Is Leftist School Indoctrination Unstoppable?

Rush Limbaugh weighed in recently on the Republicans’ on-going debate about what went wrong in November. Elaborating on his earlier comment that he was “ashamed of America,” Limbaugh said, “The Left has beaten us. They have created far more low-information, unaware, uneducated people than we’ve been able to keep up with . . . I’ve always had a Civics 101 view of the country: People get what they want, they vote what they want, and they get the way they vote.” He added that the Democrats “control the education system . . . pop culture, movies, TV and books” and use that control to create “dependency” among voters.

Some may think this is a dog-bites-man observation, but it’s worth looking more closely at the most important item in Limbaugh’s list––the educational system. Everything else Limbaugh mentions is made possible because of the deep corruption in public education from kindergarten to university.

We often focus on the ideological biases of the university, where the more lunatic examples of political correctness get the most attention. But in education as in economics, there is a trickle-down effect. The grandees at the elite universities train the PhD’s who go on to second and third tier institutions, where they in turn train the students who get high school and grade school teaching credentials. They also write most of the textbooks that end up in K-12 classrooms. Thus the progressive ideology metastasizes throughout the educational system, determining the curriculum, the textbooks, and the point of view of the teachers. At that level the ideas may be garbled, half-baked, incoherent, and a collection of clichés and slogans. But they are still toxic and effective at transmitting a world-view to impressionable minds.

When my kids were in public school I witnessed this process over and over. Questionable leftist ideas I had to sit through in graduate seminars turned up regularly in my kids’ English and history courses and textbooks. In the Marxiste interpretation of history, for example, traditional historical narratives reflect the “false consciousness” of capitalism’s academic publicists justifying and “mystifying” a history marked by oppression and atrocities in service to a dehumanizing capitalist ideology.

The founding of the United States, then, was not about things like freedom and inalienable rights, but instead reflected the economic interests and power of wealthy white property-owners. The civil war wasn’t about freeing the slaves or preserving the union, but about economic competition between the industrial north and the plantation south. The settling of the West was not an epic saga of hardships endured to create a civilization in a wilderness, but genocide of the Indians whose lands and resources were stolen to serve capitalist exploitation. Inherent in this sort of history were the assumptions of Marxist economic determinism and the primacy of material causes over the camouflage of ideals and principles.

In the 60’s this narrative was married to identity politics: the defining of ethnic minorities and Third World peoples on the basis of their status as victims of this capitalist hegemony and it imperialist and colonialist mechanisms, which justified the plundering, oppression, and exploitation of the non-white “others” with racist notions of their natural inferiority. Various strains of postmodernism added a cultural relativism that put out of bounds any judgments of a culture’s values, since all such standards reflect the economic needs of the dominant power. Soon feminism added women to the list of victims sacrificed to the white-male power structure. Edward Said’s historically ignorant and tendentious Orientalism rationalized the failure of the Muslim Arab Middle East in the same way. Soon Said’s book expanded beyond Middle East studies to condition the way generations of English and history professors approach their traditional subjects––as narratives justifying an unjust, racist, exploitative Western power of which all right-thinking people should be ashamed.

The politicizing of the universities has led to two ill effects. First, the Gresham’s law of education means that adding all this material to the curriculum necessitates the driving out of the traditional curriculum––based (imperfectly, to be sure) on fact and argument––that could provide the empirical antidote to this left-wing toxin. Second, generations of credential students have sat in these courses and then gone on to teach in high schools and grade schools, and to write the textbooks and curricula that propagate this ideology. The result is a student population ignorant of the basic facts of history, the vacuum filled with melodramas of victimization, racism, oppression, and violence that cast the United States as a global villain guilty of crimes against humanity. A mentality is fostered that is receptive to domestic and foreign policies predicated on American guilt and the need to make reparations for historical crimes, whether by foreign aid, global retreat, or the surrender of sovereignty to international organizations. That’s why a pure embodiment of the leftist historical drama like Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech did not evoke outrage over its historical lies and slanders. It was no different from what most people under the age of say 50 had been hearing in school for years.

So too with the movies, books, television shows, and popular music Limbaugh identifies as vectors of this disease. They merely reflect what their creators absorbed in school and what their audiences have been programmed to uncritically accept as true. Having been schooled in the evil designs of oppressive, greedy corporations that abuse workers and rape the planet, these cultural consumers are natural audiences for the plots of movies and television shows that recycle these dull clichés. Having been taught the evils of free-market capitalism that enriches the few at the expense of the many, they are natural constituents of a class-envy politics demanding the rich “pay their fair share,” which is nothing more than property redistribution useful for creating a class of political clients dependent on the federal government. Having spent years being indoctrinated with romantic environmentalism and Disneyfied visions of nature, they are susceptible to an anti-carbon politics that retards development of American oil resources in the name of “protecting the planet” from an apocalyptic rise in global temperatures caused by human and corporate misbehavior, a notion that barely qualifies as a hypothesis, let alone a scientific fact. But how could most products of our dysfunctional educational system tell the difference?

No surprise, then, that last year Obama won the 18-44 demographic––46% of the electorate––by about 15 points. This is the age group that has spent its whole educational career in schools that fail at teaching fundamental skills and basic information, but succeed at transmitting the progressive ideology perfect for creating conformist dependents like the cartoon Julia or actress Lena Dunham, both stars of Obama campaign ads. That so many escape this warping influence is a testimony to parents and independent-minded teachers who are careful to counter this ideology.

The Jesuit educational maxim was, “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” Today’s progressives get children until they are 18 and sometimes 21. That kind of influence is hard to match.

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  • AdinaK

    The leftward assault is unstoppable, unless average patriots take up the helm en mass. Leaving it to the Repubs is a waste of time, energy and resources. After all, these are the same "leading lights" who embraced the "Arab Spring" in their party plaform. No kidding –

    So, the leftist, Islamist (they go hand in hand) indoctrination starts in kindergarten –

    And it ends here –

    This is why so many young voters voted for an anti-American. Cause & effect. Garbage in, garbage out.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Mary Sue

    Identity POlitics and Marxist deconstructionism in education have so poisoned the young, that just this past weekend there was a person who wrote an article for the paper about how she was anti-Barbie (for her daughter) because of the women's studies crap she took in University. The article was so stupid (and so was the writer) it wasn't even funny.

    Deconstructionism is bad, mkay.

    • Jim_C

      Hmm. I remember going on the Barbie website with my daughter. They had a feature where you could "choreograph" an animated dance with Barbie. One of the songs they used was Britney's "Not that Innocent." I thought that was kind of warped.

      I think Barbie's OK but the body image and the stories that focus on "getting the prince" I'm a bit iffy on.

  • Chezwick

    15 years ago, when I was still a quasi-liberal, my then-six-year-old daughter came home from school and started telling me how she learned about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King in school that day. I told her that I was glad she was being taught about these figures in history, but that I hoped the schools were also teaching her about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. She replied, "well Daddy, we learned about George Washington Carver."

    It was a watershed moment for me….the beginning of my political/philosophical enlightenment.

  • Tammy

    Wow. I add in my son's school he learned "for a fact" that 911 was an "inside job".He learned that religion is a crutch to weak minds. He learned white rich people are bad. Everything you say they teach, he learned. His history book had more words describing opinion than history. Literally, it changed history. He repeats every taljing point against republicans such as requiring photo identification to vote is intended to keep poor people from voting. He is passionate about people marrying whomever they want. He says all corporations that make money are making money at the expense of others. He knows all these things as facts because he learned them in school and he didn't learn these things from home.

    • jackdoitcrawford

      You have to teach him otherwise, or else he will keep believing their line.


      Please – take your son out of school before it's too late.

    • Mary Sue

      how old is this kid?

  • Robin

    You are assuming the problem is in the textbooks. Those are going away under the Digital Learning part of the Common Core. "Student-centered" implementation is what is being called for and that means changing the student at the level of their full personality is the goal. Values, attitudes, beliefs, and feelings and the shift is towards Communitarianism in what is being sought. Amitai Etzioni is finally getting his Active Society while so many on the Right are not paying any attention to the actual implementation documents. They simply explain Common Core in the classroom in terms of their utopian intentions for it.… is just one of many posts explaining what the real implementation will look like because this is what the companies and individuals in charge are saying if you know where to look. And I do. Because performance assessments are not in fact tests as I explain but group projects for the most part around real world problems the students are to try to solve, we have actually shifted to an almost no accurate transmission of knowledge curriculum. And what knowledge is pushed is all politically useful in creating an expectation in the student that society and the economy need fundamental transformation.

    And it is all modelled on the 1960s reforms in Sweden.

  • @paulvmarks

    Whilst government FUNDING exists (including at most of the so called "private" universities) it is hopeless to hope for reform.

    Ditto with the practice of government regulations deciding who can teach (including at supposedly private schools).

    In a system of government funding and government regulation OF COURSE the left "capture" the system.

  • aspacia

    Not from this instructor. Students completed a Constitution Booklets and picked 10 signers and analyzed their political philosophy, created a map of the various institutions named after each of the 10, and much more.

    I also reminded them that it is because of enlightened white men, that I, a woman, enjoy my equal rights.

    The problem is Administration. I was written-up for telling a parent, after her 3rd request asking what to do to help her daughter, BEGIN LEARNING ENGLISH. OOPS.

    • guest

      " because of enlightened white men, that I, a woman, enjoy my equal rights."
      Gee, and here i thought it was because of all the women who organized for and demanded equal rights, often against the objections of white men. Thanks for setting the record straight. I guess it was those enlightened white men who also gave blacks their civil rights!

      • makt68

        It was enlightened white men who wrote (and later, amended) the constitution that made equal rights for women and blacks possible.

        Another fine product of the politically correct American public school system…

        • guest

          If all it took was writing a document, it wouldn't have taken almost 150 years from the drafting of the Constitution for women to gain the vote. Furthermore, the original document did not in fact make equal rights for women possible, hence the 19th Amendment. White men may have held the pen which drafted the amendment but only because of political pressure levied by the women's movement. These were by and large not enlightened men, they were dragged kicking and screaming to reform. I learned THAT in public school so i won't charge you for the history lesson…

          • mkat68

            "White men may have held the pen which drafted the amendment but only because of political pressure levied by the women's movement. These were by and large not enlightened men, they were dragged kicking and screaming to reform. "

            Yup – no politically correct motivations in that lesson. I'll keep the non-revisionist version in which the ONLY right not specifically guaranteed to women in the Constitution was the right to vote – they could even run for president if they wanted, and some did (fancy that)…

          • guest

            what wrote is factually correct. If you have evidence that the 19th amendment was not a result of pressure applied by the women's movement, and would have happened regardless, then provide it. Historians say you're full of BS, but what do they know? It was the Supreme Court no less that voted unanimously in 1875 that the 14th amendment did not give women the right to vote. In fact all male courts consistently denied women their right up until ratification. Men didn't give women anything, women fought for it.

          • mkat68

            Ah yes, the evil white male patriarchy keeping the women downtrodden and oppressed. And if wasn't for those evil white males who wrote the Constitution and made it possible to be amended in the first place, there still wouldn't be any women's right to vote. And if the women's movement is so good at getting the Constitution amended, why did the ERA fail ratification twice? Because of one WOMAN – Phyllis Schafly.

        • aspacia

          makt, are you claiming blacks, minorities and women should not have equal rights?

      • aspacia

        Yes it was the white males who held the reigns of power at that time. You have no clue.

  • WildJew

    That "the civil war wasn’t about freeing the slaves or preserving the union…" my guess is you can find lots of politically conservative folks down here in the south that voted for Reagan and Bush who say the civil war wasn't about freeing the slaves; Lincoln was a criminal, etc. Why for example have so many Lincoln Day dinners been re-named Lincoln – Reagan Day dinners and if REC (Republican Executive Committee) officers had their way, Reagan Day dinners?

    I talk these conservative-leaning people from time to time. I am not sure one's perspective on this seminal event is necessarily a left / right paradigm. To the left's view that "settling of the American West was not an epic saga of hardships endured to create a civilization in a wilderness, but genocide (?) of the Indians whose lands and resources were stolen to serve capitalist (?) exploitation," I use this one to my advantage when I am talking to a leftist who says the Jews stole and now illegally occupy Palestinian land. I ask my leftist interlocutor, "How much land here in North America will you return to the natives? How many states."


    The question in my view is not, did white Europeans forcibly remove and expropriate lands from American Indians — that is the history of the world. The question is, what shall we do about it? How many American states will Obama give back to the natives? Will he return Florida to the Seminoles, North and South Dakota to the Lakota Sioux, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia (Jimmy Carter's family farm) to the Creek and the Cherokee Indians?

    Americans are not the first people who are being indoctrinated by a ruling elite. We will not be the last. The bottom line. Americans, like Germans incinerated by Allied firebombings in the later part of the second world war, will bear our guilt. There were Germans who resisted Hitler, many at the cost of their lives when he and the gestapo became too powerful. Some Germans listened on short wave to the BBC. How much more is truth available to the American people in this "information age?" Is the Bible not available at the local book store? A leftist world-view is no justification to vote for and support the kind of evil we see in the White House.

    • Jeff Ludwig

      Yes to all of the above by Wildjew.

    • aspacia


      Why did the Ancient Greeks, Romans, et al expropriate land from the aboriginals?

      We cannot rewrite history, and frankly, I do believe some groups should expropriate and disempower certain groups from their backward, inhumane activities like mutilation, honor murder and beheading.

  • antisharia

    The left has the schools and they're not letting go. The left is good at the long game and they knew from the beginning that to control education was to control America. Take out God, take out real history, take out patriotism, take out critical thinking and you end up with the current generation of Americans. Government schools(they should never be called public schools) are the sole property of the left. Truthfully education should be completely private, with parents picking their childrens schools the same way they pick what grocery store they will shop at. But the Democrats are too indebted to the education establishment to challenge it, and the GOP is too gutless.

    Patriotic Americans should simply refuse to send their children to these reeducation camps. Make the sacrifice and send them to a private school, or teach them at home. Yes, it will be difficult, but protecting your children from current American education will be worth it.

    • aspacia

      Some brave teachers are fighting pc.

    • Steve

      No, keep your kids in the government schools, after all you pay for them. Instead, teach your kids the right way at home, and send them pack to the government schools to spread the word.

  • Ron

    I'm afraid that private Christian schools and home schooling will be outlawed.

    • Mary Sue

      a lot of democrat run states have forbade home schooling in years past.

  • John C. Davidson

    For the past 50 years the progressives have had almost full control of all the government agencies. They all vote for Democrats knowing if the vote otherwise, they lose their jobs. It is that simple.

    • SFLBIB

      It's not that simple. I have been a Republican for the last 50 years voting a straight Republican ticket before, during, and after my 30 years with the DOD. Most of us were Republicans, and I don't know a single person who lost his job for being one.

  • Michael Hill

    To sum it up . . . America's gravestone epitaph will read: "Died from fear of being called 'racist.'"

    • SFLBIB

      The last line in the history of the United States will read, "What went wrong?"

  • clarespark

    Teachers unions are a major obstacle to changes in the curriculum. See my accumulated blogs on education reform here:…. "Index to blogs on education reform." I don't see home schooling as a solution to the problem as it puts burdens on parents who may not be up to date as to science and technology. Fight the system through your local school board and talk to your kids about how to think. Shortly after I wrote this comment, I wrote a new blog suggesting how to tell the story of American exceptionalism, but with a difference: see…. "American exceptionalism" retold.

  • jackdoitcrawford

    Read "The Comprachicos" by Ayn Rand for the philosophy behind the destruction.

    • Michael Neibel

      I highly recommend that essay "The Comprachicos" in Rand's book "The Return of the Primitive."

    • Brianna

      Same here. She even uses the same Jesuit quote.

  • Tina Trent

    Yes, I have concluded that it is unstoppable. The tipping point in the Ed. schools has been achieved.

    • JayB

      Agreed – there is no mechanism for fighting back. The left has total control.

      • Jim_C

        Baloney. Scott Walker in Wisconsin proved you can take on unions–this in a state with a very pro-union history. But you also need to have a plan. I have yet to hear a Republican with an actual plan for the task of educating the citizenry.

        Though I'd like to see radical reforms, we needn't reinvent the wheel. Curriculum needs to be removed from the hands of politicians. Principals need to be able to weed out bad apples. Teachers need some control over what they teach (not constant standardized testing). And parents need to get a clue about what their kids do in school.

  • Ray

    The piece is terrifically informative, but does not answer it's own question of whether or not the leftist school indoctrination is unstoppable. I fear this institutional ideology and would love to see someone as well informed as this author give us some ideas to fight it.

    We need concrete steps and a battle plan. Many on our side correctly recognize the need to play the long game, but none of them are suggesting how we can do it specifically.

    • Jay Wye

      it's "unstoppable" before the US crumbles from socialism,or they weaken the US enough that China,Iran and other nations destroy us. One EMP attack could do it,read One Second After by William Forstchen.
      I doubt that we can reverse the effects of the "progressive" indoctrination before the US falls,it's been going on far too long and cannot be reversed fast enough,it's sunk in too deep.
      As the article said,we're now seeing the effects of that socialist indoctrination all across our society.

  • hrwolfe

    Page 316 of William Z. Foster's book pretty well lays it out that in schools "Under a National Department of Education and its state and local branches studies will be revolutionized, being cleansed of religious, patriotic and other features of the bourgeois ideology. The students will be taught on the basis of Marxian dialectical materialism, internationalism and the general ethics of the new Socialist society."
    Indeed the have been very successful. The book is titled "Toward a Soviet America" and was first published in 1932. Yes they have been very successful.

    • Questions

      If you think that we have a Soviet system, you've been listening to Rush a bit too long. We have shortcomings, but the notion of a top-to-bottom Leftist takeover of public education in this country is preposterous.

  • Crossbow87

    Here's how you stop it….homeschool your kids! You get to determine the methodology, the textbooks and the lecture. I am giving our kids the truth about our culture, our country and the West and there is nothing over-paid leftist "teachers" can do about it! It is incredibly freeing!

    • WildJew

      You have your priorities straight. For those of us who were educated in public schools (in my case 2 years private) there is still hope. The truth is out there for those who are willing to look for it.

  • tagalog

    It is certain that some significant number of pupils and students will eventually experience life and conclude that their education misled them. Those people will become both more rational and probably more religious, understanding that neither reason nor faith answer all questions fully, in isolation, by themselves. The problem is that their education with regard to how our Constitution and political system work will have been deeply tainted by the left-wing education they will have received, the passage of time will have taken them past their ability to look backward and infer how self-rule works best, and they will have to re-invent it for themselves. That will be a big job and full of opportunity for error. Hopefully it won't lead, as so many efforts at self-rule have, to tyranny.

  • ProTruth

    I'm surprised that some folks are so anti-school. My kids learned how to think at school, how to value learning and how to be creative, how to set goals and achieve them and, most importantly, how to achieve. Oh, did I mention that they were home-schooled.

    • Mary Sue


  • Ar'nun

    I have been saying this for a long time now. I estimate a minimum of 50 years this has been happening in the schools and at least 30 years of Pop Culture. I am glad to see that more influential Conservatives are starting to see it.

    • Ar'nun

      There is a way to reveres this though. And in some ways it is really easy; in others it will be difficult. The only logical way to reverse the Liberal indoctrination is simple, reality. Boehner and McConnell and many of the establishment Republicans have only been making matters worse for the last 10-15 years. By opposing Obama's plans, they conveniently provide a useful scapegoat when Obama's plans work as they are designed to. If they were to just get the heck out of the way, let Obama and Progressives do as they please (for the most part) people convinced by Progressive educators will be forced to live with the results of Progressivism. And they will only be able to blame Progressives.

      Now by getting out of the way I don't mean Obama Inc should be able to do absolutely everything, current Republicans need to serve one purpose and one purpose only; protect the Constitution. But if Obama wants higher taxes, give it to him. He wants more money to spend, give it to him. He wants an anti-Semite Sec of Defense, give it to him. He wants less oil, fine. He wants gun confiscation, NO, that is a Constitutional Right.

      • Ar'nun

        Times would be tough, even for those of us who know better. But times are tough already. And the only way we can ever recover is to let the young Progressives see exactly what it is they support. With the Constitution intact, we can eventually reverse any damage done. And the Country will return to its Conservative roots. It is the only way.

  • BS77

    Most schools are now little more than Orwelllian indoctrination plants. Children are brainwashed by the leftist "educators" to parrot the current PC agenda ideology……….it's all about being PC and going along with the prevailing lunatic left.


    Fine article by Thornton. It bears repeating that if we want to regain our freedom and send the Obamas of this world back to the noisy "community organizing" groups where they belong, we have to fight the culture wars. That's one reason why the "let's get rid of the Social Conservatives" movement within the Republican Party is so self-defeating. I would say it begins with a call to privatize elementary and secondary education, if we have any state-level politicians willing to broach the subject.

    • Ar'nun

      It's too late for that, they couldn't get enough votes today to privatize the schools. We have to let the grown up Progressives experience true Progressive Society. Most Progressive voters are only familiar with the fun sounding kumbya theories, not the actual realities. Time for them to see it first hand.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "Is Leftist School Indoctrination Unstoppable?"

    AH, the indoctrination has a parental 60-year Benjamin Spockian HEAD START…….

  • Jen

    Pull your kids out of the public school system Its crap, everybody knows its crap and you should be held accountable if your kids come home with the libtard ideas because you are depending on the school system, bought and paid for by big government, to give an accurate portrayal of history and whats going on in this country now.

    • Questions

      Many homeschooling parents, however, have ideological/theological baggage of their own. It's important that they be cosmopolitan in their outlook, lest they transmit a cramped view of the world to their kids.

      • Jim_C

        Yep. Some people are able to homeschool, some people aren't. Some people are naturals at the job, and some people, quite frankly, probably shouldn't do it. But the benefits can be impressively profound.

        However, I think any parent aware of what their kid is studying and stands ready to help is the best educational asset a child can ever have, no matter the school.

    • aspacia

      Tell this to administrators and the Board and Education. Many teachers are trying, but are ordered to give 50% for 0 work. I kid you not!

  • Western Candian

    More than a few years ago, in one of my second or third semester psych courses, the instructor behaved in such a shabby manner as covered in this article. A year or two out of university, he was so full of himself that he pronounced, as if from on high, what our attitude towards homosexuality was to be. Not a reasoned argument for civil rights or justice, nothing in the way of reasoning or argument at all. This wet behind the ears (I had returned to school after multiple years working) jackass told us what we were required to think: What he told us to. Period. Didn't work very well…. the females in the class were constantly joking about him being gay….

    More recently, while talking to a young woman I had known for a year or two, the subject of school and marx (refuse to capitalize his name) came up. I was staggered when she said he had been part of the curriculum throughout the years of her education…. which in light of a single semester being enough to blow the ignorant and vile moron out of the water on all and any points, is more than sad. It is outright criminal.

    • Rdlake1

      People like these, that poison young minds who are still in their teen years is inexcusable, but the've been at it for so long. I remember running into my chem. teacher in 69' & he's wearing 'love beads' with his new teen hippie girlfriend. These were the cowards that fled to Canada to avoid the draft, returned & got tenured. I put the blame on the conservative media (FOX & talk radio) who refuse to put a name on all these deplorable actions. College in Penn holds a class on orgasms, G spot, stimulating yourself. Someone must have come up with this idea & presented to who. Names & history are rarely published so the general public doesn't know.

    • Jim_C

      One of the best professors I had, on the first day of his history class, said "I am a Marxist. I am going to teach this class from a Marxist perspective. If you have a problem with that, you have plenty of time to transfer."

      It was an excellent class. Was he wrong about nearly every major issue? Yes. Did I learn about history? Absolutely. Did he treat opposing viewpoints with respect? Absolutely–he encouraged dissenting opinions, practically goaded us. It made the class a true dialogue in the classical sense.

      I'd much rather have a teacher like that, than someone whose political slant was casually tossed in offhand remarks. One encourages dialogue and thinking; the other chills it.

      • Rdlake

        He must have been one our cowards that hi-tailed out of town to dodge the draft. I'd say Socialist Canada suits him well.

  • Gee

    Wow as true LIBERAL I thought I would never say this – Rush Limbaugh is correct.

    I am a liberal not a leftist and there is a huge difference. I believe in equal rights for all. I want the government to mind it's own business – especially concerning my body. I believe that my rights end with the tip of my nose. I do not want to tell anybody what to do and demand the same from all.

    I truly believe that the extreme left controls the media, government and education system in America and other democracies like Israel.

    The result of this control will usher in a new era of fascism.

    • Jim_C

      Really, Gee–you are a true liberal who believes "the extreme left" controls those institutions?

      I am a liberal, not a leftist, as well. But I think the media is fairly mainstream (you can't be too radical and sell soap at the same time), and if you're talking journalism, there's simply not much of THAT left, anyway–it's shallow entertainment. Education? It's a Democratic constituency, and that IS a d@mn shame. If Republicans can break the union stranglehold by showing respect to, not scapegoating, the vocation of teaching–teachers themselves would champ at the bit to get rid of the dead wood among them. In fact, it'd be nice if Republicans had a viable vision for education beyond bandaids of limited merit like charter schools. But at this point can they be trusted? Where is their credibility on this issue?

  • guest

    Conservatives have no idea how to organize because they suffer from terminal, toxic elitism. 50 million kids attend public schools–the majority are good people with good caretakers who can be reached. But guess what? Conservatives can't get into the schools because they do what the Left does-paint everybody with the same broad brush thus alienating the people that can be influenced. Take your kids out and homeschool sounds wonderful but most people are not going to do that so we need to get in and counteract the Left's messaging. In addition, they'd rather pay huge speaker fees to conservative superstars at CPAC rather than spend that money on grass roots activists like Soros does. We need more Lech Walesas, common people, and less big names.

    • Rdlake1

      Dems: opportunists, cheats,liars & degenerates

  • FrontPgSubscr

    Norman Dodd was a spokesman for the Reece Committee which was set up to investigate the very large non-profit foundations relative to U.S. national security. These involved the Rockefeller Foundation, Guggenheim, Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie Endowment. Via an interview (which is still available),
    he related what he (Norman Dodd) said the Reece Committee was trying to find out. It was explained to Norman that the goal of these big foundations is the 'seamless' merger of the governments of the U.S. and the Soviet Union. On the way to having this accomplished, the first objective is control over the entire diplomatic machinery of the U.S. … the second is COMPLETE CONTROL of our educational system. At some point, the Reece Committee's investigation was stopped, and was never followed up.
    This entire interview is given at:

  • Rdlake1

    Need to build or open affordable schools that will teach 'reading, riting & rithmetic' moral & social values, responsibility & accountability but first & foremost, the history of our country as it was written & the value of our Constitution. No 17th century gay habits & expressions in urban France courses allowed. Sponsors are presently throwing bundles of money down a dark hole anyway. We need intellectuals walking out the doors of higher learning prepared to produce & not snobbish Harvard fakes who couldn't run the country even if all the media was in the tank for him.

    • Questions

      In other words, you want to replace one brand of narrow orthodoxy with another. No thanks. And your contempt for Harvard shows that you didn't go there but envy those who did.

    • Jim_C

      I have to ask: do you have any recent experience with a public school? Do you have kids?

  • dtekben

    The majority of these posts are very educational for a power-mongering, marxist, baby-killing, flesh eating, non human, demon spawn like myself..Glad to see that my side is doing so well!! I thought you guys and gals were very opposed to this idea of a victim-hood society. I'm taking notes. I hope you don't mind if I try some of those moves on my side. I thought we (that is the ultimate cabal of evil in the universe we) had invented the position…but I can see that you guys are just taking it to another level. Well gotta go, I see a couple young kids walking past my door so, I think I'll lure them inside with some candy and then indoctrinate them into my cult of nihilistic madness, lock them in the basement…then slowly starve them while severing and eating their limbs. Have a good one, and thanks

  • Jim_C

    Yes, schools are controlled by liberal Democrat leftist hooligans. Got it, FPM–for the 4000th time. I think it is well-understood. So now what?

    Can't wait to hear how conservatives intend to address the priority of the need for an educated citizenry in a republic as large and diverse as ours. I look forward to it. Seriously.

  • dtekben

    Hey, i guess the upside of the Newtown shooting was that a few of those left wing marxist "educators" won't be in the classroom anymore…and I suppose it was kinda harsh but..given the nature of our education system as most have you have so slam dunked proved is evil and malicious those 20 kids were well on their way to being Pinkos, so I guess they just got what was coming to them sooner rather than later.

    I just love the echo in here…did you guys and gals ever notice that? Sounds like a Tabernacle Choir of Freethinkers all agreeing in a unanimous song of freethinking…Awesome….gotta go.

  • Suzanne

    I really wish someone would come up with a history of all the so called "oppressed peoples" of the world that would show how sweet THEY were in acquiring and maintaining the lands they inhabited (and that includes America's Indians, too). Yep, it just might be an eye opener.

  • Rdlake

    Chicago public schools want to start sex education with five-year-olds. That's kindergarten people.
    All this obsession with sex when their students are graduating with a fourth grade education.
    This is what the distructive, unionized, left-leaning Progressives believe is for a common good.
    By the way Chicago is broke.

  • 77patriot

    I am forever grateful to two of my children's fourth grade social studies teacher. They had her in two different years, and she instilled a love for this country in her students. I remember I suspected she was "on our side" and I gave her a copy of Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny", explaining to her that the book was all about the U.S. Constitution. She told me later that she loved Mark Levin! I wish we could have more teachers like her.

  • rick edenberg

    It's been too late for years. Want to know our future? Look at Illinois, look at Chicago: stagnation and decline. Democrats won not only by controlling education at every level but also by gaining control of other forms of information dissemination: Hollywood , all national news networks except FOX, and the often overlooked constant stream of anti-American and anti-Republican propaganda carried to every foreign land. I have watched this on European and Asian feeds from CNN and others. Europeans uniformly think Republicans are Nazi racists because our own news sources give that impression. Democrats enjoy total foreign support because anti-Americanism begins at home!

  • person

    I stopped reading at Rush Limbaugh. You can't honestly open up a serious article with his name. He's an entertainer, just like all those other talking heads, regardless of party.

  • sailorboy62

    Carbon Tax Gains Steam To Fight Global Warming–The Climate Protection Act (S. 332) was introduced into the U.S. Senate last year by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Now the Global Stamp.All are just very shrewd ways of indoctrination of of the public:especially our children of the myth called Global Warming. Environmentalism is a very potent religion of the Left and the Federal Government has bought into it hook,line and sinker.

  • James Sweeney

    that Jesuit saying has to depend on the year it was quoted and how long humans were living at that time…….and the fact that Men still don’t live as long as women….and then factor in that present day 18 to 21 year olds today have a large percentage of what can only be described as ‘spoiled’ members……sorry to say…….