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  • jennifer mcneal

    no comments because to comment you would have to say these young people are black , and to say that hundreds of young black americans need to go to prison for this and if they kill anyone ( think they already have ) then they should get the death penalty . i am not afraid to say this particurler group of black kids and young adults need to go to jail , charles manson and his group are white and they should have got the death penalty , ted bundy was white and he got what he deserved , as did mcvey and I believe these young people are acting on the video made by the black panthers to hunt down whities and slaughter them ..starting with their babies and elderly i believe he said .. of course he should have been the one hunted down , maybe not slaughtered when he is caught but for sure jailed for twenty yrs or more .. or how about he gets charges for everything that these people do …what i want to know is this ..WHY IS THE MAN THAT MADE THE STUPID ANTI MUSLIM MOVIE STILL IN JAIL ..or was if he is out recently ..they have even admitted that his movie was not the cause of all the muslim brotherhoods actions in lybia .. so is he out of jail ? and why has the black panther leaders that are making these videos in jail .

  • lionel

    True sadness across the US as a divided nation can never rule for very long because another will take the place while the controversy is played out which ends up in turmoil as history has proven over and over. This is why different Tribes are not to mix as a combined Nation, this is not my understanding is is History. Here we have the president elected by the elite gangsters of what is now called government. Gangsters aren’t stupid, as a matter of fact they have only become more advance an corrupt than ever before. Obama not being a born US citizen proves the ability of the down fall coming to the US. There are to many things being reported as a truth that are false and accepted as the truth which indicates the truth today is a lie and the lie is to be the believe truth to keep from being politically incorrect. The lies are bound by law to be the fact of a made up unbelievable truth. The fall is devastating worlds and generations of ancestries will continue to be divided till the end of time. It has to be this way. It has a purpose. I realize this now and until you come to this understanding, no matter how much explaining it you can never see it until your eyes have the light to accept then see what void it is that keeps all generations divided. This is not mans plan, its written that it was never meant or ever can be/happen as a community of happy mixed cultures and if you think it is so that we are then you already believe this lie. Truth you have to know the truth before your able to see the lie…….