More Black Mob Violence Denial in Albany

bow tie cinema schenectady slkI wish the liberals would make up their minds.

Here is what they ALWAYS say about  the black mob violence documented in the book White Girl Bleed a Lot:

1) It is not happening.

2) Here is why it is happening.

Salon did it. Then CNN. Then MSNBC. The former head of a state-wide NAACP did it on my radio show. Now comes Casey Seiler, a reporter at the Albany Times-Union. Seiler does not approve of a recent FrontPage story about black mob violence in Schenectady. He says “the riot has no color.”

Mr. Seiler accuses me of forgetting what is causing all this black mob violence.

You remember, the violence that does not exist.

Seiler insists White Girl Bleed a Lot ignores the “tangled sociological reasons for those statistics, such as the economic and cultural aftereffects of hundreds of years of white racism.”

It’s nice catching liberals in unguarded moments. In between name calling, that is.

What touched off Seiler’s ire was a recent episode in a Schenectady movie theater, documented in The local paper picks up what happened to a father and his two daughters. The group of black people

ran up and down the aisle yelling and banging a plastic garbage can near the entrance to the theater.

As the credits rolled at the end of the movie, one of the young men accosted the victim from behind, punching him in the head, District Attorney William Sanderson said. A second male did the same thing, he said.

After the second punch, the man stood and blocked the third punch before the whole group attacked him, the prosecutor said.

They knocked the man to the ground, repeatedly punched and kicked him and dragged him on his knees, Sanderson said.

When one of the victim’s 15-year-old twin daughters tried to help her father, she also was hit. One of the assailants ran off with her cellphone.

It’s unclear how long the assault lasted, but no one inside the theater tried to help the victim.

All of the 8 alleged assailants were black.

Seiler says I could not possibly know that because two of the people arrested are juveniles and the court records are sealed.

I know that from the same people who told me about the incident in the first place: People who belong to Schenectady area law enforcement agencies. They texted me. The same people who said a hell of a lot more than 8 black people were involved in that beating.

There were witnesses to this assault — and other episodes of racial violence in Schenectady. They write about it in Schenectady web sites. They wrote me emails. I also talked to them.

It’s called reporting. The same skills that allowed me to show how a black man accused of trying to kill his white girl friend was unjustly convicted. His name was Kelvin Wiley. That story got out him out of prison and was featured on NPR, the Los Angeles Times, Court TV and about a gajillion other places.

And, by the way, Mr. Seiler, the father and two daughters who were beat in the movie theater are not OK. Thanks for not asking.

Mr. Seiler says I ignore white mob violence, and he produces an example of it from two years ago. He obviously missed my story on the (disappointingly tepid) white riot from a few weeks ago. It’s happened! An all-white riot.

In Mr. Seiler’s defense, let it be known: I drew first blood. One of my readers wrote him an email asking him why he did not cover racial violence, such as the example in Virginia where a black mob beat two reporters and their own paper buried the story for two weeks. I included his response in an article for

“A riot made up primarily of black people wouldn’t be a ‘race riot’ any more than a post-championship riot at Penn State made up primarily of white people would be a ‘race riot.’”

White Girl Bleed a Lot documents more than 500 examples of recent black mob violence. And Mr. Seiler wants to dismiss it with mythical accounts of Penn State football and two counter-examples of some unruly teenagers who were probably just  “just blowing off some steam.” That’s what a community activist told a Temple University medical journal about black mob violence in Philadelphia.

The issue is not whether black mob violence exists. But whether it exists exponentially out of proportion.

Let’s check it: I’ll see those two white riots from the last few years, and raise you dozens of examples of black mob violence and black on white crime from over the last few months. Some fatal. Some on video.

In San Leandro, California in September, a black man punched the manager of a Safeway store in the face. He’s in critical condition. On video.

Mr. Seiler may not be aware of the Knockout Game. And how this version of black on white violence happens all over country. Sometimes in mobs. Sometimes not. Sometimes fatal. Sometimes not. A St. Louis judge recently said one man in that town alone is responsible for 300 such attacks. Some on video.

A viewer at the ABC affiliate in San Francisco filled in nicely for Mr. Seiler. He said the beating was justified because the store manager was a racist:

“Maybe just maybe he didn’t take to kindly to being racially profiled and hmm hit the manager. If you have never been racially profiled you don’t know how you would react.”

Thanks for making that up.

If that reader ever wants to go into the newspaper racket, I predict a long and glorious future for him, as long as he does not mind being a predictable mouthpiece for liberal politicians in east coast state capitals.

In Denver, five black people were captured in September on video beating and kicking a man at a light rail station. Some locals are upset they did not hear about this episode of racial violence for three weeks. It happened about the same time as the San Leandro beat down.

Mr. Seiler is upset they heard about it all.

“The people in Denver and Schenectady did not hold signs, or issue a press release or shout racial epithets,” said Taleeb Starkes, author of the Amazon best selling book, Uncivil War. “So legally, this is not a hate crime. But to ignore the racial aspect of this violence is foolish. And dangerous.”

“By itself, this incident was not earth shaking. But when looked at with thousands of other similar episodes across the country, it is part of an tide of black mob violence that is exponentially out of proportion. Which people like Seiler cannot explain. Only ignore. Deny. Distort. Mock. Anything but tell the truth. All the while making sure they stay out of places where they may be subject to similar racial violence. That is called hypocrisy. And that is why hate crime numbers seriously understate the epic levels of black mob violence.”

Earlier this month, a Marine Corp veteran on a cross country run for charity was the victim of a the Knockout Game in Wilmington, Delaware. Or, as Fox News put it: The assailant “without provocation, allegedly punched O’Toole in the face.”

A few nights before at the same corner — the corner where your humble correspondent worked for one year during high school, across the street from a head shop owned by the mother of Bob Marley —  three people were shot while dozens of black people were waiting in line for the release of the new Air Jordan basketball shoes.

These events happened about a mile from where, two months before, 10 black people allegedly watched as two of their friends raped two women in a Wilmington park.

In St. Paul, Minnesota earlier this month, a car full of black people stopped a white woman to ask for directions. They were wearing wigs. They grabbed her, beat her, robbed her, pulled her down by her hair, removed her pants,  then pissed on her.

Then laughed.

Says KTSP TV news: “The woman reported she thought she was going to get raped. She heard one man say, “Mitch you took that white b****’s phone.”

Former prison psychologist Marlin Newburn says sadism is a common feature of black mob violence:

“Black predators commonly humiliate their victims, regardless of race, and it is a black criminal cultural trait as is getting revenge,” Newburn said.  “I’ve evaluated black murderers who made their victims beg prior to killing them. A lone survivor of one such trauma reported this in court. The killers were remorseless, and like all the others, the only regret they had was getting caught.”

“Sadism is also a demonstration of the absence of a conscience while gaining primitive sense of personal power. This is the lowest and most brutal form of anti-social personality disorder. There is great satisfaction for the psychopath in harming others, physically and/or emotionally, and it borders on an addiction, a pathological beast that must be fed,” Newburn said.

Or, as one person put it as he was participating in a black mob beat down in Philadelphia: “It’s not our fault you can’t fight.”

Were the father and his two daughters at fault, Mr. Seiler? For their racism? Or their inability to fight off large groups of black people?

Stay tuned.

Mr. Seiler is probably not aware that St. Paul and Minneapolis and Denver and Wilmington are the scenes of more than 100  examples of black mob violence over the last several years alone. Including earlier this summer in St. Paul, where  Ray Widstrand ran into a mob of 100 black people near his apartment in the black part of town.

He is recovering from a fractured skull and other injuries.

In Fresno earlier this month, 13 people were shot and one died during an after-party for the largest gathering of black bikers on the West Coast. The Washington Post even did a story on it, somehow forgetting to mention the racial nature of the gathering.

There were 5000 black bikers in town for this semi-annual event. Many of their activities on are video.

Outlets like the Washington Post and the Times-Union regularly publish stories about black caucuses, black colleges, black churches, black TV, black radio, black newspapers, black magazines, black professional groups and on and on and on. But when it comes to epidemic levels of black mob violence, Mr. Seiler comes down with a sudden case of being color-blind.

Or he says has no evidence that crime was “racially motivated.”

How about something closer to home for Mr. Seiler: Rochester also has a long history of frequent and intense bouts with racial violence. From downtown to the city’s Lilac Festival, black mob violence is now an accepted feature of life in that town.

For those who still live there, that is.

City Councilman Adam McFadden explained  black mob violence at a popular holiday gathering thusly: “”It’s just that you had a lot of people there who are not used to that culture and got to witness it personally.”

Some moved to the suburbs to escape it. That did not last long: In September, police from four agencies were called to neighboring Irondequoit to break up fights in and out side of a movie theater involving 400 to 500 black people from Rochester. Some of it on video.

The chief of police blamed the violence on a scary movie. No one was arrested.  When the fighting died down, police called the local bus company and everyone went back to Rochester. Local say this happens a lot.

In Buffalo, after a series on black mob attacks on students at a local university, the police chief said the college students were from rural areas and needed to get used to life in the big city. For Mr. Seiler’s benefit, let’s get the exact quote with a link: “The City of Buffalo is an urban environment, and if you come from a rural section of the state, this is a different setting,”

That happens a lot, blaming the victim. In Columbia, South Carolina, the police chief blamed a series of black mob beat downs on white kids who drink too much.

In between scribbling down these non-sensical quotes, not one reporter asked “Really?”


In Utica, black mob violence is an almost daily occurrence over the last six months. Mr. Seiler does not have to believe me. The Utica police department Tweets about it. As do the people involved.

I also get email from Seiler-town itself, Albany: “Don’t go to McDonalds on lower Central Avenue in Albany NY if your white,” said one of my readers. “You will be harassed and called racial slurs by the mostly black customers! I am serious; if you value your physical and mental wellbeing, don’t go inside!”

Mr. Seiler may deny black mob violence exists. But the people who create  it often brag about it. Make music videos of it. Tweet it. Create hip hop songs glorifying it.

My own favorite is “Start a Riot” by 2Chainz. Last I looked it had 11 million viewers on YouTube. Sorry, that was a month ago: Now it is up to 12 million.

And of course, let’s not overlook teenage hip hopper Chief Keef. The New York Times celebrated Chief Keef in a review. They said his songs about drugs, violence, murder, more drugs and more violence were keeping it real.

His video “I Don’t Like” has a combined 40 million views. But the lyrics are so insane that the New York Times could not even quote one or two lines. Check them out yourself. ▶ Kanye West – I Don’t Like ft. Pusha T, Chief Keef, Jadakiss & Big Sean (Explicit) – YouTube

Don’t forget about lots of black mob violence in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Saratoga Springs and other places in New York too. No matter how much Mr. Seiler wishes we would.

In Syracuse, a black mob killed a man at a bus stop earlier this year. They kicked his eye out. After fleeing, they realized he was helpless. So they returned and beat him some more. Days later, a Syracuse father wrote me an email — published at WND — about how his son was a victim of black mob violence a few days later.

In North Carolina, Whiteville over the weekend, police used Tasers to break up a large fight. Cops say an increasing number of interactions with black people involve defiance and physical challenges.

Several of which are documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot. On video. Many in North Carolina. Every been to Raleigh, Durham, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, or Greensboro, Mr. Seiler?

If you ever go, let me know: I’ll be happy to supply you with some maps as to where you can conduct your own investigation.

This is a very, very long list, Mr. Seiler. Mobs big and small. Cities big and small. Ever hear about Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa State Fair? Three nights of black mob violence in and out of the fairgrounds. When reporters asked Lori Lavorato if black mobs were beating up white people, she told the truth.

Then got fired.

That’s why I wrote the book. For deniers like Mr. Seiler.

Post Script: As I prepared to ship this article off to FrontPage, readers from around the country alerted to me two more events over the weekend: Michigan Live reports a man “died at the hospital following his involvement in a large fight.”

Downtown Grand Rapids has been the scene this year of several cases of black mob violence — many when the bars close. As was the case here.

And in New Jersey, six black teenagers were arrested for “rampaging” through a commuter train from Newark to Hoboken. They sent four people to the hospital after beating and robbing them.

Stay tuned.


Don’t miss Jamie Glazov’s video interview with Colin Flaherty on the epidemic of black mob violence — and the media’s cover-up:

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  • desertgoldwing

    Let me be the first….people are afraid to say anything about blacks in this country because of the “racist” label they will get. Not me. I am sick and tired of black racists excusing this animalistic behavior with psycho-babble BS! I tell my wife and son that they should avoid like the plague ANY large group of blacks coming their way when out and about and not be in any of the places they frequent. I will not allow them to be sacrificed on the alter of liberal stupidity. Sorry you were slaves for the 1 billionth time. Now ACT LIKE YOU DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE DECENT HUMAN BEINGS by actually BEING DECENT HUMAN BEINGS!!
    Mr Seiler….STFU! you racist turd!

    • Dallas25305

      Don’t be afraid to be called racist. The word Racist is a word used by Blacks and useless White Liberals when they know they have already lost the argument. The word Racist is suppose to make you shut up. Don’ let it happen.

    • Charlie Galatas

      Something can’t be racist if it’s true. Even if it sounds racist or contains a racial component, what matters more is whether a statement is true. For example, consider the business law precept of the word “whore”. In the business world, if you call a woman a “whore”, and if that affects her income, she might sue you for defamation of character. However, if in court, you prove that she is a whore, then the truth is a defense for slander. If blacks are more prone to violence and you state that, or you “profile” because of it, or if you move to the other side of the street to avoid blacks, well then those aren’t racist actions. They’re truthful and responsible actions.

    • Rhonda Clark

      See what blacks are really doing Slaughtering every race Crimes in Chicago 2013 A massucure daily we are all trash to blacks they are saying they want us dead..

      • Rhonda Clark

        NEW NATION NEWS you might not want to see the slaughter of this one ….WHITE SLAVERY FROM 1530 to 1780 in Africa…200 years of white slavery in America…( How many blacks had white people for slaves, answer MORE LONGER less than 2% of whites really had slaves…BLACK SLAVERY IN MEXICO…Africian history is the biggest lie in History there was more blacks, Mexicians, Indians who owned Blacks/ Whites for slaves 1 million New white slaves evey year..THERE WAS MORE WHITE SLAVES IN AFRICIA, USA…OH SOMEONE LIED!!…only blamed us whites…White History month from NOV to DEC, please help me end there RACE CARD..END THERE YOU OWE ME BECAUSE I WAS A SLAVE, everytime you post add this info and put the truth liberals in our History books Liberals run our school Left media black out FOR WHITE QUILT WHITES DO NOT OWE BLACKS NOT 1 DAMN THING..

  • A Z

    Colin Flaherty,

    Are the victims black? That is are the father and 15 year old black?

    It does not matter, yet it matters.

    It does not matter to me, because a victim is a victim.

    But it matters when talking to a liberal. We might be able to get more traction in discussing this with them. Not much traction, I grant you, but maybe an edge with a paltry few liberals.

  • A Z

    “And in New Jersey, six black teenagers were arrested for “rampaging” through a commuter train from Newark to Hoboken. They sent four people to the hospital after beating and robbing them.”

    And drooling, F_CKED UP liberals wonder why conservatives do not like mass transit.

    Thrift is a conservative value. If I can save money commuting to work, I would do it. If it were a wash i would do it. If you are not driving, you can read or go thru your inbox. I cannot wait for self driving cars. Then a car will truly be your office away from work or home.

    If more people are not taking mass transit it it is because liberals are hypocrites and losers.

    People take into account security along with cost.

    • Dallas25305

      The rich Liberal Socialist elite wouldn’t be caught dead on mass transit. That’s for the suckers.

      • A Z

        I have taken Mass transit in England, France, German, Italy. China, South America, Asia, BART and few other places.

        Depending on a persons finances and how they want to allocate their after tax money (say for vacation instead of for car expenses), people will use mass transit except for crime, convenience or something like flu season.

        But the major reason it does not take off is Crime. The liberals are responsible for this.

        And yes, you are correct, ruling class liberals would not be caught dead on public mass transit.

        • Charles Martel

          Liberals are not responsible for this. Blacks are responsible for this. There are plenty of liberal societies that have mass transportation but do not have the problem with the blacks. We can never look for a solution to the problems we face when we are too afraid to tell the truth.

          Spend some time at and educate yourselves with some genuine facts regarding crime vs liberals vs blacks.

          • A Z

            The other liberal societies are just taking a little longer to implode. Sweden, Norway, & Denmark are imploding.

            So is Britain,France & Germany. They are importing people, who do not want to integrate.

            There are lots of blogs about Islam that show what happens.

            It is liberalism at the root.

            I can think of lots of black who would make perfect neighbors. I can think of even more that would not be good neighbors. The difference is liberalism.

            Are black sin Brasil a problem? Is it because of genetics? 48% of blacks in Brasil have a European Y chromosome. 1.6% have an Indian Chromosome. Does genetics have anything to do with it? If it does, it is slight and has to do with something like the “warrior” gene.

            It is all about culture.

            Liberalism is a mental disorder.

          • Juan

            “Does genetics have anything to do with it? If it does, it is slight and has to do with something like the “warrior” gene.”……..

            No, it doesn’t, saying that genetics have something to do with this is like saying that modern day Mongolians or Norwegians are a bunch of barbarians, besides, you have to rid the sterotypical look of africans carry some spears and living in mud-huts, in the era of the slave trade, many of the kidnapped Africans were servants, peasants, or nomadic gatherers who did not have a shred of warriors, so please, try to no make that kind of poor associations, people’s actions don’t depend on their character, but from the circumstance in which there are

          • A Z

            Ivan, John, Johan, Juan,

            How the heck are you?

            You are reading too little into my comments. It was a preemptive strike. There are people who have said racists things here. People on my side. So I hit them with the facts but not in a way like leftist trolls here do. You know sneering and twisting the knife, while they make so many factual errors themselves and have logs in their eyes.

            All African tribes have warriors just like all European or Asian tribes had warriors. The people from Africa who were sold into slavery by other tribes were the tribes that were less organized, less numerous, less warlike or had less capable generals. But these tribes did have warriors.

            I did not call modern day Africans barbarians. I would call 20% to 50% of modern day Norwegians stupid or barbaric. Politics can be another way to fight and certain politicians see politics as a way to get spoils. Political Patronage has literally been written as a spoils system. Therefore the politicians who engage in avaricious patronage are no better than raiding barbarians.

            Some people enslaved in Nigeria were actually on pilgrimage to shrines and enslaved the keepers of said shrines who were not of their family or clan.

            “people’s actions don’t depend on their character, but from the circumstance in which there are”

            This is pure determinism. If you believe that then you almost have to set free every criminal be they pedophile rapist or murderer.

            I believe in free will & determinism. You may think this a contradiction, but so be it. There is a Jewish thought that covers this. I forgot its’ name so I cannot tell you or I surely would.

            Let me leave you with this. An electron, is it a particle or is it a wave. Physicists say both.

            People are responsible for their actions and they aren’t.
            i will continue to prosecute them for their transgressions while at the same time trying to educate in the science and theology (and decrease the causes of want)

          • Juan

            JUAN, my name is Juan, and no, I’m not trolling, in fact I’m the worst troll that you can find, I just have a different point about this, and right or wrong I try to make my explanations.

            Look, my point about the genetical thing was to make an stop about the immediate association that some people make between the behavior of individuals and their genetic inheritance, that’s an priori thought, especially when we talk about Africans, associating them as spontaneous and violent societies without any shred of reasoning and agreement, I don’t know if that was your intention, but I could not stay quiet when you said or infer that blacks have in them that “warrior” gene, I had to make an objection.

            Second, my thought about people’s actions can be determinism at some extent, I believe that everything has a cause and an effect, however I don’t believe on impunity or neglicence, my point about people’s actions is that you for example can’t find or rarely see a quiet and kind behaviour from people who don’t live in a healthy neigborhood (read Ghetto), no, poverty is not an excuse to do something wrong, but is not a coincidence that this kind of anarchic and violent behaviour comes mostly from people of such places, not forgetting how race relations have worked in the US.

            To summarize, I don’t think this is simply a fact of racial hatred, is also the sum of many other things that some segments of American society omits or ignores

          • A Z

            Back in the day in my mothers country, people were starving. My grandparents happen to have a wheat field. When it came time to harvest, they cut the wheat and leaned it 2 or 3 times. There were people waiting after that to glean the field after them. Should we have expected violence? People were hungry.

            Here they have Obama phones and are fat.

            The ancestors of the Gullah endured slavery and they are or were poor. I would much rather be among the the people in the inner city. Determinism only goes so far.

            Specifically in my original comment I was thinking of causing Zig to think about it a little more.

          • Juan

            As I said, poverty is not enough reason to do something wrong, besides, although poverty is not good, does not affect everyone equally, probably your ancestors were farmers and they had in their lifestyle a way of living more accurate to their needs, educational level, and TIME. Poverty today is manifested differently and every day is more present in the urban environment, not in the countryside, your ancestors were poor, but what they knew about marginality?, suburban life?, or tensions associated by their racial or ethnic background?.

            Unfortunately, good part of the black population has taken the issue of racism and discrimination as justification of their own faults, and also many of them don’t accept education and self-determination by these reasons, but I don’t blame them at all considering the background that a country like United States have about this matter.

            I just say that all these racial tensions existed for a long time, the fact that blacks are now the protagonists on the aggressor side doesn’t change the background that United States has in this long history

          • A Z

            Funny way of putting …. ancestors.

            No they lived on the outskirts of a large city. the country had gone thru 30 bad years. there was a lot of social breakdown.

            There is a hill not too far from city center made out of rubble from the destroyed city. It is over 6 stories tall.


            ” the fact that blacks are now the protagonists on the aggressor side doesn’t change ”

            It changes everything. The founders foresaw this. they worried about it.

            Next time there won’t be a Civil War because we will have the late Great USA as an object lesson.

            I am not saying what went on before was right. It was normal for the world at that time and going back thousands of years.

            Very simply if a mistake of this magnitude is made and then it is decided to remedied only to have the victims become victimizers, non one will try to remedy the mistake by kindness.

            It has been said that if the victorious African tribes had not been able to sell the defeated people in slavery they would have simply killed them except for the women of course.

            This is true. This is human nature without a good theology. The Greeks did it. the Romans did it. the Maori did it. The Muslims did it and still do it. It has been done since the beginning of time all over the world this way.

          • Juan

            “No they lived on the outskirts of a large city. the country had gone thru 30 bad years. there was a lot of social breakdown.”

            I still don’t understand why we insist in showing that white poverty vs. black poverty are comparable, poverty is not reciprocal, even more so when this issue is related to race, YOUR GRANDPARENTS were poor, had limited resources, but acted under the pace of their time and despite of being poor, they had the advantage of being white.

            I close the case on this aspect

            About the founders, you’re validating my point when I say that this is nothing surprising, if I say ” the fact that blacks are now the protagonists on the aggressor side doesn’t change anything ” is because USA always had the racial factor as an element of confrontation, whites were previously the bad guys here (in theory), blacks now seem to be the perpetrators (again, in theory), to be honest I see no difference, how the founders would not anticipate this?, American society has created this.

            Anyways, nothing justify the violence that young black people perpetuates, however, if you understand the context in which blacks normally experience, if you understand that they don’t have the same optimism about their country, if you understand that they largely have not the same sense of belonging to their society, then, why be surprised?

  • G. Tod Slone

    Fascinating counterpoint! Just to add a tad, I was attacked, beaten, and robbed downtown Baton Rouge one Sunday morning… by three black youths, who had evidently profiled me, a senior white man. I was a professor at Grambling State University, an HBCU, so had left my guard down, talked to the youths, then was suddenly attacked. What really pissed me off, though, was that THE ADVOCATE, Baton Rouge’s newspaper, refused to report on the incident.
    G. Tod Slone, PhD and Editor, The American Dissident, a 501 c3 Nonprofit Journal of Literature, Democracy, and Dissidence

  • ConcernedCitizen999

    Here’s how the “Grand Rapids Press” and our lying hypocrite Christian Mayor typically euphemize “black white” crimes.
    “Sgt. James Potter, a detective with the Grand Rapids Major Case Team, said Barker was part of a group of people from the Ada-Cascade area barhopping downtown who got into a verbal altercation with a group from the Norton Shores-Muskegon area.”
    Ada-Cascade area = WHITE
    Norton Shores-Muskegon area = BLACK

    “…it was unlikely anyone would be charged in Barker’s death because it was unclear who or what caused his injuries.”
    In other words, if you’re black and you want to go around murdering white people, make sure you’re part of a large enough pack that the police will never be able to figure out who dealt the fatal kick.

    Racism, Guilt and Self-Deceit” by Gedaliah Braun
    If you want a good explanation the sub-human mentality of blacks read this book. It describes the authors experience of blacks in South Africa and his slowly dawning realization over a period of twenty years of how blacks have a fundamentally and genetically different mentality than whites.

  • Mr. W. H. Braden

    It’s a result of the black community and parents not loving their children. This behavior can only happen because parents could careless about what their children are doing or who their friends are today. It is a shame, the black family used to be strong and loving.

    • Obama_Dogeater

      The “War on Poverty” has completely destroyed the black family.

      • Robert Lande

        It hasn’t destroyed all black families, but way too many of them.

      • Charles Martel

        These are convenient excuses we hear all the time. The fact is blacks are pschologically different than white people on average. Name me one successful black run anything. Please, I am asking and hoping for a legitimate answer. There has been no war on poverty in Africa or Haiti yet those places are disasters. Even with Africa’s wealth of natural resources it is a cesspool of corruption.

        And don’t tell me it’s because of liberals or democratic rule. Blacks may on average have lower IQs, but they aren’t completely stupid. They know full well when they vote for a liberal democrat they ball be promised and in most all cases given something. It is their, (I a am owned something) attitude that is a big part of the problem. They are also taught they should have high self esteem without even earning it. They are taught to hate whitey. All there things combine to make a highly dangerous situation that we aren’t even allowed to acknowledge without the threat of job loss and public shame.

        • A Z

          God Fathers Pizza

        • Mr. W. H. Braden

          Col. Allen West, Ms. Rice, thousands of veterans, plenty in the NFL and NBA, the Olympics. I will admit a lot of hate is discussed at the dinner table, if they do eat together.

          • Dallas25305

            NFL? you mean the National Felons League? You need to get out more man. You live a sheltered life. Get in the real world and Wake up.

        • A Z

          One whole Burger King region turned around by Herman Cain

        • Dallas25305

          The Liberal Socialist Democrap left doesn’t like the truth. As long as Obama and his gang of liberal Democrap liars, deadbeats and thieves run the country it will only get worse. Obama loves his “hood rats” attacking whitey and Harry Reid and the rest of the Crappers don’t care as long as their pockets end up full of money.

        • Chezwick

          Ben Carsen, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Herman Cain, Allen West, Condaleeza Rice, Colin Flaherty are just a few brilliant black intellectuals whose IQ far transcends yours.

          • Seek

            Pure Tea Party self-delusion. Colin Flaherty isn’t black, unless I’ve missed something. As for the other black “intellectuals” — brilliant and otherwise (Herman Cain? I don’t think so)– they are a tiny minority within the black world. For every Thomas Sowell writing columns, there must be literally thousands of brainless black thugs roaming the city streets, terrorizing whites.

          • Chezwick

            “Colin Flaherty isn’t black, unless I’ve missed something”

            You’ve missed quite a bit.

          • detroitrockcity

            What he didn’t miss is the fact that he clearly was pointing out to you, that Colin Flaherty is in fact a pale white Irish dude. He was confused by the way you referred to him as an intelligent successful black male, when he is absolutely positively white.

          • Guy Fromage

            Tea Party self-delusion.

            You just gave yourself away, plant.

          • A Z

            You missed or purposefully ignored the break up the black family, which Patrick Moynihan pointed out. The white family is also breaking up and is only 1 or 2 generations behind.

            This is the result of liberalism not genetics.

        • sherwool

          Name me one successful black run anything.

          Xerox Corporation. Name/skin color of Ursula Burns mean anything to you?

          Get a clue.

        • Lumpy Rutherford

          No, sir. The blacks of which you speak are NOT merely unloved, but the product of non-Christian families, and have subscribed to the fashionable “hate whitey” mentality of the so-called “gangsta” rap music groups. Almost all of these are young, underachievers–by choice–and are headed for destruction almost from birth. Many black people are intelligent and hardworking, hence, never make the news, so you really don’t notice them. The ones who make the news are the ones that should be taken to a veterinarian and put to sleep–for the safety of ALL of us…

      • Seek

        You miss the point. The “War on Poverty” was intended as much to benefit poor whites as much as poor blacks. The problem is that blacks, more than anyone, game the welfare system. They’re complete hustlers when given the opportunity. And with integration, they have a more target-rich environment for attacks.

    • Seek

      The black family was NEVER “strong and loving.” Blacks, by their nature, are more violent than any other race. That’s been true for tens of thousands of years. What has emboldened them as of late in America is the law, and public opinion, shielding them from accountability.

      • Mr. W. H. Braden

        I disagree Seek, I’ve grown up with strong and loving people in the Black community, the trouble is, there are fewer today than in my youth. Best police officer my brothers and I ever met was a “Negroman” as my Dad called him. I compare him to every policeman I have ever met since.

      • Dallas25305

        Your right. Your a man who knows the truth and is not afraid to say it. Unlike nearly every gutless liberal socialist type.

      • Cold_Drake_80

        Really putting your “degree” in Race Theory from the University of the Germanbund to work I see.

        • Dallas25305

          He’s right you liberal dunce. Open up your eyes moron.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            If all you have in petty name calling I have nothing to fear. How FPM of you.

          • Charles Martel

            I will say to you like I said before and, this is for Braden too, where is the one example of a successful run Black Country, county, even town. Braden could only list a few example so blacks who are successful and even his examples were few and composed of government affirmative action beneficiaries. I spent 20 plus years in the military. No know damn well the preferential treatment they get.

            Do I hate them? No. But do I know to avoid them? YES. Let them have baht ever they want but leave me alone and don’t force me to integrate.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            Try the Mali Empire. It was a going concern for 400 years. Of course your demanding examples now after the ravages of colonialism and constant, violent interference from outside forces.
            As for the military – assuming you were in at all – let me guess you got passed over and have been pissy about it ever since?

    • Dallas25305

      What planet did you just come down from? Cry me a river for the evil hood rats who’s entertainment is beatings , rape and murder.

      • Mr. W. H. Braden

        You missed my point. There “was” many before “loving and strong” and not as many now. I’ve yet to make my point about the “hood rats”. I carry a Colt and bless their dead hearts if I or anyone around me is touched. Dallas25…whatever, you need to pay attention.

  • DurkaDurka

    Enlightening a mind wiped Journalist is like asking the USSR’s Proletariat to build steps to their own house. It ain’t gonna happen.

  • Charles Martel

    Vox Day has a real good idea about where this will lead when he comments on the Jacksonville Ms. Mayor’s black separatism movement.

  • laura

    the humilation aspect is similar to what jihadists do, also mexicans/central americans.

  • Chezwick

    Mr Flaherty,

    Calling public attention to this phenomenon seems to have become your calling in life. I’m certain it was a calling born of necessity more than anything else. If a SINGLE mainstream reporter had been doing such work, you probably wouldn’t have felt the obligation. AS it is, you are a singular voice in the wilderness, trying to alert our society to this malevolence being hidden under the cultural radar. Thank you for your efforts.

    • ColinFlaherty


      • Douglas J. Bender

        How do we know these perpetrators are not black, but instead just highly tanned?

        I leave you with my thanks for your work, as well.

        • ColinFlaherty

          thanks … hope you get a chance to check out the new edition of the book.

        • laura

          dont feed the media! the term “highly tanned” will be the next excuse!

    • laura

      the others who have written books & articals are black. mr. flaherty includes the videos which is special.

  • ampersand

    In the motorcycle incident on the West Side freeway, all of the people arrested so far have been black. And the driver was Asian …. Perhaps you can did into this???

  • Dallas25305

    Blacks are the most racist group on the planet. The welfare they recieve and the low I.Q. doesn’t help either. This has been studied and known for years. Dr. Philip Rushton of the University of Western Ontario did studies on this over 20 years ago. By the way this situation will only get worse unless whites decide to defend themselves. Obama knows this he started the latest bunch of Black Power Racist attacks by getting into the Trayvon case. He knew what his hood rats would do.
    I knew, I had relatives who once lived in Detroit, a city that has been ruined by Black power racist driving anyone who wanted to work or was productive out of the city. It’s hard to go to work when your home is being broken into by your neighbors who live on welfare and drug selling and don’t want to work.

  • Juan

    and do you think that posting news about black on white crime things gonna change? I’m black hispanic and I support two things, segregation or fight, how long innocent and “unarmed” whites are going to tolerate this?

    • Drakken

      Not long, it is only a matter of time and the law of averages to come to play that these feral youts run into the wrong whitey who is armed and trained.

      • Juan

        good, it’s time that USA shows its real face to rest of the world, the land of those who never achieved good race relations, I will waiting

        • Drakken

          There never has been good race relations, now that blacks feel they have open season on whites without repercussions, it is only going to lead them to their own demise.

          • Juan

            USA never had good race relations in its history, this black on white crime is just an episode of a long story, I’m just waiting

          • Atlasshruggedmyass

            What a bunch of racist paranoid loons you
            All are. First of all over 90 percent of those killed
            By black are other blacks. The majority of white
            People killed are at the hand of other Whites. In
            Other words the only race war that will happen
            Is in the mind of Glenn Beck.

          • Juan

            I would not take it so carelessly

          • Drakken

            Hey I have a wonderful idea, Let’s stick you into a shinny area after about 2300 and let’s see if you make it.

          • Dallas25305

            My guess is your a black rascist. However if you are not why don’t you try walking around downtown Detroit? The hood rat community has already started a race war at the behest of Obama and his gang of liars, black power racist and thieves. Anyone who is white and has to live near blacks is a fool if they don’t arm themselves.

    • Charles Martel

      When we practiced segregation and limited immigration we had some good relations with a few problems here and there. There are now whole city areas which are no go zones for whites.

      When will whites as a group wake up? They won’t. Many believe the media and the narratives they given at school and college. When college auditoriums are filled to hear speakers like Tim Wise, who publically state that it is good whites are dying out and that he wished he could participate in the beating of whites and yet it is the whites who are called mean and evil, then what can whites do?

      • Juan

        actually you can do many things, but posting your opinions on internet forums is not gonna work, black people in USA have some vices but also they have the initiative to protest when they feel violated, discriminated, or attacked, no matter if they are right or wrong. Go ahead, leave the forums, facebook, or twitter, do something more tangible

        • laura

          whites are now getting armed, there us a rise in gun permits. i learned this from reading many forums.

          • Juan

            well, whites have been armed from long time ago, now it’s time to give me the reason about your daily race relations, the race war zone is going to start very soon

          • laura

            average everyday people have not been armed as a rule, now there has been a big change. btw, i have no problem w/race relations, have not been victimized. i do avoid places which could be dangerous. more central commercial places in general. btw, this black subculture attacks hispanics, whites, asians, & each other.

          • Juan

            First of all I don’t care if the number of non-black armed citizens has increased, the reality is that the gun culture has always existed in the United States, second if this problem is more addresed as a black vs non-black issue the american population will be polarized and blacks in general will be the main target, anyways, I wish you well, I just think that this problem seems to be disturbing and blacks are the common enemy, I would not be surprised if blacks and whites start shooting eachother

          • Drakken

            Blacks 12-13% of the population, whites 73-78 %, you do the math.

          • Juan

            so what, my point is that the race war will have both groups involved, sadly the blood bath will start soon and probably the minority will lose, anyways I think this was expected

          • laura

            the “gun” culture is rarely seen in average american households. normal citizens dont go out “armed”. now it is being discussed across the nation. whites are not getting gun permits to kill blacks. (@least normal people arnt). they are getting the guns so they can go to the grocery store. the race relations also were never good between blacks & latinos either. you may have it easier if you are more afro in appearence. what ever was in the past has gotton 100xs worse. so much is instigated by the race industry. also forcing people to intergrate is bad fro all sides.

          • Juan

            yes, it’s true, bad race relations include some tensions among minorities, then my point is more valid when I say that USA is the land of those who never achieved good race relations, is not only about what happen today, this is just a feature of american society. I’m not pretty sure if I get it easier if I look more black or something, the question is that prejudice and hostility between races is already established, and unfortunately, it seem that the solution of this will be the violent methods, if non-blacks are now the victims of violent acts perpetuaded by blacks, then the fight will start, and this will be blacks (mainly) vs others, and I’m not a soothsayer to know that

          • Dallas25305

            They already are but so far only the blacks are doing the shooting.

          • laura

            it may come to that. the president of the US makes blacks feel inferior & angry. he pushes this, & is obsessed w/race. when al sharton has a spot on MSNBC, that feeds the violence. it has never been like this in 50yrs. yes it will become a race war.

          • Dallas25305

            You are right that black hood rats will attack asians and hispanics too. However whites are attacked more since the racist Hussein Obama gave them the go ahead with his message in the Trayvon case.

          • Juan

            Hold on, not so quickly, blacks are also under attack, mexican gangs in LA shoot blacks in their neighborhoods to take them as their territory, and most of the attacks are not provoked. In regard to the White and Asian people, we can see that there is a systemic act to attack them and cause some harm both personally and in their properties, some by prejudice, and others because they are viewed as easy targets, so please, that Trayvon case is just an additive, no an stimulation

          • Dallas25305

            Yes I know Mexican gangs attack Blacks in California because they got sick of being on the receiving end of Black Power Racist attacks. I have read that when MS13 moves into a neighborhood the first thing they do is take out the Black gangs. Blacks in every country are more violent and more racist. There is only one way to end that and it’s payback. What blacks are going to eventually get they have coming.

          • Juan

            “Yes I know Mexican gangs attack Blacks in California because they got sick of being on the receiving end of Black Power racism.”


            ” Blacks in every country are more violent and more racist.”

            excuse me, every country? blacks in south america are quiet and cool people, the same goes for black caribbeans and others, please rid your limited american experiences and don’t try to compare the rest of the world with the things that happen in your country

          • Dallas25305

            If whites are not safe in Black hoods. Blacks should not be safe in white areas. Personally if a black guy is blown away and I am near by, I never saw anything. Because that is the black secret to racism they never rat out a brother when they commit murder against whites.

          • Juan

            “they never rat out a brother when they commit murder against whites.”……….WRONG

      • Atlasshruggedmyass

        If you know the history of this country you know there
        Was never a such thing a limited immigration. Pret
        Much everyone came from Europe and Ireland. White
        Conservative politicians then made immigration
        Legally limited when they didnt like people of color
        Wo were spanish from coming over.

        Just another bigoted moron who thinks that segregation
        (Lynchings, murders, rapes, beatings, etc) of blacks
        Somehow equaled good relations?! haaaahhhh!!!

        • Drakken

          Yeah and look how that has turned out, more racial discontent than ever before, import the 3rd world, you become the 3rd world.

      • Drakken

        What can whites do you ask? Shoot, shovel and shut up.


    Rabid animals should be put down….

    • Atlasshruggedmyass

      I’ve been saying the exact same thing about your
      Catholic Church leaders for years!

      • Dallas25305

        Oh yes their bad. Unlike the Racist Rev Wright who was a real saint.

        • Atlasshruggedmyass

          Rev Wright was never sexually molesting children and
          Then begging the Vatican to cover it up. I find it
          S strange that conservatives think wrights rhetoric
          Was worse than all the catholic,if church scandels.

      • Drakken

        Yeah they are waging Crusades all over the place aren’t they? Step away from the bong pipe.

  • Michael__Durham

    “Liberals” and “Progressives” and DemonRATs are all duplicitous, lying Bolshevik vermin. They tell lies like they breathe.

    They all should be rounded up and dropped into active volcanoes. *ALL* of them.

  • Atlasshruggedmyass

    Oh please, every time there is a riot with all white kids
    There never referred to as “white riots” or “white mobs”.
    And the right wing media never will. Just look at that
    Huge white penn state riot after “Joe Paterno” the
    Child molester was let go. Could you teabaggers imagine
    The Fox News coverage if blacks were rioting in support
    Of a serial child rapist?! Talk about hypocrisy.

    • Dallas25305

      When is the last time a gang of white teens sucker punched an old black guy and then kicked him to death you moron?? Let me know when that happens you doofus.

    • Drakken

      Whites don’t riot and kill people dumbazz, the African’ts always do, see the difference shortbus?

  • Father Dacius

    Smile and be pleasant to everyone, mind your own business, and carry a Webley.

    • Drakken

      Glock is a much better choice.

      • Father Dacius

        i’m old fashioned that way.

  • David Powell

    Start shooting them, they are terrorist

    • Atlasshruggedmyass

      Last I checked pretty much all the mass school shooter
      Terrorists were white males! Oh but I forgot white teenage
      Males are the only group in american society not allowed
      To be profiled even though they commit most of murders
      And school shootings. Well that’s institutional racism for

      And by the way idiot, most of the Americans on ther
      Terror watch list between black and white are overwhelmingly
      White! Anytime there is a domestic terrorist “mcveigh” type
      They will always search for the white man first.

      • David Powell

        Ok asshole, I never said to shoot them cause they’re black, any white people that do this should be shot also the article is about black mob violence, not white serial killers. Most serial killers are believed to be highly intelligent, perhaps that is why aren’t many black ones.Dickhead

      • detroitrockcity

        All the recent shooters were mentally ill. They should be profiled. At the very least institutionalized or forced to take their meds. But the libtards wouldn’t allow them to be stigmatized like that for fear of their mentally deranged feelings being hurt. So people end up dieing instead. Hey. Wait a minute. Wasn’t this conversation supposed to be about arming ourselves and shooting black thugs in their faces when they start to get uppity?

  • Blaine Simpson

    I’m disappointed that Flaherty isn’t interested at all in “proving” that this is a statistical phenomenon. It’s great that he’s collected incidents, but without any information about proportionality they are indeed anecdotal. Yes, it “sounds” like an overwhelming number of incidents– Spewing out a list of 100 cities gives me no idea about the incidences of non-majority-black violent assaults and violence in the same cities, nor about the number of cities with large black population that do not have these incidents. It would be honorable and honest if he just laid out the incidents, but he draws conclusions that would only be justified if he had proven proportionality. He disingenuously claims that he just reports facts and makes no generalities, but the whole point of the interview, and the only attraction of the book, is if these things occur in unprecedented proportionality.

    Saying “I don’t use statistics in the book… Black crime is worse than white crime by a factor of 10, 20, 30, or 40, pick a number” is not evidence– it is pulling numbers out of the air with a discrepancy factor of 400%. I don’t know the answer and I know that there are people who would argue various crime statistics and cause-and-effects, but Flaherty proceeds with the assumption, without giving a word of evidence for it, that the proportionality is overwhelming and unchallenged. It is, in fact, challenged by some crime professionals and academics, so it needs to be addressed. In the case that there really are studies reporting crime race disparity rates in the ranges he says, without knowing the details (like the type of crime, the instigators of the crime, the related rates of more wealthy or white criminals getting plea deals, poverty of the criminals etc.), it is unknown whether “black” is a primary causal factor or an effect of factors beyond the perpetrators’ control.

    Glazoff surely would not gobble up unproven allegations with no statistical evidence if it were a liberal claiming, for example, that there we are experiencing an epidemic of crimes by conservative militia groups. Glazoff admits that there are anecdotal incidents of anti-Muslim crime in both US and UK, but he intelligently denies the claim of a crime wave due to lack of evidence of statistical preponderance.

  • Philip Eton-Hogg

    The problem is single parenting. Specifically single moms raising boys produce thugs, regardless of race. It is always better for kids to be raised by two parents than one.

  • Lumpy Rutherford

    There’s no good reason to not arm yourself, and absolutely use deadly force when a mob of any people attack you. If you think your local police wouldn’t do the same, you’re dreaming. Unless you’re a white person who actually owned slaves, you shouldn’t feel any guilt of any kind. Slavery has been over for more than 150 years in this country (yet alive and well in North Africa, check Wikipedia for 21st century African slave trade), and NOBODY alive who’s black in America has ever been a slave. Defend yourselves from the animals who attack. I would–and I don’t care WHAT race the mob is…