Israel Apartheid Week – Campus Blood Libel

This article originally appeared in the Boston Jewish Advocate.

Spring’s coming. Get ready for Israeli Apartheid Week on campuses across the nation. Here in Boston last week, Harvard got off to an early start: the college’s Palestine Solidarity Committee placed mock eviction notices on students’ doors, warning students that their rooms were “scheduled for demolition in the next three days.” This was then likened to “the unlawful displacement of Palestinians.”

That little psychodrama is just the prelim to a full program which will include anti-Israel films, the construction of an “apartheid wall” in the Science Center Plaza, and a talk by Hizbollah supporter, MIT Professor Noam Chomsky — who just may be the American Jew most proud to be ashamed that he’s a Jew.

At Northeastern University, where Professors Denis Sullivan and Shahid Alam have proudly been working for decades to foment hatred of Israel (see the schedule is even more fulsome: From March 11-15, students will be shown two anti-Israel propaganda films, one even narrated by Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple. There will be a mock checkpoint constructed on the Centennial Commons, and all week long there will be a lighted sign flashing: “End Israeli Apartheid.”

NEU President Aoun, who has finally come under pressure to do something about his radical, anti-Israel/anti-Semitic professors, might find it useful now to emulate Jason Kenney, the Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, who condemned Israeli Apartheid Week as simple anti-Semitism.  Aoun, who is Christian Lebanese, surely knows that Middle East Christians are the ones suffering from something pretty close to apartheid – in every one of the lovely Arab-dominated states they nervously inhabit. Condemning the lie about Israel while outing the real oppressors would be a double mitzvah.  True, he’d have a tenured tantrum on his hands. Meanwhile, the silence of the Jewish Studies Department there continues to astonish.

At Boston University, there will be a sham conference on “The Right of Return.” Several scholars who oppose the idea that Palestinians in vast numbers should be allowed to flood into Israel, thereby extinguishing the Jewish state, have submitted proposals to give papers. As of this writing the “conference” conveners have not responded to any of them, so any pretense that their panel is “academic” is a farce. Just more political theatre.

So what do we do about all this? The ADL has said it is “outraged” by the Harvard eviction notices.  Nice, but then what?

I attended a workshop last week at the mammoth, yearly AIPAC Policy Conference which addressed the surge of anti-Israelism on the campuses.  The two speakers representing Jewish organizations that work on campuses came to promote what has become the Jewish Establishment’s only acceptable strategy; it’s called “retail engagement.” Responding to anti-Israel activity publicly with counter arguments, they say, has been shown to be ineffective. “Debate,” they argued, “has no audience.” A better approach is to get to know other students personally, especially student leaders, to build relationships with them, to “make friends, not arguments.”

Much of this makes sense. Cold facts and logic don’t win over most people. So much of politics is personal. Being popular and playing on emotion is often key.  This sort of engagement is clearly necessary — but why would anyone think it’s sufficient to win? Isn’t the other side much larger? Can’t they reach out to more leaders? To be truthful — aren’t they often more charming?

And don’t they have a big advantage? In our leftist-dominated culture which is obsessed with victimhood, the other side continually offers students what seems the high moral road — a victimhood campaign. In a low-information age, a picture of an Israeli tank next to a Palestinian child is enough to set people’s judgment against us, sometimes for good.

Our problem is that they lie. Another reason that “retail engagement” alone won’t win is that there is something more emotionally powerful than personal friendships at stake: In our world, people see themselves as good and moral people if they are for the underdog, and against oppression. If pro-Israel students, no matter how engaging, are seen to be supporting a cause that people fear taints them morally, friendship with charming Zionists will not often prevail.

No, friendship is not the magic bullet. To win, Jewish students will have to do harder things: They have to re-capture the emotional argument that counts most:  Not that we are individually nice people, but that Israel is a decent nation that is being lied about.  Jews are being victimized. That is the central truth of the matter, but exists now as the elephant in the PR room. Winning people to this central truth– that they are lying about us – means that pro-Israel students are going to have to do something the Jewish Establishment tells them not to do: they are going to have to call the campaign of lies what it is. They are going to have to talk to their friends about the people who are doing the defaming. They are going to have to “go negative.” What we face is more than a social popularity contest: it’s a political/ideological war; surely we know by now that it will take more than being charming if we mean to win.

It is time Jewish students stopped crowing that gays can march in Tel Aviv and started calling the propaganda crusade against us what it is: Bull! Lies! A hoax! The most inconvenient truth for our adversaries is that the horrors the Arab/Islamic world has falsely charged against Israel, are things they have actually done themselves — and are still doing…. While the “human rights” world keeps relatively mum. Land theft? The Arab world started out in Arabia and conquered the rest by jihad. Cruelty? Take a look at how women are treated, at how Sunnis treat Shias and vice versa. Is it now 70 or 80,000 dead in Syria? How many black slaves serve Arab masters across Arab north Africa?

Apartheid? Jewish students should say: “glad you brought that up. Because if you are truly interested in institutionalized subjugation in the Middle East, then talk to Simon Deng, an African who was enslaved by Arabs in Sudan; or to Mohammed Yahya, an African Muslim from Darfur, whose people are being massacred by Arabs for resisting Arabization; or to Caroline Doss, a Christian women from Cairo, whose people shiver to think what may soon happen to them because of the wonderful Arab spring. (They’re all available.) Apartheid in the M.E. is not about Israel at all. That’s a scam. The real apartheid is in the Arab/Islamic states.

If pro-Israel students can convince their classmates that anti-Israelism is based on lies  — inversions, actually — Israel might just win on campus. Sure, it helps if pro-Israel students are likeable but only if they have the courage to state the truth and the wisdom not to listen to their establishment “leaders” might their efforts be decisive.

Charles Jacobs is the President of the Americans for Peace and Tolerance.

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  • irateiconoclast

    These left wing Nazi punks need a nice set of brass knuckles.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Are all the Jewish badasses who are good at kicking IslamoNazi butt located only in Israel?

    • Phil

      I agree. These Jew-haters are all the same. They are loathsome nazis.

      • defcon 4

        I'd say the majority of the world's Jew haters today aren't nazis, but rather muslimes. I can't remember the last time I met a white supremacist and I've never met a member of the ne0-nazi party here in the USA. However, I have met a muslim who ranted and raved for a full 5 minutes about Jews and non-whites and not in a positive light either.

        • Mary Sue

          the degrees of separation between muslimes and nazis are very few nowadays.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Cold facts and logic don’t win over most people. So much of politics is personal. Being popular and playing on emotion is often key."

    You MUST use an integrated approach otherwise the biggest apparent victim will win in the end. People must see the victims and the truly culpable as well. Facts remind people that emotions should follow reality, not invent its own.

    • Drakken

      Facts are lost by the left my friend, the only thing the Jews and the people who support them to do now is fight back, and if it takes bats and brass knuckles, do what is neccessay, the time for pleasantries and niceties with the left is over.

      • evildoctor

        You are spot on!

    • BS77

      Interesting that the nut job leftists totally ignore the over 70,000 people massacred in Syria but wring their hands over Israel's attempts to protect its people from rockets and terrorist attacks. If there is one thing the leftists lack….it's reason and rational thought. They live on hysteria, propaganda, leftist indoctrination and outright lies.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "It is time Jewish students stopped crowing that gays can march in Tel Aviv and started calling the propaganda crusade against us what it is: Bull! Lies! A hoax! "

    Amen times 1 billion.

  • AdinaK

    There are ways to turn the tables, but it requires a completely new paradigm shift. Not only on the part of the students, but on the behavior of Jewish communal leadership.

    Having been immersed in the "hunt" against the ISM for close to a decade (evidenced in the "About" tab at my blog), I have earned the right to put my two cents in. As such, our "dear" Jewish leaders should man up, and start exposing the ENTIRE crew of enablers –

    At the other end of the spectrum, there is much work for Jewish students to do, and they can glean some lessons herein –

    Time to turn the tables. Nice guys finish last.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • defcon 4

      IN the Mid-East it can be argued that nice guys end up ethnically cleansed.

  • Ghostwriter

    I don't have a problem with Israel. They don't want to kill me because I'm American. The Palestinians,on the other had,do.

    • Gee

      The only country in the entire Middle East where Americans are actually liked is Israel. Furthermore you are not liked for what we can get from you – but because you are one of closest countries in make up to Israel.

      Your country is a vibrant, democratic, diverse nation of laws and for the people a whole lot of common sense. The American people are a loving, open and giving people that give because they think that it is right and not for advantage.

      Americans can get along with anybody not trying to force them to do something or kill them.

      A refreshing different from Muslims or Europe.

      Yes we like and admire Americans, plain and simple. You're a lot like us

      • Ghostwriter

        Thanks a lot for that message,Gee. I appreciate the sentiment.


      Ever heard of

      – the USS Cole?
      – Khobar Towers?
      – Fort Hood?
      – Senator Robert F. Kennedy?
      – 9/11?
      – Pan Am 103?

      Your pals, the Islamofascists do those and more.

      • defcon 4

        Don't forget the USS Stark, nailed by an Iraqi or Iranian anti-ship missile while cruising in international waters. Don't forget the muslime soldier who fragged fellow members of the 101st Airborne WHILE THEY SLEPT. Don't forget the USN muslime who gave ship berthing information that LED to the USS Cole attack.

    • Drakken

      I don't see you putting your money where your islamist loving mouth is and going fighting those mean ole jews in fakestine, why is that? Too much of a coward.

  • Tan

    Another thing that pro-Israel students can mention is the fact that Hamas has child soldiers, or at least that Palestinian children are being converted to Islamic supremacy. I'm sure that some of the pro-Palestinian students are against the use of child soldiers. Because of the fact that SJP, MSA, and ISM support Hamas despite the fact that they have children carry toy AK-47s or bombs strapped to themselves in Gaza during ceremonies, pro-Israel students can use that against the radical Palestinian groups. They can also mention the fact that when it comes to Hamas or other Islamists, it's not about "the Palestinian cause" but about forcing Sharia Law on Israel and making Israel the House of Islam (Dar-al Islam). I definitely believe that the Islamic Apartheid Week should be a response to the Israeli Apartheid Week.

    • defcon 4

      I'd love to see Islamic apartheid week happen at any US uni., but the odds of that ever happening are fantastically slim — despite the fact there is an overwhelming mountain of evidence to support it.

  • Allan Arkland

    Learn the TRUTH about the BDS nazis. Go to

  • WildJew

    Spring on campus: time for sex, rock & roll and Jew-hatred!

    • Mary Sue

      don't forget the drugs!

    • defcon 4

      To be fair, the most of the islamofascist groups who host the anti-Israeli hatefests at US unis do try to thinly veil their Jew hatred as anti-zionism. Except maybe the ones at USC, who at one point had quoted on their homepage one of the genocidal hadiths.

  • AlexReston

    I don't know a thing about the people spoken about in this article. I do however know that Israel and Jews are not necessarily linked. Zionism and the Jewish people are not one in the same. I happen to respect Jews very much but I am disgusted by what Israel does in their name. I am also appalled by some of the Palestinian's actions but in the end I think they have more claim to the land then European Jews.

    • LibertarianToo

      That's because you don't know what you're talking about.

    • reader

      " in the end I think they have more claim to the land then European Jews. "

      What land and on what basis exactly?

    • Phil

      You don't respect Jews and you are a typical lying antisemite who wants to feel good about himself. Obviously, you are disgusted by Jews defending themselves. Also obvious is your ignorance of history. Exactly why do you think that Jews have less right to their own country than you do as an American who stoled the land from native Americans? Native Americans were forced on to reservations just like Arab countries force Palestinians into refugee camps. Israel considers all religions as first class citizens with the right to vvote and live their lives inpeace. There are no Palestinian refugee camps in israel—just over 1 million Palestinians living in towns and cities with full citizenship. I'm sure that you would have been among the first to demonstrate against allowing Jews to escape the Holocaust by allowing them to come to America. So don't give me that bull about respecting Jews. You respect them when they are being killed.

      • Omar

        Phil, quit blaming only the United States for the conflicts with the Native Americans in the continent. Why don't you also blame Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean for doing the same thing to their Native Americans? Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean are also founded on European conquests as well. The Econmienda system, which was instigated by Spain and Portugal, mainly happened in Latin America, and conflicts between those countries and the indigenous peoples still continued even after independence in the early 19th century. Yet, you don't blame Canada, Latin America or the Caribbean for the plight of their indigenous peoples because you are anti-American to the core. People who complain about the plight of indigenous peoples don't really care about them. Those people who complain about that do so only because they are Communists and anti-American radicals. Why don't you complain about the near-genocidal conditions the indigenous Miskito people faced in Sandinista controlled-Nicaragua? You don't condemn the Stalinist/Maoist Sandinistas because you support them. You support the Sandinistas because you are an America-hating, totalitarian loving Stalinist/Maoist. And that's why you don't care about the Miskito people. Indeed, the Miskito people can be labeled as Native Americans who do not fit the anti-American agenda. The left's hypocrisy is so large that they just don't care about anyone else. Rigoberta Menchu, who "wrote" the fraudulent book "I, Rigoberta Menchu" (which was actually written by Regis Debray's wife), ignored the plight of the Miskito people at the hands of the Sandinistas. If there is anyone who deserves to be called a sell-out (a term so frequently and erroneously used against conservative minorities in this country), it is Menchu, because she is a Mayan and yet she refused to condemn (and even supported) the Sandinistas' aggression against the Miskito people.

    • jonathan, england

      And your claim to Indian land is…………?

      • defcon 4

        Which "Indian land"? You do realize the native Americans weren't and are NOT NOW a homogeneous group. Most of the native American tribes don't share the fantastic sums of money their gambling casinos generate among other, poorer tribes. I'll tell ya one thing retard, some native American tribes are nothing except RICH beyond your wildest, stupid dreams.

        • Mary Sue

          not only that, it's only the chiefs who are wealthy, hoarding boatloads of cash while the non-favored, non-related band members go hungry with moldy leaky communist houses.

          • defcon 4

            I know of one tribe where each member of the tribe gets some cut of the profits they earn of their casino. A payout that runs into the tens of thousands of dollars per month, well, at least before the current regime took office. Furthermore, ALL native americans are guaranteed a free, all expenses paid college education.


      I am disgusted by how "progressive" people side with the most REGRESSIVE on the planet today.

      People who hang gays, stone women to death over "family honor", enforce dress codes for women, engage in current day slavery in Sudan, hijack ships, hijack planes and fly them into buildings.

      • Mary Sue

        oh didn't you know? It's only bad if WHITE people (or white MALES) do those things! It's perfectly OK if the brown peoples do it! If you frown on Brown Peoples Regressiveness, you will be looked down upon for paternalism!

    • Yehudit

      Brain washed by History lies. Jews were always in Jerusalem for over 3000 Thousand of years. They always outnumbered the Arbs. Palestinians never were a nation. Palestine/ Israel was always the homeland of the Jews. We, the Jews, were occupied by different nations and force Brain washed  by History lies.  Jews were always in Jerusalem for over 3000 Thousand of years.  They always outnumbered the Arbs. Palestinians never were a nation.     Many Muslim and arbs did not originated in Palestine, they immigrated to our homeland form the Arabia desert   Palestine/ Israel was always the homeland of the Jews.  We, the Jews, were occupied by different  nations and forces and some spread  us all over the world.  Not only the European Jews went back the to The Jewish HomeLand, also the Jews who were living in the Arbs countries    A jew who does not support Zionist is not a Jew

    • Yehudit

      Please find the link and the information to help you to educate yourself and others about Palstine and I hope from now on you'd become a proud Jew and understand that Zionism is important. Otherwise, the Jews in America, us, would not have such a comfy life. Israel is the only thing the Jews have. Many Jews don't understand that. Many of our people died so we can live the way we do. Many forgot where they came from

    • defcon 4

      So Arabic muslimes have more claim than Jews to Israel eh? Arab muslimes have practically the entire Mid-East and North Africa for their own, but they still need another homeland? More judenrein Lebensraum for the nazis of the Mid-East and N. Africa eh?

    • ziontruth

      "I do however know that Israel and Jews are not necessarily linked. Zionism and the Jewish people are not one in the same."

      You know so much that isn't so.

      Israel and the Jews are necessary linked—Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people. Zionism and the Jewish people are connected—Zionism is Jewish nationalism, seeking the return of the Jews to political sovereignty on their one and only rightfully held piece of land in the world.

      "I happen to respect Jews very much but I am disgusted by what Israel does in their name."

      I'm disgusted by people who claim to respect Jews very much but begrudge them the right to a state of their own on the one and only piece of land that belongs to them after all those years of being tossed to and fro. Least of all do I appreciate the denial of the inherent Jewish connection to the Land of Israel and the portrayal of Jewish nationalism as a European colonial movement. The Jewish High Court—may it be restored soon—will be justified in bringing as many anti-Zionists as possible to justice for this.

      "I am also appalled by some of the Palestinian's actions…"

      They're not Palestinians. They're Arab colonists trying to steal the Land of Israel a.k.a. Palestine from the Jews, who are the only true Palestinians. And misleading the world by calling themselves "Palestinians" illictly.

      "…but in the end I think they have more claim to the land then European Jews."

      Arabs have no claim whatsoever to the Land of Israel. Jews of any extraction and any skin tone have a legitimate claim to the land, in contrast to your racist theory that posits that there is a "No Whites Allowed" sign in front of the Land of Israel. You are a neo-Nazi and you deserve to be brought to justice.


        ziontruth AKBAR!

    • 11bravo

      Jews were living in what is now Israel before islam was even conceived?

      In a war between the civilized man and the savages; it looks like you didn't choose civilized man!

    • Omar

      Reston, you are so wrong. Jews have lived in the Holy Land continuously for over 3000 years. Palestine is a Latin name (not Arabic) given to the region by the Romans in 66 AD/CE, about 600 years before the rise of Islam and when the Arabs started moving to the area. Palestine means Philistines, who were Greek sailors who had red hair (the Philistines were not Arabs). Zionism is not bad at all. Zionism means to establish a Jewish state in the Holy Land. Islamism (which you support) calls for world domination and totalitarianism. That's the reality.

  • LibertarianToo

    I was thinking of something more basic. How about huge signs (bedsheets would be about right) painted with the slogan "Fascists for Palestine" in hamas green. Would look great hanging from building fronts. displayed behind speakers' platforms, hanging from bridges and walkways. Don't forget to sign each one with the name of an organization sponsoring aparteid week. At the very least it would force the anti-semites to keep pointing out : Those aren't our signs.

    As for speakers, the Jewish students organizations should hire some real frothing-at-the-mouth Imams to speak on the topic "gay rights under Islam."

    • Loyal Achates

      What are you five years old?

      • LibertarianToo

        No, but thanks. People do say I look young for my age.

        You have to remember that these are violent, irrational people. You can't argue with Brownshirts


        Sorry, You'll have to look elsewhere for a new wife.

        • thomas_h

          LOL! Good one!

        • defcon 4

          5 years old is a little young for an islamic wife. I believe 6 to 9 years of age is considered islamically optimal.

  • Hank Rearden

    There is a rich source of documents and argument from all over the Muslim world. The textbooks for Palestinian children, the charter of Hamas, the statements of Nasrallah.

    Read them out loud in Hyde Park-type forums on campuses. Seed the crowd with friends and then see if other people stop to listen.


      Hank Rearden AKBAR!

      Also recite a list of Islamofascist atrocities.

      • defcon 4

        That would be a long monologue…

  • jerome

    like the jews who tried to deny their heritage and background in nazi germany, noam chomsky will still have his head cut off by those he chooses to love , israels sworn enemies, in just the same way that orthodox and patriotic jews will.
    so carry on noam you are the traitor of all traitors and a disgrace to your profession and your family.

  • Drakken

    You want to win the argument with these deranged leftards? Simple, fight back !

  • Tony Christensen

    I remember hearing Ralph Schoenman in the 1980's speak at California State University Long Beach about the Middle East. He is anti-Israel, to say the least. A student in the audience expressed astonishment that Schoenman could express such views. Schoenman sloughed off the criticisms as being unenlightened, but I am forever grateful to that student for speaking up, and for taking a stand for truth that inspires me to this day. He won the day.

  • Dennis X

    Thank God for freedom of speech.

    • Mary Sue

      which is what the apartheid week dorks are AGAINST.

      • defcon 4

        True enough, at UCI (the University of California, Islamistan) they regularly shout down anyone who opposes their islamofascist talking points.

  • gary fouse

    Trying to engage with the other side sounds like the UC Irvine approach thanks to Hillel and the OC Jewish Federation who don't want any waves on campus. It has been a complete failure, just as is the Olive Tree Initiative, a sham venture designed to turn Jewish students into Palestinian supporters. Sadly, it is working.

    • defcon 4

      I have to say I admire your courage Mr. Fouse. I've seen videos of you rebutting the islamic student associations Israel hatefests at the University of California Islamistan.

  • Devinia

    Please stop conflating Judaism and Zionism. You can love Jewish people as I do but reject the evils of Zionism, which is a political movement. It isn't anti Semitic to criticize Israel's brutal occupation of the Palestinian people, for they are semites too. There should be one state for everyone, equal rights for all.

    • reader

      " It isn't anti Semitic to criticize Israel's brutal occupation of the Palestinian people, for they are semites too."

      It is Jew hating to lie about the Jews and demand that their only state is dismantled and they are expelled in favor of people who have over twenty countries, and most of them failed ones.

    • Phil

      You don't love Jewish people or else you wouldn't write such nonsense about a one state solution. actually, your writing shows how ignorant and stupid you are. do you know how Jews were treated after the army of Jordan succeeded in capturing East jerusalem during the 1948 war? do you know that jews were forbiddeen to visit their holy places? Do you know that so many Jewish holy places were turned into latrines and defiled? If you love Jewish people so much, how come you deny them a tiny sliver of land that can be a Jewish State. Do you know that most of the Arab states, including Saudi Arabia have Islam as the official religion and forbid the practice of other religions. Anyway, people like you are the reason that the Jews had no place to go when Hitler was murdering them. Even America refused to allow the St. Louis, a ship full of desperate men, women, and children from entering the US during the Holocaust and no country would accept these poor people who were destined for the final solution thanks to people like you who purport to love the Jewish people.

      • Omar

        Oh, right, and Stalin welcomed Jewish refugees into the USSR with open arms after World War II, right? Quit bashing America so much, Phil. Stalin was a real anti-Semite who helped Hitler to instigate the Holocaust. Watch the Soviet Story documentary to learn the truth about your idol, Stalin.


      Since Jews and Arabs are both Semites, Arabs should welcome Jews.

      What is wrong with Islam?


        Now Jews kick you out.

        Happy Nakba you dumb sack of SHlTler!

      • ziontruth

        "They did."

        Nope. They sent a letter of complaint to the Ottoman authorities to stop the Jewish return to the Land of Israel as far back as 1891.

        "…and lost their lands."

        Not their lands, never have been; only the Arabian Peninsula can be called the Arab nation's lands.

        "This is after they the jews got kicked out 109 countries in 2000 years"

        It figures that you want to see the Jews keep getting tossed to and fro instead of resting on their own land. That's one of the reasons why I think anti-Zionists have no right to life; they must be brought to the Jewish High Court for trial, conviction and execution.

    • defcon 4

      It's interesting that I once came across a website claiming to be Muslims against Antisemitism. It all sounded very good on their homepage, but when I read the fine print I found out that these Muslims had a peculiar definition of who constituted a true, as opposed to false, Jew. Their definition, among other things, of what constituted a true Jew was a Jew who denied the legitimacy of the existence of the state of Israel.

    • ziontruth

      "Please stop conflating Judaism and Zionism."

      Zionism is Jewish nationalism. Please stop decoupling anti-Zionism from Jew-hatred. The Jews are the only true Palestinians; for the sake of a just and viable peace, all Arab colonists must evacuate Palestine immediately.

      "There should be one state for everyone, equal rights for all."

      Not working anywhere. Not in Lebanon, not in Rwanda, not in Yugoslavia, not eve in Belgium.

      Nope, it's one nation exclusively for one state, in the interests of preventing genocide.

      • Drakken

        Oh whatsa the matter hadji? Get your panties in a bunch again? If you love those effing fakestinian savages so much? Go bloody live there coward.

      • defcon 4

        Islam is nothing more than Arab imperialism, or don't you think we've noticed Hajji?

      • ziontruth

        "Projection on your part."

        No, anti-Zionists are still the masters of projection. Everything they accuse the Zionists of doing (apartheid, genocide etc.) is what they want to do to the Jews themselves.

        "Check the definition of colonization…"

        The Arabs fit it. Jews by definition cannot be colonizers on the Land of Israel any more than the Greeks can be colonizing Hellas. It doesn't matter how long the Arabs have been on the land, they're not tied to it any more than the Turks are to Greece; the tenth generation of dogs born in a stable are still dogs and not horses.

        "It was born in Europe, in the 19th century,…"

        It was reawakened in both Europe and Yemen in the 17th century following the egregious persecution of the Jews in that century—the Cossack massacres in Poland and the Mawza Decrees in Yemen. That's the true history to contrast with Saidian revisionism. Zionism goes all the way back to Biblical times. Moses didn't lead the Jews to Canada.

        Anti-Zionist revisionism is worse than Holocaust denial, denying not a one-time event that happened 70 years ago but 3000 years of Jewish history. I wonder at the focus on Holocaust deniers while anti-Zionists are far more worthy of being brought to justice. May the Sanhedrin be restored soon and the anti-Zionists be brought to stand trial and be charged with conspiring against the Jewish nation and have a rope strung round their filthy necks for their activities!


          ziontruth AKBAR!

    • Omar

      Devinia, quit repeating leftist/Islamist lies and propaganda against Israel. First of all, Zionism is not evil (unlike Islamism). Zionism simply call for the establishment of a Jewish state in the Holy Land, where Jews have lived there continuously for over 3000 years. Second, quit calling the people of Gaza and the West Bank "Palestinians" as though they are an ethnicity. Palestine is not an ethnicity nor a country. Palestine is a geographical name given to the region known as the Holy Land, which consists of Israel, Gaza, the West Bank and Jordan. Anyone who lives in the Holy Land region is a Palestinian, regardless of characteristics. The Israelis and Jordanians are Palestinians. Palestine is not even an Arabic name. Palestine is a Latin name meaning Philistines, who were Greek Sailors who had red hair (the Philistines were not Arabs). Third, what "brutal occupation" are you talking about? Arabs living in Israel have more rights and liberties as Israeli citizens than people living in other countries in the Middle East. For over 64 years, Israel has repeatedly ried to make peace with its neighbors in the region, but the Islamists in Gaza, the West Bank and other places in the Middle East do not want peace. Islamist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah want war, imperialism, misogyny, homophobia, totalitarianism and world domination. The so-called "Palestinians" (invented people- Newt Gingrich is right) and their totalitarian allies want a world where women would be treated like chattel, where homosexuals would be lynched from cranes for being homosexual and where Jews and people of other faiths and beliefs (as well as non-religious peoples) are not allowed in. Assuming that you are a woman, I can't believe you would support a movement (Islamists) that would deny you any rights, liberties and would essentially make you chattel over a society (Israel) which respects everyone's rights and liberties, regardless of characteristics.

    • Zionist and Proud

      The Arabs are illegally occupying Jewish land. Learn about the ethnic cleansing that Arabs did to a million Jews:


    Chant this at pro-Islamofascist rallys.

    From the River to the Sea

    Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be!


      Happy Eternal Nakba!

      • defcon 4

        May the islamofascists of the world have many more nakbas!

  • BS77

    You want to see apartheid? Check out Pakistan, or Sudan, or certainly Saudi Arabia where no Christian churches, Buddhist temples or synagogues are permitted at all. You want apartheid….try going to church in Egypt these days…..or Malaysia….or Iran. These leftist idiots have it all upside down and backwards. Israel is the most pluralistic, diverse and tolerant nation state in the region, by far.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Why would anyone want Islamists period, they deny freedom to all others and are prisoners
    within thier own society, slaves to the Koran as interpreted by Mullahs that demand a felonious
    life style for thier followers. If students take part in anti-Semitism in the form of theatre with
    flase accusations that butcher the truth, they can only one day look back and think on how
    stupid they were and hopefully glad they did not get involved in Islamist violence. Speak
    the truth to those who berate Israel, show the pictures of Islamist hate and murder, show
    the demonstrations promoting evil and death to Israel and America, make it clear and
    unequivical, Israel is in the right…………………………..William

  • Steve

    If you could get out of your AIPAC shell, you could see the human rights violations of Israel. Anti-zionism does not mean anti-Semitism. Christians are being pushed out by Israel's zionist policies. Jesus came to fight against racism and helped the poor in Palestine while under the rule of an oppressive government. He also fought Jewish exceptionalism that the Pharisees had. Unconditional support of Israel is not a view that any true Christian can have.

    • Zionist and Proud

      You obviously have no idea what Zionism and seem to have been brainwashed by the Muslim media. Zionism is the belief that Jews have the right to return to their own homeland.

      • Steve

        A person can support Israel's right to exist while being critical of their policies. Zionism often causes people to turn a blind eye and not see what is actually happening in Palestine. I suggest that you use more credible sources when you study the conflict.

  • Zionist and Proud

    The Muslim group responsible for this anti-Semitic exhibit at CSULB, the "Students for Justice in Palestine," have created an extremely biased article about themselves at Wikipedia. I attempted to correct the article and mentioned their activities at Cal State Long Beach, but an extremely anti-Semitic Wikipedia administrator named "Elockid" undid my changes and even went so far as to censor them from the page's history, as can be see here:

    • Steve

      Students for Justice in Palestine is not a Muslim group, although it is largely people with roots in Palestine. There is also clear cut difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

  • Muhammad Al Sarif


  • Huskystar

    In Israel arabs and muslims have jobs and can be voted into office..woman and gays are allowed to drive cars and be in the army…try that in Iran!

  • Eric Hovelsen

    Once again dogmatic trife which points the finger at atrocities in Arab countries (which nobody denies exist, and which need more attention, but should not detract from Israel’s crimes) without addressing what apparent “anti-Semites” actually say about Israel. But can we please talk about the things the Zionist government is doing, which can definitely be classified as Apartheid, such as stealing water, sterilisation of Africans, weapons testing, illegal constructions, secret nuclear programmes, the list goes on.