Illusions About Why Muslim Brothers Kill

Boston-MarathonDespite the fervent wishes of the progressive media and the buffoonish David Sirota, who hoped the culprit was “a white guy,” the terrorists who bombed the Boston Marathon have turned out to be not white, Tea Party, tax-hating bitter clingers, but Chechen Muslims. Quelle surprise, as the French say. Now we’ll start hearing all the rationalizing interpretations for their act, few of which will state the obvious: they murdered people because Islam gives them the theological sanction to use violence against infidels whose existence threatens the Islamic hegemony sanctioned by Allah.

Of course, for the secular materialists and pundits of the left, whose minds are furnished with tired received wisdom and banal clichés, such as statement is Islamophobic hate speech. Only Christianity and Judaism lead to violence, from the Crusades to Zionism. Islam is the tolerant “religion of peace” that created the Renaissance and treated Jews and Christians kindly. If Muslims act violently––over 20,000 violent attacks since 9/11––then they must have been provoked by Western bad behavior: colonialism, imperialism, greed for oil, support for Israel, disrespect of Islam and Mohammed, the War on Terror that has demonized Muslims. Or the terrorists are created by the inequities and costs of global capitalism, which give young Muslim men few educational or economic opportunities, creating frustration and despair that make them turn to a distorting heresy of Islam for relief. Or they are the products of oppressive political regimes that limit their freedom, violate their human rights, and stifle their aspirations.

We’ve heard all these explanations for over a decade now from both the left and the right. What we haven’t seen is very much evidence that they are remotely true. History provides no evidence that America’s alleged foreign policy sins outweigh the demonstrable concrete benefits to Muslims of our actions. America never had colonies in Muslim lands, and indeed after World War II resisted French and British attempts to reassert their authority over their one-time colonies, most obviously in the Suez Crisis of 1956. Since then, the U.S. armed the Afghans and helped them drive out the Soviets, rescued Kuwait and Saudi Arabia from the psychopathic sadist Saddam Hussein, bombed Christian Serbs to rescue Muslim Kosovars and Bosnians, liberated Shiite Iraqis from Hussein, liberated Afghans from the brutal Taliban, poured billions of dollars of aid to terrorist Palestinian regimes, used our jets to help the Muslims in Libya free themselves from the psychotic Gaddafi, and supported in word and coin the jihadist, America-hating, anti-Semitic Muslim Brothers in Egypt so that Muslims can enjoy “freedom and democracy.”

And that’s not all. We have incessantly protested our respect for the wonderful Islamic faith, censored our official communications and training programs to remove any references to jihadism or the Islamic theology that justifies holy war, euphemized jihadist attacks like the Fort Hood murders as “workplace violence,” invited sketchy imams to pray in the White House, filled our schools with curricula praising Islam and its contributions to civilization, scolded and prosecuted writers or cartoonists who exercise their First Amendment right to criticize Islam, abandoned “profiling” as a technique for identifying possible terrorists trying to board a plane or enter the country, hired as advisors to the FBI, the Pentagon, and the CIA Muslim apologists who recycle blatant lies and distortions––we have done all this liberating of Muslims and flattering of them and their faith, and they still don’t like us, and they still want to kill us.

This disconnect between our alleged bad behavior and the motives of the jihadists is starkly obvious in the case of the Boston terrorists. If Chechen Muslims have a beef with anyone, it’s the Russians. When jihadist terrorism became a problem in Chechnya, there were no “hearts and minds” campaigns, no solicitous outreach, no infusions of foreign aid, no apologies for past sins, no careful adherence to the laws of war, the Geneva conventions, or human rights, no courting of imams to provide insights into the wonderfulness of Islam. The Russians employed torture, assassination, group reprisals, and in the end ringed Grozny with artillery and left it in ruins. In the two Chechen wars the Russians killed around 150,000 people. In fact, Russia has been killing Muslims since the 18th century, and occupied Muslims lands in Central Asia for 80 years under the Soviet Union. So tell me, Senator Rand Paul or Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, if our foreign policy misbehavior explains jihadist hatred, how is that two centuries of Russian violence against Muslims is ignored, and all our blood and treasure spent to liberate and help Muslims count for nothing?

No more convincing are the other rationalizations for Muslim violence. Lack of education and economic opportunity exist all over the world, but African Christians and animists, or Indian Hindus and Buddhists don’t commit acts of terrorism with anywhere near the same frequency as Muslims. Plenty of people across the globe live under oppressive dictators who routinely violate human rights, and they don’t turn to terrorism against distant strangers in response. Tibetans aren’t donning suicide vests or bombing marathons. Millions and millions of impoverished everywhere don’t kill innocent people in random attacks in countries far from their homes. Every excuse for Muslim violence collapses beneath the weight of such facts. Meanwhile, the one factor all these killers––rich or poor, educated or not, politically oppressed or otherwise––have in common, Islam, is preemptively rejected as the explanation for the violence.

This “willful blindness,” as Andy McCarthy calls, has become dangerous. It reflects the arrogance of secular materialism, which has discounted religion as a mere life-style choice, usually benign––unless you’re talking about gun-toting, racist, misogynist, homophobic evangelical Christians, or racist, land-grabbing Zionist Jews. No, it’s about psychological trauma caused by globalization, or Islamophobia, or insensitive insults to Mohammed, or Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, or anything and everything other than the numerous passages in the Koran, hadiths, and 14 centuries of Islamic jurisprudence and theology, which clearly and consistently set out the doctrine of violent jihad against infidels.

So expect in the coming weeks the same old commentary about foreign-policy blowback, or two-bit psychological analyses of personal trauma, or Israel’s sins and Bush’s wars, or American intolerance and xenophobia, or our need to “reach out” and “engage” and “respect” and “understand” the fanatics who don’t want our outreach, tolerance, or respect, but our deaths. In short, expect more public reasons for the jihadists to believe we are weak and corrupt and thus deserving to die.

  • Poupic

    Bravo! You tell it like it is. Almost 100% terror world wide is done by, you guessed it, Islamic terrorists. Yet when I said the chance of the Boston Marathon horror not being done by Islamic terror I am called an Islamophobe. and that it could be domestic terror to which I answered. Yes domestic Islamic terror. I was right on the money. It may turn out much more terrible because in fact it may have been ‘lone wolfs Islamic terrorists. How do you protect against your next door possibly being a Islamic terrorist? This is what the two brothers were until the Marathon horror.

    • elaine smith

      Double the bravo!! Telling it like is – How about Chris Matthews. Before the "streets were clear" he unequivically said it was the work of a "far right white supremist": And he is still allowed to have air time so that he can spew forth more falsehoods to gullible persons. "Sleeper cells" of fanatic jihadists are here in America – Do we wait for the next 9// and now 5/13? Do we listen to obamaspeak -in which the muslim-in-chief has great difficulty in saying the words "act of terrorism by fanatic jihadists in the name of allah"– -"sugar coating" terrorism does not make it go away – it just invites more terror.

      • Poupic

        You and I and all like minded people who can think for themselves. We should shout to the top of our lungs about Islamic terror every time someone calls us Islamophobic. about Islamic terror. People have to learn that any package left unattended in crowded places should be an immediate warning and call the authorities. It is vital to our survival in this wold endangered by Islamic terror.

        • KarshiKhanabad

          I agree completely that we must raise public consciousness about Islamic terrorism. It's just a little discouraging that the terrorists have already altered our "infidel" lifestyle: TSA goons, police home invasions in Boston & the lockdown of an entire city, keyword espionage of our emails.

          Unattended packages – all the little muzzie bastards have to do is start leaving lots of dummy backpacks full of rocks in public places, and bingo! Lockdowns, police tape everywhere, citizens harassed & inconvenienced, no bombmaking materials necessary.

          • Poupic

            Unthinking people like you complaining about TSA and the like are in fact by their complaints agents of Islamic terror. If no TSA how many airliner would blow up out of the sky? Not reporting unattended packages in public places how many people could be blown up to pieces. Personally I will never complain against measures done to protect the public from Islamic terror. That is the price we all have to pay to continue living and living free from Sharia they aim to force on the whole planet.

  • Michael Copeland

    But, but, but these are all FACTS: they cannot possibly be allowed to get in the way of FANTASY.

  • Irandissident

    Honestly, if there is anyone who cares enough to defend, justify of even find sense in the Islamist movement ( terrorist, political or cultural), and spends a lot of time insulting everyone else, he is expected to spend as much as it takes, to learn about Islam from first hand Islamic sources, mainly the ones they use to teach their children in Pakistani Madrassas, Iranian Husseiniehs and Seminaries and etc…. Otherwise, I would consider them opportunists who just insult others out of spite for America (for example), not caring who they are promoting and defending.

    Of course, ON THE OTHER HAND, perhaps America should NOT have used such fanatics to confront the Russians and secular regimes in the Middle East. The 9-11 attacks were just ONE year after America helped Kosovo Muslims win a war based on fake information ( where were the "anti war" people back then, during the Clinton's war ?) . The "Arab Afghans" ( the most fanatic Muslims on the face of the earth… they have a new name now!!!) bit the hand that fed them.

    Will anyone finally agree that it is time to stop playing this "Islamist" card, time to come to terms with the idiot Russians ( how bad can they be????) and shut down the whole Islamist movement for good. Stop fighting the Russians and secular dictatorships in the Arab countries with FANATIC Islamists. Find a new way to solve world problems.

    We won the cold war, fine. It is finished. Time to do away with cold war fanatics whose only aim in life is to set America against Russia at all costs ( does this remind you of Brzezinski — the single issue, anti Russian, Polish fanatic… and the father of the modern Islamist movement theory?????). Give them each a medal of freedom , a million dollar prize and ban them from politics !!!

    Think about it !

    • Mary Sue

      America should have totally let Russia HAVE Afghanistan….though come to think of it, the Soviets didn't do a very good job of repressing Islam in the rest of the 'stans, now, did they?

  • Cathy

    Mother Of Boston Bombing Suspects Says FBI Was In Contact With Her Son
    Apr. 19, 2013

    Boston Marathon suspects Islamic terrorists, not Chechen separatists
    Published April 19, 2013

    Ties between Islamic extremist groups and Chechnya well-documented
    Published April 19, 2013

  • Puc

    I worked for a while in Mexico after I retired in Canada. There I met an American couple who were fun to be with. They had the traits of Americans that I admire,generous,open, good humoured always ready to help. But they denigrated their country, blamed it for all the ills of the world. I defended the USA and totally disagreed with them for all the reasons cited by Bruce above. In parting with them I assured them that I would continue to love their country and defend it. I believe we are suffering from a universal loss of wisdom a direct consequence of the rejection of what made western civilization great p, our Judaeo Christian history.

    • mcmorrowpc

      Well done. Thank you.

  • kafir4life

    I've said before. I'll say again.
    DON'T hire muslims (we don't). DON'T shop in their stores. DON'T patronize businesses that employ muslims, and explain to management as a courtesy. It's a SAFETY issue, people!!! Nothing more! Not all, but some muslims go ka-boom, or cause other things to go ka-boom. NEVER take a muslim as a friend. NEVER allow your children or pets to come in contact with a muslim. For safety's sake. Just watch them. Look at them. See what they are doing. Stare! If it makes them uncomfortable, so be it. It's all about safety.

    • JustSayin

      On April 1, 1933, the Nazis carried out the first nationwide, planned action against Jews( I mean Muslims): a boycott targeting Jewish (Muslim) businesses and professionals. The boycott was both a reprisal and an act of revenge against Gruelpropaganda (atrocity stories) that German (American) and foreign Jews (muslims) assisted by foreign (liberal) journalists, were allegedly circulating in the international press to damage Germanys (American) reputation.

      On the day of the boycott, Storm Troopers (FrontPage Readers) stood menacingly in front of Jewish(muslim) -owned department stores and retail establishments, and the offices of professionals such as doctors and lawyers. The Star of David (Cresecent) was painted in yellow and black across thousands of doors and windows, with accompanying antisemitic (arab) slogans. Signs were posted saying "Don't Buy from Jews(muslims)" and "The Jews (Muslims) Are Our Misfortune." Throughout Germany (America), acts of violence against individual Jews (muslim) and Jewish (msulim) property occurred; the police intervened only rarely.

      Yes you are on an original and thoughtful course of action, need less to say its been done before.

      • reader

        You're a perversely malicious imbecile. Muslims predate Nazis. Koran predates Mein Kampf. The hero of "Arab Street" Al Husseini was a Nazi SS Gener, a personal Hitler's friend and a war criminal responsible for mass murder of Serbs and Jews in the Balkans.

        • reader

          Al Husseini was a Nazi SS General who personally created muslim SS Hanzar division committing mass murders in the Balkans.

          • http://frontpagr richard sherman

            Muslims loved Hitler…they still love him: MEIN KAMPF is still a best seller throughout the Muslim world…That’s s why the the Boston Marathon Koranic Killers are celebrated throughout the Muslim world…including Patterson New Jersey, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and Dearborn, Michigan.

      • Horace

        Just brayin, Jews werent blowing the legs off Germans. Jews werent forcing people to convert to Judaism at swordpoint (gunpoint), Jews don't kidnap non Jews' daughters and rape and forcibly convert them to their religion. Jews don't blow up rival sects-like mohammedans do. Get a grip. Subscribe to reality. Islam is a Satanic murder cult.


        Just Brayin' HT Horace…

        1941 The Grand Mufti meets Hitler

        Google Images “arab nazi salute”

      • dartson

        Only the Jews did not blow themselves up in German buses or planted bombs in German cities, while screaming "In the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob". The Jews were also well assimilated in the German society and did not dream about converting all Germans to Judaism and killing the ones that refuse to convert. And the German Jews did not belong to the international Jewish terrorist organization "The martyrs of gefilte fish" that called upon them to kill the infidels.

    • Cassandra

      I agree but we quit profiling in this country which is VERY BAD and also STUPID/ That's what the Israelis do and they are quite successful in their security programs.Too bad if they feel secluded. We want to be secured.

      • defcon 4

        If the muslimes feel secluded they have 57 islamic states they can relocate to where they won't be bothered by the filthy kufr/infidel ever again.

    • Tom

      Hos in the world do you get from Thornton's argument to this nonsense. By your reasoning, I could never hire anyone. It's a SAFETY issue, people! Not all, but some Christians go ka-boom…, wait….Not all, but some atheists go ka-boom….no….I've got it….Not all, but some Buddhists go boom. In fact, not all, but some humans go ka-boom – so NEVER take a human as a friend. NEVER allow your children or pets to come in contact with a muslim. For safety's sake. Just watch them. Look at them. See what they are doing. Stare! If it makes them uncomfortable, so be it. It's all about safety.

      Believe it or not, one can agree with Thornton's argument – that we would be a lot better off facing the truth about the motivation behind many (but not all) recent acts of terrorism without resorting to the kind of knee-jerk reactions that you are advocating.

    • EarlyBird

      Great idea, Kafir: let's do every single thing we can do to alienate and enrage American-born Muslims, make them feel hated and apart from the mainstream American society, so that it can make it easier for them to become terrorists.

      Oh wait! All Muslims are either terrorists or would-be terrorists in this Front Page insane asylum.

      • defcon 4

        Fifth column.

    • EarlyBird

      Kafir, you're the type of idiot who, after 9/11, would assault Sihks, cuz they worse turbans and beards so they GOTTA be Muslim terrorists!

      You're a perfect example of someone who does not deserve the gift of democracy, so willing are you to take it away from others the moment you get scared. You are truly anti-American.

  • M McL

    the judges ruled, it did not protect Zionist beliefs or “an attachment to Israel,” because they were not “intrinsically a part of Jewishness,”

    • defcon 4

      Ever heard of argument by red herring islamotard/nazitard? What the hell does Judaism or Zionism have to do w/islamofascist terrorism dimwit?

      • Ruth Ben-Or

        It shouldn't have a damn thing to do with it, but blaming Jews or Zionists goes with blaming the USA or the West, its a "progressive" article of faith.

    • Mary Sue

      Mr Mc Loser, what the heck does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

  • MHM

    Yes, pat yourselves all on the back for showing the world that the stereotype of Americans as ignorant, imperialist, bigots is alive and well. It will be a nice counter-point to the blanket hatred you are trying to spread about religions and peoples. What a disgraceful and shameful piece of writing to come from a “professor” of all people. I think the professor’s employers should be looking at the hate views he is promoting with skewed statistics against Muslims while dismissing with a wave of the hand the long history of unjustified US wars and brutality.

    • tanstaafl

      How many Muslim jihadi attacks have occurred since 9/11? How many unbelievers have been killed by Islam in its 1400 year history? Read the Qur'an…..

    • Horace

      No, pat youself on your communist Islamophile little brain for being such an ignoramus. No atrocity committed by Jihadis could penetrate your bony head. The next ten 9-11's wouldn't mean a thing to your suicidal self hating ego. You probably enjoyed seeing the blood of young, marathon fans all over American streets.

    • gray man

      mhm, are you a moron? No, seriously, are you?

    • Alvaro

      If you like Muslims so much, go live in Egypt for a few years. While you are at it, shout to everyone at the Tahrir square that you are a Jew and that you have as much right to promote your religion as everyone else.

      • defcon 4

        Egyptian muslimes also raped some women for the crime of being Christian so maybe MHM could play that angle as well..

    • Mary Sue

      Muslims were slaughtering kuffar (unbelievers) LONG before the USA even existed.

    • Jay Stein

      The Great Murderer-Prophet Mohammed (Piss Be Upon him) is every bit as responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing as Charles Mansion was for the Tate-LaBianca murders. They are very similar characters, but Mohammed had sex with even more, and much younger women than Manson.

    • defcon 4

      Uh oh, a muslime's feelings have been hurt, it's time to call the waaaaaaaaaambulance.

    • Atty Tude

      MHM, instead of spewing the tired old college campus knee-jerk reaction about "America the Evil," why don't you show us, point by point, how and why the author's statistics are "skewed"? See if you can manage to come up with concrete facts, instead of generalities. And while you're at it, you might also want to explain how an alleged "religion of peace" can be so brutal, oppressive, and intolerant of women and homosexuals, even when they are their own fellow-country men and women.

      We're ready whenever you are.

    • http://frontpagr richard sherman

      Over 20000 jihad attacks worldwide since 9/11..
      Over 21000 dead…
      There is only one reason for the actions of the Boston Marathon Koranic killers…and it is spelled: KORAN…The sociopath Muhammad decapitated 900 unarmed Jews at Quarayza..the Boston sociopaths were just trying to emulate his sociopathic example.

    • jstan442

      muslims have not even given the world a decent 'religion' to compare with ALL other religions–pl go to a muslim country and be a dhimmi for them–i as an american would enjoy your servitude to them–then they can use your family as target practice instead of americans who are running in a race

  • tanstaafl

    According to the Qur'an, it is halal for Muslims to kill unbelievers.

  • Boston Poverty Law

    This is it. Bookmark this article.

  • Jeff Bargholz


    your factless mini-screed didn't even address reality, much less what the author wrote. You are a true muslim scholar.

  • AdinaK

    Muslims wage jihad against "infidels" because of Islam's DIRECT linkage to blood, as well as all the underpinnings of Sharia Law –

    EVERY American must understand the contents of the above embedded policy paper and it must be spread wide and far, if survival is the goal.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "Illusions About Why Muslim Brothers Kill"

    NO! They kill because they are.

    Shakes Spear: ……A Rose, …. is A Rose,…. is A Rose

    IT is NOT "WHY?" it is A Rose, – (America!)

    ……rather, it is BECAUSE it is a Rose….


  • Alvaro

    Putin and his cohorts love Muslims and hate the West. No wonder there is peace in Chechnya: As long as they are loyal to Russia, Putin doesn't mind if they take a one way ticket to the 7th century.

    • defcon 4

      "As long as they are loyal to Russia", who would be stupid enough to pin their hopes on that?

    • Drakken

      A slight corection my friend, the Russians know how to deal with their muslim problem, they simply eliminate them.Do you ever hear about the Russians when they deal with their muslims? No you don't, do you know why? They never allow the press anywhere near an anti muslim insurgency operation, and not to defend Putin, at least he is a patriot to Russia, I have no idea what Comrade Obummer is other than he makes this nation weaker.

      • Alvaro

        I know several Russians and I know how they deal with Muslims pointing their weapons towards Russian soldiers – with artillery and bombs against heavily populated areas. I know that.

        But also, anyone who knows Chechnya can see that it steps towards the 7th century – with Putin's blessing. Putin just wants loyalty.

        • Drakken

          Putin has the muslims in Chechnya on a very short leash, if they go all islamic they will be dealt with in typical Russian fashion, they will eliminate them all. I have a quite a few Russian Spetznaz types that work for me, and they are without a doubt are awesome when it comes to counter muslim insurgencies.

  • @SamirSHalabi1

    The only way to deal with Muslims who are so full of hate and violence to any non-Muslim is as one of your blogers put it most succinctly, 'a rose is a rose is a rose' Islam is is Isam is Islam' so 'bomb it, bomb it, bomb it into dust for all times.'

  • @kattaB4

    The Mainstream Media is the same all over the Western World today. Always trying to find excuses for terror and crime as long as it is a Muslim who done it! Quite sick and tired of it tbh!

    • Victoryman

      Are you trying to tell me that muslims committed this act of war against Boston, our country and the rest of the civilized world? Color me confused. I always thought it was those Norwegian Nuns behind these acts. After all, haven't we all seen screeners at airports ALWAYS giving nuns the 100% check while obvious muslim chicks get a smile and a wave through the security machine?

  • Mohamed Shahid

    I tell you , Islam will never be peaceful and it is a must for all Muslims to wage Jihad until all convert to Islam. Can non Muslims practice their religion in Saudi Arabia, Maldives, no, you can’t even take your bible or any holy books other than Qur’an with you to these two countries. What are we talking about. Muslims are not Christian-phobia or Hindi-phobia or Jews-phobia, but you carefully watch what they preach at mosques around the World. They teach hatred and intolerance and supremacy. Whenever someone criticize Islam he will be labelled as Islam-phobia. The main goal of OIC is to silence people who say anything against Jihad. So it is time to say enough is enough and we will never accept Islam as a peaceful religion.
    Whatever I have said is based on my experience being an ex Muslim.

    • Cassandra

      Mohammed I totally agree with you I read extensively on Islam and I also read the Coran and some of the hadith. But many people do not want to read these sorts of books so they stay ignorant and blind to Islam.

    • defcon 4

      To renounce islam, that takes courage all by itself — especially in any muslime state.

    • Mary Sue

      it's an absolute travesty how so many Muslims don't actually understand the writings in the Koran because they do not have any access to it in their own language but instead memorize it by rote in Arabic, a language foreign to them. So they have no idea what their holy books teach. On one hand this is a good thing when it means they don't know they're supposed to Jihad. On the other hand, maybe more Muslims would check out of their religion if they knew all the horrific stuff in the Koran and Hadiths.

      • defcon 4

        If they can't read it for themselves, they always have their imams teaching them the intolerant hatred and violence that the koran commands. After all, most muslimes aren't Arabic at all.

  • Victoryman

    But, but, but, but………last night the vacationer in chief's teleprompter instructed us NOT to "Rush to judgment on individuals or groups of people"…………UNLESS they are from the following groups: Stupid cops who arrest the golfer in chief's communist professor friend, Christians, Jews, Home schoolers, Tea Partiers, Bible readers, Pro-life, gun owners, Conservatives, Republicans, Veterans, etc. (State run media take note… may denigrate any of these groups to your heart's content.)

  • pacific_waters

    You're dead wrong. It was a white guy, 2 in fact, but the important part is that they were muslim. The problem is not race but ideology.

  • Mark

    Chechens are as much white as ashkenazi jews are. Just like you have dark jews and light jews, you also have light chechens and dark chechens. Look at the President of Chechnya or even the uncle of the perpetrators:

    Uncle Looks Jewish:

    If Chechens aren't white, then neither are Jews.

    • Mary Sue

      b-but, they're Caucasians, they're from the Caucasus [/sarcasm]

  • clarespark

    The remedy for our current coddling of terrorists is to recognize that America-hating is institutionalized in all our public schools and most universities. It is not "secular materialism" that caused the tolerance of terrorism, for we enjoy cultural pluralism, and we are not compelled to be religious. The problem as I see it is nihilism, America-hating exploited by communists, and bad statist educational policies. I distinguished between the original Progressive movement and New Left nihlism here, focusing on Bill Ayers and Maoists who infiltrated and radicalized SDS at the end of the 1960s. See….

    • Dale

      Allowing millions of Muslims into the West and then protecting them with hate laws that don't allow TRUTH to be used as a defense, and then indoctrinating people via schools and the media that this "religion" of hate and violence, is not to be faulted for the millions of atrocities committed in Islams name, speaks to the conspiracy by our Secret Society elites to attack Christianity by proxy, start WW 3, and reduce population. This is The New World Order being formed through chaos so that we lose faith in the Nation State to protect us and welcome in the NWO Totalitarian World Gov't!

  • @kattaB4

    Flag of Islam soon to fly over The White House

    • Peter B.

      With Obama at the helm, it may come about indeed!

      • @kattaB4

        Be afraid, be very afraid, I know I am!

  • Ellman

    "If Muslims act violently––over 20,000 violent attacks since 9/11––then they must have been provoked by Western bad behavior:…" Just like criminals and thugs from minority groups are "provoked" by racism, discrimination and bigotry into committing crimes, raping women, attacking seniors, stealing credit cards, etc. To the Left it is never the perpetrators of crimes who are responsible for them. It is the victims of crime. The victims somehow incite the murderers and rapists into committing their acts against them. If this is not complete lunacy and insanity then what is? The Left have been sick, are sick and are getting sicker every day. It's time to quarantine them and to contain the disease they are spreading around the globe.

    • Mary Sue

      Of course, because in Identity Politics, they assume the Muslim falls under "minority status" and thus, are "oppressed" by the majority by simple logistical existentialism. In this they pretend that the world = USA (or at least N. America) and ignore the actual MAJORITY OPPRESSION BY ISLAM which is oppression even by their own standards and rules! According to Identity Politics, the "oppressed" may use ANY MEANS NECESSARY to fight their "oppression".

  • Ellman

    "This “willful blindness,” as Andy McCarthy calls, has become dangerous. It reflects the arrogance of secular materialism, which has discounted religion as a mere life-style choice, usually benign––unless you’re talking about gun-toting, racist, misogynist, homophobic evangelical Christians, or racist, land-grabbing Zionist Jews. No, it’s about psychological trauma caused by globalization, or Islamophobia, or insensitive insults to Mohammed, or Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, or anything and everything other than the numerous passages in the Koran, hadiths, and 14 centuries of Islamic jurisprudence and theology, which clearly and consistently set out the doctrine of violent jihad against infidels." It is difficult to determine who has more screws missing in their heads, the Muslim jihadists who love to kill infidels or those who defend their doing so. Regardless, they both should be institutionalized and provided with appropriate professional medical services and drug therapies. Anyone who finds any rationality or justification for what the Chechen brothers did in Boston should seriously consider a thorough mental health checkup. The sooner the better.

  • Ellman

    “…understand” the fanatics who don’t want our outreach, tolerance, or respect, but our deaths."
    The fate of the world and those in it will not be determined by "understanding" and "justifying" the acts of monsters who are driven by irrational and destructive forces even they don't comprehend. It will be determined by the "ignorance" of those who refuse to acknowledge the existence of "evil" and its manifestations in the barbarism and insanity of the world today.

  • Eagle in NYC

    Curious why no one has made the connection between the Chechen Muslim elder bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and his larcenous, oedipal mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva in this 2013 Boston Marathon terrorist bomb attack; with the Chechen Muslim, larcenous, oedipal mother “Dorothee” “Burkart” and her arsonist son, “Harry” responsible for the terroristic wave of arson attacks in 2011 Los Angeles.

    Both couples are sociopathic Chechen Muslims, pathologically arrogant in their belief that they are superior to all around them and therefore narcissistically deserving of others’ wealth, as well as the right to kill and maim and destroy the dhimmi of Dar al-Harb. (“For the Koran told them so.”)

    Of course, there are other similarities too, such as the establishment media’s political agenda that Islam be censored from each story, so that, even now, years after it is known that the Los Angeles arsonist and his thieving mother are Chechen Muslims, the legacy media still refers to them as “Germans”. And have no fear, they will strip all “Chechen” and “Muslim” references from the Boston Marathon stories about Tamerlan (the 14th Century Muslim war lord) and his thieving, Chechen, Muslim mother.

    Already, I’ve seen USA Today spin this family as being of “Russian” ethnicity, just like The Establishment Media continue their lie about the 2011 arson terrorists being “German”.

    Down the memory hole. Just like Benghazi. And the West, Texas explosion. And the Beltway Sniper (a Black Muslim and his twink, who were sucked down the memory hole immediately after their arrest. “Not the ‘white man in a white van’ promised to us every night for a month by the ubiquitous Police Chief Charles Moose, so this story holds no interest to the far-Left ideologues who run The Establishment Media.”)

    The father and paternal uncle of Tamerlan seem genuinely distraught by the horror of his terrorism. It’s his mother and maternal aunt who curse and swear that Tamerlan is innocent, was framed, was controlled by the FBI, et al.

    Again, oedipal. Larcenous. Sociopathic. Narcissistic. Chechen. Muslim.

  • Michael Copeland

    Surely it is all because of a video on the internet, isn't it, Hillary?

    • defcon 4

      Either that or islamophobic websites that feature news stories and Opeds that portray islam in a negative light.

  • EarlyBird

    Islam is a horrid, repressive and violent religion and the source of the Islamic world's backwardness and misery.

    AND, throughout the heart of the Islamic world, the US and the West have been involved in a lot of really rotten meddling, manipulation, coups, wars, support of tyranny and oppression of these people.

    A sick people are reacting sickly to understandable rage against West and modernity.

    Yes kids, both things can exist, and acknowledging that the US and West have made some very serious mistakes in that part of the world does not make me "anti-American" or "pro-jihadist" or "communist" or whatever idiocy you decide to spew at me.

    It is fundamentalists who believe "their side" is fully, completely pure, and keeps them from learning lessons and altering course. Sort of like, well, fundamentalist Islamists.

  • tagalog

    It's true that they are/were Muslims, but there's no doubt that they're Caucasian. Literally.

  • James

    Let's cut to the chase on this one. Islam is not a religion. It's a mental illness so therefore, delusional incompetent buffoons who fall for this crap needs to check themselves into a mental health facility.

  • psyvant

    Within an historical context, then, Thornton’s rather odd jeremiad therefore takes on a bit more significance: By assailing what he apparently believes is a monolithic and ongoing liberal apologia for Islamic Terrorism, he reveals not simply his principal objective—that of generating more fear—but the tremendous intellectual deficits inherent in conservative problem-solving on any level, of any topic.

    Still, one could ordinarily dismiss Thornton’s piece as trivial: An essentially minor and dull political essay, ineffectual and transparent at best, it much more effectively demonstrates an especially objectionable pseudo intellectual pedantry. But, really: Does this article do anything other than serve to further deepen the ideological void in American society? Well, yes and no; I’ll get to that.

    But—and this is important—something intrinsically disturbing does emerge from this quasi-political dalliance: It fosters ignorance. In fact, it is predicated upon—and directed toward—the peculiarly philistine anti-intellectualism of the American (conservative) mind, which simply cannot embrace a world in other than completely binary terms. There are no gradients in that world, no flexibility of thought, no way to subtilize experience. This, I believe, is Mr. Thornton’s target demographic.

    At first, I thought, well, it will be a simple enough task to simply deconstruct his faulty premises, syllogistic errors or obvious gaffes. Then, I reread it: It is, quite simply, a word salad. Put another way, the man has strung together nearly every catch phrase, shibboleth and obligatory polysyllabism extant in mainstream print in a vainglorious attempt to make his point—and still accomplishes only one thing: The uniquely conservative predilection for seeking refuge from highly complex sociopolitical issues in simplistic, almost puerile, terms: Islam is Evil, Thornton seems to be saying. Perhaps he’s correct. But then one must ask: How does his obfusatory rant advance either our understanding of radicalization and/or it’s potentially complex etiological links to a multidisciplinary array of other issues?

    The point is, once I understood Thornton’s perspective, negotiating his diatribe became infinitely more manageable. He—like his conservative brethren—simply avoid the facts by ignoring them. But they don’t ignore facts because they’re necessarily bad or stupid people. The conservative mind simply works at a disadvantage when confronting difficult concepts.

    Putting it plainly, Thornton dismisses, out of hand, the following: Concepts such as PTSD-related behaviors, especially as related to children from war-ravaged countries (the Boston case); The taxonomy of mental disorders (DSM-IV and V); Epigenetics; Nascent sciences like neurotheology; Well studied and documented maladaptive behaviors associated with emigration—none of these appear to be on Mr. Thornton’s radar. For that matter, the Brookings Institution has even arrived at conclusions such as “failure to socially integrate”, et al—with respect to the Boston incident. And those are folks that even the brilliant Mr. Thornton might have to concede significant IQ points.

    Indeed, understanding and dealing with the horrific problem of Islamic terrorism will require not simply an examination or indictment of any particular religion, whether it be Abrahamic, Dharmic or, for that matter, Scientology. We need instead to rigorously examine the evolutionary psychology of religion. Is it an adaptation? A phenotype? Or, frankly, as I suspect, is it a manifestation of psychotic neuropathology? Certainly, Thornton might agree it cannot be bombed out of existence by Obama’s “precision-targeted” drone strikes (which, of course, cause no collateral damage). Nor, is it likely that either jingoistic posturing or President Obama’s “Kum ba yah” appeasement will work. In this one respect, Thornton is deadly on target: Radicalized Islamic terrorists mean to kill us. But, should we terrified?

    In the final analysis, Thornton doesn't answer this. Instead, he offers nothing but criticism of how the rest of us “dullards” have attempted to solve the problem of Islamic Fundamentalist-driven terror. His is an approach which, instead, typifies the academic insularity endemic to specialization. One wonders, for example, if Thornton has even heard of the Milgram experiment on “Obedience to authority figures.”

    Overall then, Thornton’s piece, inspires—at least in the educated mind—a Cartesian response: "Ex nihilo nihil fit." Yes, I know they mean to kill us, Bruce. And, no, you provided me no enlightenment or path to it.

    But I’ll concede this: Thornton concludes his exegesis with an interesting statement:

    “In short, expect more public reasons for the jihadists to believe we are weak and corrupt and thus deserving to die.”

    To which I would respond: Do you mean like shutting down an entire city of some 1 million residents because of the actions of 2 obviously psychotic individuals? Yes, that does send precisely the wrong message.

  • psyvant

    Front Page won't print Part one of my post? Why? No profanity used, No ad hominem attacks.

  • psyteam

    Most people of normal sensibilities are able to set aside their treasured ideological meme or personal agenda in the face of real tragedy. Not so, the logorrheic Bruce Thornton. Indeed, this appears to be an article written by an archetypal conservative, in which anything CAN be exploited–even the recent murder and maiming of children—if it advances an anti-liberal political agenda. This is a classic illustration of incestuous amplification – the echo chamber by which the conservative, anti-intellectual thought process, is advanced.

    But, to quote Thornton “Quell Surprise:” In much the same fashion, the conservative Bush war machine similarly exploited both the human tragedy and sequelae of fear surrounding of 911. Indeed, by doctoring intelligence reports, fabricating false linkages between Iraq and al Qaeda, conjuring horrific images (“Mushroom clouds”-Condoleezza Rice) and spewing out mantric chants of war, the hegemonic Bush regime effortlessly created a casus belli for military action against Iraq. And when questioned about his actions, Bush Jr., with dictatorial hubris, even brazenly admitted Iraq had never been linked to 911. The rest, of course, is history: The entire administration subsequently wrapped itself in the flag, and then hid behind the protection of the Military Commissions Act—the latter most certainly enacted to avoid later indictments for war crimes related to numerous human rights’ violations—including, but not limited to torture.

    Much more important here though is one simple fact, Mr. Thornton, which you may chose to ignore: YOUR COUNTRY’S OWN CIA CONDEMNED PROJECT IRAQI FREEDOM—a stratagem of war adopted by Paul Wolfowitz, and taken directly from the drawing board of brutal Chilean dictator Pinochet. Specifically, the CIA said it was a misguided action, which was directly responsible for further radicalizing Islamic extremism on a global basis. Perhaps some history is germane, after al.

  • Anonymous

    I consider myself liberal on many issues: immigration, social services, the rights of lesbians and gays, abortion, women's rights, animal rights, racial equality, separation of church and state and tolerance. I have never been sympathetic to extremist Muslim terrorists nor have I ever felt Islam was a peaceful faith. I vote democratic, but am sickened by Muslim apologists. I think water boarding is torture but I'd gladly watch the executions of every jihadist who ever made me scared to leave my home. I don't know where that puts me politically, but people are not left or right, black or white. Don't call the apologists "left" or "progressive." Call them traitors.

  • Abdi

    Americans have killed hundred of thousands of muslims in Iraq after sadam died, and you expect the muslims in Iraq to say to “thanks”. and how many millions of innocent people have you guys murdered in the name of “war on terror”. if you don’t see all of those BIG facts, then something is wrong with you.

    • OfficialPro

      What is it with people like you and the “You killed thousands of Muslims, we hate you we hate you we hate you” line? Muslims kill EACH OTHER ALL THE DAMN TIME and nobody bats an eyelash. Nobody in the world goes “You know, you germans killed thousands of Canadians/Americans/Polacks during WW II, can you figure out why Canadians/Americans/Polacks hate Germans?”

      How do you know “innocent” people got “murdered” in the “war on Terror”, let alone *millions*?

      I’ll tell ya this much. In Iraq when Saddam’s empire fell, there were Muslims in Baghdad ON CAMERA CHEERING BUSH. You know why? Because Bush put down the regime that WAS KILLING THOUSANDS OF IRAQIS ON A DAMN DAILY BASIS, just for having the wrong brand of Islam. In case you didn’t get the memo, Shi’ites and Sunnis freaking HATE each other and want each other DEAD as “apostates” over something as frivolous as who Mohammed’s successor REALLY was.

      This whole “Americans etc killed x number of Muslims therefore Muslims hate you” thing is ILLOGICAL. America doesn’t kill “muslims”, they kill enemy combatants. And terrorists. And maybe a bomb hits somewhere it’s not supposed to and accidentally kills someone. That’s why they call it an ACCIDENT, it’s NOT an “On Purpose”! Why do idiots keep insisting on acting like an accidental death of innocents is deliberate? Maybe you need to call into the Alex Jones show.

      • RETREAT

        What are you writing boss? You think the so called SECT WARS will end? Probably they won’t.

        Infact it shouldn’t. That is a really good thing for us – the non muslims. If we don’t keep muslims busy, fighting with each other, they will probably kill us. Example: 9/11 repeated OR boston repeated

        Exactly in line with Quran 2:216

        Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.

        Sahih international


      What a joke! Why don’t you join a Circus ??

      //Americans have killed hundred of thousands of muslims in Iraq after sadam died //

      So what? When Saddam was alive, he did kill a million. Million is greater than hundred of thousands. Right? By the way, is there any proof to your claim? OR you just cooked it up?

      USA did invade Iraq but not to kill innocents rather to stop saddam hussein from fulfilling his evil agenda. The second issue was WMDs. The real reason why no WMD was found because it was transported to Iran via a secret route. It is still safer there. USA totally ignored that. If you have doubt, please read Iraqi newspapers for a day before USA invasion. Since, USA thought to attack those who could have WMDs; some of them have been died. Now, it is common sense that you don’t suspect a totally innocent person to possess WMDs. The rule is: You first analyze who could be the real culprit and then attack. How can those killed in that war be innocent then? Just because they didn’t had WMD at that time?

      //and you expect the muslims in Iraq to say to “thanks” //

      I don’t. It is stupidity to expect gratitude of any kind from a muslim. No matter how much we help them, those barbarians would still conspire against us.

      // and how many millions of innocent people have you guys murdered in the name of “war on terror” //

      Let us understand this by an illustration.

      In a Forest. a lion was sleeping. A mad man came there and started teasing the lion. He disturbed the lion forcing him to get up. The furious lion ate up that mad man. Now, who is responsible for that death?

      USA is the same lion. Sleeping and inactive. Al Qaeda was the mad man. War on Terrorism is the lion attacking the mad man. Who is responsible now? The lion (USA) who is sleeping / inactive OR the mad man (Al Qaeda) who disturbed the sleeping lion?

      //if you don’t see all of those BIG facts, then something is wrong with you.//

      Nothing is wrong with me BUT everything seems wrong with you.

      By the way, here is a small proof of islamic terrorism: (Just copy paste in your browser)

      • Hikaru

        The one that invaded Iraq was made of a group of people, so there is a possibility that some of them did kill innocent people. Have you seen pictures and articles that proves them killing, raping, and degrading people? It was not a flaw of the country nor belief, some human are just animal.

        Regardless, Muslim have no right to kill innocent non-Muslim. In fact, even in a war, Muslim should not invades or kill people that stays inside church, temple, etc. Also Islam forbid killing women and children even during a war. A Muslim is only allowed to kill non-Muslim that mean harm towards Islam only (defensive wars). So all the suicide bomber acts were utterly useless. They did not only kill innocent people but also commit suicide. If they’re truly upset with the mass killing in Iraq, they should join the war itself, take up a gun, and kill all those animal.

        Those terrorist that claimed that they act for Islam is just a bunch of pitiful madman bomber. They had no chance to truly understand their own religion and died by carrying a lot of sins.