Two Weeks in September

12701839_WEB_R_Theaterd58eb666-3f0b-463b-ba8d-0e805734632bLarge scale black mob violence is now a regular feature of life in many American cities. Not just places like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Boston and Washington, D.C. But smaller cities as well. Place like Irondequoit, New York. Grandview, Missouri. Peoria. Springfield.

Big or small, they share this: Local media is loathe to report it.

A smattering from the first two weeks of September:

On September 14th in Kansas City, hundreds of black people created mayhem and violence at the Country Club Plaza, part of an upscale shopping district. Mounted police and members of the SWAT team used pepper spray to subdue and disburse the crowd.

Tweeting from the scene, local NBC reporter Garrett Haake said, “Police and teens tell me after a movie got out, a large group came here to avoid the curfew and a fight broke out. Police arrived and sprayed.”

Assaults, robberies, vandalism, broken jaws, property destruction and other mayhem are a “perennial problem” at the Plaza, says one Kansas City TV station.

For three years, city officials have talked and talked and talked about how to stop these periodic outbursts of black mob violence. Some want a curfew. Earlier this summer, black city council members said curfews are racist because they target black people — though most news accounts refer to the lawbreakers as “teens.”

Former Kansas city mayor — and current congressman — Emanuel Cleaver said curfews don’t work: “All we are going to do is make a lot of black kids angry and they are going to take out their anger somewhere else.”

No one was arrested.

The night before in Irondequoit, New York, a suburb of Rochester, police had to close down a movie theater after 400 to 500 black people started fighting inside and outside a showing of the movie Insidious, Chapter 2.

“I saw police officers chasing kids, as we were pulling out of the parking lot to leave we saw police officer knock kids to the ground and one police officer was batoning kids,” said Alton Johnson to Rochester YNN.

Lt. Jonna Izzo explained it all to News 8: “They have pent up energy from being scared in the movie theater and they come out and they don’t know what to do with that energy.”

Some residents said it was strange that anyone could blame a large scale act of violence and mayhem on a movie. Other said it had nothing to with the movie: That mall and others in Irondequoit have been plagued by black mob violence for years:

“So it’s not the first time and won’t be the last !!,” said David Sevor at the web site for WHAM TV news. “It’s sad these young teenagers don’t know how to behave out in public.”

Mike Alpaha was more explicit:

It’s been a problem that has been escalating for a long time. White people are the real problem! You’re all too scared to speak up and talk about the real problem!

These young black kids are out of control and have no discipline in the home. They have no respect for anyone (especially white people). But everyone is scared of being called a racist for telling it how it is.

I’m not a racist, but I can say that the inner city black youth are out of control and only getting worse! 

Four police departments from neighboring jurisdictions assisted. City officials called the bus company, which returned the rioters to Rochester.

No one was arrested.

That same night in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a large crowd of black people were fighting. When it was over, one man was lying in the street, stabbed. He is in critical condition. No one was arrested.

That same night in Flint, Michigan, a local police scanner news service reported: “Officer on location with a large crowd and requesting assistance for a fight that has broken out.”

A Facebook entry picked up the story, even if this event was too common pace in Flint for the paper to report it: “I picked my daughter up with her friends,” said Marlena Henson Haubenstricker  “First time…never again! These kids now days don’t know how to act. I watched yes 200 kids run out of the building into the parking lot acting wild and crazy because there was a fight!”

Everyone involved was black. Earlier this year, the FBI named Flint the most violent large city in America.

Two nights before in Indianapolis, Wednesday, police arrived at a black neighborhood to find 80 people fighting in the street, “some of whom wielded baseball bats.”  The Indianapolis Star puts on its best antiseptic face:

The brawl is among a number of Indianapolis incidents in which a verbal spat among adolescents or young adults has escalated into violence among older adults.

Over the last three years, downtown Indianapolis has been the scene of dozens of cases of large scale black mob violence. Some connected to the Indiana Black Expo.

The Indy Star refuses to identify criminals by race. Which is frustrating for reader Rusty Johnson and others who wonder why the paper works so hard to refuse to identify a pattern of racial violence in that Midwestern city:

Ever come across a story and you just skip the reading and go straight to the comments? Paranoid by the fear that reading it might make you dumber? Where the comments make more sense? First one to post a link to the videos wins!

That same night in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the headline reads: “Police respond to another ‘riot-like’ fight among teens.”  The Sentinel said 20 – 30 people carrying bats and tasers descended on a house to continue an earlier fight that day. “This comes two days after a large brawl was caught on camera along Rudy Road,” said the paper. The principal of the school insisted race had nothing to do with violence. And there were no gunshots. Neighbors — and video — report everyone was black. And several people insist guns were fired.

That same night in downtown New Haven, two people were shot and “multiple fights broke out” after a hip-hop night club closed.

“Violence to this degree is not typical,” said the NBC affiliate in New Haven.“But when it occurs in New Haven, it almost always stems from a venue that had promoted a hip-hop event.”

Despite the “non-typical” nature of the violence, police say they are increasing patrols there. And some residents are letting their actions do the talking.

Says the NBC affiliate: “Some who live in the area say they no longer feel safe walking the streets at night. “For the last year we’ve been looking to get out. We’ve been looking to move,” said Ashley, a New Haven resident.”

Everyone involved in the fights is black. New Haven has been the site of at least a dozen cases of black mob violence over the last year. Some high profile, as was the case when a mob of black people almost killed a downtown motorcycle mechanic when they stole his vehicle as he was riding it.

That same night near the campus of the University of California Berkeley, the Patch reports police responded to a large fight, where a “22-year-old man was assaulted by eight to 10 black males.”

One night before that, police found a large disorderly crowd 50 to 100 black people in Wilmington, Delaware after responding to a 911 call for gun shots near the downtown area. One person was arrested on guy charges  after a witness identified him by his distinctive pink shirt.

Wilmington has been the scene of at least a dozen case of large scale black mob this summer. Many involving gun fire. Many involving large groups of black women.  The  News Journal reports everything except the race:

“Pastor Rev. Derrick Johnson said the incident is part of a disturbing trend that finds groups of teens, led by girls, traveling through Wilmington looking to assault their peers, sometimes boldly supported by their parents.

“So we have girls fighting girls, sanctioned by the parents,” said Johnson, pastor at Joshua Harvest Church. “I don’t know if it’s a psychopathic gene or what, but it’s totally unacceptable.”

The night before that in Chester, Pennsylvania, 100 black people were fighting with each other and police. Police arrested 10 people between the ages of 15 and 39 for charges disorderly conduct to aggravated assault on police.

“No one in the crowd was armed, but several officers were struck, kicked and punched while trying to break up the fight,” reported the

Columnist Stephanie Farr tried to get to the bottom of it: “When I called Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail Jr. today to ask about a fight in Chester last night that reportedly involved 100 people, his first response was “We’ve had bigger.”

On Sunday, September 8, a video shows nine black people invading the home of an 85-year old disabled Vietnam vet in Grandview, Missouri. They threatened him with a gun. Then stole his antique gun collection, ammo, a cell phone and other valuables.

Two days later, they returned: Different people. Same result: They threatened the veteran. Stormed into his house. Stole. And left. All on video.

One person is in custody in connection with the robbery.

Late Saturday night, September 7, a large crowd of black people were fighting at a roller skating rink in Antioch, California when shots rang out. One person died. Two were wounded.

At another roller rink on the east side of Columbus, Ohio, police had to use mace to break up a large fight among black people.

A few days before that, September 4, a mob of black teens stormed a Jacksonville Taco Bell. On video.

“Some experts says this is a trend we can expect to see more of,” said the anchor for Action News in Jacksonville, as she talked over a video of 300 black people storming  and looting a local Wal-Mart last summer. They had just come from a similar large scale violent event at a local party. Then the parking lot. Then the store.

In August, the same station reported that large groups of teenagers with bats and pipes and other weapons had been involved in at least three other attacks. All the suspects are black.

Jacksonville was also the site of large scale black mob violence over the Memorial Day weekend.  Much of it on video.

“During the three-day holiday weekends, residents and business owners know that racial violence is a regular and unwelcome occurrence,” said Chuck White, of AM1600 WZNZ. “Business owners are asking for help from police before their businesses are ruined.”

On September 4, “officers responded to a large fight at Sheridan Park in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.”  Fifteen to 20 black people were involved. Police shut down the park.

In the first week of the month, Cleveland experienced two attacks on gay people at the hands of black mobs. Both took place at the same bar. One crowd was about ten people. The other twenty. One attack was caught on video. The two attacks are part of a series of at least five attacks over the summer connected to Cocktails Cleveland.

The Cleveland area has been the site of at least a dozen other episodes of large scale black mob violence — some requiring dogs to bring under control.

The local paper describes the alleged rioters as “people behaving badly.” Much of the violence is also centered around Cleveland Heights. The headlines from earlier this year tell the story: “Large disorderly gatherings in Cleveland Heights require police intervention.”

The gatherings are black.

On September 1 in Saginaw, Michigan, “two people were shot outside a Saginaw nightclub after a large fight erupted early Sunday, Sept. 1, according to police,” said The shooters and the fighters are black. The club is located across the street from the police station.


Don’t miss Jamie Glazov’s video interview with Colin Flaherty on the epidemic of black mob violence — and the media’s cover-up:

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  • Jakareh

    This is impossible. Barack Obama’s election was supposed to augur a new era of racial harmony.

    • mathchopper

      It was NEVER supposed to do that. Unfortunately for us who are educated and informed, we were “minority” white voters.

  • Hass

    I ain’t done nothing man! Watchyal want wid me?

  • Stephen Murphy

    “…Some residents said it was strange that anyone could blame a large scale act of violence and mayhem on a movie..” Wonder where they got THAT crazy idea from?

    • Tasmaniac

      Seriously. What sort of blithering moron blames a “spontaneous riot” on movie?

      • glpage

        Your standard, run of the mill leftist.

      • ConcernedCitizen999

        Hillary Clinton ?

  • Adheeb

    To think that mobs of violent roving groups of angry men is wrong, is a ‘white’ thing.

  • Gail Stoltzfoos

    I can attest to the fact that the Harrisburg, PA news station didn’t mention a word about any violence. We all know that, if this were white kids out of control – it’s be all over the news and King O would take time from his heavy duties (much sarcasm intended) to comment about it. He’d probably have a soda conference on the White House lawn!

  • MattBracken

    Today, these mobs of feral “youths” are rioting on full stomachs just for fun.
    Just wait until when (not if) the EBT system collapses, and they are starving.

    • Doug

      Yeah, just wait until they try my house when foraging…

      • mathchopper

        Lead is not very digestable.

    • Mo86

      Dear God, you are right!

    • Drakken

      When that happens, shoot, shovel and shut up.

    • mathchopper

      What is “EBT”?

      • MattBracken

        Electronic Benefits Transfer. It’s like a debit card the govt gives instead of welfare checks and food stamps.

        • mathchopper

          Thanks. For sure, we don’t wanna to make it difficult for the Democrap “takers” to take.

          • Norman Hatfield

            EBT card is just for ‘food stamps’ (now called SNAP or supplemental nutrition assistance program to remove the ‘stigma’ of being a freeloader). Don’t know about other states, but in Oklahoma, welfare recipients also get a MasterCard credit card they can use at ‘Motels, Hotels and Fine Dining Establishments everywhere!’

          • mathchopper

            These “benefits” are why the Democraps have won and our country is totally intercoursed.

  • Robert Tulloch

    Citizens opening fire on these mobs will have a chilling effect or at least reduce their numbers..

  • fedupinflorida

    Sure…blame it on a movie and…WHY NOT???? Wasn’t Benghazi the result of a video?

    • Seek

      Yes, a 10-minute trailer for an imaginary movie.

  • bruce lorraine

    Living in Oakland, being white & walking with a cane I never leave the house unarmed.
    The wife thinks I’m crazy but the old adage, I rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6, applies here.

    • George

      Oakland California?

      I’ve been there. The downtown did not look nice. The downtown area had a dirty, gritty look to it. All that was missing was sagebrush rolling down the street. The place could have used a street sweeper and more to clean it up. It was overcast and maybe getting toward evening. Maybe that had something to do with my perception. I mainly saw Asians and blacks. I do not know how the Asians lived there. Mainly I think they don’t. They live there until they can find someplace better. I for one would rather live in an Asian community than a black neighborhood. Now if the black community was the Gullah, I would have no problems. All people have been badly served by Santa Claus politics and the politics of racial identity. Thank you Democrats.

      • zoomie

        fwiw, you were in the nice part of town

  • Simplicio

    “Jared Fox was walking from his car to Cocktails Lounge at Detroit Avenue and West 93rd Street when he was attacked by a group of juveniles on Aug. 31. The case is being investigated as a hate crime.”

    * Boy, 13, arrested in recent hate attack
    * City sends gay bar NUISANCE letter

    I really do not like the gay lifestyle choice nor their political agenda.

    But who is the nuisance here? Is it the 2 guys walking out of a bar or the black mob?

  • RogerDane

    The “Bell Curve” proven… time and time again. MLK gave his life to provide equal footing and this pavement buffoons have urinated all over his efforts! Very sad!

    • Savedro

      Look at Cocktails Lounge on Goggle maps. It is 2 doors down from Rasool-Ullah Masjid and a halal store (4 doors away). In the pictures I see a many white people walking around and living in the area.

      google maps >>Detroit Avenue and 93rd Street Cleveland, Ohio

      I wonder if the neighborhood just does not want them there.

      The area does not look particularly good or bad. It does look rust belt however.

      A person without a job a hobby (or several) and social connections with good people, is a person who is prone to mischief. It is the rust belt and it is run by Democrats.

  • ML NJ

    Time to call it what it is: the American Intifada.

  • Dan Nowotarski

    The current administration is responsibility for these racist attacks, our leaders have only caused division amongst the people, they have in no way tried to bring people together. When we have a large mob of racists going out for the sole purpose of hurting others because of a persons race or for any other reason for that matter, it only makes sense that a man or woman be armed, concealed carry would be necessary for an individuals safety, and this would be another good argument in favor for large capacity magazines. – God Bless America, Israel, the NRA and all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots.

  • Solo712

    It’s “disperse” not “disburse”, twit !

  • Guest

    This is very sad. The problem is obvious. The young men and women need to be disciplined by their fathers. There are no fathers because they have all been thrown out by the mothers. The remaining ones are effectively disenfranchised. They have all been disenfranchised because the government steals money from hard working men to bribe women to go to black robed sociopaths who tear apart men when their wives force them to divorce to get the cash and prizes the legislature has made available to them when they betray their husbands.

    All of this exists because men do not show compassion to one another, instead they show fake compassion to women. They are actually flattering and supplicating women because unconsciously they think it will give them greater access to sex, especially when they murder and destroy potential rivals (the soon to be ex-husbands of these women).

    They think this because they have abandoned G-d, which they did because they have been arrogant and foolish.

    And so now the black youth are rioting and turning into animals, which makes the rest of us feel guilt, because after all, we the majority are in charge and we know we have failed somehow. But because we are arrogant we refuse to admit our mistake and we continue pouring more energy into murdering not just black men, but white men too. Which fuels more rage and bitterness, etc etc. ad nauseam

  • J Dubya

    “Earlier this summer, black city council members said curfews are racist because they target black people —”


    How can they NOT know how stupid, uneducated and ridiculous that sounds?

    • zoomie

      the longer affirmative action occurs, the more obvious the reason why it is in place

    • bluffcreek1967

      I agree, but that’s because they are, in fact, knowingly stupid! Deep inside they don’t wish to acknowledge the obvious.

    • mathchopper

      They do know. But it works with the uninformed Democrap voters.

  • ssohara

    What is bizarre is that during Jim Crow there were all black communities that had very low levels of violence, strong community pride, etc. The difference though – in those days the black out-of-wedlock rate was something like 4%. Almost all black kids were born to a married couple and being a b*stard was considered shameful. When kids grow up without a father AND a mother… problems arise.

    • Seek

      Not quite. Blacks ALWAYS have had higher out-of-wedlock birth rates than whites, even before the 60s.

      • dzhugashvili

        But then they had cohesive culture in the their communities that taught being Black was a reason to succeed. Now young Blacks are taught being Black is a reason to fail. Why else do you need

        Affirmative Action? Because Blacks aren’t good enough or smart enough to compete on an even playing field. That’s the message of Affirmative Action. How’s that message working out?

        • Mo86

          Yes, indeed! I am also a minority and I am deeply offended at the idea of Affirmative Action! How dare you say that the standards should be lowered for me? That’s saying I am incapable of getting there on my own!

          Why aren’t more people insulted by it? Now THAT is what I can’t understand. Don’t they see how demeaning such an attitude is? “We’ll lower the standards so you can get into this college! After all, you’re too stupid to compete on a level playing field and get in on your merits like other people are required to do.” Ugh!

  • Mo86

    I am glad there’s a new edition out soon so I can get that one instead of the previous one.

    This is such an important topic. Even I did not know how extensive the problem was. Everyone knows you stay out of the black neighborhoods in my city. They look like war zones.

    The problem is this RELENTLESS portrayal of blacks as victims! I never understood the white guilt thing until just a few years ago. (Well, I still can’t say I fully understand it, but I’m much more aware of it now.)

    I’ve never once felt guilty about slavery or the segregation of the 60s. Never. Not once. Why? Because I had nothing to do with either! Slavery happened generations before I was even born. And I was born in ’68, so I wasn’t even old enough to be aware of the segregation of that time and the aftermath. I was too young to have a view on any of it.

    But I am telling you, for some reason so many people really do feel this guilt. And for that reason, they REFUSE to speak out about the true racism that exists in the black community, because they too feel, deep down inside, that it’s just “payback”.

    • zoomie

      Ayn Rand wrote eloquently about guilt. She was brilliant about that and much else.

    • bluffcreek1967

      White people naively assumed that after the civil rights movement of the 1960s, blacks were going to be just as non-racist and ‘accepting’ as them. Boy, were they wrong!

    • cjkcjk

      Guilt? The more I see of what’s happening, the LESS guilt I ascribe to the supposed racists of the past. I am starting to understand their mentality not because I want to, but because I can’t help it.

      • Mo86

        Like I said, I’ve never felt that guilt, and I can’t say I fully understand it. I’ve just seen it over and over and over.

  • Mo86

    If Barry had a son…

  • Drakken

    Just wait until one of these black mobs go berserk in a white neighborhood, then it is going to get real interesting, especially if they have a dozen or so black corpses laying around after the fact and nobody sees or hears a thing. Then you will see the black grievance theater race hustlers come out of the woodwork screaming at how racist whitey is.

    • cjkcjk

      Sadly what will actually happen is that any white with even a wiff of trumped up guilt will be brutally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law .
      The media will cover it all 24/7 exactly the way the gubmint wants them to.
      We have reached revolutionary levels at this point and nothing short of that will change anything.
      I wish it weren’t so , but IT IS.

      • Drakken

        That is why the ole hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil will come about and evidence hidden and scrubbed will come into play. Once the first white guy is prosecuted, the rest won’t bother to call the police anymore, they will just deal with the problem and bury it and claim complete blind ignorance after the fact.

  • MarilynA

    Ronald Reagan ended the anti war and civil rights activist students who were doing sit ins, burning college buildings, running around naked , etc. During one such riot in Los Angeles, Reagan mobilized the national guard, armed them with fixed bayonets and gas masks, and order them to surround the mob. Then they slowky closed ranks and marched them back into on city block area where they were not allowed to leave while helicopters flew over and dropped nausea gas on them. With just one such action Reagan stopped the anarchy. What we need now is another Ronald Reagan. Not some mother figure to coddle and reassure these animals.

  • Seek

    None of this describes the uniqueness of black sociopathic behavior. A lot of parental “discipline,” by the way, is flat-out abuse. And nobody of any race needs that.

  • Cold_Drake_80

    I picked the Irondequoit story to check out because what kind of name is that? The link in the story didn’t connect to 13WHAM but the author’s site. Typical of FPM really. So I actually did some research. The commenter quoted was some random guy who posted to the comment section at the end of the article. Who really thinks doing the equivalent of lifting from the comment section of Youtube is actual journalism.
    So not providing the actual link was a good – by FPM standards – way of hiding his actual “source”. It also hides the fact Flaherty is a liar or incompetent. He writes “no one was arrested” well one person was arrested and I found that out in about five minutes.
    Also that fight that involved hundreds? No injuries. With four to five HUNDRED people you don’t have a fight you have a damned riot and yet nobody was injured? Of course the above quote only talked about violence committed BY the police but I may take that up later. You see actual research takes time.

    • Drakken

      Oh look, a liberal who just claims everybody else is a liar and incompetent and fails to look in the mirror as the hypocrite that he is. Ignore reality at your own peril boy, it will serve you right.

      • Cold_Drake_80

        Well, looks like my cyberstalker is back in action.
        Try reading my post and actually look into the actual story. How about disproving ANYTHING I wrote? That would make a nice change.

        • ColinFlaherty

          nice try troll:

          Ayanna Davey, 13, of Irondequoit was at Regal Cinema for last Friday’s fights during Insidious: Chapter 2. Several teenagers fought during and after the movie, drawing a large police response and leading to an early closure for the theater. No one was injured or arrested and there was no property damage.

          i put all the links in one place for convenience. but you have to read them.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            The commentatory I was talking about was David Sevor and, while I didn’t mention him by name, I did mention he had posted on the 13WHAM site. The quote you used was verbatim what he wrote so I can only assume you say that site. If you had watched the story or read the article you would have noted the announcement of one arrest for disorderly conduct. One is greater than zero.
            Speaking of your struggles with numbers your article said 400 to 500 hundred participants now your saying “several”. So which is it?
            I did another google search and found this news story:
            It is dated September 16th and clearly repeats the count of several hundred. It also speaks of the arrest of a minor. The meat of this story is the police knew a fight was planned but didn’t order a closure of the theatre. Their reasoning ran that tickets had already been “distributed” (read sold). So they stayed outside and let theatre security deal with it. Any scandal is really outside the scope of the matter at hand.
            The fact remains no injuries, 1 arrest, hundreds of participants. This indicates the fight wasn’t nearly as severe as local coverage claims and you were flat wrong about the number of arrests.
            You have had more than enough time to discover this over site and correct. You have failed to do so even after it was brought to your attention here.

          • ColinFlaherty

            Ladies and Gentleman: I give you the 1,324,003 th example of how black mob violence is ignored, condoned and excused.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            Are you such a coward that you can’t even admit you made a mistake? All I’ve done is point out your very obvious mistake. All I get in response is childish name calling and mischaracterizing what I’ve posted.
            I’m going to give you another chance to actually respond to what I’ve posted. Don’t blow it.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            As a postscript I did go to your website – you don’t deserve the extra views – and I watched the video you mirrored. I qualified things even further than my sources said. Hundreds of teens were in the theatres as opposed to actively fighting. The reporter then went on to make repeated references to a single arrest for disorderly conduct.
            Even your own posted source doesn’t support your claims. I find it increasingly difficult to treat it as a honest mistake. You’re really digging a hole for yourself.

  • Duke Mantee

    And when we want to move to white populated areas to get away from black mob violence, we’re considered the racist.

  • mathchopper

    The key to this whole problem is whites being afraid of being called a racist. I didn’t used to be in my rearing but I am now. That thought process will keep me and my family safer when out of the house.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    What is really interesting is how the problem has blossomed with the help of a media who hides facts and covers for the criminals and cops who literally look the other way or fail to make arrests because they don’t wantr to stir up local racial tensions. I wonder what their limits really are? I actually think that if one of these mobs left behind an array of dead white children the media and police would STILL do thier best to avoid stirring up racial tensions.

    But it seems the ones they want to avoid waking to this matter are the white people. That’s what’s really telling in all of this. Somebody seems to realize that a tipping point is nearing and that a massive, violent and deadly blowback is getting closer. The perpetrators by and large are too stupid to see this and will continue regardless. They don’t care about news coverage because they rely on internet connections for their side of the story. They also use social media to organize these events, which should trigger the law into reacting since it becomes a federal crime at that point.

    But all we hear is the chirping of crickets.