Black Mob Violence in the Liberal City of Portland

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Portland is in the middle of a nasty bout of black mob violence. This time directed at bicyclists.

But Tim Oberlander does not want us to know. Oberlander says he wants to be able to live in a city that does good things for good people.

So what’s wrong with that?


Oberlander is a news editor at KGW TV in Portland.  His city is under attack from black mob violence centered around Martin Luther King Boulevard. This mob has been attacking bike riders, housewives, students, seniors, you name it. These attacks are part of a long — but quiet — history of racial violence in a liberal enclave that prides itself on racial tolerance and harmony.

But you would never know it from Oberlander.

Oberlander and his station are  raising money to fix the teeth of a recent victim of black mob violence. “I want to live in a city where people do good things for other people,” Tim said. “Now we’ve raised money for Andy’s teeth, I can say that we live in a city that does good things for good people.”

Tim might be a good person. But some of his viewers say he is a bad and dangerous and unreliable reporter for leaving out the descriptions of the predators in his news accounts.

Here is what Tim’s station, KGW, had to say about a few recent attacks:

“Police were warning bicyclists in Northeast Portland to be on the lookout after two men were injured during separate attacks along Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.”

Andy Sweeney is a biker who is also the beneficiary of Oberlander’s largesse. He was riding home from the grocery store in August when a “group of teens” threw a traffic cone at him. Knocking him off his bike, leaving him with a concussion and two shattered front teeth in what used to be a winning smile.

“It’s crazy,” Sweeney told KGW. “I don’t really understand their motivation or what they were going for.”

Lots of readers figured it out, even if the KGW was determined to ignore it: “Great job ‘whitewashing’ the story,” said David Klassix at KGW’s reader comment section. “And falling to mention the attackers were black.”

Said another, Chloe Ru “Hey KGW. I will help you do something called REPORTING THE FACTS instead of hiding the truth,” said Ru. Another victim said “her attackers were a group of [AFRICAN AMERICAN aka BLACK] teenage boys and she suspects they didn’t stop with her.”

“Anyone with any information about a roaming pack of AFRICAN AMERICAN aka BLACK teenage thugs beating anyone else, please call…..Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They care just as much as KGW does about the community’s safety.”

Sweeney described his attackers on Twitter: “Black kids in hoodies.”

After the sanitized version of the bike attacks became public, other victims of black mob violence in that area stepped forward as well, one at in response to Sweeney’s Tweet:

“Same thing happened to me once except it was a rocks being thrown, and thankfully my teeth are intact. The best you can do is just avoid being around any collection of young black males. It isn’t being racist it’s just being practical.”

Many of the attacks are centered around Martin Luther King Boulevard. Maybe local media thinks everyone already knows this is a black part of town. For the benefit of the out of towners, it is.

Some readers provided a link to the Chris Rock comedy bit:

“You know what’s sad? Martin Luther King stood for non violence,” said Rock.  “And I don’t care where you are in America, if you’re on Martin Luther King Boulevard, there’s some violence going down.

It ain’t the safest place to be. You can’t call nobody and tell them you are lost on MLK.”  (If you do, will say) RUN! RUN! RUN!.

Sad. Sad. Sad.?

One of the recent victims, middle aged woman, wound up in the emergency room. The other passed around a flier, warning neighbors to be on the lookout. Said KGW:

I heard some noise across the street and apparently one of the guy that was trying to vandalize the car came across the street,” said Amy Wilson. “(He) hit me very, very hard. (He) knocked me out cold. I fell back and hit my head on the sidewalk.

She suffered a concussion and needed 12 stitches to close the wound on the back of her head.

Wilson said her attackers were a group of teenage boys and she suspects they didn’t stop with her. “I’m almost convinced that it’s the same group that we’ve talked about that are going against cyclists,” she said.

Then another victim came forward to

It was at least the second time in less than a week that a group of teenagers had assaulted a bicyclist along MLK.

Last Tuesday night, Bill Lynch, 64, had just crossed MLK as he pedaled home from a garden party when someone in a group of “three to five young people” knocked him off his bicycle on the Northeast Going Street Neighborhood Greenway.

“They were walking down the middle of the street like they owned it,” Lynch said. “I don’t know what hit me. A strong fist? Something in someone hand? It hurt.”

Lynch said he was riding past the group and the blow “came out of nowhere.”

“When I filed a police report the officer said similar nighttime incidents had occurred in the neighborhood recently,” Lynch writes in a flyer that he posted in his neighborhood to encourage people to be more vigilant. “I learned there was another attack on Aug. 19. In a couple of cases, the bicyclists were beaten and had their bikes stolen.”

And another, Chris Freeman:  Chris Freeman wrote:

I was also attacked by a group of about five kids on bikes at NE 7th and Stanton at about 11pm on Aug 17. One of them jumped off his bike and tried to push me over. Luckily I didn’t lose my balance after being pushed and was able to get away.

Still another:

Bummer man. I was riding near SEI in North Portland a few years ago with my 3 year old daughter in a Burley behind me when 5 dudes (yes, they had dark skin) jumped our and threw rocks at us. Amazingly, considering how close they were and how many there were they completely missed and I hightailed it out of there, just feeling really sad about humanity.

Some were willing to point out the obvious: “There’s a lot of black-on-white animosity in NE and N Portland. Especially towards white bicyclists.”

All the suspects in all of these attacks are black.

But others in Portland, like Tim, are eager to say they live in a city without racial tension — or violence.  Several commenters at the news site say white people do it all the time too.

“But there are dumbass white kids who dress the same that are capable of doing stupid shit like this, too. The kids in this instance didn’t necessarily have to be black, but it is what it is. Dumbassedness knows no racial bounds.”

But none of these people supplied police reports, links, pictures or even anecdotes of roving bands of caucasian youth creating violence against black people — or anyone else.

Others in Portland grudgingly admit that violence is real. But they plead guilty with an explanation: Said someone at identified as Kounterculture:

“I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that in the african-american community bicycling isn’t seen as a viable alternative to the automobile. It isn’t mostly racial animosity, although I’m sure some of that goes on.”

Black mob violence against bicyclists and others has been a regular — and unreported — feature of life in Portland since at least 2007. Bike Portland reported six years ago several cases of black mob violence against bikers.

The web site mentioned the race of the attackers, largely to dismiss racial violence as having anything to do with it:

I don’t think these attacks are solely about race, but I also don’t think the conversation is real and honest if we don’t mention it.

And I think any mention of race must also include the realities of gentrification in Northeast Portland. I think there remains resentment in the black community about gentrification…but whether that has to do with bikes and whites is hard to say.

Are bikes somehow symbolic of whites and gentrification to the eyes black community? I’m not sure, but it’s a question I’d like to delve deeper into. It’s certainly obvious that Portland’s cycling population could be more diverse.

For those who require some help with translation, here it is: Black mobs attack bike riders in Portland because they are not diverse enough.

More than a dozen examples of black mob violence in Portland are documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. Many of these cases are on video.

The book features QR codes that readers can scan with their smart phones to watch the violence on their smart phones as they read about it. Some recent cases:

Last year, 10 to 15 hoodie wearing black people invaded Nordstrom, stole clothing and raced out of the store. On video.

The locals were far from upset. Said one man who called himself the Crazed Sex Poodle to a local news site:

“I am actually sort of hoping that it happens more, it seems like a trend worth encouraging. Giant corporations like Nordstrom and Chevron steal everyday, taking back is something worth fostering.”

A few days before that, a mob of 20 black people chased a white couple into a convenience store. The local papers described the ensuing assault and robbery as a “fight.” The mob left when one of the employees sprayed them with “bear spray.” This too was on video, but the station has since taken it down.

A few days before that: “A large group of kids stormed” into a convenience store and stole everything they could carry. They came back later to threaten the clerk. On video.

A few months after that,  a bigger crowd attacked an Albertson’s grocery store, following the same play book: Theft, destruction, intimidation. And no arrests. Despite the video.

Still, people seemed surprised when in June, a group of 150 black people — described by the newspapers as drunken teenagers — assaulted several people in a Portland park, robbing at least one of them. The newspaper — and the TV broadcast — may have shied away from describing the attackers, but the internet site of a local TV station was a little more revealing:

Both fights involved groups of black teenagers randomly attacking people in the park.

The following night, a group of 20 to 30 black people, came upon three people on a tennis courts at the same park: “Some of the teens began throwing bottles onto the court and calling out to them. They said the teens then began fighting with them.”

In January of this year, a 14-year old white girl was beat down by three black women while about a dozen other black people took videos, shouted racial epithets, and encouraged the assault. Four people were arrested, including a mother of two of the assailants.  The mother was convicted of giving police false information while trying to hide her daughters.

Taleeb Starkes describes many examples of black on white crime in his book: The Uncivil War.  “Portland is one of the most liberal cities in the country,” said Starkes. “They are quite proud of that. But this same liberalism is causing them to ignore, condone and excuse black on white crime and black mob violence. People who commit these horrific acts of violence are one thing. But people who condone them by ignoring them or refusing to tell the truth about them only encourage more them to occur. Those folks are sicker than the criminals.”

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  • Seek

    The race of the perpetrators was evident from the moment I read of the attacks occurring mainly along “Martin Luther King Blvd.” Any public facility bearing the name of King, from a school to an avenue to a recreation center, is a Bantu crime magnet.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Exactly! How ironic that the greatest hero among blacks, the skirt-chasing and plagiarizing MLK, has boulevards named after him in every city that are some of the most dangerous places to be. It tells me that whatever these people touch turns to toilet scum. They can’t even maintain the dignity of the very street named after their greatest hero!

      • Jakareh

        Next time you come to Disney World, you should treat yourself by driving on the brand-new President Barack Obama Parkway in the southwest part of Orlando. Naming things for sitting rulers isn’t just for tin-pot Arab dictatorships anymore.

  • Kscott516

    Black thugs in hoodies wreaking violence? Nooooo

    • alericKong

      I was expecting a report of one taking a dump in his hand and throwing it at rivals.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    Naturally they aren’t going after anyone who could possibly defend themselves. In MOST cases they attack lone victims in packs or children or the elderly or women. I have yet to hear of a group of “youths” going after a motorcycle club member or football players or a wrestling team. They attacks in cowardly fashion and go after soft targets in outrageous fashion. Not a word from black “leaders” about this dishonorable behavior, so I expect a very nasty blowback that will have them screaming as tears stream down their faces. All the while exclaiming how “they were good boys who just fell in with the wrong crowd”. Wake up people, they are FORMING these “wrong crowds” intentionally. They are engaged in racial combat. While the press hides the truth, the situation only get worse. It WILL reach a tipping point.

    • Well Done

      This is what Trayvon thought he was. In fact, he thought he was a future leader.

      • Craig Tarter

        Kinda like the lead lemming?

      • Viking_61

        Good thing he is Tray-GONE!!!

      • lessthantolerant

        he is fertilizer now!

    • lori

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      • Sheik Yerbouti

        She could make even MORE money on her back or knees!

        • ziggy zoggy

          That is how she made a mouthful – five dollars at a time! =D

    • MrUniteUs1

      Colin Flaherty lied. There was no mob.


      “Andy Sweeney, who moved to Portland from Illinois last month, told FOX 12 that he was riding his bicycle home from a friend’s house late Saturday night when he noticed three young men walking in the opposite direction along Northeast Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in Portland.

      One of the men that threw a traffic cone at Sweeney’s face, which knocked Sweeney to the ground, he said.”

      The person that threw the cone needs to arrested and convicted.

      • lessthantolerant

        anytime you have more than one black it is a mob, the animals can’t count.

  • Judahlevi

    Portland is full of light-skinned liberals who will bend over backwards to blame everyone and everything but a dark-skinned individual. It is the liberal guilt/condescension syndrome. On one hand they feel guilty for having more than many darker skinned individuals, and on the other hand don’t think darker skinned individuals can cope with society without their assistance.

    In the long run, it will cause many more problems and violence by making excuses for bad behavior. The problem is, liberals don’t think long-term. It is all about the moment, the emotion, and the quick fix. This is why when they run cities like Detroit, states like California, or even the entire country (presidency) they are drowning in debt which causes economic problems for everyone.

    • Phil K

      The main problem is the politically correct are getting JOBS and INFLUENCE – and their incompetence and defending the black/muslim perpetrators is making the problem significantly worse. THEY should be removed – kicked out before things will improve

    • Yankee_Biker

      You nailed it. It is the liberal mentality that fostered this problem and now they are getting just what they deserve. The only problem is that it’s not just liberal white apologists that are getting it, but anyone that looks vulnerable.

      The answer, long jail sentences and hard labor instead of the current system for anyone committing this type of crime no matter their color. I believe in Dr. Kings message and judge everyone by the content of their character. He would be so ashamed of the violence on a street bearing his name.

      • Recondobilly

        The answer I think is a double tap to the chest with “The Judge”.
        Rinse and repeat..

        • oldfatguy

          Amen to that, Recondobilly!

          • Dave


        • lessthantolerant

          I had one break into my home one night, my 9 sent him out under a sheet.
          Stand up for your self and stop the spread of Parasite Nation.

      • Roy-in-Boise

        Yes-yes, that liberal mentality that began in 1865 with emancipation is the root cause. If we just turn the clock back to 1860 it will all be fixed!

        • NAHALKIDES

          Actually, it was the Conservative Republicans of the day who emancipated black slaves. The Democrats were content for slavery to continue forever, just as they’re content for the black underclass to remain poor and dependent today.

          • Seek

            They were Republicans; they were NOT conservatives. They were Yankee reformers — the precursor to the “good government” progressives of the Teddy Roosevelt era.

          • ziggy zoggy

            And Theodore Roosevelt was a bad President how?

          • MoFreeMoney

            Immense moral failure:

            He was passive in the face of the Holocaust and “did not forthrightly inform the American people of Hitler’s grisly ‘Final Solution’ or respond decisively to his crimes.” Roosevelt did not even mention the mass murder of Jews until 1944, by which time most of Europe’s Jews had been killed.

            Roosevelt almost always had a more pressing political concerns — American isolationism, American anti-Semitism, a fear and hatred of immigrants — and he stayed mum while a bill to allow 20,000 Jewish children into the United States died in Congress.

            Both FDR and his wife, Eleanor, were genteel anti-Semites. As late as 1943, at the Casablanca Conference, he sympathized with a French general’s observation that the Jews were over-represented in the professions.

            Roosevelt was good at picking battles he could win – one of the reasons he never tackled racism as President.

            Roosevelt had wanted to institute a system of “simplified spelling,” which was rejected by just about everyone who encountered it.

          • Ben

            I believe you are referring to Franklin not Theodore.

          • laura rubin

            the media was as bad those days as now.

          • coolit

            He felt it okay to take huge areas of property as Federal land and management it poorly. Now how was he a good preident?

          • NM156

            From whom did he take huge areas of property? Settlers? Natives?

          • ziggy zoggy

            Coonit, Roosevelt managed our National Parks and Wilderness areas like the champion he was. He also allowed them to be used as free range. It is you lefties who control them now who mismanage them. You are full of Eco-$h!t.

          • RhodyRick

            Teddy sought a graduated income and inheritance tax. Roosevelt created the big business boogeyman and then gave us the anti-trust antidote to a problem that didn’t exist. He engaged in class warfare, painting big business as evil and starting us down our present path of government regulation that intrudes into every aspect of our lives.

          • NM156

            Big business was pretty evil in Teddy’s era of robber barons. In fact, big business, lobbying right now for open borders and visas for 30,000,000 illegals and their govt.-dependent, affirmative action-qualified family members, is still pretty frickin’ evil.

          • ziggy zoggy

            GrodyD!ck, Roosevelt absolutely did not do those things – not that robber barons who paid no real taxes and worked children to death in sweatshops for slave wages deserve my sympathy.

            And you conveniently ignore all the great things he did. You aren’t fit to mouth his name.

          • RhodyRick

            Teddy’s words, ” I believe in a graduated income tax on big fortunes, and in another tax
            which is far more easily collected and far more effective, a graduated
            inheritance tax on big fortunes, properly safeguarded against evasion,
            and increasing rapidly in amount with the size of the estate.”

            Read more:

          • ziggy zoggy

            RottenPrick, Yes. Only graduated taxes on big fortunes and not on all the wealthy or family farms inherited by average Joes. And his policies only applied to the time he lived in and were never meant to apply to future generations. He targeted the robber barons who don’t exist in the public sector anymore.

            Whether you agree with those policies suggestions or not, how did they make him a bad President? Imperfect is not a synonym for bad.

          • RhodyRick

            I said he sought a graduated income and inheritance tax, you said he didn’t. I provided a quote with a link confirming such, now you want to bowdlerize his words.

            “And his policies only applied to the time he lived in and were never meant to apply to future generations.” If only it were so.

            Robber Barons do indeed still exist but now they use government regulation and favoritism as their bludgeon. Some minimal regulations are indeed needed but do it the proper way, through legislation, but congress abdicates this responsibility by creating regulatory agencies that answer to no one. Possibly Teddy didn’t see the colossal growth of government to come, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t bear some of the responsibility.

            I eagerly await your next vulgar interpretation of my screen name.

          • ziggy zoggy

            RhodeyReacharound, You said he sought graduated income and inheritance taxes but you neglected to mention he only wanted to apply it to the robber baron über rich. Oops! Your bad.

            @$$ coverup denied.

            How did Roosevelt want future generations to pay graduated taxes? He never made that claim.

            Who is a modern robber baron? The government doesn’t count.

          • RhodyRick

            Uh, no. The term “graduated” implies that it is a gradual step up as income increases and not an on/off switch at some level. Supposing for a moment that it was imposed only on the super rich, why does that make it any better, again, class warfare. If you find qualities in the man that you admire, fine, that doesn’t negate the fact he was progressive.

            I seemed to have missed the spot where Roosevelt said he wanted to hit this one bunch of guys, one time, and that’s it, again you are trying to craft his words to fit a narrative.

            Modern Robber Barons? Solyndra, Abound Solar, GM and Chrysler Bailouts, no bid contracts to Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon.

            RhodeyReacharound was a bit long, next time strive for a shorter one, after all, brevity is the soul of wit.

          • ziggy zoggy

            RosyReam, Uh, yes Roosevelt never suggested it be applied to everybody. Not that he ever imposed such a tax. Not that one slightly bad idea made him a bad President.

            All the modern companies you mentioned we’re given money by our robber baron government and none of them are owned by one man.

          • RhodyRick

            My original statement again was, “Teddy SOUGHT a graduated income and inheritance tax.” You replied with, “Roosevelt absolutely did not do those things”. I provided quotes proving otherwise yet you insist on applying degrees to something you said he “absolutely did not do…” When you use the absolute you forfeit the opportunity to apply degrees. He may not have “imposed” but he clearly “sought”. You are wrong and are simply trying to move the goal posts as the game progresses.

            As for the robber baron companies I listed, a mere sampling, you are trying to apply the same tactic. It’s the debating equivalent of a child saying, “Yeah but…”

            Had you bolstered your support of TR with his strengthening of our navy, or his negotiating peace between the Russians and the Japanese we might have had a vibrant discussion but instead you dug your heals in and insisted on defending an indefensible position like a petulant child, and so ends my participation in this thread.

          • RhodyRick

            You say the “Robber Barons” paid no real taxes, since the 16th Amendment didn’t come about until 1913 that’s sort of a moot point. Was it a tough job working in a turn of the century factory? You betcha, but still people flocked to them for jobs because they thought it was better than life on the farm, you know, where kids worked.

            “GrodyD!ck” Rapier like wit.

          • ziggy zoggy

            ShortyPrick, people paid taxes before the 16th amendment and farmers didn’t work their children to death. Roosevelt was nothing like Obama and the Dems. Over regulation is destructive but so was no regulation. I don’t like child slaves and hazardous work conditions when safety is a simple priority.

          • NYCFiredog

            Uh, sorry. They were Democrats that were the hard core racists.

            And now you want to re write history. It won’t work.

          • Judahlevi

            In your dreams…

            Democrats always like to say it was their party which freed the slaves – but it didn’t happen. As much as you would like to on this issue, you cannot turn Democrats into Republicans. It is what it is.

            It is your party’s history, not the Republicans.

          • LoneVoice1

            They were Christians who believed slavery was wrong. They formed the Republican party. The Democrats were the party of racists and slave owners. They still are. Except their current captives are enslaved by government handouts and leftist propaganda. No lie is too big for Democrats because the goal is absolute power.

          • NAHALKIDES

            Baloney – how on earth do you think you’re going to get away with making stuff like this up? Read some of Lincoln’s thoughts on political economy – it’s apparent he favored something very close to laissez-faire capitalism. As for Teddy Roosevelt, he was the John McCain of his era, divided the Republican Party because his massive ego thought he was more important than defeating the even more progressive Wilson, whom the country got stuck with thanks to TR.

        • Judahlevi

          It was the Republican party with the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, which freed the slaves.
          It was the Democratic party who formed the KKK, instituted Jim Crow laws, lynched blacks, and destroyed Republican voting registration booths in the South.
          And, no, these were not the Democrats of today. The Democrats today still see people by skin color, still condescend to treat darker-skinned people as people who can’t make it in society, and have the same racist traits they did in the 1800’s. They were collectivists then, they are collectivists today.

          • coolit10

            Lincoln was probably the worst President we have ever had. And that is saying a lot. War of Northern aggression ring any bells. Lincoln’s war cost us more people than any other war. Slavery is a state of mind. At least they weren’t starvin. No mindful slave owner would treat them poorly because they couldn’t work being laided up and all. Sounds like those damn labor union folks to me. Lincoln should have left it alone. Results and untended consequences are a b@tch. Leftist. Nobody was asking for help.
            Lincoln was lucky he didn’t get hanged after he was shot.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Coonit10: You’re a Moby troll posing as a conservative. Lick my ball sweat and make some lefty iced tea.

          • MrUniteUs1

            Southern Democrats became Southern Republicans
            after Southern Democratic President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 into law.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Canard attempt denied. Southern Black Republicans became Democrats.

        • NM156

          “Yes, Roy, yes!”, he said without irony…

        • nomoretraitors

          No, it will be fixed when the left stops making excuses for criminal behavior and fostering a victim mentality.
          None of these thugs experienced slavery or segregation. They’ve been indoctrinated by the grievance industry that nothing they do is their fault


        That’s always the problem – Progressives take over, ruin everything, move out, and then, having learned nothing, repeat the cycle all over again in a new city/state! You can see this in places like North Carolina today, where Progressives fleeing NY and IL (both on the way to bankruptcy) are turning the place blue, and with predictable results.

        • NM156

          Uh, transplants from NY/IL can’t compete with immigrants, i.e. Mexicans, in NC’s transformation to a blue state.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Mexicans despoil every state they infest but lefty immigrants far outnumber them in N.C.

        • ziggy zoggy

          Lefty immigrants and the Blacks who were born in NC are destroying that beautiful state with blue bile. I lived in Greensboro for a year and was disgusted by what I saw.

      • MrUniteUs1

        Agreed. However I like to add jobs. More jobs = less crime. The crime rate among the employed is quite low. I recall when I was a teen, everyone of us that wanted a job could find one. If the private sector didn’t hire us the government did. We earned minimum wage but it felt could to see your name on a paycheck. We had money to buy our own clothes and take the girl to the movies.

        • laura rubin

          not any more. the high prices make it impossible for people to live.

        • ziggy zoggy

          Prostitution is illegal, so that explains why you’re on welfare now instead of giving two dollar B.J.s on the corner. Now you do it for free.

    • jjliberty

      So True and many of the looooosers live in the Forests, hugging the trees, smoking dope, singing Kum Bye Yah by products of the 60’s
      Hippes. Just think if all the Woodstock filth and great Unwashed had been sterilized. Ahhhhh No Liberals what a great society without the Mental Retards.

    • NYCFiredog

      The Great White Liberal “Guilt / Condescension Syndrome” Like the great white father of the past, but now trans / multi gender.

      If only we can love them and teach them about Lat’e, and expresso.

      I blame Bush.

      • Rick Ellis

        Blame the man in the mirror, and do something.

    • Rick Ellis

      The problem is that “liberals” hate God, and His Christ.

      They do not fear the Lord at all.

      It is also a direct result of teaching evolution in the schools.

      If you tell kids they are apes, don’t get your nickers in a knot when they act like it.

      • mulfordep

        Amen Brother. Man wants to be Godless. They want to be their own God and do what they want to do (myself included). Evolution makes that transition much easier. Man doesn’t do well when we make ourselves God. Yes I didn’t use the lower case god. We make ourselves God and it is a disaster.

      • laura rubin

        they should teach evolution & bible theory. let them make up their own minds. why such extremes. OR maybe teach nothing, concentrate on other subjects.

    • MrUniteUs1

      Went ashore in Portland with a shipmate of mine. He was a suntanned San Diegan. First thing out his mouth. Damn these people are white!!
      As you know they get more cloud cover in Portland than in San Diego.
      Rained almost everyday we were there.

      • ziggy zoggy

        I knew you were one of the Village People.

    • bluffcreek1967

      True. Liberalism and white guilt are a deadly combination. They cause whites to hate themselves, their culture, their racial self-respect – all in the name of ‘diversity’ and multiculturalism.

      • laura rubin

        bluffcreek1967: dont you think its bizarre that the media can convince people to hate themselves on a mass scale? is this the 1st time in history? is there another era that this has happened?

    • MrUniteUs1

      Caucasian woman goes insane for McNuggets.

  • gawxxx

    beyond time to start ” paying back” these fine upstanding individuals with there own version of ” black girl bleed more “

    • laura rubin

      NO we will not attack blacks @ random! how can 8 people give this comment a thumbs up? that is insanity. we need private armed patrols. also several hundrad volunteers to be on call if there is a huge riot.

  • michaelgarfinkel

    If the person who wrote “It’s certainly obvious that Portland’s cycling population could be more diverse” someday finds himself with a few lumps and a stolen bike, I want to personally shake the hand of the suspect.

    • laura rubin

      i rode a bike path in the NE. it went thru bad areas, then thru the best neighborhoods. i never had a problem, yes i saw black boys riding past me. one day, 2 older black ladies who were walking, waved @ me to stop. they said, “this can be dangerous”. they advised me to stop using the path because i was alone. i took that as a blessing, from the next day on, i changed my route, i rode thru the city of boston. it took longer, but it was safer. if blacks are warning you, you know it can get bad. this was way before there was an obama, things were peaceful in comparism.

  • quillerm

    The Department of Justice knows what’s going on in Black on White Race crimes in the US, but ignores it. During 2005, there were over 37,000 Rapes of White Females by Black Males, during the same year there were statistically Zero, (Less than 10 but more than 1) rapes of Black Females by White Males, Do Blacks have anything to fear of Whites? No. But has the media and Democrat Party in general, fostered racial hatred for Political gain. Yes. Over and over we have seen the NAACP, Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama create this anti-white hysteria by the Black community. Purely to keep minorities Voting for democrat politicians. Innocent people are being killed and assaulted. Stop the hate mongering.

    • tic…tic…BOOM

      ” Stop the hate mongering.” They can’t. It’s too profitable both financially and politically.

      • Rick Ellis

        for both sides….

    • Dave


  • thult

    Why doesn’t Tim Oberlander report that after he enacted the “War on Poverty,” which INSURES generational dependency on government handouts, that LBJ thereafter said, “I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years?”

    • poetcomic1

      Is that a real quote? Or just satirical. I’d love to know.

      • thult

        It’s as real as you are! Google it up!

      • MarilynA

        poetcomic1, Are you so young that you didn’t know that Lyndon and Lady Bird were from Texas? Texas is in the South. So is Arkansas. Both the Johnsons and Clintons were reported to liberally use the n word when referring to certain of their constituents. The Muslims aren’t the only ones who believe that lying to promote your cause is justified.

      • Dave

        It is real. Came from a book a close Johnson adviser wrote. Check it out. Johnson used the “N” word a lot, but this quote would be especially damning if the media didn’t work so hard to keep it hidden or call those who dig it up “RACISTS”!!

        • poetcomic1

          Thanks! I love it! It is important to remind these n—–s such as Allan West that they have been ‘bought and paid for’ so they don’t get too uppity with their democratic ‘masters’.

          • Skip Wellington

            Allan West? LOL
            What kind of black person shuns baggy pants, shiny necklaces & crooked hats?

            His White-face act is quite tiresome.

          • Dave

            PC~ It is YOU that remain on the plantation, but you are correct about Democrat masters.

        • Seek

          Who cares whether Johnson used the “n” word? Given the blacks’ propensity for crime, maybe we conservatives should start using it more often. It didn’t hurt Richard Pryor’s career.

          • tagalog

            Running down the street on fire didn’t hurt Pryor’s career either, but I wouldn’t want to do it.

  • bleedinell

    Time for some of Portland’s citizens to take out the trash.
    Terminating just one of the leeches would send the rest running.

  • Trappedincalifornia

    More Guilty White People. Wonder how many whites will have to die before places like Portland will even admit what’s happening?

    • Phil K

      Always noticed whenever THEY are the victims of black or muslim violence, it suddenly becomes different. They GENUINELY – like any fascist – believe crimes against THEMSELVES are more important than against the white hoi polloi

    • laura rubin

      these liberals identify w/the criminals. get it? i have spoken w/them, & thats the bottom line. its as if the blacks are doing the dirty work for them.

    • Ergo


      • Trappedincalifornia

        Haven’t escaped any asylums lately, but 5150 right back at ya….

    • laura rubin

      this is the 1st time in recorded history that the masocism is voluntary. in germany the jews were worried, rightly so. some were more preceptive then others, & got out. the rest didnt know the reality untill it was too late. otto frank was an example, he was not fast enough. then it was too late to leave. as for the famous “night of the broken glass…” we have had many of those, instead of brown shirts we have feral blacks, 3rd worlders. the brownshirts had no choice but the follow orders. now “americas nights of broken glass” is orcestrated in a more incidious way. (@least for the majoruty of dumbed down america). dont forget, jews did not want to suffer, most of white america DOES.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Portland a city where defecating on our flag is tolerated . Thanks for doing nice things . Please don’t make a big deal of Black on Cracker crime . We understand they may have seen a rat in their toilet when they were younger . Please address a city name change at the next Council meeting . My suggestion is Lobotamyville”.

  • tagalog

    Portland, the flagship city of liberal love and brotherhood, bothered by racial violence? Perish the thought!

    Maybe liberal thought on how to foster solidarity and brotherhood is somehow misguided. Nah! That couldn’t be it.

    And that guy who thinks it’s worthy for people to mob Nordstrom’s and other corporations, using the idea of “expropriating the expropriators” as his inspiration, well, Stalin would be proud to see his Communist ideals surviving so long after his death.

    • laura rubin

      a marxist told me, “stalin would turn on his grave”- we were discussing PC language. even he was affected by this in europe. he is a composer, & had to change a phrase in one of his operas as it “sounded” racist. you can see how far over the edge its come in 50yrs, if a hard core marxist is complaining! ofcause he rationalizes crime etc. but then again he lives in a sweet little town in germany. he can continue hes fantacy agenda.

      • tagalog

        Maybe; I think that the world of PC is part of the “divide and conquer” strategy of Soviet Communists in dealing with the West from the very earliest days of the Bolshevik Revolution.

        • laura rubin

          yes tagalong: the PC book in the US was published as an introduction to the first ammesty. getting the population prepared. first they change speech, then the right to defend……get it? now the entire language has changed. the sheep follow. even gender defintion is frowned up. not me! NO one tells me how to speak. i never rarely say extreme words. btw, the 1989 ammesty happened @ the same time of outsourcing products. there was a big shift in our culture. all part of it!

  • Chezwick

    A vivid example of the social pathologies that exist in abundance in the black community. How are we ever going to overcome these problems if we’re in denial that they even exist?

    A word of caution though….on a different thread here at FPM regarding black-on-white violence, we had commentators posting unambiguously racist messages and receiving many thumbs-up in the process.

    One wrote: “the dominant percentage of blacks” are “savages”.

    Another wrote: “blacks in general” are “uncivilized”.

    When I pointed out that less than 1 in 23 blacks are currently incarcerated (according to media matters, a conservative web-site), they all fell silent like the cowards they are. Even if you factor in participants in UNSOLVED, violent crimes, the participation rate remains far from a “dominant percentage.”

    There is no arguing that black incarceration rates and crime rates are disproportionately high….and black-on-white crime is a very real phenomenon that demands media attention and investigation. But for God’s sake, let’s avoid the kind of racist hysteria like the comments above, which only serve to validate the slanderous accusations of liberal/lefties that conservatives are racists.

    • ColinFlaherty

      Excellent. The challenge is talking about race with racism. Or rancor. or stereotypes. Or generalizations. OR apologies.

      • Chezwick

        Mr Flaherty, I believe you meant to write…

        “Excellent. The challenge is talking about race WITHOUT racism. Or rancor. or stereotypes. Or generalizations. OR apologies.”

        For the record, I’m a great admirer of yours. It certainly takes courage to confront the issues you’ve been confronting with such honesty and forthrightness. I can only imagine the invective and slander you’ve been subjected to in your determined pursuit of such uncomfortable truths.

        • Michael Garfinkel

          With all due respect – get a room!

          To suggest that this situation can be, or even ought to be regarded without strong emotional response, without rancor, or racial considerations is nonsense.

          This is just a more subtle kind of sanctimonious denial.

          • Chezwick

            What is it you’re trying to say, Mr Garfinkle, that the social pathologies existing within the black community are derived from genetics?

          • Michael Garfinkel

            Please reread my comments and consider them more carefully.

            I believe I said earlier that racial insults are to be regarded as counter-productive and unethical. Is that insufficient?

            Let me conclude briefly by pointing out that the problem of black crime is very serious, and has left thousands injured, robbed, and in some cases, brutalized and murdered.

            Something must be done to deal with this, and it is unreasonable to suggest that we ought to begin with an approach that is without rancor or predisposition. In the real world, events have overtaken such conventions, and it is necessary to accept that unfortunate fact.

            At the very least, a robust and indignant approach must be summoned to begin to confront this problem. Otherwise, we fail to respect the victims and we continue to patronize the perpetrators.

          • Chezwick

            “Please reread my comments and consider them more carefully.”

            I have done so.You expressed an opinion regarding the two racist comments I quoted from another thread. Your exact response was…

            “I don’t find these comments to be particularly hysterical”.

            Perhaps you could elaborate? Do you agree with them?

          • Michael Garfinkel

            No, I don’t, but I find the sentiment entirely understandable.

          • laura rubin

            when people are angry & threatend, they get nuts. ive said things about the 3rd world while having an especially victimizing day. horrible things, even when i know there are exceptions. ive also said ugly things about whitetrash, who may i say are sickening. im an equal opportunity offender.

          • laura rubin

            to add to your comment: elderly black people are victims of these thugs. they want stop & frisk laws, as much as i do. so do black professionals, & black conservatives. there are racial differences between black & white, also cultural. right now, i dont give a damn, i want america to stand up. the police & govt wont help us. enough yabbayabba.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            Bravo Lauren.

            But first, a consensus has to be reached, and this kind of forum contributes to that.

          • Well Done

            it doesn’t matter where it derives from, sniveling about it or coming with some useless stat about percentages is not helpful and only gives you an out to pretend others are “racist”(TM). get over your name calling and buy a clue.

          • Chezwick

            The two comments in question….

            “the dominant percentage of blacks” are “savages”.

            “blacks in general” are “uncivilized”.

            And you are asserting I need to “pretend” that these are racist comments?

          • ziggy zoggy

            Those comments are unflattering but true. Prove otherwise, lefty.

          • laura rubin

            there were frightening black boys on boston subways. there were also more tired hard working blacks coming home from work. i suppose if the majority ARE savage, they stay closer to home.

        • ColinFlaherty

          thanks … i don’t worry about the invective …lots of people happy someone is telling the truth about this.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      I don’t find these comments to be particularly “hysterical,” or “cowardly.”

      In fact, when one considers that at present, more than eight-hundred thousand blacks are in prison, exceeding their proportionate numbers by a factor of five – we’re looking at an ongoing catastrophe.

      In fact, the kinds of behavior Mr. Flaherty has been reporting are harbingers of worse, if not much worse to come.

      I agree that racial insults are not appropriate and should be avoided as unethical and counter-productive.

      However, a vigorous and robust debate is required, at a minimum, if this problem is not to become entirely intractable.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Yeah, go to MLK Blvd in Portland and attempt a vigorous and robust and redundant debate with the first troop of tar babies that attack you.

        • laura rubin

          dangerous attacking black folk are not the same as ALL black folk.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Who said all Black “folk” are the same? Mr Strawman? Go to any neighborhood of Black “folk” and see if you live through the experience.

            And oh, yeah. Only paid Obamatons use the idiotic term “folk.”

          • laura rubin

            its an old southern americana expression-folks. works w/my comment.

      • laura rubin

        so many blacks (&whites too) are in jail for holding a little drugs. prison is a business. btw, the violent criminals seem to get out fast & are out in the streets. they are arrested again & again.

    • Well Done


    • tompro97

      You, sir, lie about Media Matters in your screed – MM is a Georgie Soros funded far left wing lieberal site whose sole purpose is to put down any and all conservative comments and sources. Get your facts straight before you commence lying!!!!

      • Chezwick

        My mistake….and my apologies. MM is indeed what you claim it is.

        The Media Matters analysis was designed to implicate the criminal-justice system regarding what they feel is the over-representation of blacks in prison. My personal opinion is that the disproportionate number of blacks in prison is reflective NOT of racism within the criminal justice system, but of the pathologies that exist within the black community.

        Having said that, if the Media Matters stats are correct, and 1 in 15 black male adults is currently incarcerated, this hardly constitutes “a dominant percentage of blacks” that my previous interlocutor on a different thread referred to as “savages”.

        • laura rubin

          agree. we need to keep our comments on topic. we are NOT discussing black conservatives, or nice harmless middleclass black families. we know who we are refering too. lets be clear about that, its GHETTO gang culture. (yes its savage). also the white house& the race baiters are sociopath evil. this is what we mean. we dont need to look like a white supremist site. i wish they moderated the comments here.

          • ziggy zoggy

            They do “moderate” (censor) comments here.

          • laura rubin

            ziggy zoggy, i am against censorship except: when someone avocates killing a race of people. that should be deleted.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Who advocated race genocide? And how would censoring a comment that did so improve race relations?

          • laura rubin

            conservative blacks write on this site. they endorse colin flahertys book. they are on our side, we need them, we need all the help we can get. all blacks are not out rioting. frontpage needs to stay rational & intelligent.

          • laura rubin

            they deleted a comment that responded to my white on black violence in the deep south.

        • ziggy zoggy

          What does savagery have to do with incarceration rates?

          Sophistry attempt denied.

          • Chezwick

            I see. So even those blacks who don’t engage in violent crimes are “savage”?

            Ziggy, you’re the one who wrote on the other thread that “Blacks in general” are “uncivilized.”

            You’re a hateful bigot….a racist to the core.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Cheesed!ck, doubling down on mindless sophistry doesn’t make your argument less stupid. Blacks who don’t commit violent crimes are not incarcerated.

            I am the one who confirmed on another thread that Blacks in general are uncivilized. Prove me wrong. LOL.

            Re a hateful bigot and racist who hates the very hands that feed you.

    • ziggy zoggy

      CheeseD ick, There is no arguing that Blacks get a free pass on most of the crimes they commit. Obama Bin Laden, Eric Cock Holder, Al Sharp tongue, Twayvon Martin, etc.

    • Danny

      Here’s the problem with your discomfort over the racist sentiments expressed in reaction to Flaherty’s and others’ articles about black-on-white crime and, at the same time, approval of the articles themselves. What is the actual point of the articles? If it were to address problems in black communities that lead to the disproportionate rate of violence and criminality in those communities, then it would discuss the nature of those problems (e.g. absent fathers, terrible schools, gang culture) and suggest solutions to them. Instead articles like Flaherty’s simply relate one episode after another of black-on-white crimes and emphasize the racial identity of both perpetrators and victims. Nothing innately racist about such articles. But in the absence of any discussion of causes and possible solutions, a great many people will react in a racist manner to such reporting. Perfectly natural since people — black, white, pick a color — are naturally racist. It’s in our blood, every one of us. It’s how we deal with people we don’t know. MLK dreamt of a world where we judge others based on their characters and not their skin color but that world doesn’t exist, never did and never will. So ask yourself: do we want to merely provide fodder for our racist nature and leave it at that, without providing any context other than race? Or do we want to actually address problems that, in addition to all the other evils resulting from them, renders racism acceptable in the eyes of many? I don’t think Flaherty contributes anything towards the latter. But with regard to the former, he’s at the top of his game.

      • laura rubin

        flaherty is opening the pandoras box. he is exposng the media in a new & brilliant way. print combined w/ interactive technology. the solutions will come later, thats not his job. he is identifying the problem. who else has done this this way? i think this book can transform a nation. my hope is to see thousands of folks carrying this book. i aleady know these facts & have seen youtube. for others it will be an awakening.

        • ColinFlaherty

          muchas gracias, @laura_rubin:disqus!

          • laura rubin

            colin, i am concerned that youtube will take down all the vids. have you thought of this possibility? i am repeating this in case you missed my other comment,

        • laura rubin

          i am adding to my comment. i had zero internet skills untill 10yrs ago. prior to that i was alone in my thoughts. (in 2007 youtube was invented. i spent so much time sending videos to people). my issue was 3rd world invasion, as i had many personal problems w/that. the websight “” was the first intelliegnt non- racist site i found. colin’s book needs a sequel, hispanic culture (azteca), arab, east indian, south america, islamic african etc. crime stats are staggering. (if we combine anfo americans w/the 3rd world, lets look @ the numbers).

          • ziggy zoggy

            “East Indian?” Who are they supposed to be?

            Sorry, but the majority of American crime, violence and failure are Black and Mexican.

          • laura rubin

            east indian covers pakistan etc. the 3rd world crime is through the roof like in europe. go onto, if the site is still in operation. it documents. india has many violent crimes, same kind of criminals are here in the USA. later the auther may want to document that as well. the whole picture needs to be addressed. i have had more problems w/3rd worlders than american blacks. maybe because they have taken jobs as cab drivers, delivery people etc.

          • ziggy zoggy

            By “East Indians” you mean Muslims. Hindu and Sikh Indians in America have a virtually non-existent crime rate. In fact, they are probably the most productive members of society.

          • laura rubin

            not sikh’s, most likely muslims. gang crime in india is brutel, somolians also are dangerous. the problem far exceeds afro americans. indentifying part of the problem is the 1st step. maybe this book will open a dam, the levees will break. i said over 20yrs ago, if things werent stopped there will be a revolution in amrerica. the u.s.a. is being dismantled piece by piece. from the universities to the military. its ovious, its in our face. the frightening part is 90% of the population are nothing but useless idiots.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Dummy, I know American Blacks. That’s why I don’t like most of them.

        • Danny

          I’m guessing the feeling is mutual.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Dummy, that is exactly why I don’t like most of them. It is exactly why hardly anybody likes them, including each other.

      • Chezwick

        1) The exposition of the problem is the indispensable first step in finding a solution. Therefore, Flaherty is performing a vital service.

        2) The notion that “people are naturally racist” is a fallacy. Some people are physically attracted to people of other races. Some are repelled. There is nothing universal about our respective dispositions.

        • Danny

          1) Unless the first step turns out to be the end goal, to the exclusion of everything else. Then there’s nowhere to go but down.

          2) Racism is just an easy way for one to quickly assess unfamiliar people based on stereotypes which themselves are largely based on real data as well as anecdotes. It’s faster and requires much less effort than actually determining the “content of one’s character”. It’s typically human, maybe not universal but close.

          • Chezwick

            1) On the contrary, even if all Flaherty does is broach the subject (and if you listen to his radio program, you’ll know that he indeed discusses potential solutions), at least the subject is out in the public domain. Others may be required to advance the discussion, but at least the wall of suppression has been cracked. That is, in-and-of-itself, a major contribution. Until Flaherty, I don’t know of anyone besides white extremists who would dare broach the issue of black-on-white violence.

            2) “Stereotypes” based on “real data”? Could you please enlighten us as to this “real data”.

          • Danny

            1) I agree. Advancing the discussion is what’s needed. I just don’t see that happening. What I do see are racist sentiments being cemented and progressively remote chances of ever addressing problems instead of using them to justify those sentiments.

            2) Data like crime statistics, of course. I thought that was clear.

          • Chezwick

            “Advancing the discussion is what’s needed. I just don’t see that happening.”

            Agreed. The resistance is institutionalized. But is that any reason to abandon the effort? Blaming Flaherty for society’s inability to confront the issue of black-on-white crime is tantamount to shooting the messenger.

            As for people being “naturally racist”, I continue to disagree. I think observations of little children of different races playing together, impervious of their differences, is just as powerful a testimonial as the expressed sentiments of a died-in-the-wool bigot.

          • Danny

            Who’s talking about abandoning the effort? I just would like to address possible solutions instead of merely providing fodder for the self-satisfied racists who post on these pages.

            I admit there is hope in young and future generations, not least due to increasing racial inter-marriage and the consequent irrelevance of distinct racial groups. That makes me optimistic.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Yes. You are optimistic about breeding Whites out of existence. Meanwhile Blacks continue to $h!t where they live and bite the hands that feed them.

            For every Clarence Thomas there are a million Trayvon Martins.

          • laura rubin

            most likely. my definition of a racist is someone who would not acknowedge clarence thomas. there are exceptions to all races.

          • Danny

            Also I really don’t get the bit about the “wall of suppression”. Yes, the mainstream media doesn’t continuously bombard us with stories of black-on-white crime as Flaherty does but if you ask almost anyone who hasn’t been living in a cave for the last 50 years, they will tell you that they’re quite aware of the disproportionate rate of crime and violence among blacks as compared to other racial groups.

          • Chezwick

            “Yes, the mainstream media doesn’t continuously bombard us with stories of black-on-white crime…”

            That’s a funny way of phrasing it. The MSM goes out of its way to AVOID exposition of this phenomenon. The Norfolk, Va. story of two reporters for a local paper being assaulted by a black mob was emblematic of the problem. Asked to explain why he didn’t mention the race of the perps in his reporting of the incident, the editor of said paper did a song and dance about “not knowing”…(as if his own reporters never mentioned it).

          • laura rubin

            are his broadcasts on youtube? like micheal savage?

    • LeeVonHart

      Media Matters is not a good source at all. This story is happening because of Democrat President LBJ. Deneen Borelli dot com is a wonderful source of fair information.

    • GottaQHFilly

      You are an idiot.

      • Chezwick

        Constructive input.

        • ziggy zoggy

          I agree. Even you can be correct on the rare occasion.

    • Seek

      A lot of blacks are wards of the criminal justice system even if they’re not incarcerated. Thanks to judicial mandates to alleviate prison overcrowding, this is a consequence. That includes persons on probation, on parole, living in a halfway house, free on bail, or having outstanding arrest warrants. And that doesn’t even include people who should be arrested or have done time in the past.

      Factor all this in and I guarantee you, that 1 in 23 figure will come down to around 1 in 4. And that may be ion the high side.

      • Chezwick

        Even if, for the sake of argument, I grant you the 1 out of 4, that means that 75% of black American are lawful citizens, repudiating the contention that “a dominant percentage of blacks” are “savages”.

        • ziggy zoggy

          Just because only one in four are “punished,” doesn’t mean punishment rates have any correlation with savagery.

          If you hear somebody using foul language in mixed company, see somebody trying to cut in line, or read about cowardly savagery, who will be responsible? Whites? Asians? Not likely.

  • Phil K

    The BBC are notorious for this too – ruled by middle class politically correct types who got jobs through the feminist demands for more jobs for them (and they promptly employed more of their own kind, who employed more themselves, and THEY employed their lesbian girlfriends and gay boyfriends exponentially – you know how this works – and now, due to their corrupt bias, when they actually mention who committed a crime, it’s ALWAYS “a white man aged….”
    When they know the guilty party is black, nothing is said about colour
    Same with muslims They actively censor news where they can’t spread the blame to Christians, or better still, Jews (these heterophobic hypocrites are as anti-semetic as the SS !) or blame the victim (it suddenly becomes different if their victim is lesbian or gay, unsurprisingly, with the arrogance corruption and double standards)

  • Jakareh

    Years ago, I read that Portland was the whitest major city in the country and that residents found the lack of “diversity” embarrassing. Evidently, though, it’s not white enough.

    • laura rubin

      maybe they need somolians, arabs, indians, mexicans, to add to the afro american mix? they want more diversity, we will send it them. enjoy.

      • Jakareh

        I think they have got a pretty good handle on the situation. As a matter of fact, one of their new “diverse” residents, a native of Somalia, tried to show his appreciation for his his new home by enlivening their boring Christmas celebration with some Muslim-style fireworks. Some officious G-men who didn’t value multicultural richness ruined the fun, though. But it turned out okay at the end because the citizens of Portland saw what a great guy Mohamed Osman Mohamud is and they gave him a long, all-expenses-paid holiday at Club Fed.

        • ziggy zoggy

          I love diversity. I hope this guy becomes the g ay husband of one or both of my sons. Wouldn’t that be something to celebrate? We could all be anti-White together.

          • Jakareh

            When Thanksgiving comes around, don’t forget to add Somali spices to the tofurkey.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    “I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that in the
    african-american community bicycling isn’t seen as a viable alternative
    to the automobile. It isn’t mostly racial animosity, although I’m sure
    some of that goes on.”

    Oh, yes.

    If only we could get blacks to see the practicality of our oh-so-trendy “bike shares.”

    • laura rubin

      black & hispanic teens have always owned bikes in the inner citys. its not just a white thing!

  • Zombee

    This swarm mentality is a glimpse of what could happen in a major disaster and a break down of civility , law and order. Especially for whites. Whites must unite ,be ever vigilant , prepared, armed , and ready to defend their property families and lives.

    • laura rubin

      read about hurricane katrina, earth quake in haiti. the behavior was irrehensible.

  • Spencer Warren

    The main cause of this awful problem is the 70% plus illegitimate birth rate of blacks, a figure which, in the words of Charles Murray, “portends social catastrophe.” The Hispanic and white rates have been rising but we don’t see the same sociopathic criminality. It would appear one means of addressing this is to cut off welfare to women bearing children out of wedlock. The landmark 1996 welfare reform law enacted by the Republican Congress managed only to make this optional with the states, none of which utilized it. I have a Dream: Dr. Benjamin Carson is the VP candidate on the 2016 Republican ticket headed by Senator Cruz, and they are running on a platform pledged to cut off welfare to women bearing children out of wedlock. This pledge in memory of the 88-year-old Okinawa veteran and the thousands more, all victims of black youth savagery. A final question. Has this phenomenon of random youth mob attacks on whites grown since Obama became President and Holder became Attorney General? The latter was barely in office when he attacked whites as “cowards” for not facing up to racism! Has there been a more racially divisive presidency than these frauds?

    • laura rubin

      WRONG! hispanic gangs create crime. they come here w/anchor babies, then have 4 more. same problems, thats an aweful culture. also for decades the hispanic community had single mothers just like the black. so much for catholicism.

  • mattogilvie55

    Gangs of black youth assaulting white liberals…explain again to me why this is a bad thing.

    • Gee

      What makes you assume every white person in Portland is a liberal?

    • laura rubin

      good thing. perfect leftist dream.

    • Seek

      Because whites, even liberal whites, can be decent and interesting people. Not everything revolves around politics. Many of today’s conservatives, by the way, are ex-liberals. Give today’s liberals a chance, and they may come on over. At any rate, you’re probably using software developed by a Silicon Valley/Seattle liberal to write your message.

      Can the same thing be said of blacks?

      • Chezwick

        Yes indeed. Many, many blacks are “decent and interesting people.”

        • laura rubin

          i have close friends who are black. also hispanic, they agree w/us.

        • ziggy zoggy

          No, not many.

      • mattogilvie55

        Liberals, regardless of their skin color, are neither decent nor interesting. They are all worthless America-hating piles of trash, and anything bad that happens to them is a good thing.

    • laura rubin

      justice in the metaphysical sence. possibly this will change some people?

  • Well Done

    Completely stupid. Both the lefties and the geeks doing the assaults. We don’t need such people. They are volunteering to leave, they just don’t know it. Yet.

  • joesph

    Where’s your ‘Batman’ now?

    • Seek

      I was thinking Robocop — the future of law enforcement.

  • joesph

    This is when real men do real things to real enemy

  • Susan Hickingbottom

    Why is gun control a good idea ? I carry all the time and wont hesitate to shoot !!!


      The problem is that Progressives control the cities, and they often make CCW illegal, thus if you try to protect yourself in these socialist paradises, it’s you and not the thugs who can wind up in jail. In some of the better states, cities are not allowed to pass gun control ordinances. I don’t know what the situation is in Portland, but the more Progressive the city, the more unenlightened it is, and I wouldn’t be surprised if concealed carry is illegal within the city.

  • Skeptic7

    Democrats are cowards. They are afraid to confront the crime. Why not undercover police officers riding bikes along MLK Blvd.? Too obvious. I’m sure it would mess up their crime stats to arrest so many blacks. Leftists always deserve the violence they enable. The kids never do.

  • MrUniteUs1

    Angry White doctor puts cyclists in the hospital.
    article and photos.

    • Keep an eye out

      You are the delusional leftist who excuses this kind of behavior (even promotes it).

      • MrUniteUs1

        I’m not at delusional leftist. I’m not a delusional racist either.
        I am a cyclist. No excuses for this kind of behavior, by the angry White doctor that put the cyclists in the hospital, or the Black guy that threw the safety cone, or this blonde that bragged on twitter about hitting a cyclist.

        or this white guy that stole from an injured cyclist.

        • ziggy zoggy

          No passes based on race? That is exactly what you’re trying to do. Blacks in Portland targeted Whites. The deranged White drivers did not.

          Try again.

        • Jakareh

          You’re grasping at straws to equate white behavior with black behavior, much like the liberals who called George Zimmerman a “white Hispanic” to try to pin something on whitey, even if it was a non-crime committed by a non-white. The Thompson case was a single individual who received five years in prison for his actions, and it had nothing to do with race since both victims and perpetrator were white. By contrast, whole mobs of black thugs routinely attack whites, cyclists and others, because they are white, and more often than not, there are no consequences because making too much of an effort to identify and apprehend the thugs would be “racist”. Demanding prosecution and stiff prison sentences for the savage scum taking part in these “wilding” events doesn’t make you a “delusional racist”, it makes you a sane human being.

          • MrUniteUs1

            You forgot to mention the blonde that bragged about hitting a cyclist.
            1 individual caused Sweeney to fall.
            Not a mob. Behavior is based on individual choices not skin color, eye color, or hair color. You can have two children from the same family, take two completely different paths in life, one legal, one illegal.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Right. And these isolated cases equate to Blacks targeting Whites?


  • MrUniteUs1

    Not so heartening is a report from Norwich, the largest city in England after London. A woman namedEmma Way sent out this tweet on May 19: “I knocked a cyclist off his bike. I have right of way, he doesn’t even pay road tax.”

    In an interview with the BBC, the victim, Toby Hockley, said: “She hit me hard, really hard. I am lucky to be alive. But I managed to get out of the hedge and stand up. The car was nowhere to be seen. She hit me and she was gone. All I know is that it was a blonde girl driving.”

  • RobinGOOD63

    Pretty much any large city has an MLK boulevard. Seattle has one, south of downtown and Boeing Field heading into Renton. Unless I have my CCW with me, I avoid the area like the plague.

    • ziggy zoggy

      MLK Blvd in Seattle (formerly Empire) goes through Rainier (Switchblade) Valley but it is tame compared to the Central District. Switchblade Valley has plenty of welfare mothers and and trashy Asians and Whites to balance things out. The Central District is Black and has more murders every year than the rest of the city’s neighborhoods combined.


      • Seek

        Hey, I know. I’ve got family in Seattle. You can add up the murders in (mainly white) Queen Anne, U District, Capital Hill and Greenwood over the course of a decade, and they wouldn’t equal the number of killings in black-infested Central or Rainier Valley in a single year.

        Pioneer Square after 10PM? Maybe if I had some serious pepper spray with me.

        • ziggy zoggy

          I think some guy killed his wife in Phinney Ridge back in 1997. (It wasn’t me. ,my ex-wife is on the schedule, though.) =D

  • antioli

    If the White Politicians do not do something about Black violence their city will go the way of Detroit. Perhaps that is what they want. If so move out now.

    • laura rubin

      yes it IS what they want. look@ the big picture.

  • poetcomic1

    What a ‘high opinion’ Portland liberals have of their ‘darker brothers’. These low expectations are the most racist aspect of all.

    • Seek

      Maybe the expectations are low because of past performance. I expect crime from blacks because they excel at it. White liberals are naive, but the last time I checked, naivete isn’t a crime.

      • laura rubin

        in the 1950s we had 2 different maids working p/t. some people had maids full time, even live in. no one was robbed, nothing was missing. they were respectful decent afro americans. these were the days when a maid arrived in a white uniform w/a hairnet. they were respectful, & hard working. this was in brooklyn. they came from terrible areas, traveled by bus. the only rumors i heard was that employers were suspect that they took a nip or 2 from the bottle. helped themselves to the liquor cabinet. this may be a brookyn fable. btw, they were called cleaning girls.

  • MarilynA

    My Grandma used to say, “Them that don’t listen have to feel.” Looks like Portland’s chickens are coming home to roost. I lived in Portland for 5 years long ago and I can attest to the fact that Portlanders loved their diverse peoples. Now that they are learning the hard way that you have to be careful of trying to be good to these people because they take it as a sign of weakness and try to take advantage of you.

  • Dave

    Sounds like a great place for a “helpless looking” vigilante’!

  • herb benty

    We need to start an armed protection force in cities that would escort certain individuals in areas that they then covered. Individuals would have a call-up number. Disagree? Fine. Just ah, what if the Sharptons of this world have lit a fire under a generation that was raised being told, whites are the source of all things bad, purposely “educated” into near illiteracy, told the rich and well off got that way on their backs(you didn’t build that). What if the leftist, “Progressive” murderer-lovers, dwell too long on Charles Manson’s desire to start a race war between Blacks and Whites? Hint: they are desperate for the guns, and arrest, charge and demonize anyone who defends themselves successfully. Exact thing they do to/ desire for Israel. I just realized Obama is on the wrong side.

    • laura rubin

      interesting to note: upper madison ave, NYC (upper east side) has a private patrol. believe it or not the security force is mostly black. true story: two tough black women w/walkie talkies see 3 ghetto looking, black boys. they alert the patrol stationed on the next corner to “watch them”. these guards knew what they were seeing, cant play the race card here. there are black george zimmerman’s as well as the hispanic version.

  • MrUniteUs1

    There was no mob in Portland.


    A local bicyclist is trying to figure out who hit him with a traffic cone, which heavily damaged two of his front teeth.

    Andy Sweeney, who moved to Portland from Illinois last month, told FOX 12 that he was riding his bicycle home from a friend’s house late Saturday night when he noticed three young men walking in the opposite direction along Northeast Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in Portland.

    One of the men threw a traffic cone at Sweeney’s face, which knocked Sweeney to the ground, he said.”

    The individual that threw the cone should be arrested and convicted.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Who said a mob attacked Sweeney? Three “young men” (Blacks,) are somehow more innocent than ten, twenty or a hundred?


  • Level999

    As usual the violence start off small and is ignored or justified. Time goes on and the violence and number of acts increase. Eventually someone is seriously injured or killed and everyone will say this is terrible and something should be done. Then they’ll blame spending cuts and racism.

    • Ruckus_Tom

      It’s been going on a long time. Two things that have changed to bring it into the open and make it bigger are the internet (to document it for the whole world to see) and social media (to get large packs of black kids in one place at one time – for store invasions).

      • laura rubin

        im scared the youtube will pull colins videos. what do you think colin, are you concerned?

  • johnnywood

    Smith&Wesson. Any questions?

  • Hymie

    John Derbyshire, call your office !

  • devan95

    I don’t call 911; I AM 911. Have Bersa, will ride.

  • popseal

    Will somebody raise a flag or otherwise signal the start of the race war? Some are acting like it’s already on !

  • donqpublic

    I’m curious, do these thugs rat pack passing convoys of Hells Angels? Hells Angels are usually riding white on bikes. I didn’t think so.

  • taosnow

    Greetings from Obamaville…don’t ya wish ya were here ?

  • synthiotics

    As an African American who moved from New York City and lived in Portland for over ten years (back on the east coast thankfully), this article at best is suspect. While the depictions of “Black mob violence” are on point here, they are greatly overshadowed by two things: White “mob violence” perpetrated by skinheads and other fringe groups, along with the increased proliferation of “gentrification”. The article never states why there are so many White people getting hurt on MLK Blvd. The reason these “liberals” are there is due to the displacement of resident Blacks who don’t have the political or economic power to stave off the so called liberal invasion, which at its base is not unlike what happened to Native Americans when Europeans arrived. Ironically, liberal Oregon (only Portland and Eugene is really….the rest of the state is rural and right leaning) is a right to own state which means if you are that nervous about being attacked by a Black mob a .45 may change a few minds (I got a concealed carry license real fast after a few non-provoked run-ins with the local salt of the earth). In the future, a better article examining WHY these things are happening would be of value to everyone. And for the record the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton want nothing to do with a place like Portland. Best thing I ever did was pack it in and move.

    • ColinFlaherty

      typical liberal reply: 1) its not happening; and 2) here’s why it is happening. please make up your mind.

      • tagalog

        Pleading in the alternative? Isn’t that one of those shyster lawyer thingies?

    • tomhayward

      Oh I see. So when black people move into my white neighborhood, that’s progress, and anything against that is racist.

      Should whites move in, and no doubt improve, black neighborhoods, that’s gentrification, and they deserve a beat down–or at least we should offer that up as an explanation. Oh, they are just like the poor widdle indians and they are being displaced. Typical liberal thinking. It’s always the white people’s fault.

      Maybe, just maybe, the blacks there enjoy beating on whites, they get a thrill over it, and feel enabled by people like you who have your “soft reasons” for this behavior, and a political climate that can’t bring to bear the fact that blacks create far more crime per capita than whites.

    • Assphalt

      You sho be crazy fo a shizzle nizzle…!

    • 1proactive2

      Do you really take yourself seriously?

      C’mon now, you can’t really expect others to do so with your imagination worthy of employment at Disney. What else do you “intellectualize” in your life beside black barbarism and predation? (The aforementioned is one kind of psychological defense to assuage the angst caused by an unwelcome shot of reality.)

      My advice to you, in order that you stay safe from “skinhead attacks”, is to keep to your brethren in your own neighborhoods along with your put-upon self. Just look for lots of trash on the streets, chalk outlines on the sidewalks from crime victims, liquor stores, and check cashing concerns with bars on the windows. You’ll be at home in a black neighborhood.

      As far as non-blacks moving in and improving homes, aka, gentrification, there’s nothing you can do but move out. I’m sure you and yours won’t want to live in a newly improved and thus upscale neighborhood.

      The best thing for Portland is that you packed up and moved.

    • Guest

      whites usually dont attack blacks who move in their neighborhoods. they move away, like many did in brooklyn, bronx, queens NYC. (white flight 1960s 70s). in a remote racist small town, attacks can happen. & yes, more often in the deep south (years ago). i know all about skinhead nazi groups. when have they raided a mall? how many white flash mobs are active? it happens, but i dare you to match colin flaherty’s stats. post as many videos. give as many reports. put your $ where your mouth is! i would not think twice to live near jayz in tribeca, but i cant afford it. if nice black professionals moved near me that would be fine, much better than white trash. most blacks run from the hood as soon as make $. how can you support killing innocent people who were not directly involved w/evicting black folks? killing @ random? you are as bad as the killers. did it occur to you that young white professionals cannot afford the high rents or high price homes, they are getting pushed out too. older people are losing their rentals if they are not stabilized. thats why they move to distressed areas. kill them for this??

    • ziggy zoggy

      What mob violence by “skin-heads” are you referring to? FantasyLand is in Anaheim, not Portland.

      “Gentrification is a lefty racist code euphemism for White people daring to improve neighborhoods in their own country and live in them. You think that gives Blacks justification to murder bikers.

      Ironically Europeans improved America in spite of the Amerindian immigrants.

      If you claim you ever needed a pistol to protect yourself from feral Whites, I claim you are a lying SOS.

      The reason your race hustling buddies shun Portland is because they can’t use it to demonize Whitey and fill their pockets. Best thing that ever happened to Portland is when you packed up and moved. Suck my @$$ and nibble the nuggets because Black is beautiful.

  • KansasGirl

    So basically, leftists are allowing their own beat-down for the sake of diversity.

    • laura rubin

      please listen on youtube: jamie glazov, “united in hate, the leftest alliance w/terror”. or “show down w/evil” listen the evan sayets “understanding modern leftest thought”. both of these authors explain this mass mental illness. preplexing to me, as its against nature, for both humans/ animals. (maybe guilt is an “identity” & people need to follow fashion? thats MY take! acceptance is more important than anything. they will die for it).

      • KansasGirl

        Where the line must be drawn, is, when they expect us to be collateral damage.
        I pray that people are realizing how important it has become to protect their family, friends and close neighbors.
        This has become a dangerous country for certain people.

  • Eunomia2013

    Are they all Obama’s children?

  • 68Tigers

    Portland is full of, er, kitty-kats!

    Time to sick some Joe Arpaio on em!

  • Jackterd

    Dees nigras are sho be acting up! I is not suprized at all. We be scriminated gainst fo so long dat we be mad at u white folks bout dat. We is hereuh to stay an we don wont no white folk ridin no dam bycicle roun our yard an messin up our lawns. I is tired of you white folk bossin us roun…. We be on top now an we knock yo butt offa dat bycicle real good..!

  • megapotamus

    Note the weaselry…. sure the white kids who, um, ape the behaviors they see on The Wire and rap videos are ‘capable’ of similar violence but when and where have they committed it? Whatever, I’m getting a real education here. Like everyone I was raised on tales of white on black violence which they STILL claim is going on. How much of the Civil Rights saga is myth? Just straight out lies? If Trayvon Martin is Emmett Till then Emmett Till is Trayvon Martin. That’s the voice of the experts.

    • Guest

      white on black murder etc happened during slavery. all thru the 1950s as well, i have videos youtube. they showed photos of torture murders done by prominent southern families. if a black was even suspected of a crime, they will brutally murdered. (even if he was innocent, & no proof, it was blood sport). the families kept photo albums of the killings. it was as digusting as facebook or youtube, kind of like islamic torture. except you see old sepia photos. this is shocking, for educated southern families to do this. no different than nazi germany. one doesnt have to be lower class to enjoy violent perversions. the civil rights movement was necessary. the US has done everything to compensate. none of us own slaves, & few of us had families who did. AND many blacks who riot, havent done 2 minutes of hard labor. now both sides are twisted. thats the modern mentality, take it all to the extreme.

  • Unc Remus

    Buy a GUN, learn to use it well, Carry it always, Use as Needed…one never knows when one will run into a pack of wild animals.

  • jdk47

    Obviously they just hate bikes.

  • laura rubin

    this is an offensive post. btw, trees are necessary for human life. also the 1950s, 60s, 70s were a wonderful time in america in general. dont throw out the baby w/the bath water.

    • jjliberty

      Not offensive at all. If it does not apply to you then you should not be offended.

      • laura rubin

        jjliberty: partly applies. i hate the idea of chopping down thousands of trees especially if there little reason. like over building fast food/malls. didnt go to woostock, had nothing to do w/those people. some were in a teenage phase, & grew out of it. ever think about THAT? sterilized? who are you, hitler? you sound violent.

        • jjliberty

          Not violent at all. I leave that up to Liberals. As for Hitler, he is your mentor. The Communists hid behind the Environmental movement back in the 60’s pretending to care about the trees, when in fact they destroy everything in their path. So any mention of trees is on that note.

          You sound very unstable, perhaps you should get back on your Prozac. You missed all the points entirely as is so

          The sterilization was to prevent the killing of innocent babies. Those pretending to care about trees, also
          love to kill babies through abortion & partial birth
          abortion; so its a good way to avoid the tragedy

          • laura rubin

            the tree thing has always been used as a selling point by tyrannical political parties, way back. hitler loved the trees, he had his enviremental movement. (read your history). i love the trees, many people love nature/trees/wildlife. not only nazis &communists. think it though rationally. btw, this is a non issue. back on track: black on white crime: number 1 topic.

          • jjliberty

            I don’t need to go back & read history. Already done so.
            As for Black on White crime, bottom line is it is out of control. None of it is being reported by TV Propaganda networks. Other than the internet,with rare exception , one
            would not be informed of just how out of control this issue
            is unless it happens in a local community.

          • laura rubin

            that is why we have alternative internet media. the interactive book (white girl bleed), takes it a step further. there can be NO cover up, its right there in front of us on film. the next step? colin flaherty should challenge the liberals: show us stats for white on black crime, document, show us backup videos, do your own interactive book. then will have the real showdown w/evil. they have met their match. i hope he can be a guest on national news, talk shows. i dare oprah to debate him. can she rise to the challenge?

          • ziggy zoggy

            Laura, trees are a renewable resource and logging companies plant far more than they cut down. They also fight forest fires while stupid hippies watch it on T.V.

  • 1proactive2

    Now wait a minute, folks! These victims, those that were beaten savagely, should accept what happened to them, and give thanks that they didn’t fight back against their attackers.

    Mr. Zimmerman did so with great results as the thug Martin was pummeling him, and look how the MSM treated him. So from now on, readers; take your beatings in stride, and whatever you do, never strike back. Your attackers now know that they will be made into media heros if they are harmed while beating you within an inch of your life.

  • Mark Caldwell

    Porland has up until recently been mostly unscathed because it is 73% white, but now that Obamamugabe’s loyal tribe members are living a Free Sh*t Army kinda life, they are acting out their deep seated and cultural hatred of the superior Aryan race. We built it, they want it, we produce and they are parasites, and now they have entered into ‘destroy the host mode’.

    Everyone knows it, but many won’t even admit it to themselves…. Sad really.

  • harry

    I sure wish a flash mob would attack me! It would a mob of dead!
    just try me please,pretty please.

  • Jimmy Johns

    It’s time for people to fight back against black on human crime. We are sick of these scummy animals preying on us with impunity. We need to fight back, law or no law. Just because Obama may be President does not mean they can act like animals and worse.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Blacks are human, dude.

  • I avoid MLK Blvd

    Where’s George Zimmerman when you need him?

  • sgreen516

    The attackers could hold signs saying “THESE ATTACKS ARE RACIALLY MOTIVATED” and the media would still find some reason to say they are not.

  • chuckleberryfinn

    When it happens, and it will, that a crowd of these pavement apes attacks a person armed with an automatic .40 or .45 only then will we see a diminishing number of these baboon attacks.

  • sgreen516

    Obama won Multnomah County by 75 / 21 over Romney. It’s safe to assume Portland is a liberal bastion and that other liberal policies are at play there. I see the liberals in Portland are seeing the results of their policies. Good for them!

    • ziggy zoggy

      Yes. Fuck them. Lefties destroy everything they touch. It’s pure justice that diversity is killing them.

  • ziggy zoggy

    All lies. Provide documentation to prove otherwise. Show me the trophy photos.

    • laura rubin

      there are several left wing “plants” on this site to stir things up & ruin credibility. kind of like what happends in conservative demonstations. we can see this.

  • nomoretraitors

    Time to rise up and FIGHT BACK

  • sarah stein

    Conceal carry, these Trayvons are the new KKK, and Eric Holder is their Imperial Wizard.

  • lessthantolerant

    Predators loose and preying on liberals, what is wrong with that? These idiots deserve to see what they are spawning in their cesspool utopian enclaves.

  • Mobetta Jenkem

    A freakin’ LibTard is simply a realist who hasn’t been mugged yet.

    Apparently, a lot of folks in Portland are being enlightened by a bunch of bottom-feeding parasites.

    High time for their wake-up call!

  • kyleyoder

    What’s really sad is there are millions of people in the US and across the world that when they read “teenagers” or “youth” they really do picture all-American type white kids, and thus that’s much of how Americans get such an ugly image abroad. In reality, white kids in the US are more disciplined than in Canada, Australia, and Europe, at least from my experience. There are no “white teenage gangs” in the US to speak of.

  • allenllee

    “By Rick Bella, The Oregonian

    on October 03, 2012 at 10:09 AM, updated October 03, 2012 at
    1:55 PM

    Oregon City bus attacker hurled racial slurs before stabbing
    passengers, driver, police say

    He said a passenger on TriMet’s 33 MaLoughlin bus was
    talking on his cell phone shortly before 11 p.m., when he began throwing out
    loud racial slurs, upsetting the African American driver and several biracial
    passengers on the bus. The driver then pulled the bus over at Molalla Avenue
    and Clairmont Way.

    The loud passenger then got off the bus and began fighting
    with one of the passengers, Kler said. At that point, the driver closed the
    door and tried to keep the passengers safely inside.”

    The lesson is to always be mindful of the evil you pay forward, cause it always comes around in a circle. Gun threats included.

  • V S

    I live in North Portland, and I can’t wait to trayvon some bitch who thinks I’m an unarmed hippy.

  • Lee Chandler

    I don’t know when it started, but it was true Jan. 15th 1976 north Portland, and the media did not talk about that either.

  • DrJennySueNY

    Yes Tim is a rabid liberal. I know him well and he does not even pretend to be unbiased. He should not be an editor for any news site.