They’ll Take Sweden

Sweden RiotsNight after night last week, as the tumult in Stockholm not only continued but kept spreading to more and more neighborhoods and then to other Swedish cities, the media in that country, by and large, kept pretending that it was all about things like unemployment and social marginality, all of which were supposedly aggravated by Swedish racism (and, especially, by the insufficiently respectful attitude of police officers toward immigrant “youths”); meanwhile, the foreign media, which, as the disorder persisted, found it increasingly difficult to pretend that all this wasn’t happening (the New York Times finally ran a four-sentence Reuters item about the bedlam on Thursday), largely echoed the domestic disinformation.

Of all the reports I looked at, the one that most effectively epitomized the asinine, mendacious approach of the Western media to this latest nightmare was a piece from Reuters that had no fewer than eight names attached to it. I would strongly recommend that you read the whole thing; in fact, I would suggest that it be taught in future history courses as a prime example of the high level of duplicity of which the early twenty-first-century Western media were capable when confronted with raw displays of Islamic power on their own turf. Credited to Niklas Pollard and Philip O’Connor, with “additional reporting” by Johan Ahlander, Mia Shanley, Patrick Lannin, and Simon Johnson, writing by Alistair Scrutton, and editing by Janet McBride, the Reuters piece was headlined “Sweden riots expose ugly side of” – no, not of “European immigration policies” or “Islam,” of course, but of the “Nordic model.”

Yes, it’s all the fault of the “Nordic model”: the roots of the Stockholm unrest, Reuters (and virtually every other major Western news organization that deigned to report on the disturbances) would have us believe, lay “in segregation, neglect and poverty,” in years of “fruitless job hunts, police harassment, racial taunts and a feeling of living at the margins.” And so on. Which means, I suppose, that 9/11 revealed the flaws of the American model, and the car-burnings in French suburbs reflect the weaknesses of the Gallic model, and the explosions in Madrid were all about the failings of the Spanish model, and the savage murder of Lee Rigby in London last week…well, you get the idea.

The dispatch from Reuters suggested that Sweden’s “lowered taxes” (which are still absurdly high) and “reduced state benefits” (which are still staggeringly bounteous) are responsible for rising economical inequality and segregation, and thus for the pandemonium in the streets. An Ethiopian-born woman interviewed by Reuters maintained that Swedish kids won’t play with her daughter “because she’s dark.” (There was no mention, needless to say, of the real problem in an increasing number of Scandinavian schools, namely the systematic harassment, and worse, of ethnic Swedish kids by their immigrant-group classmates.) On late-night trains from downtown Stockholm to the suburbs, the Reuters team told us, you’ll see “exhausted-looking Arabic or Spanish speaking immigrants returning home from menial jobs”; an “Asian diplomat” lamented that immigrants in the Swedish capital “are mostly selling hotdogs.”

The point of all this being – what, exactly? That it’s the hard-working holders of low-level jobs who are setting fire to cars and buildings? That it’s legitimate for a newcomer to Sweden to go on the rampage because he’s got to work as a hot-dog vendor? Nowhere was there a hint that the extraordinary history of immigrant success in North America, for example, was written by people who worked themselves up from employment of that very sort. Nowhere, moreover, was there a hint that what counts as poverty in Sweden would be considered remarkable affluence in the hellholes most of these punks’ families hail from. Yes, the Reuters gang acknowledged (fleetingly) Sweden’s generosity to its foreign-born inhabitants, but the implication remained that the free housing and endless handouts somehow just aren’t enough – that the state should find a way to shield them from every variety of professional frustration and personal disappointment, from a failure to land the ideal job to the unspeakable fate of being tired at the end of a long workday.

The boys and girls of Reuters, while taking obvious pains not to give a remotely negative impression of the Stockholm hoodlums, cited without comment hoodlums who pretty much blamed the police for everything that’s happened. “In the beginning it was just a bit of fun,” one of the rioters insisted. “But then when I saw the police charging through here with batons, pushing women and children out of the way and swinging their batons, I got so damned angry.” Yes, if the cops had only left them alone to burn a few cars, it would all have been over by now! Plenty of participants in the nocturnal melees – as well as busybody agitators from the mischievous, rabble-rousing group Megafonen – threw around charges that police officers, in addressing the troublemakers, had used insulting language, including racist words.

Those accusations seem dubious, to say the least, given that the Stockholm police, far from treating the city’s delinquents with the aggression they deserved, seemed determined not to hurt or offend them in the slightest. On Wednesday night, according to the BBC, they didn’t make a single arrest – supposedly because their “priority was to disperse mobs and ensure access to fires for the fire brigade,” but really, one strongly suspects, because of Swedish authorities’ manifest terror of doing anything that might open them up to charges of insensitivity, let alone brutality and – heaven forfend – racism. On Saturday night the number of arrests reached 35, but this was still a drop in the bucket (to be followed, one can pretty safely wager, by 35 slaps on the wrist). “Police can put down these riots in five minutes – if the politicians were to allow them,” a Sweden Democrat politician, Kent Ekeroth, said. Journalist Ingrid Carlqvist agreed: “The police could do so much, [but] have told the public that they mean to do as little as possible.” Though police suspect that all the mayhem is being planned via social media, with Megafonen playing a lead role, they haven’t hauled that group’s leaders in for questioning, but have instead, in good Nordic fashion, tried (so far unsuccessfully) to arrange a “dialogue.”

As it happens, both of the above-quoted comments by Ekeroth and Carlqvist about the straitjacketing of the police appeared at the website of the Russian news organization RT – one of the few major outposts of honesty about the week’s events. Ekeroth also observed that immigrants to Sweden get “welfare, access to the educational system – up to university level…access to public transport, libraries, healthcare….And still they feel that they need to riot.” Carlqvist, for her part, called the riots the work of immigrants who “don’t like Sweden” and don’t “want to integrate,” but who’ve settled in the country “because they know that Sweden will give them money for nothing.” Alas, when Sweden’s Parliament discussed the strife on Thursday, Jimmie Åkesson of the Sweden Democrats was upbraided by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt himself simply for mentioning the plain fact that the whole megillah was started by immigrants. Some of those immigrants, Reinfeldt thundered back, are actually trying to calm the mob. “These are my heroes!” he declared.

On Friday, Friatider recounted remarkably frank comments made by Ulrika By of the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter in an interview with Timbro, a libertarian think tank. Admitting (as paraphrased by reporter Maria Lindström) that Swedish journalists “don’t report on problems in the multicultural suburbs,” By defended this practice, saying that the media shouldn’t write neutrally about things like the Stockholm riots – or, for that matter, on any other developments that might conceivably be exploited by bigots. “Journalists should strive not to exacerbate xenophobia,” she pronounced, acknowledging that “we opt out of stories and events that can be easily put to xenophobic purposes. We do not quote everything we hear and do not tell about everything we see.” What can one say about someone who’s so proudly honest about systematically lying?

The most stirring piece I ran across – the one that did by far the best job of saying what needed to be said – was an editorial in Saturday’s Jyllands-Posten. (That’s the Danish daily, of course, that’s famous for printing the Muhammed cartoons in 2005 and for standing up to the ensuing turmoil and death threats.) Headlined “The Swedish Lie,” the editorial underscored the fact that the goons in Stockholm aren’t just “youths” – as the euphemism-loving Swedish media would have it – but Muslim bullies, products of a “Middle Eastern culture of violence,” who are “turning their aggression on other people’s property and the public order” in what is “clearly a demonstration of power.”

The editors noted that for years, self-congratulatory members of the Swedish elite have contrasted their country favorably with Denmark, which they smeared as racist for its relatively open immigration debate; the self-delusionary implication was always that Sweden – by virtue of its, well, virtue – was immune to the “conflicts, clashes, criminality, welfare fraud, so-called honor killing, innumerable assaults on women, [and] waves of violence” that plagued the rest of Western Europe. But in fact, the “ruthless macho culture” from which these perpetrators spring “knows no national boundaries,” and thrives especially on situations in which it meets with no significant opposition. And it’s precisely this –  as the editors of Jyllands-Posten sagely, devastatingly, and eloquently pointed out – that makes Sweden, more than other nations, “a paradise for the masked men of violence, who, under the cover of night and the media’s complaints of police violence, can see their will realized and, house by house, month by month, gang by gang, show who’s boss, while Sweden sleeps.” It’s time, the editors urged, for Sweden to wake up.

They’re right. But don’t hold your breath. Sweden is sleeping very deeply indeed, and its dreams are far sweeter than the reality to which it refuses to awaken.

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  • AdinaK

    Western media is in DEEP collusion with Islamic terror and this has been self evident for years. But it has only become more glaringly obvious, now that beheading has entered the British landscape and Boston's jihad exploded. They are just "youths" who are seeking employment opportunities, sort of like out of control teens just on a rampage or two to let off steam. Oh yeah…

    Now it is not a matter of if, but exactly when many European cities get taken over in toto. So if the media had any integrity – which they don't – they would admit that their tailwind to multi-cultural experimentation has wrought incalculable harm, thus preforming an immediate mea culpa and volte face. But they won't –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • David M

    Sweden's chickens are coming home to roost. In many parts of large- and medium-sized cities you wonder if you are in Somalia or Gaza. Sweden gives billions to Palestinian terrorists and corrupt African countries who deserve not one cent. Stockholm and other cities are burning by Muslims and Africans and Swedish politicians and journalists and their comrades (Communists, Socialists, Greens, labor unions and the Lutheran church) trying hard not to talk Islam, not to hear Islam and not to see Islam. Sweden is in a very bad shape.

  • Mary Sue

    Sweden should have woken up a long time ago, but you know something's bad wrong when the feminist-dominated powers-that-be are less interested in keeping women safe (from rape) than making sure that Muslim sensibilities are not offended.

    • @kattaB4

      It´s not easy for people to wake up when the media doesn´t tell them anything about what is going on!

      • gerry

        They must be pretty stupid if someone has to tell them what is going ong.Cannot they see the daily terrorist attacks,the rapes etc etc!I got no time for them!

    • Prison Shrink

      How can Sweden wake up? The God da mned leftists know what they are doing. why do you think they outlaw home schooling? After outlawing "hate" speech the left in Europe will take a page from the old soviet union and institutionalize people who disagree with them, where they will give them drugs to dull their mind. they might even call it soma like in 1984.

      • PamM

        Soma was used in Huxley's Brave New World, not Orwell's 1984. The basic premise remains the same though as it was used to keep the low grade people contented and somnolent.

        Many have been arrested for disagreeing with the Marxist estsablishment line, including an 85 year old woman at the weekend.

        A woman was arrested in Oldham yesterday for carrying a British flag. I thought we had beaten the Gestapo in 1945, but it seems they are back.

        • Prison shrink

          Thank you for the correction. If I had used that in another forum I would have been pilloried and without the "The basic premise remains the same though as it was used to keep the low grade people contented and somnolent."

          For example if I had been Huffpo. Then they would have smugly rejected an evidence and become more entrenched in their ways.

          I have not read those books in over a quarter of a century.

  • Sven Larsson

    I want to scream every time I see the media trot out these claims of "poverty" and "poor education". There is no poverty in Sweden. Anyone who lives in conditions resembling poverty is doing so by choice and anyone who claims to be "poorly educated" has only their self to blame. Speaking as a resident of Sweden, I am glad to see these riots happening as I believe it will go a long way to waking up the Swedish electorate to the enemy within. The enemy in Sweden is not only the muslim "youth" of Stockholm but the pathetic Swedish social / political science academic mafia who constantly make excuses for these savages.

    • Jane Larson Baer

      please save Sverige

    • Indus Valley

      Sven , there is a documentary on Youtube consisting of 4 parts, where an Israeli Jew of Sephardi origin poses himself as an Arab & talks to the Muslims in Malmo & Marseille….Those Muslims just open up to him & speak their mind….Its so scary….

    • Susan Anderson

      I believe if my own grandfather were alive today, he wouldn't recognize his beloved homeland, Sverige. We all need to wake up!

  • SHmuelHalevi

    We observe from the distance a repeat of the fall of certain countries in EUrope into the Nazi's fold,
    The difference is that Islam replaced Nazism, in name only.
    The rest of Europe will follow including the nuclear weapons there and a huge nuclear industry and military. Could it be that Iran is a straw subjects to blind us to the fact that Islam is about to take over ready nuclear arsenals?

    • Drakken

      Islam is not going to take over Europe, period! There will be blood and lots of it and the muslims will be fleeing Europe by the millions or face the Serb option and that day is closer than anyone thinks, there will be a backlash and when it comes it will be sudden and brutal.

      • Spider

        One can only hope !!

  • johnb

    Sweden epitomizes the deadly consequences of allowing liberals to run governments. First they invite the deadly bacillus of Islam into their country. Then they apologize and blame themselves and their native countrymen because the savages are uncontrollable and won't assimilate. It's like a Bizarro world. Or a Kafkaesque kind of world. Logic and reason are turned on their heads.

  • esperanto

    Check out:

    "About Ibn Kammuna,13th Century Jewish Intellectual of Baghdad,who wrote a Famous Book against Islam

    "The Tradition that in 1676 the Cossacks wrote a Very Insulting Letter to the Ottoman Sultan"

  • Calleegirl

    Dear God do the journalist in the USA and Sweden and Britain all get on FaceTime every night and discuss how they will spin the media to protect Islamist! Do they not understand that these ” youngsters” HATE them also?? It drives me Crazy that the left from ANY of these countries refuses to write about where Muslims place women, gay people are Killed and any form of money is to go only to the great Ala! But we damn well know that All of these countries have ZERO problem writing about Christians! The Muslims are doing exactly what the plan has always been everyone, every where bows to Ala and if not Bam your dead!

  • gerry

    Take can take Sweden,Norway,France etc etc I could not care less!They were buddy buddy with the barbarians they are now at the receiving end.Serve them right !

    • Drakken

      What is happening over there is starting ti happen here, if Europe falls, we are next. So us Americans had better do all we can to help them.

    • Indus Valley

      gerry, you may get angry with those people, but don't you think so that the majority of the natives of these countries don't have any voice against these Muslim scums cos of the PC & the politics played out there??? This is the time we all should be united & defeat this evil death cult……

  • F.K. Juliano

    Will they take Sweden? No, I don't think so. The Muslim can't do it on their own, and their leftist enablers are badly misplaying this. By not taking effective action against the rioters, they are encouraging the only thing that can wake up the timorous Europeans of today: a violent disruption of their self-indulgent lifestyle. The Muslims would much better off if they just kept immigrating, breeding, and collecting welfare. By abusing their hosts in this way, they run the risk of sharing the fate of previous Muslim interlopers. The Turks in Greece thought themselves quite secure. They believed they would forever live as masters over the native population, which appeared to be totally subdued, but then:

    "The Turks of Greece left few traces. They disappeared suddenly and finally in the spring of 1821 unmourned and unnoticed by the rest of the world. It was hard to believe then that Greece once contained a large population of Turkish descent, living in small communities all over the country, prosperous farmers, merchants, and officials…They were killed deliberately, without qualm or scruple, and there was no regrets either then or later."

    Whatever remnant makes it back to the slums of Mogadishu will dearly miss Husby.

    • Drakken

      These muslims in our midst really don't know and understand how us of European orgin deal with our enemies once our backs are against the wall, I almost feel sorry for them, almost.

    • Indus Valley

      Exactly, I agree with you….Muslims are just underestimating the tolerance of the Europeans….Europeans sacrificed their lives to build their respective countries as it is today & they won't just submit to these illiterate, poor, dimwitted & shameless Muslim scums…

      • Dr.Music

        But it seems…..those days are gone and sadly those real men are now dead.

        • Drakken

          Make no mistake, once that nationalistic gene is unleashed, there will be no stopping it.

    • Defcon 4

      The same thing happened in Istanbul in the 1950's, but the roles were reversed.

  • Avi

    We are daily watching historic events – the decline and probable fall of the West – its suicide – by the hand of utter barbarians. How soon, God only knows – but things may happen more quickly than we imagine. The horror that will come – rape, pillage, murder, enslavement, expulsions and escapes, etc. – we thought this would never return to the West. All of it because of the left's betrayal of its homeland.

    • billy brandon

      when you put Muslim loving thugs in the white house like bummer and holder who listen to the black panthers and wright and sharptongue and farraconvict that is what you get, and no one calls the racist? have you ever heard bummer critized any of those groups or people ? when they make racist remarks

    • Drakken

      Were not done yet, not by a long shot, sure there will be blood and lots of it, but once that backlash against the muslims starts there will be no mercy nor quarter. There will be a well deserved scorched earth policy towards muslims. So news of our iminate demise is greatly exagerated.

      • Arne

        You are wrong. Swedes don't have the balls to stand up against the Muslims.

        • Indus Valley

          In a way that's due to the problem of both the Muslims & the west trying so much to create aan image…ie Muslims are competing with one another to show off who is a better Muslim…Europeans are competing with one another to show off who is more tolerant towards the Jihadists…..If you see these days more than the Muslims, the non-Muslims are coming forward with some idiotic excuses after every Jihad attack….

  • antisharia

    Yes, they'll take Sweden. Then Norway, then Britain, then France, then Germany, then Italy, then Spain. Europe is finished.

    • clarespark

      I think you are right. And all because no one will critize social democracy and its "moderate" Third Way between capitalism and communism. Statist and yet stupidly permissive.

      • Drakken

        Always remember that for every action there will be a equal or greater reaction, once the natives get restless and give the muslims exactly what they deserve, you will see change.

        • clarespark

          You are misapplying a principle from physics to human conduct. Multiculturalism has been social policy for Sweden and other Europeans, and now they will reap the whirlwind. I am pessimistic. Naturally, I hope you are right.

          • Drakken

            The one thing people forget about human nature, once open aggression comes to us we automatically gravitate to our own kind, once that happens the Alphas will take charge and the betsa will follow. War is is looming and the weak limpwristed leftist are about to find out just how wrong they have been for the last 60 years.

    • PamM

      Not while I'm alive they won't. I'll fight them on my own if I have to, but I won't have to because plenty of others feel the same way.

    • Rrddbb

      Europe is soon to be a formerly free continent and then the 10th century mooslums will head west to North America, the next target of their domination take over of the planet. They won't stand a chance in China.

    • Gerald

      Yes Europe is finished. The day that America and Europe colluded to bomb Serbia twice to create two jihadist states in the heart of Europe was the day the last nail was driven into it's coffin.

  • billy brandon

    Funny how they call decent racist just because they want to keep their children and home safe. smart people can see where the violence is coming from and want to keep it out, It is not racist to want to remain a peaceful community but idiots keep pushing diversity all in the name of getting elected. Look at what has happen to hundreds of US cities. the day blacks get enough of a population the crime rate explodes. same with these idiots that keep bringing in Muslims and africans. they kill off the locals and call them racist if they do not give them everything they demand.

  • wolfeatworld

    There is a world wide crisis. I don’t mean financial. I mean a global breakdown (I can’t believe I’m saying this), of courage.

    It’s like 98% of the World –– woke up one morning and said:

    “I don’t believe I’ll employ any courage today, in anything I say, do, feel or attempt.”

    I’ll just set my spine over here, (kicks it to the side), and pretend like that’s the ‘normal’ thing to do now.

    No spine, no courage: that’s the ticket!

    (Good grief).

  • @aJVRa

    Swedish politicians were instrumental in the campaign against South Africa in the 1980s, giving large sums of money to the ANC, and lecturing South Africans about diversity and tolerance. Perhaps Sweden should now ask what is left over of white South Africans for advice on how to live in dhimmitude in an environment of draconian AA and BEE.

    It is pretty obvious that the only way forward for Sweden now is to do as they preached in the 1980s to South Africa. A strong program of Affirmative Action may be needed to advance racial and religious minorities into positions of power over ethnic Swedes. This will bring closer that multicultural utopia of tolerance they were going on about then.

    Ethnic Swedes must now, as white South Africans did, accept the reality that they are now living and sharing a country with large groups of minorities which may one day become a majority. Locking out minorities from positions of power, as is now the case in Sweden, is a disgraceful display of racism — and at the individual level, Swedes will have to reject this racism and embrace the other with love and acceptance.

    • Drakken

      I think that Sweden has just gotten a really nasty taste of reality of where these 3rd world savages are concerned, may they get a 1,000 Breiviks in the proccess.

    • Rob

      Nice use of sarcasm @aJVRa! The ones whom I am most angry with are the traitorous leftists who have brought this hell upon us. Most muslims have been indoctrinated into, and infected by this evil, spiritual virus called islam, or better called, muhamadism, since birth. They are acting as they have been taught. Yes, I hold every muslim responsible for believing this crap because, in order to do so, they must override their own 'knowing' within to continue to support this most destructive ideology. Yet, the leftists who are making this happen…well, I have nothing but distain for them and hope they reap what they sow!!!

  • Eddie Henley

    there is a reason people of different thought process , religion and race live in different countries. Decent people want to live in safe areas, they do not want to live like the Israelis of constant fear . but look at the United States cites and you should see all you need to see. every time blacks move in by the numbers to a city whites move out. not because they hate blacks but they see the crime against their kids in the schools and the crime rates that go up in every city occupied by large numbers of blacks. now you see it in Europe more and more

  • Jack

    Remind me, who did Sweden fight for during wwII. Wasn't it Olaf Palme who compared the US to Nazis for coming to the aid of South Vietnam. Olaf of course was murdered by a Turk. Around about 150AD anti Jewish hysteria began to envelope Europe, culminating in the "Holocaust". Vichy France did little to protect French Jews.Poland Hungary and the Balkans did less. The invasion of Europe by Islam could be evidence of the God of the Hebrews. You do not like my chosen people? Try the stone age mob of islam. A believer in God might call this "Devine Retribution".

    • Radegunda

      Anti-Semitism is a strange prejudice. But when supposedly enlightened Westerners are so hostile to Jews that they regularly take the side of Muslims (no matter how barbaric), that's a truly pathological prejudice.

    • damir

      Not really, acctually the holocaust was the penalty for jews because they killed Jesus. Today the problem with muslims has it's roots probably in the utter moral corruption of the people in the west, former christians. I say former christians because the west is mostly atheist now. The people in the west got morally corrupt so the penalty arrives by the hands of muslims.

  • Mohammed, go git em

    Ah how amusing. The Swedish meatballs who spent the war as Hitler's "neutral" allies are at long last getting some comeuppance. And their 95% tax rate socialism is not enough to bail them out.

    Passme a diet coke, please!

  • Radegunda

    A guest on a local radio show, in the course of saying sensible things about the government/UN agenda to impose high-density housing on everyone, suggested that the rioters in Sweden were frustrated about being stuck in highrise apartment buildings and they just didn’t want to live in highrises anymore!

  • determined1215

    Sweden has decided to abolish itself? An explanation for the deep cultural, moral and spiritual rot behind this suicidal impulse remains elusive. If Islam Incorporated has correctly diagosed and understood the root causes of this western disease, continued exploitation of host societies via strategically targeted violence will only increase in nations like Sweden in the future. Let's hope the plucky Danes can find a cure for this ailment before the patient expires.

  • digdigby

    I love those photos of the wretched 'tenements' the immigrants are 'forced' to live in. They bristle all over with satelite discs at every window picking up homeland Jihad sermons.

  • Pennswoods

    After the Germans, the Scandinavians have the most arrogant "know it all" attitude of any people in Europe, and in my opinion they richly deserve their fate at the hands of the "new Swedes" in their midst. For some unknown reason in the 1970's the Swedes, along with the rest of Scandinavia, thought they would show those "racist" American's a thing or two about how a country can open it's doors to 3rd world immigrants and turn them into nice Ingrid's and Sven's. It didn't work. I am sick of hearing about their immigrant problems today especially with their growing Muslim population. Sweden brought all this upon themselves and future generations of indigenous Swedes, the few left in rural area's of that country, will curse their ancestors and what they did to their Sweden after the 1970's. If indigenous Swedes think they can come to the United States to escape the mess their country is in (as their ancestors did in the late 19th century to escape poverty) I hope they think differently. We don't want you here. Sweden is on the way to it's doom so live with it fools.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree. Sweden is not a dictatorship — it is a democracy. Having Muslim immigrants is what Swedes wanted — so let the Swedes deal with it — it is a self induced problem. And quit the whining, just embrace the savages and celebrate the new-found European Barbarians (muslims — just like the nazis of old).

    • Indus Valley

      Well said….I can't agree with you more….

    • Drakken

      I don't take your view, for what happens to them will come to a neighborhood near you, we must as Westerners do all that we can to help them stand up to the leftist and the scourge of the West, the sub human muslims. We must help the nationalist to do what they can to start acting instead of reacting. If they fall, we are next.

  • Marathon Man

    Stockholm… a beautiful city. I'll miss it, since I dont plan to return. Paradise lost?

    No, given away by the enemy within.

  • dannyjeffrey44

    Leadership, worldwide, is a disgrace. So many of the elite cater to Islam and conceal its agenda. The problem is only beginning.

  • James Walker

    I guess I will be waiting a long time for the Wallander episodes in which the hero really takes it to the Muslims. The preening, preachy left-wing Swedish crime-writer vision of the world in which Muslims are always innocents is going right out the window, in some cases quite literally.

  • PamM

    " “Police can put down these riots in five minutes – if the politicians were to allow them,” a Sweden Democrat politician, Kent Ekeroth, said."

    He's correct in what he says. The Swedish police have made the same mistake the British made in August 2011 in that they stood around watching the rioters loot and burn instead of forcibly suppressing them when they first started. A few rounds of automatic gunfire, with a few dead rioters lining the streets, would have quickly nipped the problem in the bud, but the police, and their political controllers, are too gutless to do what's required. Once they were allowed to get away with rioting on the first night it was inevitable that it would spread, just as it did in Britain in 2011 or France in 2005.

    The iron fist, not the kid glove, is the way to deal with this scum. They should have learnt the lesson of Napoleon's whiff of grapeshot, which quelled the Paris mob in 1795.

  • Flowerknife_us

    It sure can be a shock for many to see the peaceful religion of Islam in action on your daily commute.

    And were supposed to let the Government take away our Guns? These Two alone deserved a full 30 rounds each. That is the video we all needed to see. Save us from all that Bloody handed preaching.

  • lynda Martinez

    I've learned alot from your writings over the last 5 years or so. thank you. What must happen for Sweden's will to survive to wake up?

  • socal

    Sad to say but the demographics alone is going to kill off Europe. Europeans are not replenishing themselves enough to sustain their culture. Unless something is done to reverse the immigation of these Islamic peoples,its a done deal and will happen within 25 to 50 years.

    • Drakken

      But pure anadultered warfare will cut the muslims down to size.

  • Tiberius

    Wow to the comment that Reuters feels its demeaning to be a hot dog vendor. The recent immigrants that are her in my neck of the woods are thankful and grateful to own a business selling hot dogs. This Vietnamese man told me he worked and sells hotdogs with his wife and want to save to get a meal truck. Seems certain immigrants really want a better life by the sweat from their brow and some are just moochers and leeches in their old countries and feel they won the lottery when they emigrate to a western country with social benefits galore. Time to really examine that not all immigrants are the same in starting a new life in the West.

    • Snowbird

      Hot Dogs stands to meal trucks to brick and mortar to pillars of the community in 1 to 3 generations.

      Meanwhile the journalism graduates stand around and scratch their a$$e$ wondering how that happened.

      Where I live native Americans have hot dog carts, serve the lunch crowd at the global headquarter of Caterpillar and they gladly part with their money. The hot dog stand people are solidly middle class.

  • Digi

    The Swedes might have to rename their cars to Muslovos.

  • Nate Whilk

    'The editors noted that for years, self-congratulatory members of the Swedish elite have contrasted their country favorably with Denmark, which they smeared as racist for its relatively open immigration debate; the self-delusionary implication was always that Sweden – by virtue of its, well, virtue – was immune to the “conflicts, clashes, criminality, welfare fraud, so-called honor killing, innumerable assaults on women, [and] waves of violence” that plagued the rest of Western Europe. '

    At the time of the Rodney King riots in LA, the French also said it could never happen in THEIR country.

    "Effects of L.A. Riots Reach Across the Ocean", San Francisco Chronicle, Jun 21, 1992

    [begin Quote]
    … the consensus of French pundits is that something on the scale of the Los Angeles riots could not happen here, mainly because France is a more humane, less racist place with a much stronger commitment to social welfare programs.

    Jean Daniel, editor of the weekly Le Nouvel Observateur magazine, bible of the intellectual left, wrote an essay on the Los Angeles events titled "Is It Possible in France?" …

    But, Daniel concluded that France's biggest advantage in avoiding racial and class tensions is its extensive social programs, which essentially guarantee free education and health care for life as well as generous allowances for the unemployed. "France can take comfort in the major, incontestable fact that its social laws are a thousand times more protective than in New York or Los Angeles," commented Daniel. [end quote]


    "The Turks of Greece left few traces. They disappeared suddenly and finally in the spring of 1821 unmourned and unnoticed by the rest of the world. It was hard to believe then that Greece once contained a large population of Turkish descent, living in small communities all over the country, prosperous farmers, merchants, and officials…They were killed deliberately, without qualm or scruple, and there was no regrets either then or later."

    • Drakken

      What happened in Greece is going to happen in the rest of the western world, and once it starts, there will be no stopping it.

  • TexRanger

    The problem is with the defective minds of the leftists. We see these white, mentally defective leftists in ALL countries. It seems they have a death wish because even the most ignorant person on the planet can see on the front page of every newspaper and on the TV screen that Muslims first tell the reader/viewer "I am going to kill you" and then there are stories and pictures of the Muslims actually killing non-Muslims. Anyone who does not have a defective brain, knows that Muslims are filth and are directed by their bible, the Quran, to murder non-believers. Until people with normal brains stand up for their own lives and the lives of their families and friends, and take matters into their own hands by first setting aside those leftists who are saddled with defective brains, and then packing up the Muslims in their countries and dump them back in the desert where they may satisfy their desire to murder and enslave other humans, good, normal brained people will continue to be murdered by Muslims. The defective, leftist brain people who give Muslims free "everything" are merely hastening the time when they find their own heads separated from their bodies by these Muslims.

    • Drakken

      The time for deporting millions of muslims in our midst has come and gone, we will be giving the muslim the Serb Option, they will then flee of their own accord if they want to survive.

  • hikerdude

    I knew it was over in the Netherlands when someone said , "We have to be nice to the Muslims so they will be nice to us when they take over" . They sold out their heritage years ago . In America we are selling out ours in similar fashion. Pathetic !
    A friend of mine in his eighties told me , "I hope I die before my Country does".
    That pretty much sums up the state of our Nation.


    Islam has been called a religion and a political ideology. It is neither. It is organized crime on a grand scale. Theft, murder, rape, intimidation, extortion are Islam in a nutshell. It is a religion only in the sense that it replaces worship of God with worship of the mob. It is a political ideology only in that it replaces any affiliation with a political group or thought with complete loyalty and adherence to the ruling mob.

    The unique thing about Islam is that it taps into the highly destructive human anger response and purports to give it the sanction of God. "If you want to kill non-Muslims, fine; that makes God happy." The most damning thing about Islam, just like the Mafia and Cosa Nostra and other murder cults, is that there is no freedom to leave it, ever. "If you leave Islam you have committed an offense against God, and you must die." If these two highly toxic (not to mention illegal) aspects of Islam cannot be exorcised and eliminated from the ideology of Islam, there is no question that Islam should be banned in all civilized societies throughout the world.

    islamists !!!….stupid………wasted educations in the west…no one really cares….mentally totally cracked by islam anyway….our crocodile tears are an art-form too….our crocodile tears are an art form too….our crocodile tears are an art form too….Stupid to the core and a coward too…scared into pajamas by the murdering rest in pajamas…all started by an absolute thug and fiend in pajamas in the desert only 1400 years back and long since dead. Any man following islam today is a coward and a mentally disturbed life form. A muslim cannot be mentally classified as a human…..from birth to death.muslims only occupy space on this planet. What will happen to our planet when they become 51 percent. We're done for. We are blind to history because we are for some some strange reason not allowed to see and feel by reading the pure vileness in every word of the horrible koran. We see but deny people can be so evil…but we are wrong. Our paramount mistake is seeing muslims as long term similar brothers …if we are dead we cannot regret. Our children will 150 years from now. Even the pyramids will be gone …islam is the duster on the black board that is our civilization and heritage of our planet. We are letting this happen. Humans are contracting arabic small-pox. There is no cure except……you know what.


    It seems….if you really really really looked hard enough through a very very high powered electron microscope the tiny smallpox viruses also had tiny faces and wore tiny clothes and spoke and thought like muslims in smallpoxese….SO WHAT !!???? We wiped them out !! because they were dangerous for our kids and us . Getting it slowly slowly ?
    It seems…..islam is very bad
    for humans….like small pox was…. islam is actually mohammad's madness being
    parroted and aped and being inserted into humans so they can not
    progress beyond mohammad's madness…..a sane and logical human will not be allowed to emerge out of islam by islam….to acknowledge that mohammad was truly mad is considered blasphemy nowadays spelt as blastphemy….. Firstmadmuslim mohammad did not even know the meanings of the
    words he used…like humanity and honor and compassion and such….a classic
    case of an absolute idiot. 2 billion…and coming….upside down.
    A mad man is actually an
    ape….if you aren't a normal human mentally you have to be an ape. Therefore
    since mohammad was mad and apeish all normal humans born into this mad man's
    cult just have to ape the first muslim ape a.k.a. mohammad the violent
    hallucinator and mental screw-up. islam is very bad for normal humans. period.
    understood ???
    It seems…..even after living
    through the past couple of decades, to still believe Islam is the religion of
    peace is to be as credulous as believing North Korea is a democracy run by the


    The modern day Thugee is
    islam……look up Thugee on the net…Thugee was a type of islam type of
    cult practised by some hindus…which
    the sensible British wiped out and off the face of this earth….super good for
    Great Britain….. Idiotic islam has to be dealt with the same way that idiotic
    thugee was dealt with. Till the last person practicing dirty dirty islam is
    wiped off the face of this earth we will have no peace. Dirty islam was started
    by a perverted thug and pedophilic mass murderer and slave owner and mentally
    sick man who was so sick he scared the stupid arabs that lived in the desert
    and this unfortunate coward legacy is still the paramount problem on planet
    EARTH. We have to deal with islam the same way we have dealt with dirty thugee
    and small pox.

    The dirty cult of islam has
    been naively misclassified as a religion by educated people ( this time the
    British screwed up) who could not justifiably read the gutter language that is
    arabic. Dirty arabic has no word for a pedophile or a child-molester. Dirty
    islam and dirty filthy arabic are the two number one enemies of peace and human and human-scientific progress on this planet. We have to get rid of dirty islam just as we got rid of Thugee…with guts to say the right things and with heavy modern day weaponry….it seems with FINALITY !! Think what you want.


    The cult of islam is a drag on the planet.
    The carbon footprint of obviously stupid and idiotic islam is too big and bloody to be ignored. Soon everybody on the planet will have lost someone to islam's murderous mayhem. islam should not be tolerated anywhere on the planet. Period.
    2 billion less will be a good
    thing for the planet and science and the fine arts.
    life will thrive post islam.
    no one'll miss muslims and
    their funny only 1400 year old terrifying constant freak-show cult called islam
    any answers ?
    It seems…..Crocodile tears are an art form
    too…..Crocodile tears are an art-form
    too…..Crocodile tears are an art-form
    It seems….Earth does not need an idiotic
    and chaotic and pedophilic and totally retrograde cult that is totally
    mislabeled as a religion by people who could not read stupid filthy uncouth
    arabic. A true gutter-language . Stupid dirty gutter-language arabic and islam have no words for a
    pedophile or a child-molester. The arabs are not fit enough to be called human.
    islam is as cruel and useless as smallpox…..The time is right to do what has to be
    done. NOW!!
    Things have to start moving in
    this direction. It seems ….

  • Steve Fraser

    The Inner Party's most essential goal was the elimination common sense…with this is the extinction of the Individual and the absolute power of the State.

  • Stop ISLAM

    Dam racist sweeds to blame. Just like those racist <americans><british><irish><danish><duch><french><italians> all racist peoples. Problem: you can be of any race and be muslim. Someone tell our stupid liberal media! Oh and Europe's elite's and media class.

  • sd42jnq

    One wonders if Europe will wake up, or if they will soon perform the invasion spoken of in Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 11:40-45.

    From National Wave of Foolishness, Volume 2:

    "The first part of Ezekiel's account of Daniel 11:
    1 "And the word of Jehovah came unto me, saying,
    2 Son of man, set thy face toward Gog, of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, and prophesy against him,
    3 and say, Thus saith the Lord Jehovah: Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal:
    4 and I will turn thee about, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed in full armor, a great company with buckler and shield, all of them handling swords;
    5 Persia, Cush, and Put with them, all of them with shield and helmet;
    6 Gomer, and all his hordes; the house of Togarmah in the uttermost parts of the north, and all his hordes; even many peoples with thee." —Ezekiel 38:1-6 (ASV)

    These events must happen soon. Prophecy gives which nations, listed by their forefathers, must make these campaigns take place. Neither the ethnic Europeans of the west and central Europe nor the Russians will be able to do it within in two generations, tops, perhaps even one generation, because their birthrates are so low. Their native populations are crashing. The EU is in the process of being taken over by Islamic minorites from Africa and Turkey— Ishmaelites, Edomites and Beth Togarmahites, respectively— due to their high birth rates, much like the U.S. is being taken over by Mexico's 60+ million illegals and their explosive birthrate..

    The Netherlands is already 10% Islamic and that number is rising fast. Germany has more. The Slavic nations of the CIS who are descended from Magog, Meschech and Tubal will shortly be overwhelmed by Turkic peoples descended from Beth Togarmah. Prophecy does not state that Ishmaelites/Edomites and Beth Togarmahites come from Europe. Nor does it say that Beth Togarmah comes alone or nearly alone from the uttermost north, either. Ezekiel 38 states "Gomer, and all his hordes", so Gomer must still be around. That won't be much longer with the trends of the last 30 years. Something has to happen soon."