Black Mob Violence and Denial

bowling22n-1-webAsk a cop. Any cop: Racial violence is worse than you know. Worse than I know even after writing the book on it, White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

That is why so many cops — active and retired — send me so many stories from around the country. They want more people to know about the epic levels of racial violence happening in almost every part of the country almost every night.

Here are a few from this weekend, courtesy of my cops.

Let’s start with a New Jersey bowling alley. For those who have not picked up a ball for a while, a visit to your local alley in the daytime is like stepping back in time. Same lanes. Same beat up shoes. Same scruffed up balls.

But weekend nights, many bowling alleys — and roller skating rinks too — shed their white, lower middle class trappings and are transformed into gleaming centers of hip-hop, with the latest and greatest in lights, sounds, fashion, booze and drugs.

All topped off with frequent large-scale, black mob violence.

The latest example came late Friday night in the Central New Jersey town of Piscataway. The Associated Press reports the violence:

involved roughly 250 people. Authorities say the combatants were fighting inside the alley and in the parking lot, but most of them fled when police arrived.

Acting Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey says 23-year-old Jamount Atkins man was injured during the brawl and taken to a hospital, where he died shortly after. It appeared Atkins was the victim of a beating.

The New Jersey cops also saved me the trouble of looking up the Twitter account of the freshly deceased Jamount.  A few recent postings display Jamount’s fixation with violence, hip hop, and partying.

Jamont Atkins™  @montCAPboii1

@_MOE_attitude  wrd they be tuff is hell too n wen a nigga put they hands on them the bitch come outta them quick is hell

Jamont Atkins™  @montCAPboii1

I’ll hit you where it hurt if you wanna play that game

And his last tweet was about bowling:

Jamont Atkins™  @montCAPboii1

catch me & my squad at stelton lanes tonite  #capboyz

 Lots of retweets on that one, pre- and post-mortem.

Ranique @Queen_Ranique

Beyonce – dance for yu was ya song.

Any cop will tell you — as will Google — bowling alleys are now predictable places for black mob violence. Check it: Saginaw, Jersey City, Allen Park, Temple Terrace, and on and on and on.

And on.

In Elk Grove, California, south of Sacramento, two black people were shot during a large fight in March at a bowling alley. It was not the first time, said the Elk Grove Patch:

The Laguna Boulevard bowling alley where this incident took place has seen violence before. In March of 2011, a large fight sent four to the hospital. A few months later, a man was taunted with homophobic slurs before being assaulted in the parking lot.

The neighbors have had enough. One neighbor summed up local sentiment in the comments section:

let’s be real please….its a hip hop club. It always has been a hip hop club…. the nightclub garbage needs to go, period… This has been a problem with this facility that transcends every owner. Non-stop thug violence from scumbag gang-bangers and hip hop crowds…

A Wilmington, Delaware bowling alley has been the scene of several large scale episodes of black mob violence over the last two years. In a 2011 case, six people were shot. And on Christmas Day one year later, two people were shot under similar circumstances.

Sports fans still talk about one of the more infamous cases of black mob violence at a bowling alley. It was 1993 and involved future NBA star Allen Iverson.

Iverson was convicted of assault after a video showed him and his crew assaulting a group of white bowlers. Iverson said the bowlers dropped the N-Bomb on him. Jury did not believe that. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but released after four months.

His conviction was later overturned due to lack of evidence. The producers of Hoop Dreams even made a film about it: A documentary about the racial violence in Hampton, Virginia called “A Town Divided.”

Skating rinks are even busier. But we will leave that for another day.

Back to this weekend. Up in Rochester, where New York reporter Carl Seiler likes to deny the existence of racial violence on one hand even as he explains it as being the result of 400 years of slavery and oppression on the other, large scale black mob violence struck again.

This time Friday night outside of a nightclub where two people were shot following a “large fight.” On YouTube, large fights at closing time even have their own name: Let Out fights.

Rochester has been the scene of dozens of episodes of recent large scale black mob violence. Some at a local beach during a holiday rib party. Others at the annual Lilac festival. Still others downtown. And of course the ever popular night club fights.

The local TV station gives up some background:

This is not the first time violence has broken out in that area. In June, two men were shot and killed following a fight across the street from the Club Network. The suspect in the June shooting–Ralph Strong Junior–is currently being held awaiting trial.

After an episode of black mob violence on Memorial Day, black Rochester City Councilman Adam McFadden explained it all to a local news outlet:

“I think what you saw at the beach is what we’ve been seeing in many of our neighborhoods for two decades,” (black) Councilman McFadden told WHAM TV. “It’s just that you had a lot of people there who are not used to that culture and got to witness it personally.”

Maybe some day some enterprising reporter will ask McFadden: “What does that mean?” It won’t be Seiler, who is still steaming from an earlier account that did what local media would not: It identified 500 people fighting in and out of a movie theater near Rochester as black.

Several of the combatants had to be subdued with police batons. After the riot ended, police called city buses and delivered the miscreants — not to a holding cell for arraignment — but to their Rochester homes.

Sometimes the violence is smaller scale. But cops like to point out that as well because when it is on video, it shows people what is really happening in their towns. Or, as George Orwell put it,  while “People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

In the Brooklyn, every night packs of black people walk the streets waiting for that one hipster with a bit too much to drink to stroll even one block to a place where they should not be. Result: One beating and one loss of an iPhone.

This weekend, prosecutors released a security camera tape of a beating, knifing and robbery in the Bronx. It shows a white man entering the foyer of his apartment building. As he makes his way up the stair case, a black man bursts through the door behind him, which had not yet shut.

The robber grabbed the victim in a chokehold from behind and dragged him down the stairs. The victim resisted, and the man pulled knife and stabbed him three times as his female accomplice kept a lookout. He lived.

The predators fled together. Still unarrested.

In Brooklyn last week, ten black people beat up a white couple — though it did not make the papers for almost a week. The black mob damaged his car when he honked his horn at them for crossing during a red light. Then they damaged him. Then the wife.

Some broken bones, blood. Four people caught. Six more on the loose.

Just another day. Ask any cop.

Cops do not like talking about racial violence any more than anyone else. No matter how much they know about it first-hand. They go to the same cocktail parties, tailgate at the same football games, watch their kids at the same soccer games as everyone else.

And they don’t want anyone calling them racist. That happens enough on the job. Here is a homework assignment. Find a cop, active or retired. Ask them the following question: When you stop a black person in a car or on the street or in a home or anywhere in the course of your duties, how often do they say “You are only doing this because I am black”?

Let me know.


Don’t miss Jamie Glazov’s video interview with Colin Flaherty on the epidemic of black mob violence — and the media’s cover-up:

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  • DeShawn

    We in the black community are NOT in denial…we KNOW there’s a violence problem on our streets. I think it’s you racist jews complaining about this who are in denial. Denial that your media and entertainment empire is pumping violence and filth into the homes of black children around the country. Denial that you’re sending young black fathers off to fight insane jewish wars for Israel. Denial that your media machine is PURPOSELY covering up these crimes to start a race war between blacks and white, while the cowardly jew sits back and watches things get into motion. No, it is you jews, who killed our Lord Jesus Christ, who are in denial about your role in perpeturating violence and destruction in the black community. You people destroy anything you touch, as 109 countries found out the hard way.

  • truebearing

    This kind of behavior will eventually result in massive segregation, a race war, and maybe both. For whatever reason, many blacks seek out these situations where violence is inevitable.

    • Jim

      There was a racist pulp story called the 5th or 6th column written in the 50s. The author was not happy with it. The tech for the story does note exist and will never exist. The premise is sound and feasible.

      Think about it. Skin color is merely a reflection of latitude and access to vitamin D. Other items are not.

      • Rocky Mountain

        So there’s no vitamin D in Africa?

    • alericKong

      Or it could result in police stings where blacks are lured to raid 7/11s for slim jims and cell phones, and a giant cage drops around the building and they all go to prison.

      That would be funny.

      • Freddy

        Blacks are being lured into this behavior by the system. Then martial law will be declared, “for the public safety”. That will be O’s excuse to set himself up as king and indefinitely delay the next election. The public is being played like a violin and they are too stupid to see it. Those that do see what’s really going on will be “phased out”. Welcome to communism/marxism/socialim. Education is the answer but we all see where that is going.

        • leftists are delusional

          Can we blame the system here, when the rape and homicide rates in sub Saharan Africa and the majority black Caribbean countries look about the same?

          There is only common denominator, and it’s not our system in my opinion.

          I will concede that our system does not do much to discourage the instinctual behavior though.

          • Freddy

            I totally agree with you about the common denominator. I am saying the system (government) is using that denominator to create the crisis that will lead to a police state, and the denominator is not intelligent enough or is just unwilling to see what is being done to them.

          • Drakken

            Let it rain, it will separate the libs from the rest of us, let them suffer the consequences of their stupidity. A brutal dose of reality will clear the most fogged up mind of a libtard, or Darwin will get his due. Either way, a win win for us.

          • Danny

            There is no way this is going to turn out well for anybody. Historically, tyrants take control of a society that is in disarray. It’s very easy to step in and take charge when people want order above all else. If there is an all-out race war, somebody is going to take charge and crush our liberties in the process.

          • janinec

            The truth is it is cultural–it has NOTHING to do with race or skin color. And yes, the left has a heck of a lot to do with conditioning people to become this way with their policies and social engineering, including the destruction of the nuclear black family (LBJ, thanks a lot for your “war on poverty and “Great” Society, you scum. FYI, LBJ also profited off the deaths of most of our soldiers in Vietnam –kept the war going to enrich his heavy equipment business). Before the il-liberal leftist welfare movement of the 60’s, which demonized the GOP and rewrote history, more black Americans had more stable nuclear families (less divorce and more marriages) than whites. Most 3rd world countries whether sub-Saharan Africa or certain middle-Eastern, Eastern European or South American countries, etc. that are rife with leftist corruption commonly see this kind of thing happen. Let’s not start attacking people on race. It only helps the leftists to achieve their goals of destroying our society by ripping us apart. United we stand, divided we fall. The left is fueling the race war to destroy America. Let’s not help them in their efforts by buying into it.

          • Seek

            It’s got EVERYTHING to do with race. By your logic, the Great Society would have caused white pathology as well. As for the myth that blacks, once upon a time, had “strong families,” guess again. They always had weak families. They stayed together, but that’s because life expectancies were shorted and the economic options far fewer.

            Blacks are inherently violent.

          • leftists are delusional

            There certainly are cultural problems in the black community, but I do not believe LBJ and socialism is the root cause.

            Considering the pre-LBJ homicide rates observed among blacks in the paper “A Study of Violent Deaths of Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, and New Orleans for the years 1921-22″ JJ Durrett and WG Stromquist” I do not believe Whites, blacks, and for that matter east Asians, have the same propensity for violent behavior.

            The homicide rates per 100/k in 1921-22 for:
            Atlanta – 102.2
            Birmingham – 97.2
            Memphis – 116.9
            New Orleans – 46.

            The White homicide rate in the paper was 15.0, 28.0, 29.6, and 8.4 respectively.

            Blacks as a race are just more violent than Asians and Europeans.

            There is a reason why the most affluent blacks (family income over $200k) score score about the same as the poorest Whites (less than $20k annual income) on the SAT. It’s not culture or LBJ there either.

        • Dante

          haha the system.i like you,you are very funny

        • lulu

          I agree 100% with you, Freddy. Have you read up on the Cloward-Piven Strategy, published in 1966? You can find a copy on the Internet. This is the same strategy that our wonderful president is now employing–and it’s only the beginning. He’s determined to turn the US into a totalitairan state by squeezing out the middle class, taxing them to death, so it’s just the 1% elite & 99% dependent on the govt. for survival. That’s why he wants more people on welfare/food stamps. He’s even encouraged it! I think that computer “glitch” w/EBT cards a few weeks ago was a deliberate “dry run” to see how recepients would react if it really did happen. Now they know. One day Obama will cut off EBT cards (unexpectedly, of course), panic & rioting will ensue, with martial law being declared and, well, you know the rest. That’s my prediction, anyway. And you’re right, the public is too wrapped up in their freebies, cell phones, reality shows, etc., to pay much attention to what this Socialist is really up to. Read Tom Fife’s story (online). I actually believe the guy, which means Obama’s takeover was planned many decades ago.

          • Seek

            That idiot Glenn Beck has done more to discredit conservatism than all the liberals put together. As for Piven & Cloward, their book based on that article, “Regulating the Poor” (1971), has been read by just about everyone who’s attended college in the last 40 years. Where have you been?

            Forget about the Obama/One World conspiracy theories. The main problem with blacks is blackness itself.

          • Lawrence of Suburbia

            There’s one thing we agree on Seek; i.e. Glenn Beck is an abominable buffoon-man.

        • Seek

          Nonsense. You make the same mistake as the Left, casting blacks as noble, suffering victims, only with “liberals” causing the suffering. Reality check: The enemy is not anyone “luring” blacks into criminal behavior. The enemy is blacks themselves. It is you, Mr. Conspiracy, who can’t see the reality.

      • cochise1

        Many years ago in Atlanta, Ga when convenience stores were just getting popular they started getting robbed at gunpoint and the clerks shot. The Atlanta PD came up with a special squad that posted themselves behind one-way glass. When a robber entered the squad emerged and gave him one chance to surrender. If they didn’t he was shot dead.

        The squad was disbanded because of ‘discrimination’. Yes, you guessed it. ALL the perps were black.

    • Piquerish

      Helter Skelter

    • Dante

      no.just no.10 years ago,there were the same comments and guess what-day by day whites are suffering by blacks savages more and western europe is suffering from midle east moslims.and why is that?because of black skin privilage in usa and in western europe moslim privilage.i know that most americans disagree with black skin privliage,and most europeans disegree with moslim privilage,but what can you do once you voted for people who decide?NOTHING.exactly

  • cacslewisfan

    I will never forget the time a young black boy, whom I had never met, asked me to be his girlfriend (we were both 11). I said “No. I don’t know you. I don’t even know your name.” He immediately said, “It’s ’cause I’m black, isn’t it!” He must have heard that every day. The charge of racism is used to justify everything and anything. Our government is intent on betraying Americans who believe in equality before the law and rewarding violence. I have very little hope for the future of America.

    • J.

      Societal conditioning at its finest, the left preach equality but perpetuate the racial/sexist stereo types of oppression, and inequality to make it seem as though they have something to stand for. Just like governments who cause problems to only bring about their own solution to the very problem they’ve caused. After all a house divided against itself will surely fall.

    • Sandy

      Not only in America ! In South Africa we have the same probleme , white people gets raped and murderd ona daily base and nobody cares !!

      • Drakken

        Always remember to shoot first and ask questions later, there are no second chances in SA.

      • Jimi Belton

        Sandy does the whitye pop. have easy access to firearms

    • Zeigler

      You’re so right, also a lot of Mexicans do this too, they don’t even have the slightest clue who I’am, I could not even be from here or, I could possibly have a girlfriend and yet they still do the same to me.

    • Zeigler

      It’s as if minorities believe the world revolves around them, America is a white country to the core, the Mexicans believe they’re entitled to the land, when Spain, aka whites owned Mexico and the southwest and all the southt of the american land.

    • Julie

      I’m 49. When I was about 19 and very naïve, I went with some friends to a comedy night at a local university. One of the comedians was black. His humor happened to be very filthy and I hadn’t heard humor quite like that. I felt embarrassed and something must have showed in my expression. . He got a glimpse of my face and pointed me out to the whole room of maybe 150 people and laughed at me for disapproving of his “because he was black.” WHAT?!!! Everyone laughed and I felt so humiliated but too stunned to stay anything.

      • cacslewisfan

        As much as I hate to have to do it, I protect myself by crowd scanning and watching body language very closely. When there are large crowds of unknown blacks, I leave the area. If I have a black co worker in a subordinate position, I phrase directions in a very particular way (I have a story about that, too). The sad thing is, I love black people and I don’t think there is anything “lesser” about them, but I have a lifetime of very bad and ominous experiences with a certain majority of them. It makes me cautious. I take people as individuals, but I’m not stupid and I won’t pretend there aren’t very bad consequences for forgetting history.

        • mike michigan

          One on One most black people are just regular nice people. Especially the older ones. The younger ones however are very dangerous especially in groups. The problem is the younger blacks intimidate the older blacks and they never speak out or attempt to prevent the violence. We use codes when talking about blacks. They are hyper-sensitive to racism that they can construe the slightest thing you say. We usually refer to them a blue or as Canadians.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    Yea, sure a FEW cops will admit this is happening. Most will not and take great effort to gloss over it. Just outside of Atlanta 4 blacks attacked a random white guy at a gas station and beat him unconscious before tossing him into the roadway to be killed by an oncoming car. The police stepped over each other to deny the crime had any “racial component”. Cops have developed a whole new lexicon for denying black racism and black racial crimes. The same cops would line up to point fingers at a white person who MIGHT have said “negro”.

    Yes, the black violence against ALL other races in the US is escalating. YES, it has ballooned since Obama took office and Holder let the Black Panthers “slide”. It was a powerful message meant to mobilize US blacks. Another defacto mobilization call has come from the press who also stumble over each other to hide any accurate stories about black racism and black violence toward non-blacks.

    And that’s the crux of the issue. Blacks don’t hate whites exclusively. They hate anyone who isn’t black. However, whites are their primary targets. Zimmerman had to be made white or the campaign against him would have fizzled. But ask any American of Asian heritage who they catch the most hell from.

  • rogerinflorida

    The late Lawrence Auster called it “the negro intifada”. There is an epidemic of black violence, fortunately for the most part directed at other blacks. The frustration is fueled by 60 years of lies about what is holding the black community back; white racism is blamed when in reality it is low negro IQ, African behavior traits and failure to accept individual responsibility. When even social commentators such as Thomas Sowell talk about “race war” you know our society has some very big problems.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Perps of violence named ,Jamont , Kashawn and Daehrell should be beating up their moms for those ridiculous (yes I’m Black) names. LOL

  • veeper

    Why is this surprising to anyone?

    America’s President of the United States has agitated and initiated a race war.

    obama needs a race war to motivate his black peeps to vote for old white democrats in the 2014 elections.

    he has to turn this election to be about blacks against whites…..
    democrats = blacks….republicans = whites…..

    the community organizer can not succeed without division, unrest and constant turmoil…..

    He has been organizing the al sharpton’s, jay-Z’s and other celebrities to provoke and promote the war in any way they can….

    the country is reflecting it’s leadership…..

  • Clare Spark

    White elites made their peace with black power by the end of the 1960s. See “White enabling of black power.” And scroll down to see a postscript describing the whole Shirley Sherrod tape, which made its own contribution and warned of things to come.

  • dennis x

    Colin Flaherty, the D.W. Griffith of our time.

    • shawnmer

      What a pathetic reply.

  • ColinFlaherty

    big difference between cops on beat and PIO’s.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Oh I would agree there. The cops on the street by and large are left with cleaning the mess made by these useless coddling, avoidance and feel-good policies. After all, poor old blacks can’t possibly be held responsible for their violence against whites at the “skreet” level.

      BUT, I have personally see street cops do their best to avoid having to write a report on a violent racial incident. They do their best to coach the victim into agreeing that it could just as easily have been a white burglar, home invader, carjacker or rapist.

      But really, how many black women are raped by white men in the US during an average year? And how many white women are raped by black men over the same time period? THAT is a very telling indication of their utter lack of respect for white people as a race.

      • leftists are delusional

        If a cop were to publicly acknowledge the higher rate of violence in blacks, they would open themselves up to charges of racism. Especially if the cop ever had to shoot a black person.

        Smart cops are going to be careful what they say AND do lest it be used against them in a kangaroo court of law.

  • Piquerish

    They are like Islamic lunatics (was that redundant?), they only understand power greater than theirs — applied.

  • Porkys2istan

    I see a lot of comments here about low ‘negro’ IQ’s causing all these problems. It’s not IQ or genetics, it’s CULTURE.

    I am a REAL eugenicist (not geneticist), and I can tell you that American blacks have 10x more European DNA than African DNA. The only reason we still have so called ‘black people’ in this country is because the genes for dark skin are dominant and numerous. Any other ‘race’ mixed into Europeans would be invisible at 50% to 25%, while dark skin persistently stays even when only 10% of one’s genetic makeup. Simply put, over 90% of your ancestors could be European, but if just 10% of them were from Africa, most likely you will be considered ‘black’.

    When you people talk about ‘race’ like this you just show your ignorance. These ‘urban’ problems are a direct result of some cultural failure, NOT genetics. I personally think it’s a glorification and casual acceptance of violence.

    This is EXACTLY why Trayvon Martin is dead. Most middle class (mostly) white people do not engage in violence unless they intend to kill someone, while the black community just accepts violence as ‘something that just happens’. Trayvon thought that giving someone a ‘beat down’ was perfectly normal, while (I would bet) George Zimmerman probably hadn’t been in a fight since he was a child. George Zimmerman would probably never beat anyone he wasn’t trying to kill, and THAT cultural difference is why Martin is dead.

    To the apologists for this ‘acceptable violence’, it should be noted that if you beat someone, sometimes they actually die, even if you are not trying to kill them.

    • Federale

      Wrong, low IQ leads to bad decision making, including creating a disfunctional culture.

      • Rocky Mountain

        While you may be correct about the relationship between bad behavior and IQ consider this. If there are about 225 million white people in the US (12% black and 13% everything else) we come up with 36 million white people with IQs of 90 or less. If the mean IQ for blacks is 90 (and I’m not saying it is but so many believe it is or even less) then there are 18 million black people with IQs of 90 or less. This is based on the use of the normal distribution curve with IQ of 100 for whites. Thus there are twice as many whites with moderately low to really low IQ as blacks which might lead me to conclude that whites are generally a more disruptive group culturally speaking simply by sheer force of numbers. Again, if IQ is the only or the dominant causal agent then about half of the blacks that are above the 90 IQ range have to live their lives in a state of misery because of what their low IQ brethren are doing to them and suffer from the slings and arrows leveled at them because of the association of their skin color with that of the miscreants.

    • Drakken

      Well they might have European DNA in them, but they act and function the same way as the real Africans do. You should go there and see for yourself the massive poverty, the violence on a scale that would make anyone blush, the corruption. So spare me the liberal do gooder apologetic nonsense.

      • janinec

        That is not “liberal” do-gooding. Porky is absolutely right. Read my comment above. It IS cultural and a LOT of it is conditioning by the leftists who have intentionally created this monster. This is the same conditioning (albeit in different ways) that has created corruption in not only Africa, but many Latin and Islamic countries. It is all about control and manipulation. It has NOTHING to do with race or skin color. That is just buying into and helping the corrupt leftist movement to destroy our Christian Western culture. By the way, true liberalism (i.e. classic liberal ideals) is what most conservatives today believe in…that is Constitutional freedom, liberty, inalienable rights, recognizing private property, and everything else out Founders stood for and our country is based on. Do NOT confuse labels like “liberal” with leftism…that was actually an intentional usurpation of the word by leftist to mislead the public and help their corrupt movement. That is why so many uninformed people who think they are being “liberal” will support policies they think help the poor but which in actuality hurt all people, especially the poor and the minorities.

        • Drakken

          Bullsh**! Africa has always been a basket case and always will be, maybe the Chinese will make it a better place. Their race and culture contribute to their 4 th world ways so spare me the mind twisting.

    • JamesJ

      Great gymnastics

    • shawnmer

      Dude, if you are peddling the absurdity that the average American black has “10 times” more whites in their direct parental lineage than blacks, I’m going to call you either incompetent at your professed field of expertise or you’re deliberately bullshitting us. And if you aren’t, then I’m not getting what, specifically you’re asserting. How can there be 10 times the white DNA without 10 times the white ancestors??

      The last figure I heard was that American blacks have about 15% white ancestry. Which is in rough keeping with my personal observations here in an area with a high black population, where mixed race couples are higher than in more homogeneously white areas. I also find your assertion that black skin is so dominant a trait that such high levels of white ancestry would be possible for the average person I would clearly identify as “black.” After all, a 1st generation black-white child is, by definition, 50% each. The likeliest outcome for appearance is that common “cafe au lait” skin color, which is substantially lighter than most blacks here with 2 black parents.

      Give you points for originality, sir. At least you didn’t drone on about the “legacy of slavery.” Who knew all these folks I’ve been critical of were actually white?!

    • shawnmer

      Just as I thought. Lying just ain’t as easy as it used to be in the age of Google.

      Estimates from 5 different ancestry firms, ranging between 2/3rds and 3/4ths African ancestry for U.S. blacks. Lower than my 85% figure, but miles from whatever figures from which you calculated more white ancestry than African by a factor of 10.

    • ben t

      I must strongly disagree with your %’s. I have been a student of human racial differences since the late ’50’s. I wont bore you with academic credentials but the generally accepted estimate is that U.S. “blacks” have, on average, about 20% caucasian genes. This area, like all other racial questions, has been bastardized by p.c.agendas.

  • james martinez

    jacksonville has become unfit for whites to live in, just google some things that has happened in jacksonville fl. such as black kids beating up white kids on a school bus, blacks kids raping white girls in middle school, funny how blacks are the first to play the race card and how their whole world revolve around race issues. Black leaders and preachers are programming the black youth to hate and kill rape and beat down whites. the smartest thing whites do is move the hell away from blacks.

  • james martinez
  • eddie henley

    it all comes down to black preachers programming blacks to hate whites, and jews it also comes down to the panthers urging the black youth to kill , beat and rape young whites and the message is getting through

    • janinec

      Do you know who taught those black preachers and community leaders to program blacks to hate whites? The leftists and the usurped Democrat Party who has bought them for a little power and money to sell their own people out. When I say the usurped Democrat Party, I am talking about the faction of the Democrat party that has been taken over by socialists, communists and other anti-American groups. There has always been a racist faction of the Democrat party and they have never left. They are just not as blatant about their true feelings. They instead use their hatred and need to control for a larger purpose now. Sadly, a large number of Republicans who are career politicians who are only in it for themselves are just as bad as a lot of the Dems who do the same. It is not really a partisan issue. It is good vs. evil.

  • eddie henley

    I urge everyone to google black violence in Jacksonville florida. black kids beating down white kids on school buses is common . or the black girls suspended from school in JAX for putting a white girl in a comma. or black thug kids shoving little white girls into a restroom and raping them is common. the best thing whites can do is avoid living around blacks and for sure do not send your kids to school with them

    • ColinFlaherty

      i’ve written extensively about it …. and done extensive talk radio in jacksonville as well .

  • eddie henley

    pretty soon there will be a mass movement of blacks to Islam and Muslim religion and a full scale war on christens and whites. why do you think people like rev wright calls the whites the devil race and why do you think obummer jerk looks up to wright? it is ok for blacks to be racist and for the panthers to call for killing whites and their babies or for farrakhaun to preach about killing jews and the devil whites

    • Dylan Felts

      And, nobody says a word.

  • eddie henley

    the media is terrified about telling the truth about black violence, because whites would run away from blacks faster than they already do and every city with blacks would turn into a detroit

  • world weary

    Some legislator better ban bowling alleys and skating rinks quick; just like guns, they are killing people!

  • popseal

    I don’t care what color it comes in, random attacks are par for the course in a society that has lost much of its sense of personal accountability. It seems the choice to remain at home a prisoner, or get professionally trained and start carrying concealed. Stay away from troubled neighborhoods and keep your head on a swivel.

    • corday_d_armont

      You never know when you will be mobbed by roving band of mormon kids.

      • iluvisrael

        or one of those violent Amish gangs

    • Seek

      “Troubled neighborhoods” all have a way of being black, don’t they?

  • bluffcreek1967

    It comes down to this: Wherever blacks gather in large enough numbers, there’s always going to be problems, probably a good ghetto beat-down on some innocent white guy who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Although not every black is a thug or criminal, a large percentage of them are and they prove it each day on the nightly news. Some day whites will wake up to the reality that not all races are equal, not all of us have the same IQ levels, and that some racial groups are more dangerous than others and need to be monitored closer too. Until then, the black-on-white beatings will continue.

    “By Way of Clarification,”

  • Ergo

    let’s ban bowling

  • KansasGirl

    This won’t end well. Guaranteed.

  • amongoose

    Put up tall fences with razor wire.
    If they insist on acting like animals.
    Cage them as such.

    • Major

      They’re already caged…section 8.

      • Drakken

        Well major at least you live in FL and have gators to clean up your messes.

  • hughglass

    Let the lynching begin. Obama and holder will do nothing about the black savages.

  • Zombee

    Disarmed New Yorkers are easy targets from these savages. You can obey orwellian gunlaws and become a victim or become outlaws, carry concealed and never be a victim.

  • Hass

    And the LibTurds will say. “Well, they need more welfare”

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    Having graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit many years ago, I was used to being accosted by street blacks.I lived near the campus. Most would just panhandle. In two attempts to rob me they gave up since I was able to fight, and I was unwilling to let go of the money in my pockets since it was earned through hard labor.

    Visiting the VA hospital in Detroit recently for some maintenance on combat wounds picked up in Nam, I found that things hadn’t changed. Another generation of blacks showed up to try to make a withdrawal from my pockets. It was only about a hundred feet from my car to the hospital, and they were waiting. They lost again, and they weren’t all that young.

    I estimate it will take at least two generations of blacks being confronted with swift and severe consequences for their predatory behavior before any positive change will be realized in that population. Ending government handout programs, completely, is also a start. The real problem is that we don’t have the national will or continued strength to get it done.

    • Major

      Thanks for your service Martin. And you’re correct…we’re at war with the feral beasts among us. The mutts are inside the perimeter and have busted down the gates, long ago.

      • Marlin B. Newburn

        Amen. And thank you for your service as well, sir. Airborne.

  • AJ Beck

    We all are well aware that black on white violence is now socially acceptable and in some cases applauded by the liberal media. We also know it`s being hidden from white America by the liberal media. My question is what can we do about it ? Using the democratic system is not working it`s only making it worse. Now is the time for action, we must stop the cancer that is black america. By force ! We must get together and crush this disease !!!

    • bleedinell

      Step 1. Weapons training.
      Step 2. Open carry if your jurisdiction allows.
      Step 3. Get a concealed carry license, and carry ALL the time.
      Step 4. Avoid going to places that are “gun free”.

      • AJ Beck

        You make great points but I think it`s well past the personal protection phase. This is a festering open infection spreading across America at an alarming rate. They are a plague, an infectious disease. Not only that but look what that gets you when you do protect yourself, another Zimmerman/martin case. Exploited in the media as a race hate crime, a no good black president sticking his nose in citizen affairs to sway the populous saying it could have been his son and so much social pressure it drives you to madness and financial ruins. Next time there won`t be an acquittal GUARANTEED ! Something bigger is needed. Maybe the government pushing this country towards a financial collapse is a type of hope for ethnic cleansing because that`s what`s needed. Sorry but if it will secure the future of this great land I`m all for it and ready for it !

        • snakeplisken

          Sooner the better.

    • Mike Ibara

      exactly.. there’s a lot of reporting but what about the solution?

  • bob f

    Sentenced to 15 years, but out in 4 months???? No wonder nikees aren’t afraid to do the crime. They have the time.

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    When in doubt kill the black scumbag piece of s–t even if its a woman or kid, F them scumbags

  • antioli

    Al Sharpton has been called in to judge the Macy’s racial profiling law suit.

  • Zeigler

    What’s the difference between a bench and a Mexican? A bench can support a family.

  • Zeigler

    What do you call Mexican basketball? Juan on Juan.

  • barbalicous

    It is not racism that is the problem in America, racism is used to divide the nation and erupt into a civil war so the bankers and traitors can hide their crimes. Black America needs to be woke up and know whom the real racist are, it’s not middle america it is their elected leaders. Know the truth take action stop being a victim, stop believing what they tell you is the problem. Use your brain. This acts of violence by blacks against white america is being instigated by slowing them to blame racism on every problem they encounter. Fact of the matter is they refuse to address the real problem and that is criminals in our government. Know the truth, stop being used take action

  • jdj

    Interesting. Why doesn’t the national media report on this (excluding fox)? I just saw a national report on TODAY where 4 white students were charged for racially harassing a black student at San Jose State in California. But nothing on the latter?

  • Terry Jones

    From the FBI: Black males ages 14 to 35, commit almost 70% of all violent crime, and 90% of murders in the US, while they comprise less than 4% of the actual population. Many of them also spawn from 20 to 30 potential little 7/11 robbers, hookers, drug addicts, rapists, and murders, by age 28 or 30 with multiple, underage, unwed, more than willing sexual partners with taxpayer funded welfare paying for it all while they stand around on the corners getting drunk on Colt 45 malt liquor, high on killer weed, down on heroin, zapped on PCP, ripped on angel dust, zipped on crystal meth, zomped on Qualludes, dopped on gas fumes, and bragging about it. It’s “Time to take America back from the animals.”

  • truebearing

    You idiot. Jesus and all of his disciples were Jewish, too.

    Are you saying that Jews invented Rap? How many Jews do you see gangbanging? Enough with your lame excuses. Black violence is caused by black inclination to violence and the corrupt sub-culture that many blacks subscribe to.

  • Lawrence of Suburbia

    Uh, Flaherty is an Irish name. However, I would agree with you that the media and entertainment industry has a lot to answer for regarding the violence and filth being sold to all segments of our society. Careful with the Christ killer theme because that line of argument can justify a lot things simply to satisfy an evil mind.

  • J Simson

    What a classic!
    When all else fails blame the Jews.
    It indeed is an exellent way to to avoid taking responsibilty for all your failings.

  • Gettingby

    DeShawn, please read your Bible. God planned from the beginning that His Son would die to ransom mankind. He choose the when, the who, and the how. Your racist, hate filled, rant shows that you are delusional and that your claim of Jesus as your saviour is untrue.

    Genesis 3:14 And the Lord God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
    If you are representative of the black community, no wonder the black violence written of above occurs.

  • Nancy Murdoch

    Who forces you to watch TV or go to the movies or listen to nasty music? Who forces anyone to fight in wars? There is no draft. Why do you choose to act like such a victim? Why do you present black people as victims? Do they not have any say as to what they do in their personal lives? Are they so weak that they can be controlled that easily by others? Wow, you have a very low opinion of black people.
    While it may be convenient to blame someone else for personal decisions, that kind of hate destroys the soul of those who harbor it.
    I bet you would be really angry if you were blamed for every sin of every black person, but you are quick to slander every Jewish person for the sins of some. If you a Christian, you know that Christ died on the cross for OUR sins. That was the plan. It was not the plan for Jews to suffer through history for those who betrayed him.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    How could you be in any state BUT denial? You are born into a world where your race is clear of all sins and benevolent. You are surrounded by evil whites who have a heritage of enslaving you, discriminating against you and hating you. You have the perfect excuse for returning that hatred every chance you get.

    And many of you do exactly that.

    It doesn’t matter to you that slavery was practiced by only a thin margin of the white population even when it was legal. It doesn’t matter to you that very few of the white people you meet today have any lineage tied to slavery. And it doesn’t matter to you that the people you learned to hate in the last century are all dead now.

    You hate white people for being white and you shout it from the rooftops using cherry picked “history” as your justification. Thanks to your racism we will likely see a return of racism from a majority of whites in the US. Why? Because they have been labeled as natural-born racists by YOU.

    So what do they have to lose?

  • iluvisrael

    right – inner city black kids have no fathers and the women become welfare breed sows pumping out kid after kid and living on the dole because white people and Jews force them – you silly negro!

  • lil MRSA

    they’re you go blaming blacks again
    yes you are
    yes you are

    i’m going to get mad and give you aids
    yes I will
    yes I will

    (inaudible animalistic crying)
    you know i ha–ave a lot of child-ren
    but I’mmm father of them nev-ver
    and every time I ask you, I ask you,
    to give them food stamps
    you turn around, and then complain
    they are beating you to death

    (instrumentals by keith sweat)

  • Charles Martel

    First off I doubt that you are black because you seem to be able to properly use language. It is more likely you are a white liberal Jew hater.

    If you are in fact black, then you are simply blaming the Jew instead of whitey for your own cultural dysfunction. You are in effect saying blacks are not capable of being responsible for their own behavior. This may be true to a certain extent because blacks do not display a strong capability for empathy or time adherence.

    Are you stating your culture is so childish that it is easily manipulated and can’t thin for itself or rise above circumstances?

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    How much is ACORN paying you to post your crapolla on these comment sections? Soundz like somz sweet dockets comin’ ur wayz!

    Seriously, you do realize Jesus Christ was a Jew right? You do have an education above the third grade, right? Yeah, right. If the black community is relying on you to spread their message, they are doomed.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Yo , De Shawn , it obvious you are related to Kashawn , Daehrell and Jamont. Yes it is the Jews fault yo momma gave you that “YEs I’m Black” name. Maybe you can name your son De Africa . LOL

  • rogerinflorida

    Mr. DeShawn,
    Here is a simple reality: if by some magic historical trick every US citizen, of say, British descent could be magically erased from our history, the US State would be less than it is now. Similarly if everyone of German, French, Dutch, Italian, Scandinavian, Jewish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, etc. descent could be removed from our history, the US State would be lesser for it.
    However if we could remove everyone of African descent the US State would be vastly improved. I suspect that underpinning your anger and frustration is your knowledge of this fact. It is nothing to do with your skin color and everything to do with your behavior, your community is worthless, and you know it.

  • Drakken

    I see that black IQ at work again, no wonder why Africa is still a mess.

  • UCSPanther
  • CowboyUp

    It’s always somebody else’s fault. Apparently you think Black people are too stupid to perceive, think, or act constructively for themselves. That’s a racist and slaver mentality.
    We’ve had a voluntary military since the 70s, and the democrat party/left are the only one’s suggesting we bring back the draft. It was Jesus’ destiny and purpose to wash our sins with His own blood, and he did so voluntarily. It was his Father’s will he do so, but Jesus’ choice. He was Jewish, and the Bible calls him, “The king of the Jews,” and it was on his cross.
    You don’t even seem to realize you’re spouting the same nonsense as the klan and skinheads. Yall should get a room or something, because mentally you’re peas in the same pod.

  • Philipp Bouhler

    Jews are the leaders of every destructive ideology, from liberalist Jewish politicians, to Hollywood Jews determined to undermine conservative Christian family values. As an ideology Communism was almost entirely Jewish. Rejecting nationalism and religion, and endorsing race mixing among others but themselves, they hoped to create a world without races and borders under communist Jewish masters.

    As leaders of all politically subversive movements, Jews are biological enemies of the West.

  • maddaddyssa

    Racist Jews? Project much? I’ve heard this same crapola about the Jews controlling H’wood from White supremacists and skinheads. Been there done that, little boy. I WISH the Jews had this kind of power that you claim. OY VAY! I should only be so lucky!

  • JamesJ

    Thanks for proving my point, bigot.

  • Debbie G

    Sounds like you’re the racist.

  • iluvisrael

    get lost you pathetic, envious loser – deep down inside you wish you were a Jew instead of a weak nobody

  • DeShawn

    Try John 8:44, and then tell me that I’m wrong.

  • DeShawn

    You’re a racist AND an idiot. I don’t blame white folks. I sympathize with how the jews are trying to bread the white race out of existence. No, it’s the JEWS that hold the power, and they are the ones inflicting all the damage. Stop twisting my words, you racist Khazar.

  • iluvisrael

    You hate Jews because you’re an unsuccessful bum, and you jealously see how successful and extraordinary we Jews are. Keep stewing in your envy you rabid mongrel.

  • Headed4TheHills

    Can’t refute the argument? Call names and cry “racism”. Whatever else you are, you most definitely are a Liberal.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    You don’t hate anyone? I seriously doubt that …

  • DeShawn

    He may be Irish, but he is doing the work of the damn JEWS by encouraging racism on this jewish supremacist website. He is a coallborator, and I will have no sympathy for him when the jewish tyrants are overthrown.

  • Seek

    I see no filth. Depiction of the dark side of human nature, whether in film, novels, painting, opera, stage or other media is not an endorsement. Hollywood has nothing to answer for. It is blacks, and blacks alone, who are the villains.

  • iluvisrael

    bread the white race? you illiterate pig!

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    Shocking, You pulled the card. What ARE the odds?

  • Veracious_one

    the jews are trying to bread the white race out of existence.
    actually and factually it’s the Muslims who are the validated leaders in the breeding race….and btw neither Jews or Muslims are a ‘race’……

  • Emanuel Appel

    You mad cause yo momma did Jews fo’ a dollah

  • Emanuel Appel

    we pump filth
    you pump AIDS

  • Headed4TheHills

    DeShawn, you need to reread the Bible. Jesus (Yeshua) was Jewish. Nazareth is in Galilee which is in Israel (then it was Judea and Samaria), home of the Jewish people. His earthly parents were Jewish, names of Miriam and Yossef (anglicized to Mary and Joseph). His Father was Yahweh Jehovah Adonai. He kept Kosher, lived a Jewish life. He taught all over Judea and Samaria.

    What you are showing by your post is a definite bent toward anti-Semitism. Remember,what you do to the least of these His brothers, you do to Him.

  • UCSPanther

    Keep talking. The only thing it does is make you look like a crazy homeless guy who stands on a commuter train station platform ranting about whatever is going through his warped mind.

  • truebearing

    Thanks for proving your lack of knowledge…as if it wasn’t already painfully obvious.

    Did the Jews steal your brain, too?

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    Fine DeShawn, let’s play your racist game. If the Jews killed Christ and are responsible for centuries of misery, than the Africans are responsible for destroying America.

    The black voters are largely responsible via their racist voting for bringing this devious piece of garbage into the WH, therefore I demand an apology and reparations based upon monies lost because of him.

    Please respond here for directions as to where you can send my check.

  • Headed4TheHills

    Okay, you’re wrong. You take a verse out of context and use it to make your point. That section of the Bible has Jesus rebuking the Pharisees for adding their restrictions on top of the Law that God gave man. He was teling them He and the Father were against them because of their sinful, evil ways. That is the Pharisees. Are all Jews Pharisees? No. Therefore, your point is not made and I tell you that you are wrong.

  • Drakken

    Black IQ on full display, and you silly kaffirs wonder why the rest of us folks don’t believe what is flowing out of the c*** holster of yours. Let’s see, Israel, a shinning beacon of prosperity and civilization in the middle of a desert, while the rest of the sand apes and abeds live in squalor and the dark ages.

  • Drakken

    Did you think of that all by yourself? Or did the shortbus bring a window licker like you to the special school?

  • Dante

    haha you americans,arguing about bullshit….the bottom line is-blacks are overly violent and cauase much much much much more trouble than whites.lets say jewish invited rap-does that change anything?NO NO NO NO NO NO NO let blacks in charge,you get detroit-its as simple as that

  • janinec

    DeShawn is NOT an idiot. He is merely misinformed. But so are you. And it doesn’t matter WHO invented Rap…but in truth rap was promoted in the media by leftists (many of them secular Jews) for the leftist movement. Not all Jews are leftist manipulators. Just as not all blacks are violent or rap artists or anything else. How many ignorant people does it take to destroy a country? It seems there are many here on all sides of the issue…makes you wonder. The problem is human. Human nature to dominate, manipulate and control. It is NOT about race as it is about people who are set on destroying our freedom so they can enrich themselves at everyone else’s expense. But very few of you will get it in time…obviously.

  • Drakken

    The problem is, there are millions of kaffirs that think just like him.

  • UCSPanther

    I don’t think this idiot is a “kaffir” though. I think he is one of the those brain-dead white trash racists who likes to troll posing as a bad caricature of a black man.

    I have seen white trash racists trolling in a similar manner before, and it is quite pathetic.

  • Drakken

    Either way, our country is in deep kemshi with this diversity and multicultural garbage being force fed to us.

  • UCSPanther

    “Christian” Identity (Christian Identity is a white supremicist cult that was started by a Ku Klux Klanner named Wesley Swift back in 1925) isn’t exactly known to be big on facts, nor do they let them get in the way of their blasphemous interpretation of the bible…

  • tagalog

    Instead of showing why what he wrote isn’t true, call him names. Thank God conservatives avoid doing that a lot more than libbies.

  • janinec

    It is the Democrats (leftists) who destroyed Detroit–NOT simply “blacks” in general. It is NOT about color or race. It is leftist policies and manipulation of people who were chosen because it is easier to demonize people who look different. Ignorance is abounding on this forum.

  • janinec

    Man, you are really ignorant. It is NOT about Christians either. The KKK was no more “Christian” than is Fred Phelps and his lunatic so-called “Baptist” family. The KKK was borne from Democrat racists and yes, it is about control and power like it always is. When will you people wake up and learn the truth? It is a human and greed problem. It is a problem with immorality. True Christians do not carry hate in their hearts, nor do they try to dominate others. Anyone can claim they are a Christian or a Jew. But that doesn’t make them so. True Jews do not try to manipulate others either. The secular Jews (Jews in Name only) who control the media and are part of the leftist movement to destroy America as it was founded are the same kind of Jew as Karl Marx was…not a real Jew in religious terms. And probably self-hating too. We don’t need to attack each other based on race, creed, color, religion or any other irrelevant reason. This is NOT about any of that. It is about people using those characteristics to gain power, wealth and control at the expense of the rest of us. When you guys try to blame it on some other group, you are helping the greedy manipulators achieve their goals and you are hurting yourself and your loved ones by going along with their program. Educate yourself to the truth. Wake up to the manipulation! Don’t buy into race and religion wars. Remember what our Founders created and truly believed in. We were ALL created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights by our Creator (however you want to define that). When you believe the lies and propaganda, you fall into the manipulator’s trap. You have to decide: Do you want to be free and have the opportunity to command the direction of your own life? Or do you want to be the slave of another? It is up to you. Wake up or stay asleep and eat what they throw your way.

  • Headed4TheHills

    Thanks for the info

  • iluvisrael

    Right – that’s why the list of JEWISH names of Nobel Science Prizes is sooooooooo long.

  • Seek

    You’re a naif. “Democrats” have run Seattle and Portland to no ill effect for decades. So why don’t those two cities have Detroit-like problems? Gee Janinec, I’ll give you a hint: They have black populations of under 10%. Detroit’s black population, by contrast (2010 Census), is 82.7%.

  • Dante

    no,cant agree with you.lets say it would be reversed,would be whites as savage as some blacks are?no

  • Seek

    The race war already has begun. And it’s blacks who are initiating all of it, one beat-down at a time.

  • truebearing

    No, he is an idiot. His entire body of work has proven that, irrefutably.

    What am I misinformed about? Your maunderings didn’t make that very clear.