The Coming Flood of Syrian Refugees to Sweden

50030Another week, another jaw-dropping development in Sweden. A couple of weeks ago it was the cockamamie “hijab solidarity” campaign, in which non-Muslim women all over the country donned head coverings in tribute to a Muslim woman who claimed a man had yanked hers off. This week, the eyebrow-raising news is that Sweden is offering instant permanent residency to any and all Syrian refugees who apply. These newly minted residents, moreover, will be entitled to bring over their spouses and kids. The reasoning behind this new policy is that the situation in Syria is extremely dangerous right now and not likely to improve anytime soon.

To be sure, even before this announcement Sweden’s asylum policy was extremely openhanded. Sweden has taken in about 15,000 Syrian refugees since 2012, more than any other EU member state. About half of the Syrians who have sought asylum in Sweden so far this year have been granted permanent residency; the other half have been allowed to stay for three years, but will now be able to trade up to permanent status. All told, just under 8000 Syrians are now temporary Swedish residents and will be eligible to stay in Sweden for good.

Before this new policy was announced, the number of Syrians seeking asylum in Sweden was over 1000 a month. But now? The sky’s the limit. Think about it: Syria’s population is 22.5 million, of which about 5000 are fleeing the country every day. More than two million Syrians have fled their country since the civil war began, and there’s no sign of that number abating. As for Sweden, its population is 9.5 million, of which about 1.5 million are foreign-born and about 2.5 million have foreign backgrounds. Earlier this year, Swedish Migration Minister Tobias Billström called current immigration levels “unsustainable” – only to be quickly shut down by Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag, who assured all and sundry that Sweden had no plans to tighten its immigration rules.

What Syrian wouldn’t take Sweden up on such an offer? It means not only a residency card but also an elaborate benefits package including free money, housing, health care, day care – you name it.

Before this week Sweden’s immigration policy was already suicidal; it’s hard not to see the new policy as an effort to turn slow-motion self-slaughter into something more like a leap off a cliff. The sheer numbers aside, how many of the newcomers will be members of Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and so on? The main reason for the three-year temporary residency was that Swedish authorities needed time to do background checks. Have they decided to abandon those checks entirely?

When I read about the new policy, my first thought was that surely there must be somebody in Sweden who’s standing up and shouting: “Stop! Are we all crazy?” So I looked at the editorial pages of a few Swedish newspapers. Nope. The editors of Aftonbladet, for example, complained that Sweden hadn’t gone far enough, and lamented the fact that the rest of Europe wasn’t joining in. Noting that European countries have taken in about 40,000 Syrians, the editors complained that this wasn’t nearly sufficient. “We have built,” they complained, “a ‘Fortress Europe.’”

Yes, “Fortress Europe.” Pause for a moment to take that one in. Over the last couple of generations, Western Europe has welcomed immigrants from the Muslim world on a scale such as the world has never seen. The continent has been transformed in ways that would have been unimaginable a few decades ago. Yet in the view of Aftonbladet‘s editors – and, rest assured, of the Swedish establishment generally – Europe has behaved like a fortress. Summed up in these two words, these twin trochees – “Fortress Europe” – is the very madness of Sweden.

Aftonbladet‘s editors called on Sweden to pressure other EU countries to copy the new policy, and proposed that it make a more active effort to bring Syrians to its shores, namely by plucking them up at refugee camps in Syria and shipping them to Sweden from there. “Sweden can help. We have the knowledge and resources,” the editors of Aftonbladet wrote. “The question is whether we want to.”

Their counterparts at Sydsvenskan concurred, calling on other EU countries to follow Sweden’s lead. Dagen‘s editors, calling the new policy an “excellent decision,” hoped it would set a good example for other countries and that “generosity” would continue to characterize Sweden’s approach to the refugee issue. And at Dagens Nyheter, columnist Eric Helmerson also gave the new policy a thumbs-up. “When your neighbors’ house is on fire,” he argued, “you open your door to them.” He, too, lamented the lack of “solidarity” (as he put it) that other EU members were exhibiting: “It’s scandalous that so many wealthy, peaceful countries are looking away from people in the most severe distress.” He singled out for special criticism certain Swedish municipalities that have hesitated to take in more refugees – partly because of the high cost of maintaining refugees, and partly because of the crime and other social problems that they bring with them. While acknowledging that such difficulties exist, Helmerson insisted that “it is deeply cynical to assume that the problems are insoluble and thus shirk responsibility and compassion.”

Columnist Ivar Arpi at Svenska Dagbladet joined in the applause for the new policy, calling it “irreproachable.” Striking an unexpected realistic note, however, he pointed out that Sweden’s municipalities just don’t have enough housing or the financial resources to take care of newcomers properly. Plus a fact, the Swedish job market is just plain terrible, with sky-high levels of unemployment, especially among the foreign-born.

How, then, does Sweden expect to pay to house and feed all these refugees? An article that appeared a couple of weeks ago provided an answer. The headline was blunt: “Malmö takes from the old and the sick and gives to immigrants.” The thrust of the report was that the city of Malmö, desperate to find a way to cover its ever-rising expenditures on immigrants (it spends $15 million a year on mother-tongue schooling alone), has proposed severe cuts in outlays for sick and elderly native Swedes.

Remember that we’re talking here about a country where the chief justification for high taxes is a generous welfare system that provides a safety net for the unemployed, the ill, and the elderly. Swedes are brought up to view themselves as partners in a covenant with the state: pay your way when you’re able to, and you’ll be taken care of when and if you aren’t. Yet in Malmö, thanks to the soaring costs associated with immigration, the local government can no longer keep its end of the deal.

Consequently, it has proposed that nursing-home fees be raised significantly; that free meals in nursing homes be phased out, forcing residents to cover their own food costs; that senior citizens who until now have been receiving free home care be forced to pay for it; that the elderly poor, who now receive discounts on various health-care services based on their income, be compelled to shell out the full price; and that old people who aren’t ambulatory, and thus can’t make it to a clinic, be charged extra for house calls. As for old people who simply don’t have the money to pay for food, shelter, or vital medical treatment, they’ll be forced to “abase themselves before municipal officials by asking to be exempt from the fees.”

Meanwhile, the Swedish government has ordered that illegal immigrants be given free medical and dental care.

Seen from abroad, it’s very clear where all this is leading. Why can’t the Swedes see it themselves?

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  • Saddened

    Native Swedes could apply for asylum in Australia on the basis that their government refuses to look after them, or protect them from religious persecution; just make sure you come by plane, never by boat.

    I am absolutely shocked, and if it were my country I would even (ever so very reluctantly) be starting to look at where in the world would be appropriate to live for the sake of my children.
    From my distance on the other side of the world, the government appears to be mad beyond understanding. I immediately considered it to be identity suicide, to become a place that used to be……..Look at the parable of the Good Samaritan – he paid an Innkeeper for the time necessary for healing – I don’t recall anything about giving up his home and handing over his family.
    Sorry to say, I will probably avoid visiting Sweden now, perhaps Denmark or Norway will retain their identity.

    • katarina broman

      GE in Norway today and the party that wants to put a stop to massimmmigration there seems to be doing very well indeed! Keeping my fingers crossed for Norway, I could live there!

      • Concerning Asylum Seekers

        Yesterday Australia voted in the party with the strictest stance on the matter; 30,000 that have already arrived here will be swapped onto temporary visas with no right to bring family, and anyone in the outer territories, or anyone who arrived after July 19 will be sent to Papua New Guinea, or an island in the middle of the Pacific, and the Navy is being tasked to tow boats back to Indonesia where they sail from. Many asylum seekers are already returning home rather than live in PNG. Guess the banana and coconuts for welfare, and witch doctors, weren’t quite what they thought they were going to be getting.

      • Marcus_T

        You`re very velcome katarina, I can spare a room for a beginning.

  • Athling

    I expect Sweden to eventually become Syria.

  • ebonystone

    I’m sure the Moslems of Malmo will show their gratitude and appreciation with an intensified wave of arson, rape, and vandalism.

  • jewdog

    Recently, I thought Israel deserved a special Nobel Prize for craven self-annihilation for its release of murderers to stimulate negotiations with the PA, but it looks like Sweden’s immigration move is in a class by itself. For a small country to open the floodgates to millions of refugees that could easily overwhelm the natives, and who would doubtless carry the same ideological pathologies as is now destroying Syria is beyond belief.
    I can understand how Jews have been conditioned to appeasement after two milleniums of abject powerlessness, but Swedes? Maybe it’s just a case of overconfidence mixed with blissful ignorance. I think a very harsh reality awaits.

  • guymacher

    Forget Syria. Drop bombs on Sweden.

    • Marcus_T

      Why not start with Malmø ?

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The sheer numbers aside, how many of the newcomers will be members of Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and so on?

    That’s the least of your problems bud, especially when you consider the cold hard fact that jihad is not only the highest pillar of which Islam stands, but also a fundamental holy obligation incumbent upon all mainstream orthodox Muslims in one form or another. Thus, all Muslims are therefore jihadists in one form or another. Otherwise, they are blasphemous apostates that per the texts and tenets of Islam must be executed.

    I know…not very polite or politically correct, but it is indeed the truth nonetheless. As a matter of fact, mass Muslim immigration to the West is actually stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad. Thus, while all you loons are focusing only on preventing terrorism, because you conflate jihad as somehow being terrorism, which is always and only violent and not even an Islamic manifestation, by the way, in the mean time your country is being stolen right out from under you, because you all are all too blinded by political correctness to realize what is really happening.

    The main reason for the three-year temporary residency was that Swedish authorities needed time to do background checks. Have they decided to abandon those checks entirely?

    How is doing background checks’ going to confirm whether or not a Muslim is a moderate, especially when the existence of such so-called moderate Muslims is an unhinged political correct myth to begin with? It’s the blind leading the blind.

    • Concerning Asylum Seekers

      Doesn’t matter whether they are moderate or not – it has been shown time and time again that moderates very quickly grow another generation of non-moderates eg Boston bombers. Australia has more “citizens” fighting alongside an Al Queda group in Syria than most other nations, despite it being against the law – again it would seem they don’t care as their new home country is just another free western hotel. Their parents may even give an oath for citizenship, whereas the children could care less.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        The existence of so-called moderates is an impossibility since Islam requires total, complete, and unconditional submission to the will of Allah under the penalty of death for blasphemy and apostasy. Thus, under those circumstances, Muslims either are Muslims or are not Muslims, and if it is the latter, then they are not moderates, but instead ex-Muslim apostates with a death sentence hanging over their heads.

        Moreover, all Muslims are jihadists in one form or another, either violent jihadists or otherwise non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists. It’s the latter that is often confused as being moderates due to the fact that they are non-violent but very deceptive at the same time.

  • Λακεδαιμον

    May God have mercy with the Swedish people. This is beyond insanity, this is criminally insane. I urge officers of the Swedish armed forces to institute marshall law and seize the current government for high treason, as this is in fact what had been committed. The government do not have the legislational authority to grant permanent residencies to each and every person, whether they have documents or not, claiming to be a Syrian refugee. The consequences of this decision are utterly devastating and nothing short of a national seppuko. I am at a lack of words.

    • LindaRivera

      I agree. Muslims must be sent to any one or more of THEIR 56 Muslim countries.

      Peace and SAFETY for non-Muslims is only possible by Muslims staying in their Muslim countries, and NON-Muslims staying in their non-Muslim countries.

      British and European ruling elites have wickedly colonized OUR countries with many millions of Muslims. It is HIGH TREASON! Commands are given in the Quran and mosques to attack and MASS MURDER non-Muslims and CONQUER our countries.

      • Some random Muslim

        I just have to waste my precious time to tell you that the Quran doesn’t command what you described, I mean.. Seriously have you ever read it? And only just read it I MEAN fully analyze and understand what the verses mean, may Allah grant you with more knowledge.

    • Marcus_T

      Could not been said in a better way !

  • john powers

    Misguided charity is one of the faces of evil.

    For over twenty thousand years, Sweden has been the land of the Swedish people. Now, within a single generation, a heartbeat in history, a political party has embarked upon turning Sweden into a polyglot patchwork of endlessly expanding Islamic colonies devoted to the violent overthrow of their host society. Unless Sweden miraculously avoids what has happened to every society in human history that has experienced a large Muslim influx. Unlikely.

    This is a policy based upon willful ignorance by a powerful elite. The descendents of native Swedes will be herded into concentration camps by the descendents of the ‘refugees’ pouring into their country. These beautiful, loving, generous and hopelessly naive Swedish people are signing the death warrant of their great great grandchildren. And they feel they are doing a wonderful thing.

    This is not what WWII was fought to accomplish. This is suicidal madness.

    • LindaRivera

      It is NOT willful ignorance by a powerful elite. Ruling elites know EXACTLY what they are doing. Nothing happens by chance in politics. It is all carefully planned out in advance, sometimes years in advance.

      What is the price to sell out your nation? Ruling elites have sold their SOULS and sold out our countries to merciless Islam.

  • MikaelKarlsson

    Our government is crazy. Fredrik Reinfeldts “right-wing” is a minority government. The only way he can pretend to govern us, is with the extremists from environmentalists. He even say that he will give Power over to anyone in order to keep SD away from influence. SD want to limit the immigration from Muslim countries. He loves the Muslims. All Money goes to the Muslim immigration.
    The people are getting sick and tired of less and less money while new money is granted the immigrants.

  • Sparven86

    The problem is that the majority about 60 % vote center left or center right which are just about identical in most issues. The parties that are outspoken pro mass
    immigration are a minority but because the center voters don’t really
    care we are dying. I prefer a lunatic pro Islamism, pro mass immigration, EU,
    world citizen all that liberal socialism to a coward who do not take a stand.
    Except of course in private where they admit there is a serious problem that
    will only get worse but then goes back and gladly vote for his old party.

  • riktigsemit

    You asked why can’t the Swedes see it themselves? and the answer is in the fact that all main newspapers are communist with communist writers and editors.

  • Obekväma sanningar


    “Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

    Barbara Spectre, founder and director of the Jewish study institute of Paideia in Sweden

    • Concerning Asylum Seekers

      “and without that transformation, Europe will not survive” What sort of talk is that?? Why in the world would Europe have a ‘need’ to import enclaves of needy, illiterate and regularly violent people? Is there any other reason for this except for seriously misguided sense of charity at the expense of one’s own children?

      Tens of thousands of years of cultural identity is about to be flushed in a single generation.

      Countries can choose their percentages of this particular immigration based on known data (consistently elevated birth rates among these groups should be also be considered)
      Up to 2% – Tolerance and peace is persisting with only intermittent local tensions (US, Aust. China)
      At 2-5% – disrespect for established common law is noted (U.K. Denmark, Germany, Spain, Sweden)
      From 5% – the push for entrenching observances, inordinate for % of population, eg Halal food, street prayer blockages (France Netherlands Phillipines)
      At 10% – fully isolated sub-communities along with complaint about conditions, uprisings and reprisals (& car burnings) especially for sentiments that ‘offend’, and terrorist groups form (India, Israel, Kenya, France, Russia (Chechnya))
      At 20% – Hair trigger riots, jihad formations (eg Ethiopia)
      At 40% – Instability, massacres or terror attacks (Bosnia, Lebanon, Chad)
      At 60% – Persecution of other religion, perhaps even genocides (Albania, Qatar, Sudan, Malaysia)
      At 80% – expect intermittent violent jihad, as the struggle for 100% ensues (Gaza, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Palestine, Iraq, Bangladesh)
      At 100% – the goal for peace, law and schooling is all religious – although peace is not achieved as the violence of radicals against less radical persists. (Afganistan, Somalia, Yemen, Saudi)

      I would estimate that in less than a decade Sweden will be at the car burning approaching hair trigger riots level. Based on this current policy Sweden’s native children will be leaving in droves when they are grown due to areas of instability within their own country.

      • annietheswede

        We have cars and schools burning every week now. Swedish girls are being raped by muslim men every week. Old folks don’t dare to go out, they get robbed in the middle of the day.

        We are now at the 20% level, with 1.5 million immigrants out of 9.5 million inhabitants.

        Young people with university degrees flee to other better countries. Once it has started it will increase with the snowball effect.

        • Concerning Asylum Seekers

          I moved Sweden further down the list – the research isn’t up to date.

        • Marihot Tobing

          OMG!!!! u swedes better stand up, wake up now !!!!!!

  • John Magee

    I wonder what Swedish resident Barbara Spectre, an American/Israeli who promotes multiculturalism and diversity in Sweden, feels about this influx of Syrian refugees? I wish Frontpage would do an article about this woman and her obsession with making Sweden and Europe surrender to the 3rd world and Islamic migration.

  • From Amerika

    I just went to the link provided by one of the post-ers showing a beautiful Christian Arab before and after her rape and mutilation. She was bloodied, tied to a bedpost, with a cross shoved down her throat. This is what they say they will do to Obamas daughter if we get involved in their bloodbath. Now I DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT HAPPEN TO HIS DAUGHTER OR ANYONE, please be clear about that. But someone’s daughter is getting this treatment on a daily basis in these Arab countries. Would Obama feel differently if it WAS his child? Is that what it will take? One of these elite bleeding heart politician’s daughters getting this treatment? I wonder…..look at these women please John Kerry, John McCain, Obama and the rest of the sheep…could this be your daughter? That’s what they are threatening. WAKE UP!!!

  • cathy

    Theodore Roosevelt – 1907

    “We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith
    become an American and assimilates himself to us he shall be treated on an exact
    equality with every one else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any
    such man because of creed or birth-place or origin. But this is predicated upon
    the man’s becoming in very fact an American and nothing but an American. If he
    tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest
    of America, then he isn’t doing his part as an American. There can be no
    divided allegiance here. . . We have room for but one language here, and that
    is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our
    people out as Americans, of American nationality, and not as dwellers in a
    polyglot boarding-house; and we have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is
    loyalty to the American people.”

  • MetalHeadViking

    Bruce forgot to mention that the same Asylum rights have now also been given to refugees from Eritrea. So its not only Syria.

  • RayTonic

    Let Sweden burn to show everyone what will happen if you loose your mind! Maybe we can rebuild our countries afterwards but with no muslims. Muslims are fleeing their own countries not knowing that they themselves are the problem.

    • Lisa W.

      You are exactly right that muslims don’t realise they (or rather their religion and its violent, brain-dulling teachings) are the problem, they seem to forget that their parents, grandparents, etc, fled Isalmic countries and came to Europe because of the better life Europe had to offer (built by non-islamic principles – ie, science, rationality, freedom, tolerance, equality and empathy)! When muslims are the majority in Europe and there aren’t enough non-muslims left for them to persecute they will start fighting among themselves as is the case throughout the middle east and around the world. But then there won’t be another Europe to run to…

  • mhn73

    It will get worse. In the latest political poll, the Center party and the Environmental party got the highest increase in support from the people. These two parties wants to adopt free immigration to Sweden, not just from Syria, but from ALL countries. The Swedish Democrats, the only party in parliament that wants to decrease immigration, got one of the highest decline in support from the swedish people.

  • annietheswede

    We have had polls that showed that the majority of swedes think that we let in too many immigrants. The problems are rising constantly, but the politicians look the other way.
    Crimes are on the way up in a terrible speed, especially rapes. Young swedes can’t get their own flats, immigrants get them instead. Old people don’t get the care they are entitled too. They buildt the country, now they are starving to death.
    The schools are on the slope down, too many kids can’t speak swedish and fight with the others.
    Immigrant teenagers are burning cars every weekend, and throwing stones on the police and firemen.
    Soon all people with a good education will flee to other better countries. Myself I think about moving to Finland, which have a completely different policy, with very low immigration.

    • Big Pete

      Finland is definitely an option, but why would they have such idiots that we showed ourselves to be?

    • Concerning Asylum Seekers

      When things gets worse it will be more difficult to emmigrate due to numbers restriction in all the other countries. Study what needs to be done early. Additionally, the older you get, the harder it is.

    • Marihot Tobing

      its not going to solve the problem. i think you all best arm yourself and take action. you kill everything thats brown.

  • ajuste

    Even if you want to stand up and say something, you automatically become the biggest racist on this planet. It´s kind of strange how the 1% naturally blond people in the world is the most evil, disgraceful people in the world you ever can find? Well in some years the blonds will be gone, who will be the racists by then?

    It also help me to know how it will be for my kids out on the streets with some alcohol in their body.

  • I_KungensKurva

    We are trying (10-15% vote on SD, the only party that fight for the Swedish people) but if you protest in Sweden you can lose your job, your friends and people turn away from you and call you a evil nazi. To be a swede and live in Sweden today is like a nightmare. All money goes to immigrants. In many areas the immigrants gets more money than the swedes and the number of stupid examples is rising. A man who didn´t want to shake hand with a woman (he was a muslim) did for example get 30000 SEK (about 5000 dollar). He did not get the because of that and then he complaind to DO (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen).

    I wish that USA or Russia could invade us and put our missery away.

  • Pocher

    A very good article and on the spot! Please understand that there is a huge difference on what normal swedish citizens think – and what our pinhead politicians force upon us. The resistance is growing by the day and the new party Sverigedemokraterna (Swedish democrats) are growing and are now exceeding 10% in the polls. But in Sweden there is a leftist media who do everything they can to oppress opposition and kill the free word. Our country more or less look like the old eastern states. If you open your mouth and argue that we are nearing a catastrophe in this country – you will face consequenses! You risk your job, will be stigmatised and face threats and attacks by the mad violent lefties that call themselves “antiviolence autonom groups” etc. It is ridiculous.

    The present government which is an alliance led by a man who can more or less be named a sociopath – Fredrik Reinfeldt – is totally off the track. They know they will be kicked out by the voters next year and seem determined to cause the swedish people as much damage as possible before that happens.

    Sweden has been a modern western european nation with a reasonably good control through they years. Even though we have suffered decades of socialistic governments. Today I dont know what is wrong with us. The silent majority is totally against this insane mass immigration. We see what people we get into our society. The crimes they are commiting. The shootings, rapes and drug traffic that has exploded. Normally nice and quiet suburbs have become gangster gettos where today not even police or rescue services can enter without risking their lives.
    All people that arrive are smuggled and give those criminals huge profits. 9 out of 10 have destroyed any identification so in fact we dont know what kind of criminals, drug smugglers, terrorists etc we give a carte blance to settle down amongst us. Most swedes move out of areas with huge amounts of these “new swedes”, as the fools in government call them. There is no longer any chance for a young swede to find a place to live. All has been taken and given to these “asylum seekers”. Absolute madness!

    We have riots and car burnings, stone throwing at police and a situation that is becoming more and more like looking at pictures of middle east. North african and middle east people are destroying the country and our society which has an old culture and history, is falling apart. It is a national tragdey happening to us right now and all because of insane politicians. Sure we will kick this bunch out next year, but they will only be replaced by the others, who are not better. So we have our back against the wall now.

    Soon swedes will have to abandon their country and move elsewhere. We are driven out from our own nation, because mad politics have put it upon us to be some kind of world improvers. But we improve nothing. Instead we have a flood of immigrants crossing our borders. They will never work or contribute. Why should they? They get everything for free – paid by the swedish worker who is already backbroken by the worlds highest taxes. The pinheads have now also decided that even if you are an illegal alien – you will still have support, healthcare, schools etc! In fact ANYONE can come here and will never have to leave! And we will pay for them! How long can that actually work?

    I could go on and on, because this is totally insane. We will soon need help from the rest of the world! Because it will soon be impossible to live here. I would also like to post a warning if you plan to visit our formerly beautiful country. The capital Stockholm is now a very unsafe place to be, especially at night. The risk of attacks and robbings are high. Malmo and Gothenburg who are the other 2 large cities are these days shaken by attacks and gangster mobs taking over the streets. All immigrants – who in this way say “thanks” to us who gave them a place to live! Well, I didn´t…

    Gothenburg has had an unprecedented number of shootings and murders lately. Just this weekend there were some mob related killings of 2 people. Stay away please! As for Malmo which used to be a great town it is now taken over by violent muslim mobs who attack and follow the jewish community. Even the US have highlighted this and sent a special envoye to study the problem! It is truly embarresing!

    So we are suffering in Sweden now. It will within 10 years be a place where you dont want to live – unless you find somewhere well out in the countryside far away from the unwanted floods of immigrants that tear our society apart!
    Please excuse me for any bad grammar or bad spelling. English is after all not my first language. Soon even swedish will not be the first lingo in my country!

    • Concerning Asylum Seekers

      Put your money in a Swiss bank, get on a plane, fly to Australia and after a holiday at the beach, claim asylum as your government will not protect you from the violence of religious persecution. Don’t come by boat; you must have a visa or you would detained and be sent to Papua New Guinea, or if you prefer back whence you came, asylum seeker or not (that’s their solution to this issue). There is a new government in Aus who won’t have a bar of this sort of thing any more.
      Keep it in mind, to do it earlier than the rush.

  • Kajtlabb

    I hope many expat Swedes will vote for Sweden at next years elections. Many of us are very concerned over the development in our homeland and we are not brainwashed by Swedish mainstream media. We also have a better understanding of the long time effects of multi culture and segregation.

  • Kajsa Ba

    We can see it, however the jews and the leftist in Sweden like to make perfect society like a nightmare. The peple in Power live in places far from foreigners. They should be executed one by one!
    This view mght or might not be shared by million of Sweden struggle with the taxes and the constant lack of apartments

    Jews and leftist run media, finance and politics!

  • Kajsa Ba

    it will Always be clashes between people if we give Away what we built up over the years without quid pro quo!
    There is not just free lunches in Sweden! Even dinner, breakfast and housing, airplane ticket back for vacation to the country you just fleed from.

  • knowshistory

    this is it, swedes. a death sentence has been passed by your government, and the condemned is yourself. your government has decreed that Sweden would be better occupied by screaming hate filled brown people that worship a god of pure evil, than the silly, passive, ignorant, easily deceived white people who previously lived in Sweden. you have been called cowards by the traitors in your government who expect you to meekly accept the genocide selected for you by your archcriminal elites in the media and government. there will be blood. there will be rivers of blood in Sweden due to your traitorous government. the only remaining question is whose blood will be shed. will you allow your government and its preferred population, muslims, to murder you and your children, or do you fight back, and shed the blood of those who so vilely betrayed you, and the enemies they have imported to rape your women, enslave your children, and kill you? if you chose to fight, it better be now. you get weaker every day your criminal government is in power.

    • USA_Svensk

      May I suggest that you swedes arm youself if possible. The day is coming when you will need the weapons.

      • Big Pete

        I´m doing that! Just this summer I added 3 more rifles to my collection. Now, I have 4 rifles, 1 shotgun and 1 revolver.
        And I know how to use them!

        • USA_Svensk

          Be careful with what you are saying. The government is watching you.

          • Concerning Asylum Seekers

            The U.S. one probably is – their citizens have some rights in that regard, but not everyone else.

  • san_ell

    Being a Swede my conclusion is that Sweden is a lost country after many years of mass immigration being mostly from muslim countries. Especially the muslim population in Sweden, now being approx. 1-million is becoming a huge problem which the politicians and main stream media of course totally denies.

  • AggeSWE

    Oh we can see it, about 1 million of us. We just need to get more power in the government, but while being fought by the establishment on every angle, legal, illegal, democratic, undemocratic, hacking, extensive negative press, it takes time. Especially after 30+ years of far left indoctrination by the media. In the media, we have zero voices, while over 80% of all journalists vote left wing, many of them far to the left.

    Hopefully enough will find reason in time. But probably not.

    • Sharon Morgan

      Thank you for telling readers of the issues you are dealing with. A very sad situation.

  • jonason

    The Swedish must be stupid

  • Willy Rho

    Too Stupid and Lazy and Passive. The Swedes, I am 1/2 Swedish, are too receptive to people that will transform their Nation into one which will force them to emmigrate of be beheaded. Naivete that will destroy their Country and Culture.

  • Concerning Asylum Seekers

    There is a big difference in this “immigration”. The incoming, as difficult as they are to accommodate culturally under normal circumstances, DO NOT now need to learn the language, or know the culture, or have any skill, have any thing to contribute, nor leave behind any of the serious cultural baggage, that would be the case with normal type immigration. This is simply giving what was your country to foreigners who are under no obligation to not remain foreigners to you.

  • Herbert Klitzner

    The country of Sweden is committing suicide. Good. Let it become an example to other nations what it means to surrender to Islam. Let them see what happens. Let the Swedes demonstrate what such surrender means: intolerance of any thought or speech that opposes or questions Sharia law, hatred of Jews and Christians, subjugation of women, objection to the genital mutilation of girls, execution of homosexuals and people who may want to convert to another religion, the religious sanction to have sex with one of your wives for up to six hours after she has died, honor murders of daughters, the rape of women who are not dressed with Islamic modesty….etc. etc.
    Let people see the true horror of Islam. If that can happen the total destruction of the Swedish people and their ultraliberal culture will be a small price to pay to save the rest of Western Civilization.
    The sooner the Swedish people and culture are crushed by Islam the sooner others may get it.
    Herb Klitzner

  • Concerning Asylum Seekers

    I think you may be right – nations will not change until they see such a sacrifice – then they will know what has been done

    • Lisa W.

      Unfortunately by then it will be too late. Demographics is at work.

  • UA Kiyiv

    Swedish idealistic idiots…

  • AndersWester

    “Sweden is committing suicide. Good”, “the total destruction of the Swedish people…will be a small price to pay”.

    As a Swede I find your lack of empathy just as frightening as the scenario you described.

  • Marihot Tobing

    couldnt resist the oil money huh? just wait a couple of years and they want sharia law, eat that swedes!!

  • Marihot Tobing

    first thing those terorist imigran do is spread all over sweden cities and make mosque, ofcourse with loud speaker on top of it and they would scream their five time a day calling prayer, calling all terrorist all over the world to sweden.

  • Lisa W.

    Sweden, please wake up…

  • mazen

    after a few decades whole europe will be ruled by muslims, and all europeans will be forced to be muslims be sword as their profit did 1400 years ago, you are the most stupid people ever,,, what are you doing to your grandchildren???
    sweeden will be an arid desert when theses Muslims become the majority of SWEEDEN and this is just a matter of time
    every Muslim family have 5 children at least and they rise up their children to hate every nonmuslim and kill them by the name of good
    bye bye earth
    i have to find another planet
    note:: i was christian till my family forced to be Muslim few decades ago and i live in SYRIA

  • lemmiwinks88

    Sweden is europe’s version of mexifornia.

    Ground zero of virus and plague.

  • Norden2012

    Racism between immigrants are increasing in Sweden dramatical. Muslims hate attack against jewdish, african people and ethnic swedish people.

    Swedish Media or politics don’t talk about this, and if you do talk, you will be called “racist”.

    Climate in Sweden is horrible. The only political party – Sverigedemokraterna in sweden who raising this issue are like blacklisted of political correct media. They are now third biggest party in sweden. People have even lost their works because of voting on them. Many are afraid to open say they belong to the party because of bullying. Many immigrants belongs and vote with and for sverigedemokraterna. But still Media close their eyes and drive black propaganda against anyone who dare talk about this problem.

    It is like a hate propaganda against etnic swedish people. Last week a young 15 years old girl get raped of six (6) boys. Court acquitted them ( not guilty) Girls life is destroyed.

    Sweden has become a mad place to live in.

  • Dorian

    This is a watershed moment in the history of Sweden and Europe. In the next 5 years in the name of Islamic morality these same so called refugees will be justifying night clubs being bombed, women raped, acid thrown in the faces of 13 year olds in the name of Islamic morality, shariah law…Sweden is incredibly naive. These refugees will repay the kindness of the Swedes with corruption, crime and terror

  • Rayn

    Dear Sweden,
    Your good deeds will come back to haunt you.

  • Erza_Scarlett

    I’m a Syrian woman (22 yrs) and my only hope in life is to move to Sweden where I can be free and not dominated by my father or this retarded muslim society. I’m a Muslim but I no longer believe in it because I think it’s a sexist religion where men are considered to be better than women and have more rights. Do you Swedes mind me moving to your country?

  • Lmo

    These dumbasses deserve it. Fuck Sweden.