Considerate Racial Predators

gdBefore he bashed the 62-year-old Jeffrey Babbitt in the face this week in a New York park, leaving him with permanent brain damage, LaShawn Marten proclaimed: “I hate white people.”

He saved us the trouble of wondering if the attack was “racially motivated.”

Same for Nkosi Thandiwe. Last year in Atlanta, Thandiwe testified he learned to hate white people in college and that is why he killed one white person and hurt a few others.

And if anyone had any doubts about why a car full of five black people drove through the French Quarter just a few days ago assaulting white and gay people, they cleared that up by announcing their intentions with racial and sexual slurs.

But that is not how most racial violence happens.

Most does not come gift wrapped with racial expletives or press releases or Tweets that say “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.” As was the case in the recent Oklahoma killing of Chris Lane.

Neither do most perpetrators leave behind clues like a senior thesis at Princeton, where they accuse their white classmates of racism.

That’s why a crowd of 50 black people in Norfolk could beat up two reporters last year. And why their editor refused to even report the crime for two weeks. He said he had no evidence it was “racially motivated.”

Let’s give the trolls their due. A single episode of black mob violence in New York, or Atlanta, or New Orleans or Norfolk or Burlington, North Carolina is hardly enough to merit national attention.

But when these episodes of black mob violence continue over and over again; and when they happen exponentially out of proportion; and when many are on videos featuring the bad actors bragging about their exploits; even the brightest star in the MSNBC line-up is hard pressed to answer two questions:

What is going on with this epidemic of black mob violence all over the country? And how can so many editors ignore it?

Not just the racial violence in the Baltimores, Chicagos, Detroits, Phillies, and New Yorks. But also the Peorias, Springfields, Dovers and even Burlingtons of the world.

More and more people in these tiny corners of the world want to know too.

The Greensboro – Burlington area of North Carolina used to be Andy of Mayberry country. Today this area is a center of racial violence — and official denial. As was documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.

In the upcoming new edition, readers can use their smart phones to scan QR codes so they can see the riots on video as they read about them in the book.

Over the last two years, Greensboro has been the site of more than a dozen  episodes of large-scale black mob violence. Some of it on video. It got so bad prior to the Fourth of July this year that the Greensboro city council met in an emergency session to slap a curfew on the downtown area.

In addition to violence earlier this summer, they were afraid of a repeat of last year’s Fourth of July mayhem: 1000 black people rampaged through the streets of Greensboro, beating people up, destroying property, attacking police.  Tear gas and tasers took care of that. Some of it, anyway.

This was hardly the first episode of black mob violence, as the local TV news breathlessly reported in July 2012:

“We’ve uncovered a series — a series! — of mob attacks in the heart downtown Greensboro,” said the anchor for the WFMY news. “All of them planned through the social media. And I know it sounds unlikely but it has happened in Chicago and Philadelphia and Milwaukee and now right here in the Triad. Every single weekend this month.

Some might think it strange that hundreds of black people were storming through the busiest part of  a usually quiet city, creating epic levels of violence and mayhem, and it took the local news more than a month to notice.

Even then, never once reporting the race of the culprits: There were no printed signs. No epithets. No racist tweets. So it never happened.

At least one city council member acknowledged it in a back hand way: She said she hated to play the race card, but she had to point out the curfew would disproportionately affect black people.

Despite the curfew, the black mob violence in Greensboro continued with at least two major episodes after the curfew was imposed. Including one episode just a few blocks outside of the Maginot Line-like curfew zone.

Now quiet Burlington is trying to catch up.

In July, a mob of at least eight black people beat and robbed a man on a Saturday afternoon. Police soon arrested one person and are looking for the others.

The injuries may not have been “life threatening” as local police say, but to the victims, violent crime is life changing.

“If you look at the news accounts of this case of black on white violence, the police and press tell us this was not a major crime,” said Taleeb Starkes, author of The Uncivil War. “There was not much money involved. The victim lived. But one of the reasons these crimes happen so much is that we take them so lightly. This kind of violent crime is life changing and traumatic to the victim. If they lose a little money and no one gets hurt, its no harm, no foul. These predators are domestic terrorists and should be treated as such.”

Just two days before this robbery and beat down, a group of at least five black people broke into a Burlington home and assaulted several people.

“The victims described the intruders as five black males wearing black clothing; each had his face covered and was armed with a handgun.

According to police, several victims were physically assaulted with blunt force, and one was transported by Alamance County EMS to Alamance Regional Medical Center with injuries that weren’t considered life threatening.”

“Just another day,” said Starkes. “If you believe the city officials and the press.”

More and more do not.

“It’s not going to stop,” said reader David Troutman to the Times News in Burlington. “Are we another Detroit in the making?”

“Once again the culture of violence continues,” added Chuck Spring.

But for every commentator like Chuck Spring looking for answers, someone like Becky Thompson is willing to provide them: Conservatives are to blame for the racial injustice that has created the tsunami of black mob violence around the country.

“Chuck Spring and once again, you could help by paying living wages and start voting for jobs instead of voting against the people that need jobs by voting tea party. Obama has had a jobs bill since I believe it was 2011 but the republicans and the tea party are not interested.”

This home invasion was not too different from a robbery and break-in last July. A gang of black men robbed and assaulted a 79-year Burlington woman. Several of the men were eventually arrested and the victim said she would pray for them. She said she was thankful the men did not kill her.

Her Burlington neighbors were not quite as forgiving: “It took 7 of them to rob a 79-year-old woman,” said one reader to the local Fox affiliate. “Shame, they’ll probably get a slap on the wrist…’My boy a good boy. He ain’t do nothin’.”

And where media outlets permit comments on racially charged crimes like this — some do, some do not — self-defense is a popular them. “Break-in on me?” asked a reader. “As soon as the pistol is in my hands you had better be out of my range.”

But no matter how bad the crime, no matter how often leniency and clemency and more programs are tried and found wanting, some insist we have to continue. Danielle Smith posted her reply to the “get tough” crowd at the Fox News outlet:

You seem to have little faith not only in our justice system but in humanity as a whole. Perhaps these criminals aren’t the only ones to blame (though they ARE very much in the wrong and SHOULD be punished), but who is there to help them stop? Who will take the time to help rehabilitate?

Some version of this question has been asked over and over for 50 years. With still no answer.

More and more people are turning for answers to LaShawn and Nkosi, whom we may condemn for racial violence, but applaud for their illuminating and unflinching honesty.

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  • ziggy zoggy

    I moved to CA from Greensboro NC earlier this year. When I was there the only news source that mentioned the race of the attackers in any incident was the independent/underground paper,”The Rhino,” which is a sign of the times. Conservative papers may not be counter cultural but they’re definitely underground. It was free, has a website and is excellent. Orson Scott Card lives in Greensboro and has a regular column in it. Not even that source gave the attacks extensive coverage but it did condemn the media and city coverup. The city used to argue that the attacks weren’t racially motivated. The city government there is very corrupt, of course, just like most other cities I’ve lived in. It robs the citizens blind and rarely represents their will.

    Lake Forest CA seems to be different. I met the Mayor and our State Representative and they are surprisingly honest and decent men. They are also Christian Republicans. This area is solid Republican. Hmm. Wonder if that has anything to do with it? Wonder if that’s why the area is affluent, clean and safe? Could it be?

    • Hktony

      No democrats means no PC bullshit to destroy people’s lives. Deport all democrats and McCain and America will flower again.

      • laura rubin

        mc cain? w/his pro amesty? what are you thinking?

        • mikeman

          Not sure what you are thinking either.

          • laura rubin

            sorry i misread the comment, will try to delete.

      • Jakareh

        Deporting all leftists is unrealistic. They must, however, be forcibly subdued and deprived of even the possibility of political power. We must put our boots on their scrawny necks.

  • church of hill

    The ghost of Jeffrey Babbitt haunts the dream of his mother. “I Have a Dream” speech, especially the part where she envisions a world in which
    her sons and daughters will one day live in a world where “they are not judged
    by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”. However, sadly, the tears of Jeffrey Babbitt’s mother remind us that, far too frequently, the color of one’s skin remains a license to profile, to arrest, to beat up, and to even murder with no regard for the content of one’s character. “The task is not done, the journey is not complete,” Sounds familiar? mlk III speech at 50th anniversary. Wake up white people! You don’t have to run away, move, fear. Defend yourselves at all times

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      And end up in a cage. What doesn’t seem to register at all are the numbers of white people who actually do defend themselves only to find they are charged with a list of “crimes” for not bending over. If Zimmerman is any indication, there is no cut and dried aspect except the color. If a white American defends themself properly against a black American, there will be marches demanding crucifiction. Even when the “white” person is Hispanic. The issue is all about who isn’t black. That’s the crux of black racism. They, and I do mean MOST of them, hate anyone who is not black. And for some reason the whole system seems to be just fine with this. After all, we deserve their scron, hatred and attacks don’t we? No? Well, that’s what the press, police, courts and government seem to think. Responsibility is NOT a black thing. I’m a racist for saying this.

      • MarilynA

        Actually what you describe is lynching by lynch mobs. Obama, Holder, Jackson, Farrakhan, and their ilk are out there egging them on. It is just as irresponsible to support and protect black lynch mobs as it was to support the KKK. the only difference is that the shoe is on the other foot and our leaders are supporting these black lynch mobs in their attacks on innocents.

        • Sheik Yerbouti

          Oooooh, that’s a bingo!

    • noracismhere

      If 85% of the crimes are committed by blacks and the remaining 15% are committed by Hispanics and Whites, go figure the math. Wake up. Clean up the black culture from within folks. It’s YOUR job to raise your children to be law-abiding citizens, not the community’s.

      • bluffcreek1967

        I agree, and you’re absolutely right. But blacks in America have been told this message for decades, and they never heed it. They are a violent, obstinate, and low IQ people who are always on the receiving end of any handout. Until whites stop making excuses for their deviancy, and stop trying to always give them free stuff, they will NEVER grow up! I’m starting to believe they never will.

        • Cristalexi

          Animals are very rarely violent and live in relative peace with each because they have plenty of resources to eat and live well. But white people have stolen all the worlds resources for themselves as evidenced by the riches they have in their communities. Even in countries like Africa and Asia white people are there controlling things; in fact, they have to be to maintain their white communities because those are the continents with most of the earth’s resources. It’s pretty obvious that when one group of people denies the basics to live adequately to another group of people, said latter group are going to react to this. This is called cause and effect. White people are a thorn in the side of humanity.

  • joesph

    I carry a gun…complete with permit…I may not make it out alive but at least they’ll know I was there….

    • bluffcreek1967

      Right on! Every white person needs to get themselves a CCW permit and learn how to properly use their weapon – Now More than Ever!

      “A Brief Word About Concealed Carry,”

  • justquitnow

    It’s a pretty weak case. Not that there isn’t violence. Not that there isn’t black on white violence…but if one was to use the measure of this author’s examples, then statistically you can build a case for anything. It’s almost like he’s trying to sell a book or something….oh…

    • Charles Martel

      This is a juvenile response. His point was made by the examples. It is that simple. Was that too difficult for you to understand? In the last thirty years there has never been an out break of rampaging whites randomly beating blacks. That is the point. Blacks are taught to hate whites.

      The propaganda also works on imbeciles such as yourself.

      • Aizino Smith

        I read through just quitnow’s posts. They area die hard leftist. All they are trying to do is dispirit people.

        A person like justquitnow can only live in a mixed or free economy/society. Once they lived in a totally communist society they would quickly complain their way into a Siberian Penal colony LULZ!

    • Boots

      It’s a ‘weak case” because you don’t want to believe there’s a problem. Until we deal with the problem… which is that liberal policies have destroyed the black family… this will continue and get worse. Until LBJ created a system that encourages out of wedlock birth the black community didn’t have these problems. Everything liberals do, by design , creates government dependency. We’ve spent roughly $15 trillion since LBJ started the war on poverty and this is what we have to show for it. If the Brooking Institute is to be believed… three things when combined that will keep people out of poverty are getting married before having children, taking a job (any job), and graduating from HS. They found less than 2% poverty in all races when those three things were combined. In order… we need to fix the black family problem and the schools.

    • Aizino Smith

      You oughta just quit now. Your leftists lies are going nowhere. SQUAWK!

      The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR)”Expanded Homicide Data Table 6″
      The statistics show that blacks kills white more often than the other way around.

      • justquitnow

        “leftist”? Dude, politics is only one dimension of life. Put your boogeyman away….I have no interest in a religious argument with a wacko.

        • Aizino Smith


          • justquitnow

            The day I can post 80 times on FPM with the same thing, then you can respond with Squawk…until then you look like a fool and its collapse and ignore for you.

          • Aizino Smith

            Dude, I am just imitating your debating style which I looked up and it irritates the heck out of you. :)



    • Aizino Smith

      @ Justquitnow

      Learn it, love it, leave the left.

      FBI’s Uniform Crime Report “Expanded Homicide Data Table 6″

    • Tina Trent

      Black kill, rape, and assault whites at far higher rates than the inverse. And since the FBI engages in the astonishing behavior of categorizing hispanics as “white” when they are offenders in most of their statistics (including hate crime statistics) but always counts them as “hispanic” when they are victims, then a great many of those white on black crimes are in reality hispanic on black.

      Possibly most of them.

      While on black crime is exceedingly rare.

      • Aizino Smith

        I first noticed this when people liked Spike Lee called Hispanics whites whenever they peddled drugs in the hood.

        But for civil rights purposes Hispanics were no longer considered white.


        That piece of legerdemain IMHO puts Spike Lee in the same league as Jess Jackson, Farahkhan, Sharpton and David Duke.

      • justquitnow

        Those blacks and hispanics don’t have anything you want anyway …why would you even be among them, much less commit a crime against one.

    • Aizino Smith

      I figured. I reviewed just quitnow’s post. if they are not paid, they are still a partisan leftist that is here to shoot (spew) and scoot. No reasoning with them.

      • justquitnow

        If someone told you are form an argument….any argument….any point about anything and you couldn’t use “leftist” or “liberal” or whatever you call your boogeyman, you wouldn’t be able to say anything at all. Now be a good cultist and run along and call someone else “lefty”. I didn’t scoot…you just made no point. Show some reason….surprise me.

        • Aizino Smith

          Nah, you replied.

          SQUAWK…. < note the 4 periods after the word squawk. I studied your debating style :)

          And yet you replied selectively. You Berated Colin Flaherty for giving a few examples and not having stats. I give you the FBI Homicides stats with a link to the FBI site so you can verify yourself and you are silent.

          You are bereft of good reason.

          Now listen, which I know you won't. I give the "Expanded Homicide Data Table 6" to read. But i know you will ignore and feebly try to obfuscate that data. But others will see it. And judging from comments and likes they do. So you are still losing because people are ignoring your inane arguments. And while some learn from my posts I learn from theirs in turn. From you learn how mendacious the left is. I thank you for the lesson.


          • justquitnow

            My “argument” such as it was…was simple…I looked up his “examples” of how hordes of black people were threatening american cities. I looked them up and they were not as the author claimed. So I expressed skepticism is his supposedly book worthy argument. His claim wasn’t that statistically black on white crime is higher than white on black crime….which is why the FBI stats are true and yet don’t really stretch to fit the argument of the author….

            Unless you already agree with a live in fear of hundreds of black youths swarming your city and killing you because you are white, then what are you arguing about at all….except that I didn’t like the article and you can’t have that.

          • Aizino Smith

            I live in one of the cities that the author had mentioned in the past. I would know if his arguments fit or did not.

            This is not some academic, pointed headed, ivory tower debate where we argue and can titter about it.

            This is real. I have more than Colin Flaherty to know about this. I heard about the ones around the great Lakes without the filters of the press deciding on how they are going to spin it from local hosts. I hear it from news caster and local hosts who would have their bu__s in a sling if they lied about it. The community leaders would be allover them.

            So quit BSing me. I drive thru all the neighborhoods in city. Some I drive thru not so much and only during the day. But I want to see the truth.

            Also of Flaherty were lying there would be retcon problems between the news casts the day of (which I remember) and what he said.

            How much are they paying you? Crackers?


  • Gamal

    Who is indoctrinating these blacks to hate whites? Flaherty wrote that one of the said he learned to hate whites in college. I can’t believe all these hoodlums are college graduates.

    • Charles Martel

      They have degrees in Africon studies. Some have degrees in urban living. These degrees are primarily used to allow the colleges to recruit football and basketball players.

      I don’t blame the blacks as much as the whites especially southern whites. Look in the stands at a college football game then look at the field. They could recruit from the prison system and these ignorant fans wouldn’t be concerned as long as their team wins. Many would give their own daughters to the players if if meant victory.

      Read Paul Kersey’s Opiate of the Masses regarding collegiate sports.

      • Gamal

        I just looked it up on Amazon. I didn’t know that colleges intentionally discriminated against white athletes to the point of special admissions for blacks

        • Aizino Smith

          Where I went to school Blacks had a graduate assistant stipend of $800 and whites had one of $600.

      • ltcdmward

        Paul Kersey is also the name of Charles Bronson’s character in the ‘Death Wish’ movies, which in the series of movies acts as a vigilante to get revenge and protect the law abiding from muggers and home invaders.

    • Aizino Smith

      My but you are coy.

      Are we to believe that you have not read or read about Women’s studies or black studies curriculum?

      • Gamal

        I knew these curricula were full of paranoia but I think the black racism toward whites that results in mob attacks has something much bigger behind it.

        • glpage

          When one set of people have been told over and over and over that another set of people are the root of all their problems there will be members of that first set who will take it upon themselves to avenge the supposed misdeeds of the second set. Even if those misdeeds really don’t exist.

          • Sigi

            The history of Nazi Germany and the Dekulakization of Ukraine are fine examples of how that worked out in the past. The recent murders of white farmers in southern African nations are as well. As Satayana said so well, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

          • Gamal

            Whose telling them that? We here that from white leftists and from Nation of Islam types but what is the main source that gets mobs of people attacking whites?

          • Melissa Foster

            Do you really not know? Have you never been around or associated with any black families? Their parents, grandparents, aunties and so on. Blacks pass down the tradition of hating whites to their children and forward. Then you have the studies they learn in school with the portrayal of whites as racist and always against the poor, black man.

          • Gamal

            The black people I’m around are nice people.

          • Gamal

            I’m wondering if there is some organized type of indoctrination to hate whites. Maybe there is a black gang or gangs that does that.

          • Aizino Smith


            Or not just gangs groups of white and blacks and Hispanics. That is not to say the majority of any of those groups.

            Just enough, a critical mass, to screw everything up for everyone.

            I have bi-racial kids. America is (or was) the best place for them. If that is ruined and I meet them in the grim dark future, they will wish they were never born.

          • No RNC

            Black Churches are full of anti-white Liberation Theology. Obama & Orka’s Chitown ‘church’ was one of these types.

        • Aizino Smith

          I’ll agree to that. University curricula is to blame, but there is more to blame than it.

    • Race_Dissident

      Colleges and universities are so desperate for black students–we all know the reasons why–that they are forced to plumb ever more deeply into the dregs of black society to meet the demand. We are now to the point where black quasi-gangstas with their pants down around their thighs are a common sight on respectable university campuses. And the presence of “affirmative” action means that although many of them are functionally illiterate they many not flunk out.

  • CaoMoo

    Greensboro isnt really quiet. It was one of the first places the Violent crimes ATF task force was tried and it is the per capita murder capital of the south east last I checked.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Greensboro has a very large percentage of Blacks in its population and plenty of out of state scumbags/lefties who emigrated there for the low housing costs ten years ago. Not a good combination.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    Well here we are…the only way a racially motivated crime against a white person can be considered racially motivated is if a black perpetrator admits it to be, otherwise it’s random.

  • Tina Trent

    Black criminals receive many lessons that teach them to attack whites. The most powerful of these is lenience by the justice system. Criminals given lenience are taught that they are the victims of society. Schools teach that racism is the cause of all black failure and suffering. Black elected officials, school administrators, religious figures and pop culture star all drill the same messages of white perfidy.

    The effect is an underclass that sees no wrong in committing crime. Ironically the majority of the victims of this underclass are black. But this doesn’t make the crimes any less racially animated.

    The only solution is to demand a return to colorblind law enforcement as an ethic and practice. While pointing out the prevalence of these types of crimes is a vital corrective, demanding more attention to race, rather than less, as the solution, is the wrong path. It’s not the way the criminals think that is important. Criminals lie, and validating and empowering their voices –be they white racist, black racist, anti-female (the most systematically neglected category in the current hate crimes regime) or homophobic –merely puts the system in the service of the ignorant, violent thugs who commit these crimes.

    I deeply respect Colin Flaherty’s work. But we need a movement to repeal hate crime laws, not a movement to insist that more crimes be counted as hate. To put it bluntly, the hate crimes industry empowers identity politics thugs who dictate the terms of enforcement. We must rid our justice system of these toxic influences, not demand a seat at the table for our own grievances.

    • Dennis X

      ” lenience by the justice system” Blacks
      receive jail terms that are on average 20% longer than what whites get for the same crimes.

      • Race_Dissident


      • Tina Trent

        False. For individual instances of deadly leniency, you can look at my blog, And in most of those cases, it was minorities who were the victims.

        In reality, there is little good research done on racial disparities in sentencing. Only studies that take into account entire criminal histories ( not just convictions but pleas) AND weigh for judges’ and prosecutors’ and defense attorneys’ decision making in sentencing are accurate enough for such comparison. If the study fails to consider nolle prosequi history (a huge factor) and other factors, it’s a bad study. Most are.

        And in many urban areas, it is black judges making those decisions. And judges’ decision-making is also based on many factors — not just race. Does an offender who is a juvenile have a stable home to return to, or will he have a better chance of getting a GED in an juvenile facility, for example (tragically, in many communities, incarcerated youth have a higher chance of graduating high school — chew on that, pal). It also matters to judges and others if a community is in crisis, as were black urban communities held hostage — enslaved — by the crack epidemic of the 90’s or the violence bloodbath that is Chicago today. I could go on, but if you’re not man enough to bother to make an argument and sign your name, why should I bother?

        Your fantasies of persecution result in dead minorities. People like you should think very hard about what sort of prejudice leads you down that ugly little trail.

        • ColinFlaherty

          @tinatrent:disqus exactly!

        • 1proactive2

          Note the “x” at the end of his name. He’s a member of the NOI – The Nation of Islam, see also “The klan with a tan” per black economist Walter Williams.

          • Tina Trent

            I share Williams’ view. I was roughed up, albeit mildly, while defending an elderly woman from some of the Farrakhan thugs at a speech stop for Gore, of all things, in downtown Atlanta.

            They control neighborhoods, intimidate decent people, and encourage violence against police. Thugs is too polite a term for them.

          • ziggy zoggy

            If Dennis X is Black, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

          • Marlin B. Newburn

            You’re so right. Dressing up an adult-child complete with suit and nifty bow-tie does not remotely a decent person make. It’s like putting perfume on a pig.

            These self-legitimizing predators, however, have been given no small level of approval from government in my state (Michigan) since the Farrakhnies are allow to hold “services” and get their dietary demands honored in our prison system. The prison administrators must meet ridiculous demands these savages make as part of their imagination system. (I don’t use “belief system” with them).

            The Farrakhanies still deal drugs, have sex with each other, and take out hits on others while behind the walls. They use new young black arrivals to do their dirty work. The young black idiots end up getting more time tacked on to their sentences when caught – and they do eventually get caught. Even worse, the young black often ends up stabbed by another black gang member.

            Potential Potentates for each Farrakhanie group in each prison vie for leadership, and they take out “hits” on competitors. Makes for a lot of blood-letting, but as always, the lifer that survives is temporarily in charge. Farrakhanie group leaders are always lifers, btw, and they always have threats to their positions.

        • John torkildsen

          You nailed it Tina, very well put.

      • mikeman

        If you want to be relevant, it helps to cite a reference for your claim.

    • Cristalexi

      If racism isn’t the cause, then what is? The only explanation white people generally give is that black people are ‘more’ violent due to being closer biological to animals (what white people call ‘evolution’) which supports their white supremacy ideology; whenever a white person says black people are more violent they are supporting this ideology. However, animals are very rarely violent and live in relative peace with each because they have plenty of resources to eat and live well. But white people have stolen all the worlds resources for themselves as evidenced by the riches they have in their communities. Even in countries like Africa and Asia white people are there controlling things; in fact, they have to be to maintain their white communities because those are the continents with most of the earth’s resources. It’s pretty obvious that when one group of people denies the basics to live adequately to another group of people, said latter group are going to react to this. This is called cause and effect. White people are a thorn in the side of humanity.

  • William James Ward

    The moral decent of America and violence in entertainment is
    enough to encourage people to violence. When the violent white
    people meet with the violent black people the outcome will be
    on the front page of every paper and the focus of every
    newscast, it will happen. Black violence has been a nasty
    fact of life that can not be covered up in the age of instant
    communication, with the Jackson and Sharpton propagandists
    it will continue. The Muslim in Chief attended the Rev. Wrights
    church of hate whitey for twenty years and people still wonder
    if black hate is real, we have no prosecution per Dept. of Justice
    Chief Holder against black depredations. I think a very bad day
    is coming due to the removal of morals and ethics in education,
    street thugs will find that violence begets violence and leads
    to a dead end…………………….William

  • 1proactive2

    The endless liberal lament regarding crime strikes again; “Who will take the time to help rehabilitate?” Then the adult-child-liberal-sock-puppet writer said the perpetrators aren’t the only ones to blame.

    Yes, child, they are, and you just added more fuel to their barbaric fire.

    First of all, you can’t “rehabilitate” someone who hasn’t been habilitated in the first place. These predators are acting on preadolescent impulse knowing that people like Ms. Danielle Smith and Becky Thompson will come along and displace at least part of the responsibility. As written above this adds fuel to the fire, but the inferno really gets going with the added demand for living wages and other unearned life perks. Consider the latter an extortion plot. “Give us something or we’ll attack again.”

    If these apologists really have to blame someone else besides the predator, if their impulse to do that is overwhelming, then they should consider pointing their fingers at the parent who was supposed to have taught strong virtue and values along with other prosocial rules for living. Then again, momma might be on the crack pipe or having her suitors take a number for brief exchanges of bodily fluids.

    Then there is the lefty position that the predators should be given something beneficial to him or her such as “the magic of therapy” that will transform a thug from predator to a member of the Osmond family.

    Almost fifty years now of preferential government handouts and set-asides exclusively for black people have resulted in what we have today; hundreds of black mob assaults across the country along with their vicious hatred of anyone but blacks.

    It’s amazing how the hopelessly sophomoric among us can find a microphone or an electronic podium as they attempt to spread responsibility for crime when fantasy thinking is that last thing needed to address this widespread problem. I guess feeling good as well as self-righteous always trumps public safety and the physical welfare of the law abiding. So believes the MSM, and the thug lobbyists who slither along through the internet’s forums.

  • Bill James

    Is this any different than the havoc Muslims perpetrate wherever they live in significant numbers?

    -2011 FBI Annual Report on Terrorism,…
    page 11: Of 12,533 terrorist deaths 77 were committed by Neo-Nazi, fascist or
    white supremacists; Muslims committed 8,886.

    And still Muslims and their enablers — the democrats and multiculturalists — whine about how it’s not their fault.

    • kikorikid

      UH-OH!!! There’s those darn facts again.

  • 13Sisters76

    Rehabilitation? it will never work. The leftists have been laying this rail for 100 years- and now the train comes. The education establishment has indoctrinated blacks throughout their school years, telling them that they are “victims”; the race baiters have been stoking the fires, while the leftist government officers have been busily destroying the black family and their communities. What is left but savagery? What are the consequences for those whose personal failures are always the fault of others?
    I am not a racist, and there are black people that I truly respect, but THIS old lady has made it a habit to avoid those areas of metro Atlanta that the blacks have claimed.

  • cjkcjk

    This what happens when a society teaches everyone from cradle to grave that one race (Caucasian) is to blame for every single evil that has ever existed. It is further exacerbated when everyone is simultaneously taught that another race (Negroid) has been nothing but victimized and is guilty of nothing. Of course I’m generalizing and using hyperbole, but this is the base problem of what we’re dealing with here.

    • kikorikid

      Succinct,well stated, and true.
      This is what is taught in our public schools
      from K-12. CORE CURRICULIM advances same.

  • nomoretraitors

    Time to stand up and FIGHT BACK

    • oif2009

      It has been that time for decades. What really angers me is that a dozen whites can stand by in a wide open public place while a raging racist mob of black inbred inner city youth assaults another white for being the wrong color. Maybe they would think twice if whites became better known to stand up for each other? I don’t think I could ever bring myself to just stand there and watch that happen to one of my own. The problem exists and just watching while hoping to not be the guy who is picked next doesn’t solve anything.

  • Infidel4Ever

    I’m all for rehabilitation by Smith and Wesson. Or maybe Ruger. Or Beretta. Or Colt. Or…

    • Sigi

      Ah, I see that you embrace diversity!

    • oif2009

      I also believe in such rehabilitation. True believers wont be selfish with the ammunition while rehabilitating some violent inbred inner city drop out who hates other people for having higher IQs.
      Don’t forget HK and Sig Sauer, they also make wonderful rehabilitation instruments. If anything the left should praise a victim who uses such high quality tools with high price tags for rehabilitation purposes.

  • Seek

    Let’s be blunt about this: If blacks cannot live as civilized human beings in this society, they should be given their walking papers. If inflicting terror, brutality, rape, theft, property destruction and murder upon the innocent, particularly innocent whites, is their way of life, then it is time to speak of forcibly removing them at gunpoint from our nation.

    • Dennis X

      Ha , ha ha !!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1proactive2

      I see a member of the nation of islam has responded to your post with laughter. Note the “x” after his name which indicates membership in a hate club that rejects being associated with sub-Saharan blacks.

      If you want to really connect with these lemmings, just talk in a way they can understand. In the case of your post, don’t suggest removing them from the country, but instead, go with the gunpoint thing and say you’ll pull the trigger. They’ll get your message.

      • Dennis X

        HA, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your not the only one with guns. Please make my day!!!

        • 1proactive2

          Why would I do such a thing? A street black will most likely take you out before any White, Asian, or Hispanic. Death by other blacks due to gunfire is the leading cause.

          Then there is the other black plague formerly known as “the gay plague”, and that’s AIDS. Blacks are catching up on catching it, takin’ over first place, noam sayin’? As the brutha’s say in prison, “Ain’t no joy like a big butt boy”.

          Whites are the least of your worries, Ms. X.

          • Dennis X

            I should have know you weren’t man enough to walk the walk. I have no worries!! Because you are a gay man, I believe you know what your talking about when it come to aids but unlike the majority of your family I’ve never been to prison/ jail etc.

          • 1proactive2

            It’s glaringly obvious you should have known a lot of things, but then again, you are black in America, and thus you don’t have to. Whites will make excuses for you and finance your life on the porch.

            If you did know, hinting even average intellect, you wouldn’t have turned in the minute traces of thought processes you now have to the klan with a tan.

            I’m not gay, and I am very familiar with black universities, aka, prisons. I worked in one as a forensic psychologist for several years. Blacks are by far the most bi-sexual race on the planet, and the most stricken with HIV.

            As far as backing up my words with a gun, you have no idea of my background with weapons. I’ll give you a hint: I’m a combat vet, Airborne infantry, with lots of trigger time. You wouldn’t stand a remote chance, sonny boy.

            Now go get your EBT card filled.

          • dennis x

            Sorry things aren’t working out for you. You have no grasp of what HBC ‘s are nor do you have a grasp of the vast upper middle class Black People who have wealth. I don’t deal with low life creppy crackers like you. Your kind do my lawn! And as my old football coach ( who was white ) would say ” talk is like a woman , cheap”

          • Drakken

            You forget at your own peril kaffir, lots of vets out there that won’t put up with your feral, urban, Congo-like behavior. You laugh at us “crackers” now, but when you people keep robbing, raping and murdering the crackers, a backlash will ensue. So enjoy the chaos while it lasts.

          • Marlin B. Newburn

            This clown has no idea what’s in store for his race. You’re also right to say previously that he and his fellow ghetto crawlers will one day run into the wrong potential victim. Man, will that be nasty.

            Note above how he boasts a large black income group. Talk about fantasy. I’ve seen clowns like him all of my career. He’ll be where he is all of his most likely very short life. And he’ll still be whining.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Whitey. Lefty. Talk is cheap – like your @$$ on a street corner.

          • ziggy zoggy

            That’s because you’re a White lefty who lives in a comfortable neighborhood.

        • Drakken

          Keep laughing kaffir, we out number you and have more guns and bullets than you do. When the proverbial straw breaks the camels back, you people will have no one to blame but yourselves for the culling that will take place. Sooner or later one of your fellow group of blacks will try to rob, murder or rape the wrong whitey, when the smoke clears, there will be a pile of dead bodies and then watch as the black grievance theater crowd comes crawling out of the wood work and the race riots ensue. Nobody at that point is going to care if your the peaceful sort or not, it will be open fire and let god sortem out.

          • dennis x

            Yo hosser, ha ha ha , man your still talking loud and ain’t said nothing. You know the step in addressing a problem is to admit you have a problem. Have a great day in your little fantasy world.

          • Drakken

            Your denial of reality really does say it all doesn’t it? Thank you so much for the lesson in ebonics, it’s quite enlightening.

          • dennis x

            Your welcome cracker!

          • Drakken

            Keep up the good work kaffir.

          • 1proactive2

            It’s “you’re” welcome. Not, “your”, in this case.

            When you get out of sixth grade, you’ll be better versed on the mechanics of English. Now get back on the porch, be quiet, and behave, boy. Adults are talking here.

          • Cristalexi

            I’m an administrator/secretary and during a training session we (admin support) pointed out to the trainer how atrocious the writing/spelling of the professionals was, most of whom are white people. These professionals type their own letters/reports but we formulate them, etc. We were told by the trainer not to put too much emphasis on accuracy because people don’t see that as important today. I disagree with him but the point I am making to you is that it’s not just lower class people who have bad writing/spelling skills.

          • Marlin B. Newburn

            How deep.

          • ziggy zoggy

            DingusX, you are definitely a White leftist pretending to be Black. Your phony Ebonics writing is hilarious. You need to read the tweets and Facebook posts of real Blacks from the hood (or with that mentality) to get the sub-English writing correct.

            Dumb@$$, racist, self loathing wigger.

        • poest

          You are out numbered son. However, if you used your brain instead of your empty threats and promoted the black “family” instead of black macho, the good would go a lot further than bullets and mindless threats.

        • oif2009

          We are a majority with the guns and many of us actually grow up with proper training. The average inbred inner city drop out with a 53 IQ can get a pistol but he cant just instantly expertly use it. What inner city trash doesn’t know is that you rely on your hated enemies to survive, your IQs aren’t high enough to understand the concept. Some inner city inbred drop will be the first to call for ethnic warfare while living in a place that relies on white owned rural farms and interstates to feed your populations. If you ever got what you wanted I can promise you that your supermarkets would have forever empty shelves within the first 24 hours. Those interstates refrigerated trucks need for travel aren’t going to be left intact while snaking through countless miles of white territory either. What happens then? You all turn on one another for mere morsels you wouldn’t normally care about. The bulk of the whites are going to have access to wild game and fertile soil the whole time. Be careful what you wish for, you just might someday get it.

        • ziggy zoggy

          Dingus X, are you a thief, rapist or murderer? Are you Black? If so, I can understand why you want a gun to commit your crimes. If not, why do you need one? No Whites are going to attack you. Do you need one to protect yourself from Blacks? 1proactive2 only suggested banishment for violent criminals, something I agree with regardless of their race or ethnicity.

          I have no doubt that you’re a White troll who has never fired a gun in his life posing as an angry Black man. Not that armed Blacks are much of a threat to armed Whites. Unless they’ve been in the military or police, few of them can shoot for $hit, and not many cops, soldiers or Marines are going to participate in a race war.

          • Dennis X

            No devil blood in me. I’m old school not liberal. All people of color should be armed at all times. Never been to jail , never been on welfare , never received food stamps etc. not a member of The Nation. Not angry, my money is cool. What’s amazing is when you red necks talk about killing and driving all Black People out of this country and I say it’s not going to happen I’m labelled the bad guy. And there are lot more of us that are ex military than you think.

          • ziggy zoggy

            So now you’re ex military. Yeah, right. The Girl Scouts aren’t a military unit. You’re a stupid White geek who lives with his parents. If you really were Black, you’d live with your moms and grammamoms. Nice touch about the devil blood, though. You’re getting better at pretending to be Black.

        • GuateNY

          Your name be Dennis? LMAO. You be like the nerdiest black man.

          Maybe that’s why you be so mad. Word.

    • Rasmussen

      Take the black and white out of the statement and I’d agree with you.
      otherwise, you’re just another racist asshole.
      See Seek’s racist comments posted on TAS.

      • oif2009

        Like it or not what he said is true. I can think of plenty of ethnic groups that generally get along ok in this country. We aren’t reading about them attacking every white person in sight on a regular basis. They even take responsibility for their own personal shortcomings and failures. Nearly every time someone is tortured and murdered for being the wrong color black people are the perps. There is no equal blame to spread around here. They aren’t just attacking whites either. Asians are getting it as bad as we ever did and Hispanics are often targets of black racist aggression too. Where I live the Indian immigrants are being targeted by black feral youth as well. Are all blacks doing it? NO, but nearly all of the worthless little cockroaches who commit racist hate crimes are black. Wishing everyone was doing it equally as you do in your post is your constitutional right but it just doesn’t match reality. Black people are standing out in terms of this sort of behavior and have been for decades. There is an experiment I want you to try so you can understand this better. I want you to wish in your left hand and take a dump in your right hand. Please tell us all which one fills up first, we already know but we want you to learn something here. This isn’t just some small problem that we can just be more tolerant of. Our people are raped, set on fire, kidnapped and tortured for days, hacked to death, beaten by racist mobs, and to add insult to injury we are blamed for every short coming and personal failure that befalls every black in America. We have every right to call it what it is, all of this PC garbage of yours will get us nowhere. Facts are facts, even when they hurt someones feelings.

        • Rasmussen

          According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report database, in 2010 58% of hate crime offenders were Latino or white, 18% of offenders were black, 8.9% were of individuals of multiple races and 1% of offenders were Native Americans

          My words are not PC and your head is so firmly planted in your posterior that you can see your tonsils. And yes, Seek has an anti-black racial bias that does not match reality. Facts are facts, right? Dumbass.

          • ziggy zoggy

            What do so called hate crimes have to do with the actual crime rate, you stupid motherfucker? Everybody knows hate crime statistics and charges are bogus. Blacks and Dems OWN mindless violence in America.

  • Earl Turner

    Blacks are obsolete farm equipment that should have been returned to Africa 150 years ago. Instead, Whites naively tried to allow the animals to stay, albeit with segregation, thinking that would be enough. It was not enough and once they got their precious “civil rights”, race-traitorous white elites and the Khazar banksters have spent the last 50 years converting them into weaponized diversity and deploying them against middle and lower class whites to keep us divided, to keep us voting for whichever politicians promise to protect us, to keep our public schools dumbed down, and to continue building the police state that this once-free nation has become.

    The race war is all but lost for the White man in this nation. We have become a race of wimps instead of the world-conquering warrior statesmen we once were. We are actually afraid of a word! We sacrifice the safety of our beautiful White women and our precious White children because we are afraid of being called a word!

    Our only remaining hope, and it is a dim one, is for enough White men to put aside our petty differences and stand together and fight for a White homeland, to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

    • Tina Trent

      My guess is that you’re an SPLC or CDR “researcher” who roams the internet trying to justify his paycheck by trying to foment race war . . . in fact, I think we can figure out exactly who you are.

      Keep talking.

      We’re watching you, too.

      • Earl Turner

        Probably a waste of time, Tina but no I’m not. I’m an ordinary average white man living in a majority black city in the South, using what little freedom we have left to speak my mind and my only hope is that my comments bring even just one fellow White to his or her senses.

        Take care.

        • Tina Trent

          Well, then I’m sorry you can’t see beyond race any more than the Sharptons of this world.

          I’ve lived half my life in Atlanta, where the racialists have destroyed a great deal for everyone, but I would not attribute their behavior to skin color: it’s a choice they alone make.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Why do they make those choices when others don’t?

    • Aizino Smith

      You have not read the book “The Bell Curve” or you would not speak so derisively of blacks.

      The problem with many in the black community is memes not genes. the bad memes are propagated by race hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Louis Farahkhan and by stupid people at the SPLC.

      I am far more likely than you to know what a given gene does in the body and know all its; variants (alleles) and how it affects IQ or whatever. I point this that because you idiocy is painful for me to behold. Before you get on the internet again get wisdom. Study statistics. Study genetics. Read “The Bell Curve” and not just reviews of it. Read the latest research on nature or nurture. Read some sociology.

      • Drakken

        You can bring out all the academic clutter that you want to, it still doesn’t change the fact that the US is no longer a melting pot, but a boiling pot ready to boil over at a moments notice. How the blacks act in the urban jungle is no different than how they act in the Congo, South Africa or Nigeria where the panga is the arbitrator of all things, in the us they have modern weaponry to engage their savagery. So your statistics will also show that for a population that is 12-13 % also account for over 60% of the violent crime in this nation.

        • Aizino Smith

          That people are trying get rid of the melting pot (they like the term “tossed salad”), I do not deny.

          That it might boil over, I do not deny. It is more likely with a bad economy, liars like Obama and race bating practiced by too many so called leaders.

          One of my points us that whatever genes blacks have has very little to do with having lower IQs. the ones that have low IQs, have those IQs because of the policies of the left.

          IQs have rising across the board over the last 100 years around the world in all populations. Whites who scored 100 in 1920 might only score 80 now. whether they scored 100, 80 or 75 on today’s IQ test they would be capable of civilized behaviour.

          The whole so and so has an IQ of 80 and so we can only expect uncivilized behaviour of someone is bigotry of low expectations. It is a diseased policy of the left.

          An IQ of 80 is not that different from 100 anyway when you consider that a person who is depressed sleep deficient or sick can have their IQ depressed by as much as 13 points or so.

          We could have solved all problems with difference in academic achievement since 1970 and have been done already. Except the left fights hard. Look at the vulgar AG Holder suing Louisiana over charter schools. Or look at the terrible President Obama who cut all funding for voucher in Washington DC.

          There is your problem. It is the left and their policies.

          • JoJoJams

            I agree 100%. As I’m sure would the man I most respect in this world for his wisdom and humanity, Dr. Thomas Sowell. Thanks for your input, Aizino.

          • Aizino Smith

            I consider Dr Thomas a demigod, figuratively speaking.

            If I were Roman and a pagan I would have him deified. He is that wise.

          • ziggy zoggy

            That is a disturbing thing to write. Would you worship Lincoln or Newton? I wouldn’t.

          • Aizino Smith

            I said figuratively. I meant figuratively. It is a sort of tongue in cheek way of giving high praise. I play RPG, so talk like that for me is natural. When I actually put up an altar, then you can commit me to the asylum. Chill.

          • Drakken

            Dr. Sowell is the exception, not the rule.

          • JoJoJams

            It’s the age old argument of nature vs nurture. Myself, I believe it’s a combination of the two. While Dr. Sowell may have been born with a genetically higher IQ, it was the nurturing aspect of his upbringing that allowed him to learn and excel. The high-melanin content community in America wasn’t always like this. Even if a large percentage might have a genetic IQ in lower ranges compared to other groups of humans, it’s the nurturing – the culture – that in this case keeps them down. Everything from the “acting white” crap spewed at those that try to excel, to the “progressive” agenda of grievance mongering and the soft bigotry of lowered expectations. Dr. Sowell isn’t the only exception in the high-melanin content community. It’s hard enough for people like him to “break out” of the disfuntion of the culture, without also having to get past the stereotypes espoused by many here. That’s is not to excuse the bad behaviors of thuggery and boorishness and ignorance exhibited by a large chunk of the high-melanin content community – not in the least! But it’s to let you know that attitudes like many expressed here on these posts only help to make it that much harder for someone to break out of the negative culture in their community. Yes, we should continue to point out ALL negative aspects of the culture that keeps people down, but we shouldn’t broadly stereotype an entire group of people, thereby hurting those that would try to break out of it – of the likes of Dr. Sowell.

            As long as many are here on a stereotyping kick, let me end this with a bit of humor. Let’s add to the IQ “truths” this truth also: It’s a fact that negroids, on average, have 7″ penis’, Caucasions have, on average, 6″ penis’ and Asians, on average have 5″ penis’. Based on these statistics and the IQ statistics we are bandying around, it can easily be postulate that the more intelligent you are, the smaller your penis. How’s that for steroetyping and broadbrushing people? How smart are you? *wink*wink*

          • Aizino Smith

            There is a lot low IQ due to lead, nutrition etc.

            There is a lot of low IQ due social factors. I remember reading TIme magazine article ( I think it was Time between 1979 and 1985 or so). A you black man wrote an essay that blacks called other blacks who applied themselves ducks) and put them down. It has been going on for a long time.

            It is a special case, but it shows what can be done with the right nurture. Kids with down syndrome use to be warehoused. Now more than a few have IQs of 70 or higher.

            One of the most important articles on culture, nurture, IQ and race is about Conakry,Senegal. Those kids are pure African. These kids are as dedicated as any trope about Asian students doing nothing but studying. They study late into the night by the airport because of the street lamps. If we had that culture here in America graduation rates would be 99% to 100%.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Sowell is not intelligent because of society. He was born that way.

          • Aizino Smith

            I believe in nurture, nature and interaction. I do not know exactly where to draw the line. Sowell was certainly born intelligent. His parents and his local community certainly had something to do with it. But then so many communities changed, but Sowell was already formed.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Nurture and interaction have no more to do with IQ than they do with hair and eye color. The brain is an organ, not a program. Intelligence is inherent, not learned. The very notion is idiotic.

          • JoJoJams

            Sorry, Ziggy, while the brain is an organ, it also comes with a BIOS, and from there the operating system’s programming gets “built” depending on environmental factors. If it were merely “an organ”, like a kidney, or skin, there would be no intelligence whatsoever.

          • bluffcreek1967

            The Left through its policies has certainly contributed to black deviancy and underachievement. There’s no doubt about this. Liberal policies, however, are not the sole reason for black anti-social deviancy in America or throughout the world.

            Had the same liberal policies been equally applied to Asians, for example, and to the same zealous degree, I’m persuaded that Asians would not only have still excelled, but they would never have allowed the sort of criminal pathologies and internal destruction that blacks in America have permitted.

            When left to themselves, without white liberal do-gooder influences, blacks STILL manage to behave like savages. Those who imagine that blacks will act and think just like whites once they’re free from the liberal plantation are naive at best. History and human experience has proven otherwise.


          • Aizino Smith

            I agree to an extent. Still I have seen a fair number of Asians from bad families here in America. Blacks come from a worse place. They culture was broken up. Their culture was more akin to that of Europe during the dark ages. But they would have done better if they had not been torn into pieces and reconstituted by slavery.

            Still I extremely, dislike people like Jesse Jackson who want a representative sample of black CEO according to the population in the 1980s. It takes about 20 years to grow a CEO form college. Some get their faster but they average is about 20. Now that assumes that the pipeline of blacks into college is actually primed and not sucking vacuum. but it is sucking vacuum because of racism in the 1950s and some of the 1960s.. but for the last 45 years or so it has been sucking vacuum because of democrats, the left in general, black leaders (leftists) and the teachers unions.

            the duplicitous civil right lawyers and politicians can talk bout disparate impact, but they are the ones causing it for almost a 1/2 century now.

            A female CEO recently said it takes about 20 years to grow a CEO. And we know that we do not get a corner office the 1st year out of college nor the 5th year.

            Obama and Golder are suing Louisiana over vouchers and Obama cut the Washington D.C voucher program.

          • ziggy zoggy

            What the heII does slavery have to do with any Black in America? It was outlawed nearly 150 years ago. How do Blacks come from a worse place than Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea, Burma, etc?

          • Drakken

            The average IQ for a white European is over 100, the average IQ for those of African decent are less than 80, you do the math.

          • Aizino Smith

            If you read the “The Bell Curve”, you read that IQ is going up in all groups. that stated fact and belief of mine is not going to win me any friends on the left, but eff’em.

            Over time the rate of increase will taper off. humans probably can get only so smart. It would look almost lie a parabola on its side. There will be diminishing gains in IQ each year. whites might get there before Africans, but black will get there soon thereafter as well.

            Barring events such apocalyptic event brought on by incompetent buffoons like BHO or a Caliphate.

            One reason I BELIEVE Blacks might have a lower IQ beside the Great Society and other liberal cures is the Middle Passage. The Middle Passage exerted a great evolutionary pressure to select for constitution and not IQ IMO.

            but I also believe in evolution not being this gradual steady thing. I believe in punctuated evolution where they might be no changes or gradual change punctuated by a big spurts of evolutionary change. This has been proposed by paleontologist in regards to dinosaurs and such. Also the gradual evolutionary approach took a big hit in regards to the out of Africa theory (100,000 years ago). They said that mtDNA had steady predictable change. they posited large enough populations for this theory. Stoneking got his picture on Time magazine around 2000. Wolpoff who advocated the multi regional theory was not held in high regard by the chattering/twittering class. Well lo and behold they found evidence in China that population were small based on very evident recessive disease that showed up in recently unearthed bones. but hey wolpoff was proved right in another way in the last decade. they found Denisovan and Neanderthal DNA in living humans.

            Plus remember that East Asians score on average 5 more points than whites. So being 5 points less IQ is not enough to make you a hopeless case but 20 points is? Even when IQ is rising?

            I blame the eff’n left and their policies for the low IQ of blacks.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Wrong on all counts. The claim that all people are getting smarter was debunked more than a decade ago. The “middle passage” doesn’t explain low Black African IQs, or why “black” Americans who are nearly all part White have such low IQs. There were small groups of people in prehistoric China because all people used to be tribal but the overall population was only small in the beginning. there is no evidence that h0m0 sapiens developed independently in different areas around the world, although it is certainly possible. The only Asian populations with IQs comparable to Whites are the ones living in Japan and Western countries. The rest are markedly lower.

          • Aizino Smith

            “Wrong on all counts …”

            Personally I have a hard time telling Koreans from Ethnic Han Chinese. I might as well flip a coin. But it seems that you only want to admit that Japanese have high IQs. Japanese, Chinese and Koreans are all East Asian stock. All though telling some of the more parochial ones is like throwing a hand grenade into a conversation.

            Now I know that so many countries lie about their education and health statistics. That 5 point difference might not even be real. But one has to look at how much was invented in China and eventually came to Europe.

            The part about the rising IQs I think I believe. I tend to believe the author of The Bell Curve.

            I also believe (maybe it was Wolpoff) that the “big head” gene if it is that beneficial makes its’ way into all populations.

            As to detractions of rising IQs I have not seen, I do not deny they exist. I just have not read them.

            But at some point IQ will plateau. There is only so much you can do with a given type of machinery, biological or otherwise. I for one hope that we are something more than biological machinery otherwise what is the eff’n point?

          • ziggy zoggy

            IQ is not a social construct any more than skin or eye colors are. You are peddling phony sociology as science.

      • bluffcreek1967

        It’s short-sighted and inaccurate, indeed, to maintain that the problem in the black community is “bad memes” who “are propagated by race hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Louis Farahkhan and by stupid people at the SPLC.” Granted, they all contribute in their own ways to black dysfunction, but I would not consider this their dominant influences. Most of it stems from their own ghetto culture, broken families, the sort of generational attitudes most dominant among the people they associate with, their low IQs certainly play a factor, and the sort of message that’s reinforced by guilt-ridden whites trying to rectify past the ‘legacy of slavery.’ Most of these black thugs probably never even heard of the SPLC nor give a second’s thought to Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson before they commit the crimes they do.

        Many whites are also uncomfortable with conceding that blacks in America, on average, are grossly ignorant, do not value formal education the way whites generally do, lazy, entitled, and deeply resentful toward the white man. All of these combined is the sort of mixture that explains why so many blacks in America are dysfunctional and underachievers.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Did YOU read “The Bell Curve?”

        BTW, sociology is not science. It is humbuggery.

        • Aizino Smith

          a good 3rd of it. I believe sociology has some good points. I also believe that it has been polluted. The concept of visualizing a organization like an organism I think is a very useful one. I also believe that psychology has been seriously polluted. We are going to suffer for a long time n that account.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Astrology has some good points but that doesn’t’t make it factual in any way, much less a science. Visualizing an organization as an organism is to apply a metaphor to reality. It is humbuggery.

  • phenry

    As one predator and perp stated, he learned and became angry at white people during his college (higher?) education. Not only are colleges teaching students that ALL white people are guilty because of the slave trade (which is still being practiced in much of the world), but elementary and secondary teachers are being taught that ALL white people are responsible for what happened centuries ago. In this sense, the leftist education leaders are training home-grown terrorists. Since most schools are increasing their studies of Islamic history, why don’t the schools question Islamic leaders as to why there is still oppression of women, killing of innocent civilians and destruction of property in Islamic countries? Instead of teaching students to be angry at white folks for what happened generations ago, why not teach students to be rightly angered about the atrocities that are occurring today?!

    • bluffcreek1967

      Our modern, liberal institutions of higher learning are, for the most part, anti-white indoctrination centers.

      “The College Racket,”

  • herb benty

    People ALLOW evil to master them, it’s called sin. The perp has to stop their own evil deeds, a ” program” or making employers pay bankrupting wages won’t stop anything.

  • snafubar

    Trayvon logic says if you are white, you should just lay down and take your beating like a good cracka…..

  • herb benty

    The KIDS are not stupid. Evolution taught as fact has ruined our country. Kids realize that if there is no God, nothing really matters…nothing. If, ” You shall not murder”, is from some ancient scribbler as the kids are told, then there is no grounds for a stigma against it. What’s worse, is that denying God leaves people open for all manner of thoughts and to pursue that thought- no restraining human conscience. Atheistic socialism brings apathy, evil, decadence.

    • Seek

      Evolution has nothing to do with “socialism.” Indeed, “Social Darwinism” came about as a rationale for laissez-faire capitalism.

      • herb benty

        BS, there pal. Kids pumped with evolution theory from K-12 and on into University, hearing marxist professors babble, out pops a radical socialist custom made for the Dems. Capitalism means freedom. Keep seeking. Social Darwinism…. that would be, survival of the…richest? Capitalism needs well off people to BUY things. The rich capitalist wants everyone to be successful, but socialism requires a well off gov’t and a lot of “needy”masses. Obama and his lefties are just plain wrong on everything.

    • courtobserver

      The kids may not be stupid, but you are.

      While atheists make up approximately 10% of the population, they only make up less than 1% of the prison population.

      • herb benty

        I am not accusing atheists of crimes, I had a brother who didn’t believe in God and he was a nice man. I am talking about the wholesale indoctrination of sequestered kids in a destructive theory, while excluding and denigrating our wonderful Judeo-Christian Faith. Belief in God does inhibit bad behavior. I’m 62 yrs old and remember when you could leave your keys in the ignition, that type of thing. The violence that is sprouting up all over is because our country has abandoned God. I do blame the Education establishment for some of this. When a person is contemplating evil, there used to be ” one more layer of conscience”. Without God, that “layer” is stripped away and evil deeds are easier to self-justify. Hence, things like “Aurora” and gangs etc.,etc.

  • Gamal

    New attack in NY with punching by an individual black man.
    Is this same form of attack just a coincidence?

  • James Keir Baughman

    Sad, but never unexpected by those who know. To be honest, this is exactly why the original Ku Klux Klan was formed by honorable community leaders.

  • MattBracken

    Thank you Colin and WND for running these articles, and “end-running” around the MSM’s boycott of the subject.

    • ColinFlaherty

      muchas gracias …

  • tagalog

    Didn’t LaShawn Marten say out loud that he was going to bash the first white *** that he saw, and Babbitt was, unfortunately, that guy?

  • Aizino Smith

    I would look at known groups of historical & current nomads. I would also look at archeological finding to include man-made artifacts pollen, animal bones, middens, rubbish pits, fire pits etc to get an ideal of how many people a given piece of land could support.

    Of course the people back then might not have been able to live up to max carrying capacity due to disease.

    Here is one of the points. They found holes in the skulls of some individuals that are characteristic of a congenital birth defect. That led them to suspect inbreeding due to maybe low numbers. “The Out of Africa mtDNA mode” assumes larger number of a stable population.

    Maybe there was not low numbers and they just liked in breeding. That is possible to.

    But given how much the overlooked microphages are and how much they shape us, one of the most valuable things an aboriginal population has whether you are tech superior or not is their HLAs. The easiest way to get that is intermarriage. Social pressure and social competition will always exert a strong pressure on the population for IQ. It might get set back but the pressure will always be there.

    Look at Jacob and Esau.

    I also believe that the blacks sent on the Middle passage were lower in IQ or EQ. By how much I do not know. But I make that assertion based on the fact that they were not sufficiently organized or smart enough to defend against other African tribes that defeated them and sold them into slavery. On the flip side a lot of Europeans who came to America (or Australia) came not because they were the most adventuresome (although we probably drained that from Europe for a while), but because they were the social-political losers. Look at this way a lot of them got kicked to the corners of Britain by other groups and then they got kicked to America. You can make a case they were losers. But there is also opportunity. It seems to that the losers met some other losers. Losers squared.
    But evolutions can be swift. And you have a great variety of genes swirling around.

    Sure there were a lot of losers, but look at the Sioux. they got their @sses kicked badly. They got kicked out of Wisconsin and Minnesota (Most not all) and yet in several generations the survivors reformed and became great warriors who were much feared.

  • mikeman

    Sounds like you know what you’re talking about.

  • johnnywood

    If you look closely you may find George Soros` finger prints all over it. That is what his funded groups do. BTW Obummer and Holder are not innocent either.