What’s Wrong with Sweden?

swedishflag608Europe is slowly committing suicide, but Sweden is plainly determined to do itself in faster than the rest. Earlier this month, on a visit to Lagos, Nigeria, Sweden’s Minister of Finance, a fellow named Anders Borg, made one of those staggering comments, drenched with contempt for one’s own nation and culture, of the sort in which Swedish officials excel. Paying tribute to the beauty of Nigerian women’s colorful attire, Borg couldn’t just leave it at that; he felt compelled to use the occasion to complain that his own countrywomen too often wear dull, black outfits. Speaking with a reporter for Expressen, he expressed the hope and expectation that in ten years’ time his own country, and Europe generally, will look far more like Africa. It’ll be more multicultural, he explained, and thus better.

But is Nigeria more multicultural than Sweden? Yes, if you’re referring to the fact that it has over 250 native ethnic and linguistic groups with a wide range of cultures, from Fula to Hausa to Yoruba. But if you’re talking about multiculturalism as an ideology that compels public servants to view the establishment of greater and greater ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity as an undivided virtue, regardless of all objective evidence to the contrary, Nigeria has nothing on Sweden. While only a tiny minority of Nigeria’s population is of foreign origin, over 25% of Sweden’s inhabitants have a foreign background. And people like Borg are determined to drive that number steadily higher, by hook or by crook – on the insane grounds that a nation like Sweden should look to a nation like Nigeria as a model for its own future development.

Indeed, it’s a measure of the utter irrationality of the modern religion known as multiculturalism that a Western politician like Borg is able to lavish such praise on an overpopulated, underdeveloped African country whose very name is synonymous with cheesy Internet scams; a country that has a life expectancy of 47 years, a 32% illiteracy rate, a political culture rife with corruption, and a deplorable human-rights record; a country where twelve of the 36 states are governed according to sharia law,  where over a hundred people perished in Muslim riots over the 2002 Miss World pageant, and where jihadist violence has taken hundreds of lives in recent years.

What the hell is up with Sweden? It’s a question people have been asking for decades, and in a new book, The Swedish Story, Swedish blogger Jon Sjunnesson sets out to answer it. And he does an effective job of it: even for those of us who have paid no small amount of attention to Sweden over the years, Sjunnesson’s book offers a helpful overview of the Swedish national character and the history of the Swedish welfare state, perceptively singling out the distinctive traits that have made Sweden the “extreme experiment” that it is and succinctly summing up some of the more notorious episodes in modern Swedish history.  But this isn’t all: he also illuminates socialism and the socialist mind in a way that I think will be useful for Americans – for what he’s drawn here is a vivid map of the territory into which our president and many of his cronies and supporters wish to lead us.

Take education. Of course, real education means, above all, helping students learn how to think critically. In a country like Sweden, however, schools and universities are primarily sites of indoctrination whose purpose is to create good socialists. If the Swedish system celebrates kids who are great at sports while all but punishing kids who stand out academically (“Excellence of bodies yes, brains no”), part of the reason is a fanatical devotion to equality of result, and part is an awareness that kids with first-rate minds are potential critics of the system. Hence socialism’s preference for mediocrity over excellence.

And, one might add, for social science over hard science. Yes, Sweden awards Nobel Prizes in chemistry, physics, and medicine, but its educational system discourages an interest in math and science – because, you see, experts in these fields end up serving industry, which exploits workers and produces environmentally hazardous waste. For decades, consequently, Sweden has suffered a deficit of scientists, engineers, doctors, and technicians. Students who choose to enter these fields, furthermore, tend to be so ill-prepared that they “need remedial classes.” There’s also a lack of plumbers, construction workers, and other laborers – for just as Sweden’s social engineers distrust science, they look down on vocations involving manual labor.

In Sweden, the brainwashing starts early – not in school, but in day care. No fewer than 85% of Swedish children under age three are in municipal (or municipally administered) day care. This figure is probably the highest percentage in the world. It is, Sjunnesson notes, the kind of experiment in mass, government-controlled child-rearing that Plato envisioned in his Republic and that “was central in Orwell’s and Huxley’s dystopias.” If you’re a Swedish parent who doesn’t want your kid brought up to be a good little socialist soldier – well, good luck: you have few if any real alternatives. Parents who don’t put their kids in day care “are often suspect in the eyes of social authority.” As for home schooling, it’s forbidden under a 2010 law (the only such legislation in the EU aside from a German ban enacted in 1938 because “the Nazi party did not want anyone else to school the young”). In any event, the cause of home schooling hasn’t gained much traction among Swedes, who have been efficiently trained to view any expression of unease over state-run education as “deranged” and to accept the socialist proposition that children belong not to their parents but to the state.

Sjunnesson makes a crucial point about the high tax rates in Sweden and other Nordic countries. The high taxes are necessary, of course, to fund the welfare state. But they serve another purpose. Socialists recognize members of the middle class, who are all too frequently driven by an ambition to better their circumstances, as a potential threat to the authority of socialists, whose machinations make such ambitions harder to fulfill. How to nip this nuisance in the bud? Easy: impose sky-high taxes on them. For, as Sjunnesson points out, people who have been able to accumulate some savings in the bank are better positioned to “stand up against authority” and “rise with self-confidence”; they’re not “as servile as if they had nothing.” Sweden’s tax system, then, is designed to make it extremely hard for Swedes to save money – and it works: compared to other Western countries, “Swedes have unusually small amounts of savings.” And consequently, people who might otherwise be vocal critics of the socialist welfare state are very aware of being dependent on it, knowing that if they get sick or lose their jobs they won’t have their own resources to fall back on. Confiscatory tax, then, serves not only as a means of enriching and expanding the socialist state, but as a form, itself, of socialist control.

“Meek as sheep”: that’s how Sjunnesson describes his fellow Swedes. They’re afflicted with a “silent conformism,” the result of a “spiral of silence” driven by a “fear of exclusion” and a perceived need to maintain a social order founded on perceived consensus views. Whether the perceived consensus views actually are the consensus views doesn’t matter: “When no opposing views are heard, people do not believe there are any even if they themselves dissent.” Those who do dare to dissent are branded as extreme – even though those “extreme” views may be thoroughly mainstream in other Western countries – and are often targeted for violence by self-styled “anti-fascists” who behave exactly like fascists. Sweden is, note well, a country in which members of the anti-establishment Sweden Democrats Party are demonized for dissenting civilly and peacefully, while certain entertainers are celebrated for singing about their desire to commit acts of violence against Sweden Democrats. Then there’s the story of how a frank Fox News report on the Islamization of the city of Malmö led an irate member of Parliament to demand that the Swedish counterpart to the FCC close down Fox News’s operation in Sweden. As Sjunnesson sums it up: “freedom of speech means little in Sweden.”

There’s much more of interest in this book. About, for example, the inculcation of virulently anti-male attitudes at all levels of the Swedish educational system. (“Boys cry when they hear how bad they and their father are and men have always been.”) About how the system rewards irresponsibility on the part of young unmarried mothers and the men who impregnate them. (“With a baby, a single parent sidesteps all waiting lines and the child may be the only means to an apartment for decades.”) About a national self-hatred so fierce that “schools have asked pupils not to wear [Swedish flag] t-shirts or wave the yellow and blue flag as it could be interpreted as racist.” About a country where adults admire and envy youth beyond all reason, and accordingly exhibit greater levels of hedonism and infantilism than their counterparts anywhere else on the planet. And about levels of anti-Semitism that made international headlines yet again just the other day, when Israel’s Eurovision delegation was harassed and threatened on the streets of Malmö.

For an American reader, Sjunnesson’s book about a supposedly free country where the media march in lockstep and where dissent can be dangerous carries a special resonance in the wake of revelations that the IRS has targeted conservative groups and the Justice Department has snooped on AP and Fox News journalists. To some observers, the depth of the Obama administration’s hostility toward any hint of criticism in the media has been especially puzzling, given that most news media have in fact been absurdly supportive and protective of Obama throughout his presidency. But to a true socialist government, any dissent is intolerable. In Norway, where the domination of the news market by state-run TV channels and radio stations and by state-subsidized newspapers already give the government a very strong hand in shaping the media message about itself, officials have now gone a step further, proposing that the state award grants to fund journalistic projects of its own choosing – an outrageous suggestion in a democratic country, but a no-brainer for those with a socialist mindset.

In socialist countries, after all, the state doesn’t exist to serve the people; the people exist to be shaped into unquestioning servants of the state – servants who accept that the state is them and that they are the state. In such countries, it’s taken for granted that there’s no need to place any limit on state power or to provide mechanisms to protect citizens from that power, because, by definition, as Sjunnesson puts it, “the state always is good.” We may mock the European Union for banning jugs or bowls of olive oil on restaurant tables, but this is what socialism does: the powers that be need to have their fingers in every pie, need to minimize the number of situations under which freedom may actually be experienced, need to accustom citizens to a society in which their lives are increasingly regulated. They need, in short, to create a country in which the land and the system are, in the minds of the general public, one – a country, that is, in which the people simply cannot imagine the nation itself without the socialist state.

No so-called democracy on earth has gone as far in this direction as Sweden. For the Swedish people, Sjunneson says, “the country is the welfare state…Swedes have have no home but the welfare state and no identity outside its yarn” – outside, in other words, its narrative about itself. Winston Smith, Orwell’s narrator in 1984, suggests that the only hope of overthrowing the totalitarian government of his native Oceania lies with “the proles”; Sjunneson, for his part, believes that his fellow Swedes are so brainwashed by welfare-state propaganda that the only way Sweden can save itself at this point is by admitting “one million new immigrants from India, China, Africa and Latin America” who have service skills or technical knowhow, who have no truck with jihadism or multiculturalism, who want to move to Sweden not for a handout but to study hard and work hard, and who will, in time, found more rigorous schools and start more vigorous businesses.

A pipe dream, I fear. Yet Sjunneson’s portrait of his country is a cautionary tale whose lessons the rest of us ignore at our peril.

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  • Chezwick

    The Islamic Republic of Sweden….to be established on or around 2035. And there will be no renting of clothes or gnashing of teeth….just quiet and dutiful compliance from a populace long-conditioned for the inevitable transition.

    • http://twitter.com/kattaB4 @kattaB4

      I´m afraid you are right. How could it come to this? It is so horrible that I am lost for words. You in America, you still have chance. Wake up and smell the coffee and do something about it, for us it is too late.

      • Demos D

        It is not too late. It is only too late to reverse it within the laws and system now perversely in place.

    • odalman69

      I think you are wrong there, first there will be a long and very bloody civilwar. with massacres and ethnic clensing. After that ? Who knows? The Winner takes it all I guess…

  • nicole

    There are 3000 people waiting for any apartment that becomes available in Stockholm. Potential renters are known to pay up to $17000 in cash under-the-table to landlords. This system was all created in the name of "fairness," of course!

  • Bogdan from Aussie

    HORROR! And to think I have been rotting in the similar NONSENSE for my best 35 years when Sweden was being pereceived as a capitalist paradise…
    It looks like winds are changing though…

  • David M

    "What’s Wrong with Sweden?"

    Everything is wrong with Sweden. It is wrong with coward, worthless and corrupt politicians, journalists and academia. We (myself an immigrant together with a Polish and a Greek immigrant) have had many discussions and are worried about the future of Sweden more than all the foolish and worthless politicians, journalists and academia. I wanted to live in freedom and be as far from Islam as possible but unfortunately this cult of barbarity – Islam – has been adopted as the new religion of the Left (communists, socialists, greens, labor union and the church) and Sweden has become the north Korea of Europe. One word against Islam and multiculturalism nonsense is considered worse than genocide. The socialist block of politics is as bad and useless as the so-called conservative block. As an immigrant I say all cultures are not the same and multiculturalism has made Sweden a dangerous place and it is only getting worse day-by-day.

    I wish we had a Bruce Bawer (why not ten?) in Sweden because it is as bad here as it is in Norway.

    • Demos

      even worse in Sweden

    • Last viking

      Sweden sucks, really. Leftie Kumbaya-politicians are ruining my country. I lived in the states between 1996-2007 and when I returned I didn't even recognize myself anymore. I'm proud of my heritage and culture, but these undercover commies don't give a ratsass about cultural pride. We're doomed.

  • F.K. Juliano

    I once read that if two men are willing to fight for what they believe and ten men are willing to vote for what they believe, the two will give the law to the ten. I don't think anyone can look at Sweden–or at Barack Obama, for that matter–and come to the conclusion that Western democracy has been a successful experiment.

    • Chezwick

      "I don't think anyone can look at Sweden–or at Barack Obama, for that matter–and come to the conclusion that Western democracy has been a successful experiment."

      Sadly, I can't help but agree with you. I've made the point repeatedly since Barry's re-election…what I call the 'failure of Democracy'. It's manifest in a myriad of ways, but the single common denominator is profligate spending and runaway debt to satisfy entitlement-loving voters. God help us all.

    • Paul Blase

      Which is, I dare say, why the U.S. Founding Fathers 237 years ago established the U.S. as a Republic, NOT a democracy. The States are supposed to be the prime powers, being smaller and closer to the citizens, with the Federal government responsible to them (i.e. Senators were originally appointed by the state legislators, to represent the interests of the state, not directly elected). The Greeks showed that direct democratic government is a very bad thing over 2000 years ago.

  • F.K. Juliano

    I thought Sjunneson was respectable until I read he advocates an increase in the already massive number of Third World immigrants settling in his country. Yes, the socialism regime stifles the country's economic and social life, and it miseducates the youth, but its worst crime by far is to deprive the Swedish people of their birthright–undivided possession of their homeland, and all its territory and resources–through that very immigration Sjunesson supports. Sweden, unlike America, is a nation-state. A multiethnic, multicultural Sweden is not Sweden. Besides, the idea that immigrants would fix the system rather than join it, as they have been happily doing for decades, is a preposterous denial of reality.

    • PhillipGaley

      Here, the reality is that, in many instances, the immigrants make better "Americans" than the Americans—they get up in the morning and go to work; they are not nearly so active in costly, and damaging sensual dissipation; building toward achievable goals, they steward their resources; they will vote; and if elsewhere as around the 36 hundred block on Classen in north Oklahoma City, the keep the area clean, and the houses appear in good repair, . . .

      But, the larger truth is of course, that, than what such as our dear "F.K. Juliano" or a Sjunneson might dream up, there is a higher intelligence who is working HIS own plan for the ages and the nations, . . .

  • http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com Robin

    And Sweden is the model for where the Common Core education reforms hope to take the US. That's not me guessing. The international "tests" like PISA and TIMMS we hear so much about the need for the US to be competitive on? The international benchmarking? All to push reforms comparable to Sweden. The IEA was set up to drive reforms all over the world comparable to Sweden.

    The actual criteria to be Successful is driven by Social Justice characteristics and a devotion to equity. The first ever UN World Happiness Report uses Sweden as the model to emulate. The Future Earth Alliance that Obama created US involvement in through the Belmont Forum to make "wellbeing" the model in the future, not economic growth, has been quietly ensconced in Sweden. Funded largely by the US and UK but away from taxpayer's prying eyes.

    Please keep the stoties coming on the reality. Paul Ehrlich and the International Human Dimensions Programme are also trying to use US education reforms to create Swedish style mindsets about the primacy of equity.

  • http://twitter.com/paulvmarks @paulvmarks

    The cultural damage is one of the things that makes me HOPE for economic bankruptcy. If things go as they are then Europe (and the United States) will be cultrually destroyed (by "Frankfurt School" cultural Marxism – as with the P.C. stuff above). Economic breakdown will be terrible – but at least it will give a chance to sweep away this evil ("fundemental transformations" do not have to be in the direction the left want). The fanatical hatred the Swedish elite show for their own nation is mirrored in most of the Western world (even Switzerland) the international elite will stop at nothing to destroy the West – even if it means their own personal destruction.

    • Alvaro

      Well put.

  • http://twitter.com/paulvmarks @paulvmarks

    There used to be strong contrast between Sweden and next-door Finland.

    With the Finns being (in contrast to the Swedes) being known for their strong families and high standards of education (in mathematics and so on). However, the poison of "Progressive" multi culturalism is spreading to Finland (via the international elite), no nation is safe from this poison.

    • Squish

      Islamic nations are safe from multiculturalism.

      • Defcon 4

        And islamofascist nations are becoming safer from multiculturalism on practically a daily basis.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    In the main, the "religious" fervor of multi-culti psychosis is leaving a trail of destruction across the west, yet some are capitulating faster than others. But make no mistake, the root of multiculturalism/interfaith dialogue is destroying western civilization. As such, Islamists are to be given due props for understanding the west's achilles heel. And the fact that the reds want the same outcome, well, the unbeatable alliance of the reds and greens is unstoppable and non quenchable – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/04/23/the-incalcula

    Moral relativism has silenced the west. Of course, the made up out of whole cloth bugaboo, Islamophobia, serves the red/green alliance well.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Brujo Blanco

    The Muslims and their leftist allies are succeeding because we are allowing them to take advantage of us. Sweden is a prime example as to what happens when one goes along to get along. The Muslims are treating the Jews of Sweden like crap and the people and the government are not putting a stop to it. Malmo is.a.no go zone.for.non Muslims. Malmo has become an independent political entity. if you believe it cannot happen.here look to Dearborn, Michigan.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    And in Sweden's case it means multicultual socialization until it becomes an impoverished, strife torn, third world country like Nigeria. Socialsts everywhere won't be happy until the earth is transformed into a third world planet.

  • Raymond in DC

    "And, one might add, for social science over hard science…"

    It's ironic that the Swedes, who award the Nobel prizes, have won only a single Nobel in the sciences since 1983 – in 2000 for Medicine. Over that same time period, scientists in a land they regularly denigrate – Israel – have won FOUR in Chemistry, plus two in Economics, all in the last decade.

    Sweden's culture is one that sees nothing worthy of retention outside of its socialist ethos . So it surrenders. Not with a bang, but with a whisper. That's also reflected in fertility rates for native Swedes well below replacement levels. Israel is, in many ways, Sweden's polar opposite. They believe they have something worth defending and preserving. They build families and have children. They foster innovation and celebrate achievement. And after recognizing how the flood of migrants crossing the Sinai was threatening to end their country as they know it, they built a fence to stem that flow.

  • jerome

    The magic bullet EU BLENDER MACHINE HAS whipped europe into a multicultural melange of cringeworthy inhabitants afraid of their own identity and craving to leech onto anything that seems more promising.
    they are slowly but surely wishing for themselves and their ever diminishing youth population a future devoid of nationalism and probably adhering by then to 7th century sharia , at which time europe as we know it will have completely vanished. they are on a fast trip in reverse.

  • guest

    Lest we forget that Stockholm is located in Sweden and Stockholm Syndrome is just that, a reflection of a collective mind. But there is a more sinister part of that story. Failing to create another progressive utopia of improving nation – tribes of Africa, Middle East and what not, by means of generous financial help; the fanatics of the multi culti cult come to conclusion that it would be easier to implant and transfer poverty into more advanced societies. And there we go with Mr. Berg infatuation with colorful Nigeria. Don't take me wrong, I want to see country of Nigeria flourish and grow and progress but not at that cost.

  • Carl

    Sweden is now the biggest psyco hospital in Europe and its going to be worse.
    Soon we native swedes will not have a chance to get away from this crayzy place.

    • Jon F

      Well, you have to use adequate means! The alternative is annihilation and extinction. If Swedes are not just the worthless doormats they cringe and look like now, they will tear up the current rules of Swedish society and take adequate action for years and years in order to reverse the Muslim invasion and local breeding.

  • Carl
  • UCSPanther

    I still cannot get over how those Swedish feminazis want to outlaw criticism of their dogma, but yet, they flood themselves with immigrants from cultures where women are treated as prize possessions at best.

    The Swedish progressives will be eating crow. You just wait…

  • LindaRivera

    TREASONOUS European and British ruling elites have colonized Europe and Britain with many millions of Muslims dedicated to Muslim conquest of Europe and Britain and the imposition of excessively cruel Islamic sharia law.

    Brits and European are FORCED via their taxes to finance their own conquest and financially provide for the Muslim immigrants. In the UK, 75% of Muslim females don't work and 50% of Muslim males don't work.

    Join the European freedom parties!

    Join Paul Weston's Liberty GB, Britain's new political party! http://libertygb.org.uk/v1/

    Muslim Immigration Destroying Sweden http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KA1VB2ZMyDY

    The Islamisation of sweden http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIrcNL9PfUU

  • LindaRivera

    Muslims wage jihad in Europe and Britain in OBEDIENCE to Quran and mosque teachings:

    MUSLIMS IN (BERLIN) GERMANY : School Rioting & Welfare http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csOvTKkMBtM

    This is what UK leaders are supporting and financing with Muslim colonization:

    Get the Message? http://libertygb.org.uk/v1/index.php/news-liberty

    FIGHT for FREEDOM! Join the European freedom parties!
    Join Liberty GB in the UK http://libertygb.org.uk/v1

  • Liason

    Im not surprised…think about it: Sweden was neutral during WWII when the most evil empire on earth attempted to take over the world and end Jewish existence on the planet. Not quite enough to get involved in the fight huh Sweden??? for a nation famous for porn and pot smoking, im not surprided at all. A nation of wussies.

    • Alvaro

      "Sweden was neutral during WWII when the most evil empire on earth attempted to take over the world"

      Keep the Soviet Union out of this. :)

      "for a nation famous for porn"

      The United States…?

      "and pot smoking,"

      The Netherlands?

      "im not surprided at all. A nation of wussies."

      Swedes are among the nicest people on the planet, and they have every reason to be proud of who they are and the country they built. Like everyone else in the West they are being betrayed by their political (and multiculturalist) elite.

      • Defcon 4

        Pride in Sweden's past won't help you in Sweden's islamofascist present. What are the Swedes doing to stop being co-opted by islamofascism? Anything? Anything at all?

    • Peter

      I'm a Swede and I agree with you a hundred percent.

      I hope these selfhatred Swedes, which on the other hand condemn nationalist parties but on the other hand don't want to live in the multicultural parts either, one day wake up to some muslim gang banging on theirs doors.

      Because the violence WILL reach their neighboorhoods too in the future.

  • Olle

    Attac on Policestation, burning culture buildings, 15-20 car on fire..

    • Olle

      And now a School.. :/

    • Tali

      Sorry, but I can't help the schadenfreude, 70 years ago you didn't want us – now you get to enjoy our mutant cousins, especially since you imported them willingly. What goes around, comes around…

  • Arne

    Sad but true. Being a swede who left Sweden for USA 46 years ago. Almost made me cry. Don't se any hope for Sweden. I have tried to tell them for years what is happening but all I do is make enemies.
    So now I keep my mouth shut. Some day they will find out that I was right.

    • Paul Blase

      A liberal friend of mine is pointing to the news about the "economic miracle" of Sweden. (e.g. http://www.economywatch.com/world_economy/sweden/ )

      Any comments on how we balance this against the loss of freedom?

      • Paine

        I didn't read the link, BUT tell your friend that the Swedes save lots of money these days by denying healthcare to sick and elderly people. People die and/or live very tortured lives because the State refuses to provide the healthcare/social security it promised when it forcefully collected its taxes. Its sick, and it's inhumane. Swedes are leaving people to die in order to finance their ideal/master cultural utopia. Sound familiar???

        • Paul Blase

          Thank you. It also seems that they are are achieving this "miracle" by important cheap foreign labor to support the welfare system. Are the jobs going to Swedes, or to immigrants?

      • Arne

        Don't understand how they can say that Sweden is a economic miracle. The people are taxed to death. Sales tax is up to about 25% percent. The gasoline cost twice as much as here in USA. Food and clothing are much more expensive then here. High unemployment among the youth. Sweden is a disaster and the crash is coming.

    • DebbieOhio912

      No Arne, don't keep your mouth shut. Tell it to Americans who take their freedoms for granted.

      • Arne

        Debbie, I do still try to tell my liberal friends here in the USA that we are heading in the wrong direction. But they are just as brainwashed as my Swedish friends. I live in California and as you know this is a liberal state. I can talk to them until I am blue in the face but it does no good.

  • GaB

    Sweden is in a lot of trouble and they may be going down the drain, but they will have a lot of company. At this moment I am not feeling so very smug because I don't see a very happy ending for any of us who value civil rights and freedom.

    The left has always despised Western Civilization and if they have to make a deal with the devil, which in this case is Islam, they will happily do it as we have seen.

  • Demos D

    I have been to Sweden recently, and I can only say that the ruling group of editors, politicians and state supported activists are collectively very mentally ill. The walk a mental goosestep every bit as brainwashed as the old Nazis of Germany and the old Communists of the Soviet Union. Censorship is near total and laws have been passed which program the country to total ethnic annihilation. Sweden is really on death row. Swedes are as helpless as the Russian population after the Communist coup by Lenin.

  • Jon F

    What is very disappointing is that leading Jews, Jewish organisations and Jewish companies are by far the biggest force for wrecking Europe with Muslims. One could say that Muslims are the weapons and the ammunition, but that the real enemies are the Jews. It is regrettable, but it is for all to see.

    • Defcon 4

      Yeah, it's the Jews isn't it Adolph?

      • Jon F

        Are Jews just recorded messages?

    • Arne

      No. Jews are not the problem. Ignorant and stupid swedes are the problem.

  • Eva

    Exceptionally well-written article. Sweden is finished… And so is most of Europe.

  • Eva

    Oh, one more thing… Swedes in particular and Scandinavians in general should keep quiet about how bad the US of A is. Don't think there were any of them who lost their lives on the beaches of Normandy.

    • heru ra ha

      Actually many nations were in Normandy, Norway was one of them actually, so thats one Scandinavian country right there. Stop taking all the credit for the D Day invasion,

  • rivkah f.

    The corrosive effects of the Swedish socialist ethos was described, analyzed and criticized in a book by British journalist, Roland Huntford in the 1950s entitled The New Totalitarians. It is nearly impossible to buy or order it because apparently the Swedish government bought the copies so no one would read anything so critical about their "paradise" in the making. It is even worse now but harder to censor criticism from the outside. At that time, there was no multiculturalism — just group think conformism and no self-hatred but it seemed more Soviet-style thought control and statism.

    • Paine

      "The New Totalitarians" can read online at Scribd. Believe it came out in the 70's and then released in the 80s though, not 50s.

      • Paine

        Corrections: "…can BE read…" and "re-released". (I have acquired dyslexia, thanks to Swedish healthcare.)

  • Joel

    As a Swedish person reading this, I have to ask is this serious or is this a trolling site? This is almost semi-naziesque Alex Jones type alarmist bullcrap and almost none of it reflect actual Swedish society.

    • Paul Blase

      Well, please feel free to enlighten us. Don't just hit us with a drive-by, post a full rebuttal. I ask you, however, to address the actual issues brought up by the original post, not necessarily the comments. For instance, the post says nothing about the Swedish economy per se.
      Also, the main question per the post is: are any economic benefits worth the price of slavery?

      • Mattias

        He is one of those who have yet to break out of the political indoctrination. I am also Swedish and the report is extremely accurate. The only missing part is the effect of the EU on the european countries and economies through an abundance of regulations and so on (thus the EU is a driving force for socialism/social liberalism just as much as the system in Sweden). That is why large parts of Europe are all going down the drain. Whatever you do in the USA, don't let them take away your rights to bare arms, freedom of speech and so on or you will end up with this crap system as well.

    • Paine

      As a resident of Sweden, I say this article is just the tip of the iceberg! Too many Swedes have NO clue regarding the abuses suffered by their fellow countrymen. The media casts the "news" and the public swallows the hook. They live in a State-narrated fairy tale. Wake up!!

    • Henrik H

      I was also wondering first if this was some kind of humour I didnt understand!!! XD Epic trolling this is!

      Im currently reading a 400p book about fascism and these people dont seem semi-naziesque but rather authoritarian conservatives. Although the border between these two groups often seem to be blurred.

      @ Paul Blase
      I think you already know about the benefits of a social democratic welfare-system, otherwise you wouldnt bring it up.

      Also this socialist state brainwash-thing, that seems to be at the centre of you argurmentation, becomes quite silly when you know a little bit more about who owns the vast majority of media in Sweden. You obviously dont. ^

      The state owns only a small portion of it and the vast majority being private company-groups like Bilderberg and Wallenberg, owned by small super-rich families. These are families with a capitalistic conservative/liberal mindset. They control the media landscape and are as anti-socialistic as it gets.

      I recommend getting more serious sources than "a Swedish blogger" in the future


  • Ellman

    "It’ll be more multicultural, he explained, and thus better."

    It's better when you have people speaking 20 different languages none of which are comprehensible to anyone other than the speakers? What benefits accrue to society if people wear 20 different styles of clothes with 20 or more different colors or color combinations? Surely it's preferable to eat Indian, Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Indonesian, Russian, French, etc. food in a cosmopolitan city instead of having to travel to all these different countries to experience their cuisine, is it not? Is it possible that "multiculturalism" is nothing more than some people's desire to experience world cuisine in an easily navigated geographical area?

    Or is "multicultural" somehow "better" by definition without necessarily understanding the details or assumptions behind this supposition? If I live in an Italian neighborhood do I derive some significant benefit from having Pakistanis move into that neighborhood? How does this improve the neighborhood or me? Or does "diversity" by definition convey some sort of mysterious, yet beneficent influence which we can't quite appreciate intellectually but which cannot be doubted because the greatest intellects of our society have told us that this is so?

    • Paul Blase

      Don't forget the underlying assumption of Progressives, which is that the traditional Western societies are the root of all evils in the world – especially if Christianity is involved. They truly wish a one-world society where all societies are equal, and no-one is exceptional. Of course the fact that that equality is equality in misery, subservient to the Progressive secular-humanist mentality is not mentioned. So yes, having Pakistani's move into an Italian neighborhood is good, in their eyes, because it dilutes any heterogeneity that the Italians or the Pakistanis may have and thus weakens them.

  • Johan

    Haha, this guy should see a modern debate about Swedish school. The problem at the moment is too many private schools that doesn’t fit the ranks, and that the public school is being runned by local politics rather than the state. In Norway and Finland where schools have a more socialist system, the results is muchbetter.

    But if you’re talking about Sweden in 1973, it was a good read.

  • DebbieOhio912

    One could almost substitute the word "Sweden" with "USA." Dumb us down, tax us to death, push women's rights, let Islam take over, import more outsiders and control the media. We are nearly there.

  • Anna

    My family has lived in Sweden for hundreds of years, we even have a city named after us. Today in 2013: I do not want to live here, I do not want my children to grow up here, I am ashamed of our country, I am ashamed to be Swedish, ashamed of our politicians, embarrassed that a Protestant country is occupied by muslims and that our politicians, with open arms, welcome the occupation and that our way of life is taken from us.

    Sweden breaks, on a daily basis, to their own constitutions to accommodate muslim demands, and that is something that no one in Sweden seems to know about or understand. It got me to get scared … for if not even Swedish Constitution is important, how important are the rest of our laws and rights?

  • Peter

    This multicultural nightmare has to stop! It’s got so far over here in Sweden that i am considering to move away from here.
    I think that i am heading to Finland :/

  • familjekampanjen

    Bruce Bawer comments on Jon Sjunnesson´s book are a good summary – thanks.

    Unfortunately, I and many others in our various protest movements against the totalitarian "public-daycare-for-all-kids" policies can confirm Mr. Sjunnesson´s picture.

    As protesters, we have been labelled extreme, not-for-gender-equality, old-fashioned, dangerous and finally we have been closed out from Swedish media “that count”, such media being heavily dominated by socialists.

    Regarding the socialist family policies in our country they are clearly in conflict with some of the human rights as listed in the European Convention from 1950. The recent school law blatantly violates them with the criminalization of home-schooling, that is keeping the kids away from the public propaganda-machine.

    For more details on totalitarian Swedish family policies I can recommend the book by British researcher Patricia Morgan: “Family policies. Family changes. Sweden, Italy and Britain compared” (CIVITAS).

    Krister Pettersson http://www.barnensratt.se

  • Jim G.

    As a native Swede (soon a minority ethnic group in Sweden), I have only one thing to say:

    Have passport. Will migrate.

  • Edward

    The sad thing is that nations like Sweden have made an all-out attack on traditional families. Today the average Swede tends to get together with a “significant other” (Sambo) and have one or two kids but as this is a conformist society, with values coming from the top-down, and little if any religious anchors, people just stop at two, even if they want more. So as women are pressured not to start families until in their 30s, and since many choose not to have kids at all, the birthrate is really low. A video with a pro-family message would only be seen as extreme to the average Swede: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phaYb1veIMw

  • edward

    The sad thing is that nations like Sweden have made an all-out attack on traditional families. Today the average Swede tends to get together with a "significant other" (Sambo) and have one or two kids but as this is a conformist society, with values coming from the top-down, and little if any religious anchors, people just stop at two, even if they want more. So as women are pressured not to start families until in their 30s, and since many choose not to have kids at all, the birthrate is really low. A video with a pro-family message would only be seen as extreme to the average Swede: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phaYb1veIMw

  • SeriouslySensual

    Sweden is a wonderful country.


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    • OfficialPro

      …but you wouldn’t want to live there. (Not in Malmo anyway)

  • visselpipa – 휘파람

    “Diversity comes to Africa”

    (same insanity, different angle)

  • atadxart

    As a Swede, I found this article rather amusing in its exaggeration. I smell Bill O’Reilly…

    • Zanno

      As I swede, and a realist, I find this article pretty accurate.

      • Ryan Petrick

        its a simpleton feminist troll lying about themselves on line

      • really?

        I am also a Swede, and a realist, I find this article unfounded, doesn’t really say propagate for any realistic solution or give any evidence but only serves – not as a rebuttal – only as a lightning rod for contrarians to stroke their own ego and enforce their own idea that ”they” are the enlightened and ”they” know the truth.

        A realist? ”Realist”, a scapegoat term to try to give a veil of objective truth around ones opinions.

        • cosmo smalls

          The article smacks of ‘conspiracy’ but that is not true. Having lived in Sweden for three years there are some valid criticisms within this article. Sweden does feel like a social experiment. My experience of living in other countries is that whilst there is some basic national ideology in place it is pretty much overrun by the natural aspects of chaos that exist in society and a healthy society is one that can roll with the punches, or ‘is good at change management’. This isnt the case in Sweden. The concept that any aspect of society can’t be described and planned and organised to delimit negative consequences is totally alien to Sweden. Swedes are not socialists. They are – en masse – fearful neurotics. They crave consensuality above all, and the consensus always says ‘we must ruminate about safety and security’ even to the ultimate detriment to those very two things that they hold so dearly.

        • Dixi Riese

          When I read your comment, I know the article IS true. You can’t even lie convincingly. I know Sweden very well. As I am from Germany, I travel to Sweden often and cannot belief the self/national hatred the Swedes have for themselves. FORCING the population to breed with imported non Europeans (and regard that as great) and the new thing is “gender”! Your socialist state would love it if you are so confused by your genders that you all become LGBT “it’s” Then at last the “family” will be destroyed and the State can produce “test tube babies” and be totally in charge of your human production line as well. And of course….NO native Swede with blonde hair and blue eyes in sight! !!! SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT, DOESN’T IT? That you cannot even see it for yourselves, shows how well your indoctrination has worked.

    • katarina broman

      If you lived in the US you would clearly be a so called Libtard!! You and the likes of you are the very reason as to why Sweden is going down the Drain!

    • Dixi Riese

      INTERESTING, I’m afraid that just shows your indoctrination by the State is rather complete

  • hobbes007

    How awful. The Swedes sound like f-d up people. I think they had it so good for so meany decades that they got bored and decided to invite hordes of immigrants. Now they have some excitement with all the crime and problems this has created.

  • James B. Lee

    White people always need to blame other races for their own failure and incompetence, this is why they will always be untermenschen.

    • Dixi Riese

      No, I’m afraid that is the speciality of the blacks. They are masters at blaming us whites because they are black. How stupid!

  • Avi Marranazo
  • katarina broman

    I completely agree!! Welcome to Swe…errm I mean Absurdistan!

  • Carl

    Sweden needs men. Could it be that the men there now all descend from the ones who did not go viking and slaves brought back by vikings? The real men emigrated with swords in their hands.