A Hate Crime in Texas

122713-national-Conrad-Barrett-knockout-game-hate-crimeFirst came the shock. Then disbelief. Then the questions: Why him? Why now? Why did Attorney General Holder choose to file hate crime charges against a white man in Texas for allegedly playing the Knockout Game against a black man?

And the biggest question of all: When will public officials and the media stop ignoring — and denying — the black mob violence and black on white crime that exists exponentially out of proportion?

As examples, many point to recent episodes of large scale black mob violence; smaller but lethal cases of black on white crime; and even more bouts of the Knockout Game.

Let’s start in Los Angeles, two weeks before Christmas. At first seemed it like nothing: The Los Angeles Times called it a fraternity brawl among 25 people with no particular racial identity at a local hotel and no one hurt. The local CBS affiliate talked to the fraternity president who also downplayed the violence: It was just a few guys trying to “impress the females.”

By the next day, a different picture emerged: More than 1000 people were fighting in and out of the hotel. Before during and after the party. Video showed one person throwing a large metal table into a crowd of party -goers. People got hurt, at least one person was hospitalized for stitches.

The local ABC affiliate cobbled it together:

According to hotel management, the fight broke out between two different fraternities. Police said everything from fists, tables and chairs were thrown. Some witnesses said fights occurred on several floors of the hotel. They also said police used pepper spray on the crowds.

“It was pretty bad. The whole party was engulfed in pepper spray. You could feel it in your lungs,” said one witness.

Authorities say the pepper spray was used when the partygoers refused to cooperate.

Other hotel residents said the violence and commotion went on all night inside the hotel.

The party was sponsored by a black fraternity at Cal State Long Beach. No one was arrested.

Near Charlotte, North Carolina, four black people are under arrest in the shooting death of Marcus Kauffman, a volunteer firefighter and expectant father. Kauffman died a few days before Christmas.

At the University of Michigan, three black people were charged in December with  the murder of a medical student during a home invasion robbery.

On December 15, Dustin Friedland and his wife were leaving a New Jersey mall when a group of black people allegedly killed him and took his SUV. The New York Daily News filled in a few blanks:

Friedland, a beloved husband and lawyer from Hoboken, had just finished loading holiday gifts into his silver 2012 Range Rover when two men ambushed him so they could steal the SUV. He never had a chance — the men shot him four times before he had a chance to resist or question his greedy attackers.

Police arrested four black people are few days before Christmas and charged them with murder.

Many public officials and members of the media deny there is any kind of systematic problem with black mob violence or black and white crime. Their sympathetic denials do not protect them.

In Washington, D.C.,  in December, several black people severely beat a CNN news producer walking the two blocks from his home to work at 4 a.m. He said he will never walk in that neighborhood again.

In Minneapolis at the Mall of America, several black people beat and robbed one of the area’s more visible liberal politicians. Just about a month after Mark Andrew finished second in the November race for mayor of Minneapolis, he was sitting in a Starbucks when someone grabbed his phone and ran out of the store.

As Andrew ran after the thief, two young women waiting outside the coffee shop tackled him, and one began beating him on the head and face with a club.

Andrew said he jumped back to his feet and physically restrained one attacker while the other continued striking him. They yelled, “We’re going to kill you! We’re going to kill you!”

When police arrived, the two black women said they were the victims: Andrew had attacked them. That story did not hold up very well and the two were arrested.

Andrew was taken to the hospital where he received nine stitches. The third person is still at large. They don’t have to worry too much: Andrew is not mad at them: “I think there’s redemption for everybody,” said Andrew. “So we’ll try to find a way for them to get in a place where they can turn their lives around.”

So far Andrew and his social reformers have not had much success with that in Minneapolis. The Mall of America has been the site of several examples of black mob violence. Many documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.

Here’s how one resident describes the New Minneapolis:

Formerly bustling suburbs like Robbinsdale and St. Louis Park have turned into ghettos. Malls, restaurants and shops are few and far between in downtown areas.

Even the Mall of America is under assault. Go there on a Saturday afternoon and you’ll see gangs of blacks with colors flying and pant legs rolled up.

They ogle, whistle at and harass white women, even following them around. They occupy the food courts, which are a constant source of intimidation and mayhem.

Last January, some 200 blacks got into a violent chair throwing fracas at one of the food courts. It quickly spread to other areas, forcing
stores to close their gates and paying customers to flee. There was cell phone video all over the Internet, showing conclusively that the combatants were black.

We’ll never know if there were any arrests made or charges filed because the print and broadcast media had little to say.

And downtown Minneapolis and the campus of the University of Minnesota have been the site of several recent examples of black mob violence and black on white crime.

In December, Minneapolis police told a Chinese exchange student they were “too busy” to investigate the whereabouts of her stolen computer, even though she had located it using a built-in GPS device.

Several black people had assaulted her, knocked her out, and taken her computer several days before. Campus police followed up on the lead and found the computer. They arrested one person, who said he took the computer but someone else assaulted her.

She is just one of dozens of victims of black on white and black and asian violence near the campus. The University of Minnesota school paper reports that black students are unhappy the assailants are identified by race — as is required in the Cleary law for reporting violence on college campuses. They say they are being profiled.

Down in Jacksonville, Florida, a “massive” Christmas night fight and riot erupted in and out of a movie theater after 600 black people — many waiting to see a Nelson Mandela movie — tried to gain free admission by rushing the ticket taker.

Private security and police used tear gas on the rioters. According to the Florida Times-Union out of Jacksonville:

One of the young suspects refused orders to leave and began to incite the crowd yelling, “—  — you, crackers, I ain’t going nowhere,” according to her arrest report. Most of the crowd was black, while several officers were white.

According to NewsOne.com, a black web site, “the pepper spray is what apparently sparked the brawl that broke out.”

Some would say the riot provoked the pepper spray, not the other way around.

During the 90 minutes it took to get the fighting under control, several of the rioters threatened attacked police, including Jaquade Marquis Miller.

When Miller appeared before a judge, his mother told the court he was a good boy and this was not like him. She later told reporters her son was crying and scared.

Instead of sending him to jail, Miller agreed to take an eight-week course in accountability from a group called Save Our Sons. The program teaches accountability, “healthy choices” and “gives them a chance to vent,” said SOS leaders.

Jacksonville has been the scene of several episodes of recent large scale black mob violence.  In 2012, 300 black people stormed a Wal-Mart, looted it, videoed it, and ran away as police arrived. But not before the chaos was captured on video.

On Memorial Day 2013, hundreds of black people were involved in large scale violence at the beach. Much of it on video.

Self-described youth advocate, Donteacia Seymore of Jacksonville, told First Coast News this kind of violence happens a lot in Jacksonville: “But it was a reminder that this is something that’s common. It’s prevalent. It’s not going away,” Seymore said.

Chicago residents and police report at least two episodes of large scale black mob violence over the holiday season. In the suburb of Orland Park, dozens of black people were fighting and destroying property at a local mall. Five people were arrested. The reporters at the local Patch outlet were careful to avoid the racial issue, but its readers were not:

How does one comment on this and NOT sound racist or some stereotype. You can’t. So I won’t try.  Though some liberal will say I’m being racist or stereo typical but I’m not the ones who named their children “Shat-I-Vanna” SERIOUSLY?! Then raised her in a way to think this was an appropriate way to behave. Sadly, all too often stereotypes exist for a reason. You may call it a stereotype or racist while I call it STATISTICS. See, no way to reply to this TRUTHFULLY and not sound like some dumb ass clan member, so I won’t try. Sorry, if the truth hurts. People are too afraid to speak the truth these days.

Over at America’s best cop blog: Second City Cop, readers learned about 500 black people “wilding” at Chicago’s North Riverside mall a few days after Christmas.

When the wilding started in the mall. I would have estimated about a 500 hundred Amish thugs fighting and running like savages. Store locked their doors and security waited until about 25 squad cars from the surrounding areas came and cleared the mall.

They were not really Amish. And readers report neither episode received much attention in the local news.

In Syracuse over the weekend, eight black people were arrested at the Destiny USA mall after police and security responded to a “large fight.” One of the people arrested, a 14-year-old boy, allegedly swung a knife at police.

Many in Syracuse said it reminded them of a similar incident at the same mall last year, when police were called to another large fight involving black people. When police attempted to detain a 15-year-old suspect, he resisted. Two of his friends attacked the officers.

After he was subdued and arrested, police found a sawed-off shotgun in his long coat. Three shotgun shells were found next to the body of an unconscious person at the scene of the fight.

Also over the weekend, police found one man dead when they responded to reports of a large fight of over 100 black people near New Haven, Connecticut. Neighbors said two things: It happens a lot. And it has been going on for a long time.

In Indianapolis in December, the last of 11 black people were arrested in connection with a series of home invasion robberies and sexual assaults. A few days before Christmas, two white women were allegedly murdered by a black disgruntled former employee of the family business.

Indianapolis is the site of frequent and intense black mob violence, including mayhem at the annual Indiana Black Expo, documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

No account of the racial violence over the last several weeks would be complete without mentioning the Knockout Games, and how they are still happening. (Or not, if you work for CNN, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, MSNBC and other media outlets.)

From Brooklyn, Columbus, Rochester, Milwaukee, Harlem, Florence and other places, reports of spontaneous, unprovoked, black on white racial violence continue to come to flood conservative news sites.  And continue to be denied in many — but not all — popular press outlets.

Recent large scale black mob violence –often at night after the clubs close, or in the day at black high schools  — has also been reported in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Tulsa, Washington, Baton Rouge, Middletown (Connecticut), Pittsburgh, Tifflin, Peoria, Oakland, Long Island, Rochester, Roanoke, among others.

What recently received the most attention were the (pick one) 300, 400, 500, or 600 “teens” rampaging through Kings Plaza mall in Brooklyn — the same neighborhood  where 10 black people surrounded a white couple in a car at a stoplight and beat them in November.

For two hours on the day after Christmas, “the teenagers stole merchandise, assaulted security guards, and broke candy jars. A group of teenage girls were caught on camera fighting and shouting while security guards tried to break them up.”

Merchants reported widespread panic and property damage, so much so that many were forced to close their doors to protect their customers and merchandise.

The New York Post made a perfunctory attempt to convince its readers this was not another example of black mob violence. It reported “A tall white guy with a grey bubble coat was wearing a ski mask and a skull cap and he had his hand under his coat like he was holding a gun.”

But videos, social media and members of law enforcement tell a different story: This was a black crowd at mall with a large black clientele. Chicks on the Right tracked down some of their Facebook postings.

“[Kings Plaza] was on tilt today but n-ggas wasn’t catching me,” Ray Ray Sextana posted on Facebook.

Another teen, Mark Wallace, posted, “S–t was crazy at Kings Plaza. So the security started shutting down the mall and kicking all teens out but it was so much of us they couldn’t get control.”

He added,“F–ked up my middle finger tryna fight them bitch ass security guards.”

At least viewer at the ABC news affiliate in New York was having trouble figuring it all out: “Just wondering, but why are there so many variations on what happened Thursday? Some say claim that there were hundreds of teenagers, that nothing was stolen or it was just these group of girls fighting.”

A few days later, a group of black people beat and robbed a man for his iPhone. The NBC affiliate posted pictures of the suspects. Law enforcement officials in Brooklyn say this happens every day in their borough.

Cops on the beat in Brooklyn, Chicago, Houston, and other cities laugh when they read the denials or see them on television news: There are too many witnesses, too many videos, too many victims, too much damage, for people to deny the existence of large scale black mob violence and black on white crime, they say.

Many black media outlets are way past the denials — and now into explaining why it is happening. This article from the Atlanta Black Star is as good as anything you can find in Ebony, Jet, The Grio, One News, Huffington Post Black Voices, The Field Negro, or dozens of other black media outlets: 5 Reasons Young Black Men Resort To Violence.

Freedom Center pamphlets now available on Kindle: Click here.

  • American1969

    The MSM is complicit in allowing this to continue because they are refusing to cover this in the news for fear of being labeled “racist”. So what? People are being hurt and even killed because of this behavior, and until someone in the black community gets charged with a Hate Crime, no one will take it seriously.
    How many have to die before someone finally has the guts to stand up and do what is right? I wonder if these thugs start getting shot all over the place if the MSM will cover it then? I’m sure they will….

    • Toa

      Yes, they will…and those who choose to defend themselves will be tarred as “racists”.

    • The March Hare

      “they are refusing to cover this”?? Of course they refuse. They fostered this situation with their support of socialism and the pitting of groups of people against each other for the “divide and conquer” strategy. This is the natural result and is what they wanted. This crap has been going on for so long, we now have people in the MSM who are past the stage of lying to achieve their goal and are the next generation or so that have been raised with this propaganda and are “true believers”. It never dawns on them to demand proof of anything. They were raised with the view that it is just the way things are. If we don’t turn this around soon, we will never be able to.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      People are being hurt and even killed because of this behavior, and
      until someone in the black community gets charged with a Hate Crime, no
      one will take it seriously.

      In order to charge one with a hate crime, one would have to be stupid enough to make his or her intentions clear, either through social media or a confession…and the victim has to be living. There is no such thing as a Class A+ felony. As for punishment, the law is poorly equipped to deal with minors committing these acts.

      • American1969

        This “game” has been called “Polar Bear Hunting” or “Get the Jew”. The victims have predominantly been Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, or Jewish. The perpetrators are black. I think it’s pretty clear.

        • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

          Except that you have to prove intent before 6 or 12. Unless the perp let his intentions known either in a confession or in some other retrievable media prior, it is hard to win a hate crime conviction. The bar is set at needing to prove that race, religion, creed, national origin, or disability was the motive. It is easier to prove that this is the case for the elderly or infirm, but it is much harder to prove in other cases (presume crimes against persons and not against property).

          Oftentimes, a prosecutor doesn’t have sufficient evidence to win that enhancement conviction. In the case of Conrad Barrett, he couldn’t stop talking.

  • ssohara

    The law should be color blind. Also, I hate the concept of “hate crimes” because the law is not supposed to convict you on your thoughts – it should judge the actual crime you commit, not judge your motive in committing the crime. If a white man murders a black man, that is murder, and that is sufficient. And the penalty should be the same regardless of the race of the people involved.

    • Mo86

      Absolutely right!

      And I could not agree with you more about the term ‘hate crime’. I wish this entire idea would go away. Your life is not any less valuable because you are of a certain race/color, or certain gender, or certain religion or because of your sexual preferences. But neither is your life worth any MORE because of any of these factors. When it comes to crimes committed against them, all human beings should be treated equally under the law.

      There are already laws in place to deal with assault and murder and all the rest of the things that can be done to a human being. We do not need “hate crimes” on top of it. All this does is create a new class of victims who are deemed more important than the rest of us who don’t fit into this or that privileged category.

      • The March Hare

        Extra punishment for what you think while committing a crime. It is only a short step to punishment for what you think, period, and we are getting very close to that.

    • slhancock

      Amen! Murder, assault, whatever. It is all the same. The left wants to promote racism because it is all they have left. They have failed the black community, so now you ramp up the anger at whitey. Over the years I was a school nurse, I saw how students changed from ES to MS, to HS. In ES, there was a lot of color-blindness. Black students on the honor roll, playing with whites, Asians, others as if no color difference. Once they got into MS, you could see the beginnings of the transformation, but by HS, it was complete. The only way to stay Black in HS was to comply to the lowest of all the creeds and be part of the gangsta group. Otherwise you were labeled and harassed. It wasn’t pretty and FEW have the ability to resist. Before I retired, you began to see more of the attitude in the ES grades, as well. You could almost tell by the name what kind of attitude was coming with each child. It got worse each year. I can only imagine that these parents either encourage the behavior, or do nothing to curtail it…totally in denial or lacking the guts to stand up to the child.

      • The March Hare

        “You could almost tell by the name what kind of attitude was coming with each child.”
        Parents that bestow those names on their children are generally the parents that teach those attitudes. Their choice of names come from their attitudes and the child is raised in an atmosphere of hate and bigotry.
        As a young child, long, long ago, I was raised in a northern steel town with a mixture of race and ethnicity, and blacks and whites got along with each other just fine. I went to school with black kids and would play with black kids and nobody ever suggested there was anything wrong with it. We moved from there when I was nine and as I grew up and watched the civil rights movement, I became aware of how the jim crow south was filled with bigotry and hate and supported the movement to change it. I never in my wildest imagination ever thought the pendulum would swing to where even those like myself who saw blacks as equals and socially acceptable would end up getting treated as some kind of enemy because of the color of my skin. I still won’t change my feelings, but I have seen the way the socialistscommunists in this country took advantage of the southern bigotry and hate and jumped into the fray, pitting race against race to use it for power. I hurt for the blacks that have been suckered into this and I have developed a bitter hatred of the left for using this to rip this country apart.

        • Blake

          you have lost touch with reality. fact of the matter is blacks will always hate white people, regardless of lefties/socialism or communisms

    • Sniper’s Blade – S.L. Rachford

      Yes. The way to stop so called race crime is to not call it racism, but crime without color.

  • Toa

    A lot of folks think that when “Liberal” elitists like Mark Andrew get “mugged by reality”, THEN they will come to their senses. Mr. Andrew’s cowardly response to “reality”, I fear, will be more widespread in America than a lot of us want to think.

    • Cymbaline

      Getting mugged by reality one time is probably not enough to counteract a whole lifetime of left-wing brainwashing that people are basically good, no one is responsible for their actions, criminals can be rehabilitated, it’s society’s fault, etc, etc ad infinitum.

      • guest29

        Reminds me of a Jonathan S. Tobin article earlier this year:

        Back when he was first running for mayor, Ed Koch used to tell of the time he told some senior citizens about a judge he knew who’d been mugged.

        The judge, said Koch, told a group that “this mugging will not influence any of my decisions from the bench” — whereupon a woman yelled, “Mug him again!”


        • a_guest

          “Mug him again!”

          Too funny!

        • Tim N

          Haha- I loved that one!

    • laura r

      exactly. people have lost their human survival qualities.

      • Drakken

        You could not be more wrong, once you back enough people to the wall the choice is clear.

        • laura r

          oh really? whats taking people so long? thought the wall was reached long ago. i have a different tolerence level for sure.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    Bama and the rest of the democrats are completely incapable of providing blacks with any real means to better their lives, but they have managed to deflect blame by telling blacks they are victims of white people, especially the rich ones.

  • Tasine

    This disgusts me. It is obvious to me that all of this is coming down from headquarters (the White House?). Holder/Obama will not prosecute or even arrest the black mobs, but jump on the first white kid they can get their hands on. I believe they hope to force whites to join the war on whites so that they (Holder/Obama) can declare martial law and get their tyranny into full gear.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      Good! There is no valid complaint here…why there is no valid complaint is because of the Commerce Clause. Intrastate acts – state cases, no federal jurisdiction (unless the state waives its jurisdiction). In order for such an attack to be Holder’s territory, the act must either have occurred in the District of Columbia, or the incident has to be against a trucker in interstate commerce or at a bank (or other entity engaging in interstate commerce) in order to overcome the Commerce Clause bar.

      If you can identify a case that overcomes the bar that was not pursued – and you cannot use the example provided by @disqus_eynaWuAwnF:disqus earlier because intimidation is poorly defined, resulting in 14th Amendment problems – then you can make the argument. Otherwise, complaining that Holder is not pursuing these cases is just whining for no reason.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Meanwhile, AG Holder continues to look for a way to prosecute George Zimmerman …

        • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

          That’s not happening…mark my words!

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            Oh, I believe you. Holder will never do something like this.

  • rappini pasta

    Here’s my take, because it was Texas and he was white end of story.

  • Gee

    I do believe that selective enforcement is grounds for a dismissal of charges. Since hundreds of blacks have committed the exact same crime and none have charged – he will most likely walk

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      In order to claim selective enforcement, one would have to show at least 1 or 2 other cases where there was ample evidence to win a hate crime enhancement conviction, but the hate crime enhancement was not at least charged. Hate crimes are intentionally difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt—generally requiring self-incrimination. Substance matters…numbers do not.

  • JustQuitNow

    The nonreporting of news is how the MSM loses it market share bit by bit.

    The NYT sold the Boston Globe for a huge loss. What they did recover with the sale is to the NYT what a family living off their savings is in a bad economy.

    Look for ‘Pinch’ to become a Grinch and cash out before declaring bankruptcy and throwing the NYT staff to the mercy of the Pension Guarantee Pension board.

    Ditto Newsweek.

  • mtnhikerdude

    The powers that be refuse to call Back on Cracker crimes “Hate Crimes” because they know reporting the truth may incite a “Race War” . We all know where Holder’s sympathies lie. The “New Black Panthers” got a pass for voter intimidation. Had any “White Supremacy Group” attempted voter intimidation they would have been prosecuted . The Chief Racists in America are the B. O and his wife.

    • laura r

      from day one: i saw 2 angry black people. one fist bumping like ghetto trash. then dogging on TV like an idiot. the other bumbling. somehow this is what america wanted.

  • John Davidson

    Last night, CBS affiliate in Columbus, Ohio reported that after a man gave a cigarette to another men, he was sucker punched yet no description of his attacker was offered.

  • Blake

    this really pisses me off. blacks specifically and intentionally attack whites all they want and they get an apology from us. whites attacks someone who happens to be black and we get the book thrown at us.

    • Luscinia

      You mean whites like Flaherty manufacture outrage against blacks in the hopes that whites like Barrett will retaliate?

    • johnnywood

      I agree but it is indefensible that a 27 year old would attack a 79 year old man no matter what color he is.

    • laura r

      ok everyone repeat that. whats not to understand? reality?

  • Rhogue

    We have the power to stop supporting this by withdrawing financial support from the economy which ripples out to withholding tax dollars at both the local and federal level.

    Stop shopping for anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Abandon department/big box stores and malls. Hit ‘em in the wallet and the administration will force the justice department to crack down on all of these little terrorists.

  • Drakken

    I am left wondering, how long is this going to go on before the proverbial SHTF and whites say enough is enough and start hunting blacks with no bag limit? What happened in Texas is a reaction to what blacks are doing to whites and if no one saw this coming, your in denial, this is going to get a lot worse, welcome to the Balkanization of America.
    By the way folks in MN call the mall of America the mall of Africa for a reason and that is why white folks don’t go there anymore.

    • Luscinia

      Wake up! You’ve fallen prey to a manufactured threat.

      • Drakken

        And your fucking blind to reality. Start connecting the bloody dots, mark my words, this is going to blow up one way or another, and once you minorities open Pandora’s little box or horrors, there will be no closing the lid again.

      • truebearing

        Yeah, a threat manufactured by the Left and the primitive, lawless fools they continue to run cover for.

  • LawReader

    Hate crimes are absolute bullcrap – and confer ‘preferred’ status on victims

    Simply put – ‘hate crime’ law is government sponsored racism

    Not surprising – given the racists we currently have in the White House and running the Department of ‘Justice’ (italics mandatory at this point in history…).

    • Mo86

      “government sponsored racism” – I like this definition! (Except, of course, that other preferred groups are included, not just racial ones. Apparently, you are more valuable according to qualities like your your sexual preferences and behaviors as well. Who knew?)

  • James Foard

    Well, they finally got their man. A white man attacking a black person. Now their rubbing their hands together with glee, and make no mistake about it, their going to play this thing for all it’s worth. Dog bites man isn’t news, man bites dog is.
    The Royal Obama Mounted Police have collared their suspect, and now this one man crime wave of racist attacks against innocent, defenseless blacks can finally come to an end.
    Justice is color blind, except with Eric Holder.

    • laura r

      i knew some white nut job would do the knockout game. will this be a trend? monkey see monkey do?

    • Inuk Canuck

      “Royal Obama Mounted Police” You have no right to slander the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Canadians elected a Conservative majority government. Instead of harassing your kinfolk, get educated and read up on how Harper is changing Canada for the better. He has reduced entitlements, balanced the budget, tightened immigration, restored our ancestral Royal titles, rebuilt our economy and fought a hard war in support of the US. Petty political sniping against a fellow white nation is part of the problem. While Canadians are busy reducing immigration and trying to raise white birth rates, you slander our federal police force. Obama hates Britain and her Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Realms represent the success his mau-mau worked so hard to destroy in Kenya.

      • marvin boggs

        don’t be so hypersensitive. he was ridiculing Comrade Obama,the schmo who thinks he’s a king.
        And WHY would you even want “royal titles”? that only makes the title holders think they’re better than everybody else.

        • Inuk Canuck

          Unfortunately, your ridicule is presupposed on the notion that Constitutional Monarchies are inherently inferior to Republics. Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy and acts as a convenient foil for your jest. Hopefully you will agree that is both offensive and ignorant.

          Regarding Obama acting like a King, well, he is one. When your constitution was drafted it was modelled directly on the existing government of England. The president replaced King, Senate; House of Lords, and House of Representatives; House of Commons. The much vaulted “American” system of checks+balances is a slightly modified version of the archaic bicameral system in England. This isn’t surprising given that it would have been very familiar to the drafters. However, in this system, Obama essentially is a King. The reason that he is “the most powerful man in the world” is because he controls all three branches of your government (and has the military to match of course). This is completely different than how Constitutional Monarchies work. The Legislative + Judicial belong to the people and the Executive belongs to the Crown. This separation of powers allows the government to be dissolved very easily without affecting the core functions of the state. Now that I have taken the time to provide you with a fair explanation please show restraint in the future when searching for political insults. Your problem isn’t that Obama is a King, it is that he is a President with the powers of a King. Sovereigns reign for life and have greatly vested interest in passing a stable, functioning system to their descendants. This means they are apolitical and have the luxury of taking a very long-term strategic view on issues. Presidents are only ever two years away from an election cycle and this warps their decision making rubric. Systems collide and fail when individuals are put in positions designed for Kings and then expected to behave as Presidents.

          The issues that our white race faces are in a large part because we have abandoned our common heritage. In Canada we have official languages (English and French) which make it far easier to regulate culture(Fluency in either and proficiency in both is required to graduate high school). It is literally against the law to interact with the government in anything other than those two. In Canada we still have a Queen; a continuous chain of culture stretching back to the Magna Carta. In Canada we officially recognize our founding nations as being European and the indigenous tribes are recognized by the Indian Act. In Canada we still fly the Union Jack. In Canada we cherish our European heritage by valuing Royal titles. They represent our Crown and our culture. These symbols are embedded throughout our society and provide an unstoppable force for integration. We are a Commonwealth Realm and this further binds us to our European heritage. Symbols don’t solve birth rate issues but they do protect culture. Imagine how many fewer gripes Americans would have if they had an official language(English), an official culture(European), an official demarcation between founding races(Indian Act and constitution’s preamble), a white head of state(the Royal family), and a government required by law to honour European traditions.

          Obviously our system isn’t perfect. Depending on our prime minister cultural expression can sway back and forth. Fortunately Harper is a Monarchist and believes in Canada’s heritage. The legacy of our system IS such that we deserve better than cheap mockery by people professing to be concerned with the very issues our system is designed to help fix. Thank you for your time, I hope this opens your eyes to what other countries are doing to help protect our race.

          • marvin boggs

            your use of “our white race” exposes you perfectly.
            you also sure read a lot into what was never said.

          • Inuk Canuck

            Everything I said is publicly available information. I don’t know what you mean by ‘exposes’ but if you mean that we disagree then it would appear that you are correct. Have a good one.

  • Fed Up

    Years ago my longest living friend and I would chat every evening about politics, social issues, etc. He was a typical, liberal-ish American Jew but intellectually fair and open. One night as he was making some standard lib complaint about race and ethnicity I stopped him.

    I said, “Jeff, it may surprise you to know that I don’t wake up every day and think of myself as a ‘”white man”‘ and how that fits me into the world. I don’t frame issues in terms of how they effect “my people”, other whites. And I don’t believe the great mass of white people do either. I’m just me and not part of some self-conscious racial group. But one day, if the race hustlers and grievance-mongers keep it up, we just might start to think as a group, and all that implies, with group rights, prerogatives and preferences we are willing to enforce. And since there’s about 200 million white folks in this country, you might want to think about what that could mean.”

    He got really quiet and said, “I see what you mean” and never laid that crap on me again.

    I can’t think of any one thing that could spur that process along than the authorities continuing to turn a blind eye to the depravity that is engulfing certain “communities”.

    • Drakken

      Well I dare say, that time is now upon us and will take greater urgency in te coming year or two.

      • johnnywood

        I can barely wait for November:)

  • celador2

    Holder is race baiting hate driven and identified. Blacks get a pass no matter what crimes they commit even ones driven by hate. Holder hates whites and will punish a white whenever he can and ignore black crimes.

  • Luscinia

    My interpretation is that Colin Flaherty and company whipped the leukosphere into a frenzy based on an imagined knockout game, and then Colin Adolf Barrett hits a black man in the face in an attempt to turn the tables, and the rest of the leukosphere are crying foul.

    • Drakken

      That is what I really like about folks like you, denial and complete utter ignorance.

    • truebearing

      That isn’t an interpretation. Interpretations are based on facts. Your delusional drivel is based in denial and lies. You’re too stupid, racist, and dishonest to ever deal with facts.

    • Blake

      my interpretation to your comment is that you are an idiot and living in blissful ignorance.

    • Fed Up

      “imagined knockout game”.

      Well, I can imagine a good test of your assertion. Why don’t you take a stroll, alone, down any MLK Blvd of any town in evening?

      If you are white or of a paler complexion than the locals you’ll find out very quickly the lay of the land but if you’re black you probably know better than anyone not to do it. If your also sane that is.

      Do get back to us won’t you?

  • Upaces

    This IS BLATANT RACISM. The laws should be the same for everyone. The Media should report ALL of the news.

    • Blake

      the media is run by left wing liberals. they will continue their pro-islam/black/gay, anti white/Christian agenda

      • Upaces

        I know, Blake, I do noooo….Distortion and corrupting public opinion on what is decent, honorable and having the capacity to fit into a society to make it harmonious and successful.

  • Raymond Northgreaves

    You are all to blame for what is happening to the USA, for putting black people in charge of your country, that is Obama black supporters. Obama and this left wing group of comes have turned the USA into a cesspit, which is no better then a third world country in Africa. Debating this with an old Army buddy who is black, and was a brilliant soldier, he made the point that the blacks should be in charge of the world? My question to him was “what TYPE OF B*****D would the blacks be to the whites, should that ever happen? He had no answer that that question! The USA (now usa) have given us all the answer. Obama went to Africa, and had talks with African leaders, and the only topic he could come with was ‘bums’ , asking these leaders to allow male (puff on puff marriages) marriages, and that is the standard of this sad sick scum president, who allows his wife to go around the USA promoting racial hate against the whites. When the murdering scum Hillary Clinton gets elected president, not only will she be at war with Great Britain, but she will have a second civil war on her hands. Which oil will she go for first, Canada’s, or that of Great Britain?

  • Dogballs

    Stop complaining and do something. You can never win if you don’t fight. These people hate you and you try to be their friends. Stop voting for wimps that take the high road. What else can I say?

  • justquitnow

    “First came the shock. Then disbelief. Then the questions: Why him? Why now? Why did Attorney General Holder choose to file hate crime charges against a white man in Texas”

    Yeah if only there was…idk…a journalist that would go find the answers to those questions. Instead we get a list of a bunch of crimes of random black people around the country over the last couple of years. Was “White Girl Bleed Alot” taking too much of the sh*t-kicker contingent for your tastes…you want some of that action. Let’s hope you don’t get the violence that your hoping for.

  • Remember

    Hey, you stin**king baboons. I’m going to send the guy a gift and and medal.

  • James

    It’s interesting that John Derbyshire was fired from National Review for talking about this very thing about a year before it became a pandemic. A prophet is not without honour…

  • Thomas

    Whites know if we fight back we will be the ones who serve time. However I do feel its inevitable. I watch and read about these animals and my blood begins to boil. This is all part of their agenda and its becoming more and more obvious, scary times indeed.