Obama: Wounded … and Dangerous

Obama-ScandalOriginally published in the Jerusalem Post.

US Secretary of State John Kerry looks like a bit of an idiot these days. On Monday he announced that he will be returning to Israel and the Palestinian Authority and Jordan for the fifth time since he was sworn into office on February 1. That is an average of more than one visit a month.

And aside from frequent flier miles, the only thing he has to show for it is a big black eye from PLO chief and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

When Kerry was here last month he unveiled a stunning plan to bring $4 billion in investment funds to the PA. If his plan actually pans out, its champions claim it will increase the PA’s GDP by a mind-numbing 50 percent in three years and drop Palestinian unemployment from 21 to 8 percent.

Standing before world and regional leaders on May 26, Kerry said plaintively, “This will help build the future. Is this a fantasy? I don’t think so.”

Abbas and his underlings wasted no time, however, in demonstrating that indeed, Kerry’s plan is fantasy. Abbas appointed Rami Hamdallah, a Fatah apparatchik with perfect English, to replace America’s favorite moderate Palestinian, Salam Fayyad, as PA prime minister.

As The Jerusalem Post’s Khaled Abu Toameh has pointedly explained, Hamdallah was appointed for two reasons. First, to facilitate Fatah’s absconding with hundreds of millions of dollars in donor aid to the PA and to Palestinian development projects precisely of the type that Kerry hopes to finance with his $4b. grant. The second reason Abbas appointed Hamdallah the English professor from Nablus was because his language skills will enable him to make American and European donors feel comfortable as his colleagues in Fatah pick their taxpayer- funded pockets.

Aside from mooning Kerry in the middle of his speech in Jordan, Abbas couldn’t have thought of a more graphic way to show his contempt for Kerry and the Obama administration.

But that wasn’t the only thing the Palestinians did. Again, as Abu Toameh has reported, the popular Palestinian response to last week’s World Economic Forum in Jordan, where Abbas and Kerry rubbed elbows with President Shimon Peres and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, was to attack the businessmen who accompanied Abbas to the conference. Their crime was meeting with Israeli businessmen who came to the conference in Peres’s entourage. Led by Fatah activists, Palestinian writers, unions and others also went after Palestinian businessmen from Jenin who went to Haifa to meet with Israeli businesspeople at the invitation of Haifa’s Chamber of Commerce. The “anti-normalization” crowd is calling for Palestinians to boycott Palestinian businesses that do business with Israelis.

And again, that isn’t all. At the PLO’s birthday celebrations this week, Abbas said that the group’s 1964 charter reflects the will of the Palestinian people. That charter calls for the destruction of Israel. It was written three years before Israel took control of Judea, Samaria and northern, southern and eastern Jerusalem.

But wait, there’s more. The Palestinian leadership attacked Kerry personally and his plan as an attempt to bribe them. They promised that while they will happily take the money, $4b. measly dollars won’t convince them to moderate one iota. They still demand that Israel release all Palestinian terrorists from its jails, agree to its demographic destruction through the so-called “right of return,” or unfettered immigration of millions of foreign Arabs to Israel, and the surrender of all of Judea, Samaria and northern, southern and eastern Jerusalem to the PLO as a precondition to beginning negotiations.

And for all that, Kerry responded by applauding Hamdallah’s appointment and announcing he will return here next week and is planning to roll out his own comprehensive peace plan very soon.

Israeli leaders for the most part have reacted to Kerry’s constant harping by rolling their eyes. He seems like a complete lunatic. Obviously he will fail and the best thing we can do is smile and nod, like you do when you are dealing with a crazy person.

Even when Kerry claimed that the reason Israelis aren’t interested in peace is that we have too much money to care, we didn’t take offense. Because really, why take anything he says seriously? And aside from that, they ask, what can the Obama administration do to us, at this point? Every single day it becomes more mired in scandal.

The Guardian’s revelation Wednesday that the US government has been confiscating the phone records of tens of millions of Americans who use the Verizon business network since April is just the latest serious, normal-presidency destroying scandal to be exposed in the past month. And every single scandal – the IRS’s unlawful harassment and discrimination of conservative organizations and individuals, the Justice Department’s spying on AP journalists and attempt to criminalize the normal practice of journalism through its investigation of Fox News correspondent James Rosen – makes it more difficult for President Barack Obama to advance his agenda.

As for foreign policy, the whistle-blower testimony that exposed Obama’s cover-up of the September 11, 2012, al-Qaida attack on the US Consulate and CIA annex in Benghazi has caused massive damage to Obama’s credibility in foreign affairs and to the basic logic of his foreign policy.

Ambassador Chris Stevens was tortured and murdered by al-Qaida terrorists who owed their freedom of operation to the Obama administration. If it hadn’t been for Obama’s decision to bring down the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, who had been largely harmless to the US since he gave up his illicit nuclear weapons program in 2004, those al-Qaida forces probably wouldn’t have be capable of waging an eight-hour assault on US installations and personnel in Benghazi.

With the Benghazi scandal hounding him, the Syrian civil war and, for the past week, the anti-government protests in Turkey all exposing his incompetence on a daily basis, these Israeli leaders take heart, no doubt in the belief that Obama’s freedom to attack us has vastly diminished.

Although this interpretation of events is attractive, and on its face seems reasonable, it is wrong.

And it would be a devastating mistake for Israeli leaders to believe it.

Since he entered office, Obama has responded to every defeat by doubling down and radicalizing.

When in 2009 public sentiment against his plan to nationalize the US healthcare industry was so high that Republican Scott Brown was elected senator from Massachusetts for the sole purpose of blocking Obamacare’s passage in the US Senate, Obama did not accept the public’s verdict.

Instead he used a technicality to ram the hated legislation through without giving Brown and the Senate the chance to vote it down.

And now, as his Middle East strategy of appeasing Islamists lies in the ruins of the US Consulate in Benghazi and in the cemeteries interning the Syrians murdered in sarin gas attacks as Obama shrugged his shoulders, Obama is again doubling down. On Wednesday he announced that he is elevating the two architects of his policy to senior leadership roles in his administration.

Obama’s appointments of UN Ambassador Susan Rice to serve as his national security adviser, and of former National Security Council member Samantha Power to serve as ambassador to the UN, are a finger in the eye to his critics. These women rose to national prominence through their breathless insistence that the US use force to overthrow Gaddafi in spite of clear evidence that al-Qaida was a major force in his opposition.

Power is reportedly the author of Obama’s policy of apologizing to foreign countries for the actions of past administrations. Certainly she shares Obama’s hostility toward Israel. And she has been outspoken in expressing her negative opinions.

In a nutshell, Power’s vision for US foreign policy is a noxious brew of equal parts self-righteousness, ignorance and prejudice. And now she will be responsible for defending Israel (or not) at the most hostile international arena in the world, where Israel’s very right to exist is subject to assault on a daily basis.

Obama’s decision to appoint Rice and Power in the face of the mounting scandals surrounding his presidency generally and his foreign policy particularly is not the only reason Israeli leaders should not expect for his weakened political position to diminish Obama’s plan to put the screws on Israel in the coming years. There is also the disturbing pattern of the abuse of power that the scandals expose.

To date, all administration officials questioned have denied that Obama was in any way involved in directing the IRS to use the tax code to intimidate with the aim of discrediting and destroying conservative organizations and donors. Likewise, they say he played no role in the Justice Department’s espionage operations against American journalists, or in the intentional cover-up of the al-Qaida assault on US installations and personnel in Benghazi. But mounting circumstantial evidence indicates that this is not true.

White House visitor records show that IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman visited Obama’s White House 157 times. His predecessor Mark Everson who served under president George W. Bush only visited the White House once.

So, too, as Andrew McCarthy reported last month in National Review, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney admitted that Obama spoke with then secretary of state Hillary Clinton at 10 p.m. on September 11, 2012, during the al- Qaida assault in Benghazi.

It was after that phone conversation that the administration changed its talking points about the nature of the assault, purging details on the identity of the perpetrators and blaming an unrelated Internet movie trailer for inciting the attack.

The one thing all the scandals share is a single-minded willingness to pursue radical goals to the bitter end. The IRS’s targeting of conservatives was an appalling abuse of executive power, unlike anything we have seen in recent history. The passage of Obamacare in the face massive public opposition was another means to the end of destroying his opponents.

The cover-up of the Benghazi attack was a bid to hide the failure of a policy in order to double down on it – despite its failure. The only reason you would want to double down on an already failed policy is if you are ideologically committed to a larger goal that the failed policy advances.

The similarities of the pattern of behavior in all of these actions, as well as the circumstantial evidence already unearthed, indicate strongly that despite the denials, Obama was in fact involved and may have directed the actions of all of his underlings in all of the scandals now unfolding.

What this means for Israel is we cannot be lured into complacency by Kerry’s buffoonery or Obama’s apparent political weakness. This is a man who is most dangerous when attacked. And this is a man who is absolutely committed to his ideological agenda. We had better be ready, because if we are not, we won’t know what has hit us.

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  • BLJ

    I think Comrade O has bitten off more than he can chew. It is the beginning of the end.

    • truebearing

      Obama’s primary purpose has been to destroy as much of the U.S. — economy, military, alliances, race relations, etc. — as he possibly can. Even if he is cornered or outed, he can still wreak great destruction on this nation and the world. His worst may well be yet to come.

    • stephencarter

      He should stand trial and face the consequences of his willful attempts to destroy the country. If he isn’t punished the next Democratic President will be even worse.

  • truebearing

    Well said, and wisely considered. Obama is a vindictive viper and slave to his Marxist and Muslim ideological roots. The less popular he gets, the higher his narcissistic rage rises. The more that people demand free speech and acountability from government, the more he despises representative government and a constitution that protects people’s rights. In Obama’s mind, only he and his minions are entitled to political power. He is dangerously narcissistic and a political sociopath. No one should underestimate his capacity for evil.

    “US Secretary of State John Kerry looks like a bit of an idiot these days.”
    Kerry has been remarkably consistent in looking like an idiot for many years.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Obama usurped the office of the POTUS and he continues to get away with it because the US Congress and the Conservative media will not take the next step and throw their full weight behind Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo. They have collected enough evidence over the last 16 months to bury Obama and his administration. All they have to do is cover the events. Its time, America is now very tired of this Fraud in Chief.

    • stephencarter

      It’s appalling to think that this Marxist cretin will leave office a rich man and retire to live in comfort, despite all the vicious destruction he’s carefully and diligently dumped on the country. There is simply no way he should avoid prison. He should be standing trial now for numerous high crimes. He should be imprisoned for at least 30 years for murder, theft, lying to Congress and the people, targeting his enemies using state power … the list is endless. He’s such a lying little narcissist nobody filled with a pathetic rage. I truly shudder to think of the afterlife he’ll be facing.

    • MarilynA

      I wonder if Kerry is going back after his encounters with our enemies and photographing reenactments of his Middle East Exploits to make him look like a hero like he did in viet Nam.

  • pupsncats

    John and Teresa ought to take her millions and move to Iran where they would feel more comfortable.

  • fmobler

    “Even when Kerry claimed that the reason Israelis aren’t interested in peace is that we have too much money to care, we didn’t take offense.”

    If anyone has first-hand experience of the debilitating effect of having too much (unearned) money, it is Mr. Heinz.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      John (Hanoi) Kerry is not the problem the problem is Barry Soetoro, the man who usurped the office of the POTUS and did so with fraudulent documents. This is not a conspiracy, this is a hardened FACT.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “Standing before world and regional leaders on May 26, Kerry said plaintively, “This will help build the future. Is this a fantasy? I don’t think so.””

    Now you leftists know what we mean when we talk about you being delusional.

  • Gee

    Abba Eban had it right “the Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

    Israel should accept and deport the terrorists to land that they actually have a claim – that would be Jordan

    • Mladen_Andrijasevic

      I think Abba Eban was wrong. Eban’s quip was based on the assumption that what would be seen as opportunity from Israel’s standpoint, i.e. an opportunity to make peace, would likewise be seen as an opportunity from the Arabs’ standpoint. But making peace with Israel was never seen as an opportunity for the Muslims’ perspective, jihad was. That opportunity, to try to destroy Israel, the Palestinians never missed.

      • Gee

        Actually you are wrong. Abba Eban’s comment was directed to the fact that the Arabs would reject anything that wasn’t harmful to the Jews even if the Arabs benefited from the opportunity.

        They have shown and stated repeatedly that anything that it didn’t harm the Jews they would totally reject it, no matter any other factor.

        • Mladen_Andrijasevic

          Well I disagree. Abba Eban was a dovish Labor party member and your explanation of his remark that “Arabs would reject anything that wasn’t harmful to the Jews even if the Arabs benefited from the opportunity” just does not seem to fit that left wing profile. Note the sentence in the link below “But the public remained more apprehensive and skeptical of Arab intentions, and criticism of Eban mounted on the Right. However if you find somewhere his own elaboration on the remark please post the link.


          Eban led the delegation to the Geneva peace talks, where speaking his excellent Arabic, he offered the Arabs peace with honor (he later made the oft-quoted observation that “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity). But the public remained more apprehensive and skeptical of Arab intentions, and criticism of Eban mounted on the Right. Such criticism was one of the reasons why Eban did not pick up the option for the premiership after Meir resigned in 1974, and he did not join new prime minister Yitzhak Rabin’s cabinet the two had not gotten along when Rabin had served as ambassador to the US after Rabin appointed Yigal Allon as Eban’s successor.


          However, he was generally known to be on the “dovish” side of Israeli politics and was increasingly outspoken after leaving the cabinet. In 1977 and 1981,

          • Drakken

            The bottom line is, the arabs haven’t ever wanted peace with Israel and they never ever will, the muslims want Israel destroyed. With that in mind, Israel should pull a Sherman’s March to the sea in Gaza and give the savages a taste of Carthage, the so called west bank should be pushed into Jordan proper and called a day, quit screwing around with these sub human savages and do what needs to be done.

    • stephencarter

      I really believe Israel should stop being so accommodating, period. Why be reasonable and accountable when your actions will be condemned out of hand anyway. With that in mind Israel should seriously launch 5 or 6 wars of outright unmitigated total absolute Conquest and utterly ignore the weasel UN. Absolutely launch wars that seek to kill, period, kill as many Muslims as possible. Just kill Muslims, period. And in the process transfer their land to responsible stewardship. Create a perfect mirror of Sharia to be applied only to Muslims, with all of Sharia’s stupidities and bigotries and excesses applied viscerally solely to Muslims in the name of their pedophile bigot warlord prophet. Allow Muslims to live in the Greater Israel only if they pay a huge jizya, and abandon their immoral dog&pony show farce of a religion. Wow, what a wonderful world it could be! LOL

      • Drakken

        The muslims will sooner or later push Israel to do just that, and I hope the no quarter rule will apply.

      • warpmine

        Dare to dream!

  • Texas Patriot


  • Southernationalist

    Now is the time that the third world cretin is at his most dangerous. He is gathering data on his enemies so that he can identify those to be arrested and muredered, betraying traditional allies such as Britain and Israel, trying to confiscate guns (thank God he failed because I think we are going to need them) and thumbing his nose at both Republican’s and some members of his own party. Add it up and Civil war is just around the bend.

  • Mladen_Andrijasevic

    So now, in addition to CIA director Brennan as the father of Obama’s pro-Islamist policy, Secretary of Defense Hagel who opposed the Iran sanctions, Secretary of State Kerry who compared the Boston and Mavi Marmara victims and the President who supports the anti-Semitic and anti-American Muslim Brotherhood, we also have a candidate for the post of US Ambassador to the UN who advocated the invasion of Israel! I wonder if the American electorate is just ignorant, irresponsible or perhaps this actually IS what Americans really stand for?

    Since President Obama has been re-elected despite his support for such an anti-Semitic and anti-American organization, it is only logical to conclude that the American electorate is either ignorant of what the Muslim Brotherhood stands for, ignorant of the extent of the Obama administration’s support for the MB, knows but does not care and is therefore irresponsible, or most depressing of all, that the American electorate actually shares the Muslim Brotherhood values. Which is it?

    Either way, either an uninformed, apathetic and irresponsible electorate or one that actually espouses the Muslim Brotherhood – this is not a picture that makes me proud to be an American.

    The Muslim Brotherhood. Is this what Americans stand for?

    • Lana Daniel Swatek

      Excellent, you nailed it! I would add that it is my belief that the electorate who voted for Obama the first AND second time, did so, only for selfish reasons; handouts, abortions free, gay marriage, enviromental extremist, Unions and they don’t give a wit about what he does. Period.

  • OfficialPro

    maybe kerry should bribe Abbas for all the KFC original recipe chicken of Egypt

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    I agree, Barry Soetoro (aka Barack H. Obama, Barack Obama Soebarkah, Harrison J. Bounel, Barack Soetoro – he has used all of them at one time or another) is the most dangerous man in the world. He is a fraud who has usurped the office of the POTUS with the help of fraudulent documents. You would think that an amazing investigative magazine like Frontpage would be all over this given all they have done thus far in exposing the radicals in this administration. But no, not a damn thing about Obama’s fraudulent activity. Diana West calls this fraud “the worse ever committed against the United States.” I think it is time for Frontpage and other Conservative media outlets to lower the boom on this creep.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      I am sorry to say nothing seems to work on the American people. In spite of all the scandals and Obama’s terrorist operations against the American people, most of the same people seem oblivious to his tyrannical behavior. Not only do they support his illegal actions, but are set to elect Hillary Clinton !, another communist bastard in 2016. We have committed national suicide.

  • dougjmiller

    I honestly wish that Caroline Glick was wrong once in awhile. Unfortunately, she is always on the mark. Obama is desperately trying to irreversibly harm America, and to destroy Israel. We are living in a very dangerous time.

  • Noswa Stikas

    Obama is capable of unthinkable atrocity black op against Tel Aviv, which will be proclaimed a terrorist act. He will even offer his sympathies to us. No yacht however luxurious must be let anywhere near Tel Aviv waters without being thoroughly inspected at deep see. With Geiger detectors. IYKWIM.

  • ukfred

    Is there an island somewhere that can take Obama, both Clintons, B-Liar, B-Ruin, Kerry, Mandelson, Straw, Cast-iron Call-me-Dave Cam-moron, Clegg and both Milibands, with no communications to the outside world. We would all be safer then.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      The whole democrat Party seems to be the enemy today. Foreigners have their own prejudices and we would do better if we had NO allies. We have enough domestic scoundrels.

  • L Lewis

    Caroline as usual, deeply accurate.
    Without a doubt, anything
    originating from Obama will be a lie and or understatement of truth.
    The USA is totally lost, although
    not completely revealed.
    Trust its counsel at your own

    This county is so close to receiving
    Gods judgment you can smell it in the air.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    From the beginning, during his first campaign we now he is a Marxist hater of America. Those people who voted for him are either leftist or uninformed. Now he have to live under the tyranny imposed by his regime, with “Caveat” that we will never shake this off. We are done. Israel will do well by itself without American interference in its international relations. What Israelis need to do in order to survive is to ignore Washington and pay the price.

  • LindaRivera

    Not one more dollar, pound, euro or shekel to PLO/Palestinian Authority or ANY Muslim country!

    Stop STEALING tax money from hard-working non-Muslims to give to Muslims!

    Let mega wealthy Saudi Arabia and Qatar financially provide for Muslims. The HUGE Muslim countries have both the land and the money to take in Muslims now living in Britain and Europe. Our countries are BANKRUPT!

    In a form of slavery, hard-working Brits are FORCED via their taxes to finance Muslims and their huge numbers of children, including Muslim polygamous families. Because of this Brits are unable to have more than one child because they have to financially support big Muslim families!

  • LindaRivera

    This really upsets and disgusts me: $4 billion in investment funds to the PA. America is BANKRUPT!

    In Britain, white indigenous, NON-Muslim Brits are intensely HATED and horribly discriminated against by UK ruling elites. Muslims are ADORED. They are not required to work. Just have lots of children.

    libertygb.org.uk: An Ex-Serviceman’s Fears for the Future
    Last Christmas a dear friend of mine worked in a homeless shelter in
    Liverpool, as she does every year. This particular year she emailed me
    and was pretty upset. She said that she was amazed at how many people she had spoken to were former military service members now living on our streets.

    She had asked why this was the case and was told it was because they didn’t meet the criteria for housing or benefits… http://libertygb.org.uk/v1/index.php/news-libertygb/5817-an-ex-serviceman-fears-for-britain-s-future

    If these desperate and neglected British veterans converted to Islam,
    married a bunch of Muslim wives, UK ruling elites would be DELIGHTED to
    provide huge houses with free rent along with ALL free welfare benefits for the Muslim polygamous families. But you have to convert to Islam.

    White, British non-Muslims are rabidly DISCRIMINATED against and treated with the utmost contempt by RACIST, Briton-hating ruling elites. God help Britain’s homeless vets!

    Join Paul Weston’s political party, Liberty GB! http://libertygb.org.uk/v1/

  • Jakareh

    Recent secretaries of state have gotten the notion into their below-par minds that the more times they fly to foreign countries the more they will accomplish, this despite years on end of such junkets accomplishing nothing. A visit by an American secretary of state should be a special occasion, an event, and the secretary should be a person of dignity and intellect, with real knowledge of global affairs, not a political hack to whom Obama owes a favor. America should be represented by a statesman, not a mediocre, politically correct gadfly like John Kerry.

  • Hoss

    Its a wounded and dangerous Valerie Jarrett
    that we have to worry about. She’s the puppetmaster.

  • Torqued

    If I could get a message to Mossad………..

    • Noswa Stikas

      try mossad.gov.ilEng

  • lifeofliberty

    What a stupid, misleading, inaccurate article. The worst I have read in a long, long time.

    You’d have done better to stick to facts, eliminate the name calling and let the reader decide for themselves instead of interjecting opinion, misrepresentation, bias and religious fervor.

    • ziggy zoggy

      What a stupid, misleading, inaccurate comment. The worst bit of projection I’ve read in a long, long time.

      You’d have done better to stick to facts, eliminate the name calling and address the content of the article instead of interjecting opinion, misrepresentation, bias and atheist fervor.

    • stephencarter

      Hey lifeofliberty you officially qualify to join the Democratic Party elite. You’re duh! enough, dishonest enough, fact-avoidant enough, bigoted enough (religious fervor?), irrational enough, ad hominem enough … to sum up you’d be welcomed into the Party with open arms. Congrats to you, sycophant, you’re just upset an Israeli is calling out your simpering weasel President.

  • NJK

    I think it’s about time there are some court orders to bug the White House, his blackberry, and his living quarters. If he can do it, it should be done to him, and the rest of his ilk.

    • Noswa Stikas

      Head of IRS visits to WH in 8 Bush years: 1. Head of IRS visits to WH under 0bumma: 157 so far.

  • Flowerknife_us

    If it took Watergate 2 years to oust Nixon then it will take a 3rd. term and WWIII to rid us of Obama.

    That “obligation to protect” does not seem to cover the interests of the average American Citizen. Nor Christians and Jews in general.

    Under “fundamental change”, Atheists and Muslims seem to be the protected class.

    The President is just being true to form in his appointments The President did say that Israel had the right to defend itself and will make every effort to make sure they have no choice but to have to.

    • marvin nubwaxer

      no, the right wing extremists have worked single mindedly to insure that obama will only be a two term president. that’s been their greatest achievement.

    • Noswa Stikas

      We can not win against Muslim Jihadi Supremacism unless we forge an alliance with Atheist people of Conscience.

  • Texas Patriot

    As I have stated earlier, this post is brilliant and insightful, and I congratulate Ms. Glick for yet another excellent piece of journalism. But perhaps it lacks a bit of perspective. However clueless and misguided the Obama-Kerry team may be, they are certainly no less clueless and misguided than any other American presidency since the creation of Israel in 1948. The truth is that no American president since Thomas Jefferson has understood the true nature of Islam or the impossibility that any Western government could ever live in peaceful co-existence with a Mulsim-majority nation. Hopefully Obama’s will be the last of the deluded American administrations who have tried to force Israel to give up territory in order to make peace with her Muslim neighbors. After recent massacres in Boston and London, and the explicit rationale given by the attackers in both of those cases, there is no longer any reason to suppose that Israel will ever be at peace with her neighbors, no matter now much land she gives up.

  • lilbear68

    kerry looked like an idiot looong before he got this job

    • warpmine

      Portrayed himself as much long before that.

  • stephencarter

    I only read 5 or 6 commentators: Krauthammer, Hanson, Steyn, Glick, Geller, and Spencer … rockin’

    • Drakken

      The quicker Comrade Obummer goes into full leftist meltdown mode, the sooner we can start to rebuild this country. I just hope it is not too late.