Livni’s Political Strategy

tzipi-livni2Originally published by the Jerusalem Post

For Justice Minister Tzipi Livi, all politics are personal.

She can be trusted, because she is good. Her opponents must be rejected, because they are evil.

In her speech at The Jerusalem Post’s Diplomatic Conference in Herzliya last Thursday, Livni insisted that the only “legitimate” basis for opposing a Palestinian state is ideological. Livni stridently rejected the notion that one can oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state – in the two-state solution framework – for security reasons.

As she sees it, everyone cares equally about security. And since she cares about security just as much as her political opponents do, the question of whose policy will better protect the country is illegitimate.

She’s nice. She cares. So she’s just as competent as the next guy.

There’s just one problem with Livni’s claim.

She has a track record.

ISRAEL ENACTED two major strategic initiatives that have her signature on them: the 2005 withdrawal from Gaza, and UN Security Council Resolution 1701 from 2006 that set the terms for the end of the Second Lebanon War.

Both were massive failures. Both caused Israel’s national security to deteriorate. And in both cases, Livni’s political opponents warned that her strategies were wrong-headed, dangerous and unhinged from strategic realities.

Livni built her career on her support for the withdrawal of all Israeli civilians and security forces from the Gaza Strip.

It was her decision to jump on the expulsions bandwagon, and her fervent castigation and demonization of all her former colleagues and voters, that caused then prime minister Ariel Sharon to promote her from the backwaters of the Absorption Ministry to center stage at the Justice Ministry.

Within months Livni became second only to Ehud Olmert in seniority in Sharon’s government.

As justice minister, Livni ignored the law and trounced democratic norms to repress opponents of the withdrawal.

Licensed buses transporting law abiding citizens to legal protests were unlawfully intercepted en route by police.

Protest organizers were subjected to warrantless, middle-of-the-night searches, unlawful seizure of private property and arbitrary arrests without charge.

13-year-old girls were arrested for participating in protests. They were jailed for four months without charges being brought against them.

And Livni, who since her 2003 ideological transformation from nationalist to radical leftist has presented herself as the guardian of Israeli democracy, oversaw the entire process.

We know what happened after Israel withdrew from Gaza. Just as all of Livni’s opponents warned, Israel was shelled by more rockets, mortars and missiles than ever before. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are now in range of Gaza’s terror armies.

Hamas took over Gaza, and transformed it into a hub for the global jihad, linking the jihad against Israel to the jihad against Egypt and the rest of the world.

Gaza, which before the withdrawal was never more than a tactical nuisance, became a regional strategic threat.

As the war the next year showed, Israel’s decision to cut and run from Gaza, and its willingness to forcibly expel ten thousand of its most productive citizens from their homes, was a profound expression of weakness. Just as the withdrawal opponents warned, it invited the aggression that Hezbollah visited on us.

As foreign minister during the war, Livni was responsible for organizing Israel’s diplomatic defense and managing relations with the US and Europe.

She chose a strategy of preemptive capitulation. Against the will of prime minister Ehud Olmert, Livni began negotiating the cease-fire in the early days of the war, vacuously insisting that there was no military solution to a terrorist organization’s war of aggression.

The result of her dubious efforts was 1701, which from Israel’s perspective is arguably the most problematic Security Council resolution ever passed. Not only did 1701 treat Hezbollah, a terrorist organization that fought an illegal war against Israel, as a legitimate party simply by ignoring it. It made Hezbollah the victor in the war by ensuring it would retake control of Lebanon’s border with Israel without any serious opposition.

THESE TWO strategic initiatives are Livni’s national security track record. As their failures show, whatever her intentions may be, she is totally incompetent to understand, secure or advance Israel’s national security.

From her egomaniacal insistence that she is The One who will bring the peace, it is apparent that Livni has never accepted responsibility for the damage she has caused the country.

But she does seem to recognize that she cannot defend her actions on their merits. Just as the only card she plays in her favor is egomaniacal self-aggrandizement, so the only card she plays against her opponents is aggressive demonization.

Sunday the cabinet approved the release of another 26 terrorist murderers from prison. The release is second of four tranches that will bring about the release of 104 terrorist murderers from prison. This is the price that Livni and US Secretary of State John Kerry convinced Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to pay for the privilege of having Livni sit across a negotiating table from Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat.

In a bid to block the cabinet decision, on Saturday night the Jewish Home (Bayit Yehudi) party released a statement saying that Israel mustn’t endanger the public just so that Livni can sit at a table with chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat.

The statement attracted a lot of media attention because it was on the mark.

Livni’s negotiations are endangering Israel’s national security. Hundreds of Israelis have been murdered over the years by terrorists Israel released early from prison for political reasons. More will certainly be murdered by those now being released.

And that isn’t all. The act of releasing terrorists emboldens other terrorists to strike. When they see these murderers welcomed home as heroes after serving a fraction of their life sentences, wouldbe murderers understand that they have a free hand to kill Jews.

Then there are the lessons the Palestinians have learned over 20 years of negotiations. They know that Israel deals with terrorism with kid gloves when negotiations are taking place. Out of fear of angering their Palestinian “partners” Israel’s leaders have consistently failed to take effective action against terrorist attacks that occur while the PLO is supposedly talking peace with us.

So just by sitting down with Erekat, Livni is constraining the freedom of action of the IDF to protect the country.

The recent spate of terrorist attacks, and the IDF’s timid response to them, made this clear, yet again.

The Jewish Home party’s statement neatly encapsulated all of these incontrovertible charges. Since she has no substantive defense against them, she responded with rank demonization and criminalization.

Speaking to Army Radio, Livni’s surrogate, Environmental Protection Minister Amir Peretz, said, “The Jewish Home party has become a messianic and extremist home. The incitement and hatemongering is egregious…. Angry statements like this… can lead to murder.”

AND THERE you have it. Livni, the egomaniacal failure, is competent because she says she cares; and her opponents, who were right about the Gaza withdrawal, right about 1701 and are right about the terrorist releases and the negotiations, are murderers.

Livni promised the audience at the conference last Thursday that she will never quit politics again. Let’s hope her word on that score is as solid as her national security credentials.

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  • Webb

    What an odious, vile and horrid creature from Hell. I pray she ends up like Sharon.

  • nomoretraitors

    If Israel is appeasing Muslim jihad, then all is lost

  • A Z

    “Against the will of prime minister Ehud Olmert, Livni began negotiating the cease-fire in the early days of the war”

    I do not understand how this happened.

    What did Livni do exactly?

    Did she say I am going to negotiate on Israel’s behalf and Olmert said no, but she went ahead anyway?

    Did she negotiate secretly and Olmert found out after negotiations were well along the way?

    When the boss, I assume that Prime Ministers could be considered the boss, tells you not to do something, how does one keep one’s job?

  • herb benty

    The Israeli government needs to fire these EU- style leftist, suicidal TWITS. Replace them with smart, brave right -wingers who do not shy away from tough decisions, not selling the farm in the process. Israel doesn’t need to worry about world opinion anymore. Many in this world want Israel and all Jewry annihilated, and many are totally for Israel and the Jews to succeed. The former will not be swayed even if the Arabs get their own State, and neither will the Arabs. The latter and God Almighty Pray for our Jewish family to be STRONG and resist leftist nonsense and Arab fanaticism. Islam is coming, why not kick the palestinians out now as a premptive measure. Jail Livni.

    • A Z

      Myself, I wanted to see Sharon’s disengagement plan succeed. I figured that if he Palestinians got Gaza and thing remained peaceful, then in a generation we could have a 2 state solution and we would have peace at last.

      Israel gave ground and instead of building on that good will Hamas immediately used the vacated settlements to shell Israel. Let’s not forget that instead of maintaining and profiting from the infrastructure left behind, the Palestinians looted it. Hydroponics farms broken down and sold for scrap do not profit an individuals as much as running said farm. Any doubt that Palestinians import food at a premium?

      Diplomat was tried and diplomacy failed. It can be argued it was worth trying. I think it was. But to continue with such diplomacy is foolish. Livni has gone down the wrong road and refuses to admit it. That makes her dangerous.

      “In Sharon’s Cabinet, Livni was an avid supporter of the prime minister’s disengagement plan, and was generally considered to be among the key dovish or moderate members of the Likud party. She often mediated between various elements inside the party, and made efforts to achieve a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including successful efforts to have the pullout from the Gaza Strip ratified by the Knesset.”

      ” Sharon said that his plan was designed to improve Israel’s security and international status in the absence of political negotiations to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”'s_unilateral_disengagement_plan

      • herb benty

        I appreciate your insightful analysis. Intelligent, insightful, analysis is precisely what Islam and the Arabs reject when it comes to Israel. Unless, its to plan an attack. A Z, I read several versions of the Koran for myself, and it is very clear that the Jews and Christians are to be annihilated….Period. A 2-State solution will only hasten the attack, there is no negotiating with insane fanatics. Worrying about, International status, is a waste of Israeli lives .Knowledge without Wisdom is dangerous. Why is Livni in such a key position. Shalom.

        • A Z

          “Worrying about, International status, is a waste …”

          Agreed. Those complaining usually have done nothing to protect their society. Europeans talk all day about peace. Yet, they spent 60 years under American protection and did not contribute their fair share.

          The NATO agreement said that people would spend 4% of their budget on defense to contribute to the overall defense. Not one European country ever did so.

          So peace looks easy; they never did any heavy lifting.

          • herb benty

            The Holy Bible says, “in the latter days, they will cry, Peace, Peace!, where there is no Peace. The EU fits that to a T.

      • warpmine

        Problem was it wasn’t Israel’s land to give, it was God’s land to give or take away. When the idiots in Israel realize this, they will be safe. Not holding my breath. Just because you happen to be Jewish by birth doesn’t mean you’re Jewish If you’re a leftist turd, you aren’t Jewish, you’re a leftist turd.

    • A Z

      I see Jews in a worse predicament than they were immediately preceding Exodus.

      I tend to believe that Israelites came to Egypt from Canaan due to drought and to serve as mercenaries (Habaru) for Egypt. Some may have also been traders. I am not sure that they were all descended from Abraham or Jacob.

      Due to Egyptian memories of the Hyksos invasion, the Israelites were demoted. They were no longer to serve as mercenaries. I am not sure what percentage of men were employed as mercenaries, but a number of them were. They foresaw a future of destitution, life as second class citizens, loss of identity, or slavery. They chose to leave.

      Once they chose to leave, they had to be tough. Between the desert and hostile tribes they had to be tough and the had to be one people.

      Israel has to be one people. You cannot have people like Livni appeasing Palestinians and saving her ire for Israelis of a different political persuasion. Israel must be a cohesive unit and be tough like the Israelites of old or perish. Livni does not fit into that picture.

      • herb benty

        A Z, I believe the Holy Scriptures that Joseph was sold into slavery, and was eventually raised to prominence because he revered God. That the Hibiru became so numerous that a new Pharoah made them serve as builders in hard bondage, God delivered them using Moses and the Jews ended up in the Promised Land. Israel is indeed in a worse predicament now than in Egypt, She is surrounded by those who wish to destroy her. The Left is trying to ruin Western civilization and the Foundation of Western civilization is Israel. On that the Left and Islam agree, hence, the chummy relationship. Livni and her types need to be sidelined quickly.

        • A Z

          I don’t know about the hard bondage, but it would not surprise me if they were demoted.

          I do know for a fact that scribes and other courtiers hated the military. The pharaoh would reward soldiers with land for bravery and after good service. It was also meant to support them between campaigns. It was a matter of professional envy. Scribes felt soldiers got too much and scribes too little.

          When men were impressed or enlisted in the Egyptian army, their parents would cry as if they were already dead.

          That is how soldiers were viewed. If they were “foreign” soldiers even if they had lived in Egypt for generations, the antagonism would be double or more.

          I have this from reading and Battles of the Bible n the History channel. Moses was a great General. The pillar of smoke and flam and the the parting of the Reed sea are all explainable and historical. That does not mean that God’s hand was not evident or that he was necessary for the Israelites survival.

          For all the habiru among the Israelites, there were many among them who were not inured to the hard life of marching and campaigning. The Sinai is a very hard place and it had potentially hostile tribes. It is a freaking miracle the Israelites made it.

          • herb benty

            A Z, I’ll have to stop right here. If you are consistent with one thing, it is your refusal to accept the History in the Hebrew Scriptures and by extension, the Holy Bible. Those books that are God-breathed, tell exactly the history of the Jewish nation. The Hebrew, Torah, Talmud, Psalms and the Prophets were meticulously copied and also produced our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Judeo-Christian Faith is the Truth, the History Channel is not. Keep searching.

          • A Z

            I said it was a miracle not chance.

            I study WW2 quite a bit. I can see the Germans very easily winning.

            If they had taken Malta and Gibraltar. The Afrika Corps would have received more supplies and the British 8th army less.

            If the Germans had taken Dunkirk, the British might have sued for peace.

            So while people see WW2 ending in a allied victory inexorably, I have got to wonder about the hand of God.

            Ibid the Israelites.

          • herb benty

            The 6 day war, Gideon/the 300 vs the Midianites, David and Goliath, etc. Our God wins wars easily.

          • A Z

            Just remember every victory speech has 3 parts since antiquity.

            The 1st part is thanking God.
            2nd part (I forgot this part)
            The 3rd part is Don’t get cocky.

          • herb benty

            That was good! Ya A Z I realize I am a zealot at times, I can’t stand all the Darkness in this world, and I spout occasionally. Thanks for the sound advice.

          • defcon 4

            Except for the USSR. At the end of the war, Hitler chose to send a division of the Wehrmacht to fight on the Western front because a division would make no difference on the Eastern front. The Russians bled the Nazis dry.

          • A Z

            The Chinese bled the Japanese dry in WW2. they tied down 50 Japanese divisions.

            The Russiams as you mentioned did the same to the Germans.

            Yet both the Russians and Chinese would have lost without Allied help.

            Without pressure from other fronts and war materials from the allies, both would have lost.

            The Russians received several thousand tanks from the Allies. Whole tank regiments (e.g. 1st regiment) were standardized on Sherman. We sent them tens of thousands of jeeps and trucks. As late as Bagration Soviet offensives stopped because they out ran their supply lines.

            Hollywood has never shown a movie where the Russians were using non-Russian tanks or Germans using Czech or captured tanks.

          • defcon 4

            I suppose you’re right without a Western Front, Nazi Germany could’ve fought the USSR to a stand still.

          • A Z

            I am posting to this comment instead of the one down bellow, because you used the “screened” word “N A Z I”
            Use the German acronym NDSAP instead to get around the filter.

            Or as Glenn Beck Suggested shape the debate and use the full name National Socialist Workers party to p_ss off the left.

            You would have to wargame Russia’s position with 7,000 less tanks, 11,400 less aircraft, etc. to see what effect it would have had.

            A person might be able to use a board game an simple not have the Russians add counters as fast. That might give an ideal of what if.

            In total, the US deliveries through Lend-Lease amounted to $11 billion in materials: over 400,000 jeeps and trucks; 12,000 armored vehicles (including 7,000 tanks); 11,400 aircraft and 1.75 million tons of food


          • A Z

            This is pretty much icing on the cake.

            “Much of the aid can be better understood when considering the economic distortions caused by the war. Most belligerent powers cut back severely on production of non-essentials, concentrating on producing weapons. This inevitably produced shortages of related products needed by the military or as part of the military-industrial complex.

            The USSR was highly dependent on rail transportation, but the war practically shut down rail equipment production: only about 92 locomotives were produced. 2,000 locomotives and 11,000 railcars were supplied under Lend-Lease. Likewise, the Soviet air force received 18,700 aircraft, which amounted to about 14% of Soviet aircraft production (19% for military aircraft).[17]

            Although most Red Army tank units were equipped with Soviet-built tanks, their logistical support was provided by hundreds of thousands of U.S.-made trucks. Indeed by 1945 nearly two-thirds of the truck strength of the Red Army was U.S.-built. Trucks such as the Dodge 3/4 ton and Studebaker 2½ ton, were easily the best trucks available in their class on either side on the Eastern Front. American shipments of telephone cable, aluminum, canned rations, and clothing were also critical”


  • A Z

    Sharon was a great military leader. I do not fault him for his disengagement plan. I do fault those that want to continue in the same manner after the Palestinians did not respond to kindness with kindness. Kindness was met with violence. So now Israel must reply in kind.

    • defcon 4

      Wasn’t it Sharon who commanded the IDF forces that crossed the Suez Canal in ’73’?

      • A Z


        Hero that Sharon may be, people can get old and tired. I said above the Gaza pullout was worth trying. It was not a baby step. It was not a toe hold. It was more like a foot hold on “Down Payment” on a 2 state solution. The Israelis under Sharon, unilaterally went first. Instead of recognizing that they could have a state peacefully and paying for the down payment with peace, the Palestinians paid Israel with war.

        Now anytime that a leftist says land for peace, they can be met with the Israelis have done it twice. Sinai and Gaza.

        The Egyptians have basically under Mubarak kept their end of the deal. Therefore they kept their land. The Palestinians have not kept their end of the deal.

        3 actors have have negotiated. 2 have of them have had peace, one has not. That one would be the Palestinians.

        • defcon 4

          The Sinai was given back to Egypt twice. Once in ’56’ (thanks to Eisenhower) and then again as a result of the Camp David (I think) accords.

          • A Z

            I don;t know or didn’t know about the Eisenhower give back.

            If so that would be 3 times, that Israel has traded land for peace.

          • defcon 4

            Israel captured the Sinai in ’56’ or ’57’ in an operation that coincided w/French and British air strikes against Egypt. I’m not sure who brokered the deal to give back the Sinai to Egypt, but I’m pretty sure Eisenhower was involved.

          • A Z

            Probably Eisenhower.

            France was pro Israeli until they pulled out of Algeria.

          • defcon 4

            Did you know the French pull out from Algeria led to an attempted coup by elements of the Foreign Legion?

          • A Z

            No, I do not think that I heard that.

            Not surprising.

          • A Z

            Yup, you were 100% correct :)

            Operation Kadesh: The Israeli operation in the Sinai Peninsula


      • A Z

        Operation Gazelle

  • Bert

    It seems to me that the moral rot in Israel is very much like that inside the U.S. Remember that Iran is targeting both of us, i.e. the Big Satan and the Little Satan and they have any ally in the White House and a flawed politician in Netanyahu.
    America and Israel are the only two real obstacles to continued Islamic expansion and both of us are in real trouble. The bible suggests that good will finally win out but not before a terrible war.

  • antioli

    Even Israel has a 5th column!

  • dartson

    And who invited Livni to join his coalition government? Who appointed her as the chief negotiator with Palestinians and kept her as the minister of Justice? No other than the prime-minister Netanyahu. The good thing is that Livni’s party only won 6 seats in the Parliament last election and will hopefully disappear entirely after the next election.

  • glennd1

    But Amir Peretz is correct about the fascistic Jewish Home Party – it’s an extreme, hatefilled festival of civil liberties violations and Jewish supremacy. Livni is still pretty supportive of aggressive dealings with the Palestinians – the problem is she hasn’t become a radical Zionist thug like Rotem completely yet, but has supported many of the most discriminatory policies ever passed by the Israeli “democracy”.

    Most Americans just don’t know it because it’s not been reported here, but Israel today has become a very undemocratic, illiberal place. I dare anyone of you to read the latest Max Bluenthal book, Goliath, on current day Israel and its politics wrt Palestinians and Eretz Israel, and tell me that actions justified by the simultaneous victimization threat narrative and the aggressive assertion of Jewish “rights” to a Jewish majority state don’t seem scary in their own right. I dare you.

    But of course, nobody here will read a critical book about Israel – that’s unthinkable.

    • J Simson

      In order to be fascist party they would have to be

      1) In favor of abolishing elections – Jewish Home Party supports freedom and democracy. Always did and always will.

      2) Secular National socialist – Jewish Home Party voter base are Conservative/Religious/Zionist/Capitalistic Jews.

      Being liberal doesn’t excuse you from the facts.

    • J Simson

      Max Bluenthal is an agenda driven hack. Not a reliable source of information.

      • glennd1

        Have you read his book, Goliath? Do you have any specific factual refutation of the litany of oppression and anti-democratic actions of the Israeli govt and its political supporters that he lays out in it?

        Silly boy, a Jewish state doesn’t frighten me – it’s just anti-democratic and completely at odds with the classical liberal values the U.S. was founded upon. I don’t care about Jews fighting in the desert over ancient religious land claims with Arab Muslims. What I do care about is when I’m told the U.S. must support the radical Zionists claims and actions as a state.

        Political Zionism is inherently immoral in that it asserts as superior the rights of Jews as superior to the rights of all others. This was no better demonstrated than when the Zionists ethnically cleansed almost 1 million Arab Muslims from their homes in Palestine in 1948. You are welcome to it, but it’s defacto bigoted and supremacist. As an American, I loathe such a political setup. None of which means I support the Islamists either, but in fact our support of Israel is part of what makes us a target of the radical Islamists.

        In other words, a moral American who actually understands the nature of liberty and our republican, representative democracy should be both anti-Islamist and anti-Zionist. Our support of Zionism is the very definition of a entangling alliance that our founders warned about and wanted us to avoid. You are welcome to support it, of course, just don’t tell me that my govt or tax dollars should.

        • defcon 4

          Is your zabiba hurting today Aladdin?

    • defcon 4

      Relative to the rest of the Mid-East and N. Africa, Israel isn’t anything but a liberal democracy.

  • Lanna

    As in all liberal governments, the facts show they are not for real peace, but their policies seem to create destabilization, this has been proven time and time again over the years. Appeasement of enemies never ends up with more freedom and less wars…how history does repeat itself with people who keep voting for the wrong leaders.

  • jarradcvh059

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  • glennd1

    Jewish Home Party supports loyalty oaths (which many Arab Muslim Israelis can never take), and the guarantee of Israel as a majority Jewish state. That is defacto Jewish supremacy. Guys like you are amusing to me – you’ve been guzzling Zionist agitprop for so long you don’t understand the meaning of words. A true liberal democracy cannot have a religious requirement for its govt as religion is axiomatically a matter of personal conscience in which the state has no right to intervene. I don’t know if you live in the U.S., but if you do, try to imagine the govt here having as it’s goal a majority Christian population and all the laws of our country favoring Christian values, culture, tradition and peoples. That’s what Israel has devolved into for Jewish peoples, faith and culture. And too call such a society “free” and “democratic” misses that it is only so for Jews – hence it’s not either.

    Funny, you claim the right are all capitalists – what about the religious Jews who refuse to work? What about the well known history of Zionist communism and socialism? What about the vast Israeli welfare system that favors Jews? That’s “capitalistic”?

    • defcon 4

      Waaaaaaaaaaaa, there’s nothing so disgusting as seeing an islam0nazi hypocritically whine.

      • $1420579

        Do you realize you are incapable of rational argument? I’m no supporter of Islamism in any form, in fact I believe it to be a huge problem. As for being a Nazi – really, are you that bent that this kind of rhetoric makes sense to you?

        You should read up on the current political situation in Israel. The threat narrative they’ve successfully imbued the population with has led them to create an apartheid, madman state unleashes violence and repression on Arab Muslms at the slightest perceived provocation. It’s become a crazed state, as it cannot resolve the conflict between it’s professed liberal values and claims of moral superiority with the Arab Muslim blood dripping from their hands.

        Labor and liberal Zionists have slowly been coopted to the radical, Jewish supremacy of Likud and Beiteinu Yisrael. There is no choice, if they turn on Zionism itself, they would be turning against that state. And the right wing politicians have criminalized criticizing Zionism and the morality of a Zionist state. Those who disagreed in the past have been shown how hypocritical they are. If you’ve stayed in Israel as an adult, you are complicit in the ongoing crime, so even less political and secular Israelis are now supporting the rabid nationalism spewed by the radical Zionists.

        Israel is becoming more and more like Nazi Germany each day, but Israelis still justify their every vicious move based on the holocaust – and miss the incredible hypocrisy. I predict that Israel will become more hateful and aggressive as they become more isolated and despised by civil people – like me.

        Anti-Zionist and Anti-Islamist are the only moral positions to take.

  • SoCalMike

    If Livni had an ounce of self respect and concern for others, she would commit suicide.

    Arrogant ignorant coercive ideologues like her make me sick.

  • danshanteal

    How in hell did she get to be the spokesperson for the negotiations? She’s spiking the punch bowl.

  • defcon 4

    Livni, what a scumbag. I’d almost think she’s angling to get a cabinet position in the 0-bama gang, because I’m sure they were rubbing their filthy hands in glee at her actions.

  • Mundus611

    It is almost too much to read these last two Glick columns. These realities are so atrocious and what they expose and portend, they are difficult to read. where are the counter measures? What can be done? Offer these criminals in government sums they can’t refuse? Threaten to expose their deepest, most mendacious behaviour? Ask them, publicly, how they will deal with their responsibility for the destruction of Israel and another 6.2Million Jews?

  • Mundus611

    Israel has to stand up for itself.Maybe it forgets, it , also, stands for the protection of jerusalem and other sacred areas to the Christians in the world. Its position holds a spiritual dimension, which maybe their greatest trust. There are more christians than Muslims, and if it concedes any part of Jerusalem, it could spark a far greater reaction than Obama and the sick, anti-Semitic Europeans are taking into account. The US Congress, however, would do the world a huge favor by holding Obama accountable for what he has done and impeach him
    on his egregious betrayals of his vow to protect this country and the US Constitution from all foreign and domestic enemies.