White Hipsters in Austin: What Black Mob Violence?

four_14045The white hipsters of Austin want us to know that race had nothing to do with the 200 black people who fought, destroyed property and threw rocks at police a few days before Halloween.

White people do it all the time, said Katie Friel, who writes for Culture Map in Austin. But the only time anyone calls it a riot is if it involves a large number of black people, she says. She pointed to a 2011 punk rock concert where mostly white fans tried to tear down the chain link fence. Police sprayed pepper gas. No one said that was a riot, she said.

“If Austin wants to grow into the creative, supportive, progressive community we claim to want to be, we need to stop thinking, seeing and reporting in black and white,” she said.

Which is strange because none of the local media reported what witnesses, Twitter, Facebook, night-vision videos and other Internet sources revealed: Everyone involved in the Austin mayhem was black.

The Austin Statesman was merely following the advice of a recent article in the monthly magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists. The topic was how to cover racial violence. The advice? Don’t.

The riot that was not a riot began the Saturday night before Halloween at the annual House of Torment in the parking lot of the Highland Mall. Police arrived to find 200 “unruly” teenagers roaming the area, fighting in at least five different places.

When police ordered them to break it up, they threw rocks instead. Several rioters urged fellow miscreants to preform bigger and greater acts of violence. It took every officer on duty in Austin more than two hours to bring the violence under control. Not before dispensing generous amounts of pepper spray. Four black people were arrested and charged with crimes ranging from rioting to using a fake ID.

Seven people were treated at the scene for riot-related injuries. Much of the violence took place under a grainy black and white, night-vision police video from a helicopter that monitored the violence.

Police said they did not know why so many black people were rioting. One spokesman said the rioters were “silly.”

That is a different excuse than what we heard from a similar episode of black mob violence at a recent showing of a scary movie in a suburb of Rochester. There, a police spokeswoman explained why 500 black people were fighting in and outside of a scary movie:

“They have pent up energy from being scared in the movie theater and they come out and they don’t know what to do with that energy,” said Lt. Jonna Izzo to Rochester News 8.

So they riot.

Local police did not offer up that explanation here. Perhaps because promoters of the haunted house said none of the rioters were customers of the House of Torment, where ticket prices begin at $25.

Or maybe the ticket price is what scared them. If we depend on the sketchy local media, we may never know.

The Austin Statesman and other local media dutifully neglected to report that everyone arrested and everyone involved in the mayhem was black. Many commenters to local news sites pointed that out, but most of these remarks were removed minutes after going up.

The comments blasting the censored remarks as being racist were allowed to remain.

But at least the brave hipsters at Culture Map opened it up for some straight talk. Said one reader:

Serious question: how you gonna write about this story and leave out the fact that Highland Mall has previously called police to disperse large, mostly black crowds? Were you not here during Texas Relays a few years back?

For non-Austinites, here is what he is talking about: In 2009, the Highland Mall and several other local businesses closed in advance of the Texas Relays — a state-wide track and field event at the nearby University of Texas.

The Austin Chronicle said the Texas Relays caused “flares of uptight resistance to the annual influx of thousands of mostly African-American visitors. The sparks raised questions – again – about the city’s too often less-than-progressive track record on race.”

The president of the local NAACP weighed in, accusing the mall owners of racism. And accusing the city of not living up to the standards for black people it created in the city council’s African American Quality of Life Initiative from 2005.

Others pointed to the track record of racial violence surrounding the Relays and compared it to the rolling racial violence of Freaknik in Atlanta — another annual gathering of black college students that the black mayor, black police and black city leaders ran out of town 13 years ago because of the large-scale violence, destruction and fights with police.

This mayhem at the Texas Relays and the House of Torment is part of a pattern of black mob violence documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.

One security guard told wrote about racial violence at the Highlands Mall: “I worked as a security guard last year during the relays and there were fights verbal and physical between rival schools, numerous instances of racial discrimination against whites,theft, police officers assaulted, Then someone shot off a gun in there and the police finally shut down the mall early. Why are these not mentioned or addressed by the NAACP or Austin City Council?”

Meanwhile, Richard Boland of the Peaceful Streets Project is urging anyone who feels police were too rough with the rioters to file a complaint with the NAACP or the Austin Chapter of the ACLU.

As for the mall, racial violence will soon be a thing of the past there. All the anchor tenants left long ago. One of the owners filed bankruptcy. And it was recently sold to a Austin Community College for office space and classrooms.


Don’t miss Jamie Glazov’s video interview with Colin Flaherty on the epidemic of black mob violence — and the media’s cover-up:

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  • ServosT

    Riots like this are “frowned upon” right Rev Jesse

  • Chezwick

    The black mob violence is deplorable and symptomatic of a profound mass pathology afflicting their community. But it is the media black-out that is so sinister. Liberal whites are the enablers in this model.

    Colin Flaherty is perhaps the only journalist/writer who is calling public attention to the phenomenon of black mob violence. His service to society is invaluable….and his courage remarkable.

    Sadly, every time Colin has an article published here at FPM, this fine web-site is discredited by the few dyed-in-the-wool racists who come out of the woodwork and blame it on “genetics” and/or the “natural violent tendencies” of blacks, They succeed only in undermining the exposition of a genuine sociological phenomenon.

    Colin Flaherty himself is black. David Horowitz has spent a lifetime fighting against racism of all stripes. Some restraint on their behalf would be greatly appreciated.

    • laura

      colin flaherty is NOT black. see his interview videos. btw, there IS some biological/cultural differences in races. but its never 100% across the board. different cultures “act out” in different ways. sometimes there are exceptions. this is a lower class of blacks, but w/in this class there are exceptions as well. all disgusting comments should be deleted from this forum.

      • Guest

        “Should be deleted.”. Not much for free speech or open inquiry, are you Laura? See my post on this thread.

        If our “disgusting” comments are so obviously false and unsupported by evidence, then the daylight of exposing them will be all folks need tosee tthrough them. What are you afraid of?

    • Marlin B. Newburn

      Genetics play a factor as does the nurturing and environment in determining pathological traits in people. Selective assessments of black social pathology is one of the reasons said pathologies have increased.

      When assessing someone or a population, ALL factors must be considered, to include the shortcomings (and warts) for an accurate profile determination.

    • laura r

      flaherty NOT black. get your info straight.

  • tagalog

    Austin Community College has purchased space in a soon-to-be former mall where rioting has occurred multiple times over past years?

    Expect a news story about a mass shooting at Austin Community College.

  • Seek

    Take a good look at those mug shots. I’ve seen a thousand of ‘em. The hard, sullen, vacant stares with those telltale half-closed eyelids. This is the nature of the black criminal. This is his default setting. “Open-minded” whites ignore these brutes at their own peril. Perhaps, like the Eloi in H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine,” they will wake up to reality. One hopes it will not be too late.

    • PhillipGaley

      Already, it is too late. One top Chinese officer has stated: “The problem with the United States is, there are too many Blacks.”. When China invades, . . . how many Blacks would you suppose that, they’ll leave standing?

      • laura

        the chinese dont fool around, thats for sure.

        • PhillipGaley

          But of course, this modus operandi won’t concern Blacks only, but most minorities, aged, and medically dependent, . . . but more to your comment, r guys sure fool around a lot, . . . and in many different and bad ways, . . . which, . . . is why G0D is allowing our trouble and trial; so, . . .

      • Veracious_one

        A large percentage of blacks in China are Muslim….The Chinese see this as a Muslim problem not a black problem…

      • Smokey Grey

        and what do you think you will be. Nothing more than a White slave. They have a billion of their own. They won’t need sorry Whites who “won’t work and need Mexicans to do their jobs” or “Not smart enough to do their own biotech and software”? yeah right. You’re out with the rest of the trash.

        • PhillipGaley

          While your attempt to sum up is appropriately self-destructive simply for dismal conclusions — for, “G0D is love.”, and: “With our G0D, all things are yea and amen.”, and: “He is the G0D of all love and comfort.” — the idea is to have eliminated all over fifty, most minorities, and the medically dependent, . . . whether or not, for survival, G0D has made other provision for some, being a topic which is somewhat apart, . . .

          • Smokey Grey

            Excuse me. I had no idea I was responding to Edgar Cayce. I thought you were dead. Welcome back delude…..I mean dude

    • Johnnnyboy

      What you see in those eyes is not the person but the attitude of the moment. They are showing contempt for the process by acting as though it is unimportant, and therefore boring. The only part of their personality that is being displayed is there contempt for law enforcement. They may well be criminal and perhaps hardened is the correct word, but that does not make them sullen or vacant when they are in a more friendly environment.

      • BDnSC

        They are defiant because they know nothing will happen to them. They don’t get thrown off of college teams or lose their scholarship if they are on one, they may spend the night in lock up only to get out and never appear in court, and they will have a record a mile long of the same encounters when one day they will pick a fight with someone that will put an end to theirs. Meanwhile the libs and the NAACP will be telling us all how the blacks are being discriminated against and the whites don’t do enough for them.
        I am more inclined to recall a time in the 60s when radicals of several races started throwing rocks at the National Guard at Kent State and the Guard fired back. Ever since then we have been told to have “tolerance”. Fat lot of good that has done.

      • Wolfgang Weicheier

        More than NAPAs, I hate liberal Whites complicit in racial miscegenation and other means by which the white race is being exterminated. This violence by the $1.26 and nothing more of human chemical value will come to you eventually, every small, Midwestern town, Northeast, everywhere.

        • disqus_DLuN45o5io

          As sickening as the knockout game is to me, I so enjoyed the video of the liberal white teacher in PA (patches on the elbows of his jacket in place) getting knocked dafk out by those pavement apes. In all likelihood, he got a taste of what he voted for.

          • Wolfgang Weicheier

            Or the woman in DC punched off of her bicycle by what she called “children”. I have “children” in my home. Children paint pictures and read books. What that white guilt ridden woman was punched by was a feral child. Just wait..some 150 lb 12 year old juvie is going to get his brains blown out a surveillance camera and then it’s all boo hoo and rayciss dis and dat,

    • edwin karninsky

      Those are their fourth-grade graduation photos.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    What should be the real eye opener for everyone is where these riots are NOT happening. It’s not a racial issue, it’s cultural and it’s being driven by people who know very well where the soft targets are. They also know that nearly nobody will defend these soft targets since the targets themselves are inclined to “forgive” on the spot. Just once I’d like to hear about a black riot at a NASCAR race. But it will never happen. Instead they go where they will encounter the very least repercussions. So who’s driving this? And where is their pride?

    • PhillipGaley

      I wonder, what if the riots provoke the insurance companies to raise their rates, . . . how could business startup, operation, and maintenance be financed, . . . would that then turn those areas into more burned-out “Detroits”?

  • Veracious_one

    we need to stop thinking, seeing and reporting in black and white,” she said.
    what’s wrong with reporting the truth?…

    • hktony

      They don’t like the truth

      • BDnSC

        I have yet to find a liberal that likes the truth.

    • kenai

      Its Black and White.

  • Fed Up

    Why ask why? You might as well inquire why the sun rises in the east or why fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly. As these incidents grow more frequent and violent I am reminded of the “The Talk” by John Derbyshire that got him canned from National Review awhile back. It makes for prescient reading:


    • ServosT

      Did he really write that? Pretty gutsy for someone in the media.

    • Biff Henderson

      In this day and age speaking the truth is a career killer.

  • herb benty

    The MSM blackout concerning Obama’s educational track record, and his history, The MSM blackout of Islamic atrocities and the MSM blackout of black on white crime…..whats with the “black” fetish by white liberals?

    • laura

      these orders come from the white house, via NWO. george soros etc. keep the masses silent. not a difficult task since most are morons anyway.

      • herb benty

        Obama, Jarrett, Axelrod…ya, It must be coming from the top.

        • laura

          media is a govt off shoot. fox is the best of mainstream news, the rest is insulting. go to youtube, listen to diane sawyers lecture on the koran. she says its 72 RAISONS that are waiting for the terrorists in paradise. (raisons not virgins, guess the virgins part is just a islamophobe rumor). media shapes the masses. right now its far left agenda, so thats the propaganda. white=bad, blk mex islam = gooooooodddd. media & academia invent words, create language.

          • herb benty

            Laura, yes, I can actually watch Fox, the rest is terrible. Weird though how the folks that built America, toilets, electric engines, cellphones etc., are now the bad people. What happens when an out and out enemy takes over your country without firing a shot. I guess it’s a “writing on the wall” type of deal. Partying has ruined many civilizations.

          • disqus_DLuN45o5io

            Just ask the Romans…. oh wait, there aren’t any left,just the olive skinned afterbirth of a once great and powerful empire.

    • EaglestalonIV

      Have you not figured out as yet the Left mercilessly uses the blacks and other minorities as a political tool? They care nothing for these people save what it is they can be used for to gain and maintain power.

      The MUST keep these minorities dependent on handouts so their votes can be assured. If the blacks and Hispanics ever woke up and understood how badly they are being used the Left wouldn’t be able to get one of their people elected to dog catcher anywhere in America.

      • herb benty

        Once leftists gain power permanently, the “masses” are expendable.

    • disqus_DLuN45o5io

      They hate white conservatives to the point of cultural suicide. That is a lot of hate.

  • Drakken

    Notice the black grievance theater crowd blaming the police for hurting their feelings and wanting them to file complaints. Maybe the police when the blacks riot, should just pull out and have folks film it, that will fix the problem right? (sarc)

  • Veracious_one

    Why isn’t Al (the liar) Sharpton rushing in to stop this growing race problem….ooops, I forgot, he’s too busy supporting it….

  • laura

    ok so the police said the blacks have “pent up energy from a scary movie, so they riot” (or something like that). so knowing that, there should be armed guards present. correct? do you know that in mexico, there are armed police/& or army if they suspect trouble. when people see the rifles, it sends a message. end of case. (or should we blame it on scarey movies? or should we sue the film cpmpany for inciting racial violence? should we yabba yabba on talk shows like idiots? OR handle it in the logical way)


      Then why didn’t the non-black audience of the film riot too?

      • laura

        what does the white audience have to do w/this? the armed police is to control the rioters.

        • The March Hare

          SS wasn’t questioning your idea of armed police. SS was talking about the difference in behavior between blacks and non-blacks. This is pure culture and has been cultivated by the progressives and their co-harts, the progressive media, to divide us. Armed police? The progressives don’t want to stop it, they created it. I think their efforts are bearing fruit and setting the stage for their next move, control of the population at large.

          • laura

            exactly, divide & conquer. bring in the 3rd world as well.

  • A Z

    “She pointed to a 2011 punk rock concert where mostly white fans tried to tear down the chain link fence.”

    A ruined fence does not scare me. People throwing rocks at other people scare me.

    Rocks are deadly weapons. To point out the obvious people can throw rocks at 40 to 90 mph. Given the hardness and mass of the rock that makes it potentially lethal.

    If someone gets hit with a rocks it doe snot have the potential toruin their day but to ruin several days if not the rest of their life.

    A fence can be fixed and the people fined. the property owner can be made whole.

    A person who has been maimed or killed cannot be made whole.

    There is a big F______ difference.

    • Marlin B. Newburn

      Now yours is one great post. Laser accurate and so valid.

  • Godagesil Rex

    I used to live in Austin. Its an embarassment to the state. The influx of Californians have brought their liberal ways. In addition the state offices filled with virtual entitlement hire employees, one position after another filled by one special worker classification or another, and who are nearly worthless to boot. I used to have to deal with these zeros on a daily basis as a consultant relying on them for information. It was pathetic. I also volunteered as a guest speaker in at schools for at risk kids, read, Hispanic high school kids who have kids and have to work nights to support them. The whole city is a liberal shiitehole. I could not get out of there fast enough.

    • P_Ang

      I was just going to ask if Cali’s were destroying the city much like they did to Oregon a couple decades back.

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    Whenever a behavior is defended, excused, financed, or where responsibility is displaced, it will result in an increase in the behavior. Guaranteed. This simple rule in Behavioral Psychology has been validated for decades now, and it is one of the primary reasons Detroit was killed.

    One can also call it, Pathological Altruism*, where you those who have a very inflated sense of importance/omnipotence will help someone — to death. One can also call it a “god complex”.

    (*Buy the book of the same name. You can check it out on Amazon. It is incredible in its social value, and an absolute first in regard to identifying the pathologically self-absorbed among us. Don’t expect any member of that population to read it, however.)

    The narcissists have taken over the now corrupt profession of journalism. Two traits of this pathology are an absence of healthy shame, and the inability to honestly evaluate and then subordinate or work to eliminate their potentially destructive beliefs.

    I just have to add a response to a quote in the article, and as a clinical psychologist, I would give just about anything to do a psychological evaluation on this person:

    “They have pent up energy from being scared in the movie theater and they come out and they don’t know what to do with that energy,” said Lt. Jonna Izzo”

    Does this ranking officer believe that over-stimulation of the assailants caused them to become savages who were then compelled to assault others?

    The comment is right out of Disney.

    • Howdy_dowdy

      Izzo is a Ditso

    • laura

      if over stimulation causes it, then why dont the progressives ban scarey movies. hmm…..always an excuse. so? put your$ where your mouth is, & get on w/it. lets face it, blks islam mexicans are americas entertainment. the far left loves the sizzle, the thrill will never be gone.

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    Edit functions below all posts don’t work. Somebody fixed it.

    • The March Hare

      Works for me.

  • Major

    ““They have pent up energy from being scared in the movie theater and they come out and they don’t know what to do with that energy,” said Lt. Jonna Izzo..”

    Idiot…treat them like infants? When it’s obvious they’re completely devoid of self control and civilized behavior? Rather than gangsters and feral beasts on the roam?

    Then the same morons want to disarm innocent citizens from protecting themselves in once safe public places from these animals?

    “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by mainstream media,

    which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of sheet by the clean end.”

  • matt

    everyone should know that black people don’t know how to act..point blank..most hoodrats have no home training..and were supposed to treat them as our equals…yea right..segregation lookin real fuckin good right now

  • laura

    the govt wants this behavior. just part of tearing down america.

  • johnnywood

    The Austin NAACP would scream “racism” if a white person traded his black automobile in for a white one.

  • shawnmer

    Attentive folks will notice one central theme that runs through all of the left’s and establishment journalism’s (but I repeat myself) stance on stories tinged with race: SUPPRESSING OF INFORMATION.

    Suppress the race of perps in violent crimes, or in overall crime data. Suppress stories on race and I.Q., education, or school rankings. Suppress race in coverage of illegitimacy, dependence on public assistance, on and on. And do so on grounds that it has no purpose, or is information too “dangerous” for the public to know.

    Anytime someone wants to purposely mislead you – in this case withholding information is just as pernicious as giving disinformation – it ought to raise red flags.

  • Katy Smith

    We nee to stop these hideous violent African monsters.

  • Smokey Grey

    Same exact thing happened in Greensboro. They fought each other as many White people looked on. Somebody needs to really call this guy on it. Trying to sell books is no reason to potentially cause another Trayvon Martin. Its like a very small percentage of proof for 45 million people to be calling it a race war.

  • Wolfgang Weicheier

    The difference between white and black youth is that whites witnessing a violent crime will have a moral code and try to stop it regardless of race. Blacks will just form a group and film the violence with phone cameras if it is their own race and participate if it is another race. In Detroit a mother was raped on Belle Isle bridge at 1 am until she jumped off to stop the attack by two black men as hundreds of blacks watched. Being black herself, she could not swim, and she drown.