How to Respond to EU Sanctions

holland-loves-labeling-jewsOriginally published in The Jerusalem Post. 

THIS WEEK the EU took three steps that together prove Europe’s ill-intentions toward the Jewish state.

First, last Friday the EU announced it is imposing economic sanctions on Israel. The sanctions deny EU funds to Israeli entities with an address beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines. They also deny EU funds to Israeli entities countrywide that carry out activities beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines.

The areas beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines delineated by the EU directive include the Gaza Strip, which Israel abandoned eight years ago; the Golan Heights, which has been under Israeli sovereignty since 1981; eastern, northern and southern Jerusalem, which have been under Israeli sovereignty since 1967; and Judea and Samaria, over which Israel has shared governance with the PLO since 1994 in accordance with signed agreements witnessed by EU representatives.

The EU’s second action was the publication Tuesday of EU foreign policy commissioner Catherine Ashton’s letter to her fellow commissioners informing them that by the end of the year, the EU will publish binding requirements for specially labeling Israeli goods produced by Jews beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines exported to EU member states.

This act is potentially more damaging for Israel than the ban on transferring EU monies to Israeli entities with “bad” addresses. Labeling Israeli products is a means of signaling Europeans consumers that they should view all Israeli exports as morally inferior to other goods and wage a consumer boycott of Israeli products. Indeed, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius described the proposed labeling as an alternative to a broader boycott of all Israeli goods.

The EU’s third act was its decision to define Hezbollah’s “military wing” as a terrorist organization, but leave all the other Hezbollah-related institutions untouched. While the move has been applauded by Israeli politicians desperate to deny Europe’s animosity, Europe’s partial designation of Hezbollah as a terrorist entity is another act of aggression against Israel.

By pretending that Hezbollah has a legitimate “political wing” – a transparent lie that even Hezbollah has denied – the EU ensures that Hezbollah personnel and Hezbollah institutions can continue to find safe haven in Europe so long as they avoid attacking non-Jewish Europeans.

Hezbollah agents can continue raising money, planning attacks, and recruiting terrorists in Europe, as long as Hezbollah labels the activities “political.”

In other words, all Hezbollah operations directed against Israel and Jews will remain lawful in Europe.

Beyond exposing the EU’s fundamental and obsessive hostility toward the Jewish state, these three actions put paid to the EU’s protestations of allegiance to international law and commitment to bringing about peace between the Palestinians and Israel.

As ambassador Alan Baker, the former legal adviser to the Foreign Ministry, wrote in an article published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, the EU’s actions against Israeli entities that operate beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines are unsupported by international law. The EU’s claim that Israel’s presence beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines is unlawful is not supported by any treaties or customs. Indeed, it is explicitly refuted by treaties and customs.

Israel’s legal rights to sovereignty over Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem are recognized under the law of nations through the 1922 League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, which also called for “close Jewish settlement” of these areas. The Mandate’s allocation of sovereign rights over all of these areas to the Jewish people, and its recognition of the Jews as the indigenous people of the areas, has not been abrogated by any subsequent treaty. To the contrary, they were reinforced by Article 80 of the UN Charter.

Moreover, as Baker noted, the EU wrongly claims that Jewish communities beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines are illegal under Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention from 1949. But authoritative interpretations of Article 49 make clear that Article 49 does not apply to such communities.

The lines the EU points to as Israel’s legal border were never borders and never legal. The 1949 Armistice Lines, which the EU falsely refers to as the 1967 borders, represent nothing more than the lines at which Israeli forces halted the invading armies of Arab states that illegally assaulted the nascent Jewish state at its birth on May 15, 1948.

The armistice agreements explicitly stated that the armistice lines lack all legal significance in terms of claims of parties to lands beyond the lines.

Finally, as Baker noted, the EU itself repeatedly supported UN resolutions and international agreements that recognize the legality of Israel’s continued control and civilian presence in the areas. As a consequence, its own actions contradict its claim that Israel’s presence and the presence of Israeli civilian communities beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines are illegal.

Beyond its unsubstantiated legal claims against Israel, both in its intention to label Israeli products and in its actions related to Hezbollah, the EU is acting in violation of international law. The EU’s intention to label Israeli products involves the imposition of trade barriers in contravention of the World Trade Organization’s legally binding rules.

By allowing Hezbollah to continue to operate in the EU, the EU is in violation of binding UN Security Council Resolution 1373 from 2001 that prohibits the use of member states’ territory for the benefit of terrorist groups.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni called the EU’s imposition of economic sanctions a “resounding wake-up call,” adding, “I hope that now all those who thought it is possible to continue with the freeze [in the peace talks with the PLO] will understand that we have to act to open negotiations, because this is the only way to protect Israel’s general interests.”

This view, which is the official view of the Left, is based on a complete denial of reality.

The EU announced its sanctions on the very same day US Secretary of State John Kerry announced he had convinced the PLO to return to peace talks with Israel. The confluence of these events could not demonstrate more clearly that the EU’s diplomatic onslaught against Israel has nothing to do with the conduct of negotiations with the PLO. If the EU’s chief interest was bringing Israel and the PLO to the negotiating table, Brussels would be sanctioning the Palestinians who have refused to negotiate with Israel since 2008.

By levying sanctions the EU does not seek to advance the cause of peace. It hopes to coerce Israel into abandoning its legitimate historic claims as the indigenous people of the Land of Israel to the lands allocated to the Jewish people under international law by the 1922 League of Nations Mandate for Palestine. It hopes to coerce Israel into surrendering its right to defensible borders and voluntarily transform itself into an indefensible strategic basket case wholly dependent on the goodwill of outside powers for its survival.

The question is what can Israel do about it? Were Israel to fight fire with fire and levy counter sanctions on European goods it would be entering an economic war that it would lose and therefore has every interest in avoiding. But Israel’s inability to respond in kind to European aggression does not mean it is without options.

Europe is using economic sanctions to expand its political power over Israeli decision-makers. So Israel should act to diminish Europe’s political power in Israel.

The EU itself told Israel how to go about doing this in Paragraph 15 of the sanctions directive. It reads, “The requirements [banning the transfer of EU funds to Israeli entities operating beyond the 1949 armistice lines]… do not apply to activities which, although carried out in the territories…

aim at benefiting protected persons under the terms of international humanitarian law who live in these territories [i.e., the Palestinians] and/or at promoting the Middle East peace process in line with EU policy.”

In other words, Israeli NGOs that receive EU assistance are exempt from the financing ban if they commit to undermining Israel’s rights in the area. As the EU sees it, NGOs who receive EU money are EU agents, advancing European goals in the domestic Israeli arena, and as such should be exempted from the EU’s economic sanctions.

In a 2010 meeting with US diplomats leaked by WikiLeaks, Jessica Montell, the executive director of the Israeli-registered pro-Palestinian pressure group B’Tselem, effectively admitted that her organization would cease to exist without European funding.

According to the protocol of the meeting, Montell “estimated her NIS 9 million ($2.4 million) budget is 95 percent funded from abroad, mostly from European countries.”

TO STEM THE momentum of Europe’s new economic war, Israel’s first response to the EU’s sanctions must be swift passage in the Knesset of a law requiring all Israeli entities that agree to operate under the EU’s funding guidelines to register as foreign agents and report all EU contributions.

Those contributions should be taxed at the highest corporate tax rate.

EU officials have stated repeatedly that they seek to undermine Israeli control over Area C. Area C is the area of Judea and Samaria where, in accordance with agreements signed between the PLO and Israel, Israel exercises most civil and military authorities. The EU is funding projects in Area C whose stated goal is to make it impossible over time for Israel to assert its authority over the area.

Israel’s second response to the EU’s announcement of economic sanctions on Israeli economic activity in Judea and Samaria should be to suspend all EU projects in Area C. Future EU projects should be subject to intense scrutiny by the civil administration. Israel’s default position should be to reject, rather than approve, such requests, given their hostile intent.

Finally, EU peacekeeping forces from Gaza to Lebanon to Syria have repeatedly proven not only their cowardice, but their willingness to act in ways that endanger Israel in order to protect themselves.

In Gaza, EU border guards fled to Israel following Hamas’s takeover of the area in 2007.

Along the border with Syria, Austrian peacekeepers fled at the first sign of trouble, leaving Israel to deal with Syrian breaches of the European-sanctioned 1974 disengagement agreement by itself.

European forces in UNIFIL in Lebanon have signed protection agreements with Hezbollah where in exchange for European forces’ turning a blind eye to Hezbollah’s illegal use of civilian infrastructures as military installations, Hezbollah has promised not to murder European forces.

Given this track record, Israel should bar European forces from further participation in armed forces in Israel. To this end, Israel should allow the mandate of the European-dominated Temporary International Presence in Hebron to expire when it next comes up for review. The TIPH, which has been deployed to the city since 1994, is composed of forces from Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

Israel has for years been operating under the misguided belief that the EU would eventually come around and side with Israel against its enemies.

This belief has been informed by equal doses of innocence and wishful thinking. The EU’s decision to initiate an economic war against the Jewish state forces Israel to abandon its long-held illusions.

Israel has options for responding forcefully to Europe’s aggression. If judiciously and firmly employed, these responses can diminish the Europeans’ interest in escalating this economic war, by denying them the political victory they seek.

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  • Manaphy

    Again, an article by this Caroline Glick is posted on a website which calls itself conservative. This is a woman who has called for a racist boycott of European products just because a political administration criticized Israel’s settlement policies. This is a woman who believes that Americans should die for Israel in purposeless wars against Syria and Iran, because Jews (and Israelis) are God’s chosen and therefore their blood is worth more than that of Americans and Binyamin Netanyahu is our lord and saviour and therefore everything he says is the enunciation of truth. This is a woman who believes that anyone who even slightly criticizes Israel is a “naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews” and that anyone who questions certain aspects of Judaism and Jewish history is a “neonaziklukluxklanholocaustdenier”. This is a woman who believes that all Iranians are collectively guilty of their government’s actions and therefore they all deserve to be bombed and killed. This is a woman who believes that all Palestinians are collectively guilty of their government’s actions and therefore they all deserve to be bombed and killed. This is a woman who believes that America and other white European countries should embrace an open borders immigration policy, flooding in countless of Muslims and blacks and Indians and Hispanics to white-majority countries, but Israel’s immigration policy must remain exclusive to Jews. FrontPageMag may call this conservatism, but Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have recognized it.

    • Guest

      You are high!

      • Manaphy

        Excellent response to my arguments. you must be a professional debater.

        • NAHALKIDES

          You didn’t make any arguments to respond to, you just cast aspersions on Glick, Israel, and the Jews. Obviously, your fondest wish is for Israel to be destroyed and the Jews murdered or driven out to become stateless refugees – it’s too bad you don’t have the honesty to just come out and say so.

          • Manaphy

            I am pro-Israel, but I am against the Jewish Supremacists who want to flood white-majority countries with Muslims and Blacks, and people like Caroline Glick, who want thousands of Americans to die in stupid, pointless wars for Israel, to which America has no interests getting involved in. I do not wish for Israel to be destroyed, nor do I want Jews to be murdered and become stateless refugees, If the Israelis chooses to attack Iran or Syria, then I will support them in their endeavors, however, that is not enough for Glick and Bibi Netanyahu (and David Horowitz). They want to see young, white, American and European soldiers die for Israel and for the Jewish Supremacists’ agenda.

          • DogmaelJones1

            “I am pro-Israel, but I am against the Jewish Supremacists who want to
            flood white-majority countries with Muslims and Blacks, and people like
            Caroline Glick….” This is one of the most bizarre assertions I’ve read anywhere, unsubstantiated and way out of the ballpark of rational discourse. Frankly, I was under the impression that it was white politically correct dhimmies in the EU and even the U.S. who were inviting hordes of Muslims from Africa, the Mid- and Far East to immigrate to Western countries. And the whole “Jewish Supremacist” mantra smacks of the Russian-authored “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which was also an anti-Semitic fabrication. Please, provide a link to the Jewish Supremacist Covenant and maybe I’ll grant you a dime’s worth of credibility. But probably not.

          • stephencarter

            Manaphy speaks like a serpent, slickly lying in every sentence. He uses ‘pro-Israel’ and ‘Jewish Supremacists’ in the same line. LOL. It’s really important just to see people like this for what they are, and not become upset that such self-deluding hate can exist so breezily. Just be aware it’s there. Don’t let it get you down. Such a delusional surrender to evil is not unusual, alas.

        • Well Done

          Mana, you made no “arguments”, you simply washed your head with OT and largely stupid assertions.

    • tatiana

      I respect your reply . in actuality the situation that he world are facing is happening according to biblical prophesy. These wars that we are in will cause us to go in World War 3 which is documented in Albert Pike’s blue print of the three wars. From a biblical aspect and discovery, the Jews in present day Israel are gentiles, in which they are imposters . A genocide was exercised to implicate that they were fulfilling prophesy in which they are not. Christ even said that his people will not be in land until he return in which there will be no more war in the earth. Basically, the Israelis are Roman or Khazars who fled to Europe after the Roman Empire collapse. The powers that albiet today bloodlines trace back to the Herodians, the Caesars, etc. Ask why no one never can give clear information on what happened to the Caesars and the people who fled Rome. also the immigrants are what the world considers as useless nation ie. so-called blacks, latinos, Native Americans, are the true Hebrews according to bloodline mentioned in the Bible. They are those who are hated and have been dispersed throughout the four corners for centuries. Notice that they are assigned by-words instead of their true nationality ie; what is a latino? Black, negro, colored, anything but what are true origin. Many are also in Africa today in which mass genocides occurs wherever they are dwelling ie, India, Rwanda, South Sudan, etc

      • OfficialPro

        Um no, the Khazars thing is a myth.

      • Edward

        Europe, like the Roman Empire will fall at the hand of barbarians – this time from the Arabia peninsula.

        The Western Hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand are the only hope for civilization.

      • Moto

        Nice black liberation theology. Who was your teacher, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

      • Well Done

        LOL sounds like some anti-Jew propaganda from the same writing team that brought us the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Too fun!

    • OfficialPro

      Racist? Um what race are Europeans again?



      • Manaphy

        So racism against whites is okay in you twisted worldview?

        • OfficialPro

          Whites can’t be racist against other whites.

          • Moto

            That’s not true. Liberal whites are some of the most virulently anti-white racists on the planet.

          • Fritz

            I guess you forgot about the Balkan wars back in the 90s? You know, the ones where they they are still arresting and trying war criminals from Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo in The Hague. Serbs killed Croats, Croats Killed Serbs, Bosnian Serbs killed Bosnian Muslims, and all of them are white. They all considered each other a different race and though they were justified in slaughtering each other.

          • Edward

            The croats were NAZIS in WW2.

            SCREW croatia.


            LONG LIVE SERBIIA!

          • Edward


            The national Socialists were very racist – thinking that norther europeans are “superior” to southern europeans.

            And british aristocracy look down on the rest of british society.

            Northern Italians look down on Southern Italians.

            The british hate the french and vice versa.

        • BenJabo1Machal

          MooSlimes are racist against any and all that aren’t MooSlimes


          For well over a millennium, across three continents – Asia, Africa, and Europe – non-Muslims have experienced jihad war ideology,
          and its ugly corollary institution, Dhimmitude. Today, the debate among Muslim
          scholars regarding the theological “correctness” of
          “lesser” versus “greater” jihad are meaningless to the
          millions of non-Muslim victims- Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, and

    • UCSPanther

      So says the poster who thinks David Duke is a credible source…

    • Edward


      Eurabia should be boycotted because Eurabia has once again sided with FASCISTS. This time it’s ISLAMOFASCISTS. Islamofascists murder, rape europeans, bomb passenger planes, threaten Eurabia with 9/11 scale attacks, establish Sharia Gulag zones in the socialist united kingdom, frawnce, norway, sweden, and the Eurotrash respond by bowing ever more fervently to appease the brutal Islamist occupiers.

      America should think long and hard before it comes to the rescue of the ungrateful, inbred socialst Eurotrash.

      Manaphool, I don’t understand how you can still be crying over the fact that your side LOST WW2, that your side SURRENDERED, UNCONDITIONALLY to the US, uk and soviet socialists.

      As long as islamofascists behave like savages, they will be treated like savages.

      • Moto

        The ones who resist islamofascism and multiculturalism in those countries are some of the finest people in the world. If I helped the people of these countries, it would be to see those men elevated to leadership of the degenerate socialist scum and given power to return to their more monarchal roots.For them, allegiance to a monarch and their national ideal is patriotism

        .Patriotic Europeans are our friends and ideological counterparts overseas and only they, unfortunately a minority, could turn back the savage hordes.

        • Edward

          Mr. Moto,

          Remember that the nazis called themselves

          National SOCIALISTS.

          • Moto

            Yes they did. I have a theory that a large part of the atrocities committed by them can be attributed to this. The Nazi party attempted to bridge the gap between the European far Right-the Nationalists and Fascists, and the European far Left-the Communists and socialists.

            You’d think this would usher in some kind of Golden Age, but what happened instead? That’s right, six million dead Jews.

            The nations were meant to live apart. When they are brought together,there is truly “epic” conflict. The solution to the political problems our world faces is nationalism-a healthy separation of our people’s political and economic interests.

            Nationalists don’t bomb buses or fly planes into buildings,they don’t gas their own countrymen,they don’t start wars of aggression,they don’t set up death camps to ethnically cleanse their countries because they have strong borders from the outset.

            Hitler’s socialism killed the Jews, mere German nationalism would have posed no threat to them.

        • Edward

          There are NO KINGS in America.

          SCREW monarchs/tzars/czars/sheiks and Eurabia.

          G-D Bless America!

      • Manaphy

        yes! I was waiting until someone would call me a Nazi. See, whenever a pro-Israel drone knows that he can’t use facts to his advantage, he simply silences all debate by calling his opponent a “Nazi” or an “antisemite”.

        “America should think long and hard before it comes to the rescue of the ungrateful, inbred socialst Eurotrash.”

        Well, Edward, it seems that you, my friend, are the real Nazi here. Slandering a certain ethnic group (Europeans) and singling them out for your hatred. Sound familiar to Germany in the 1930’s? And as for “Sharia Gulag Zones”, the only reason that they exist is because of the Jewish Supremacists who pushed for Europe’s current disastrous Immigration policies which have imported millions of Muslims from the 3rd world. This changing of Demographics of Europe can only spell out white genocide, but instead, you choose to see Anti-semites hiding under every bed. Next time that you choose to blame “Eurotrash” for Muzzie immigration, educate yourself about the actual culprits:

    • bigjoel

      Manaphy, you stated the following…
      …”This is a woman who believes that all Iranians are collectively guilty of their government’s actions and therefore they all deserve to be bombed and killed. This is a woman who believes that all Palestinians are collectively guilty of their government’s actions and therefore they all deserve to be bombed and killed…” Israel is surrounded by countries who have made their goal to wipe Israel off the map. Sounds like a condemnation of all Israelis to me, something that you seem to loathe when applied to Iranians or “Palestinians.”

    • BenJabo1Machal

      Pray tell, in which war did American’s die for Israel & how many died?

      • Manaphy

        Gulf War (1990-91) —- 20,000–35,000 killed
        Bosnian War (1992-95) —– 15000 (Americans) killed
        Iraq war (2003-2011) —- 5000 (Americans) killed
        Afghan War (2001- ongoing) —- 14000 killed
        Libyan Civil War (2011) [included in this list due to heavy American involvement, pushed for by the usual suspects] —- 6000-8000 killed

        Coming soon:

        • stephencarter

          Not one of those five wars had anything to do with Israel. Not one! Israel did not encourage one of those wars. Israel did not facilitate the launching or maintenance of those wars in any way. Well, I’ll just stop giving this totalitarian idiot any more attention. He didn’t get enough hugs … LOL

      • Edward


        >Bosnian War (1992-95) —– 15000 (Americans) killed

        Care to present a link to support your ludicrous claim?

    • Gee

      Since you claims are the opposite of everything that Ms. Glick has advocated there is nothing to debate. You make up moronic claims and say that they are hers – you are the idiot

      • Manaphy

        Which of my false and why?

    • Well Done

      It’s not about Glick, it’s about the Moslem-sympathetic dolts running the EU. Not only have their ideological edicts resulting in a Europe overrun with useless, restless Moslems, but now they are trying to further appease Moslems by giving them land they don’t deserve. Stay on topic, fool.

    • stephencarter

      This is a frothingatthemouth Marxist imbecile who thinks making a list of lies makes his hate sound reasonable. This is a delusional hack who simply can’t see or say anything positive about Israel or Jews. This is a leftist bigot whose words drip with scorn when he (or she) uses such phrases as ‘chosen people’ or ‘even slightly criticizes Israel’ or ‘be bombed and killed’ … Doesn’t Manaphy realize any attentive reader can see after only 3 lines that he’s literally coiled upon himself writhing with venom and hate? And if he had any spiritual awareness at all he would realize he’s playing Russian roulette, inviting disaster and ruin into his life. I see this over and over, haters who have no idea how much misery they’re literally inviting into their lives. It’s inescapable. Don’t succumb as this wretched Third Reichist has. It’s pitiable.

  • Texas Patriot

    All good ideas, Caroline. But in order to have any real independence from the dying European leviathan, Israel must develop all of its oil and gas resources without further delay. As the Muslims continue to tighten their death grip on Europe’s naive and unsuspecting throat, there will be increasingly desperate efforts to appease the aggressors, and the easiest way to do that is to make increasingly harsh and impossible demands upon Israel. Being able to say “no” to those demands without risk to its economic or military well-being is essential. There is no question that energy independence will lead to economic independence and military independence, and that is the only real hope Israel has for survival. Essentially, it’s a race against time, as Europe continues to sink into the oblivion of its own self-delusion and denial, Israel must become the new dominant force in the middle east. There is no alternative.

    • Moto

      Haha. Good luck.

      I don’t have any animosity towards Jews in general, but they won’t get out of this age alive. There’s not enough of ‘em and everybody in the world not only wants to kill them,but it appears there would be nobody to stop them from doing so.

      The economic and social failure in Europe,The United States,Canada, the Middle East,etc,will bury the Jews in a landslide of murderous fanatics. I’m not saying it’ll turn out rosy for us goyim, but I wouldn’t want to trade places with the Jews,I’ll tell you that. There’s a hint of Hitler in the air.

      • BenJabo1Machal

        Check out the “Samson” option, which Israel will use when push comes to shove

      • Edward

        Mr. Moto,

        The savage isamaniacs will go on more killing sprees like the beheading of the soldier in the Ummah Kingdom, Boston Marathon bombing.

        There will be day when even the most head in sand Infidel will say ENOUGH and kick the sand nazis and duplicitous socialist in the rear end.

        • Moto

          Absolutely. We will rise up and throw off this scourge.

      • Gee

        Moto they have been trying for many decades now. Everytime they attack we get stronger.

        Yes we have and can continue to defeat them all. We have no other choice

      • kate5778b

        You haven’t heard of the Merneptah Stele, then?

      • Harry

        This is nothing new. You could have written the same post two thousand years ago. We have always been and will always be few in number and irrationally hated as prophecized in the Torah. But “miraculously” we always survive and flourish. It is a blessing to be a Jew and we have survived through all of the ages while most other large civilizations have vanished.

  • al_kidya

    Caroline Glick should run for Israeli Parliament.

    • Gee

      She would be as good a Foreign Minister as Abba Eban. With either Bennet, Danon, or Feiglin as Prime Minister and keep Ya’alon as Defense Minister.

  • Hank Rearden

    Great article Amazing how few people in public live have iron in their souls. Caroline Glick is one of them.

    The basic question is whether you think Israel is a legitimate state or not. If you think that Israel is illegitimate, then all of its actions to defend itself are illegal. If you think that Israel is a legitimate state, then it has the right to defend itself.

    Israel has paid a high and unnecessary price for engaging in negotiations. Negotiations have left the impression that Israel is a temporary state than can be negotiated away.

    Hard to understand why the Europeans are so anti-Jew. For instance, the Congo is a basket case and that is largely because of the cruel colonization of it by Belgium. Why no concern about that?

    Europe has a death wish.

    Oh, and if there is a word of truth in the Manaphy post, I am unable to find it. That tells you a lot. The Left simply cannot make truthful arguments.

    • Treco

      oh hank, how right you are about the E.U. having a death wish, and the actions of these fools has all but sealed the fate of many Euro nations, sadly their innocents will also suffer as a result of the actions of these anti semetic despots, who are frothing at the mouth for the extinction of Israel.If I were a European I would be feeling a little uneasy at the tribulations that may lay ahead. When is the message going to get through, God has made it very clear that he will bless those that bless his people and curse those that curse his people. I know who is going to win.

      • Moto

        “If I were a European I would be feeling a little uneasy at the tribulations that may lay ahead.”

        I’m of European descent. I’m not too worried about my people performing admirably when they finally shake off the 100 years of socialist brainwashing they have been subjected to. The Jews may be the chosen people of God,but the European is made to resemble his image far more closely. In the day of our Wrath, none will be able to stand against him.

        • Edward

          Mr. Moto,

          Eurabia is finished.

          Islamofascists murder people IN Eurabia, and Eurotrash respond by Boycotting Israel – and NOT the islamofascists of hezbullah, hamass, al qada, muslim brotherhood.

          Decadent Eurabia has a Death Wish.

          Socialist norway should make that Brevik guy Prim Minster so he can do more house cleaning in that frozen piece of socialist S**T.

  • Texas Patriot

    Unfortunately, Islam is a religion of peace in name only. The truth of the matter is that there has never been a greater war-making philosophy in the history of the world. From a military standpoint, it is absolute genius, and the fact that millions of people are still following his teachings 1400 years after his death is ample evidence that Muhammad was the greatest military leader of all time.

    Unfortunately, Islam’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Wherever it prevails there is perpetual war. If there are no non-Miuslims to kill, Muslims kill each other, and understanding that simple fact is the key to dealing with the global phenomenon of Islam going forward.

    Israel and Israel alone has the capacity to deal with Islam in the proper way, and for that we should all be thankful. Hatred of Israel lies at the heart of Islam, and that will be its undoing.

    • LDMack

      Great points:

      This is partly due to the fact that Israel does not delude herself in PC rhetoric designed to cloud the issues and intents of political agendas.. One could very strongly argue on the evidence of history that Islam is as much, if not more of a political philosophy than a bona fide religion.

      Islam has historically dealt with and from positions of strength while the West continues its illusions of diplomacy. Muslims respect strength, not talk and Israel understands this very well. It is the West which balks and winces at the sound of rubber hitting the road. Israel should never had counted on the EU to come to favor. The EU has its own disasters to deal with.

      • Edward

        SCREW the EU because they APPEASE islamofasciists like europe appeased national socialism in the 1930’s and 40’s.

  • Bryan Schmick

    re act 2 – I wonder if requiring a tattooed number on the arm of a doll made in Israel will meet the requirement? There was a time not so long ago that Germany was embarrassed about it’s actions in the late 1930s-1940s.

  • Bryan Schmick

    re Act 3 – Hezbollah’s militant wing are terrorist. But there is nothing wrong with any agency funding it?

  • Well Done

    Israel should include Gaza, Golan, the so-called “West Bank”, and the city of Jerusalem as an Israeli city. The so-called “arabs” have done nothing, nothing to suggest they deserve to be given anything. The “arabs” went to war several times, as they were not happy with the 1949 or 1967 borders. Consider how stupid it is to give them anything now! To do so is to reward them for losing wars, a very, very stupid thing to do indeed.

  • herb benty

    Europe is morally and financially bankrupt. Any decent people and nation would side with the Jewish people, being as they are the most persecuted people in all of history.3000 years of continuous history in Israel, one would think that the world would be celebrating the Jewish people, National Geographic would have a whole issue highlighting them, Museums around the world should have sections between the Assyrians, Babylonians, Hebrews and Egyptians. BUT WHAT do we get, from Europe we get sanctions, world communism arming Israeli enemies, etc. To top off the evil along comes Islam, a satanic faith seemingly hatched solely to destroy the Jewish and Christian people. I love the Jewish people and Israel, but I have discovered that this is a demonic world and I now understand why God must destroy the spiritual wickedness that started with Adam and Eve and has multiplyed ever since.

  • BS77

    when you look at Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq or Libya…the horrific violence, endless bombings and mass murders….you know Israel is NOT the problem in the middle east….far from it.