The New York Times’ ‘Knockout Game’ Denial

knockout-game-targets-whites-by-inner-city-blacksThe New York Times no longer just ignores racial violence. Now the Gray Lady actively denies it.

Over the weekend, the New York Times questioned whether recent reports of black mob violence in the form of the “Knockout Game” are really just “urban legends.” Like Big Foot.

NBC, ABC and other networks were happy to follow the leader: They produced similar stories detailing the attacks — denying racial violence has anything to do with them.

As much as The Times wishes the Knockout Games were just another urban legend, here’s the difference: Big Foot is alive. And on videos, thousands of them, showing black mob violence that local press often dismisses as “random” attacks from “unruly teenagers.”

In St. Louis, where the Knockout Game first gained popularity, a judge two years ago said one man alone was responsible for 300 cases of the Knockout Game.

But The Times ignored that.

The newspaper editor says stories about black mob violence without statistics are anecdotal. Cherry picking. But people who present statistics are accused of stereotyping. Profiling.

Either way, following The Times formula, reporters produce stories like over the weekend in Philadelphia, where the local NBC affiliate reported on the latest example of the Knockout Game without citing its central organizing feature: The race of the attacker. And the race of the victim.

The NBC affiliate picks up the story:

The male victim was riding his bike along the 900 block of Catherine Street in the Bella Vista section of the city just before 8 p.m. on Friday when he was randomly punched by a group of teens, police said.

After being hit, police say the cyclist asked the group — made up of five teen boys and three teen girls — why they hit him. Without answering, the group then continued beating the man.

First things first: The attack was not random. The attackers were black. The victim was white. Fitting a pattern of dozens of cases of black mob violence in Philadelphia over the last two years. Many documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore it.

In one of the Philadelphia attacks, the victim asked the same question. But got a different answer:

“Why are you doing this?” the victim asked his attackers.

“Its not our fault you can’t fight,” they said, laughing. As they continued to beat him.

Trevor Godfrey knows the Knockout Game is real. He lived it, too. Last year in Springfield, Missouri, the president of a black fraternity was having a party when Trevor, who lived next door, went to open his car door.

Twenty black people from the party stood 20 feet away.

“Do you play football?” one asked him.

Trevor does not remember answering. He does not remember the punches breaking bones in his face. Or the teeth getting knocked out. Or the seizures he was having when his roommates found him soon after.

“The same people attacked one of the roommates earlier,” said Sherry Godfrey, Trevor’s mom, who recently appeared on the Sean Hannity to talk about her Knockout Game experience. “And another college student a few weeks later. But they were never arrested. Nor did the story make local papers until one year later.”

Mayor Francis Slay of St. Louis knows the Knockout Game is real. Slay and his bodyguard had just left a Pink Floyd tribute show and were riding by a city library in October 2011 when they saw a man in the gutter, unconscious.

That man was 51-year old Matt Quain, who had been on his way home from a local grocery story, ready to celebrate a Cardinals’ victory in the World Series. The Post-Dispatch reports some of the details:

“Eighteen teenagers jumped on him and started hitting him with bricks for no apparent reason,” said Charlie Quain, the victim’s nephew.  Quain’s uncle was walking home with a neighbor when he was attacked in front of a public library. Nothing was taken from him, and he was able to escape before things escalated.

The game has caused deaths in the past.

“You can just see the lines and the bruising where the edge of the bricks were hitting him,” Quain said. “His jaw is wired shut. It has to be for at least six weeks.”

Quain was left in a neck brace, with a broken jaw, black eye and stitches in his face.

The Mayor saw the attackers “saunter” away. Soon, seven black people were in custody.

A few days after assault, Quain’s family pleaded for an end to the “sickening attacks.”

Police held a meeting at the school were most of the suspects attended. Please stop the Knockout Game, they begged.

Two weeks later, a 54-year-old man was another victim. Two of the people arrested were at the meeting.

The Quain trial was supposed to begin in January. Instead, the district attorney dropped charges because a 13-year-old witness did not show up for the trial.

Mayor Slay said it was a case of  witness tampering. “My strong guess is that she was intimidated, threatened not to testify which is why she did not show up,” Slay said to the Post Dispatch. “The case fell apart and the second-degree assault charges were dropped, followed by cheers and high-fives among the defendants.”

There was also plenty of jubilation on Facebook, which the Post-Dispatch reported. Including a dispatch from a black person known as the Knockout King because he was universally acclaimed to be the master of this athletic art form:


TKO, of course, is a boxing term for Technical Knock Out and is also a popular graffiti tag in that neighborhood.

Despite repeated pleas for peace from police, newspapers and the Quain family, a few days after the charges were dropped, the alleged assailants were back. And they were after Quain. Again.

KMOV TV talked to the shaken Quain: “I looked up and I was flinching because he had his fists up in the air,” Quain said.  Quain then pulled out a can of pepper spray and the accused attackers fled the scene.”

Despite the otherwise excellent coverage, at no time did the Post-Dispatch ever include a description of the attackers that included their race.

Which is in keeping with standards suggested by the Society of Professional Journalists on how to report racial crime: Don’t.

The paper even disabled the comments section of news stories associated with this and other Knockout attacks because readers were demanding to know why the newspaper refused to report on the race of the predators.

The same paper that constantly reports on black caucuses, black churches, black colleges, black TV, black radio, and other black institutions — with many stories written by members of the National Association of Black Journalists —  says race may be relevant to everything else. But not crime.

“Regarding the local newspaper shutting down the comments section on stories related to The Knockout Game, you should note it is actually now much worse than that,”  said Deb, a St. Louis resident. “Because citizens were so angry at purposeful non-reporting and under-reporting of many stories here in St. Louis, they would take to the Comments Section of high profile crime stories in the online edition of our local paper to discuss & share what they know that the local paper was not reporting.”

“The Post-Dispatch got tired of being made to look bad and incompetent when the Comments Section had more useful and factual information than the original newspaper article did.”

Not discussing the race of the assailants is the most cherished rules of the Knockout Game. The Times figured that much out.

Earlier this year, Demetrius Murphy, one of those accused in the Quain Knockout Game, was shot and killing trying to break into a St. Louis home. He was 15. His grandfather compared Demetrius to Trayvon Martin, and said, despite his criminal history he was a good boy and never wanted to hurt anyone.

Also part of The Times’ urban legend scenario is St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce. KMOV talked to Joyce about her Facebook posting on the Knockout Game.

Joyce “talked to a teenager who claimed to be part of the “Knockout Kings,” a group that likes to attack random people on the street. There have been a number of serious injuries – even a death associated with the attacks. Joyce says the teenager claims to have knocked out more than 300 people.”

That did not matter to The Times.

In Philadelphia, Temple University hired a community organizer to help them treat racial violence as a public health problem. He said he was not too worried about it, because it was just “kids, blowing off some steam.”

But the thug point of view is already well represented at The Times: Either it is not happening. Or not important.

Marvell Weaver has a different story. One with plenty of “street cred.” Weaver got famous earlier this year when he invented a new twist on the Knockout Game: Use a taser.

Weaver jammed a taser — KL-800 Type Stun Gun capable of generating 1.8 million volts —  into the ribs of a man waiting for his daughter at a school bus stop. He pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. The man pulled a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver and shot Weaver as he tried to escape to the getaway van where two of his accomplices waited.

According to

“Weaver ran, sat down across the street, his leg going numb, bleeding. Pleading.

“‘I’m sorry, please don’t kill me, I don’t know why I did that, I’m high you know, I just wanna go home,’” the teen told the man who had just shot him.”

From his jail cell, Weaver contributed to a on-line forum that asked “have you played the knockout game?

“I played about 6 or 7 times but the last time was my last. Decided to taze the poor fella then shortly after got shot 2 times. I’m in jail for a year but I’m a changed man now.”

ABC News took the denial to a new level over the weekend, when it reported that a Denver man was one of the “first people in that city to be a victim of the “knockout game.”

This contradicts earlier reports of similar racial violence that rocked Denver in 2011. It took a while, but the black mob violence eventually became so blatant and so public that even the ABC affiliate could not ignore it any more. Here’s a portion of that report:

A couple dozen arrest warrant affidavits unsealed Friday offer chilling insights into the 26 racially-motivated “blitz attacks,” which stretched from July 17 to Nov. 17.

One unidentified suspect told police “that the members of his gang earn status in the gang by beating up ‘white dudes,’” according to court records. He added that the gangs targeted “drunk white guys,” exiting bars and nightclubs in the entertainment district.

The suspects allegedly bragged about knocking out white victims with one punch to the head. Victims lying on the ground were “stomped” and even tossed through glass windows.

In the latest report, ABC trotted out the same experts as the other national news outlets, denying the Knockout Games have anything to do with race. They also came up with a solution: “Juvenile delinquency experts say a good punishment for these teens would be empathy training, such as volunteering at a homeless shelter.”

Even The Times did not go that far: Even a Timesman knows it makes little sense to offer solutions to a problem that does not exist.


Don’t miss Jamie Glazov‘s video interview with Colin Flaherty about “White Girl Bleed A Lot”:

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  • Hass

    You know what would make my day?

    The Chief Editor of the NYT being king hit whilst sipping a latte.

    • tagalog


      • Hass

        I thought the sound made was “Kapow!” as in Batman.

        • tagalog

          There’s a report in one of these knockout stories that the perp shouted “Wapow!” as he laid one on the victim. Maybe that’s Ebonics for “Kapow!”

        • Andy_Lewis

          Sometimes it’s “Whap!” I can understand how it would translate to “Wapow” in the “urban vernacular,” know what I’m sayin’?

    • A Z

      What makes my day is that the NYT sold the Boston Globe for a loss.

      The 70 million dollar cash infusion will allow them to limp along for a while, but they are in a de_th spiral.

      They bought the Globe for 1.1 billion and they sold it for 70 million. They lost 93% of their investment.

      everyone on the NYT staff needs to be unemployed so they have to live in the other parts of town. Then they will see reality instead of viewing it from afar and lying about it. The day is coming soon.

      • tagalog

        Like the South Bronx. Or Bed-Stuy. Oh wait: they’d move in, but they’d never move out.

  • Tina Trent

    The Times has been practicing crime denial since the 1960’s, when crime rates skyrocketed. Their editor AM Rosenthal even positively discussed their efforts to misrepresent crime in what they viewed as the interest of racial justice — he mulled over this extensively in a memoir he wrote and then rewrote, while never quite understanding how one version after another mired deeper in a neurotic stew.

    One of their crime reporters in the Seventies wrote an entire book trying to pin contemporary black crime on hillbilly culture and the civil war. He was vicious, hate-filled jerk who worked hard to deny the crime that was destroying millions of lives and the collective home values of millions — mostly minority lives and minority home values — in the interest of his politics.

    The Times also has a staggering record of giving space on their op-ed page to brutal killers and advocating their release. Not mere garden variety murderers — the ones they have made into cause celebres or whose politics they embrace (if you can call murdering cops a politics — I do). They advocated for the release of the serial-murderer and post-mortem rapist who killed Kitty Genovese and several other women, despite the fact that he had escaped from prison as well. Just killing, then raping women, nothing serious like hate speech, you know.

    Colin Flaherty is doing important work, and it is being heard. We also can’t forget the black victims, as well.

    • A Z

      I actually subscribed to the NYT many years ago for a short while. What a mistake. If I had known of AM Rosenthal’s position and that of other staff, I would never have fed the beast.

    • Dallas25305

      You mean there are black victims? How many? Maybe one or two?

      • fistdeyuma

        There are more black victims crimes than white, many more. This is the untold racism of the Liberals. They think they are helping blacks by being kind to criminals, never thinking that the major victim of the criminals are also back. Then there is the job and stores issue. No one in their right mind will open a store or create a business in a high crime neighborhood, which means young blacks can never find local work and just add to the problem.

        • Fritz

          Race based justice is becoming an increasing problem in Canada as well, except instead of blacks it is in relation to Indians (aboriginals) and Indian reserves. This “Hug a Thug” mentality isn’t so much a problem related to Indian on non Indian crime, but is harming many innocents on Indian reserves. It’s just the same as fistdeyuma states, the major victims of aboriginal criminals are other aboriginals.
          In some ways it’s worse because both sometimes reside in reserves that are in remote areas. Some reserves are virtually owned and operated by organized crime, Indian gangs in partnership with biker gangs, with a little bit of race based politics thrown in just to keep the cops away.

      • Boogie’s Daddy

        Stats do show that the highest overall crime rates are black on black crimes. However, the rates where one race attacks another are massivly tilted to black on white crime.

  • tagalog

    Question: “Why are you doing this?”
    Answer: “It’s not our fault you can’t fight.”

    Question: “Why did you just shoot me?”
    Answer: “It’s not my fault you can’t take a bullet.”

    New York Times: “Black child shot by white man in melee.”

  • A Z

    The noted science fiction writer Philip K. D_ck once declared that “Reality is what continues to exist whether you believe in it or not.”

    Such an observation should be kept in mind when we consider some of the touchier aspects of American society.

    The New York Times staff is in la-la land.

  • A Z

    The NYT staff does not read the FBI crime statistics or they choose to lie (spin) about it.

    Table 43a Arrests (summary)
    Table 49a Cities Arrests
    Table 55a Metropolitan Counties Arrests
    Table 61 Non-Metropolitan Counties Arrests

    Blacks are overrepresented by in proportion to their percentage of the population of 12% or 13%.

    Why is 13% of the population committing 48.3% of the murders?

    Leftist policies miseducate them and egg them on.

    Liberal/progressives/socialist/communists like to say if you normalize by income they are not over represented. It has been pointed out that other poor populations in the past have not had the same rate of crime. We have had the the War on Poverty and many other leftist remedies and the problem is getting worse not better.

    • fistdeyuma

      To be fair you must also point out that the majority of victims in these crimes are also black. The last people blacks should be voting for are Liberals, who have treated them like dirt. Sadly they have a lot of Judas goats leading them to slaughter.

      • A Z

        That is true. I did not post the table that showed that blacks murder whites far more than the other way around.

        It is not the genetics. It is the culture. It is a culture aided and abetted by the Democrat Party and others on the left.

        • Drakken

          Ever been to Africa? It is the same over there as it is in the bloody ghetto, so yes genetics does play a prominent role.

          • A Z

            There are slightly less than 30,000 genes in the human genome. Each gene has several variations, alleles. Then we have to figure out gene interactions.

            That seems like a lot to sift through. Some wag will figure out the combinations or permutations and say “There are so many and it is impossible to figure” and throw up their hands in dismay.

            But like with chess or similarly large complex problems we should be able to “chunk it”.

            Expert Chess Memory: Revisiting the Chunking Hypothesis


            Myself I like Wolpoff’s big head theory that any advantageous gene (in this case a gene for large brains) will get distributed to all populations fairly quickly. I subscribe to that theory. I thought Wolpoff was correct when the Out of Africa theory was all he rage. Around 1999 or 2000 and Stoneking made the cover of Time magazine. Wolpoff was a nobody. Then in the next few to several years they found Neanderthal DNA in Europeans and subsequently found Denisovan DNA in Melanesians and others. they also based the “Out of Africa” theory on the assumption of large populations. But subsequent to the Africa disapora at 100,00 years ago we had the Toba event which killed most mankind. That would make for small populations. They have also found quite a few recessive genetic defects in some Asian skulls that show small inbred populations. the short of it is that i think Wolpoff has a good track record and is right.

            Now a gene/allele that might be more important than IQ would be aggression. If a population with high IQ went pacifist then all their high IQ genetics matters naught. Impartial natural selection would not be
            partial to a gene for IQ over one for aggression.

            Anyway we will see soon. The genome has been sequence and I figure about 12% to 20% of the genes are fairly well studied.

            I could be wrong but I hope not.

            I do not see tribal African politics to be any different than the the actions of the first Merovingen King.

            I see African politics and advancement the same as European with kingdoms rising fighting and falling with new kingdoms rising from the debris and getting a little further each time like in Europe. The Colonial period interrupted it plus they also had Islam happen to them when they were less advanced then we were.

            Again I could be wrong.

          • David Bergman

            Uh, White Man has been quite good at murdering people; just going back some 70-40 years and we have a slaughter of some 40 million in World Wars and Russia. And the “Asian” Man can also induce a lot of blood; estimates of Mao’s slaughtering of 50 million or so. So, I wonder what ethnicity is truly non-violent. Unless genes changed a lot the last 40 years.

          • Seek

            Finally, someone here gets it. Blacks don’t need “liberals” to teach them how to beat, rape and kill. They’re pretty good at these things in their own environment. It’s what comes natural to them.

      • Boogie’s Daddy

        To be fair, the race of the victims is possibly irrelevant after consideration of the perpetrator’s race. By that I mean if the victims were evenly divided between caucasian, asian, hispanic, Pacific Islanders, Scandahoovian we would be facing the same problem.
        Consider the Muslims killed on 9-11. How does that alter the reality?

      • Seek

        Blacks being killed by OTHER BLACKS. White liberals aren’t doing the killing.

        Liberals fawn all over blacks. They haven’t treated them like dirt. Au contraire, they love them. Liberals favor affirmative action, welfarism, reparations, and ghetto lottery lawsuits. In other words, they are pro-black — and more to the point, anti-white. Nobody is leading blacks to slaughter, fool. Blacks are doing the slaughtering. We whites are being led to slaughter.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Black on Cracker assault is not a crime . Cracker on Black assault is a Hate Crime.
    The Left has injected political correctness into crime .

    • John Davidson

      Eric Holder has got to be removed and quickly.

  • Dallas25305

    I see this on all of the gutless, liberal, socialist news papers and TV networks. Pathetic white liberal socialist elite who cover up the fact the Blacks are the most racist and violent people on the planet. The stupidity of the liberal, socialist left is only exceeded by their cowardice. These same moronic leftist will cheer the racist supreme leader of the U.S., Hussein Obozo in his desire to disarm every white person in the country, to aid his hood rats in their attacks on whites. This situation will not end until white people, asians and white hispanics decide to defend themselves. Let’s not forget the fact that Obama started a lot of this with his involvement in the Trayvon affair where he gave his gangs of hood rats a nod and a wink to start this murderous attack. Note, you don’t hear , Obama, Holder, Jackson or Sharpton complaining about this, because they are applauding it.

  • Mo86

    People really do think it’s okay for blacks to assault/murder whites, and they’re supposed to just be allowed to get away with it. After all, it’s just payback for slavery and segregation.

    Ghetto minded blacks like these (along with their white liberal supporters) really do feel this way. No one wants to say it.

    I have no problem saying it. And calling me stupid names won’t change that fact.

    • tagalog

      At least one person claiming to speak for black people says exactly that, that all the knockouts in the Knockout Game don’t come near the mistreatment of blacks during the period of slavery and second-class citizenship after the Civil War and up to the Civil Rights Movement.
      Well, okay, I guess if we’re going to play tit for tat, whites and blacks can go at it against one another for the indefinite future. Anybody want to take bets on who will win that contest if we just kick out the jams and go right to it?

  • John Davidson

    Check out the report in the Columbus, Dispatch about the 92 year old woman attacked and brutally beaten in local public library by 40 year old dark-skinned woman. Worthington, Ohio, a suburb.

    • laura r

      report it to colin flaherty, his mail is on his site “white girl bleed alot”

  • Seek

    It is my conviction that the Negro, on his own, is simply incapable of maintaining, much less constructing, a genuinely civilized society. And a society that is civilized, such as ours, can put up with this sort of behavior for only so long. If official America cannot bring itself to crack down on the black brutes who inflict this behavior on the innocent, then unofficial America will pick up the slack.

    Mind you, I don’t consider myself any sort of redneck or reactionary. I’m simply someone who faces geopolitical reality. A regime cannot retain its legitimacy if it cannot physically defend its own people from attacks, whether internal or external. It’s been a fact of life for thousands of years. Either the primitive black is held in check, and punished accordingly, or this nation shall descend into anarchy.

    • Fritz

      It’s bullcrap, there are ghetos in Europe, around Edinburgh, Scotland for example, with roaming gangs of youths that behave the very same way, and most of these youths are white. The common factor is broken homes with single parents, state run slums, and little to no economic prospects. The problem has nothing to do with race it has to do with socialism paying people to stay where they are.

      • cerise3577

        You can have no economic prospects and have values… this is why giving people more has not improved behavior. They have been given an example of civil behavior and are not afraid of punishment… a single parent can teach values, the problem is, they need to know that values are important and the need to take the time to teach them. For too many now values are what they can get away with and convince others they are wrong for “judging”…

      • Seek

        Oh, yeah. Like Scotland is filled with criminals like these. As for “broken homes,” plenty of people have come from them without descending to this level of barbarism. The problem has EVERYTHING to do with race, Mr. Tea Party. It’s blacks singling our vulnerable whites for sudden, brutal beatings. Wake up.

    • Fritz

      There is also the fact that the majority of Blacks in the U.S have a significant amount of Caucasian DNA in their system. It’s not really a surprise since the last importation of slaves from Africa to North America occurred prior to 1812. Your arguments smack of the discredited theories of eugenics, that somehow morals, intelligence, and work ethic are related to ethnicity. At one time the U.S Armed forces believed that black men were unsuited to becoming pilots, then came the Tuskegee Airmen, one of the most decorated air squadrons of WW2. The problems with the black youth of today are related to social conditioning, or there lack of, broken homes, poor schools, substance abuse, and several decades worth of race hustling through cults of victimhood. If children are raised in an amoral environment then everything seems moral.

      • Seek

        This isn’t eugenics; it’s reality. I cannot think of a single society at any time in history where the population was predominantly or exclusively black that managed to succeed on its own. Even partial success has been due to Western colonialism (currently known as the UN) or private investment and charity. T

  • Drakken

    If whitey gets angry enough, there won’t be a ghetto black that will be able to walk anywhere without someone bagging him.

    • tagalog

      The saddest thing is the reduction of social interaction to vendetta. Heartbreaking that the Civil Rights Movement has evolved into this. Whites didn’t want it that way.

  • Drakken

    Note to whitey, arm up, be alert when around those of the darker persuasion, profile, profile, profile. If confronted by more than 2 pavement apes, shoot, police your brass and walk on. When enough pavement apes are left on the sidewalks bleeding out, they just might get it, if not, well let Darwin have his due.

  • Cuppa

    Boo! Everyone is coming git ya! Is there anyone you people aren’t terrified of?

    • shawnmer

      Boo! Stand your ground laws! You twits raised a thousand times the hysteria over ONE incident where it was actually the black AGGRESSOR who was the one killed.

      The author of this piece has documented hundreds of these attacks. At what point are we permitted by you to be a little concerned? A thousand? Ten thousand? Or do we just have to stand by and not notice the color of the attacker forever? Really, I’d like to know!

      • Cuppa

        Boo! You haven’t answered the question. Who are you not terrified of? Boo!

        • shawnmer

          Dude, I don’t detect a lot of fear on this thread, it sounds like anger from a group of people who tired of having facts withheld from them. We are done pretending black crime is a “stereotype.”. It isn’t and never has been.

          • Cuppa

            This whole website is nothing but ginning up fear about Muslims and Blacks. That seems to be its entire business model.

          • shawnmer

            Oh right, ‘ginning up fear.”. And they’re doing this how, by pulling it out of their a**?? Or are they routinely supporting their arguments with mundane stuff like, you know, facts and statistics?

            We have a duty to remain willfully blind, I know.

          • shawnmer

            Oh right, ‘ginning up fear.”. And they’re doing this how, by pulling it out of their a**?? Or are they routinely supporting their arguments with mundane stuff like, you know, facts and statistics?

            We have a duty to remain willfully blind, I know.

          • Cuppa

            Yes, pulling it out of their @ss. No go back to your regularly scheduled irrational fears.

          • A Z

            Cuppa you seem to immune to government statistics, local crime stories reported by ABC, CBS, NBC and your local paper. Do you get out much?


            Table 43a Arrests (summary)

          • shawnmer

            What are statistics to you?? Look at another post on this thread at the links to the FBI and DOJ crime stats. This is what to you, just, oh well?

            Why in your mind are statistical facts critical in making policy in every other area except when they reflect poorly on your protected groups?

          • Cuppa

            I can’t right now, I’m surrounded by Muslims on all sides! You guys were right all along…ahhhhhh!!!!

          • shawnmer

            We know you “can’t,” because there’s nothing to say. Thanks for the self-beclowning, you willfully obtuse twit. I knew it would come pretty quickly.

          • shawnmer
          • shawnmer

            Oh my, what great timing. The new “hate crime” stats are out.

            Blacks are 12% of the population, but 23% of “hate crimes!”. Imagine that, even in a category of crime they MADE UP to blame on whites, they’re still overrepresented!

          • laura r

            cuppa is most likely a black or muslim college kid. why respond? they also love the crime & violence, especially when it it targeted to you!

          • Drakken

            Keep putting your head in the sand and ignore what is happening around you in the hope that it will all go away and it is just a right wing plot to make obummmer look bad.

          • Cuppa

            They’re all coming to git ya! All of them. Hide!

        • Dallas25305

          How would you like some payback you black racist scum.

          • Cuppa

            I’m not black. I am most certainly not the racist here. I’m just trying to figure out why you people are so very terrified of everything.

          • shawnmer

            Why won’t you just answer the GD STATS?? All you’ve done is engage in making light of our factually supported concerns on about a middle school level! Ridicule isn’t an argument! Answer the evidence, or leave!

          • Cuppa

            Ridiculing scared old racists is a time honored practice. Have you decided on who you will be terrified of tomorrow? I think the Sikhs might be up to something.

          • shawnmer

            Pathetic. Go take a walk through the closest ghetto.

            Oh, wait. In 99 cases out of a hundred, the self righteous stormtroopers against “racism” either live in an area that’s either almost monolithically white, or live ina “diverse” city where they proclaim their moral superiority from afar and wouldn’t actually GO IN to the black neighborhoods on a dare.

            Either way, you don’t impress me.

          • Cuppa

            Have you thought about what the Eskimos might be up to? They might be coming to get you too!

          • shawnmer

            Son, just put on a clown nose and stop wasting my time. The only person reading this who can’t see you have spent the past 3 hours making a GD fool of yourself is you

          • Cuppa

            OK. But don’t say I didn’t warn you about the imminent uprising of Maori tribesmen and their alliance with Marxist Muslims.

          • JamesKelso

            You make this comment,”Just remember this blackie. Not many of us have to come to your area’s but you have to come to ours. I my case if I see a black guy get taken out, I didn’t see anything.” and you call someone else racist. Not only are you racist, you are in idiot.

    • Dallas25305

      Just remember this blackie. Not many of us have to come to your area’s but you have to come to ours. I my case if I see a black guy get taken out, I didn’t see anything.

      • Cuppa

        I’m not black, racist. But they’re all coming for you! Be scared! Run! Hide! Irrational fear is so much fun!

        • Drakken

          No, your a self hating, self loathing liberal/progressive who ignores reality and thinks that any criticism of blacks is racist and isn’t afraid to throw the race card to shut up any type of debate that will make you feel uncomfortable and give you a case of the vapors. I just call you a future Darwin Award winner.

          • Cuppa

            I heard the Buddhists are up to something. Best take to the bunker!

        • Seek

          Cheap sarcasm must be in season for this guy. Have a cuppa tea!

    • nomoretraitors

      In the spirit of George Zimmerman….

    • JAFO

      Yup …. You and folks like you.

      • Cuppa

        Who are you terrified of today? Eskimos? Martians? Spartans?

  • shawnmer

    “The newspaper editor says stories about black mob violence without statistics are anecdotal. Cherry picking. But people who present statistics are accused of stereotyping. Profiling.The newspaper editor says stories about black mob violence without statistics are anecdotal. Cherry picking. But people who present statistics are accused of stereotyping. Profiling.”

    That is an excellent point! Damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Can’t follow individual incidents and etrapolate out, can’t look at the big picture and work with statistical likelihood, either!

    Seems the biggest flaw in this thinking is that knockout incidents are getting pretty close to universal coverage. If your sample is the entire population of such events, then by definition, you are NOT CHERRY PICKING. If ALL knockout game attacks have nonwhite perps, you are not “generalizing,” you are making a factual statement based on the phenomenon in its entirety.

    And at that point, any objection simply boils down to wanting the facts censored because it (accurately) portrays the responsible group negatively.

    • tagalog

      People who claim to be spokespersons for the black point of view have been claiming for quite some time that race should be taken into account in every black-white encounter of significance. I agree and think that a good beginning might be with the reporting of criminal acts in the media. Race of perp, race of victim.

  • Thomas Aquinas

    The NYT has about as much credibility as Hussein Obama.

  • Cincinnatus

    Derbyshire was right!

    • Seek

      Damned right he was right! I know the guy personally. Derb makes more sense than most mainstream conservatives put together.

  • dad1927

    How about duh Blastio getting a chance to play? See if he will stop being PC then? Short of that, total denial as always. Nothing changes when nothings are the victim.

  • MattBracken

    This “game” is just an indicator of the latent violence seething in the black community, stoked by the race hustlers, the MSM, movies and academia. Just wait until when–not if—the EBT system implodes, and millions of these soulless feral brutes are literally starving. You think they are angry and violent today? This is their “good mood.”

  • Fritz

    Lets see, the civil war was 150 years ago, the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts passed into law 49 years ago. So this is supposed to be reparations? Letting black youth continue to behave like packs of wolves until they try it with the wrong man and get their head blown off? How is the imminent destruction of the lives of black youth supposed to better their lot as a community, or even the score?

    • tagalog

      That would be the Civil War, in which hundreds of thousands of white people gave their lives to end slavery, wouldn’t it?

      And the various Voting Rights Acts, they’ve been passed into law by majority white votes, haven’t they?

      Who says the Blackout Game is a form of reparations?
      Who, exactly, is it who is responsible for black youth having their lives destroyed? A little specificity seems to be called for in that innuendo.

  • RJ Chesnut Jr.

    Pocket guns, .380 with hollow points, small, lightweight and effective.
    Uncommon assaults require common preparedness.

  • 68truthseeker

    FLASHBACK: Hundreds Of Blacks Brutally Beat Whites At Wisconsin & Iowa State Fairs

  • voodkokk

    What they should do is give them a free trip back to Liberia.

  • Mo86

    That really is the mentality. Disgraceful.

  • quillerm

    Obama, Holder Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, and Congressional Black Caucus, were all outraged by the Martin Shooting and demanded Zimmerman be hunted down, put on trial, and then executed. But the deaths of Whites, Asians and Jews via the savage Knockout Game by Blacks is totally ignored. The most vile of these incidents were a elderly Asian couple. A elderly man was hit from the side and knocked down by Black teens. They then beat his elderly wife to the ground, and while she laid there helpless, they beat her husband to death. No comment from Obama, Holder, etc., which is very telling that they may be harboring some very racist beliefs.

  • Karen

    This is like the worst website ever!

    • UCSPanther

      Then don’t read it.

      You want censorship, try North Korea.

      • Karen

        No. I don’t want censorship. I enjoy the right to be able to say this is the worst website. And that I can criticize something without having to flee the country to (North Korea?).

        But after reading other comments that you’ve made on other articles. I do believe this is the right place for you. So enjoy :)

        • UCSPanther

          Yep. Run away. You progressives are all the same. Just stay clear of the ghettos, because the hoodlums that infest them don’t care about your ideology…

          • Karen

            Run away? You are a weird person. Who apparently just wants to write you’ve been putting in all the other comment sections about ghettos and hoodlums. Because somehow that is suppose to prove something or mean something. Also calling someone progressive like it’s a dirty word. The right for people to vote, to have freedom of speech, to have minimum wage are all progressive ideas that were not always possible and does not exist everywhere in the world. But proceed with your soapbox speech. Stereotype millions of people because you read articles on a website that feeds what you already think and because if someone does something that is horrible and that someone doesn’t look like you. It means that everyone in that group is guilty.

          • UCSPanther

            Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

          • JAFO

            Progressive just any other word for telling lies. I have no objection to people voting. As long as they are a citizen, registered and have ID to prove who they are. Also, that their still alive, live in the district in which they vote and don’t vote more then once! Something progressives have a hard time with. Nor was freedom of speech a progressive idea. It’s a natural right. Your idea of free speech is everyone agreeing to the progressive politically correct agenda. If the progressive in the white house is so much for free speeh why is he so fearful of whistle blowers…

            To freedom and liberty lovers progressive is a dirty word.

  • UCSPanther

    For all the progressive trolls: You can yell about diversity all you want, but I know you probably don’t dare set foot in ghettos, especially after dark.

    • Seek

      If I’m in a neighborhood whose main thoroughfare is named after Martin Luther King, I leave that place in a hurry. Chris Rock said the same thing.

  • Zombee

    Why is it that when Blacks commit mass organized violence it isn’t considered terrorism or racism but instead a “game”? Black on white hate crimes are going unprosecuted by Eric Holder and unreported by the laimstream media. Conceal carry and stand your ground.

  • Jim999999

    Well, I guess we just need to go “concealed carry” in cities like New York, St Louis and Chicago. If the PC crowd won’t protect us, we’ll protect ourselves.