Swedes Propose Open Borders & Polygamy

No matter how much jaw-dropping news of dhimmitude one may read from day to day, originating in virtually every corner of the Western world and bringing shameful and outrageous tidings of virtually every imaginable type of capitulation to Islam, it seems that one always ends up exclaiming: “Those crazy Swedes!”

Here’s the latest bit of folly from the land of tasty little meatballs, cheap but excellent Ikea bookshelves, and highly efficient wartime Nazi collaboration. Last month a committee of Sweden’s Center Party – which was founded exactly one hundred years ago to represent the interests of farmers and of decentralized government, and which is currently one of the four parties that make up the country’s “center-right” (pause for laughter) governing coalition – issued a report apparently meant to be viewed as bold and visionary.

This is, I might note, a party whose avowed ideology is a baffling mishmash of pragmatism, utopianism, individuality, and something the party itself calls “ecohumanism,” which it defines as a “green social-liberal ideology.” It professes – remarkably enough for Sweden – that “Sweden should be a functioning market economy, free from any hint of a planned economy” and that “only a policy that embraces entrepreneurship can make it possible for people to realize their dreams. The individual’s initiative, enterprise and responsibility are the foundation of economic progress.”

Entitled “A Sustainable Future – A Proposal for a New Policy Program,” the party’s new report was also an ideological mixed bag. Many of the proposals seemed conservative or libertarian: institute a flat tax; alter the inheritance laws so that parents, who under current law are obliged to leave at least half their estates to their kids, can instead leave their dough to whoever they want; allow home schooling.

But the report, in what could either be interpreted either as touches of extreme libertarianism or as sheer dhimmitude – or both – also called for the legalization of polygamy and for Sweden’s borders to be opened up completely so that anyone, from anywhere, can move there. Indeed, at second glance, the call for new inheritance laws looked mainly like an effort to adapt Swedish law to sharia, and the stuff about home schooling came off as a sop to Swedish Muslims who seek to protect their children from the baleful influence of public education.

Plenty of Swedes were outraged by these proposals – although many seemed as outraged by the idea of a flat tax as by open borders, as outraged by the suggestion that people be allowed to write their own wills as by the proposal to permit polygamy. The uproar got so bad that Annie Lööf, a twenty-nine-year-old who is head of the Center Party and is also Sweden’s Minister for Enterprise, had to return from her Thailand vacation to do damage control. (It is common in Scandinavia for ridiculously young people who have worked their way up the ranks from their parties’ youth divisions to be put in charge of government ministries that are in control of huge and complicated things about which they barely have a clue – having spent their short lives absorbed in party politics and learning about virtually nothing else.)

After Lööf’s return from Thailand, the party set about altering the wording of its proposals to quell the criticism. A new version of the report, dated February 18, presented the revised party program. Flat tax? No, no – just flatter tax. Open borders? Well, what had plainly been a specific proposal to remove barriers to immigration was transformed into a vaguer, more abstract declaration of the party’s opposition to any obstacles that prevent individuals’ free movement around the globe. Lööf maintained, however, that the tamer new version of this proposal didn’t represent an abandonment of the previous formulation of the idea and insisted that the Center Party’s long-term vision still incorporated the idea of open borders.

As for the polygamy proposal, it was dropped unceremoniously, although the youth division of the party still won’t let go of it: “We think it’s important for the individual to decide how many people he or she wants to marry,” Hanna Wagenius, head of Center Youth, told Aftonbladet.

Yet the revised report that was issued by the party after the return from Thailand of Ms. Lööf (which is, as you might already have noticed, fööl spelled backwards) is still pretty inane.  Consider the new version of the party’s wisdom on immigration, for instance, which appears under the heading “Migration enriches.” It begins as follows;

For centuries, people have come to, but also left, Sweden. Between 1850 and 1930 about 1.2 million Swedes took ships across the Atlantic as a result of poverty, poor harvests, and religious persecution. Today, people are looking instead to us in Sweden.

As if the emigration to the U.S. and Canada a century ago of hard-working, freedom-loving Swedish farmers – people who would never have imagined asking their new country for a handout, and who were not enemies of, but grateful beneficiaries of, North American democracy – could be compared to the hordes who have swarmed into Sweden from the Islamic world, gobbling up welfare benefits and forming sharia enclaves. The Center Party’s wisdom continues:

Sweden was, and is, a prosperous country, thanks to extensive exchanges with the outside world….Limiting exchanges with the outside world also restricts Sweden’s ability to develop.

The answer to which, needless to say, is that there are good kinds of exchanges and bad kinds of exchanges. To suggest that profitable international trade can be equated with a self-destructive immigration policy is an insult to Swedish voters. Finally, there’s this:

We live in a multicultural society. It is a strength. Open borders decrease the distance between peoples and strengthens the contacts between different parts of the world. Without immigration, Sweden would be a poorer country – economically, culturally, and intellectually….The reciprocal free movement within the EU should be extended to include the whole world.

These confident assertions – every single one of them –  could hardly be further from the truth. No country on earth does a better job than Sweden of disproving the claim that multiculturalism is a strength. Immigration has plunged Sweden toward bankruptcy.  The introduction of Koranic values into twenty-first-century Sweden represents the very opposite of cultural enrichment. As for “intellectually” – intellectually? What’s striking is that even a supposedly more or less centrist party is capable of such classically suicidal far-left Scandinavian malarkey.

Yes, the proposals for open borders and legalized polygamy have been nipped in the bud. But that’s not the point. The point is that a number of people in positions of power actually thought that this nonsense would fly in the first place. And at the rate things are going, unless history takes a major turn, it will fly in the not very distant future.

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  • Not Bawer

    You never tire of this scandinavophobe sensationalism, do you? Worried about radical Islam? Maybe the Muslim-In-Chief can tell his Saudi/Muslim brotherhood allies.

    • Chiggles

      I smell Robert Goodwin.

      • Mary Sue

        oh goodness, schmuckmotion is back? I thought we were rid of that putz.

    • Paul

      bottom line….islam is a cancer…try removing your collective heads from where the sun dont shine…personally I dont like cancer and as such would much prefer to see it cut out…before I lose my neck.

      • Not Bawer

        Anyone thinking Swedes are the problem instead of Saudi petrodollars spent on radicalization and jihad attacks need to get their heads examined. Starting with mr. Bawer.

        Swedes are decent people. Hard working, intelligent, honest, but also gullible.

        • Paul Blase

          I rather think that the point of the article is that Sweden is a country that we should not be emulating.

          • John

            Spot on.

          • Ben

            Also, the Swedes are responsible for what they’ve done to themselves, and their country.

            They rightly deserve condemnation (i.e: it’s not only justified as an example not to follow.)

        • Mary Sue

          The Swedes are not part of the solution with nonsense like this, ergo they are PART of the problem.

    • JacksonPearson

      There's no such thing as a radical, or a moderate Islam. Islam is exactly what it is, and the people that practice it are either 100% Mohammedans, or they're infidels. There's no-in-between!

  • David M

    I met some Iranian families in Sweden during their Now Rouz festival March 21, 2012 and they were very worried about the future of Sweden. They had fled Iran and Islam but they had Islam in Sweden in the worst possible form. What was amazing for them was the unholy alliance between the Left (Communists, Socialists, Greens, trade unions and the Church) and Muslim fanatics especially Palestinians and Lebanese Shiites. If you want to see the real unholy alliance between Islam and the Left you can find it in Sweden and Ilmar Reepalu the Socialist Mayor of Malmö (Sweden's third largest city) can show how a low-life politician can be as bad as Hamas and Hezbollah and turn Malmö to an Islamic-gangster city.

    • kaz

      the unifying characteristic of "moderate" muslims is that they are still muslims, vote with muslims, sympathize with muslims, raise their children as muslims, and provide willing cover for the worst monsters islam can produce. their children are as likely as those of "radical" muslims to become "radical", and as they gain population percentage, even those nice "moderate" muslims begin to resemble more closely the standard muslim that is duty bound to kill the infidel. if your iranian aquaintances are still muslim, then that is what they are, muslim, and any temporary good feelings they have for their adopting population will go away with time. remember this: "moderate" muslims are above all muslims, and in the end, there is no difference to the infidel between the "radical" muslim that wants to kill the infidel now, and the "moderate" muslim that is willing to kill the infidel later.

      • David M

        They fled Iran and Islam and they despised Islam.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Dhimmitude in Eurabia is a sealed deal. That "science" has been settled. The only question left is: how long will it take for the full Sharia hammer to fall?
    In any case, the rest of the west is not far behind. Not at all. The U.S. is ripe for their pickings – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/05/u-s-movie-mak

    The west is near bowed. America too.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

    • Paul Blase

      See "Caliphate" by Tom Kratman.

    • Drakken

      I wouldn't throw the European under the bus quite yet, sooner or later an incident will take place and then you will see Europeans do what they do best, wage war.

      • Indioviejo

        Drakken, as a reader of history I suspect you may be right, but when? If it doesn't happen soon they will succumb to a totalitarian dictatorship worst than Hitler or Stalin ever could. I pray to JC there is an awakening soon.

        • Drakken

          As they say, history has a really bad habit of suddenly happening with no warning, and the rest they say is history. Make no mistake, Europe is headed for a war that will make the Serbs blush.

  • john butala

    I mean, what could possibly go wrong if civilized, western European countries allow hordes of unassimilable, uncouth, violent, ignorant hordes to descend on their countries?

    • BS77

      Yup….allowing masses of violent, barbarian hostile ingrates into your country…..delightful.

  • http://cybenet Jason

    Great -This opens the way for more Muslims to enter Sweden and the rest of Europe and fulfills the Islamic beliefs which allows polygamy and open borders for Islamic propagation. Long live the west and the Indigenous people of Europe for your hospitality.

  • joe b

    I've spent quite a bit of time in Sweden going back and forth from the UK. Nowhere else in the free world is there such a compliant, sheep-like, brain dead people.

    • Not Bawer

      Average IQ in Sweden: 101.
      Average IQ in the United States: 98.

      • Not Bawer

        Almost forgot: Average IQ in the UK: 100.

        • Cassandra

          who are you Bower?A Muslim?

        • Chiggles

          And when their Third World populations reach the same proportion as ours, their average IQs will plummet headlong past ours into the dumper. Their problem is not their intellect but that they are twinkies. If I wouldn't have to drive so far and take a boat I'd invade them myself.

        • tagalog

          The average IQ EVERYWHERE, by the nature of the IQ test, is 100, that is, mental age over chronological age times 100. A person who is aged 30 biologically and whose mental age is age-appropriate, i.e., a score of 30, is 30/30, or 1 x 100 = 100.

        • cjk

          Conclusion: The IQ tests are OBVIOUSLY missing something now aren't they?

          PS: No IQ was necessarily spent coming to that conclusion, just common sense.

        • Ben

          It’s a Swedish (/Swedish) connected troll. Please do not engage.

          Also, please learn to spot this earlier on so that the discussion is not muddied with uselessness like this.

      • Mary Sue

        IQ can be quite divorced from common sense. Some of the most smartest [/sarcasm] people I know are just actually rock stupid.

      • Indioviejo

        Not Bawer but very stupid. The USA has 325 million people and a 45% minority representation with a low educational achievement level. Pretty soon you will experience in Sweden the educational disaster we have to contend with. So don't be so fast in congratulating yourself because you have chosen the "Road to Serfdom".

    • David F.

      Insert blond joke here?

  • Chezwick

    Europe is a goner.

    • Drakken

      Ahh my dear friend Cheswick, as they say, it is always darkest before dawn, trust me when I tell you the European when his back is against the wall, will come out and fight, and the one of the things that the Euro's are really good at it is warfare.

      • Chezwick

        Drakken old buddy….I'm skeptical, but I hope to God you are right and I am wrong.

      • Ben


        Warfare against who? And with what morale? And fighting for what?

  • Softly Bob

    If I had to place a bet on which European nation will fall to Islam first (is gambling allowed under Sharia?), I would chose Sweden. Europe seems to be doomed anyway, it's just a matter of which country dies first, or which countries survive after scoring Pyrrhic victories.
    Sweden, I think, is beyond all hope now, France isn't too far behind.
    As an island nation, the UK may survive, but probably only after a lot of blood has been shed and only if the despicable EU is shunned completely.
    Greece, win or lose, will definitely go out fighting.
    All in all the prospects for Europe are very bleak indeed. North America is only five or ten years behind Europe.

    • Raymond in DC

      Not long ago I suggested that Sweden would likely be among the first three European states to fall to Islam. (They don't need to reach 50%, rather enough to drive the country's political and social policies.) I count Belgium too in those three, with Holland likely the third. This latest bit of foolishness suggests Sweden is odds on likeliest to fall first.

      Transformation won't be a slow and steady trend. Rather, we will witness a ratcheting, with each such outrage (as the call for open borders and legalized polygamy) driving more native Swedes to recognize what's coming and seek another home.

    • Joe

      I wonder how valiantly Greece fought the last time that the Hellenists were forced to interbreed with Arabs. Greeks used to be a lot more European than they currently are, and I'm quite sure that it wasn't their choice to be "changed". Perhaps, this time, there will be a more precise historical record of the process.

  • EduardoN 18

    I suggest that the swedes invite some antizionist-religious group netura carti (excuse the spelling) with large families, and an interesting point of view re spirituality to come to stockholm to make a secondary Jerusalsem, while waiiting for the Messiah.
    By the way, much of the swedes sexual freedom was related to the fact that the country was loosing population, and anything to iencourage Swedish lady to have children was to be encouraged.

  • Tommo

    For Sweden there is no way back. Once you have given over so much to Islam, as the Swedes have done, nationhood and democracy is at an end. Even HM The Queen loves Muslims but as yet doesn't realise that under Sharia there is no place for her and she will have to bow to Islam – thats if her head remains attached long enough to enable one last act of dhiminitude on behalf of the most stupid people on god's earth.

    • Gabrielle

      Isn't Prince Charles already a Muslim? I guess he is one of the few who is planning for the new world Islamic order?

    • Mary Sue

      I guess all those Norwegian jokes about the stupidity of Swedes were pretty much spot-on… ;)

  • http://twitter.com/historyscoper @historyscoper

    What happened to the Swedes? They used to make such great VIKINGS :)

    • kafir4life

      They moved to Minnesota where they're ruled by Al (smiley) Franken, who….dog gone it, isn't smart enough, isn't good enough, and gosh darn it, nobody likes him.

      • john spielman

        Now that's funny(but true)!

      • Drakken

        Hey now ! Fraken is only liked by the citidiots, not by the outside the metro area. That Viking DNA is just beneath the surface and once you get it out,there will be no putting it back again for a millenia.

      • Drakken

        By the way, look on the Range and you will see that Viking spirit in the Nords, Swedes and Finns.

    • Chiggles

      The Vikings actually came from Norway and Denmark, not Sweden. Swedes went to Russia where they were mechants and traders, not plunderers.

  • Kios 1453

    To defeat islam:liberate muslim women and give them their Human Rights,protect the apostates and the blasphemers of Islam from death, discredit the Koran as a distorted copy of the Old Testament ,denounce Muhammad as a criminal, pedophile, mass murderer, liar ,bandit and muslims will abandon Islam and it will collapse like the Soviet Union!

    • Indioviejo

      If Muslim women wanted freedom they would have revolted a long time ago. Apparently they are more into S/M than any other of the genre.

  • EssEm

    They were converted to Christianity, which then rotted into Liberalism.

    • Mary Sue

      more like they were converted to Christianity then lulled into socialism, which in many cases morphed into agnosticism or outright atheism.

    • Joe

      As it is designed to do, and always does. It's the core of the religion. It's the only religion on earth that is designed to self-destruct into secularism. The same process will now happen in Africa and Asia, where the religion is growing. The old tribal religions will be marginalized and erased by Christianity, and secularism will follow decades or centuries later. The Africans and Asians only need to look to Europe to witness the end-stage of Christianity in society, as it will play out everywhere that this spiritually destructive liberal-communist virus spreads. "Do unto others…" GMAFB. The expression should be "Do unto others as you would have done unto yourselves, so that you may disarm yourself spiritually, morally and politically for the slaughter". There is no self-defense when your enemies can point to the core of our spiritual practice to convince you not to fight or exclude them from your innermost sanctuaries.

  • Gabrielle

    I do see Sweden as being the canary in the mine. What happens to Sweden will eventually waft its way to the rest of Europe and then on to North America.

    As for us, rather than the canary's first signs of distress causing us to run from the mine we run deeper into the mine to save ourselves? Are we really this dumbed down that we can not see what is happening?

    • Indioviejo

      Yes, I believe we are done.

  • marios

    the better and easier life the sooner man transform to monkey. Degradation is obvious in Western world. First was socialism when people spent country prosperity earned by generations of their ancestors. Good life melted brains and Sweden's lost their ability of rational thinking. Cowards Leftists still hope that they would be exclusion from other people destiny. Islam is murderous religion and only choice for non-Muslim is "Convert or die". They don't want or not able to comprehend that Islam means 7 century culture: no freedom, no civilized rights… Women are property of men—it is Islam. Honor killing including rape of their own children by father, cousins, etc. Islam and Sharia is 7 century Barbarian existence. God bless Israel who is on the first line of battle with Islamo-fascists who want to conquer all the world. My hat off before Israel Jews who have courage and faith. In comparison with them the most nations are garbage unable to resist imminent threat to their own life, alas.

  • kaz

    if swedes dont wake up and depose the evil monsters that control their government and media, they are doomed to slavery, then genocide. if sweden will just go ahead and succumb, and the world gets a good look at the genocide of swedes, possibly the rest of the world will awaken from its long sleep, and depose their traitorous leaders, and expel their invading muslims. probably not. as our dear leader meant, but not exactly said, the future does not belong to those who will not worship an evil god and venerate an archcriminal prophet.

  • g_jochnowitz

    The Bible tells us that Abraham, Jacob, King David and King Solomon each had more than one wife.

    • tarun

      U may be right.And nobody bothers about how many wives one had at that time.What you should know is, had anybody of those mentioned above married & had sex with a 9 yr old child-Aisha,like Mohammad did,or anybody of those indulged in incest like Mohammad marrying his daughter-in-law,when his son was away fighting Jihad in the cause of his Allah? And did anyone of those had slave concubines whom they raped the first night they had killed that woman's child,brother,husband & father,like Mohammad did.Then you will know that what you're dealing with here is a deranged sadist & mass murderer who advocated killing everybody else who did not believe him. And the reward for fighting & dying in what he believed in was a paradise where he supposedly got virgins & rivers of wine(sounds less like paradise & more like a whore house).And these so called virgins,whom you can have sex with would always remain virgins-meaning,every night their hymen will regenerate.How sick is that? And what will the women get when they reach paradise.Well,mostly ,they will end up in hell & hang by their breasts & roast in raging fires as all other non-muslims would,just because at some time or the other they didn't listen to their husbands.So,a muslim knows that his, daughter,sister,mother& wife are going to end up in hell one way or the other.And what i've told u here is not even the tip of the iceberg.So please educate yourself before you even begin to make such ridiculous comparisions. Because, if you're a not a muslim, every muslim wants to see you dead & your wife,mother,daughter & sister raped,as that is what their prophet Mohammad has directed them to do in the name of their Allah(Satan).And if you're a muslim,please read your koran properly & know that these Arabs pillaged your country,destroyed your culture ,raped your women & killed your men(ancestors) till all of you were subjugated & made to submit to Islam.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It may only be in comic books but maybe the brain death ray from outerspace does exist in
    reality and is blasting Earth with a special abundance in Sweeden. Planet Bizarro, spinning
    in endless space…………………………William

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    No wonder it's called "the Stockholm syndrom". It is the Swedish outlook on life: side with the murerous thugs who are tearing your country apart and causing your nation to be called "the rape capital of Europe." I guess they like it.

  • Nanis

    The muslims have infiltrated in every form of governent and church. They will never stop hating us for being pure bloods they know they are the slaves desendants and they fell they deserve something in this world so they are going to take it even though is not theirs. I wonder if that is also the reason why they don't care for their women.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, Sweden reduce their taxes from at the top at 75 percent to 57 pecent, expanding foreign born will crushed the welfare state since most Swedes use it for family leave or state control heatlh care while the foreign born use it more frequently.

  • Aterg

    Both are children of Abraham one child respects life and lives by the rules of love and forgiveness,improving the future of their children! The other child lives for martyrdom and life after death, causes much miseries for themselves and all others with suicide bombers, and all in name of a superior God. The true God is merciful he wants the best for his children all to live in peace. The differences are great, as great as life and death. Only education anf hopefully one day tolerance and respect will prevail. The rest of the world should show them by example what a free speech democratic lifestyle can be. And those that cannot accept should be going to the country of their origins or likeminded countries. Democracy and it's values have to prevail or we are all lost.

  • Rebecca

    Boy am I sure glad my ancestors left Sweden when they did!