Concealing Racist Black Violence

Delbert-BeltonBlack mob violence is now so frequent and intense that even big city editors can’t  keep it out of the news anymore.

The latest high-profile story, now familiar to many, is the recent beating and killing of the 88-year-old World War II veteran Delbert Belton at the hands of two black people in Spokane. Allegedly.

A few days before, two black people stalked and killed Chris Lane, the 23-year-old Australian college student in Oklahoma. Allegedly.

A few days before that, three black people stalked and killed 27-year-old nurse David Santucci in Memphis. Allegedly.

A few days before that, a black mob in St. Paul beat Ray Widstrand with a sock full of rocks that will leave him with permanent brain damage. Allegedly.

In St. Louis this week, a black mob hit a hot dog vendor in the head with a hammer. In Chicago, this weekend, a black mob attacked a police officer, fracturing his skull with a baseball bat.

And in the space between the time I started this article and when I finished it, I received the worst video I’ve ever seen: Several young black people bully and beat up a three-year old girl. “After the footage was taken, the 12-year-old cameraman went onto Facebook and posted the video with the title “When white people piss black people off,” reported

Watch it here: When white people piss black people off.

Many of the 800 people who commented said the same thing: How can this be happening?

These events might be shocking. But they are hardly rare. Or even unusual.

Pick a number from 1 to 1000. That is how long this list of recent victims of black mob violence could be. Or you could ask a cop. Any cop. They know.

Some of the mobs are small. Some are big. Some people die. Those who live are changed forever. No matter how often the local papers assure us their injuries are “minor.” Or it was just a theft, not a beating.

Some scenes of racial violence are familiar: Chicago. Baltimore. Philadelphia. Most are not: Peoria — the middle of middle America. Des Moines, where they had a Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa State Fair. Springfield. Greensboro. Indianapolis. Seattle. Portland. Dayton. Louisville. Dallas. Denver. Rochester. Utica. Miami Beach. Green Bay. Cedar Rapids.

Minneapolis and Milwaukee and Indianapolis have some of the most intense and frequent cases of black mob violence in America. If you lived there and depended only on local media, you would think only “unruly teenagers” are responsible.

Local and national media are loathe to report racial violence. It is an eerie experience to see a video of a local newscaster blame an episode of black mob violence in Milwaukee on just a “few people,” while he talks over B roll showing a large black mob pulling passengers out of two cars and beating them.

Editors like Steve Chapman at the Chicago Tribune insist they are color blind. Only a racist, he says, would wonder why his newspaper refuses to report how black mob violence is so stratospherically out of proportion.

Chapman could be speaking for an entire generation of news managers who say they do not report racial violence because they have “no evidence it is racially motivated.”  That is what the editor of the Virginian-Pilot told Bill O’Reilly’s producers last year when they pressed him to explain why he did not report that two of his reporters were attacked by a mob of 50 to 100 black people.

That means unless the predators issue a press release or carry signs saying saying “Death to White People,” editors have no way of knowing if race has anything to do with the crimes.

Maybe because it’s a black thing the editors just don’t understand.

Or maybe they think the overwhelming patterns of black mob violence are not evidence. When that is the strongest evidence of all.

This “we are color blind” mantra is strange coming from the same people who every day write about black caucuses, black colleges, black businesses, black churches, black music, black neighborhoods and on and on and on.

So much so that today, we are living in the most race-conscious country in the world.

Many of these stories are written by members of the National Association of Black Journalists.

But all over the country as victims of black mob violence pile up one after another, day after day, week after week, so do the reporters who ignore, condone, excuse and deny it.

This week, Salon produced its monthly news story saying all the recent attention on black crime is some kind of conservative conspiracy.  A few months ago Salon blamed it on White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to American and how the media ignore it.  As did MSNBC a few nights ago.

Liberals in and out of the media always — yes, always — say the same two things about black mob violence. Always in the same breathe: One, it is not happening. Two, here is why it is happening.

Ten years ago, liberals could — and often did — get away with that obfuscation. But not today: Too much of this black mob violence is on YouTube. Salon might deny it, but many of the people responsible celebrate it on video, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, World Star Hip Hop, and lots of other places.

It’s what happens when white people piss black people off.

The next edition of White Girl Bleed a Lot will feature QR codes that will allow a reader to use their smart phones to watch the violence on video as it is described in the book. Salon is going to hate that.

One of the alleged perpetrators of the Oklahoma killing bragged on Twitter about how much he hated white people and how much he enjoyed “playing golf.” Short for hitting woods. Short for hitting “peckerwoods.” Short for playing the Knockout Game on white people.

The Baltimore Sun says racial violence is not that bad and that people should just get used to it. Meanwhile, Pat McDonough, the Maryland state legislator who last year was scorned for observing black mobs were “terrorizing downtown” is now being hailed as a prophet as violence continues to the point where one of that city’s largest employers is threatening to move.

We don’t have to ask any hypothetical questions about what would happen if the roles were reversed: If hordes of white people were stomping through downtown Baltimore assaulting and robbing black visitors. We already know: A few days ago, a black student at the University of Texas claimed someone threw a balloon full of bleach at him. He did not save the balloon or present anything to corroborate his story. But that has not stopped hundreds of news outlets from reporting it.

Same with a story of two dozen diners who say on Facebook they were unfairly kicked out of a restaurant in South Carolina. The liberal media will enthusiastically report on anything that affirms stereotypes of whites as racist and violent towards non-whites, even when the evidence is tenuous.

Meanwhile, as the real evidence of black mob violence mounts, so does the urgency — and absurdity — of the those who would deny it. Al Sharpton recently declared it was “open season on black people.” Attorney General Holder said black people receive longer sentences for the same crime as white people. MSNBC hosts love to proclaim that black people and white people smoke the same amount of marijuana, but black people are arrested four times more often.

All as true as a Tawana Brawley affidavit.

A University of Michigan study recently stated that most white people are racist because they do not like racial quotas. Which is also what panels full of pundits declare on MSNBC with regularity.

The only time they mention violence is to shrug it off as a “racist meme.” Virulent black racism is the new normal.

The psychiatrists tell us we are only as sick as our secrets. Nothing inspires more secrecy than race. And no one is trying to keep the secrets more than the liberals who run the newsrooms and city halls across the country.

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  • Billyb9

    AP won’t report it- Drudge Report and Fox are failing to disclose it-

    The AP reports that a 99 year old woman was murdered during a burglary. But guess what, no information about the ethnicity of the perp. I bet you’ll never guess that Javon Tyrek Rogers is black, eh? So I confirmed this by looking it up on the Poughkeepsie Journal…

    Just another young ‘Frican American who “If I would have a son”…

    and I hear the “bros” complaining that racism is crossing the road and warily watching when a group of young black men are walking down the street… No, with reports like these, it’s more of a survival instinct.

    • RogerDane
    • OlderWoman

      Drudge reports black crime. In fact, a couple of months ago his site was filled with reports of black on White crime. He received criticism for his honest reporting but it doesn’t stop him from reporting the deviant behavior of blacks toward Whites. Naturally, because Drudge is honest, he reports White crime also however, White crime is nothing compared to black violence.

  • truebearing

    In a bizarre twist of irony, the high priests of liberalism, the so-called “journalists,” are enabling blacks to become the primitive, animalistic, stereotypes that true racists have traditionally accused them of being. In fact, how do you discern between a racist rant and a factual description of depraved, evil black mob behavior?
    Martin Luther King, by his own prescription for judging fellow human beings, would have to condemn a large percentage of his own race for their deranged, sadistic, sociopathic actions and attitudes.
    Needless to say, we won’t hear a word from Obama, Holder, or any of the other black mob leaders. They see this intimidation as both deserved and politically propitious.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    It’s considered status quo. That’s why it’s not reported. It’s the left’s racism; expecting less from people they must consider less evolved. If I was black, I’d be even more outraged and insulted by the double standards than I am already.

    But they hide this racism with claims that it’s “Republican polices” that hurt these poor souls who can’t be held accountable. Which Republican policies? I can only assume they’re talking about calls to treat them as equally accountable by reducing quotas and entitlements. Thus you have the argument that we must treat them special because it hurts their feelings when we don’t want to treat them special. Sound familiar? The future must not belong to those who “slander” (articulate less than glowing support) any leftist leaders or policies.

    And if they keep it simple by just referring to “racism on the right,” that’s all the leftists and dupes need to hear in order to keep their heads collectively buried.

    • BS77

      Read New Nation News….the number of shootings, assaults and killings going on in US cities is STAGGERING…..The Martin Zimmerman case was one among THOUSANDS of killings that go on in our country every MONTH.

    • Guest

      a nazi said it right: tell a lie over & over a gain the people will believe it. the bigger the lie the easier it is to believe. most whites believe they are less than, I DONT. dont know when or where this started, maybe the hippy infactuation w/india/3rd world culturesworship for the noble savage? also the white guilt, which btw, most of these white folks werent born during slavery, & their families never owned slaves. i dont get, its weird. media & school teachings i suppose.

  • Judahlevi

    That the mainstream media will not report these stories is ipso facto proof that they see people as skin colors and not as individuals. In other words, they think exactly like a racist thinks.

    The left/liberals group people by skin color and assign values to them. These black mobs are doing the same thing. A racist groups people by skin color and assigns a value to them. It is the same collective thinking.

    Conservatives, in my opinion, see people as individuals, not groups. They believe in individualism where everyone is judged by their own individual actions, not by group stereotypes. This is much different than the way the left or so-called progressives think. The leftists are the true racists.

    Their actions speak much more loudly than their words.

  • JeffWRidge

    Such incidences aren’t reported by the lefty-media because the attacks run counter to the lefty narrative. White racist attacks on blacks represent the America of the lefty worldview. That’s just how they see us; as a white racist nation that is oppressing non-whites.

    Racist attacks with whites as victims throws that whole belief system into disarray. The idea that blacks can be racist and filled with hate is anathema to many on the left. If they report on racist violence by blacks against whites it would be like admitting that the world isn’t as simple and straightforward as they think.

    It’s not easy to acknowledge that long held beliefs might be wrong. I know, I’ve been there. I’ve had to change my thinking on a number of things I once believed to be true. However, overwhelming evidence forced me to acknowledge the truth, no matter how much I resented it at the time.

    Acknowledging that racist attacks are going on against whites would be to admit that the issue of racism is not as clear and simple as they want to believe. It would mean admitting that the issue is much more complicated than the stereotypical redneck hating on minorities we see in TV shows and movies.


    The far-left (our real rulers no matter which political party is in power) claim discrimination can only occur when combined with power plus prejudice. Because the liberal meme maintains only whites have power, then by default only whites can be prejudiced. If the day should ever arise when one lone surviving white is being hunted by a 100,000,000 blacks, the liberals will still maintain that simply by being white, the terrified and soon-to-be-killed white is prejudiced but those hunting him are not. A real look at where the power lies tells a different story however. Individual whites may well be powerful, but they are still individuals. The STATE, wherein lies real power, is guilty of genuine prejudice (as per the liberals own definition) because it really is anti-white and pro-black. Obama, Holder, CNN, NYT, education and “white privilege” etc tell us where the real power lies, even as they accuse whites of racism whilst ignoring the real racism. This inequality and downright manipulation of truth and reality will one day explode. The ensuing bloodshed and violence can be laid upon the souls of the left, assuming they have souls, which I rather doubt.

    • Rambo

      Read the book Pawns in the Game by William Carr. Understand that it came out in the mid fifties. turn to page 105 and read that very clearly and then you will know who is at the back of all of this. Also why do they always say the KKK is a white racist organization but they NEVER say that NAACP is a black racist organization. Read Pawns in the game to find out.

      • OlderWoman

        Also get the books entitled

        Affirmative Action is a Hoax.
        White Girl Bleed a Lot.

  • RonHess

    The next time one of these pavement apes shows his true colors by killing a decent, innocent white kid, remember who goaded him by telling him “it’s okay,” “it’s justified,” “white people are evil and deserve to die.” Jackson, Sharpton, those scumbags on MSNBC, and every other anti-white marxist and “black liberation theologist” out there. They are the real enemy. Just remember what happened and who made it happen. Remember. Our day will come.

    • nacho475

      don’t forget Holder and his boss the prez

      • James Keir Baughman


    • James Keir Baughman

      Likely much sooner than you think. They are foolishly bringing it a head.

  • rebaaron

    It looks like whites are the new Jews. The Leftist media has been doing the same to Israel for well over a generation. It’s this media that is responsible for all our ills, by distorting reality. They are the enemy. We must take the fight to them, or lose the war. All the wars.

    • lessthantolerant

      will we be sheep like the jews were/

      • StanleyT

        What an asinine, idiotic comment. Let’s see you stand up against an army of thugs armed to the teeth, while you have nothing to rely on but your brains and your love for humanity.

        • Trappedincalifornia

          Not sure where you are fortunate enough to live, but big rise of anti-Semitism in SF Bay Area. Lots of black on white violence in Oakland and near zero Republicans in these areas, so can’t blame them for this.

          • Gee

            I blame that on the disarming of law-abiding citizens. California has done a lot to disarm it’s non-criminal element to point that self-defense is a crime.

            Gun laws do not stop criminals – armed citizens do

          • James Keir Baughman

            Amen, bro or sis.

          • ol_fart

            Just went to my 1st “Gun Show”. Man, talk about a friendly, respectful and polite crowd. In my State you can, with a Concealed Pistol Permit(County Sheriffs Dept. does a background check)….filling out a couple of forms…..the Gun Dealer running another background check at point of sale….you can walk out with any rifle or handgun (except FULLY automatic “Assault Rifles” or machine guns)….in about 35-45 minutes. The Washington State libs are trying to change all that…and have the Sheriffs Deputies do a search of the home of any semi-auto gun owner….or maybe ANY gun owner. We are talking about people like me, who are now 65 yo, retired, no record since speeding as a teenager in the mid 60s, Former Marine, Former Reserve Sheriff Deputy, 26 year paid Firefighter/paramedic/Emergency Manager and Grandfather with the highest credit rating possible. And they want to search my home. Incredible.

          • laura rubin

            considering that many murders/critical injuries are from fist pounding, bats, beatings, knives…..guns are a non issue for murder. the issue is for the potenial victims.

          • IanFlowers

            Anti-Semitism in the SF Bay Area is not “new”. It’s old hat, violent, and covered over by a veneer of Liberal Fascism in every aspect of the “culture” HERE.

          • laura rubin

            anti semitism is fashionable now. its made a grand comeback. “jews for peace” is an organization of jews to help palestinians. a college boy went there to help out & was stabbed to death. jews are self hating as well. its fashion repeating itself.

          • OlderWoman

            ‘… an organization of jews to help palestinians.’

            That is cultural suicide. Palestinians have no right to exist in Israel. They are a murderous cult. Jews are endangering themselves.

        • James Keir Baughman

          Uh, actually about a million or so of us have a bit more than that.

        • lessthantolerant

          Stanley, please do you think there is anything noble about running into a ditch to be shot?
          When you give up all your rights fro the start, bad things happen.

          • Doug Johnson

            what is your problem? Were you there? Do you
            understand how fouled-up your thinking is? The Nazis
            would love your comments.
            Good God!

          • lessthantolerant

            Please, do you think the Nazi party would have flourished if people stood up to them before they gained so much power?

            We see they same dangerous growth now in socialism and liberalism and the parasites and other entitlement nation followers are allowing it.

          • Guest

            how do you propose we get back basic rights back? compare this to early nazi germany/europe. first no guns, then crazy laws against jews. here/europe: no guns, crazy laws against whites judeo christians. supression of sppech, changing the language etc. govt control of small business (must cater to transgender, muslim demands or be sued). see, they do just a bit @ a time, like a leak that turns into a massive flood. importing entire 3world villages, is a way to get rid of us. turning black against white, gay againt straight, TSA. the public is being thrown into a lions den, willingly. politians, colleges, judges, police are being paid off to create the new orwellian world. but the beat goes on. most americans ARE sheep. normal semi intelligent people talk like morons. animals are smarter, they have instincts.

      • laura rubin

        jews were not sheep. speak for yourself. most white people defend blacks, muslims, & la raza. go figure.

        • lessthantolerant

          proof the triad of liberal propaganda is working. Anyone who can defend blacks, muslims and la raza are obviously too stupid to think for themselves.

          • laura rubin

            few people think for themselves. they lost the fight or flight mechanism. it will take gangs running thru every suburb in the USA to wake up- middle class upper class & wealthy. it will be like the nazis “night of the broken glass” since the USA is so big, this will have to happen on a large scale constantly to make an imprint. it would have to be the rodney king riots all over america. you know……we have a mass masocism in our culture, 9/11 changed nothing. now we have islamphobia. maybe there USA needed 9/11s coast to coast?

          • lessthantolerant

            Look closely at the crime statistics, there is increasing black on white violence and other crimes happening in more and more cities and suburbs.
            Maybe if we could get media reporting most White American would realize there is an insidious genocide happening by the liberals and their pets.

          • laura rubin

            the media? even if they agree, the news person who lose thier job. FOX is the only mainstream station that touches these subjects.

          • lessthantolerant

            The main stream media is part of the liberal socialist triad, they have no intention of educating you only indoctrination.

          • laura rubin

            liberals defending radical islam, la raza, black panthers: same as jews defending nazis. america/europe is laying on the ground saying kill me, hurt me, humiliate me, im white, i deserve to die. easy enough?

          • lessthantolerant

            now you have the idea of how dangerous liberalism and these traitorous democrats are.

        • OlderWoman

          And those white people are mentally incompetent.

      • Doug Johnson

        what do you mean that Jews were “sheep”??? What a pathetically sick comment. Nazis murdered people indiscriminately. Murdered unarmed citizens of every country they invaded. Murdered gays,

        gypsies, Catholics.. all non-“Aryans”. Were they sheep, too?

        • lessthantolerant

          Grow up Dougie.

        • laura rubin

          you are right doug johnson, systematic killing. the writting was on the walls, but no one could imagine the final solution. there were a few who followed their intuitive feelings & fled but not enough. in america, the choas from the gangs & third world will kill people off. not necessary for brown shirts or military. am i crazy?

    • nacho475

      this is a DHS employee- yes a DHS employee who runs a website that has him saying they are going to have to kill a lot of whites.

    • fiddler

      If I had a nickel for every time I have have said that…

    • Rambo

      NOPE it is the Zionists please blame them for everything since they own it all, run it all, and control it all, and I can prove it all as well. Read the book Pawns in the Game by William Carr. Turn to page 105 and read it carefully and you will understand that this is all planned back in 1952!!! Seek out the enemy and you will be amazed who it actually is.

    • Daniel Mulholland

      you still do not get it it is the jews who own these news stations and newspapers and magazines an they filter their employees zionist cowards.You better realize that the real enemy of America and the world are the JEWS(ashkenazi impostors)

  • Billyb9

    And then again, the public school system, in which it seems more and more there is no escape from, is meant to keep the black folk down. And the white folk. And the yellow, red and every color in between… the inner city chil’un are especially effected as there’s little chance that parents coming up with $700 + per child to get them into private school or be able to not work and homeschool… my suspicion is that the elites – proven to be of every race now- wants to drive the wedge that separates us and them deep enough that there’s little chance of crossing the chasm…

    So yes, da black man is being held down. But by those who feign most to be sympathetic to his (and ours, meaning the “middle” class) plight.

  • samuraiajg

    The Liberal Media, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR and CNN are all guilty of failing to report the TRUTH.

    • fiddler

      The next GOP candidate for president who goes on the venerable Chris Matthews “Hard Boiled” show needs to sign a waiver that s/he can say whatever they want. I for one hope against hope that Dr. Carson runs, and if on the show rips Matthews (verbally) to shreds. It’s time that the gloves come off and he gets the verbal thrashing he deserves!

      • OlderWoman

        I don’t want Carson for any office. When he said George Zimmerman should be convicted of second degree murder a light went off. That man is a closet racist. He may want blacks to stop being so irresponsible, but deep down inside he prefers them over Whites. And it was probably Whites who helped him achieve his success.

  • shelflife

    [Poughkeepsie City Police say 20-year-old Javon Tyrek Rogers was arraigned Saturday, charged with burglary and first-degree murder in the death of 99-year-old Fannie Gumbinger. They say he was arrested at 11 p.m. Friday night.]

  • lessthantolerant

    If white America does not start forming quiet groups who are willing to eradicate this problem we all will eventually have to stop them in our front yards. it is also time we began looking at how to begin thinning the liberal herd also.
    Think about it, if liberals began dying how much better will civilization be?

    • StanleyT

      Wow you sure are a sweet little thing, aren’t you?

      • lessthantolerant

        never professed to be, in fact do not ever intend of being liked by liberals and other sickening followers of the cancer.

  • Gamal

    The term allegedly is used by the press to protect themselves against lawsuits. Mr. Flaherty is write that the press bends over backwards but the use of the term allegedly has nothing to do with it.

  • Thile

    Savages with no respect for human life.

  • chris

    Something else to thank Obama for.

    • 1Psuche

      By design…It’s one of the baits he is using so he can institute martial law…

  • Melvin Polatnick

    News coverage of blacks mugging and bashing whites does not end the problem, it only increases fear and hurts their integration opportunities. Most blacks do not break the law and their image should not be tarnished by media coverage of an occasional rape of a white woman.

    • StanleyT

      And you completely and utterly miss the point. Hiding the fact that these things are happening does not help “their integration opportunities” either. It makes them worse because, by not spotlighting those who are guilty, it allows the rest of us to assume that they are ALL guilty.

      • Lee

        Well, I don’t suggest hiding these incidents. Every incident of racial violence should be reported as thus. But none of them should be used by people, such as the white nationalists, and some conservative forums, as an excuse to be racist towards blacks by drumming up claims of an impending race war. If you think by not constantly seeing images of violent racist blacks will only make white more suspicious and therefore accuse all blacks of racism, then it’s safe to say whoever assumes that is so easily suggestible that they don’t need to see a stereotype to be prejudiced. Or else they could already be racist and are looking for something to justify it.

    • Robert_Fl

      At this point in our society, I do not give a damn about their “integration opportunities”. Enough is enough! “Occasional” rape of a white woman? Are you serious? Any further discussion of your comment would just be a waste of my time.

      • Lee

        White nationalists don’t care about integration because they think all black men are criminals and want to rape their women. Are you a white nationalist?

    • shmo123

      “Most blacks do not break the law…”
      That’s true, but far too many of them do. Knowing that, what precautions does the average person take in having to deal with blacks in almost any situation? Avoid them, that’s what.

      • Lee

        So you acknowledge that most blacks do not break the law, but then you suggest avoiding all blacks. If most are not a threat then you’re more likely not to be assaulted. It would be irrational to avoid all of them. That’s like the girl who’s dated a few jerks and suddenly thinks that all men are dogs. Maybe you’re a racist and was looking for a opportune context to justify your racism.

        • shmo123

          I don’t have to avoid all blacks, but I can avoid areas where they congregate in large numbers and make-up the majority. I do that because I know that even if most do not commit crime, they still do way above their numbers in the population. I wouldn’t want to be around large numbers of them anymore than I would cut-off a gang of Hell’s angels on the freeway. If I know (without reciting figures) that blacks (especially black males) are more prone to violence and crime–say 40% of them–then I naturally avoid those areas, unless I have some very important or compelling reason to be there. It’s called the instinct for self-preservation and being aware of my surroundings–not racism. I’m no threat to them, but the crime stats tell me they’re always going to be a much larger threat to me. Facts are a terribly inconvenient thing.

      • laura rubin

        i have black friends. they have class, they have education. they wouldnt go near a black ghetto, or identify w/those people. they want stop & frisk laws. they are as scared of the violent blacks as we are.

    • glpage

      Unfortunately by refusing to admit a problem exists only exacerbates the problem. And, because the press and government are ignoring certain demographics of the problem, those who are the problem become more confident in what they are doing. So, because they perceive there are repercussions for what they do they will continue to act as they do. That is the state we are in.

      • Lee

        Simply acknowledging a problem doesn’t resolve it either. Actually doing something about it will change things. As long as we have laws and law enforcement doing what they are supposed to do, criminals will think twice about their behavior. But if that’s not stopping them from assaulting and killing, what makes you think the media simply admitting a problem exists will do anything?

  • torpex

    Crypto-communists (disguised as liberals ) always wanted to eliminate White race . First step was brainwashing ( feminism , “gay rights” , multiculturalism … ) . Second step is now – Whites are getting used to be second-class citizens . Third step would be physical elimination like in Zimbabwe , SAR or Soviet Union (Holodomor) .

  • Ramarro L. Smith

    I have been fullyaware of the Hate White People for many many years…..but our government and the media chose to either ignore it or out right cover it up.

  • lisag

    You can’t be a victim if you are out beating up and killing defenseless people. Seeing how reparations is the next thing on the agenda publicizing black on white crime will skew the willingness of American society to go along. The 50th anniversary of MLK speech talks were filled with demands for free services automatic promotions in schools and jobs. Why don’t they blame themselves for their condition or the Black politicians who for years have promised them a false hope that government would solve their problems.

    • RonHess

      Reparations were paid right after the slaves were freed. Haven’t you heard of 40 acres and a mule? 40 acres of land and an animal to help work it was pretty darned good back in the day.

      • tagalog

        I’m sorry, but “40 acres and a mule” were terms that General Sherman agreed to when the war was ending and North Carolina was surrendering. Those terms were renounced by President Lincoln.

        • Leland64

          About 360,000 union soldiers died in the Civil War. Their blood is reparation for slavery.

    • lessthantolerant

      reparation is coming, the idiot left think they can buy loyalty and it has worked so far, but the day is coming when blacks think they can take it all.
      let’s hope this is soon, the revolution or civil war needs to start soon.

  • NationUnderGod

    This type of stuff has been going on for a very long time now in America. Anything against white men,women, or children has been ignored. It’s not important that our race has been given a bad name by the media for the last 50 years. History tells us two different stories of our time. The first story it tell is the decline of American society through the desegregation of society. Then the next story it tells is how whites became a symbol of racism, while blacks are more racist than anyone has ever imagined. Nothing they do now will be seen as racist since they have the power of media, universities, and none will oppose them. It’s time that we take a stand for our history,culture, and future sons and daughters.

    • ebonystone

      “This type of stuff has been going on for a very long time now in America.”

      Yes. In fact, overall murder rates have fallen considerably since the mid-90’s. But the percentage committed by blacks has remained about the same. As has the percentage involving blacks killing whites.

      • lessthantolerant

        Reading the statistics in the DOJ reports are amazing how bad it is in black communities, these animals feed off each others pain and suffering.
        Can someone start a “Back to Africa” campaign to get these animals to leave?

        • UCSPanther

          I don’t think the Africans want them either…

          • lessthantolerant

            But the fun of watching them weed out the parasitic African Americans would be fun.

        • ebonystone

          There was just such a “Back to Africa” movement before the Civil War. Abolitionists groups bought slaves and returned them to Africa, establishing Liberia as their country in 1847. Thousands of blacks returned from America. Unfortunately for the native blacks, the immigrants set themselves up as the ruling class, controlling the government and making the natives second-class citizens. This persisted for over a century, until the 1980’s, when the natives rebelled and created their own tyranny to replace the immigrants’ tyranny.

    • James Keir Baughman

      But…the Politically Incorrect question is never asked. Ask yourself and check it out. What specific group of people own and operate nearly all the media including Hollywood? And what is their history in Russia’s Bolshevik “revolution” of 1917. How many Christians and Gentiles did they kill during the next 30 years and how many Christian churches did they burn? Russia has never recovered, But almost all of them have left it and come to America and are doing the same things here. NOT all. About 25% are among America’s most dynamic patriots and are our fellow fighters for freedom.

      • laura rubin

        pam geller, david horowitz, most writter on this blog, evan sayat many more. btw, the communist part was taken over by gentiles. the jewish thing doesnt apply.

  • Clare Spark

    Such were the wages of racializing the Trayvon Martin case. This administration has been noted, not only for incompetence, but for namby-pamby efforts to support honest dealings in every sphere of public life. I emphasized the namby-pamby policies of POTUS and his merry men here: “Obama’s Intervention, 7-19-13.” The worst is yet to come.

  • CowboyUp

    Over the last four years I’ve noticed leftists saying that the GOP is the party of racist old white men, and the country would be better place when they died off. Seems like they aren’t just going to wait for obamacare to kill them off.
    When MLK III wrongly says martin, “proves skin color is a license to murder brown people,” and Sharpton wrongly says “it’s open season on Black people,” what they are really trying to get across is that it’s open season on White people, Black people have the right assault them, and ‘leaders’ like al and de turd will excuse them if they do.
    That’s the significance of the Zimmerman case, why they’re making such a big deal about it, and why they had to make him White. It’s also why they talk incessantly about their amorphous “white skin privilege. They are attempting to assert a racial privilege. They are trying to condition White people to accept being assaulted if the person assaulting them is Black. Defend yourself against assault from a Black perp and you’re an automatic racist hate criminal if you’re White, or even if you’re not and the msm just calls you white. The facts of the case don’t even matter.

    • tagalog

      I’d sure like to have somebody clue me in to how I link up to that white skin privilege thingie. I could use a few good breaks myself. Who do I get in touch with?

      • docwhocuts

        keep tagging along. you’re no player.

        • tagalog

          Wow. I’m cut to the quick.

      • truebearing

        Well, you could claim to be a lesbian, or transgender. That will get you some special rights.

        • tagalog

          That’s it! Inside me is a lesbian struggling to get out! I like girls, that’s the proof.

          • OlderWoman


  • James Keir Baughman

    Nothing new. Just more subtle before Obama’s hatred of white folks. This has always gone on among our black friends. Not all, of course. But it is why the KKK came into existence. It is coming again or something worse.

    • Dennis X

      We’ll be waiting.

  • soundnfury

    So this is the new normal. Sounds like a response is overdue. Self defense in the new civil right in this brave new world.

  • lessthantolerant

    This will continue until we stand up for our own rights.
    I had one break into my home, they carried him out in a body bag when he refused to yield as I asked him to.
    The only way to handle a feral animal is to put it down.

  • AlexanderGofen

    While “Local and national media are loathe to report racial violence”, a very “non-local” far away journalist in a remote place and remote time had a vision of the white America in its suicidal obsession and mania of the “white guilt”.

    Learn this poem by heart, white America

    and finally come to your senses.

  • Seek

    Upon reading this article I am forced to make a confession that I thought impossible only several years ago: The black race is a disaster. Not simply “some blacks” or “certain blacks.” But blacks as a whole. Mindful of the exceptions, they constitute a conspiracy against all that is noble in mankind; they turn all values into unvalues; and they drag all of us down to their level of savagery.
    The late economist Herbert Stein liked to say that if something can’t go on indefinitely, it won’t. In other words, beyond a certain point, all societies eventually will rely upon built-in braking mechanisms to stop intolerable conditions. Even the most apathetic of people will act. I believe we have reached that point. And I fear that if we don’t find responsible political leadership to crush this black brutality, then white vigilantism on a mass scale will be the result. Either way, this can’t go on forever. Stein’s Law at some point will kick in.

    • tacheles

      […all societies eventually will rely upon built-in braking mechanisms to stop intolerable conditions. Even the most apathetic of people will act.]
      I am afraid this excludes so-called “liberals.” A willful denial of reality is an absolute requirement for remaining a “liberal” in good standing.
      I used to joke that if a “liberal” is hit over the head by a black, he wouldn’t know what hit him. Sadly, this joke is all too true.

      here’s a stream of the interview I

      • Seek

        Actually, there are quite a few liberals who, at least privately, do acknowledge reality. (Careers can be ruined). I’ve met them. Stereotyping liberals via character assassination won’t win them over.

      • lessthantolerant

        Liberals suffer from delusional stupidity.

    • Guest

      I’m inclined to think that maybe the Scope’s trial was talking about blacks .

    • Rambo

      this is exactly how Hitler came into power. He had to get rid of all systems because they were totally corrupted by you know who. Then he began to clean up morality and united the people and put them back to work. He wanted to get rid of the evil ones by getting them out of Europe but those who put him into power didn’t want that. Read Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, the controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, Pawns in the game by William Carr, the protocols, the Talmud unmasked. It is all there but this government will NEVER tell the truth. And they will NEVER let YOU get the truth out. So violence is now inevitable. I have seen Judges run out of courtrooms to protect felony criminals, I have seen Judges state for the record that they are not Judges I have been threatened with jail in an attempt to exercise the law before a Magistrate. Believe me I know and can prove what I am talking about. The Government is truthful in the way that it lies to you.

      • laura rubin

        rambo, what are you saying??? be honest. you say get rid of “you now who” ? why are writting on a site where most writters are jewish? do tell. what are you thinking?

  • Melvin Polatnick

    The death penalty for any black who rapes or mugs a white after sundown will end 90% of nighttime violence. But Sharpton would bark loud enough to be heard all over the globe.

    • Seek

      Think Clint Eastwood. And Charles Bronson.

  • Leland64

    The video of the white 3 year being mistreated by young blacks is appalling. Where were the little girl’s parents? Why would any caring mother or father turn a 3 year old loose in the street on a big wheels? That said why no supervision of the black children? I suspect the children reflect their parents beliefs. Very sad. Heartbreaking. There is no excuse for the black or white parents.

  • The Mad Jewess

    Everyone acts like this ‘just started happened’. Its been going on for 3 decades.

    Its time to end ‘politeness’.

    We are NOT polite about this insanity on our website. I am sick and tired of people being ‘nice’ about this situation.

    I really wish people would stop ignoring MY husband who has been reporting this for close to 20 yrs. Mr Conservative has not been reporting this until Obama came around, ditto most of the ‘conservatives’. People have been MURDERED for walking while white for YEARS.

    • RonHess

      If you’re Jewish, you probably know some of the people who promoted this way back in the 50s and 60s. Why don’t you talk to all those commie chosenites over at Columbia, and people like Noam Chomsky and Noel Ignatiev? It’s critical race theorists like these (and regular cultural Marxists) who have promoted the anti-white agenda all along. Would the mainstream media act as it does covering up black-on-white crime and race pimping in the Zimmerman case if it did not get its directives from the top on this? No they would not. And a cursory examination of the powers that be within those networks and news organizations reveals precisely who those people at the top are.

      It sure looks like the biggest promoter of anti-white violence is media and Marxist change agents within schools and government that tells blacks that whitey is evil and has been oppressing him and that blacks have every right to just kill whitey dead, while at the same time teaching whitey to “check his white privilege” and that he is guilty for everything bad that ever happened in the world. The ADL is the biggest force behind “hate crime” laws that are applied only against whitey and never in his favor. The SPLC slanders any group that talks about rights for white people as a “hate group,” and if you examine the people behind that racket, you’ll find it’s pretty darned kosher.

      So if you seriously want to do something (which I have little hope for,) why don’t you start in your own community and tell these hate-filled anti-white Jews how sick we all are of their attempts to brainwash everyone into toeing the line on their evil anti-white agenda? (We do know their end game is our genocide through multiculturalism, though, so good luck with that.) People are waking up to what Jews have been doing all along, so if you are a Jew with good sense, you’d better start the damage control right now.

      • UCSPanther

        Remember this, you sicko:

        “The only thing bad about Hitler is that he DIDN’T kill 6 million of you demons. John 8:44″

        • RonHess

          Oh, are you stalkerjew? Want to provide context there? Obviously not, because one of your fellow chosenites was blowing your collective cover on that one by bragging that he got a text warning him to stay away from the twin towers on 9/11. Then he had the nerve to blaspheme by saying “God protects us.” Maybe you should keep your retards under control. It’s really too late for that though, because one of them leaked the Protocols over 100 years ago and you guys have been running damage control ever since. And the chutzpah to expect us goyim who you have declared your slaves to just shrivel up and die when you scream “anti-semite” when it is your collective leadership that has declared its intentions to commit genocide against us all along. Another double standard our people wind up on the wrong side of these days… why? Oh, you control the media and define everything about culture, don’t you? That was protocol XII, remember? Amazingly prescient document for a “hoax,” now, wasn’t it?

          • UCSPanther

            I love how morons like you still insist on believing that rag that was published by the dying Russian monarchy, which was written for the sole purpose of distracting their subjects from the problems within Russia.

            Blaming the Jews didn’t save the Czars, it didn’t help Hitler, it didn’t help Stalin, and it certainly won’t help you.

          • RonHess

            You cannot refute a document that has so accurately predicted the past century as a “hoax.” To do so is as ridiculous as simply labeling people “morons” who obviously are not. Now, I admit that not ALL Jews were party to those plans or their implementation, and that those who wound up in camps or ghettos during WW2 were mostly those who were NOT responsible (which of course were the Rothschilds and Warburgs, etc., who also sold out their own people.) But do you really want to be on the side of those global elite banksters and their plans? It’s your choice. I know there are a few Jews out there with a shred of honor in this regard. Henry Makow is one.

            By the way, the Russian monarchy was not “dying.” It was in the midst of reforms when it was MURDERED, along with tens of millions of other Russians in that orgy of hate called Bolshevism run by, hmm, let’s see.. Lenin, Trotsky, Kaganovich… what do these guys have in common? Oh of course their Jewishness and guilt are all pooh-poohed in the media and educational system. To suggest any of the holy chosen could have starved or otherwise murdered millions of people is “antisemitic.” Everyone knows only “evil Nazis” do those things… the Jewish-dominated media tells us so.

          • UCSPanther

            Still beating the drum and threatening collective punishment over something that has been over and done with for over 100 years, and has long since been shrouded with myth and conspiracy theories?

            I don’t need to refute you on anything, Mr Intellectual. Experience has taught me that the only thing you Protocol fanboys respond to is mockery and contempt

      • laura rubin

        ron hess, i find it ironic that you blog on a site owned by a jew, david horowitz. most of the writters here are jewish. what are you thinking? these writters on “front page” are heros. there are many thousands of us who were never far left. (or met these people). then there are those who found their way back to sanity like horowitz. thats why we have the american freedom organization, stop islamation of america, etc. many patriotic jews out there!

        • RonHess

          I do commend those of you who have found your sanity, and I know many of you do exist out there (though sadly you are a minority.) I just wish more of you would pry your brethren away from the path of Marx and Lenin on the one hand, and Rothschild on the other.

          • laura rubin

            ronhess, MOST people in the usa & canada are liberal left leaning. the majority are christian, as marxist teachings are fashionable for everyone. jews are not any more liberal than gentiles, maybe in the past, but not now. leftist jews are not my “brethen”. FYI, jews in general dont stick together, generally dont like each other. it is not easy to influence someone just because we both are jewish. i have closed the door on several friends, both christians & jews. it is not possible for them to change. also they are not affected like i am. they live in protected neighborhoods. they have to be personally victimized to wake up, & even then……..who knows how far the death wish is ingrained. (??). i think this is the 1st time in history that people have been brainwashed to hate themselves thru the media. the younger people are brainwashed in college, i think its a lost cause. (??)

  • tagalog

    There are too many incidents of black-on-white violence to be considered anything other than blacks declaring Open Season on white people.

    If the blacks can say it, we can say it too.

    • Guest

      Do you mean if the blacks can do it so can the whites?
      Fair’s fair!

  • Marti

    10 days ago in Northwest Arkansas 3 or 4 black men broke in, beat, and stabbed a 62 year-old white man who died before he could get to the hospital. Only because we know the police do we know of this sickening crime. . .news media did not/will not report!

    • ColinFlaherty

      can you send me a link …

      • Chris du Plessis

        Hello Colin, Are you aware of the crisis in South Africa as far as black on white violence is concerned ?

        • ColinFlaherty

          the black on white violence in South Africa is an international scandal.

  • Race War

    The race war has already begun, but only one side is fighting it.

  • 1Psuche

    ANOTHER black murdering a white. Don’t expect any action from Eric Holder. He’s a racist and supports these hate crimes against whites. He’s also there as an insurance policy to protect Obama from ANY legal action against his abundant illegal activities.

    These POS thugs preying on the elderly. What cowards they are! Do they really want a race war when they are only 12% of the populace?

    The “news” media monopolies, Eric Holder and Obama and his minions can ignore these hate crimes but at some point, people will take action…

  • kyleyoder

    You should go to downtown Minneapolis and see urban rot up close and personal. They wanted multiculturalism; they sure did get it! LOL!

  • Guest

    Blacks should be thinking to be very careful. They’re really giving White people a reason to be annoyed and angry. And they’re more numerous by far. And better prepared. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a race war, it’d be worse than the casualty lists of the Civil War. And just as pointless.
    Better to just give them all “reparations” in atonement for America’s “mistreatment” of them all. Then give them all a one-way ticket back to Africa. They can kill each othere to their heart(less) content.

  • Nancy Murdoch

    My five year old grandson asked “why are brown people so mean?” He isn’t a racist; he was responding to his own experiences. Since parents stopped doing their job of transforming barbarians into members of civilization, we will see more of this type of behavior. Society will go further down the path of destruction as long as the media accepts unacceptable behavior.

    • Lee

      Maybe you should move your five year old grandson to a neighborhood where good blacks live so he won’t grow up narrow minded.

  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    No matter what the evidence is, the black man is always the victim…

  • Hal K

    This is a good article. It doesn’t repeat the usual mainstream conservative talking points of blaming liberal policies for black criminality and saying that the decent blacks are the ones most harmed.

    The only way to stop this is with mainstream white identity politics, which we don’t have currently. Whites are the only racial or ethnic group without mainstream identity politics, and this has to change.

    • Lee

      Ah white nationalism. Please take your race baiting to or Vanguard News Network. You are just itching to let out your inner Hitler aren’t you?

  • nomoretraitors

    Add to the list the killing of Autumn Pasquale and the Millburn NJ home invasion beating (see

  • seewithyourowneyes

    It’s not just the media anymore. It’s law enforcement as well. Just as army officers were afraid of jeopardizing their careers if they didn’t give raving jihadist army major, Nidal Hassan, glowing performance reviews, so now police and prosecutors are afraid to look at the anti-white racism behind a lot of black crime. When the crime is black-on-white, the police declare within hours that there’s no evidence of racism; when the violence is white-on-black, they will investigate for years (see Zimmerman) to try to dig up dirt.
    And what’s with this business of discounting tweets, etc, as evidence? Trayvon Martin’s violent, snitch-hating tweets, text-messages, and facebook posts were disqualified as evidence because “we can’t be sure Trayvon was actually the one who made these posts.” Similarly, law enforcement claims that the “I hate whites” posts by the recent Oklahoma defendant cannot be considered because someone else may have posted them on his account? – What? – What about phone calls which have been used forever in criminal trials? No one says phone calls can’t be used as evidence unless it can also be affirmatively proven that no one else used your phone to call that incriminating number. What a lot of sophistry the law has become.

  • seewithyourowneyes

    Cultural Marxism is the evil which is killing America. Cultural Marxism says that achieving change (a small elite will determine what “change” is desirable) is more important than speaking truth. That’s why the Left has no honor.

  • Cor Ehlers

    White South Africans, in particular Afrikaners, have become the victims of black on white violence to such an extent that Genocide Watch has put the Afrikaner people on level 6 of 8 possible levels of genocide.

    • Lee

      White nationalism has warped your mind with fear.

  • Cor Ehlers

    Violent crime in South Africa:

  • Chris

    In South Africa there is a full blown genocide of whites, especially Afrikaners, going on. See Genocide Watch news conference:

  • MrUniteUs1

    Fact is about 100 people are killed everyday in this country.
    Mostly whites killing whites. #1 cause among white men, suicide.
    #1 method,gunshot to the head. About 20,000 a year. 3 times the rate
    Same race murder about 10,000
    Interracial murder less than a thousand a year out of 300 million Americans.

  • MrUniteUs1

    Crime & Racism. Black crime is racialized, White crime is indivualized,
    “A few days before, two black people stalked and killed Chris Lane, the 23-year-old Australian college student in Oklahoma. Allegedly.

    No mention of the Micheal Dewayne Jones. The White guy involved in this senseless shooting. He was the oldest. 17 years old but will tried as child.
    But the other two 15 and 16 year old will be charged as adults. Chauncey Luna the shooter is biracial. Edwards is Black. If it up to me they would all be charged equally. Story below.

  • nomoretraitors


  • Long Ben

    Dear People
    Please do not live in places where concealed carry is not allowed. Particularly in large cities where the police fear of civil rights beefs outweighs any sense of duty to protect the decent from the predator.

  • AmyPoh


  • MT

    Silence while the Germans attacked the Jews did not quell anti-Semitism. Looking away from the facts is dangerous.

  • Bill Krupar

    City of Grand Rapids Mich. / right after the initial murder of Travon, there were five black on white beatings in the city in one neignorhood. The local media told me that the information I was getting was wrong and it came from white supremacist websites. If reported ,many of the victims could have avoided the area. I’m bewildered, but finally feel vindicated by the recent reporting by O’ Really on Fox.

  • Cristalexi

    Just for the record, it wasn’t 2 black teenages who killed Chris Lane. It was 3 teenagers – one was WHITE (17 years old), one was black (15 years old) and the other was mixed race (16 years old – mother was white) and he was the one who shot and killed Chris (according to the white teenager because he is the only one who has said anything). How was this racist when a white teenager was involved. However, the justtice system is racist because it decided to try the white teenage (the oldest at 17 years old) in the juvenile court and the other two YOUNGER teenagers at 15 and 16 years old as adults. There is a picture of all three boys and Chris but the picture showed the white teenager with a darkish complexion in stark contrast to Chris’ white complexion – here is the link to that report
    Here’s another link by the Guardian that shows the black teenager in a very bad light but states “one of the boys had confessed that Lane, 22, was shot for “the fun of it” and because they were “bored” but no mention of which boy said this – well it was the white teenager who said this. In fact, everything is on the word of the white teenager because he is the only one who has spoken to the Police which may be the reason why he has been charged with a lesser offence. I have found numerous reports on this one case that constantly refer to it as racist and make the reader think the perpetrators were ALL black when that is not true.
    Contrary to what you are all saying just this one incident shows how the media is pandering to whites not blacks.

  • Gloria Franks

    Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom murdered in 2007 years before the Zimmerman case, these peoplewere the victims of hate crime, for those who are not paying attention to what is now the normal behavior of black of people will end up being victims of black mob violence. Funny that blacks wonder why people hate them!

  • Tony TCOT

    gotta get da blacks first

  • Tony TCOT

    gotta get da blacks first