Victimized by Muslims? You Deserve It

Picture 4Late one night two years ago, only days before Christmas, two burglars wearing ski masks climbed through an open window into the Oslo home of Arild Opheim and Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland. The noise they made woke Elin first. She saw a shadow through the bedroom door. Next thing she knew, the two intruders were on top of her and Arild, holding them down on the mattress and saying, in English, “Don’t look. Sleep. If look, we kill.”

The thugs tied up the couple – both of whom have worked for years as journalists and program hosts for NRK, the state TV and radio broadcasting system – and gathered up various items, including computers and telephones. Arild and Elin also handed over their bank cards and pin codes. The men were “very aggressive” – one of them struck Elin in the head with a blunt metal object. But they also attempted, as the couple explained last Friday on the TV talk show Skavlan and in a Dagbladet op-ed, to “win sympathy by telling their story.”

In a mixture of Spanish, Arabic, and broken English, they maintained that they “weren’t evil people” but were “in a desperate situation. They wanted to be able to reside and work and lead a normal life in Norway. But their asylum application had been rejected. Now they had no other choice than to rob us and to get money to return home.” In order to get back home “see their families,” they “needed 20,000 kroner” – about $4000. “They’d had a tough life, while Norwegians had it good.” Arild and Elin, said one of the crooks, deserved what they were getting.

(In fact, no rejected asylum seeker in Norway needs to rob anybody to get home. The Norwegian government pays all the expenses for such repatriation. And then some.)

Soon after the traumatic episode was over, both of the perpetrators were nabbed by cops. One of them, an 18-year-old Algerian who’d lived in Spain for several years, was sentenced to a year and seven months in jail and ordered to pay 60,169 kroner to Elin and 26,847 kroner to Arild. His confederate was arrested in Denmark and placed in a “youth prison,” from which he escaped; he’s now on the lam. As for Arild and Elin, the whole nightmarish experience made them, in their own words, “skittish and careful.” It caused them to think “ugly thoughts about immigrants.” Elin “couldn’t even stand hearing small children speaking Arabic.” Eventually they decided to write a book.

It’s now out, entitled Uninvited Guests. On Skavlan, they said that writing it was their salvation. For after that terrible night, you see, they were in peril – in peril of something far worse than just losing their lives. They were in peril, quite simply, of viewing themselves, and being viewed by others, as racists.

Racists! As Elin put it, she came dangerously close to buying the theory “that immigrants are just coming here to exploit us, that we have to make sure that there won’t want be too many of them, and that we’re going to be overpopulated with certain nationalities in fifty years.” She’d begun to worry that thanks to lax immigration policies, there was “going to be massive crime so that we’re not safe in our own city.” In short, she was on the brink: “I thought: ‘Damn it, is this going to turn me into a racist?’”

Pause for a moment and ponder that statement. “I thought: ‘Damn it, is this going to turn me into a racist?‘” Note, especially, the implied definition of “racist” – namely, someone who has a realistic understanding of current criminal statistics, of reasonable demographic projections, and of the less-than-noble motivations of many “non-Western immigrants.”

But Arild and Elin’s story ends in victory. To be sure, Elin admits that she’s more scared now than before about her children’s everyday security. But, she affirms triumphantly, “we haven’t become racists.” Au contraire! Thanks to those men who climbed in their window, physically abused them, and threatened their lives, she and Arild have become first-class dhimmis. As they wrote in their op-ed, they now agree with what one of their uninvited guests told them:

Yes, we are getting what we deserve….We’re getting what we deserve because of Norway’s, and Europe’s, immigration policies. Because they’re too strict.

Yep, you read that right: Europe’s immigration policies, which have transformed the continent in the blink of an eye, are “too strict.” Arild and Elin defend their thesis as follows:

Why do people move? Why do emigration and immigration take place? It’s about dreams. They have a dream that life can be better in one way or another if they move – whether it’s from one neighborhood to another or from one continent to another.

Whether one moves from Norway to Spain because one is tired of the cold or whether one comes from North Africa to Europe in the hope of working a few years and saving money for a house in one’s homeland, it amounts to the same thing. It’s dreams that motivate us. It’s totally normal. We all have dreams of another and better life. Can there be anything criminal about that?

Dreams! To put it briefly: a retired Norwegian couple who’ve worked hard all their lives and spent their savings to buy a co-op in Alicante – where they obey the law and contribute to the economy – are no different from Muslim “youths” who make their way to Norway with fake identity documents and set about bullying and tormenting the natives. They come , write Arild and Elin, “with a dream of a better life, for a period or permanently.” And what do Norwegians do?

We stick them in an asylum center – which Progress Party politicians now want to lock up, like prisons. We treat dreamers as if they were thugs. And perhaps that makes it easier for them to actually become thugs? When we crush their dreams of residency and jobs, and force them into an illegal life on the street, perhaps we do get what we deserve when they turn to crime to survive. That was what the guys who robbed us said. Over time, we’ve come to understand what they meant.

If they’re thugs, then, it’s our fault. They may rob or rape or kill us – but even as they’re doing so, we’re still the bad guys, and they’re still the real victims.

Such is the argument advanced by these two NRK journalists. It’s clear enough what happened here: Arild and Elin, in their urgent quest to avoid thinking of themselves as “racists,” grasped onto their intruder’s claim that he and his buddy would never have committed such an offense if their asylum applications hadn’t been rejected. This allows Arild and Elin to suggest that if only all asylum seekers were allowed in, such transgressions would be a thing of the past.

The tiny little problem with this proposition is that Arild and Elin’s rhetoric bears virtually no relationship to reality. Repeated horror stories coming from the asylum centers – where stabbings and riots are frequent occurrences – only serve to underscore the fact that we’re not speaking here about gentle souls driven to violence by cruel circumstance; rather, we’re speaking about a systematic, reckless endangerment of the Norwegian people by authorities who share Arild and Elin’s immunity to the facts about the people they’re importing into the country and planting, like bombs, in previously peacable rural villages. And the facts are very much on the side of those who argue for locked asylum centers and for sending rejected applicants back home at once.

In recent years, violent felonies by asylum seekers have become an outrageously disproportionate part of Norwegian life. One morning in 2004, on the same tram that my partner took to work every day at almost exactly that hour, a Somali man stabbed five people, killing one, 23-year-old Terje Mjåland (who, being deaf, may not have heard his fellow passengers’ screams). Did he deserve it? Two years later, an asylum seeker from Algeria walked into the Oslo office of a remarkably kind, gentle doctor I knew, Stein Sjaastad, and stabbed him to death. Did he deserve it?

Arild and Elin have a proposal: “Why not open the borders and let them regulate themselves?” After all, they ask, what are international boundaries other than lines on a map that have been “constantly shifting all through history”? That being the case, how can we think we have the right “to refuse to let people cross the lines we have drawn around us?” Yes, they’re aware of Oslo’s current wave of robberies and burglaries (the overwhelming majority of which have been committed by “non-Western immigrants”), and they claim to understand the need to fight crime. But the most effective approach, they say, is to “fight the need to commit crime” by “helping the dreamers – illegal immigrants – who are standing helpless on the streets of Europe.” In other words, the solution to bloodthirsty lawlessness by non-Western immigrants is to bring in more of them. If Norwegians don’t do so, “we will only continue to get what we deserve.”

So ends Arild’s and Elin’s op-ed. Reading it online, I couldn’t wait to see the reader comments. Alas, at the bottom of the page I found this single sentence: “The comments section was clos ed on Saturday afternoon owing to several hateful and harassing posts.” Not only was it closed – the comments had been removed. Fortunately, the website has reproduced them. There are hundreds, maybe thousands. I read a few dozen. They’re not “hateful and harassing.” They’re the reactions of Norwegians who have their heads screwed on straight and who’ve had it with the likes of Arild and Elin, whom they describe, variously, as “naïve,” “warped and indoctrinated,” and fiercely determined “to be politically correct.”

Indeed. For my part, I’m grateful to Arild and Elin for providing this illuminating glimpse into the psychology of political correctness. They describe their burglars as desperate to get home. But it’s Arild and Elin who, after their awful experience, were desperate to get “back home” – back home, that is, to the comforting certainties of their PC ideology.

And they did. What a stirring triumph! Their ideology came smack up against reality – and yet they found a way to cling to it nonetheless.

I look forward to their commentary on the country’s latest atrocity. On Monday evening, a rejected asylum seeker from South Sudan hijacked a bus in western Norway and murdered three people. He was living in a nearby asylum center that had been in operation for just three months ago. If the Progress Party had had its way, the center would have been locked – but of course that would’ve been inhuman. If the locals had had their way, according to news reports, the center would never have been there in the first place: it was forced upon them by county officials, who considered their opposition xenophobic.

The murder victims were the bus driver, a Swedish passenger in his fifties, and a 19-year-old girl who was identified as Margaret Molland Sanden, a chemistry and biotechnology student at the College of Oslo and Akershus whose Facebook page shows that she was a fan of Bob Dylan and of 24. Three unfortunate deaths, undoubtedly. But, after all, they got what they deserved. Right?

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  • Chubby Freen

    I thought Stockholm was in Sweden. Maybe these people visited Sweden, and caught Stockholm Syndrome from a toilet seat…

  • WhiteHunter

    It’s hard to disagree with these two suicidally delusional idiots: they DID get what they deserve. And I hope they get more of it. Maybe next time the “dreamers” will finish the job properly.


      Unfortunately, It is the elderly living in what often was meant originily for 55/60 and older, are now often simply any low income building and elderly WHITES are TARGETED at a disproportionate rate. And that not a racist statement IT IS FACT as I witnessed myself and happened it to my own mother.

  • Darlene Johnson

    Liberals have done a good job of indoctrination. The liberal mind is very easily controlled because they think with emotion and not common sense.

  • perma2

    You have a point. People are different. I was thinking about this guy who has failed to protect his familiy and been humiliated in front of his wife. A major blow to his ego. No wonder he goes mental.

  • Chandrakiran Nayak
  • Kevin_OKeeffe

    Is that person in the picture, on the left, supposed to be some sort of transsexual?

  • loroferoz

    Yeah, because your immigrations policies are too strict. Arin and Ellin are right. They select for the kinds of immigrants YOU ACTUALLY GET!

    The ones who value their good reputation, their career, and all of that, will at some point throw their hands up in the air, and leave. Or else resign themselves to a life outside of society, even with permanent residence.

    The professionals, the entrepreneurs, the business owners, the hard workers, the legitimate asylum seekers. We have to spend years in just getting to some stability in a country where we keep our noses VERY clean. Cleaner than most here. And not even then are our efforts acknowledged. Going to another EU country, we have to start anew. Lose the job, and it’s back to square one. We have to live with your putting us in the same bin as the mad and the criminal and having to show every step that we are honest.


  • Cliff Arroyo

    Western Europeans are alienated from their own cultures (partly due to the collective trauma of WWII and party due to Frankfurt school ideology).

    Now they’re so screwed up that they can’t do something as simple as demanding that non-european foreigners obey the law and contort themselves into grotesque parodies of tolerance in order to no think bad thoughts (even when those bad thoughts are entirely appropriate).

    • laura r

      it is the govts that make up these rules. average people are not responsible.

  • Patrick Keogan

    When are white people going to wake the fuck up & start fighting back


    FULLY – You owe me for what happened 300 years ago. Yeah, good lick with that one.

  • Baluba

    On behalf of this delusional couple, I’m really sorry. I’m a norwegian and we are thankfully not all this retarded. Unfortunately this is the going undertone of the media and has been so for the last 40 years under the labourparty regime, systematically trying to brainwash the populace to think like these people do.

    That is the reason we now find ourselves in the situation we are with massive immigrationpressure, our generous welfaresystem being exploited en masse by non-ethnics from all over the world, and crime skyrocketing, while penalties for crimes even rape and massmurder of norwegian citizens really serves no other effect than helping the poor offender and giving him education and citizenship even if he’s an illegal immigrant. How can we send anyone back that is “sick” enough to commit crime? We need to take care of that poor soul.
    This however has been going on for so long now that there has been starting to be an awakening even for socialdemocratically brainwashed norwegians. Hopefully we will be able to change this massive exploitation of our good intentions before its too late.

    For Sweden, our neighbourcontry on the other hand, the brainwashing and the socialist grasp on media and self destructive political correctness has gone even further and I really see no hope for them.

  • Concerned

    Two words: Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Buck Rogers

    Barry Soetoro A CARD-CARRYING COMMUNIST ( aka Barack Hussien Obama), whose aim it is to destroy our Great Christian Republic, is the Western Hemisphere’s caliphate, a moozlim follower of the rapist pedophile moehammit
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    As a tactic, taqiyya, the principle of religious deception. According to mainstream islamic doctrine, Islam is in a permanent state of war with any non-moozlim who opposes the rule of shari’a law. And in war, deceit is a legitimate tactic.
    In other words, as long as it helps the Islamic goal of making the whole world submit to shari’a law, it is perfectly all right to lie and deceive.
    They infiltrate with deception…
    They infiltrate to get close for the KILL…
    It’s in their BOOK (koran)…
    moehammit was a pedophile rapist…
    allah,TELLS ALL MEN OF islam TO RAPE ANY WOMEN THEY WANT TO CELEBRATE mooslim festival of Eid.
    islam is the edict of the DEVIL…allah is SATAN…
    And they want to inflict it on the WORLD.
    There are four ways to be a jihadist – sword, pen, speech and money. Jihad is incumbent on ALL moozlims; therefore, it is the sixth pillar of islam.

  • Stop White Genocide

    Leftists are suicidal and I am all in favor of their suicide if they so choose. Where they cross the line, is their imposition of their own suicidal tendencies on the rest of White/European society. There, they cross the line into being genocidal. Their anti-White idiocy is leading to a world where White people will have no living space to call our own, and thus no security and no future. They say they are anti-racist, what they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White. Destroy yourselves if you want, but you WILL NOT destroy the rest of us with your poison. STOP WHITE GENOCIDE!

  • Edward_Teach

    What has Norway or any country gained by letting these people in? There are no benefits to letting in a people that live by such ideologues.

    Take a look at this

  • Viking_61

    Why is Scandinavia so intent on committing cultural and demographic suicide? They must be so dumb… or sick in the head.

  • jhon

    “Victimized by Muslims? You Deserve It”

    by Muslims I know not ,but by non-whites for sure!

  • ShekelGoldbergstein

    They are a disgrace to their ancestors.

  • TheThinker

    They are right, they did deserve it. Maybe the intruders will seriously hurt them next time so they really get what they deserve for being such idiots.

  • Zrinski

    Anti-white whites are the most rabid, they think self sacrifice and treason to their own kind is a virtue! Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • kenai

    Cheer up Elin, with any luck the next time you get robbed the thieves will rape you before doing the world a favor and slitting your throat.

  • Tony Capo

    Im not afraid of being called racist , bigot etc. Muslims don’t pretend there is no difference between us so why should I. They consider us dogs and pigs and I consider them lawless scum. Islam is evil Islam contradicts the laws of God on many topics. Murder, rape, incest. polygamy adultery marriage etc.

  • Kallanberg

    Perhaps these two victims need to see a psychologist as their reaction is bordering on a form of PC insanity. Violence is violence and crime is crime and no matter whom does this must face the consequences of their actions.

  • Aterg

    Many youngsters who seek asylum are criminals and uncontrollable in their own country. Similar situation when Cuba opened his prisons and all the criminals came to USA several yrs ago. Their dream was richer stakes in their robberies .
    To open the borders to Europe, would be a catastrophe, it is already a different Europe of 20 yrs. ago. Similar in USA, not in criminal problems but in not assimilating Islamic culture, with different lifestyle and goals. Let us face it overpopulation is the problem in developing countries, and only China had the guts to limit family size. To mention birthcontrol or abortion is a no no, politically it could kill you. The fanatism about these issues are remarkable, not to mention the moronic views and false illogical science ” facts” some off our politicians quote.


      what you don’t kill now, will become stronger and kill you later:)

  • yourmom

    Idiots, Norway people surely do not deserve this, these two surely do.

  • Halon

    Stockholm syndrome.

  • Steven Chan

    Free Breivik!

  • AegysLTS

    Oh my, what have become of the descendants of the Vikings.


      I’m working on that :)

  • AegysLTS

    I like this!

  • UCSPanther

    And I wouldn’t lose any sleep over a battlefield littered with dead commies who threw away their lives to conquer land for a failed ideology…

    Your arrogance will be your downfall…

  • MProblem

    Keep talking, and eventually, you will be expelled to the Third World toilet of your choice.

    Maybe we can sell you and your kind to the tolerant and kindly Somalians and use the money to help pay down the deficit. It’s a win-win situation! You get to experience the “diversity” and “vibrancy” of a “superior” culture, and we in the West are finally rid of you and your destructive, hateful ideology.

    You Marxists always assume that **we** will be the ones on the losing end. Not a good assumption.

  • Drakken

    Wait until us native whites have had enough of being invaded by the 3rd world, then your going to see why we are on top of the food chain. We’re about to make the Serbs blush by comparison of what is going to happen to you and your kind.

  • Drakken

    We are going to have a native intifada called the Balkans on steroids, enjoy it.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “…capitalist power structure…”

    Upward mobility only works for whites. That’s how the system was designed.

    Am I right?

  • History Buff

    So you’re racist against Jews.


    Remember now, for the first time in long you are on the right track, well same track but there’s change, your mind is running but not your mouth. You’ve said enough, made your/left your scars, graffiti, your impression on the soft concrete of those living flat surfaces lives. No we won’t forget. O.K remember just to let him that this some silly game, wave to conductor and make eye contact. His dreams will be more interesting that way.

  • Drakken

    As it is said, assumption is the mother of all fk ups. These commi red bastages are going to find out the hard way and with much horror once you awaken that sleeping Dragon of nationalism. The lamp posts of Europe are going to be filled with them, that and funeral pyres.

  • MProblem

    I’ll be satisfied with just sending them to Somalia or Bangladesh, with no means of returning. Hanging from lamp posts is what they would do to us; we are not that low.

  • Drakken

    Unfortunately we are going to be forced to.

  • defcon 4

    What do you think they’ll do when they assume power — by proxy or otherwise? Forgive and forget?

  • hiernonymous

    “Wait until us native whites have had enough of being invaded by the 3rd world…”


  • matteo zorzi


  • Drakken

    Yes, you seem to enjoy the thought eh haji?

  • hiernonymous

    Do I enjoy irony? I suppose so.

    Every look at the actual immigration statistics in Europe? You’ll find that the vast majority of “3d world” immigrants to European countries come from their former colonies. That makes perfect sense – there are generally much lower administrative and linguistic barriers to overcome. In short, to the extent that such immigration is actually the threat you are complaining about, it’s directly tied to Europe’s colonial past.

    You have to admit, watching someone who identifies so strongly with Europe mewling about “invasion” is rich. Sow the wind…

  • Baluba

    Ironically Norway and Sweden have never had a colony, still they are by far the western countries in the world being amassed the most by immigrants from the third world pr. capita.

  • hiernonymous

    Sorry, pressed for time – but wrong. Sweden did have overseas colonies, notably (in this context) the Swedish Gold Coast in Africa. It only managed to hold on to that colony for about a decade and a half before it was seized by – Denmark (of which Norway was then a part). The Osu district of Accra in Ghana was once known as Christiansborg. (The U.S. Virgin Islands, by the way, were once part of the Danish colonial empire, at a time when Denmark and Norway were in union.)

  • Baluba

    Ah, I didnt know that Sweden had an African colony for 10 years. That obviously means they deserve all the raping, pillaging, murder and exploitation they receive from their New Cultural additions today that theyre trying to help. My point is still valid about Norway though.

  • hiernonymous

    “My point is still valid about Norway though.”

    If you ignore the point that Norway was actually part of a very active colonial country during the colonial period.

    “That obviously means they deserve all the raping, pillaging, murder and exploitation they receive from their New Cultural additions today that theyre trying to help.”

    No, it just obviously means that when you said it had never had a colony, you were wrong.

  • Baluba

    “If you ignore the point that Norway was actually part of a very active colonial country during the colonial period. ”
    If by your logic, a country that is for the time being occupied by a colonial power, is part of a colonial power and then henceforth is a colonial power itself, then all the former colonies all over the world are also colonial powers. Funny way to see things, but that would make the entire point of the thread invalid.

  • hiernonymous

    “If by your logic, a country that is for the time being occupied by a colonial power…”

    If that is your understanding, it needs work. Norway was not occupied, it was in union with Denmark. The relationship is more analogous to that of Scotland than to an occupied state. Now, if you were to reference Norway’s status when it became associated with Sweden, that’s a bit different – but that’s not what we were discussing.