Racial Profiling in the Heartland

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Eric Holder is going to hate this.

The same day the Attorney General was condemning the “underlying attitudes, mistaken beliefs and stereotypes” that create racial strife, the City of Indianapolis was implementing the single largest case of racial profiling in the history of this country.

This Friday and Saturday night, the streets of downtown Indianapolis will be full from some of the 250,000 black people attending the annual Indiana Black Expo.

Much like George Zimmerman knew that black people were responsible for a crime wave in his town, city officials “know” the Black Expo has a ten-year history of intense and frequent violence and lawlessness.

So they are getting ready for more. That is racial profiling.

The summer of 2010 was probably the worst. After the Black Expo let out for the evening, thousands of black people hit the streets of downtown. Chaos and violence followed. At least ten people were shot. A lot more were rampaging through downtown, destroying property and creating mayhem.

A lot of it was captured on video. All just a few weeks after Al Sharpton himself appeared in Indianapolis to complain about racist police.

And it is not just the Black Expo: Downtown Indianapolis has been the site of dozens of cases of large-scale black mob violence over the last three years. This year, when police flooded the downtown with extra officers, extra dogs, extra helicopters, extra paddy wagons — oops, sorry, “tactical vans” — to prevent the violence, black people just went to one of the suburban malls and wreaked havoc there.

That is also on video.

Sometimes their racial profiling leads to exasperation: “Why did we find an AK-47 in the back of someone’s car,” asked Frank Straub, director of public safety, about the 2010 rampage.

No one knew, other than the fact the violence and gun play are traditions at the Black Expo – despite the hundreds of police officers on the street to stop it.

So much so, the local paper said the Black Expo was “inescapably tied to violence.”

This is exactly the kind of “stereotyping” the Attorney General was talking about.

Local officials have no idea what is causing the violence. Or what to do about it.

So they too turn to racial profiling: This weekend, the streets of downtown will be full of the latest and greatest in crowd control. Towers and bright lights are the newest thing: The same kind of portable towers that football coaches move on and off their fields to keep an eye on practice, will instead be full of police with infra red cameras and high powered weapons.

All in touch with an army of police officers on the ground. All for the Black Expo.

The preparations during the Memorial Day holiday for Black Beach Week in Miami Beach were just as intense.

More racial profiling.

And up the road in South Carolina, cops from throughout the region were on stand by as tens of thousands of black people descended on the Myrtle Beach area for Black Biker Week.

More racial profiling.

Still not convinced? Consider the police presence at the Indianapolis 500 just a few weeks ago. Cops wrote tickets to 181 people, most alcohol-related. There were one or two cases of violence. That’s it.

Just like last year. And the year before. And the year before that. Yet the Indy 500 attracts far more people — 300,00 to 400,00 —  with far fewer police. Far less lawbreaking.

One crowd is black. The other white.

One event is a police state. The other a police vacation.

What further evidence of racial profiling, over-policing, stereotyping, underlying attitudes, mistaken beliefs, institution racism and white supremacy could you need?

Someone call the Attorney General and tell him to forget about the Zimmerman investigation and go to Indianapolis.

He’s got bigger fish to fry.

Colin Flaherty is an award-winning reporter and author of “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it.” Follow him on Twitter.

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  • onecornpone

    WoW!!! Is that racist? =-O

    • cjkcjk

      The more important question is is it true.

  • OfficialPro

    it should be obvious to anyone now that the thug gangsta hiphop culture is what is promulgating and sustaining this sort of behavior.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Those elements were already part of black American culture. What the art forms did was artificially legitimize the lawlessness and present it to a larger audience. It’s a kind of dare to white Amereicans to say anything in public since it’s in their faces on all media. It’s everywhere, so who are YOU to complain? Naturally blacks themselves couldn’t have done this without a LOT of outside help. Consider who makes the most money promoting dysfunctional music with a dysfunctional cultural message.

      • Moto

        Black crime and out of wedlock birth rates were higher than whites’ even under slavery, though you might be interested to learn that they MUCH more closely matched the rates of whites under slavery than at any other time in American history.

        Under segregation,which represented a relaxation of the harsher conditions which formerly prevailed,these rates shot up just a little, blacks had nearly the same rates of out of wedlock births as whites have now.

        After segregation ended, and “acting white” could get blacks beat up or sneered at by other blacks, both crime and out of wedlock birth rates shot through the roof in the black community leading,inevitably, to the conditions you see today.

        Without an omnipresent unaccountable police state, blacks cannot function as a society.

        With an omnipresent unaccountable police state, whites cannot function as a society.

        Who should this society go to? The ones who will colonize outer space, or the ones who were slaves 200 years ago but are mostly violent criminals today?

        Star Trek or Escape from L.A.?

        It’s a choice that must be made.

        • James

          Something to think about.

        • OfficialPro

          well you have to remember many of the slaves were pre-Christian pagans, and paganism of any sort usually tends to allow for out-of-wedlockness, not to mention the fact that under slavery, marriage wasn’t honored and slaves were bred pretty much indiscriminately. Slavery was already doing damage to the black Family.

      • James

        Spot on

    • Muck Fuslims

      Lets not forget about the influence of the civil rights movement by people like Elija Mohammad, Malcolm X, and Luis Farrakhan, “The Nation of Islam”, who injected islamic attitudes and the sense of entitlement and superiority within the black community.

      • James

        So true

    • Art Dawu

      It is all of the above, the heart land is filled with organize crime via every part of city life. It is not just the hip hop crew, The problem and the solution.was every one’s responsibility who lived in Detroit .

  • southwood

    Hey send Holder over here to Scotland to check out the racial profiling in this latest campaign. He’d be apopleptic ! BTW the black Afro-Carribean population in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland is very small.


  • James

    As a black American, I know all this is so true and I hang my head in shame. Blacks are their own worse enemy and are as racist or more so than anybody on the face of this earth. What kind of human being is it that can’t pull their pants up above their ass. They won’t take personal reasonably for anything and the situation will only get worse as time goes on.

  • http://WhiteGirlBleedaLot.com/ ColinFlaherty

    My liberal brother and i will be talking about this todat @WDEL from 1-4 Eastern. Listen in at wdel.com …. Maybe he can answer the question: Why do we need more cops at the Black Expo than the Indy 500?

    • tagalog

      While we’re on the subject of how the racial makeup of our society colors all things, do you think there’s any significance to the fact that Detroit’s black residents comprise over 82% of the population and the city is trying to file for bankruptcy?

  • James

    As a black American, I know all to well that these things are so, and I hang my head in shame. Black people are as racist or more so than anybody on the face of this earth. What type of human being can’t pull their pants up above their ass. They will NOT take personal reasonably for anything and they are their own worse enemy. Don’t get me started on broken family structure and unbiblical morality; but that goes for the Nation as a whole.

  • ebonystone

    Well, the Indy police are profiling the white crowds at the 500, too. In each case they are drawing conclusions as to the number of police needed for the event.
    To be fair, they should detail hundreds of cops to that event, too. Whether they need them or not.

    • LoJoFo

      The definition of “profiling” seems to be “using available information to decide how to allocate resources–people, time, and money.” Sounds OK to me. There is no need to act as if in a vacuum, when one has facts at one’s disposal. That would be irresponsible and wasteful.

    • Drakken

      The whites are rioting and causing general mayhem, the blacks are. Life isn’t fair.

  • http://shugartpoliticalaction.shugartmedia.com/uncommonsense/ Chris Shugart

    Is profiling fair? Not really. In fact, you might say
    it’s the opposite. By using profiling data, you gain an
    unfair advantage over your subject in question. In sports it’s called getting an
    edge over your opponent. In Las Vegas
    it’s called playing the odds. In warfare it’s called military strategy. It’s a workable and acceptable practice in so many fields. Why not crime prevention?

  • DogmaelJones1

    Does the Black Expo cater to or promote black racism? Probably. Does it patronize the “kill whitey” agenda, or hail the New Black Panthers? Very likely. Where did the promoters of the Black Expo learn their trade? From the Democrats, who want to keep blacks on the welfare “plantation” and who know how to put on a “good show.”

  • http://www.federaleagent86.blogspot.com/ Federale

    Proves that Zimmerman was correct to profile the obviously dangerous Trayvon Martin.

    • dwpittelli

      One can argue that Martin’s history of drug use, theft and violence shows that Zimmerman was likely right in his initial assessment that Martin was up to no good and looked like he was on drugs or casing the place. To move farther afield and claim that actions in Indianapolis prove the same thing is to make an argument that is logically much weaker as well as ineffective, counterproductive even, as its gratuitous racialism is off-putting to thinking people.

      • Dado7

        Your thinking requires a little work. The actions in Indianapolis are based upon the history of violence in past events. Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable to be prepared and “profile” this year’s event…just like all the rallies that will occur this weekend thanks to Al Sharpton and now dumbass Obama’s racial war incitement press conference yesterday. Thinking people need common sense too.

        • dwpittelli

          Indianapolis predicts Indianapolis. And your claim that Indianapolis predicts other black gatherings is arguable but not unreasonable. But given that the only connection between Indianapolis and Trayvon Martin is that Martin is black, to say that Indianapolis “Proves that Zimmerman was correct to profile the obviously dangerous Trayvon Martin” is to say that because of Indianapolis, all blacks should be profiled all the time. This is racially inflammatory and will waste a lot of police resources. Your thinking requires even more work.

      • Aizino Smith

        What Zimmerman and the neighborhood needed was dash cams and cameras to record Trayvon’s actions on a public street.

        It is a public street and therefore there is no expectation of privacy. Nor does someone have an expectation of privacy if they are in someone else’s backyard.

        The video is necessary so that you do not have people like Al Sharpton making hay out of it and getting rich.

        If Trayvon had been disciplined early on, he would be alive and a productive citizen. There is a good chance that he would be an airline pilot if his heart was really set on it.

      • http://www.federaleagent86.blogspot.com/ Federale

        Given black crime rates nationwide, Trayvon is an objective lesson to those who don’t want to be a victim of crime, crime that is overwhelmingly black in this country. Half of all crime in this country is committed by blacks, but they are only 12% of the population. It is not “racialism” to point that out.

        • dwpittelli

          It may not be “racialism” to point out that blacks’ crime rate is higher than that of whites. It is “racialism” to say that this higher crime rates proves that Zimmerman was right to profile Martin. In fact, Zimmerman’s position — never refuted by any evidence — is that Martin got his interest not by being black, but by wandering around in the rain, looking like he was casing places and/or on drugs.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    I can personally attest to the mayhem created by blacks in Miami Beach during the Labor Day holiday. Most of the people attending are middle class blacks who have the resources to vacation here but never acquired the civility. I believe they revel in their savagery just to show they can. MB rues the day the started showing up.

  • Melinda Craig
    • Aizino Smith

      Obama’s soft spoken tone as he delivered his remarks was a soft sell, but it was still propaganda.

    • StevenDobbs

      Do they not teach literacy at Jones college, dear child?

  • Melinda Craig

    http://www.news4jax.com/politics/Obama-Trayvon-Martin-could-have-been-me/-/1875986/21063568/-/iftffe/-/index.html I am white but I am totally ashamed of the ignorant trash on here that is redneck hillbilly uneducated trash that think blacks commit all the crimes. I am a part of jones college and I know for a fact whites commit crimes 60 percent of the crimes against children are by redneck hillbilly inbreeds like you racist idiots.

    • ebonystone

      It’s not redneck hillbilly inbreeds (sic) that have killed a hundred or so black “youths” so far this year in Chicago alone.

    • acena

      No one said blacks commit all crimes.
      Crime stats are available at government websites and everyone knows how to research them.
      Your rudeness and assumptions are uncalled for.
      No one cares what college you go to or your uninformed ,ignorant opinion.

      • Dado7


    • OfficialPro

      redneck hillbilly inbreds, while a tiny minority of the White Trash Population, suffer the same ills as the poorest of Blacks, and thus their White Trash kids are just as criminally inclined.

      This isn’t about race. This is about a destructive way of life that damages any society that adopts it.

    • unionville

      I was born and raised in Indianapolis. I still live in Indiana. I can attest to the fact that what he said is correct as far as my city goes. The amount of money that will be spent policing the Black Expo is staggering. Not only the taxpayer money spent on the IMPD who will be out in force, but for private business owners, who now need to hire private security to protect their businesses. By contrast, the Indy 500 and the Brickyard 400 are two of the safest events. I am white and I am proud that the two main events that are overwhelmingly attended by whites in my state are safe and that one is able to bring their young children without having to worry about them being hit by a stray bullet. If I were black, I would be ashamed that the same cannot be said for the Black Expo.

    • Redford

      How many half-thug illegitimates do you have so far? I have to laugh at these lame-brained reverse-racist lowlifes who start with “I am white so I can be a bigot in favor of black criminals”.

    • StevenDobbs

      Melinda is too stupid for her own good

    • SupremeGalooty

      You just plain ignunt. Consider suing your “jones college” professors for misfeasance.

    • Drakken

      Liberal elitism at its finest. The fact that you are part of the re-education camps they call colleges, really does say I all.

  • Boots

    I’m married to a woman of color and this stuff breaks her heart. She’s very conservative and it is her opinion (as well as mine) that liberal policies have caused the problem… specifically original welfare laws taking the man out of the family and moving poor blacks to HUD managed ghettos. The rest of her family have bought the media and Democrat lie that conservatives hate the poor. There is no dignity in being a ward of the state yet liberal policy is designed to make everyone, regardless of color, dependent on the government. She also hates the hip hop culture that devalues our daughters and actually glorifies violence. I count my blessings she doesn’t hate whites. Bless you James.

    • James


  • EstebanCafe

    Sir, you’re correct. But it is the same, though to a lesser degree, in other races. The difference, as I see it, is the Black culture. What a culture values is what they pursue. And politics is usually downstream of culture and best displays what that culture values.
    That your American Left/Democrats pander to the lowest in the Black community is both their problems. But who among us, if given preference over other races, would not run with it ? In this regard, most cultures are the same. Those cultures that demand an honest day pay for an honest day’s work, don’t steal nor take advantage of others, they’ll likely rule in the end.

    • James

      I understand what you’re saying

  • DebRollin

    Once again, we are back to gun control. The issue is always on the back burner, they want to disarm people and gain total control!

  • acena

    More so called midwest “racial profiling ” in the Land of black death,formerly called the Land of Lincoln.

    SALEM, Ill. (KSDK) – A trail of guns outside The Hunting Stuff in Salem, Illinois was a part of a crime spree that affected small gun store owners across Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

    The gangsters drove to Salem from Chicago. They bought totes, bolt cutters and gas before they broke into Cory Tolka’s gun store and stole 124 of his 1,000 guns.

    “Our gun stores in Southern Illinois are targets,” said Steve Wigginton, U.S. Attorney for Southern District of Illinois. He said the gun store robberies got Southern Illinois on the government’s crime fighting radar.

    ATF agents began an investigation that resulted in a four month undercover operation between April and June of 2013 to crack down on crime in St. Louis, and East St. Louis.

    Kevin Winford, Denis Joiner, Antoine D White and Earl Warner stole 455 handguns from the gun stores.

    “It’s not unusual for us to find a weapon in East St. Louis that’s been used in a crime in St. Louis or in Chicago. The reality is they are used in another crime and that’s how we find them,” Wigginton said.



  • OfficialPro

    The pants hanging down, so the urban dictionary says, started in prison, as a signal that a male was sexually available for “topping”. Why young blacks would emulate this, probably has something to do with the “downlow” (context: gay).

  • OfficialPro

    Broken family structure is destructive to all. Add Government Intervention (see: Native American/Canadian Indians and the whole “Great White Father” Government-will-take-care-of-you promises), and you have a perfect storm for disaster.

    • James

      So true

  • Ragnarok222R .

    You’ve got your cause and effect mixed up. An event has caused violence in the past, and police are preparing for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s the National Cotton Candy Crafters Convention, if people go outside and start problems there year after year then the police should be ready to stop it from escalating the next year. It doesn’t matter what color the attendees are. The fact that it’s different crowds only points to a problem within the crowd or within the event that has all the violence and crime surrounding it.

    I also noted that while you claimed that local officials had no answer to why the crimes were occurring, so they turned to racial profiling (which I already said why I don’t agree with why that is the case) but you never offered up any reason as to why you felt there was violence. It seems you think the extra police are causing it, when they only started coming in force when the problems became apparent (which is why you’re cause and effect is mixed up).

    Here’s my idea. I looked at the events list, and there aren’t exactly many things that attract the attention of their younger members. So it’s the same thing I see everyday life-guarding at the YMCA. The parents have better things to do than pay attention to the kids, so we have to act as baby sitters. For the most part the kids behave themselves, but there’s always the bad apples. No at the Expo the parents act like the kids are taken care of, when there are no lifeguards in real life. The kids roam, the bad apples have nothing to keep them from misbehaving and the kids that were behaving decide that that looks like fun and try it too. They leave the convention center during the day and wreak havoc upon the store owners. Over the course of the day older people get involved as parents finally round up their kids and try to take out their frustrations on the kids they think are the bad apples, or the parents of the apples, or anyone who they think may be responsible for whatever their kid got up to during the day and then it all just boils over when the alcohol hits at night.

    • glennd1

      Wow, thanks for your brilliant (not) splurge of hyperbole. In fact, you have no idea why violence is so high at events that have high or exclusive black attendance either. You have no data to support the contention that it’s kids who are unsupervised or due the point where alcohol comes in to play – you just make it all up.

      Apparently you are utterly unaware how standard violence has become at events from the NBS All-Star game to the events cited. You seem to not know that each year there are hundreds of incidents of black mob violence, often with an explicitly anti-white tenor to it (don’t dare go if you are white). Malls, streets – where ever.

      The question lingering for me is why you would think you should lecture the author and the rest of us on this topic? You clearly have no idea what you are talking about and are just sharing some story you made up in your head. Why not, instead, take a look at the Adkins case in Atlanta, where just yesterday he was testifying that he shot 3 white women becuase of his liberal professors and the racial anger he developed while studying “anthropology” – often the most radical, Crit Theory infected course of study there is at university today. You come off as such a naif, I wonder, do you even know what Critical Theory is?

      • http://WhiteGirlBleedaLot.com/ ColinFlaherty

        well observed, amigo.

      • tagalog

        Hey, you forgot that blacks (at least SOME blacks) used to be slaves. Then there was segregation. So black violence is OK. I mean, there used to be lynchings of black people, for Heaven’s sake! They teach that in school, if you’re “acting white” you’ll hear about it! Obviously black violence is entirely justified. After all, there was that white race riot against blacks in Tulsa about a century ago. Come on, get with the program!

      • Disruptive Element

        He didn’t make that up. I live in Indianapolis and this issue is discussed and worried about because the downtown has a lot of problems with groups of unsupervised teenagers which has resulted in shootings. You and Mr. Flaherty can call the mayors office or police dept. and Black Expo and the groups of ministers that patrol on weekends, to verify that fact. This is issue is discussed openly in the press etc.: What to do about the problem. So to accuse Indianapolis of profiling in the derogatory sense is wrong. There is problem to be solved which involves discussion and they are doing that rather than race baiting. You owe Indianapolis an apology and would be better served to research before condemning.

        • glennd1

          Implicit in your comments is that the same thing would happen at large gatherings of white people – but it just doesn’t occur that way. The animus is anti-white, anti-power, anti-social and that animus doesn’t just spring up out of nowhere. The hysterical level of grievance in society today by the left feeds this overall anti-social worldview and gives license to such disobedience and violence.

          That babbling morons in Indianapolis try to make the same weak arguments in the local press, while ignoring the real cultural and political drivers behind such phenomena doesn’t add weight this very weak argument, it merely reinforces how PC thinking has destroyed critical thinking in civil society.

          • Disruptive Element

            Read carefully-the article had a problem with Indpls supposedly profiling black gatherings. I said that in Indpls the profiling is not occurring because it is acknowledged by ALL that large gatherings of unsupervised black teenagers are causing trouble. We are not babbling morons -they are very open about who is causing the problems and the article does not need to try to charge the city as unnecessarily targeting blacks. The police make assessments on the basis of what is occurring.

        • SupremeGalooty

          Utter nonsense. Nobody owes Indianapolis anything except a wide berth until they can get their feckless little minds around a simple solution to a simple problem.

    • StevenDobbs

      “An event has caused violence”

      You are an idiot.

      The event did not do anything. It was all Black people at the event.

  • T.A.


    You don’t need to hang your head. You aren’t responsible for the sins of your race, any more than I am responsible for the sins of white racists, Democrats, and other fools.

    We can only hope that more blacks will come around to the idea of personal responsibility.

    Democrats benefit from making blacks relive the traumas of the past, which were of course caused by whites. They do it over and over. This pattern isn’t going to go away quickly. However, every black American who escapes the trap of past trauma, blame, hatred and violence and instead focuses on living a good life is a reason to have hope for the future. Thank you.

    • James


  • Boetica

    Thank you James!

    • James


  • John P.

    James, from that short comment I know that I would like you for a neighbor.

    • James


  • tagalog

    Y’all crackers don’t understand; black violence, particularly when it’s directed against non-blacks is OK. After all, there was slavery and all that. Didn’t the reaction to the George Zimmerman trial tell you anything about black-on-white violence and the attitude of the black community (at least that part that goes out on the street and throws garbage cans through store windows) toward it?

  • Disruptive Element

    Unfortunately the black community has a lot of soul searching to do and these comments do not pertain to those that want to participate in what a good society is all about. You may take the lib view that any stance in response to what is seen and what occurs is racial profiling but the truth is that the police have to be out in numbers due to what occurs if they don’t . Irresponsible parents drop of teenagers to roam around in groups which fight with each other which has resulted in shootings. All the work and effort that many people give of all races to making the downtown livable and a place to want to go to enjoy events will be destroyed and will be left to marauding groups due to your attitude that law enforcement is profiling. Many people in the U.S. are sick and tired of being blamed for the lack of conversation the blacks in America fail to have about their own problems. If we do say anything it is met with calls of racism and it is our fault and our racism. Well everyone is responsible for their own behavior no matter what. People abandoned Detroit for these reasons and avoid many other areas for those reasons. Sorry, the truth hurts.

  • Creepy as crackers!

    Let me go on record and say that I do not trust anyone. If and when the time comes in which I have to defend myself or my family, I will profile everyone the same and all potential criminals will be afforded the same consideration before I react regardless of but not limited to race, national origin, sex, gender identity, creed, employment, prior criminal history, IQ, sexual orientation, class, socio-economic status, religion, marital status, age, attitude, communication skills, attire, presentation, hair style, height, weight, color, disabilities, education, abilities, hygiene, association or whether or not they receive any sort of public assistance such as public housing, section 8 housing, SNAP, medicaid, welfare or any other type of financial aid or assistance. I will profile and react to everyone the same way. If and when the time comes in which I have to defend myself or my family, let it be know that everyone was or will be given the same consideration.

  • CrazyA$$Cracka

    Nothing good can come from allowing throngs of urban blacks to congregate. These people are incapable of acting civilized in large groups, much less forming any sort of civilization on their own. The truth is harsh, but history and statistics bear it out. http://www.colorofcrime.com/

  • wildman

    Real easy, you are what you do.

  • SupremeGalooty

    There is a large segment of the black population in this country that does not condone this sort of black mob anarchy. Neither do they participate in it. Unfortunately, there is also a large segment of the black population who DO condone it, AND either participate in it or abet it.

    In this case, the baby goes out with the bathwater. The predatory, racially inspired black on white violence demands that the good get lumped in with the bad. When used in conjunction with other elements, racial profiling is a valid, effective means of preemptive self defense and law enforcement. If you have a problem with that, fine. Just stay out of my way.

  • ssohara

    You should not be ashamed. YOU are an individual and a child of God and YOU are not a criminal. Yes, statistically blacks are more likely to commit crimes but I don’t think it’s due to race. I think it’s due to lack of fathers in the home. Growing up without a father is connected to all sorts of aberrant behavior – teen pregnancy, criminal behavior, etc. Children need to be raised by their parents, plural. When black “leaders” start to address the real problems that plague black Americans, then maybe we’ll see some change. It’s hard for non-blacks to do it without coming across as racist or condescending. And let’s face it, the last thing black people need is condescension. The liberals give way too much of that, when they assume black people need “special treatment”. We all know blacks have the same moral compass as the rest of us, but the disintegration of the black family, which was strong right after the Civil War, has caused all sorts of pathologies.

    • James


  • Chairman Meow

    Move all people who cant pay rent, utilities or for their own food to
    Federal Sanctuaries. The property value increase would be exponetial, no
    more unfunded liabilities. Problem Solved….. The value of the
    property is being held hostage by a race
    of vagrants and if this is corrected no more problem, capeesh. The
    property value of detroit would be raised by some 100 billion dollars if
    the indigents were removed. We all know who. It is time to do it in all
    cities or it will be a domino effect as black civil workers will try to
    find meaningless civil jobs in other black majority cities,collapsing
    every economy. There is over 75 trillion being held hostage nationally.
    Its really time consider housing all indigent citizens in Federal

  • Chairman Meow

    It makes me glad, at least Indianapolis doesn’t have its head in the sand, look what black people did to Detroit, they are a cancer and the indigents of that race should be put in Federal Sanctuaries, they should not be allowed to degrade America any longer, As for being a black man…we’ve heard it, you failed, we are done.

  • Barry Bathouse Queen

    TIME for a CLEANSING of the SCUM!!!!!

  • quillerm

    Sharpton and Jackson are professional Race Hustlers, now that Jackson’s son and daughter in law are serving time in the Big House for misuse of Campaign cash, he might tone it down a bit.

  • http://white-men-welcome.com/ Charlie Galatas

    There’s nothing wrong with profiling. When blacks commit less crime, then the police will go profile whoever’s next.

  • Mark Kling

    Blacks are prone to violence. It’s a genetic and biological trait. Troublesome Inheritance – The Bell Curve.

  • Richard Gearon

    I can stop ANY riot, in less than 5 minutes, with my Remington 870 12 gauge factory police riot gun. GUARANTEED.