I don’t want to live in Sweden when I get older.

    The situation is critical. In months, there are absolutely no houses left for all new immigrants so the communes have to borrow camping sites and 400 years old mansions to extremely high costs. Every week it comes 2,000 Syrians because we have decided to give ALL people who says they are from Syria permanent residence permit.

    It is so crazy I don’t have the energy to look all things up but the statistics is out there. Why would I want to work in Sweden in the future? And pay the highest taxes in the world, and get a shit pension while a Somalian who haven¨t worked a single day gets a higher pension than me? This year I’ve been working in Norway to save money for my dreamtrip to Asia this spring. And Norway is a much more open-minded and intelligent country. I will move there for always one day.

  • PouponMarks

    There is an ideology behind all of this. It is the World view of no countries, no borders, no ethnic groups, just a futuristic, drab, homogenous society of ant hills and farm animals controlled by an elite overseer class, the Nomenklatura and Appartchik. Socialist/Marxist/Communist system always plan and install an elite that “nudges” and dictates (diktat) to the lab rates, aka The Masses. And they are privileged and get very rich, with no consequences.


  • SwitchedOnSavage

    Excellent article. I too despair at the sheer volume of leftist supposed anti-racists UAF types. It seems to me left is extremely good at galvanizing support where we who are supposed to be the majority would have trouble organizing a meeting in a phone box let alone a show of strength to force change in immigration policy :ie no muslims.
    Why is that and what can we do about it? One of the reasons for the “Fall of Rome” was apathy, will we suffer the same fate?

  • George Clark

    How many jews are left in Malmo? About as many as lived in Britain during the reign of Elizabeth I? Took a grad course in English on that period, and I remember reading that there were no more than two or three hundred jews in England, total, at that time. Probably about ten percent of that number in Malmo, now.

  • USA_Svensk

    Erik! Get an education and get out of there. Sweden is finished.

  • Iranian77

    I am an Iranian/Persian immigrant who’s been living in Sweden most of my life. I know what Islam is, its history and seen it first hand in Iran. I am against racism in all its forms but hating Islam is not racism. Whoever invites hundreds of thousands of Muslims into his modern civilized country like Sweden can’t have much wits at all, nor does he/she know anything about history.

    Islam and Muslims have 1400 years history of savagery, racism, genocide, murder, theft of heritage, destruction etc. etc. And yet they’re still doing it.

    Muslims destroyed much of home country, don’t let them destroy yours any more than they already have.

  • defcon 4

    Here, here. I just hope the dumb, apathetic swedes and amoral lieberals will listen to you.

  • Drakken

    Well start fighting for your country goddamnit! No body else is going to do it for you!

    • fdKnutte

      Good luck with that. The swedes are wusses. They just want to sit and watch “Dancing with the stars on TV”.

      • https://www.twitter.com/emilsorensen96 Emil Sørensen

        And Eurovision

  • Vam Mamoo

    glad to hear becouse sweden scum is samee fucktards as english and other euro morons weree against serbia along germany and nato to form third muslim rpublic on serbian teritory so you all deservs burqas to weear aS good muslims as you hate serbs christians