Sweden’s March Into Oblivion

swedenSweden is self-destructing, and more and more people are writing about it – but, with very few exceptions, still not in the mainstream Swedish media, where denial continues to reign supreme. Indeed, even as concerned observers in neighboring Denmark and Norway are sounding the alarm about the fallout of Swedish immigration policies, Sweden’s own mainstream media – and the rest of its cultural establishment – are laboring overtime to silence the truth-tellers and keep the rabble from openly questioning the wisdom of their betters.

Case in point: recently, in an attempt to win back the nearly 30 percent of male union members between ages 18 and 49 who support the heterodox Sweden Democrat Party, LO, the country’s powerful confederation of trade unions (think of the AFL-CIO at the height of its powers and multiply by two or three), spent a big chunk of cash to demonize the Sweden Democrats, painting them as a pack of fascists. (Never mind that LO’s own oppressive, ideologically lockstep alliance with the political establishment is right out of the Mussolini playbook.) One rare recent exception to the Swedish media’s see-no-evil approach to immigration and its consequences was a fascinating map, published last month in the newspaper Sydsvenskan, showing the relative levels of danger in the various neighborhoods of Malmö, the city that is regarded by many cogent observers as the ninth circle of the Scandinavian inferno.

Meanwhile, as I say, the admonitory essays keep coming. One example: “Sweden’s Race to the Bottom,” a bracingly frank piece that appeared on December 4 on the website of Jyllands-Posten, Denmark’s biggest newspaper. The author, Morten Uhrskov Jensen, didn’t mince words. His opening sentence: “Sweden has chosen to break down.” Jensen went on to outline the steady slide in the quality of education in Swedish primary schools over the last decade or so, as detailed in a recent PISA study, and to link that decline to what Jensen bluntly called the country’s “insane immigration policy.” Sweden, warned Jensen, “will have to pay a very high price for its experiment with permitting excessive immigration from dysfunctional states.” He placed special blame on the media, noting that in an article about the PISA study, Aftonbladet, Sweden’s largest paper (and, as he put it, “official Sweden’s mouthpiece”), chose to ignore the real reason for the school crisis and to pretend it’s all the fault of “the decline in equality in schools,” which, in turn, is a result of “free school choice.” Reacting to this transparent hogwash, Jensen commented: “One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

Five days later, Jyllands-Posten offered another grim report, this one entitled “A Land of Ghosts and Shadows.” In it, Danish author Mikael Jalving recounted the repercussions of a recent advertisement in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. The ad was for a book – its title might best be translated as The Immigration Cover-Up – that quietly but devastatingly lays bare the suicidal folly of Sweden’s immigration regime. It’s a remarkably comprehensive work, providing an informative overview of such topics as asylum smuggling, immigration and crime, sharia law, the costs of immigration, censorship of Islam critics, the wielding of the word “racism” as a weapon, the treachery of such pro-immigration authors as Stefan Jonsson and Mattias Gardell, and feminist fecklesness in the face of Muslim patriarchy. Privately printed by the authors, Karl-Olav Arnstberg (an ethnologist) and Gunnar Sandelin (a former reporter for Swedish television), after they failed to secure a publisher, the book, Jalving wrote, can justifiably be described as a piece of “underground literature” which, like Solzhenitsyn in the USSR, is being read “only behind closed curtains.”

The Dagens Nyheter ad for The Immigration Cover-Up was a rare exception to the Swedish media’s systematic exclusion of alternate views. According to Jalving, the newspaper’s editors put Arnstberg and Sandelin through several rewrites, forcing them to tone down their language and make the ad as innocuous as possible, before they finally agreed to print the thing. Nonetheless, anodyne though it was, it thoroughly enraged the crème de la crème of the Swedish left, who gathered in Stockholm to protest what one of them denounced, in a fiery speech, as “racist propaganda” and to demand that the editors of Dagens Nyheter make a public show of contrition. (All this in response to a nearly 400-page scholarly tome that – crammed with statistics and footnotes – is every bit as dry and dispassionate as the left’s reaction was hot-headed and hysterical.) Jalving didn’t hide his disgust: calling the PC profs, pols, and pressmen at the demo “spoiled little children in suits,” he contrasted them with the majority of Swedes, whom he characterized as “seasoned and lucid Vikings” who’ve “had enough of the elites’ lies and careerism.” I hope he’s right, but I wonder how long these Vikings plan to wait before actually doing anything to try to pull their country back from the precipice.

The day after Jalving’s piece appeared, Expressen, the Swedish daily, ran a story announcing that its editors had hooked up with a Swedish research group, imaginatively named Researchgruppen, to perform a serious, in-depth investigation. Of what? Muslim terrorist cells? Of course not. In good Swedish-media fashion, the goal of Expressen‘s probe was to unearth and expose the names of the readers of three alternative online news sources, Avpixlat, Fria Tider, and Exponerat. I call these sites “alternative” because they run the sorts of stories – about things like, oh, Muslim terrorist cells – that mainstream Swedish media won’t touch. But Expressen doesn’t call them “alternative.” It calls them “hate sites.” (I’ve seen hate sites, and though I haven’t done a thorough study of these three sites, the material I’ve read on them from time to time is no more hateful than the typical article at Front Page or PJ Media.) Anyway, Researchgruppen managed to figure out the e-mail addresses of no fewer than 6200 people who had left “hateful comments” at the three “hate sites” – and then managed to figure out whom those addresses belonged to and proceeded to gather “personal data” on them, which, Expressen promised, would be served up in future articles.

Among the individuals exposed by Expressen as a participant in the discussions on these three sites was Anders Dahlberg, a member of both the National Guard and the Sweden Democrat Party. He lives in the southern town of Skåne and is currently running for a local political office. Researchgruppen identified him as the author of a number of anonymous comments at the Avpixlat site. The one Expressen singled out for opprobrium was his suggestion that it might be impossible to end Sweden’s multicultural society without the use of force, and that ethnic Swedes might want to arm themselves in preparation for that eventuality. Members of the Swedish elite rushed to express their revulsion at this contemptible sentiment – none of them, of course, pausing to ask whether Dahlberg’s statement is, in fact, more or less contemptible than the roles they themselves have played in the ongoing erasure of the nation that he’s plainly determined to save.

Then, this past Tuesday evening, somebody threw a bomb into the mail slot of Dahlberg’s home. The explosion caused the front door to fly off its hinges and across the living room. Although Dahlberg, his wife, and their children were all home at the time, nobody was hurt. The news of the attack was followed hard upon by a report that Dahlberg had been stripped of his position in the military. “What he has written is not consistent with the values of the Ministry of Defense,” said an armed forces spokesman.

So it goes. On Thursday evening, in reaction to a clash in Stockholm between neo-Nazis and “anti-racists,” thousands of citizens of Uppsala, Gothenberg, and Malmö took to the streets in yet another iteration of that favorite Scandinavian pastime, the torchlight procession against racism. Accounts of the preparations for these events noted that in case of any friction, “dialogue police” (dialogpolisen) – a term I have never before encountered – would be on hand. Stockholm anti-racists plan a Sunday demo. Perusing images of the Thursday evening processions, which showed the pious multicultural multitudes flaunting yet again their proud refusal to test their common ideology against reality, I couldn’t help pondering the melancholy question: are they really unaware that they’re marching their country into oblivion, or are they consciously embracing extinction in the belief that even self-slaughter is preferable to being called a racist?

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  • Lawrence Farnsworth

    Sweden is done.
    No political party there will stand up to Islam for fear of being branded with the r-word.

    Even Sweden’s Green Party has given up campaigning against halal-meat, because nothing says animal-friendly like killing a cow with a rusty blade then letting it slowly bleed to death, while a man chants “Allahu Akhbar”

    • fenrisulv

      the sweden democrats will

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Although the same mental disease that afflicts the Swedish elites hasn’t progressed nearly as far over here in America yet, it is nonetheless progressing very steadily and also becoming overwhelmingly prevalent over here as well, as the elites of both mainstream political parties here in the good ole USA blindly embrace the false ideology of PC multiculturalism too as if it is some sort of gift from God, instead of a time bomb that is an incredibly self-destructive form of cultural communism.

    Thus, mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage, which is really non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad for the strategic purpose of demographic conquest, is fully embraced over here too by our elites as being good for our society, and the leaders of both mainstream political parties are conspiring today to make amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens currently living in America against all laws a legal reality in the very near future under the guise of comprehensive immigration reform, which will be anything else but reform.

    Meanwhile, a person like Phil Robertson utters the truth from a Christian perspective about homosexuality in an interview in a leftwing magazine, and his show not only suddenly gets cancelled by A & E and advertisers like Cracker Barrel abandon him, but Phil Robertson and Christians also get vilified and demonized as being bigots and racists by the so-called MSM.

    Of course, the Left was thoroughly disgusted and utterly alarmed by the popularity and success of Phil Robertson’s Duck Dynasty Show, since it featured religion and praying on a very prominent and regular basis. Thus, of course, the Left set out to destroy the show and Phil Robertson at the same time via that interview. Indeed, it was an obvious hit job!

    Thus, it looks like it won’t be very long before the USA catches up with Sweden, because if things don’t change soon, the Left will continue over reaching and getting away with it.

    • defcon 4

      Islam0fascism is already here in Dearbornistan, Michigan.

  • Drakken

    Barbara Spectre is a American Communist jew, it is that simple, there is a difference between a Jew that is willing and able to defend him/her theirs and the communist variety which seems to flourish amongst the self hating, self deluded Quisling types like that traitor Chomsky and this other useful idiot Spectre.

  • knowshistory

    what the infidel world needs is a western country to completely succumb to the evil rule of islam, and the sooner the better. sweden may have self selected itself for this role. the sight of swedish boat people, fleeing state sponsored genocide in what was once their own country, but being repelled from neighboring shores where evil governments are too politically correct to risk taking them in might, just might wake up the residual population of sensible people somewhere that has not decided to surrender to the evil of islam. if just one country would do the right thing and expel its muslim invaders, the reconquista might begin. if not, the world is doomed to the stupidity and evil of islam. thanks, sweden, for volunteering. please succumb to islamic slavery and genocide as soon as possible. you just might save the world.

    • Drakken

      It is about to start in Bosnia once again, only this time, there won’t be anyone in the west to rescue the muzzys from their own demise, for the Russians are not going to sit this one out.

      • SwitchedOnSavage

        Hope you are right

    • http://www.teaparty.org/about-us/ Nixys

      Something will happen in which Europe finally reaches the tipping point. My guess is, it will be one of these:

      – Greece will have a flare-up with Turkey
      – The Balkans will erupt into violence again
      – Geert Wilders will get assassinated in the Netherlands, or otherwise some major tragedy will occur in the Netherlands
      -Jihadists will blow up the Eiffel Tower, and good old France, which is deeply proud and irrational beneath its progressive veneer, will instantly go crazy with revenge
      -Jihadists will blow up the Olympic games in Russia and Russia will go crazy with revenge (this probably won’t have much effect though, since everyone already knows Russia is crazy and doesn’t care about progressivism, mostly)

      Rome, Italy and the Catholics are going to sit this one out, I’m pretty sure.

      • knowshistory

        more likely the surrenderists would continue to prevent any proper reaction to any of the above mentioned events. the Olympics, for instance, have already been shot up by violent jihadis. would “blowing up” the Olympics really be that different? I suspect it will take a nuclear event to wake up those determined to surrender to islam. one thing seems certain: if a really catastrophic event doesn’t happen, and happen soon, the western world will casually invite a critical mass of their worst imaginable enemies to colonize, defeat, enslave, then genocide them.

        • http://www.teaparty.org/about-us/ Nixys

          Agree that the surrenderists are in complete control now and are pushing hard to keep it that way. It may indeed take a nuclear event. But I still have a bad feeling about the upcoming Olympics- and it’s precisely because they’re not being held in Sweden. If they were it would be nothing. But a russia is hair-trigger crazy, just had huge anti-immigrant riots, and Putin is a former KGB thug. If shirt gets real, he WILL flip out, I have absolutely no doubt of that. I DO doubt that the West will follow him, likely choosing instead to distance themselves am say, oh Russia is Russia.”

          Nukes or not, if the Eiffel Tower goes down, expect a response from the Frogs.

          • knowshistory

            anything would be better than the cowardly surrender our elite traitors have chosen for us.

          • Drakken

            Those in power now, won’t be in power shortly. Critical mass is being reached and when it does, welcome to the new Balkans on steroids.

          • Drakken

            Look at it this way, the Russians aren’t afraid to kill muslims by the thousands if it suits their purpose, and say what you want about Putin, he is at least a patriot and does what is in Russias interest and doesn’t give a rats azz what anybody has to say about it.

  • herb benty

    Bruce, Islam is a powerful Satanic-infused/maintained cult. The ungodly, such as leftists, are easy pickings for the master of deception.

  • Nonbeliever

    Who are the leftard scumbags who outed the patriots? THEIR names and home addresses need to be exposed.

  • PouponMarks

    There is an ideology behind all of this. It is the World view of no countries, no borders, no ethnic groups, just a futuristic, drab, homogenous society of ant hills and farm animals controlled by an elite overseer class, the Nomenklatura and Appartchik. Socialist/Marxist/Communist system always plan and install an elite that “nudges” and dictates (diktat) to the lab rates, aka The Masses. And they are privileged and get very rich, with no consequences.


  • SwitchedOnSavage

    Excellent article. I too despair at the sheer volume of leftist supposed anti-racists UAF types. It seems to me left is extremely good at galvanizing support where we who are supposed to be the majority would have trouble organizing a meeting in a phone box let alone a show of strength to force change in immigration policy :ie no muslims.
    Why is that and what can we do about it? One of the reasons for the “Fall of Rome” was apathy, will we suffer the same fate?

  • George Clark

    How many jews are left in Malmo? About as many as lived in Britain during the reign of Elizabeth I? Took a grad course in English on that period, and I remember reading that there were no more than two or three hundred jews in England, total, at that time. Probably about ten percent of that number in Malmo, now.

  • USA_Svensk

    Erik! Get an education and get out of there. Sweden is finished.

  • defcon 4

    Here, here. I just hope the dumb, apathetic swedes and amoral lieberals will listen to you.

  • Drakken

    Well start fighting for your country goddamnit! No body else is going to do it for you!

    • fdKnutte

      Good luck with that. The swedes are wusses. They just want to sit and watch “Dancing with the stars on TV”.

      • https://www.twitter.com/emilsorensen96 Emil Sørensen

        And Eurovision

  • Vam Mamoo

    glad to hear becouse sweden scum is samee fucktards as english and other euro morons weree against serbia along germany and nato to form third muslim rpublic on serbian teritory so you all deservs burqas to weear aS good muslims as you hate serbs christians