The Progressive Lynch Mob Claims Another Victim

pdCelebrity chef Paula Deen is a Georgia-based restaurateur, a self-made woman and national celebrity who has published fourteen cookbooks and hosted popular TV cooking shows on the Food Network for more than a decade. Known for her gregarious personality and folksy southern charm, Deen has performed charity work on behalf of poor people and minorities across the United States. She has donated massive quantities of food, money, and time to Second Harvest, an organization that distributes grocery products to the poor. She has given large donations to, and held fundraisers for, Blessings in a Backpack—a program that feeds elementary-school children from low-income families. This year she created the Bag Lady Foundation to help women and children in financial need. In each of these cases, a substantial percentage of the beneficiaries of Deen’s generosity have been African Americans. But thanks to a malicious law-suit, Deen’s irrepressible candor, and a nation-wide vilification campaign conducted by a civil rights lynch mob, she has been tarred and feathered as a “racist.” As a result, she is out of a job and out of pocket many millions of dollars in business revenues lost.

The campaign against Deen was triggered by a couple of answers she inadvisedly volunteered during a private deposition last month. The deposition was part of a $1.2 million discrimination/sexual-harassment lawsuit filed against her by a disgruntled former employee named Lisa Jackson. Jackson, a white woman, had managed a Savannah seafood restaurant owned by Deen and her brother. According to Jackson, the working environment at the restaurant was permeated by sexual innuendos and racial slurs. During her deposition, Paula Deen was asked by Jackson’s attorney if she herself had “ever used the N-word.” A person sensitive to the toxic environment civil rights vigilantes have created for white Americans—and particularly southerners—would have said “No,” particularly since Deen had never used the word in the course of her business. But Paula Deen is a transparently decent person, dangerously innocent of the racial mine fields into which the suit had transported her.

Instead of “No,” or “I don’t recall ever having used that word,” she replied, “Yes, of course.” She then explained that it happened a “very long time” ago. When asked for details, she said she had used the word in 1986 while recounting to her husband how she had been held up earlier that day by a black gunman at the bank where she was employed. In other words, she used the word in a private conversation with her husband twenty-seven years ago. She also admitted to telling or tolerating “off-colored jokes” of the kind that “we have all told.” (Indeed, TV comedians like Lisa Lampanelli have made racial humor their stock-in-trade, as have black comedians since Richard Pryor – but the butts of their jokes are white.) “But,” Deen added, that’s just not a word that we use as time has gone on. Things have changed since the ’60s in the South. And my children and my brother object to that word being used in any cruel or mean behavior. As well as I do.” If Paula Deen is a racist, every white, black, brown and yellow person in America is a racist too.

But that didn’t make any difference to the racial media vultures all the way from tabloids like the National Enquirer to publications of the elite culture like Salon and the New York Times. It began with an Enquirer story based on leaks by Jackson or her lawyer of Deen’s answers in her deposition. The Enquirer editors broke what they called a “bombshell revelation” of the chef’s “shocking racial scandal.” The credulous embrace of this Enquirer bombast, which normally would garner sneers from the arbiters of the mainstream culture, shows how in today’s poisoned racial atmosphere a gutter tabloid can become the gold standard on such matters. Instantaneously a derisive liberal clatter spread across the Twitterverse becoming fodder for the stories that followed. Without a shred of evidence, the Internet magazine Salon condemned “Deen’s history of casual, clueless racism,” portraying her “hurtful and demeaning” attitudes as reflections of America’s “stunning national glut of racial ignorance.” (More likely this characterization itself reflected the stunning lack of self-awareness of leftist character assassins as they go about their nasty business.)

An equally prejudiced commentary in the Chicago Tribune explained that, “poking fun at minorities comes naturally” to southerners, among whom “ignorance has been passed down through generations.” A Los Angeles Times column lectured that, “the racist attitudes that foster” Deen’s use of the N-word are “unacceptable,” and one in the New York Times referred to her as “Paula the Deep-Fried Boor.” Black Entertainment Television then proposed to read Deen’s mind, lamenting that her “dreams of antebellum paradise” are symptomatic of the fact that “the desire to turn the clock back is very much in fashion now.” For this absurd comment it adduced the evidence of recent efforts to pass “restrictive voter identification laws that would have made it more cumbersome for Black and Latino people to go to the polls.” The restrictive laws in question would require all Americans, including minorities, to use the same IDs they might use for purchasing a car or a house, or securing a motel room, or getting a driver’s license, or receiving food stamps and other welfare benefits as the case might be.

But it was on Twitter that the only racism that is privileged to express itself in the nation’s media enjoyed a field day as countless compassionless wiseacres turned the name of Deen’s TV show—Paula’s Best Dishes—into a hashtag parlor game with made-up recipes like “Back-of-the-Bus Biscuits,” “Some of My Best Friends Are Black-Eyed Peas,” “Separate but Equal Light & Dark Meat,” “3/5ths of a Flan,” “Hooded White Sheet Cake,” “Massa-Roni and Cheese,” “’Lettuce From a Birmingham Jail,” and “Key Lynch Pie.” This amusement at the expense of a woman whose lifetime of work and achievement was going up in flames only added fuel to the fires. Nor could the usual mob leaders pass on this one. Jesse Jackson even dispatched an attorney to Georgia to investigate the situation, as his Rainbow/PUSH organization rushed to judge, convict and execute Deen for “systemic racial discrimination and harassment,” again in the absence of any facts.

The unseemly outrage over a 27-year-old private conversation between a wife and her husband, contrasted sharply with the boundless tolerance her attackers showed for expressions of black racism that are not confined to private exchanges. Award-winning actor Samuel L. Jackson, for example, boasted last year that he had “voted for Barack [Obama] because he was black,” justifying his bigotry by alleging that whites only vote for whites (or for blacks who act like whites): “When it comes down to it, they wouldn’t have elected a nigger. Because, what’s a nigger? A nigger is scary.” No noticeable consequences followed on Jackson’s public confession of disdain for the white people who had just elected Obama. Unlike Deen he did not lose any lucrative commercial opportunities, but without a hitch continued as the spokesman for Apple’s popular iPhone. But then, being black and protected, Jackson had not been the target of a massive smear campaign either, so there were no business repercussions for Apple to consider. Nor have notorious racial arsonists like Al Sharpton — responsible for the deaths of seven victims of his racial incitements and currently an MSNBC anchor — suffered any apparent adversities for their serious malfeasances in a “sensitive” area.

As for Paula Deen, she is only one of several victims of public lynchings of non-blacks in the last few years. It hasn’t been that long since a black drug addict and petty criminal nearly succeeded in destroying the lives of three upstanding members of the Duke University lacrosse team whose only crime was being white. Accused by a discreditable street source of having raped and sodomized her during an off-campus party, the young men were thrown out of school, demonized in the press, and publicly denounced by 88 politically correct members of the Duke faculty as the heirs of slave-owners and white rapists of the past. Fortunately, the victims were able to hire lawyers, and after a year of abuse in the national media were able to clear themselves and begin to put their lives back together.

A similar display of attitudes recalling the cracker South of 60 years ago greeted the first news of the case involving Trayvon Martin, who was shot by a Neighborhood Watch guard named George Zimmerman in Florida. Immediately a progressive chorus began shrilling for Zimmerman’s head, although the facts were far from known, let alone adjudicated by a jury of his peers. The fact that a black man was involved as a possible victim was enough to produce an orgy of ugly accusations of white racism—even though Zimmerman was Hispanic and partly black and had to be recast as a “white Hispanic” to make the melodrama work. Martin himself had to be converted from a thuggish 6-foot teen who had been in trouble with the law into a horse-riding 12-year-old innocent, as virtually every media image represented him.

According to race hustlers like Jesse Jackson, “blacks [were] under attack,” “killing us is big business,” and it was time for “justice.” Celebrities like Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, P. Diddy, Jamie Foxx, and Arsenio Hall tweeted expressions of outrage to their millions of fans. Celebrities Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr went a bridge further and tweeted Zimmerman’s home address, perhaps hoping that some outraged lunatic might exact the revenge they were apparently seeking. While the trial of George Zimmerman is just beginning, the public verdict is pre-determined. If Zimmerman is not found guilty of second-degree murder, racism will have triumphed.

Ultimately, it wasn’t an Al Sharpton or a Jesse Jackson who destroyed the public career of Paula Deen. It was the lynch mob that the civil rights movement has become and that has turned its values upside down. These are manifest in the orgies of venomous self-righteousness that rise to the surface every time an opportunity presents itself to dramatize a problem that was effectively put to rest a generation ago. Yes, there are racists among us and no doubt always will be. But they are not simply white, and they do not limit their poisonous words to private conversations with their husbands in closeted circumstances twenty-seven years in the past.

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  • UCSPanther

    Race Hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson are the same type of scum as David Duke as far as I am concerned.

    As I said before, political correctness needs to be knocked in the head with a hammer and buried…

    • LoJoFo

      sledge hammer, wrecking ball, nuclear bomb…..

    • EarlyBird

      Offense at a white person calling a black person a “nigger” is not political correctness, it’s decency. What is political correctness is to now write off Ms. Dean as some kind of cross burning KKK member. She’s just an imperfect person, that’s all.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Why is it indecent for a White person to call a Black person a nigger? The nigger Deen referred to was a scummy armed robber. Why should he have go to jail but be spared a racial slur? And why should Whites, Asians and everybody else be subjected to the same kind of racial slurs you claim to be offended by while Blacks are unimpeachable?

        • EarlyBird

          I’m not denying that there are a lot of double standards on this issue, that whites are subject to far more scrutiny and outrage when they make racist remarks, while most minorities, especially black people, get a pass. We agree: it’s unfair, and I don’t like it either.

          And I can completely understand the use of “nigger” in the situation Deen used it. She meant to demean and attack the scumbag with the word, and she had every right to. Too bad she wasn’t able to shoot the mo fo.

          I suspect ol’ Paula uses the “n word” a bit more frequently than just when she’s attacked by a black man. Nonetheless, I am not going to assume the worst about her. We’re all very complicated. Hell, I’ve used the word and thought the word plenty of times myself, and I’m married to a black woman.

          • Steve Fair

            Please give me an example of a black person getting a pass for uttering a racial remark. Black rappers use the word ni88er in their songs. Stupid but so do many white actors in their movies. I watched the Sopranos reruns this week and heard “jig” “shine” butterheads” “guido” and “gavone”. Nobody complains.

    • Gator land Granny

      Both of the above mentioned trouble makers for the American citizens should be very ashamed of themselves but no doubt that will NEVER happen.

  • Red47

    Uh-oh…I guess it doesn’t matter if a white person supports a black person for president. She’s a racist no matter what in the Leftist ideology. Harvard has embarrassed itself by allowing Professor Bell to make up that illogical hypothesis and teach it as a theory. It has now run through the country as an excuse for to call people racist just because they are not black. Fascinating that the theory only applies to whites being racist against all non-whites, no?

    • montbrun

      As to your statement “It doesn’t matter if a white person supports a black person for president” allow me to say I woudn’t have elected the unknown
      quantity Obama was and much less reelect him and though, Democraps
      elected him ONLY because he was their party’s choice…
      However, I would have voted blindfolded for HERMAN CAIN over Romney

      • Red47

        Thank you for underscoring my point.

      • defcon 4

        Same here. I just hope Lt. Col. Allen West gets a chance to run for POTUS some day. That is, if we ever have free elections again.

        • Seek

          Don’t count on it. First, he’ll never win. Second, all sorts of “conservatives” will be coming out of the woodwork to denounce the mythical “liberal racism,” unwittingly imitating the Left in the process.

        • 20pizzapies

          Don’t hold your breath , West already made a total fool of himself whilst in Florida , selling his constituents out to the business lobbies here …..and we gave him the boot .

          • Steve Bryant

            pizzapies, you never voted for West to begin with. The “we” you are referring to must be a turd in your

          • montbrun

            President Licoln once said that the only one who can say
            “WE” is a man with tapeworm

          • Steve Bryant

            There you go, then.

          • 20pizzapies

            Gee you can read , I did say “his constituents ” , I didn’t vote for the assshole , as he certainly proved himself to be ,well before the idiots down here elected him . I did however VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE . If the morons of this country[ of which you are one ] ever do nominate West that would be handing the election over on a silver platter to whoever is running against him .
            On the other hand , wishful thinking is , that this POS lands somewhere in your territory where YOU can vote for him ….and get STUCK with him . He’s finished in Florida , as is his wife at FAU .

          • ziggy zoggy

            West is bad but Obama is good.
            Good God, how do you manage to make it through the day without walking in front of traffic or choking on your own $hit?

          • Steve Bryant

            No, you said “we” gave him the boot, implying that you voted against him for something he did in office.
            You must be a brilliant guy since the only argument you have on this forum is calling someone a moron.
            BTW, I’d love to have him in NC. The country currently has 38 states with both houses and the governor’s office held by one party. We’ll see who wants to go where in 4 years. Then everyone will have the bed they made for themselves, eh? Or are you like other liberals and feel compelled to tell everyone else how to live?

      • quillerm

        If Romney had been elected we would be recovering from Obama’s disasterous Reign of incompetence. But alas, we continue to ride this out of control Train into the Abyss.

        • 20pizzapies

          Riiiiight ……and if you aunt had balls she’d be your uncle .

        • montbrun

          My mother used to say that the way you make your bed is the way you will sleep, which goes for the American people
          It wasn’t enough Obamba’s 1st term, then it went and gave him a 2nd opportunity and GOD only knows what lies in storage for all us at the hands of this apparent “Sorcerer Apprentice” but with a sinister agenda that has been showing from the beginning but which the parasites we sent to Congress have been too damned dumb to spot and act accordingly, proven by the obstructionist in chief, that poor excuse for a House Speaker, practically in bed with Obamba they haven’t gathered the guts to send packing and so we see HOLDER laughing at their faces…

          People tend to forget that the economic debacle was caused by Freddie and Fannie failed policies of giving a mortgage to anyone without a pot to pee in and a window to throw it from and when McCain proposed a legislation to curb such abuses, the fiercest opponent to it was no less than then Senator Obama…

          Well, that’s the way history gets written and, as von Clausewitz or Santayana wrote, those who refuse to learn from history, are condemned to repeat it…

          The American people elected an unknown quantity like

          JIMMY WHO and in spite of what they should have learned from that one who even lacked the brains to be a plain idiot, went ahead and elected another unknown quantity…

          Add to all of it that even our babies come now from
          China instead of Paris as we were told by our parents and see what’s looming in the horizon….

          • Steve Bryant

            montbrun, what should anyone expect from a president who purposely covered up his college transcripts, along with most of his mysterious past? The whole country reminds me of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, except they snatched brains. Incredible.

      • Steve Bryant

        me too

    • ziggy zoggy

      Not fascinating. Repulsive. And why are Blacks elevated above all other races? They are not the only phony minorities in America – not that being a minority should make you untouchable. Why aren’t “Asians/Mongolians/whatever” awarded protected status? Or any other race for that matter?
      This is just another nail in the coffin. America is dead.

      • Red47

        That’s an easy one. You get vaunted status if your group largely votes for Statists. Americans don’t believe in “groups”. They believe in us as Americans. Statists need groups so they can ply them with the idea of victimization.

        • 20pizzapies

          Better learn the word you’re attempting to use in your argument . If there ever were statists it’s the conservatives and phony teebaggers , and if anyone ever played the victim it’s schmucks like you and your lot .

          • Red47

            How can I possibly debate these assertions? They are absurd on their face and deny every bit of rational ideological and philosophical structure. If you only look at your verbiage, it is easy to see that your statement is full of hatred and includes gay sexual slurs used to deride a group of people who believe that the federal govt is too powerful. A powerful central government is imperative to the success of the Statist system. That makes your premise a false premise and undebatable.
            I am forced to say that I cannot debate hate, as you have presented your ideas in an emotive-based screed that means nothing. I also cannot debate a premise based upon your personal definitions.

          • Meekrob

            The stupid! It burns!

            “In political science, statism is the belief that a government should control either economic or social policy, or both, to some degree.”

            Yeah, that totally sounds like conservatism.

            You fucking dimwit.

          • ziggy zoggy

            what tea partiers ever claimed to be victims based on their race or sex? What left-wing moonbat ever claimed anything but? Just how f****** stupid are you?

          • ziggy zoggy

            stop pretending you don’t love to be tea bagged before you eat your chili dog.

          • 20pizzapies

            Don’t try to project your homosexual desires on to me moron . I know , I know , that’s typical of teabaggers .Bet you had your share of chili dogs eh ?

      • victoryman

        When the Germans/Italians/French/Poles/Russians, etc, came to this country during the turn of the 20th Century, the first thing they did was lean English. ……and no hyphenated nationalities. They became PROUD Americans. They helped their later arriving brethren an any way that we could. When Orientals first came here, many took jobs in restaurants at the bottom of the ladder, dishwasher, cleaner, etc. After a few years, most owned their own restaurants. Pride and hard work were the order of the day. Question: How many Orientals have you seen on welfare? The “Black experience” was summed up in a live CNN telecast of a high rise public housing project that was being demolished. It’s mostly black residents were demonstrating against the destruction of these filthy, drug dealer ridden centers of urban crime. A CNN reporter-ette made the following statement. “These people are very upset at the tearing down of this public housing. After all, THESE PEOPLE HAVE LIVED HERE FOR GENERATIONS.” I think that sums things up. As for using the “N” word, it was perfectly acceptable for Robert Byrd, a member of congress, democrat and ex high ranking klan member to use the word – repeatedly. The great group representing blacks in congress – the joke known as the “Black Caucus,” had nothing to say re: Robert Byrd. And no wonder, they are all on the “Democrat plantation” and don’t want to upset “Massa.”

        • 20pizzapies

          Oh yea , and there never were German American Clubs , Irish American s or Italian American flags all over the Italian Neighborhoods . Yea man what hole you been hiding in ?
          But wait you’re a racist , and truth be told , most African Americans were here BEFORE the Great Irish Immigration during the Potato famine , and the German Americans after WW 1 or the massive Italian influx from the turn of the century onward . You are quite the assshole . BTW , in case you haven’t noticed , the two parties have flip flopped on racism since the turn of the century , but how would you know , I doubt you know any American history before GW .
          What a dumb SCHMUCK you are eh ?

          • victoryman

            Oh my. George Washington was correct (American history) when he stated that those who must use profanity are only showing their limited vocabulary. Have a wonderful 4th of July…….be sure to read up on what it means.

          • 20pizzapies

            LOL ….No one misquotes Washington as much as, and errantly as teebaggers . Well no matter , try this one on- GFY victoryman , now tell me what George would say about that .
            BTW , did you know what Washington did before becoming an American General ? I doubt it . I respect him nonetheless , but hardly look upon him as a moral paradigm .

          • victoryman

            Wow. Your mommy should wash your mouth out with Lifebouy soap. As they say, “Water seeks its own level,” and I fear yours is in the gutter. I will pray for you.

          • 20pizzapies

            Save them fool , the prayers of the hypocrite , are never heard .

          • Meekrob

            Leftist projection at its most idiotic.

          • 20pizzapies

            Go put your head back up ur asss moron .

          • ziggy zoggy

            Irish and Germans arrived in America after Blacks? Along with Italians they all kept phony hyphenated identities? Republicans are racist and Dimocrats believe in equality???? WTF????
            Who is “quite the assshole?” You need to thank the God you don’t believe in that web comments are anonymous, you fu^king little pi$$ant.

          • 20pizzapies

            I guess ziggy zoggy is your real name huh schmuck ? Better go get an education , there must have been a hiatus with yours starting at 3 rd grade .
            Bet it still hurts when you try to think eh schmucko ?

      • 20pizzapies

        Hopefully you’re right , your Leave it to Beaver America is dead , and that because it never was . Little minded scared whitemen like you believe America is dead . And you did your best to accomplish that , but FAILED .

        • ziggy zoggy

          20 pissants; Could you be a smaller piece of $hit? Nothing is lamer than a phony Kanye West America. Nohing except you.

          • 20pizzapies

            GFY soggy zoggy , you total asssshole .

          • 20pizzapies

            Kanye West America ??? Gee you really are a pathetic moron . Hence the name ziggy zoggy . That what mom calls you ?

      • Steve Bryant

        ziggy, the question is, “How can any group be so ashamed of who they are, that they would let a simple word define them”? It’s absolutely incredible that a group would take offense in being called a name while protecting the thug culture that keeps them as a permanent second class. Absolutely incredible.

  • $22691968

    Rather than grovel and demean herself, Paula Deen should have just reiterated what she had said in her deposition – namely, that she made stereotypical jokes just as everyone else does, yet there was no racial malice behind it.

    All this entire ordeal proved was that Paula Deen was human like the rest of us. What person amongst us hasn’t cracked racial jokes at one time or another? How many blacks have cracked jokes about whites, Asians or even about other blacks? Hell, some of them are quite funny too! Every racial and ethnic group has their unique cultural features, and what’s the harm in poking fun at it? For crying out loud, lighten up people!

    This is how childish the politically-correct Left has made all of us. People are so afraid to say anything controversial or off-color because the thought-police of the MSM might make it public – and thereby lose our income and everything we own!? If things were fair, I could at least swallow such nonsense better. But liberals who say the same sorts of things never or rarely suffer any consequences! It’s only conservatives who are made to pay.

    “Paul Deen: Let the Tears and Groveling Begin,”

  • Judahlevi

    Liberals/progressives will not hold certain individuals responsible for their actions because of their skin color. The Al Sharpton’s of the world get a pass because, according to liberal thinking, how can we hold a dark-skinned person to the same standard as lighter-skinned persons? It is another form of condescension by the left towards those they feel they must take care of. College and law school admissions use the same tactic.

    This once again proves my theory that liberals are the true racists in the country, not conservatives. By viewing people by their skin color and assigning values to them, they are thinking in the exact same manner as any racist. Collective thinking, like their collective politics, is always more harmful than helpful.

    Only by treating people as the unique and wonderful individuals they are will we ever get past collectivism. Multiculturalism teaches and reinforces stereotypes. Only Individualism, as a human relational philosophy, teaches that people are not defined by skin color or gender, but by their minds. True diversity comes from your mind, not your body.

  • Paul B.

    If all this is true then she has done herself an immense disservice by prostrating herself and begging forgiveness. Had she stood up to the bigotry, her dignity would be intact and the truth would be much more apparent to most people.

    • Zexufang

      I agree.
      To kowtow to PC madness is to ONLY make it stronger.

      My advice – either “I do not recall” -or- “what does it really matter” when asked if you have ever used the rap-inspired so-called “N” word.

    • nightspore

      Exactly. In fact, it’s amazing that people always do this in response to such attacks – coming from those who obviously have an agenda*. They seem oblivious to what is actually going on.

      Someone at the DHFC should write a pamphlet explaining to people what is going on and how they should comport themselves in these situations.

      *By this I don’t mean that they need be conscious of it – in fact, these people are generally too stupid to have that level of self-awareness.

  • jakespoon

    All because she said forbidden(to whites) word that is said over and over in any rap song you listen to. I know,”Oh, what are you doing listening to rap anyway.” It was playing in a car 3 blocks away. Paraphrasing Mark Antony” The evil men do live after them, the good often interred with their bones.”

  • ElizabethMC

    Paula Deen should have done what liberals do under oath……….LIE.
    I hate the N word, but the sheer fact that she told the truth about something damaging she did years ago shows that she has more integrity than all the phonies who are condemning her.

    • janranch

      Well they just pick us off one at a time…wont be long before TV will be unwatchable, radio, internet, all will be lost for the conservative. Keep your friends close as they will be the only communications we will have, Pity the poor people she has helped. while liberal celebrities pocket the money raised for Hattie and its poor. What a truly dishonest/dishonorable country we have become in my 72 yrs. While I am not a Paula fan I strongly object to what has been done to her.

    • ziggy zoggy

      N word? What is that? Nazi? Neocon?

    • Gator land Granny

      You just might have a valid point. America, or rather what is left of it, is under God’s judgment and rightly so folks. Homosexual lifestyles, condemned by God as well as the 1st degree MURDER of the unborn, Serial killers running amok all over the USA, etc. can only bring on a long overdue punishment by an Almighty God who created us.

      • 20pizzapies

        Well granny , serial killers have been running around throughout our modern history , and Republicans…a bit more so than Democrat Politicos as well as some pretty famous Preachers have been caught diddling young boys and their aides in Congress .
        C’mon granny , you should be wise enough to know sin knows no political preference , and what is out of the closet now , was merely hidden in the closets yesterday .And BTW granny , since you mention God’s Judgment , it would do you well to know that in HIS EYES ALL SIN IS THE SAME .
        But you already knew that ….right ?

    • Jimmy_D_OnceaCommie

      I haven’t been able to hit the play button on Paula Deen’s Apology Tour
      Video. Her face already says more than I really want to hear. When are people going to stop falling all over themselves, every time the PC Police come around, and bawling all about how they really do love Big Brother? C’mon Paula girl! Pull it together! Stand up straight and let out a Rebel Cry, shouting, “How dare they?” Then sue their pants off for defamation of your fine southern character. Quit acting like a stinking New York City Yankee losing stare down with Al Sharpton.

      • Steve Bryant

        Don’t worry Jessie Jackson says she can change$ lol

    • 20pizzapies

      What a croc , just remember WHO it is that abandoned her and brought her to ruin .

  • poptoy1949

    Well, the decision to turn her loose is wrong headed. Political correctness has gone way to far in this once wonderful country.

  • montbrun

    lets get clear on this matter :

    The “N” word, which has become the bugger to most every white person in our
    country, is used freely by the black people themselves when referring to a bad
    one of them but GOD forbid it is uttered by anyone else but black.
    Which makes me wonder how come no media feater get ruffled when Jews are
    called Jew bastards, “Rev” Jackson calls New York “Hymie Town” on account
    of the Jews and GOD only knows what else, as well as the other “Rev” Sharptn
    not to speak of old jokes and new ones denigrating Jews…
    The country has the problem of either falling short or going overboard and this
    of going overboard is what has happened to Paula Deen, specially at the time
    that we elected and reelected a black President…
    So be it and then we will end up weeping like women what we refused to defend
    like men

    • William Henry Bowen

      Exactly RIGHT montbrun – blacks use that word in its original meaning – as a person of low character or ill repute.

      I would also say based on his policies and actions the present occupant of the White House deserves that moniker as well.

      • Meekrob

        Even though he’s only half black.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Blacks don’t really hate the N-word. They use it freely every chance they get. They only hate when whitey uses it. It’s their special little term they can use to shame and racially clobber white people with.

      “Blacks and the Use of the N-Word,”

  • cedarhill

    What a country. Lie like a Democrat or be shunned. how about answering “Your asking the Diogenes question of our age and you know the answer.” Then, when demanded to answer, say “Certify the question” and just continue the deposition.

  • davarino

    Dont worry Paula, anything you start in the future will be supported by those of us who think for ourselves. Just look at what happened with Chick-Fila. And the opposite will happen to the Food Network. We will wait for the P network, thank you. I’m not a huge fan of Paula’s but anyone who would pick on such a sweet little lady is on the wrong side of this one, especially because she has done nothing wrong. I have no respect for corporations that cow tow to the race hustlers

    • ziggy zoggy

      Deen’s food is delicious – and Chick Fil A makes the only fast food chicken worth eating.

  • cxt

    The Left’s OCD over race and its freakish double standards with it never cease to amaze me.

  • Robert_Fl

    The insanity of political correctness aside, there is irony in this situation. I wonder if the libs will ever wake up. Deen campaigned for obama and had Michelle as a guest on her show…didn’t inoculate her, did it?

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Soon enough there will no longer be any more white democrats in office. THAT will be interesting to watch.

      • Robert_Fl

        We’ve already reached the point where there are no American democrats in office.

        • Meekrob

          Yep, Zell Miller was the last one.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Just wait. Osama and his wookie with both denounce Deen publicly. I guarantee it.

  • tagalog

    You could see the fall of Ms. Deen coming quite a while ago, when she was criticized for broadcasting -as a Southerner- the making of foods that are fattening. When that reached the mass ear and eye, it became obvious that she was going down. Then she made the fatal admission, being a person of honor, telling the truth about some racist remark she made 27 years ago. Acting honorably and confessing to an historic improper racial remark sounded her celebrity death knell.

    See, if she’d engaged in insider trading, or was having an adulterous affair, or underwent a nasty divorce, and was not a Southerner and not putting large pats of real butter and sugar into her recipes on the TV screen in her shows, she’d probably have a legion of defenders by now.

    • Kate Curry

      I think she has legions of defenders. It’s just that they have no media voice, except blogs and talk radio. It’s not enough to overcome the Progressive agendum in her case.

      • tagalog

        The commentary depicts her as one who is active in pursuing the interests of minority groups, including helping them get fed (as if that’s a problem in the United States!). I guess the way she’s now being treated (for something she said nearly three decades ago, whatever that something was), she has good reason to reconsider whether or not the “oppressed” who are now excoriating her can be accurately described as biting the hand that feeds them, and whether or not it is rewarding an any sense to continue her current good works when her ancient speech gets her in such hot water.

        • Kate Curry

          I hope she snaps out of her delusions, but wouldn’t put butter on it happening.

        • 1Indioviejo1

          George Zimmermann has a history of volunteering to help blacks, homeless, and policing his communities’. “No good dead will go unpunished”, and it came back to bite him in the A**.

          • tagalog

            No doubt both Ms. Deen and (as we know from the testimony of the prosecution’s star witness) Mr. Zimmerman have been characterized as “creepy-ass crackers.”

            But don’t dare use the “n” word.

          • Steve Bryant

            The irony is that just about every Black person in the country is taking Travon’s side, even thought they know diddly squat about what happen, other than his was Black. But where is the Hispanic community? Are they hiding from IMF, or more likely, just too intelligent to chime in on something about which they know nada? We live in a mad house.

          • Steve Fair

            We do know that Martin was an unarmed kid walking home from a store with a bottle of pop and a bag of skittles who was stalked, accosted and then murdered by a racist wannabe cop. What else is there to know?

          • Steve Bryant

            You know nothing other that what you read about someone else’s opinion. Why not let an impartial jury hear the evidence and render a verdict?

      • Steve Bryant

        I think you are right Kate. I personally haven’t cared for her homey “sugar” and “ya’ll” but I’m starting to like it

  • WhiteHunter

    I’d never before heard the context in which the “remark” she allegedly made in 1986 occurred. Now that I know the circumstances–an armed robber sticking up a bank!–exactly HOW was she “supposed” to refer to him, in order not to get in trouble? “Honey, this morning an African-American gentleman came into the bank, pointed a gun at my face, and said he wanted to make a withdrawal” –?

    • OfficialPro

      It’s more correctly the “Chris Rock” definition of the word, really.
      “Can’t do S*** without ig’na’ant a$$ N**** f****** s**** up” – Chris Rock, 1996 standup routine “Bring the Pain”

      • ziggy zoggy

        Chris Rock is a racist piece of $hit but he was right about that. I’ve remembered that ever since he said it. And he is funny, irrespective of his idiotic ideology.

    • William Henry Bowen

      That robber DESERVED to be labeled with the “N” word. BTW, for anyone that is interested, look up the meaning of that word in a NON-PC (1950s vintage) Oxford Dictionary of the English language. You’re in for a shock. The primary definition of the word is “a person of low class or ill repute; a person with a “black soul” (as in the old days that the bad guy wore a black hat). The funny thing is that a lot of black folks in the ghetto use the word correctly by it’s old meaning.

  • Trappedincalifornia

    When I moved to Oakland, CA many yrs ago a neighbor told me that since my ancestors came to America in 1600’s that they definitely owned slaves. I felt terrible, but decided to do some research. What I found stunned me—my ancestors were famous abolitionists! Take the Underground Railroad Tour and you will visit 2 of their homes, they risked everything to stop slavery.

    Today many blacks want to charge all Americans as slave owners, they want to say all states supported slavery NOT TRUE, the country was always divided on the subject of slavery. Just last week an immigrant from Austria told me Pennsylvania was a slave state–not true.

    Study some history before you assume every white you see was descended from Simon Legree. Don’t know who Simon Legree is? Study history!

    • Peejay70

      Don’t forget that a large proportion of African Americans have white, slave-owning ancestors.

  • Infidel4Ever

    What’s really funny is that many of these same phony baloney PC slimeballs lovingly accepted a former bigwig in the Ku Klux Klan as a big time Democrat senator by the name of Robert Byrd.

    • Rob Crawford

      And saw nothing wrong with Obama listening to “hate whitey” in his “church” for 20 years.

      • defcon 4

        I remember reading that Oprah Winfrey attended the zero’s church briefly — until she heard the hatred and racism being vomited forth from the pulpit. Hatred and racism the zero claims he never heard.

        • Jimmy_D_OnceaCommie

          And she was so put off by all that hate that she supported O to the hilt. Till a very territorial Lady Michelle gave her the boot after the election.

          • defcon 4

            Did Winfrey still support the zero in his re-election bid?

  • dizzyizzy

    All “progressives” did not invent “political correctness.” It was upper class white liberal foundations that favored rules targeting “hate speech.” I wrote about that history briefly here: “The origins of political correctness.”


    The Klan has a Tan. Wait until they’re the majority-they will show their true colors-even to the most liberal whites.

    • William Henry Bowen

      A retired talk show host from Denver, Ken Hamblin, used to call the NAACP “The Klan with a Tan”.

      • quousque

        …..and Ken Hamblin was a black man….

        • William Henry Bowen

          Absolutely correct! Ken was from the Bronx, worked in Detroit as a press photographer (my sister worked with him years ago at the Detroit Free Press – some of his pictures from the 1967 Riot are classics) and left Detroit for the west after Coleman Young put Detroit on the road to ruin.

  • The Dead Critic

    John 8:7 says it correctly and to the point: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

    • tagalog

      Yeah, and then there’s the passage about how people are so willing to find the mote in someone else’s eye while ignoring the beam in their own.

  • LoJoFo

    Her sin? She told the truth.

  • DebRollin

    She has apologized several times for what she said years ago, this is about persecution of a Conservative from the South. I am still buying her cook book recipes, regardless of this rediculous charade. This is all about diversion of the Gang of 8 and bribed Republican Senators passing Defacto amnesty against the will of the people. Woudn’t it be nice if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton apologized for calling White People, Honkies and Crackers!

  • Happily LS

    What she said was: ““Well what I would really like is a bunch of little n***ers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties. You know, in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around. Now, that would be a true Southern wedding wouldn’t it?” Then she tried to get her black employees to participate.

    That’s so far out there it can’t be defended. If youre trying, you’re just as much of a piece of shit.

  • Happily LS

    She said: “Well what I would really like is a bunch of little n***ers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties. You know, in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around. Now, that would be a true Southern wedding wouldn’t it?” Then she tried to force her black employees to participate.

    There’s no defending that. If you’re trying, you’re just making it obvious how low racist conservatives will go.

    • Quencher44

      That “quote” didn’t come from any credible source. It’s fabricated slander, pure and simple. There’s no defending that. If you’re trying, you’re just making it obvious how lowidiot liberals will go.

    • OfficialPro

      That doesn’t make any sense. What has long sleeve white shirts and minstrel show style things have to do with being robbed at gunpoint?

    • ziggy zoggy

      Happily Lefwing Stupid,

      Deen never said that but the scum you worship say far worse about all the decent people they wrongfully detest.
      There’s no defending that. If you’re trying, you’re just making it obvious how low racist moonbats will go.

    • EarlyBird

      Seriously?! If that is true, my defense of her is completely wrong. I just can’t imagine her saying that. Even if she WAS that bigoted, she just can’t be stupid enough to say that in earshot of anyone, right? I mean to build an empire like hers she’s just GOT to be more savvy than that.

      IF that’s true and I doubt it, to hell with her.

  • EarlyBird

    This is a very sad story. Ms. Deen used a racial slur and it is not pretty or commendable, or acceptable. It is proper to criticize her for that, and in and of itself is not political correctness.
    Its the pillorying of her as a full-blown racist, and trying to ruin her career and name which is political correctness. It’s outrageous, and it’s why we can never really have the “honest national discussion about race” in this country which the left is always howling for.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Girly…..did you actually write something honest and true?
      Are you trying to give me a stroke or heart attack and kill me?

      • EarlyBird

        See, Soggy, only lefties play the “gotcha!” race game and I’m not a lefty. I try to be honest and fair, not tribal.

        • ziggy zoggy

          You’re not a tribal lefty ? Negro, please.

  • Steve Fair

    If Deen had said “kikes” Horowitz would have been the first one screaming for her head. It just goes to show the sick mentality of the racist right. That is “No white person should ever lose their job just because they offended some n-words.”

    • OfficialPro

      nobody calls a bank robbing jew that. Jews are not known for their bank robbery skillz. There aren’t that many jewish bank robbers. Gang activity (both black and hispanic) is far more frequently encountered.

      Why should she be punished for something she said over 25 years ago? If she’d said it YESTERDAY, or two weeks ago, or maybe a year ago, then yes, that would be reasonable. Should you lose your job today for saying “Honkey” or “Cracker” or heck, even “chink”, back in 1981? Statute of Limitations exists for a reason.

    • Drakken

      So if you black use it, it’s all good?

    • ziggy zoggy

      “Racist Right?” And what is that, exactly? Other than a left-wing fiction? There is no right-wing at all, much less a racist one. And why is racism only defined as Whites who hate Blacks? And don’t pretend that the Food Channel is owned by “n-words.”
      You are a complete fraud and racist troll.

      • EarlyBird

        “There is no right-wing at all…”
        Like a fish sitting at the bottom of the ocean saying, “there’s no such thing as ‘water’ at all.”

    • EarlyBird

      Steve, you need to be fair here. She admitted to using the “n” word in private to her husband to describe the man who put a gun to her temple in a robbery 27 years ago. The episode tells us “the n word” has been part of her vocabulary, at least during extreme times.

      She seems like an old school Southern gal, a little bit of a redneck, and not someone who is going to receive a Diversity Medal from the NAACP any time soon. So be it. But she does not deserve to be considered some rabid KKK member and have her character ruined for all time either.

      We (every human being) have all at times either used or thought racial slurs, or reduced another person to the base stereotypes. It’s not right, but it’s human, and we need to be honest about that.

      • Steve Fair

        I’m not one of the folks calling for Deen’s head. She made a racist remark in a private conversation that was divulged to the public by a disgruntled ex employee. How many of us can defend everything we’ve said in private? However Horowitz’ outrage is purely race based. He howled about Jesse Jackson saying ‘Hymietown’ in a private conversation yet acts like Deen is being unfairly persecuted. It’s plain old demogoguery.

        • EarlyBird

          Steve, you’re singing to the choir. This entire site is dedicated to whipping up the resentments, fears and outright paranoia of white, evangelical Christian and conservative Jewish far right wingers…usually in the service to Israel’s foreign policy, but that’s for another discussion.

          This site is a disgraceful, but often reads like a send up of the most extreme, fringe, reactionary right wing. I’m here as a real conservative to poke sticks as these freaks and hopefully be part of a real conservative re-birth, which is sorely needed.

      • Steve Fair

        I’m not one of the folks asking for Deen’s head. She made a racial slur in a private conversation that was divulged to the media by a disgruntled ex-employee. How many of us can defend everything we’ve said in private conversations? However Horowitz’ faux outrage is totally race based. He howled about Jesse Jackson saying “Hymietown” in a private conversation yet claims that Deen is being unfairly vilified. Total racial demogoguery.

      • Steve Fair

        One more thing. I see very little protest or outrage from the black community about Deen. If you have, name them and provide proof. Corporate sponsors decided on their own to cut Deen loose. Horowitz is just doing his typical race baiting by implying that the “blacks and liberals” took down this sweet Southern woman.

        • EarlyBird

          Good point. I don’t think a lot of black people are up in arms about this. They, and people in general, get it.

          And you’re right: Horowitz is absolutely race-baiting. His use of the term “lynch mob” is intentionally incendiary. He’s a bomb thrower and a propagandist by his own admission. He’s a poisonous, disgusting man who I used to admire a long, long time ago. He’s too angry to achieve anything good.

          • Steve Fair

            Agreed. He’s a bottom dwelling self-promoter with as much character as a sewer rat.

  • defcon 4

    I used to work w/at-risk youth (some of whom were already in gangs). I heard the n-word more working w/them (from some of the black youth) than I’d ever heard in my entire life up to that point.

    • OfficialPro

      yeah but they’re “allowed” to, just like teh gheys are allowed to call each other f** or f****t

  • tommyrot

    Hey, all us White folks are racist

  • quillerm

    Americans are for the most part well educated and fair minded. Ms Dean will rise from this leftist smear Campaign more popular than ever and her business will flourish. There will be the ‘professional’ victims and radical loonies sniping from the wings, but rational minds will win out in the end.

    • Meekrob

      I wish that were true, but I’ve seen too much evidence to the contrary.

  • quillerm

    Hopefully, the word ‘Progressive’ will be revised not to include the radical, incompetence that has taken over every Federal Agency and Policy Obama has put in place. We can look back on Obama’s Presidency and reflect on the criminalization of speech, hoplessly biased media, and compromised elections.

  • John Davidson

    Is FOX next?

    • ziggy zoggy

      FOX has been targeted by the real racists since day one.

  • poetcomic1

    I’m NOT a racist. I’m NOT a racist… but you know what…. all of a sudden I’m becoming one.

    • OfficialPro

      It’s like I heard one time, some guy, who was dealing with an absolute jerk of a Korean at work, said “That guy MADE me racist. I was FINE before!”

      • Meekrob

        This. If they want to start a race war, then I say “Just bring it.”

  • Charles Martel

    I have decided to twitter the n word every few minutes over the course of the next month as a protest. Of course, without knowing my name or race it will simply pass a the typical black twitter account.

    Time to quit falling into the liberal/progressive PC trap. Make no apologies. Simply say, “yeah and so f&&king what!”

  • Charles Martel

    Visit Ramzpaul or SBPDL to see what really goes on in the racial blogosphere. It is eye opening. There is no reason for us to hold up a good black representative just to try to prove you are not racist. It doesn’t work.

    Also read Vox Day’s excellent column regarding blacks and poor whites inability to see into the future causing them to be impulse driven.

    I could care less who calls me racist. Speak truth to power. That was a slogan of the left. I am taking it over now to speak to the people in power now.

    It’s liberating to say I am very uncomfortable and around large crowds of blacks. And there are some places I would never go lest I be one of those statistics that was in the wrong place at the wrong time after being found murdered. By the way, is there a list of wrong places for white people? Maybe the media and police should provide it so we don’t end up dead or severely injured.

    • montbrun

      Sir :

      Likewise for the much cackled about “Racial Profiling”….
      Fine but first tell me :

      How come that whenever police stops a car driven by an African-American
      more often than not he has no driver license or it has been suspended or expired; no registration, no insurance and if the police searches the car,
      will find all the way from drugs, booze to guns…
      Is this also a result of “racial profiling” or is it “planted” by the cops ?????

  • Rostis

    It’s not the number of “racial media vultures” (the National Enquirer the New York Times or the Chicago Tribune) which is significant. I think that the really significant thing in this story is the number of investors, advertisers and subscribers who continue to support the vultures – or even simply read all this idiocy about white racists. Their legions (along with legions of zombie voters) are far beyond the wildest dreams of any subversion masterminds from KGB. I afraid that lots of dreadful actions from the cancerous majority and lots of beautiful words from the healthy minority is not the kind of resistance your great Walt Whitman warned about in his “Caution”:

    TO The States, or any one of them, or any city of The States,

    Resist much, obey little;

    Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved;

    Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this earth, ever

    afterward resumes its liberty.

    There is, in fact, nothing to subvert now any more in the USA: everything is already well-rotten, from media to – the worst thing! – electorate. Still, I hesitate to say “hopelessly rotten”, but I can’t understand, just where the hope is? Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  • sonoftompaine

    It makes me sick to read David’s habitual semantic mistake, following the Fabians and Marxists all the way back to 1920, when they STOLE the wonderful word, LIBERAL away from the Founding Fathers, the classic liberals (like all libertarians).
    The mis-use of the nice word “progessive” is equally annoying. These people who are attempting to destroy America ar not liberal. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, were not
    liberals or progressives. It’s a careless, bad habit that a lot of other misguided, well meaning journalists like Ann Coulter and O’Reilly continue to use, continue to give a semantic advantage to the destructive enemy.
    Ayn Rand taught me years ago NOT TO MINCE WORDS, and call them statists,
    collectivists, fascists, communists, socialists, fellow travelers, Marxists, commies,
    WHATEVER words a person has the guts to call them. David is fearful of calling them the right name. Ann Coulter told me she’s trying to ruin the name liberal.
    This is crazy. David is so heroic in all that he has accomplished EXCEPT FOR
    his fear of calling them what they actually ARE. Again, he does not call Hitler or any of those other criminals, liberal, WHY would he call any collectivist that nice name? Get over it, David. Lead the way. Tell your flock, your large following,
    THE TRUTH. Win the war of words with accuracy.

    • Quencher44

      Horowitz, Coulter et al use the commonly used term to convey their message to the widest group. Statist is a good word though, I hope it catches on.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Words have meaning and false meanings empower liars.

  • chrislong

    The lynch mob is the Marxist cabal. Anyone who understands Marxism will completely understand the strategy; not entirely public character assassination but of fomenting class division and exacerbating social tensions. Paula Deen is made into a class representative that is generalized.

  • Death2Edom

    All you so-called white ppl (Biblical Edomites) are the devil and the wicked the Bible speaks of. You devils are at your end. That is why your society is collapsing everyday before your eyes and Amerikkka will be destroyed with Nuclear Fire in WWIII. All you devils will play the part of a slave in the Kingdom of Heaven to the Real Children of Israel


    • newguy40

      I like this one better.

      “And to him that smites you on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that
      takes away your cloak forbid not to take your coat also. Give to every man that asks of
      you; and of him that takes away your goods ask them not again. And as you would that men
      should do to you, do you also to them likewise. …” Lk 6:29-30

    • ziggy zoggy

      You write like the majority of Black Americans. An anti-White racist to the core. And we’re all supposed to care what you think and reaffirm your mindless racism.
      Not gonna happen.

  • MarilynA

    . Over the years different substitutes have been used as a substitute to replace the N word. Yet all of them have been labeled demeaning and were soon abandoned. Today Black people prefer to be called African Americans, but as soon as they figure out that being an African American means they are black they will object to that, because what they really object to is being black, and regardless of what they are called, nobody can change that. . .

  • WW4

    The people castigating Deen are attention-seeking wannabes pretending like they’ve never heard the word. It’d be one thing if she was caught on camera two days ago using the word when she thought no one was listening; people like that deserve our reprobation. But to castigate her for this reason? We all could stand to take the mote from our own eye.

    • WW4

      The whole “let’s go after Paula Deen” is pretty awful. And it may not be racism, but it’s surely some sort of -ism. ‘Hey, it’s a white Southern lady who cooks fatty food and developed diabetes! She should have lost the accent and pushed kale chips!’ It’s just petty.

      I mean, when I need a petty excuse to feel superior to someone I go to a conservative website and sample the fine whine, there….

      • ziggy zoggy

        You would need to be a human being before you could feel superior to one.

  • EarlyBird

    The hyper-overreaction to Ms. Deen’s comments are sad, and an example of what keep us from having that “honest dialogue about race” which the left is always telling us we need to engage in.

    Her use of the “n” word, in private to her husband, to describe a black man who put a gun to her temple during a robbery is, you know, sort of understandable. Do I think this shows that this word is not a novelty to her vocabulary? Yeah. Oh well. Is her brother a redneck? Yeah, but that’s not her fault.

    I think her Old South Plantation Wedding fantasy actually shows greater insensitivity in that she didn’t understand how this would be received by black people. But she was dreaming of the mythic “Gone With the Wind” Old South, not the real, slavery Old South.

    She’s clearly doesn’t deserve an NAACP award, but she’s not a KKK Grand Wizard, either. She’s an imperfect human being and product of her environment and we need to give her a little bit of a break.

    • ziggy zoggy

      And you went and ruined your only sane comment ever. Deen is close to perfect and so is her environment. The only vicious racists in the south are black.

      • EarlyBird

        “The only vicious racists in the south are black.”


        • ziggy zoggy

          Go to Atlanta or any other Southern city. You self loathing POS.

  • mj01323

    You have to remember Barack Obama is the first mixed race president, half white and half black. But his skin is black, so you dare not criticize or disagree with anything he says. Otherwise you are racist.

    Additionally, the black community has never experienced a black man with so much power and support. If you defend Obama whenever he is criticized, you must attack anyone who had differences with other blacks. Non-blacks are racists, and everything they do is born of their ingrained racism.

  • labon gilbert

    Paula done the right thing, she told the truth. I believe that she did nothing wrong what she says to her husband is between them, no matter how long ago it was. Food Network and Smithfield ought to be a ashamed! How can a woman who has done so much for people and shown so much love to all including African Americans, do such a thing. if she had done that do you think she would have showed up again on the Today Show to testify to what she said and how she was raised. And for Matt Lauer to assume, which is what he was doing, assuming that her breakdown was to salvage her career and endorsement should be ashamed. She was do heartbroken over this whole mess then he wants to cut her off everytime she talked, not right at all. Paula deserves a second chance has like everyone else.

  • mikegiles

    Excuse the hell out of me, but after someone robs me at gunpoint; I’m entitled to call that A-hole any damn thing I please. She’s suppose to care about the sensitivities of the thug who just robbed her?

  • ServosT

    Are there any disparaging word used to describe other races that is so indescribably offensive that even typing it out or saying out loud is strictly forbidden and at the same time is so commonly used among those it targets?

    • ziggy zoggy

      Of course not. Blacks are the favored race for the politically correct – but only until they become neighbors. There is a reason that none of the same White lefties who claim to love Blacks also absolutely refuse to live in Black areas.

      • EarlyBird

        You need to get out more, Soggy. Not only am I a registered Republican conservative (a real conservative, not a terrified, right wing nationalist psychopath), but I’m married to a black woman (who used to be a Democrat until I worked on her) and live in a very, very diverse part of Los Angeles, filled with every color under the sun. And people seem to get along just fine.

  • bicentennialguy

    I love how these people fear words. Don’t like what she said? Don’t buy her products.

  • Ben Franklin

    I don’t care what they do to her. She supported Obama. When you back the tyrant you exist at their whim. She supported a man who arrogated to himself the power to pick and choose who wins and who loses. Dean got what she deserved just not for the reason she should have gotten it.

    I can live with that.

  • Jennifer Benn

    I’ve worked for 4 different Muslim franchisees (who all lost their businesses for embezzlement and breach of contract)…2 of them told me that I wasn’t a ‘human being’ to my face because I’m a woman…doesn’t get any worse than that, sorry…Hussein Obama calls his white grandmother a ‘typical white person’ in his first book. That’s nice. Because only white people can be racist, right?

  • VL123

    Ya..I understand it’s a free speech thing…but she’s an Obama supporter. I don’t care anymore about this.

  • Tina Trenner

    Right is wrong and wrong is right …..up is down and down is up and blacks can call themselves the N word all day long, and its OK but whites can say nothing…and the Chris Rocks of the world can prance up and down the stage yelling ” I hate white people” and his black audience howls with delight… this is what the communist have worked toward , for a very long time. Welcome to the beginning of the end of all that makes sense. If it seems to make no sense, it’s the Alinsky crowed screwing with reality… BO’s rotten hide is at the heart of atmosphere of hate and hostility…could easily turn to fear and violence….It’s awful

  • Paula

    Mrs. Deen couldn’t fall all over the Obamas more. You lay with dogs, you get fleas.

  • Sam

    Agree with others below. I can’t have empathy for an Obama supporter.

  • Anamah

    I am shocked of the cruelty of these Progressive mobs; what an incredible case of hypocrisy and insensitivity…

    The left and Progressive is too much powerful and sadist. You dig in these souls and can’t find a shred of compassion.

    As a hyenas pack running after the hunt!

  • ziggy zoggy

    If Deen said “n!gger” ten times in every sentence she uttered, then would be awarded her own show on Comedy Central instead of the Food Network. But only if she were “Black” instead of White. Every Black comedian and rapper on the planet says n!gger every chance they get and then some.
    And there is no such thing as the “N word.” Only the F word warrants an acronym euphemism. “White trash,” “cracker” and even “White mother^cker” are completely acceptable slurs according to the same racists and retards who have been lynching Paula Deen.
    If Walmart stops selling her pound cakes I will stop shopping there. I have limits to how much anti-White political correctness I will tolerate.
    F^ck anybody weak enough to disagree with me.

    • EarlyBird

      It’s not a double standard between a black person being allowed to use the word “nigger,” while a white person is pilloried for it. Fairness requires treating the same things in the same manner, and these are not the same things. I really, really dislike anyone using that word – including black comedians – but the black person has co-opted it from the white racist usage and is using it differently. Context is everything.

      If you want to say that there is plenty of racism among black people, I’ll go along 100% with that comment. There are also a lot of non-racist, wonderful black people, which surely you’ll agree with.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Blacks are commended for saying “nigger” while Whites are excoriated for doing the same. Don’t try to Beckel the issue.

  • Daniel Earley

    pundits, comedians, actors, and professors are given a pass and even
    celebrated for making racist, hate-filled comments about whites.
    Meanwhile, the slightest slip of the tongue that could possibly be
    interpreted as a racial slur against blacks has ended the political and
    professional careers
    of numerous whites. Such unfortunate whites are tarred and feathered
    in the mainstream media — forced to beg for forgiveness while humbly
    bowing and kissing the rings of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. What a
    sickening visual.

    Americans agree that racism is wrong, which a majority have expressed
    by electing a black president. But somehow, black America is given a
    pass, allowed to be racist. This is wrong and evil. Racism should not
    be tolerated from whites or blacks.

    American education system is infested with hated-filled racists who
    hate America as founded. I am talking the likes of professors
    Salamishah Tillet and my friend’s son’s middle school teacher.
    Passively continuing to allow and fund their access to our precious
    kids is insane.

    Quoting Susan Powter, the ’80s fitness guru, America, it’s time to “stop the insanity!”

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  • Eva

    I feel so sorry for Paula Deen. She has done nothing wrong. For any righteous lib who visits this forum and posts his/her degenerate pot-induced nonsense, keep in mind that you, too, would call that black man with an illegally obtained gun a “n****r”. I know I would. And I am hoping that blacks themselves do see a difference between “black” and “n****r”. I KNOW that a lot of my fellow Americans feel the same way. I am a white immigrant, and I came to the U.S. many years ago with no inclination to racism whatsoever. But when you tune in to evening news and every single night see mostly blacks burglarize, rape, murder, defraud and cheat the system, you begin to form opinions. That’s right: opinions based on reality around us. So, do I profile now? You bet. Profiling saves lives. This idea should appeal to liberals. They love to save lives. And, by the way, why isn’t there a moral indignation about the anti-white slurs Chris Rock uses all the times?

  • ziggy zoggy

    Exactly. He deserves any punishment except a racial slur.

  • Everett Vulgamore

    incredible how a harmless remark from 27 years ago has branded her as a racist by the liberal media for life. this world i grew up to makes me sick

  • Seek

    The anti-racist (read: anti-white) shock troops must have worked overtime on this one. Everyone, black and white alike, has used the word “nigger.” Have I ever used it? Of course I have. Hell, Richard Pryor in his prime used the word “nigger” in a single hour during one of his stand-up routines more often than I have during my lifetime.
    The whole affair is about smothering spontaneity, of stifling conversation. This is the totalitarian impulse in action.

  • tanstaafl

    If you didn’t vote for Obama, you must be a……..

  • Roderick Bateman

    Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • Giles Blyzzard

    I heard that Mr. Hymietown Jackson has said that Paula Deen could redeem herself. That’s mighty white of him.

  • American1969

    Seriously? Paula Deen is being punished for something she said TWENTY-SEVEN years ago? Give me a break!
    If that’s the case, there are PLENTY on the Left that need to go—-and have needed to go for some time.
    This entire thing is stupid, and it shows the race hustlers for what they are. Pathetic. Why don’t they clean up the act in their own communities before screaming about someone else?

  • tanarur

    Of course the whole case has the whiff of Kafka about it. However, since Ms. Deen actively supported and campaigned for BHO in 2008, I really cannot feel sorry for her. This is what she wanted, I guess she just thought she had bought immunity for herself.

  • ceecee

    As a Southerner, I was raised to respect blacks and all races, and while that may have not been popular in the 60’s, my parents understood that all human life was sacred before God, something much lost in many parts of the north.. So before you go and throw stones at Ms. Deen, you should examine your own lives.

  • Watermelonbeast

    I guess anyone who has watched Blazing Saddles more than once is a certified racist.

  • ssohara

    I never liked her show. In terms of Southern recipes, I thought the Neelys’ were better. However, on the rare occasions I watch the Food Network, I watch either Alton Brown (he appeals to my geekiness) or Barefoot Contessa.

    All that being said – I can’t believe the rancor directed at this woman. First of all, why do her private conversations matter, anyway? Are we now going to have thought police and spouses and children informing on family? Welcome to the Soviet states of America, Comrade!

    Racism exists. I grew up in NYC and moved to the deep South 20 years ago after graduating from college for my first job. I had no clue how much more racist it was! I’m not black but I am a “minority” and I was called a “ni**er” a couple of times wihle I lived in the deep South. I also saw a KKK rally in a small Southern town I was driving through. Did these things bother me? Yes, they did.

    Yet, I still defend Paula. Why? She also has first Amendment rights.

    Personally, I seriously doubt she is a racist. She probably grew up hearing that word and it slipped out when she was stressed out and angry (as anyone would be after being robbed at gunpoint!), but that doesn’t mean it was part of her daily language, or that she held any discriminatory feelings against black people.

    But even if Paula IS a racist – she can only be tried for her ACTIONS and how they have directly hurt others. I think racism is awful and evil, don’t get me wrong – but if someone hires black people, treats them with respect and courtesy, promotes them, etc., even though he or she makes disparaging remarks against them to his or her spouse – then no harm has actually been done. There is no crime.

    Is it hypocritical? Yes, but civilized society depends to a degree on hypocrisy.

    As far as hurting black people – black rappers who use that word as well as defining black women as ‘hos, etc., probably do more damage to blacks than Paula has ever done. Yet these people are celebrated.

  • yestradamous

    If it was still a word to get upset over, here in 2013, you’d think black people would stop using it, too.
    It must not hurt their ears that badly.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    The racist lynch mob determine to destroy George Zimmermann has never had scruples to burn LATINOS. LATINOS on the other hand are constantly intimidated by the “brothers” in any supervisory position in the labor force. Will Latinos ever stand up for Zimmermann? I doubt it. The stupid masters of the Civil rights organizations are too venal and pusillanimous to stand up to the negroes. At least in the inner cities such as L.A., AK-47’s are the great equalizers.

  • danshanteal

    Show me a person who says he isn’t racially prejudiced and I’ll show you a liar.

  • ElizabethMC

    The N word…as in nincompoop, nincompoop.

  • 20pizzapies

    LOL….”Progressives lynching Deen ” ? WHO are all those big businesses that are bailing out on her ? All the Corporate Cowards bailing out like rats on a sinking ship .
    I don’t think it fair for her to be destroyed over past errant words spoken in private conversations ….do any of you ? Congressmen have been doing it for the past decades ,but wise enough to use codewords .
    But go an tell that to the Big Businesses execs whose arses you all have been kissing. THEY are the ones bringing about her financial ruin , not the so called progressives that you hypocrites are citing as the blame .

  • desertgoldwing

    The stinking Left will not be satisfied until Paula and anyone else deemed to have committed a “crime against the people” are paraded in the streets with shaved heads and signs around our necks announcing our “crimes” to the world! When we are Kow Towed into utter silence and submission (hmmm… maybe that’s why they so love the Sharia crowd!?) then perhaps they will be satisfied. (Naaaa!!!!)

  • Steve Bryant

    Earlybird, how does someone take offense at being called the “word” while defending the thug culture that defines them as such? It’s almost as absurd as the thought of the Black Congressional Caucus sitting around a table and complaining about prejudice and exclusion. Lol , you just can’t make this stuff any better than it is. We are living in a mad house.

    • EarlyBird

      Is anyone but the thugs themselves defending the thug culture?

      Why does anone need to use the word, anyway? If we want to condemn the black thug culture – and we should – let’s just call them “thugs,” or “black thugs” and tell them to stop committing crimes and to pull up their pants and use standard English.

      • Meekrob

        Oh but that would be “racist,” a word which has been so bastardized by the left that it no longer has any meaning.

  • onecornpone

    The PC Food Nazis of the Left have been gunning for Deen for years, because she is gleeful about high calorie indulgence, laughing heartily about using gobs of butter and deep frying bacon. Being a natural comedian, that was her schtick, but several months ago they tried to take her down when she announced she has Type 2 Diabetes, opining she deserved to die for giving people pleasure through her artform, food.

    Personally I lost interest in her when it became clear that she was a Jimmah Carter loving Democrat. Too damn bad that side of the aisle have no idea who are and are not their allies. I seriously doubt the woman had ever voted (R) or (I) in her life. I hope she leaves them in the dust for a new career making fun of her former political allies. I wonder how much she had donated to o-Hole’s campaign?

    A trip to Oprah’s couch will fix it.

  • Steve Bryant

    ZZ, the N word apparently is offensive to those who are ashamed to be identified as belonging to a specific group. For example, is there a word that indicates that you are white that would be offensive to you?
    No? Me neither. Sad to think there are so many people who are ashamed of who they are and who allow someone else to define who they are with a simple word. Hey, I guess the pen is mightier than the sword, eh?

  • defcon 4

    “Fairness requires treating the same things in the same manner,” is yet another example of your mendacious hypocrisy, considering your support of islamo-nazism, and demonization of anyone who opposes it and the non-orthogonal nature of islamo-nazi justice WRT women and anyone non-muslim.

    • EarlyBird


      You remind me of the simple-minded left-wing gnat I used to wrangle with on Slate who insisted that every time I denounced the latest Al Queda massacre, that I also denounce say, the fact that the US wiped out Native Americans, or else he charged me with engaging in “hypocrisy.”

      Now read this over and over until you get it, because I’m not going to help you out further:

      Not every criticism of X group requires automatic criticism of Y group in the same sentence just to be “fair.” If in conversation one denounces the horrors of Pol Pot, it is not to be assumed that he is dismissing the horrors of the Holocaust just because the Holocaust is not mentioned; it is just that the subject at the moment is Pol Pot.

      Now shoo!

  • Steve Fair

    Absolute nonsense. I’ve heard Bernard McGuirk and Howard Stern use the word ni88er on the air and get away with it scot free.

  • EamonnDublin

    I hear black comedians use the “N” word all the time! Many of them base almost their complete routine on racism. They use it to mock white people, but they do it in an underhanded, indirect manner. They also imply that the majority of white people are inherently racist, even stupidly racist. Why does nobody shout “Stop! Racist!”?. What’s sauce for the white man should also be sauce for the black man.

  • 20pizzapies

    He dimbulb , why don’t you go to any local Italian American Club , walk in and start calling them Grease Ball or Wop . Please report your results , that is if you have any teeth left in your mouth .
    Man you’re such an assshole ….does it hurt when you think ?

    • Meekrob

      You’ll never know, you fucking twit.

      • 20pizzapies

        Never know ? You just proved it you mindless imbecile.

  • simmss

    Do you see how this PC bull is destroying America as we remember it. Think of all the times blacks have used racial remarks including Jackson and Abernathy. Let us not forget the infamous Louis Farakan. Do we ever see these people losing their jobs or even being held accountable for their racists remarks? After reading the facts on this woman, I have changed my mind and am totally behind her. Why do the 12 % of the population run rough shod on the rest of the country while 80% sit back in apathy until it boomerangs on them?

  • Ziggy Stardust

    Fine article, but the lynch mob is the wrong analogy. The Paula Deen media trial and George Zimmerman media trial are have their basis in the show trials of the Soviet Union in the French Revolution. They are designed to demonstrate the power of the Left and to intimidate opponents and advocates. Paula Deen and George Zimmerman are Democrats being prosecuted by the Left , just Communist Party members and French Revolutionaries were prosecuted by the Left.
    This intimidation is effective. It allows the Left to commit voter fraud while destroying advocates of reasonable voter I.D. laws by calling them racists. Similarly targeting of chick-fil-a sent shock waves of intimidation.

    (Then again, lynching was a form of general intimidation, but the analogy is highly charged)

  • ziggy zoggy

    Geek, maybe you can explain why you believe left-wing racism is mythical.

  • Soldier

    The Real Racists of America are exposing themselves, and they work for MSNBC. We have morons in America that claim you can’t defend yourself if someone breaks your nose, and throws bashes your skull on concrete.