Margaret Thatcher and the Death of Feminism

The death of Margaret Thatcher will no doubt generate much deserved recognition and discussion of her historical significance. She was, after all, the most consequential British Prime Minister in the post-war period, eclipsed only by Winston Churchill as the greatest British leader of the 20th century. She reversed England’s economic and cultural decline hastened by socialist delusions, and she was instrumental in backing Ronald Reagan when he shoved the U.S.S.R. into the dustbin of history. But her passing puts me in mind of another death––the ideology we call feminism.

Feminism, of course, has been dead for decades. But like most progressive ideology, it continues a zombie-like existence, stumbling around the universities, popular culture, and the media, devouring the brains of the stupid or badly educated. What passes for feminism today has nothing to do with the original aims of equity feminism, which focused on removing the remaining barriers that kept some women from taking control over their lives and enjoying the personal autonomy––and responsibility–– that is the foundation of liberal democracy. That aim was achieved pretty quickly, with the result that today as a whole women are better educated, healthier, and longer living than men.

The feminism that has burrowed into the women’s studies caves in colleges and universities is something else: a species of progressive identity politics predicated on perpetual victimhood as a means for extorting more social and political clout. As such it represents a narrow spectrum of women across the world, those privileged enough to take for granted the improvements in science and technology, the economic growth created by capitalism, and the access to education that have liberated women from the tyranny of nature and the oppression of illiberal cultures. These so-called feminists, the richest and most comfortable women who ever walked the earth, have created a new-age cult focused on wacky fads like Wicca or romantic environmentalism, issues of concern only to the well-fed who have the luxury of taking seriously such claptrap. And like most cults, it is humorless, intolerant, conformist, illiberal, and lustful for the power needed to indulge the totalitarian impulse to silence the infidels and impose orthodoxy. In their gospel, the only “choices” women have are to abort babies, hate men, despise conservative or religious women, and incessantly bite the liberal-capitalist hand that feeds them.

So what has all that to do with Margaret Thatcher? In any morally coherent and intellectually honest world, Thatcher would be a major feminist hero. She was not born to upper-class Ox-Bridge privilege, but had to make her way in a man’s world and succeed not by dint of family or school connections, or by special consideration or reserved slots based on her sex, but by brains, drive, and hard work. Compared to her, feminist hero Hillary Clinton is a rebooted version of a Mad-Men haute bourgeois housewife whose success comes not from her own achievements, but from her connection to and dependence on a politically talented man who ended up President, a man who humiliated her publicly with his juvenile, sordid philandering that reinforced every stereotype of the loyal mate who sacrifices herself on the altar of her husband’s career.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for institutional feminists to celebrate the life and achievements of one of the greatest women of the 20th century. They’d rather worship the creepy Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and its abortion mills, the racist eugenicist quite happy to sweep away millions of inferior people in order to create her vision of utopia. But Thatcher is just the latest example of truly feminist heroes ignored or vilified by the self-styled champions of women’s rights and lives. How is Sarah Palin, a self-made, independent, bear-hunting, successful-in-a-man’s world woman not a feminist hero? Because she chose to raise a Down’s syndrome child instead of killing him, thus defiling the feminist sacrament of abortion?

Or what feminists have praised and defended Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the brave Somali woman who cast off the shackles of a misogynist, patriarchal Islamic faith, and put her life on the line to do so? In fact, where have the feminists been the last ten years, when the West has been battling the same illiberal oppressive religion that justifies polygamy, misogyny, and genital mutilation? By invading Afghanistan, George Bush liberated more truly suffering and oppressed women than all the Women’s Studies courses, seminars, books, speeches, sit-ins, demonstrations, and articles put together. Yet the progressive ideology and multicultural delusions that define feminism required Bush to be the villain and warmonger of cartoonish leftism, no matter how many Afghan women benefitted from his war.

The silence of feminism, with some few exceptions, on the oppressive theology of Islam is exhibit number one in the corruption of liberal equity feminism by grievance politics, cultural relativism, and illiberal progressive ideology. While feminist professors and journalists wax hysterical over trivial or even illusory slights against women––Obama complimenting a beautiful state Attorney General, or ex-Harvard president Larry Summers speculating that there just maybe might be inherent differences in men and women when it comes to physics and math––millions of Muslim women across the globe are subject to honor killings, mutilation, polygamy, and sexual abuse by men just because they wanted some say over their lives. But drunk on multiculturalism, these feminists are silent, preferring to attack a Western culture that has made them free and independent, rather than confront the biggest, most lethal misogynist institution on the planet.

So let’s celebrate the life of the true feminist hero Margaret Thatcher, and leave the zombie poseurs to squabble over sexist pronouns and suffixes.

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  • rivkah f.

    Amen to every word. Today's so-called "feminists" in Western countries are spoiled and infantile at best, Marxists, at worst. I mourn the loss of Margaret Thatcher and her true feminism. RIP, dear lady.

    • juyeon

      Everything stated in this article is reaffirmed in this video:

      Watch it and see if you can still defend this now entirely corrupted ideology.

    • Justin

      PFFF! Wow you really swallowed this rag hook line and sinker. What a piece of trash.

  • AdinaK

    In every way, feminists have become radicalized storm troopers, so much so that anyone who evinces a womanly spine is considered an appropriate target. Never mind that Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and a few others are every bit the definition of, I am woman, hear me roar. But they are tarred and feathered – taken to the woodshed – for not hewing to leftist dogma.

    Of course, PM Thatcher was emblematic of said woman warrior, and this is why she was vilified by feministas. Their role models are Dohrn, Bodine and their cadre of domestic terrorists, as they brought death and destruction upon "Amerika" –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • AllisonC

      I prefer to tar and feather Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin for their history of outright lies rather than "not hewing to leftist dogma."

      • Guest

        What lies, Alison. You are a hypocrite. You are quite willing to accept proven serious lies of Hilary Clinton, while raving about alleged ' lies' of Bachman and Pailing, both victims of libelous lies spread by leftist media and entertainment industry.

        Again, what lies are you talking about

        • AllisonC

          Try going to and typing in "Michele Bachmann." She regularly gets called out for her lies, and gets "two Pinocchio's" from the Washington Post. She's just not capable of telling the truth.

          • Drakken

            Hmmm yet zero critisism of Hillary, quite telling really and your zombie devotion to the leftist cause says more about you and your low information intelligence than anything else.

          • AllisonC

            You know absolutely nothing about me, *nothing*, yet you label me a "zombie," a "hypocrite," and of "low information intelligence" based on absolutely nothing other than the fact that I don't particularly like Michele Bachman's and Sarah Palin's history of untruths. Now who is being libelous and raving?

          • Drakken

            Because if you were fair and your clearly not, you would throw the same critizism at your hero hillary who has lied a hell of a lot more than Palin or Backman, but as a I feel therefore I am liberal, it escapes your hypocracy.

          • AllisonC

            Then I throw the same back to you. Give me proof of Hillary Clinton's lies. And where did I say that Hillary Clinton was my hero, by the way? I love you guys, throwing around these assumptions like they were grand truths with absolutely nothing to base them on. I only said that I didn't like Palin and Bachmann, that doesn't mean you can label me ANYTHING, but you know what? From your posts, I can certainly start labeling you some things. But my mother raised me better than that.

          • Mary Sue

            How do you KNOW they were lying? How do you know wasn't lying about them?

          • AllisonC

            I *know* they are lying because about 80% of what I hear from them is a lie (especially Michele Bachmann). If you don't believe this, than you haven't been paying attention. Here are just two articles.

          • Mary Sue

            Again, what lies?

   LOL. is nothing but a bunch of BS. Should be called

          • AllisonC

            If you don't like (cough, cough *conspiracytheory, anyone) try the Washington Post, any major newspaper, NPR,, oh, just about anything. Oh, I forgot, facts have a liberal bias, right?

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    Yep, Thatcher was the real thing…a chemist by trade. Chemistry is a subject from which you get out exactly what you put into it…no more, no less…honest and straightforward. No poseurs allowed. Like Thatcher herself. Great description of Hilary Clinton. RIP Maggie.

    • Joeb

      When she was a chemist, she was one of the team who invented soft-scoop ice cream, for the Walls company, I believe.

      • AnOrdinaryMan

        Interesting. Didn't know that.

    • Asher

      Hillary Clinton is a Socialist! She is just like Barack Obama, just peddles it differently!

    • Sheabidet

      “She has the eyes of Caligula and the mouth of Marilyn Monroe,” observed French President François Mitterrand, revealing the queasy mixture of antipathy and attraction she stirred in many of her male associates.

  • Job

    You spoke too soon. On BBC Radio 4's 'Today' programme (BBC's flagship, current affairs) this morning, I listened to a no-mark feminist professor slating Margaret Thatcher and everything she achieved.

    • Niku


      I have an idea you didn't check this before you posted it. "no-mark"? "slating"?

      • Job

        I don't see the problem with that.

        • Mary Sue

          Meaning, the terms are of no meaning to those outside of the UK because they don't know the definitions of those words. Niku therefore doesn't know whether it is something positive or something negative.

  • Arley Steinhour

    The Iron Lady, of U K fame,
    Gave to the world, a Leader's Name,
    And, earned position, with ability,
    Without advantage of Family Tree.

    Women fed on her great success,
    To obtain their stature without the stress,
    That comes with leading of the 'Pack,'
    Or suffering on the Government Rack.

    Will Margaret Thatcher ever take the lead,
    As the Guide, who women, all were freed,
    That name, to use, as a 'Call to Arms,'
    Or follow those, with murderous charms?

    We leave it up to the History Channel,
    Or, maybe even, an Erudite Panel,
    Margaret, then, may earn her rewards,
    Swimming 'Channel,' before Political Fords.

    See you on the Other Side, with Jesus.

  • Asher

    It has been interesting watching some of her debates, she usually bests her opponents in thought, word, and deed. Always a lady, but always a will to succeed and present the truth!


    "The 'IRON LADY' who helped 'tear down that' IRON CURTAIN!" SC

    Now you know why these Pro-Soviet KGB and Communist Party USA DUPES, FELLOW TRAVELERS, AND TRAITORS so despise Thatcher and Reagan, and ultimately, the United States.

    QUESTION: Did they really win the COLD WAR when a Soviet KGB DUPE is now President of the United States and his "Circle of Communists" run every department?

    • Rifleman

      In answer to your last question, yes. It wasn't them that lost the peace.


      I know.
      I truly believe at this point that either you are a patriot or you are a Commie, Or a Commie enabler



    We have NANCY "Astroturf" PELOSI. The Honorable Maxine Waters, Cynthia McKinney, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Sandra Fluke. And the Teflon Lady, Hillary Clinton.

    • Atikva

      You are joking, right?

      • Rifleman

        If you know Steven, that's sarcasm, and you're right.

  • Rishita

    Building up a tired trope of feminism, only to break it down is not very critical journalism. Your ignorance is actually astounding, since it seems like you've never even sat in a first year women's studies class yet you feel entitled to judge an entire movement. Definitely Margaret Thatcher was an exceptional women and feminists support her, but her success is not an indication that we've reached equality. Get off your pedestal on the privileged portion of the international division of labour and open your eyes: the blatant rape culture that exists worldwide, the disproportionate number of women affected by poverty…These are structural issues, not ones of increasing institutional representation. And holding exceptional examples, which no doubt Thatcher is, does not address the need for structural changes. This is something people on both sides of the spectrum can lobby on. The point of feminism is not to delegitimize women like Thatcher but ensure that our structures allow for more women to enjoy the access that she had to institute change, be that on the left or right side of the political spectrum.

    • Mary Sue

      Yeah, and guess who's promulgating the worst of rape culture.


      • Ann B

        As it has become more and more known, rape exists in our America, probably Christian military culture. Not necessarily confined to Islam.

        • SSmith

          Apart from the fact rape is sanctioned in Islam and not in Christianity.

        • Drakken

          Are you on effing drugs? Our military culture keeps this country safe and secure from the savages, if you want to turn over this country to 3rd world savages hey just admit it.

        • Mary Sue

          No. It has NOTHING to do with "christian military culture" AT ALL. Atheist/Agnostic/Pagan military culture. maybe.

          Rape has to do with men who are f***ed in the head and think they're entitled to take what they want from women.

          Islam takes it one step further and not only sanctions rape, it COMMANDS it. Why do you think that when, in a Muslim-majority run country, a woman reports a rape, she is usually punished for adultery?

  • kqduane

    The only way to curb radical, second-wave feminism's maniacal influence on public policy, and our naive daughters, is for male alumni to re-take control of their college board of trustees, just as the men at Dartmouth did, and push these dangerous "professors" out. Universities were always apolitical institutions before the radicals from the 1960's demanded departments within the colleges to expound upon their outrageous, short-sighted, demanding, juvenile idiocy. Until this hotbed of radicalism is silenced this country will continue to produce irrational, twisted, "well-educated" troublemakers. Google "It's the Women, Not the Men!" to see just how pervasive this sick ideology had become.

    • jane

      Wow, you are truly deranged. Feminism is about equality fro women and allowing women making their own choices. How can anyone be against that?

      • kqduane

        You must be very young.

      • Mary Sue

        You don't know what SECOND WAVE feminism is. It's a radical departure from demanding equality, to demanding SUPREMACY over men.

  • The Lopez

    Feminism is dead? Have you gone outside and talked to any women lately? You boys are hilarious.

    "The only way to curb radical, second-wave feminism's maniacal influence on public policy, and our naive daughters, is for male alumni to re-take control of their college board of trustees, just as the men at Dartmouth did, and push these dangerous "professors" out." Universities were always apolitical institutions before the radicals from the 1960's demanded departments within the colleges to expound upon their outrageous, short-sighted, demanding, juvenile idiocy. Until this hotbed of radicalism is silenced this country will continue to produce irrational, twisted, "well-educated" troublemakers.

    Serious lols. Sounds like maybe North Korea would be a better place for you to live, kqduane. There, everybody remains obedient and there are no "troublemakes"! LOLZ! Score another one for out of touch 'Merica.

    • Mary Sue

      Do you even actually comprehend what radical, second-wave feminism actually IS?!

      In case you needed a clue, second-wave radfems tend to be heavily transphobic, so in your corner of the woods they really are not all that admirable. You'd think, listening to them, that you were listening to ANY given religious evangelical talking about trans issues.

      But mostly, they are a bunch of Marxists. Marxism and Marxist dialectic is bad, mmmmkaaaaaaay?

  • clarespark

    The woman question always gets a lot of response. Here is the index to my blog on the turns feminism took in the second wave, and how some misogynists thought in the 19th century. See…. "Links to blogs on feminism."

  • Looking4Sanity

    I have never been much concerned with the ambitions of feminism, but the world is a poorer place for Margaret Thatcher's passing. Heaven will be that much richer for our loss if that's any consolation to conservatives.

  • Alex Kovnat

    When I think of how both Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher developed Alzheimer's disease, I cannot emphasize enough we can never have too much expertise in dealing with this monster.

    • Mary Sue

      and the conspiracy-minded have to wonder who "gave" it to them ;)

  • jane

    Wow, the writes of this pieces is truly deranged. Please get the psychiatric care you so clearly need. Feminism is about equality for women and allowing women to make their own choices and deciaions. How can anyone be against that?

    • JoJoJams

      Jane Jane Jane. Too young, with no reading comprehension skills beyond a twitter blip, and completely missing ALL the points made and addressed in the article. Plain Jane ~

    • Lady_Dr

      No one is against it – the fact is that feminism WAS for all those things, but now it has deteriorated into a whiney, demanding, irrational tear which pretends that men are evil oppressors (well, a few of them are but not many in the West), that women are oppressed (well, a few are, but not most), and on, and on, and on while clearly ignoring the facts like honor killings in Islam.

      The really great feminist are people like Sarah Palin and Margaret Thatcher, not the rich, pampered whiners like Nancy Pelosi and the Hollywood hotties with their trampy clothes.

  • jane

    You should go live in Afghanistan or Pakistan because they hold the exact same view on women as you do. Good riddance.

    • Mary Sue

      WRONG. They do NOT.

      The "Feminists" you admire care not a whit for what happens to women in Afghanistan or Pakistan! IN FACT they say it's not our place to tell brown men how to treat their women, because that's oppressing the brown men, even if the brown men are keeping their women from even leaving the freaking house.

  • David

    So many big words from such a "one window" view partisan quoting inaccurate facts about Hillary. You made it obvious that your elitist perch afforded you the college education to spew the lexical rhetoric above. Hillary is a strong educated woman who has a "bigger picture" view that includes her whole family and aspirations than your likely barren abyss of a soul could fathom. Kudos to Margaret Thatcher for all that she did … period (see, that's where it ends if it's truly a feminism issue … rather than saying "as a woman" or "for women"). Kudos for what she did politically and as it pertains to the cold war, but nothing else. Stamping out workers rights and furthering corporate agenda's and corporate power as it pertains to the workforce was not an achievement by her or by our own politicians. The continuous growing gap between the "have"s and "have-not"s is plenty proof of that without any lengthy wordy diatribe.

    • Mary Sue

      I think you ought to listen to what she said to the socialist in Parliament who whined about the income gap.

      "HE would rather the Poor be POORER, so long as the Rich are a little less rich!"

      Anybody, yourself included, who whines about the "income gap" in a context-free manner like that, is a moron.

    • @calends

      Easy there Dave.

      A little advice: Take a deep breath, count to ten, and close the thesaurus.


      Who teaches these idiots to write? Are they trying to jam-pack every sentence with high-brow douchebaggery? It's like they try to emulate the New York Times, but since they are faux elitists and aren't actually educated at Columbia, Standford, or Harvard, their writing is just a terrible emulation of their liberal heroes.

  • Alexandra

    Amen! We need to take Margaret Thatcher dying as a sign from Jesus to take down these radical feminists. They think they own their bodies, and deserve to make decisions? The only people who own women's bodies are their husbands and fathers. I am never sending my kids to college. They obviously cannot think for themselves at that age, and the radical professors just recruit them, and fill their minds full of the liberal agenda! Why do you think liberals want to give more money to education? I mean, women can vote, how much more can we want? I can barely remember to register on time! We just need to pray to Jesus Christ, and ask him for forgiveness of the sins of these women. Hallelujah!
    Wait, maybe I have said too much…after all, I am a woman, and my opinion doesn't matter. I think I will just go back into the kitchen now.

    • Heidi

      Please tell me that this comment is satirical. Otherwise, I am truly frightened for the future of the human race if people with beliefs like this are breeding. I'm sorry, but NO man owns MY body, thank you very much. And the right to vote is all that women should want? Wow lady, I am speechless…

      • JoJoJams

        It's called deflection and strawman arguments. Most of these people posting obviously didn't read the entire article. Nope – the only thing they take from the article – is what was already in their sad little minds about how "conservatives" feel towards woman, and their own projection of said feelings.

      • Mary Sue

        Be more fearful for the future of the Human race if god forbid the Islamists ever run the show in YOUR neck of the woods.

        If you truly think that no man owns your body, go to Saudi Arabia and tell the King and the Grand Mufti that.

      • @calends

        Unbelievable. The feminists can't even recognize when one of their own feints. I get my lols from it though.

    • @calends

      OMG a real feminist smackdown! I totally love my snarky, wonderfully satirical, feminist sisters!


      This is the sort of thing that passes as feminism these days.


  • LOP

    "Feminism is dead"?? Maybe that can help explain why in AMERICA , for the last 50 years, women have secured 18 cents more for themselves with their take home pay. Women makes 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. Does this no bother anyone?? But yet we are spreading our equal opportunities/ Democratic ideals/ BS around the world? Time for a feminist resurrection??

    • LOP

      sorry for typos—but hopefully the point was made.

      • JoJoJams

        Yes, your point was made. Of course, it was a pointless point – not to mention factually incorrect – but hey! You go, girl! ~

    • Mary Sue

      That's not even a correct thing. That's not based on people in the same job.

      If women truly did make 77 cents to every dollar, WHY OH WHY do employers insist on hiring MEN at all, if women are such a bargain?

  • FLuSHUnderground

    What a lame and uninformed article. Someone is just a bit out of touch with reality.

    • Mary Sue

      Right back atcha, Low Information Voter.

    • @calends

      I think you were the one guy from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?

  • Chimcham

    Bruce Thornton is a Research Fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution where he learned to S his own D, and not much else.

  • Cindy

    Truth is, just because a woman fights for more liberal/progressive ideals, it doesn't make her less of a "feminist"…it just means you disagree with her perspective. Call it the way it really is, instead of hiding it. Sarah Palin may have made her way in a man's world, but the reason many don't see her as a "feminist" is because we tend to like our feminist heroes to be intelligent, logical and wise. Sarah Palin is none of those things, and the disdain most Americans felt for her had nothing to do with whether or not she elected to give birth to her Down's Syndrom son (as I would also elect to do…sorry to blow your image of progressive minded women), America holds her in disdain because they were terrified of someone with her clear lack of intelligence ever having the opportunity to have her finger hover over the button that could inhilate millions of people. You can call Sarah Palin a feminist, I have no problem with that at all, but please don't confuse the issue with illogical arguments.

    • AllisonC

      Thank you.

      • Laura

        Thank You x100!

    • Mary Sue

      Don't you know? Sarah Palin CAN'T be a feminist because she is anti-abortion! [/my own sarcasm but the feminists are TOTALLY serious about it]

  • marios

    It is great article and reflects reality. Nowadays feminists do not want to see horrible Muslim women as a slave in Islamic countries. It is too dangerous and will not bring them money. "Feminist" face is personifies now with Sandra Fluke, absolutely immoral person. Instead working hard in the University as student, she just overwhelmingly focus on her sexual out of wedding affairs and wants that we taxpayers would pay off her sexual pleasures. What is this? What is different between her "feminist" and any prostitute? Dem's use “feminism" which is discredited itself now to destroy family and society overall. Woman have the same right as man now but 'feminists" on payroll of radical leftists and MSM cover and support that madness.

  • marios

    Controlled by liberal/leftists smeared, biased MSM made grotesque figure from outstanding independent woman Sarah Palin. Those scoundrels did it as they were afraid off her personality. That vicious propaganda worked for gullible people—see some comments above..
    PM Margaret Thatcher was great personality who changed and survived not only her own country but all civilized World. Liberals hated here when she was alive and hated her even after she passed away as she was opposite to their false ideas. She was conservative, talented, in depended, hardworking WOMAN, Political Leader, Mother, Wife and paragon for everyone who had brain. I doesn’t see any one close to her personality neither among men nor among women.
    May peace will be with her!

  • Kathryn

    I read the insults of my religion on this and as a Wicca of over 43 years practicing, I can tell you that witches have always been persecuted rather then well-fed rich bitches.

  • Sonia K

    Women of Afghanistan benefitted from Afghan invasion- I wonder how- coz they are still rotting in jails- the laws running their lives are still the same- they are still being held captive for small offences- so what difference has American invasion made to Afghan women?

    The author really needs to set his focus right!!

  • @jdm3_home

    This is the sort of tripe I'd expect at the bottom of an MSNBC comment thread by paid right-wing hacks, not a professor and scholar. A straw-man charicature of feminism is destroyed and oddly conflated with anti-islamophobia. Feminism doesn't celebrate all women's accomplishment's ipso facto. If a woman like Thatcher does more harm than good for women's rights, she's certainly no feminist. The author's understanding of current feminism seems based on listening to Rush Limbaugh far more than talking with actual feminists in real life. Have some feminists gone off on the wrong track? No doubt, but that's no better a reason for damning all feminists as "zombie poseurs" than damning all conservatives as fascist nutbags or all anti-abortionists as doctor killers. Seriously, the level of discourse here is truly alarming and disappointing.

  • Patscholar

    I was very active in the feminist movement in the 60s and 70s and early 80s. That was when we were fighting for equality of opportunity and choices in life. After the early 80s feminism was taken over by mostly lesbians and equality of outcome became their cry. I know and knew plenty of modern feminists and they are all Marxists with a hatred of both men and women and regularly downgrade the relationships between the two sexes, having conducted a war against men and boys for 50 years now. They do not stand up against actual oppression of Muslim women in this country or any other but rather seem to favor the Islamists which is truly incredible. I agree that Feminism of equal opportunity is dead and feminism of equal outcome, a Marxist and communist ideals is still very active on University campuses.

  • 61 Year old woman

    Claptrap! Hillary Clinton has done more for women and girls around the world than anyone, including those of Afghanistan. Feminists are greatly concerned with their plights of their sisters around the world! How dare you speak for others! You display your ignorance throughout this piece. I don't know much about Thatcher, but I resent your attack on feminism.

    • Drakken

      Holy Cow! If you buy that nonsense about hillary the opportunist, I have some swampland for sale for you.

    • mah29001

      Yea setting up those Islamic dictatorships who hate women's rights is such grand progress when she was Secretary of State….such an advancement for women All those rapes by Muslim men, gang raping women and yelling Abu Ackbar embraced by Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Yea Hillary helped women's rights alright…(/sarcasm).

    • Mary Sue

      There's no fool like an old fool, apparently.

      Are you aware of what Second-wave feminism actually is? If anyone's ignorant about Feminism in its totality, it's YOU.

  • mike

    feminism was, is, and always will be about power, not equality. did it ever occur to you why they are always talk about EMPOWERMENT? feminists speak with forked tonque: to men they speak about equlity, to women they speak about power. don't be fooled by these tyrants and fascists. they have destroyed western civilization and the world is much worse off because of them, fortunately, the feminist virus will exterminate itself over time….unfortunatley, this disease will be with humanity for another 150 to 200 years.

  • Drakken

    Put a femanazi and a jihadist in the same room and see who walks out, there ya go girls, didn't think you needed us western men anymore huh?

  • Lady_Dr

    Yes, they did benefit. But Islam is back with a vengeance there and that is the problem. Too bad we didn't put our foot down stronger. I always liked what Churchill said about the Germans as it applies to Moslems as well. "The Hun is either at your throat or at your feet." We let them get to our throats when we should have forced them to remain at our feet.

  • modernwriter

    Thatcher kept the highest tax rate at 60%, raised taxes many times — why? Because she was absolutely committed to the ethos that every person deserves health care, and she was committed to keeping the National Health funded. That's a very nurturing and feminist value.

  • Chris Ashton

    Maggie once said, "I hate feminists and they hate me". She had the biggest balls in the British cabinet for 3 terms. The Brits need a leader like her now.

  • Western Spirit

    Women aren't the second sex but are the primary sex the one that is basic in procreation. Thus nature has put more effort into her making, making her the longer living sex because of her basic importance in nature's design.

    The Book of Change describes feminism well when it describes the Yin contending with the Yang because the Yin is jealous of the Yang's authority and freedom.

    My experience with Feminism explains why it's a joke and just an agenda of the Left as it divides and conquers the population of the U.S.

    Thacher, in an honest world where feminism was what it was purported to be, would be a prime example of why women should be in all ways equal to men and thus venerated by feminists instead of ignored by these agenda driven Leftists posing as liberators.

  • PhilipD

    Not to start Thatcher-bashing but she put a lot of good people out of work and effectively ruined their lives. It had far-reaching consequences that affect my life greatly. All in the name of putting out our old industry and replacing it with arguably inane and conformist industry. As for her feminist agenda, as far as I was aware, Thatcher had in her heart of hearts the wish to be something more or less close to a Monarch, which certainly does not step in line with the feminist agenda. She was certainly of historical significance and had a might to be impressed by, but she was not a 'great' woman and she was inarguably elitist in many respects. It is borderline delusional the light people have painted her in.

  • Azzy

    "By invading Afghanistan, George Bush liberated more truly suffering and oppressed women than all the Women’s Studies courses, seminars, books, speeches, sit-ins, demonstrations, and articles put together"
    Thank you very much West. We truly appreciate your attacking and killing hundreds of thousands of people.
    O Given this disclosure of the mundset in the West, one can appreciate the point of view of the Taliban, Jihaadists and like.
    Thank you for the head up.