Fight Fire With Fire

dh5Below is the transcript of a speech David Horowitz recently delivered at the Americans for Prosperity Defending the American Dream Summit in Orlando, Florida.

I’m pleased to be here. I want to thank Tim Phillips for inviting me to this gathering, and the Koch brothers for organizing it. Most of you probably know that I grew up in a Communist family and had a misspent youth as a Marxist leader of the New Left in the 1960s. In later years, when I reflected on the damage our “revolution” had inflicted on our country, I would ask myself, “Where was the ruling class? Why didn’t they defend the System from these modern day Luddites and America haters? Why didn’t they expel us from the schools we tried to shut down? Why did they give us platforms to advance our agendas? What were they thinking?”

As the years progressed, and the radicals first infiltrated and then took over the Democratic Party, I found myself asking, “Where is the ruling class? Why don’t they see the threat this radicalized party is posing to their interests and the country’s? Why isn’t the ruling class mobilizing its resources to oppose an assault that is threatening the free market system and the very foundations of our democracy?”

And then, last year, I was invited to this event, and here you are. Except that I no longer believe there is a ruling class or that you are one. America is — as it has always been — a pluralistic society with competing centers of power. Moreover, as Jacob Laksin and I have shown in our book The New Leviathan the preponderance of political wealth is on the left, and has been put in the service of parties and causes that are anti-capitalist. As Jacob and I showed, progressive foundations engaged in political activities are more than 10 times wealthier than their conservative counterparts, and are able to deploy resources for political ends that are greater by far than even that.

Historically the movers of radical transformations have always been drawn from the ranks of the upper classes. The French Revolution was initiated by French aristocrats; Karl Marx was funded and promoted by a capitalist factory owner. And the Obama socialists who today threaten our way of life are swimming in wealth up to their eyeballs. The purpose of these observations is first to underscore how important you as creators of wealth are to the battle facing us; and second, how much catching up you have to do in order for us to prevail.

If the last five unhappy years have taught us anything, it is these two things: First, elections have consequences. The left’s last two electoral triumphs have already had a devastating impact on our nation and its future. America is now a great power in steep decline, a by-stander in world events, where once it shaped them. Our president is set on a course that actively encourages our enemies, weakens our friends and diminishes our military strength. At home his policies have impelled us towards national bankruptcy and constitutional disorder. And worse. Until the IRS and NSA scandals and Obamacare revealed the power that the Obama radicals are acquiring, I myself did not realize how close we were to the prospect of losing our democracy and actually becoming a totalitarian state. If you control all that information about individual lives and you have all that power over their finances and health, you can destroy any opposition and you do not need a secret police to enforce your will.

The second thing we have learned is something that everyone knows but no one wants to admit: well-designed character attacks can have a crucial impact on electoral outcomes; well-designed character attacks overpower well-crafted messages.

In the last election, Romney had a good message and an obvious one: Obama’s economic recovery has been a sorry failure; 23 million people still are jobless; many more are underemployed; if you want jobs and economic opportunities, support the job creators and innovators and deregulators.

But a critical majority of the voting public never heard Romney’s message. The reason? A $200 million smear campaign successfully portrayed him as a heartless job destroyer, a mouthpiece for the selfish rich, someone whose words you can’t trust.

What was the answer of Obama’s opponents to this killer attack? They didn’t have one. There was no $200 million campaign dedicated to destroying Obama’s credibility and undermining his message. Obama’s opponents didn’t have a message discrediting his character and neutralizing his attacks.

Would it have been difficult to do this? Obama is arguably the most brazen and compulsive liar ever to occupy the White House. He is an absentee executive — invisible at the budget negotiations in Washington and the withdrawal negotiations in Iraq, missing in crisis after crisis. While Egypt and Syria burn, he golfs. His endless dithering and misguided interventions in support of the Muslim Brotherhood have set the entire region aflame. Meanwhile, he and his wife carry on like French royalty, lavishing tens of millions of taxpayer funds on their family and dog while tens of millions of Americans suffer historic levels of deprivation because of the policies Obama put in place.

How is it possible that his opponents have not buried him under his own disasters? How did two successive presidential candidates, McCain and Romney, characterize this selfish, malicious leader — selling hope while delivering misery — as a “good man,” and someone who only lacked experience for the job? How about a moral conscience?

The answer is obvious to everyone but no one will say it out loud.

No one will confront Obama the way he deserves to be confronted because he is black. Actually he is half black, raised by whites and one Indonesian but no matter, since racist liberals have made the color of one’s skin decisive. It is because Obama is a minority that no one will hold him to a common standard; or confront him with what he has actually done. Any political consultant will tell you that you can’t. This is how race conscious and race-prejudiced our country has become.

This is why Republicans lose elections. Because what is true of Obama is true of the Democratic Party and the socialists generally. They present themselves as the party of minorities, whom they use as human shields whenever they are attacked, portraying their critics as indecent and racist. If we can’t hold Obama accountable, how can we hold any Democrat, any liberal or any socialist accountable? Because this is how they fight, and will do so until a counter-strategy is put in place.

My purpose in coming here today is to outline such a strategy, one that will take down the socialists at election time, and between election times, and defend the market-based democracy we all hold dear. Defend it when we are attacked as racist, insensitive and unfair. Which is how they will always attack us.

Their campaign narrative goes like this: We are the defenders of the underdog, and the champions of equality and fairness. If you attack us you attack minorities, women, children, and the poor. If you oppose us you are racists; you are the people who supported segregation and lynching. Kathleen Sebelius, Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, has actually said this about opponents of Obamacare, glossing over the fact that segregation, like slavery, was a Democratic Party platform.

To begin to devise a counter-strategy, to expose their hypocrisy and impugn their character and neutralize their attacks, you have to ask yourself this question: How is it that Democrats liberals and socialists can pose as defenders of the poor?

Obama has created more poor people than all the presidents since World War II put together. Today, forty-seven million Americans are on food stamps and 100 million on government handouts. In Democrat monopolies like Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Washingon DC and a dozen other major urban blight areas, liberal socialists have damaged and destroyed the lives of more African Americans than all the Republicans since the creation of the Republic. Yet every four years – and in between – they are able to persuade voters that they are defenders of minorities and the poor.

How do they do it? Not by actually helping minorities and the poor, but by attacking the rich. They portray rich people as the enemies of minorities and the poor who refuse to pay their fare share. They demonize wealth. That is what allows them to pretend they are friends of the poor.

Conservatives often fail to appreciate the cynical basis of the attacks on them. Conservatives are earnest – too earnest. They aim their messages at the head instead of the heart. They appeal to reason instead of the emotions. That’s why they lose. Democrat socialists don’t actually hate rich people or believe they are oppressors of the poor. In fact Democrat socialists want to be rich. In fact they are rich. Just ask George Soros, Jon Corzine, Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel, Terry McAuliffe, Bill Clinton and the White House couple. They want to be filthy rich. As far as socialists are concerned rich people are ok — if they support the socialist agendas. It’s cynicism on steroids. It’s all about power. It’s a strategy to win. Attack the rich to show you are friends of the poor. And politically it works.

How can we who believe in individual rights and free markets fight this? How can we neutralize the slanders and show that we are the real defenders of minorities, the poor, the little guy, working Americans, the middle class? How can we turn the tables on them?

It’s not rocket science. You can counter their attacks by turning their guns around. You can neutralize them by fighting fire with fire.

In the real world, Democrat socialists have made the lives of poor Americans worse, much worse. You need to shove this fact in their faces every time you speak. Here is the reality: In every inner city of size in America, the selfish exploiters of the poor are liberals – what I am calling Democrat socialists; they are the ones who fatten themselves off the votes of minorities and the poor while blocking their opportunities for a better life, and throwing them crumbs in return.

Detroit is a city Democrat socialists have run as a political monopoly for 52 years.  For twenty of those Detroit’s Democrat mayor, Coleman Young, was also a member of the Communist Party.

In 1961 before their rule, Detroit had the highest per capita income in the United States; Today, it is the poorest large city in all fifty states.

In 1960 Detroit was the fourth largest city in America with nearly 2 million inhabitants. Today two-thirds of Detroit’s population is gone. This human flight was the direct result of the government’s attacks on wealth and private companies, and on white people. It was a direct result of the rampant corruption among its political rulers and their draconian restrictions on what private individuals and entrepreneurs could do.

The city currently owes $14 billion in long-term debt, primarily driven by unfunded government union pension and retirement healthcare obligations.

Today Detroit’s median household income is $28,000 – slightly more than half  the median income of the state of Michigan or the United States.

Nearly half of Detroit’s population is either unemployed or no longer looking for work. Its poverty level is 36 percent or more than twice that of the state level.  Over a third of its inhabitants are on food stamps. Three out of every four of its children are born out of wedlock. A third of its school children don’t graduate and nearly half of those who do are functionally illiterate.

In one generation the Democrat socialists reduced America’s number one industrial city to the level of a third world nation.

Did I mention that eighty-two percent of Detroit’s population is African American?

This is a social atrocity committed by liberals and Democrat socialists against African Americans. If we spoke like they do, we would have no compunction about calling this the most appalling racist atrocity against African Americans since the passage of the Civil Rights Acts.

Now consider this: This historic assault on Detroit’s African American population was absent from all the speeches and all the political ads of all the actors supporting free market solutions in the 2012 elections. The word “Detroit” wasn’t mentioned.

This atrocity is not just being committed in Detroit. The government of every major inner city in America has been 100% controlled by Democrat socialists for the last fifty years. Everything that is wrong with America’s inner cities that policy can affect, liberals, Democrats and socialists are responsible for. They have their boot heels on the necks of poor black and Hispanic families. But we are all too polite to mention it.

Some Republicans have complained that Democrats win because they hand out goodies to minorities and the poor. Yes, they do. But the goodies they hand out are chump change compared to what they’ve destroyed for all Americans and especially for the poor. Would you rather live on food stamps and handouts or be able to pay for what you need and want? I don’t think there are many Americans who would have trouble making that choice.

So here’s the strategy, remembering that the best defense is a good offense: Attack the Democrat socialists for their wars against minorities and the poor. Expose their empty promises and question their character and undermine their message by portraying them as hypocrites who cannot be trusted. In attacking them as enemies of minorities and the poor we show that we care what happens to minorities and the poor. We put them on the defensive, and we neutralize their malicious and unfair attacks.

There is one more lesson to be learned from the last election: By well-placed attacks, we can change the story line of the national debate to our advantage.

Republicans planned to make the 2012 election about Obamacare, because there was a Republican landslide in 2010 around that issue. But two things happened on the way to the election that changed the subject. First, Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate so the details of Ryan’s plan to fix everything – including Medicare – became targets that were used to neutralize and divert the Republican attack.

Second, and far more importantly, a movement called Occupy Wall Street went on a rampage in American cities attacking the so-called 1% and the allegedly unfair distribution of wealth. Occupy Wall Street was a criminal mob supported by Obama and Pelosi, orchestrated and financed by the socialist government unions. Overnight, this changed the national debate from Obamacare to “fairness.” It cast anyone opposing more taxes as a selfish defender of the rich, and put Republicans on the defensive.

We don’t have the presidency, and we don’t have the union network or the national media to shift the debate to subjects that will give us that advantage. But we do have independent expenditure campaigns, and we do have the Tea Party grassroots to promote the message. And this is what the message should be:

They say we’re anti-woman because we don’t want to finance contraceptives for upper middle class academic women. Our answer to this attack should not be to argue about contraceptives, which will lose us a lot of single women votes. Our answer should be: After 5 years of Obama rule there are 16 million women on food stamps. Two out of every five single mothers are on food stamps. Under Obamacare family health care costs are about to skyrocket. This is Obama’s war on women.

They say we’re anti-Hispanic. After 5 years of Obama rule, there 8 million Hispanics on food stamps, and 20 million Hispanics who are unemployed or no longer looking for work. This is Obama’s war on minorities.

They say we don’t care about blacks. Look at America’s inner cities. They are run by Democrats and socialists and have been for fifty years. This is their war on African Americans and the poor.

And so on. As I said, it’s not rocket science. It’s about turning the guns around. It’s about having the moral fiber to do so.

Finally, I don’t want to leave you with the idea that campaigns are won on negatives alone. The negatives I have proposed are designed to blunt the opposition attacks and put them on the defensive. But people need hope, and are looking for change. These are basic elements of any campaign message. In crafting the message the positive elements should be designed so that they also dramatize the negative: how the opposition hurts minorities, working Americans and the poor. In opposing parties that oppress these underdog classes we demonstrate that we care about what happens to them. It’s a simple equation. But our side doesn’t get it yet.

Here’s one example of how it could be done:

Let’s take the education dollar that taxpayers now give to the bureaucrats who don’t care about their children, and give it back to the taxpayers. Let’s voucherize all the school systems in the country from kindergarten to college. Conservatives are always talking about abolishing the Department of Education. This is not the way to go about it. Voters will be told that conservatives are against education.

Instead of calling for the abolition of the Department of Education call for a fundamental change in its mission. Take its $50 billion or so budget and require that the money be spent on a voucher program for all Americans – from kindergarten through college. Let’s put the education dollars in the hands of every poor and middle class person in America. And let’s launch this effort with a $100 million TV ad campaign to tell Americans how the liberal socialists in every major urban school system have destroyed the lives of poor, mainly black and Hispanic children, who can’t afford the private schools that liberal legislators send their own kids to.

Let’s put hope in the hands of people who can’t afford to send their kids to schools that will teach them. Let’s change the way the educational economy works, so that individuals are empowered – not government – so that competition is restored and standards are raised. Let’s take the second biggest part of the government economy and return it to the people. Let’s create a model of the kind of society we want — a free market society, a society based on individual achievement, not government defined collectives.

This is just one possible campaign. Even if this particular campaign doesn’t win the first or second time around it will eventually change the perceptions of everyone in politics. We will no longer be seen as the defenders of the rich; we will be seen as the defenders of minorities and the poor; and our opponents will be seen as their oppressors. If campaigns like this are conducted in the right way they will change not only the way conservatives frame their message; they will change the political landscape of the country and the prospects for our nation’s future.

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  • Holdmynose

    1. Start calling the true racists racist, Chris Mathews, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder virtually everyone at the MLK racial event. When race is your first criteria on any subject you are a racist. The same goes for feminists who are mostly sexist. Take down all victim baiters by confronting their own racism RELENTLESSLY.

    A good place to start is with the arrogant Idea that blacks are too stupid to figure out how to get an ID like any teenage can.

    • Lumpy Rutherford

      Black people have ID’s–particularly the poor ones. A state-issued photo ID is REQUIRED in order to get an EBT card…

      • Holdmynose

        The people claiming voter suppression know blacks and the poor have IDs too. It is a ruse to continue to make their voter fraud uncomplicated. They will deny this so it is best to point out their racist views about minorities. What libs are inferring is that although they are smart enough to have IDs minorities aren’t. Slam it right back on them.

      • Nancy Murdoch

        That is not a good way to win hearts and minds. A better idea would be to say it’s insulting to think minorities don’t have ID.

        • Russell Lissuzzo

          Nancy, You’re OK, but, if an individual (s) is not recognized by any definable system they, as part of the voting process; illegals or felons who should, by law, loose their right to vote, DON”T…..they vote dimorat. And who actually believes elitist dimorats aren’t bigots, racists and traitors?

          With dimorats, it doesn’t matter who votes, but who counts the votes. Always have been and always will be the “big tent” party……….felons, victims, perverts, elitists and very rich crony capitalists.

  • The Mad Jewess

    I always won with Bolsheviks.
    Always. When I block them is when they are just Jew haters, or spamming.

    how? Dont respond to ONE of their accusations.
    Just keep the debate and argument (online and in life) in your own court. This was YOU are the server.

  • Texas Patriot

    There’s a better way, David. Instead of fighting hate with hate and lies with more lies, fight hate with hope and lies with truth. What we need is a vision for a better America, and that means abandoning almost all of the current battle lines and talking points and coming up with an entirely new game plan. In that regard, remember these words:

    You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something,
    build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

    -Richard Buckminster Fuller

    • teekay51

      Great point with Fuller, another one: “don’t attack the competitor, attack their business model.”
      Rick Funston, Funston Advisory Services – Author of “Shift Happens” (not yet released).

    • Mike

      I disagree with you Texas Patriot, and agree with David – appealing to the head only, as David said, gets you where you are now – LOSING. Instead you have to appeal to the heart also in language the average Joe knows and understands. I’d say to Fuller that you will not win if you cede ground you need not and should not cede. Conservatives are going to have to do some nose-holding, put away the Queensberry Rules (as the Left did long ago), get down and dirty, and do some land reclamation.

      • Texas Patriot

        No one cares much about the Marquis of Queensberry rules in politics, least of all me. What I care about is winning fair and square with tough and hard-nosed politics that targets the real issues facing the American people, instead of side-issues that really have nothing to do with the future of America. And there is a way to do it that the current crop of Republicans seems to have totally forgotten about. It has to do with TRUTH rather than lies, and HOPE rather than hate.

        Unfortunately, it would appear that Mr. Horowitz has brought with him in his desperate flight from the Left the utterly despicable tactics of lies, personal attacks and character assassination favored by of the Bolsheviks and the Stalinists with whom he claims to have parted company. From this and many other articles we have seen recently on this website, he obviously supposes that he can use the same tactics to win as an Authentic American Conservative. He is utterly mistaken about that.

        The American people LOVE a good fight, and they expect a good fight, and they despise weakness of any kind. But what they absolutely HATE and have no patience for is a liar and a cheater and someone who wants to win by something other than debating the truth about the issues most important to their future, i.e. excellent education for their children, excellent health and physical fitness and reasonably priced health care, excellent job opportunities with new industries and new horizons of prosperity and well-being for themselves and their families.

        The truth of the matter is that without a vision for the future that is better than anything anyone else is offering, the politics of lies, personal attacks, and character assassination will get you nowhere fast with the American people, and the sooner Mr. Horowitz figures that out, the better.

        • Big___D

          The “american people” you’re talking about didn’t carry the last election. Wise up. We can defeat the leftist scum with the TRUTH about them, and all it will take is the gonads to tell it. …which the GOP DO NOT HAVE.

          • Texas Patriot

            I agree that the GOP does not currently have what it takes to win elections, but stooping to the tactics of the Left is not the answer. TRUTH is the correct antidote for Leftist lies. VISION for the future of America is the winning formula for the GOP.

          • glpage

            The biggest issue will be getting that TRUTH out to people front and center. The main stream media, at best, will do nothing to help conservatives put the message out, at the worst, they will do what they have been doing to obfuscate what conservatives are saying.

            I tend to agree that we need to fight the leftist BS with truth. Part of that truth has to be how the left has been lying to the poor and middle class about what they are doing for the people. Conservatives have to show how leftist policies have done exactly the opposite of what the leftists said they would do.

          • Texas Patriot

            We also have to demonstrate that we have something better to offer.

          • ziggy zoggy

            The Dems don’t demonstrate that they have anything better to offer but they win elections anyway. They win by demonizing their opponents. Your suggestion is for the Republicans to continue their failed election policy.

            Voters don’t base their choices on visions. They base them on hatred.

          • Texas Patriot

            “Voters don’t base their choices on visions. They base them on hatred.”

            Congratulations, Ziggy. You have formulated a precise encapsulation of the Bolshevist and Stalinist approach to American politics that has destroyed the Republican party and relegated it to perpetual mediocrity. And what it lacks, of course, is even the slightest semblance of the kind of leadership necessary for a society based on Individual Freedom and Constitutional Democracy.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Politics have been dirty since Ancient Athens was founded and probably long before that. You cannot reason with the type of bigots, hatemongers and fools who support Obamarx. The former fools who realized their mistake are already with us.

            Dirty works. Clean doesn’t. There is no good reason to refuse to insult and expose these turds.

          • Texas Patriot

            Dirty doesn’t work. Not in America, not anywhere. If you can’t win clean, take it somewhere else.

          • nomoretraitors

            But you have to find a way to get that truth across, which the GOP failed to do in the last 2 elections

          • Texas Patriot

            Instead of outlining our own vision and plan for the future, all we’ve been able to do is attack and berate the other side, and that’s no way to win elections in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Negating the lies of the other side is only the first step. In order for Authentic American Conservatives to “reclaim” the American Dream and “retake” a position of leadership in America, we must have the COURAGE to articulate and hammer home to the American people a clear roadmap for a better future for all Americans that leaves the other side in the dust. The bottom line is that it’s not enough to say the other guy’s product is not any good. We must be able to offer a better product ourselves. And we’re not even close to doing that.

          • Russell Lissuzzo

            that’s not true. The proposals for turning this all around for individuals as well as the economy in general has been derided, lied about, mis-quoted and edited; and the 47% won’t ever listen! They would have nothing to balme, except themselves; they can,t deal with TRUTH!

            Again, you are well spoken and espouse beliefs that I still hold close but reality will destroy those good and positive aspects of AMERICA.

          • Big___D

            Sounds like we’re in violent agreement. Well, except maybe you’re just not ready yet to tell the TRUTH about the left, far and wide. As noted, merely expressing an inspiring (and realistic) VISION is easy overcome by lies and deceit. …as demonstrated.

          • Texas Patriot

            Big____D: “Sounds like we’re in violent agreement. Well, except maybe you’re just not ready yet to tell the TRUTH about the left, far and wide.”

            Oh really?

            I think the American people need to understand the truth as we now know it about how Soviet Agents infiltrated the United States government from the 1930s onward just as Islamist Radicals are infiltrating our government today, and through the influence of such agents, the American ideals of Individual Freedom and Constitutional Democracy have been subtly influenced and corrupted by the totalitarian ideologies of Communism and Islam, with the net result (1) that our children have been taught false narratives of American and Western history and they should feel guilty about the formation of the United States and their Judeo-Christian heritage; (2) that our educational has fallen from 1st in the world in science and math to 21st and 23rd, respectively; (3) that we have gone from a physically fit society to a sedentary one, with the result we are now saddled with enormous health care expenses that are largely avoidable and unnecessary and our national health care expenses have risen from 5.2% of GDP in 1960 to over 17% today; (4) that we have lost millions of high paying jobs and high value-added industries to foreign competition, with the result that most of the jobs now being created in America are low-paying and non-skilled and barely sufficient for a minimum standard of living; (5) that we have spent trillions and trillions of dollars and sacrificed thousands upon thousands of American lives in foreign wars that could not possibly be “won” in any meaningful sense; (6) that we have armies deployed around the world at huge taxpayer expense, and our borders are the most porous and least secure of any major industrial country; and (7) that we have gone from being the largest creditor nation in the world to the largest debtor nation in the world with a national debt that is $17 trillion and climbing rapidly.

            Unfortunately, Republican candidates in recent years haven’t wanted to talk about these truths, because their own policies are a major contributing factor to the situation we find ourselves in today. From my point of view, pointing out the truth is only the first step. From my perspective, the key to winning is a VISION for the future that appeals to ALL Americans. And if the American people want to have a national debate about that, I’m all in. I wouldn’t say that I’m a particularly nice guy, but I LOVE a fair fight. And of course, I HATE liars and bullies. ;-)

          • keyesforpres

            Hello! TRUTH about the left is what this article is about.
            Have you read the article?

        • cy

          As far as i can tell, David is NOT talking about lying at ALL. The left lies like a rug, and he is not advocating anywhere in this article that we lie like they do. What he’s saying is to frame things as an emotional issue as well as intellectual ones… to dispel their lies by exposing them by boldly telling the truth about just what the left has done to minorities and the poor. So i think David has it right. Tell the American people just what Liberal Democrats have done to them…

          • Texas Patriot

            Negating their lies and setting the record straight about the disastrous effects that totalitarian Leftist and Islamist ideologies have had (and are having) on every aspect of our national life is an important first step. But it’s not far enough, and it won’t get you where you want to go with the American people. Plus, if there is even a SLIGHT hint of an unjust or unfair personal attack, the American people will immediately turn off and tune out, assuming (and rightly so) that what they are witnessing is just another partisan political hack and attack dog who wants power to further his own personal objectives. That’s why an exciting and coherent VISION for the future is such a big deal. Coupled with scrupulous honesty and all-American fairness in pointing out the defects and shortcomings of the other side, it would be very hard to beat.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Again: Dems win elections with scurrilous personal attacks. And who said attacks on Dem have to be unjust and unfair? (Those are synonyms, by the way.) honest insults and attacks work just fine on the Dems, who are all as crooked as it gets.

          • Texas Patriot

            Honesty is part of it, Ziggy. But accuracy is even more important. (And no, they’re not the same thing). Great care must be taken to target the results of the policies of the Leftists and the Islamists, rather than their character and personalities. Otherwise, you will just be seen as another partisan political brawler who does not care about the best interests of the American people, but rather is in it for whatever he can get for himself.

            Grow up, Ziggy. Your passion and intelligence are plain to see. Someday you might find a way to make a positive contribution to Conservative Legacy of American politics. Here’s a tip. Try being Ziggy, but not Zoggy. Ziggy we like. Zoggy needs a break. ;-)

          • ziggy zoggy

            Again, nobody is suggesting that the attacks be inaccurate, and including personal attacks wins elections. Excluding them loses elections.

          • Texas Patriot

            Negating lies and half-truths is necessary work, but it never has to be personal. And it’s never enough by itself. In order to win in a big way, we must be able to offer a vision for a better future for all Americans. And make no mistake about it, we need to win big to turn this ship around. There’s at least fifty years of neglect and mismanagement that we need to correct, and we’re going to need a large majority of Americans on board to make it happen.

          • Russell Lissuzzo

            ziggy there is no such “thing” a fair; NEVER! justice only!

    • The March Hare

      David’s message isn’t using hate and lies. It is telling the truth on an emotional basis to bring up the passion in people. It is attacking the current system and exposing it for the corruption it contains. Avoid stupid tactics like responding to charges of racism with “No I’m not” type of arguments and instead, spell out the policies of the left and why they have resulted in the misery and devastation that now exists and is getting worse.
      Using their method of stirring up emotion is what he is talking about, not using their tactics of lies and hate. You need to re-read the above with that in mind and understand what he is driving at.

      • Texas Patriot

        Don’t be fooled. Examine how he and former Communist Ron Radosh attacked Authentic American Conservative Diana West. It was straight out of the Bolshevik and Stalinist playbook. And where is his vision for the future of America? How does he propose to lead America out of the abysmal swamp of a country that is losing jobs, spending money, and sinking hopelessly into debt? What does his “plan” have to offer the American people that is better than the other side?

        Where is his vision for reforming American education, which is 21st and 23rd in the industrialized world in science and math? Where is his vision for getting America healthy and fit and one that eliminates spiraling and unnecessary health care expenses due to totally avoidable health problems, which are now threatening to suffocate and strangle the life out of any economic recovery we may ever hope to have? What is his plan for bringing high value added industry and high paying jobs back to America?

        The answer to all of those questions is this. He has no vision, and he has no plan. His only strategy is to attack the character of the other side without offering anything substantive or positive of his own.

        • Lumpy Rutherford

          You’re talking in circles. What’s YOUR plan to get GE–run by Obama’s Job “Czar”–to return from its new home in China and back to the good old USA to pay those union wages? Health insurance would be more affordable if insurance companies could sell policies across state lines, eliminating the non-competition created by the current “protected” markets created by state lines. Industry? Can you name a plot of land that isn’t the critical habitat of some endangered headlouse where a factory could be built? The left has used ridiculous environmental laws, endangered species laws, collective bargaining and confiscatory tax schemes to destroy the ability of American businesses to succeed here. I have an idea: Repeal the Endangered Species Act; Compel the EPA to PROVE the alleged dangers from which they claim to protect us exist, starting with “greenhouse gases and global warming”. Until that proof is documented–and it isn’t–relax all laws restricting factories, powerplants and other industries from doing a profitable business inside the US. Make the United States a “Right to Work” country, eliminating the requirement in many areas that workers join unions. Since your president loves China and communism so much, let’s adopt their corporate tax structure! Need any more ideas, Tex?

          • Texas Patriot

            “You’re talking in circles. What’s YOUR plan…”

            Sure Lumpy, no problem.

            My plan would be NOT to micromanage the various problems you have mentioned, but rather, for all Americans to WORK TOGETHER to create a pro-business environment in which American industry could flourish and once again become the 8th Wonder of the World and the American people would become the healthiest, the most prosperous, and the most well-educated nation in the history of the world. How do I think we should go about setting this process in motion?

            1. Create a new American TEAM SPIRIT in which being an American Citizen was the greatest privilege on earth, very much like being a member of the New York Yankees of old.

            2. Create a new American EDUCATION system that was second to none by using the latest information and communications technologies to assure that every child in America received absolutely the best education on the planet.

            3. Create a new American focus on PHYSICAL FiTNESS so that Americans could become the most fit, the most healthy, and most competitive people on earth.

            4. Provide incentives for creating new HIGH TECHNOLOGY innovations particularly in the areas of automation, robotics, and mass production, so that American industry was the most competitive and productive in the world.

            5. Do whatever it takes to achieve ENERGY INDEPENDENCE from middle eastern oil barons and their corrupt and corrupting influence on American government and American industry.

            6. Bring our troops home from their various positions of “forward deployment” around the world and position them in such a way that we would have the highest level of BORDER SECURITY of any nation on earth.

            7. Make sure that our NATIONAL DEFENSE capacities were second to none, both now and indefinitely into the future, to speak very softly and carry a very big stick, and to let any nation know that to threaten Americans or our allies would mean swift, sure, and certain destruction

            And that’s just for starters. ;-)

        • The March Hare

          You argue more like a troll than someone trying to conduct an intelligent discussion. Visions are for candidates, not for strategists.

          • Texas Patriot

            Here’s a tip, Hare. For a vision to mean anything, it has to be a national vision, not an individual vision. Either we get together and work for a shared national vision and national purpose, or we don’t have a chance in the highly competitive global marketplace of the 21st Century. Politics is not about winning an election. It’s about winning a future.

          • The March Hare

            Straw man argument. Vision wasn’t the subject.

          • Texas Patriot

            The March Hare: “Vision wasn’t the subject.”

            Heads up, Hare. When it comes to winning democratic elections, vision is the ONLY subject. Everything else is pugilism and slapstick. Vision is for leaders. Pugilism and slapstick are for circus clowns and comedy acts. Leadership is serious business. Everything else is a joke.

        • keyesforpres

          Hey bud, it’s up to the INDIVIDUAL to get fit and healthy. NOT the gov’t, NOT Horowitz, NOT the collective. The plan on that one is get off your azz and excercise.
          You obviously didn’t read the article. He has vision.
          What is YOUR vision?

        • Russell Lissuzzo

          Texas the need for people such as you is foremost in rebuilding this train wreck. There are generations that have been destroyed by those that look down on all except their elitist gang.

          For the ideas and ideals this Nation was founded upon cannot be a school or “legal” debate. The bad guys will never capitulate; they must be destroyed or all is lost!!!

    • keyesforpres

      He IS advocating fighting their lies with the truth!

    • Russell Lissuzzo

      I understand you thoughts…they are good and true and AMERICAN, but the power that is in the hands of the bad guys, here and around, will never give it up. They will use their surrogate fighters; the people who they have made sure to make them envious, bitter victims who believe their plight is the fault and direct doing by those that truly believe in individualism and the freedom to pursue; LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF PROPERTY (HAPINESS WAS A SUBSTITUTION).

      MEVER DO SMALL HARM TO YOUR ENEMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holdmynose

    2. Point out and use the common idea that the poor have that republicans are for the rich and democrats are for the poor. Then question,”if this is so, isn’t it in the democrats best interest to keep you poor so they can keep being elected? and the republicans best interest to make you rich so that you will elect them? With that in mind look around at how you live because you will get more of that if you keep electing democrats.”

    • Nancy Murdoch

      I love it. That’s how you Fight Fire with Fire. The TRUTH!

    • Cold_Drake_80

      That’s silly. To service the rich the Repubes want to keep the poor poor. Their is only so much money to go around and making everyone rich (a moronic fantasy at best) would eliminate the wealth and power of the rich.
      Your little myth won’t work because it’s a little to obvious. Granted FPMers will lap it up.

      • Holdmynose

        You are showing your ignorance with every word. First, the rich can afford to be” serviced” by anyone they want and the poor are a lot better off if hired by the rich rather than sitting waiting for the democrats to come through. (See Detroit and the ghettos sponsored by the democrat party) If hired, they wouldn’t be the poor anymore, so sad for liberals not to be able to feed off of them at the ballot box anymore.

        Second, wrap your “silly” mind around this,” if there is only so much money to go around” how much would that be? Where did it start? Where did it come from? Did it come from the poor? Were the poor once wealthy to have their wealth stolen by the rich, if so how did the poor get their wealth? Did the faires just bring the money then the wealthy who were faster and smarter just take it first?
        Wealth is created every day and not limited, moron. The rich would be even better off if they had more people with money to sell to or service, they benefit in no way by poverty. The dems do.
        You should sue your teachers and professors for malpractice.

        • Cold_Drake_80

          So in a finite world with finite resources a finite population with a finite amount of time the only thing that is infinite is wealth creation? You know that thing this is based on labour and resources employed through the passage of time.
          I suppose you’ve subscribed to some libtard theory about infinite wealth capacity but spare me. That nonsense doesn’t hold any water.
          I’ll spell it out for you very, very simply. Their are rich people who make a lot of money out of underpaying for resources and labour. They use that money to bankroll various schemes but without a large pool of cheap labour they couldn’t get their enterprise off the ground.
          Now, do you really expect us all to believe CEOs will abandon their mandate to maximize profits and instead take those funds and just give them to the workers who actually created that wealth? No, don’t bother answering that I’ve had enough of your mental diarrhoea.

          • ziggy zoggy

            So now Republicans are responsible for “evil corporations” and use them to get votes? Your argument is worse than your grammar and spelling.

          • Holdmynose

            Nice to know they walk among us. Heh

        • Russell Lissuzzo

          Your questions are awesome and entertaining. That is why for the most part what was once the most respected country in the world is now a JOKE!

      • keyesforpres

        Only so much to go around? Only if you are a SOCIALIST.
        Individuals working hard and building wealth? Everyone can do it.
        Your attitude is DEPRESSING and NEGATIVE. I guess you think blacks are too stooooopid to work hard, create products and services and create wealth?

        • Cold_Drake_80

          Obvious troll is obvious. Also you’re not very smart.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Not everybody can be a sooper genius like you.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            Well, I was wondering when my cyberstalker was going to show up. You have shown yourself to be unstable and more interested in bere the having like an animal than a human.
            You are the worst kind of happy slave. The one that loves and worships master and spends it’s free time trying to drag down others to your own depths.

          • Russell Lissuzzo

            I just wanted to jump in for a second. It is obvious that you are probably one of the following: a union teacher/indoctrinator, a union thug, a grad of higher indoctination or a welfare bozo. If you are so envious of people who have succeeded financially, you can still try; for a limited time only this country is FREE!

            I am angry with myself for getting personal. But, a debate or dialouge is a presentation of facts, not name calling or low-life insults.

            Most of the “rich” people I know (and I’m not even close to being on the same planet) were and are big bambam suporters , educated at indoctrination centers, i.e., uw madison, uc, uc berkley, boston college, harvard yadayadayada! When conversing with “their own kind” (white and rich) they spew some of the most despicable slurs against any people of color.

            My ex-bestfriend and his wife both gave bambam big money for the first emaculation and the second theft of the USA!

          • Cold_Drake_80

            So let’s see what we have on offer.

            “I am angry with myself for getting personal. But, a debate or dialouge [sic] is a presentation of facts, not name calling or low-life insults.”

            That would be great except you actual opening was this pile:

            ” It is obvious that you are probably one of the following: a union teacher/indoctrinator, a union thug, a grad of higher indoctination [sic] or a welfare bozo.”

            Well, that puts things in perspective. Ziggy is a scumbag who has cyber stalked me and you’re yammering about how bad I am? You clearly know nothing about – how could you really? – yet you are very keen on tossing baseless insults.

            I pointed out the absolute stupidity of claiming infinite wealth can be generated in a finite world. I know that attacks a key point of the FPM cult but reality has the nasty habit of undermining FPM delusion. For my trouble I’ve had childish name calling and sneering from good FPMers not even involved in the discussion.

            You then go on about how terrible the rich are and yet insist I (and by extension anyone) could “make it” in a system setup and run by the same people. Your comment is almost totally incoherent and ignores my initial comments. How very FPM of you.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Cold_Dork_00, so your argument is that Republicans want to win votes by impoverishing Americans? Stupid claims like that are the result of trying to promote your faction and demonize your opponents out of habit. You are an imbecile.

        • Russell Lissuzzo

          You get ‘em zig!

    • nebanesc



    Illustrated in the 1949 production of All the King’s Men, starring Broderick Crawford as politician Willie Stark:

    “Don’t try to improve their [the voters’] minds. Appeal to their emotions. Make them laugh; make them cry; make them mad, even if it’s you they get mad at.” – Reporter Jack Burden to candidate Stark.

  • defcon 4

    I’ve always read/heard that teachers’ unions are very powerful — at least at the state level, I’d imagine they don’t want school voucher programs to exist at all, much less expanded.



    Are you aware of a like minded individual, Jeffrey Lichtman. He is a Criminal Defense attorney and used to co-host a radio show in NYC.

    Sample post:

    Today’s decision by President Obama
    isn’t a surprise – it’s been very clear since word got back
    that Syria’s Assad gassed his own people that Obama was looking for
    a way out of his “red lines” threat of a year ago. If he was
    concerned about anything other than the press, opinions of our allies
    and enemies, his place in history, etc. – he would have asked for
    Congress to be involved ten days ago when the news of the use of
    chemical weapons came out. Instead, he dithered, he leaked plans of a
    proposed strike – at the possible cost of a more successful attack
    – in order to gauge reactions of the press and international and
    domestic opinion. In the end, Obama did what he always does: he kicks
    the can down the road and hopes that someone else can make the tough
    decisions – and then gets his ass onto the golf course. And didn’t
    even insist that Congress start discussing the attack immediately;
    instead they’ll wait another 9 days.

    By refusing to act, he
    shows the world that his threats mean nothing. He shows this to
    Assad, he shows this to our allies and he shows this most importantly
    to Iran. No doubt the clerics in Iran who are in charge of the
    nuclear program are laughing today. They know that if Obama doesn’t
    have the balls to direct a handful of missiles at a nobody dictator
    who gasses his own people, how will he ever confront Iran? Short
    answer: he won’t. Similarly, Israel was basically told today that
    all of Obama’s bluster about having its back in case of an attack
    was just that – bluster. And how can Israel ever feel comfortable
    making concessions to the Palestinians when their most important
    concern – their security – may be managed by American, UN or NATO
    forces who don’t have the stones to confront a modern day Nazi who
    gasses children? Short answer: they can’t.

    And the idea
    that the attack on Syria can wait as long as a month as Obama stated
    today – is just not true. By now Assad has already moved his most
    important people, resources and weapons to ensure that any bombing
    campaign by America will have limited value. Had Obama attacked right
    away, when world outrage was at its highest, he would have caused
    significantly more damage than he can ever hope to now. Every day
    that passes diminishes the effectiveness of any future strike. And
    erodes the world’s confidence in America as the last bastion
    against Islamist insanity.

    I understand why there are so many
    people against our involvement in Syria: we don’t need another war
    and why not just let these people kill each other off? After all,
    that’s what Muslims in the Middle East seem most capable of these
    days, this year, this century. And al Qaeda is waiting in the wings,
    ready to pick up the pieces of the overthrow of Assad. Why should we
    help them? First, anyone with half a brain knew that before al Qaeda
    got involved in Syria we should have taken Assad out. Back then,
    there was no Muslim terror group operating amongst the rebels.
    Getting rid of Assad would have dealt a heavy blow to Iran; Assad is
    Iran’s greatest ally in the Middle East if not the world.
    Similarly, Hezbollah would have been crippled with the loss of Assad,
    their conduit for weaponry from Iran. But of course, the weak-kneed
    were against it, and now we have this mess that was easily predicted
    – and we’ll need to do something with Assad anyway. Except now we
    have to consider al Qaeda.

    If Assad falls, additionally,
    there’s no guarantee that al Qaeda takes over Syria anyway. But
    what is guaranteed is that whatever takes over – it will want
    revenge against Iran and Hezbollah, two of our greatest enemies. That
    will be a slaughter worth watching. And while our enemies are killing
    each other they will be less focused on killing us.

    Also, the
    idea that attacking Assad would have gotten us involved in a quagmire
    is ridiculous. Was Libya a quagmire? And Israel has attacked Syria
    twice recently without any response. Syria is hardly a world power.
    We could have attacked it as we attacked Libya: death from above
    until their forces were worn down and Assad was killed. Regardless,
    cutting off Syria from Iran and Hezbollah might have caused Iran to
    think twice about its nuclear program as its isolation would have
    been exponentially increased. And some deterrence established. And
    maybe a confrontation avoided. Instead, Iran is laughing at us today.
    Is it possible that Assad would have unleashed hell in the Middle
    East if we attacked him two years ago? Sure – but keeping him in
    power doesn’t now reduce that chance as he learns that he can use
    chemical weapons with impunity. And he strengthens Iran.

    course we can’t expect anything from any Muslim country: savages,
    cowards all. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey – all screaming about
    Assad and yet no country lifting a finger, expecting us to clean up
    yet another of their vile, disgusting, messes. Erdogan of Turkey
    demanding that we do more than a handful of strikes – yet he shares
    a border with Syria, is terrified of Assad’s instability – and
    won’t do a thing to help. Even the Arab League can’t muster even
    a request for intervention. A billion and a half Muslims in the
    world, two dozen countries – and they can’t even imagine how to
    deal with a genocidal maniac next door. They’ll rely on America and
    then once we complete the dirty work they’ll go back to
    brainwashing their people about how evil we are. And sponsoring

    In the end, the main reasons for American
    intervention are two-fold: 1) we can’t let a maniacal dictator gas
    children; supposedly we’ve learned something from the Holocaust and
    unlike most of the world, we have some morals and decency. 2)
    Strategically it helps us. By attacking Assad, we hurt Iran,
    hopefully get chemical weapons out of the hands of a killer and stop
    the flow of weapons to Hezbollah. If you doubt the second reason,
    just note that Iran, Hezbollah, China and Russia are against our
    intervention – for a reason. Why would we ever agree with that
    group on anything? Of course we never should. And as I said two years
    ago: deal with Assad now or deal with him later. Same reasoning
    today: deal with Assad now or deal with that mess later – and later
    it may be a much tougher road, especially considering we have such a
    craven, cowardly leader in the White House whose dithering and
    weakness will ensure that Iran will soon become a nuclear power –
    our greatest nightmare. Attacking the Assads of the world then, when
    Iran has nukes, will not be so easy as it is today.

  • American1969

    It’s time that conservatives learn to fight dirty and use the same tactics that the Left uses all the time. Time to stop being “nice” and start fighting back! And make certain you point out their blatant hypocrisy!

    • hpe reader

      How can you “fight back” when the opposition doesn’t even care that Obama hid his college transcripts and records from them? Liberals have won precisely because they WANT an ignorant citizenry. They have convinced the ignorant that food stamps are a sign of progress rather than an indication of failure. This is how they have twisted every single issue. School vouchers are incredibly seen as something for the “rich”, even though the “poor” are the recipients. It’s a 1984 mad house.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Excellent words from Mr Horowitz. Interesting one about lefties using minorities as human shields. I’ll make use of that one next time I rip shreds off a shiny-eyed Marxist.

    In Australia, the same Bolsheviks are known as the Australian Labor Party. They’re cut from the same leftie cloth as the commies in America. They also hate people who are rich, but they want to be rich themselves. Sound familiar?

    One thing about Communism is that it is a universal terror. Just like that other universal terror. Know what I mean?

  • logdon

    I wrote this in part response to a gushing and completely uncritical article on MLK in our Daily Telegraph.

    I’m not denying MLK’s role but the reality of what came after and how it’s all working out, yet the airhead attacks on me, ‘he doesn’t like blacks’ being the lietmotiv were pretty legion.

    The false narrative allows this idiocy to progress and whilst they can wallow in their own self righteousness, places like Tower Hamlets and Brixton in London descend respectively into shariah and gun and knife crime ghettos where the law’s tenuous hold is paper thin and ‘Britishness’ is a laughing stock.

    Whether its Detroit or Johannesburg or Damascus or Malmo or anywhere that the Judeo/Christian concept of rule of law is abandoned in favour of islam, the tribe and their socialist enablers its all the same. Chaos, rape, killing and utter failure..

    They’ll blame the old European nationalistic model of development for imperialism and the casus beli of two major world wars, all the while wiping from memory the massive leaps forward in technology, rule of law and living standards unheard of in their favoured Third World.

    Anyway without further ado here’s my twopennth…….

    Honesty and true integrity has left the journalistic room to be replaced by stuff which could have been written by a modern university indoctrinated black civil rights worker.

    Does anyone know of the true horrors going on in the world?

    It’s not in the land of whitey but anywhere we aren’t.

    The Middle East is imploding and Africa ruined by corruption, war and crime.

    India is struggling mightily but if Pakistan and Indian Muslims have their way the place will be on its knees. That’s if its not enveloped by a mushroom cloud.

    Unfortunately due to the largesse of our politicians who have to live nowhere near them, we have imported millions of these people for whom British Law is a laughing stock.

    Look at the crime figures. Look at gun and knife crime. Look at Muslims who hate us, rape our girls and kill soldiers.

    And look at those rioting looters from a few years back in London.

    Previously well ordered areas resembled Mogadishu and the looters looked like the people who live there.

    These are the stark facts. We have to face them but won’t.

    Post war politicians have created a living nightmare. Soon, give it twenty years, it will be a living hell.

    It’ll be rich whites in secured gated communities and absolute feral chaos elsewhere. And that’s the good scenario.

    The population will be around 80/90 million. Social services, welfare benefits and pensions will cease to exist in any meaningful form and the NHS will have collapsed. The police will operate from fortress stations and foot patrols non existent.

    I hate to say it but Enoch Powell was right.

    His speech has been mangled out of all proportion by the BBC and lying political correctness.

    Here it is in all its ‘venomous’ glory.

  • BenjiMac

    One problem I have in supporting political candidates is they refuse to provide me with weapons to do so. Last election I specifically asked for literature I could hand out and discuss with people that we want to persuade, but all I ever saw was more solicitations for campaign money. If 20% of our side would persuade 20% of the other side to join us one person at a time, we would win easily; but no such effort exists.

  • adam

    The implication of Horowitz’s proposal is that one can’t (I suppose this is something political consultants will tell you) make the real argument–that the left is at war with normal, law abiding, family oriented and wealth-creating people–and takes the side of our enemies (whom the left sees as our victims) throughout the world. That one can’t make such an argument, but must battle with Democrats over who is worse for minorities and women, tells us everything we need to know about our situation.

  • logdon

    Where’s my comment gone?

  • logdon

    I spend time crafting these things only for them to disappear into the ether.

    This is the second one in as many weeks.

    What is going on at FP?

  • RAS

    Dr. Horowitz has nailed it. No more reasoned nice guys. One
    of our tactics must be to attack and ridicule PC. The Left’s ability to cover
    up ugly and obscure good with words (Orwell’s “New Speak”) has been a
    very effective weapon in their war on liberty and morality. “Choice”
    for “eugenics” is one example. Not relevant? Then How come there is such a disproportionate number of black abortions? Ask people if they understand the process of “partial birth abortion.” Chances are you will find they haven’t a clue. Supposed we called it selective termination of the new-born then see what happens to public support. “Obama Care.” How about “Obama Health Control”
    instead? Welfare could easily be characterized as economic dependency, addiction or slavery. It certainly isn’t caring. Scientist that debate man-made global warming (note how that changed to climate change when it got cooler?) are called deniers. There are dozens more examples, each designed to influence an ignorant, lazy electorate into giving up their freedom. Are we ready to fight this crap or what?

  • Jack Wisdom

    This article is solid Truth. Let’s take David Horowitz’ advice, and stop being “conservatives on the defensive.” Let us heed the cliche, the best defense is a good offense. Once I was in my department office in a big city high school. One of the leading leftist teachers was leading a chorus of amens as he denounced George Bush during the 2004 campaign. He was calling Bush a liar, and the younger teachers especially were hanging on his every word. Then I broke into his diatribe, and blasted Kerry as a liar, listing in rapid fire succession his many lies and hypocrisies. There was silence in the room. The leftist blowhard had been challenged! Truthfully, I don’t know what the effect was on the political thinking of anyone present, but I can tell you this: later in the day as I was cleaning out my locker prior to going home for summer vacation, the blowhard leftist came to my room and apologized for his excessive rant and name calling of Bush. His sense of decency was still strong enough to want to shake hands with me and still be friends. I don’t think we can imagine all the good consequences that would follow taking Mr. Horowitz’ advice.

  • Fifi Lafayette

    I’m all with you. Fight fire with fire. We all need to learn to do it. We learn what Islam is about. They call you names. Well, I soon found a good name for them. It’s from a favorite movie.

  • LawReader

    The ‘Dept. of Education’ (apparently mis-named in jest) was a Carter creation – and until that point – local school systems were turning out kids who were doing what passes for ‘senior’ studies – in the 8th and 9th grades – and *vastly* more ‘informed citizens’ than the product of today’s mass cattle farms – which are constantly ‘racing to the top!’ of something – just not education…

    The Federal ‘Head Start’ program – one of the more spectacular monetary sucking sounds to come out of the last century – produces zip. No study shows kids ‘brighter’ after the experience – any gains are quickly lost apparently. So the answer? More Federal bucks and start the indoctrination earlier.

    Meanwhile, the Federal Department of Racial Equalization (again, a mis-named ‘Justice Dept’) – attacks the voucher program anywhere it’s interfered with the Fed mission of keeping the populace in Mushroom territory – kept in the dark and fed ****.

    Until the ‘adults’ in the country stand up for their *local* rights – and get Washington *out* of the local school systems – your kids are more likely to wind up smoking crack with Marion Barry than discussing literature or politics with Mr. Horowitz.

    Wise up.

    • Roo_REPUBLIC

      Finally someone who is bringing this up. I was with TEX until he started talking about “new American EDUCATION system”, “new American focus on PHYSICAL FiTNESS”, “Provide incentives for creating new HIGH TECHNOLOGY innovations”

      None of these are constitutional. WE ARE A REPUBLIC People, not a Democracy. We are sovereign states, joined loosely together under our wonderful constitution. The last thing we need is more big government. That is exactly what both the left and the top of the right want.

      We need to get rid of The US. Department of Education and even state run departments of education. The same leftist progressives have infiltrated them that has infiltrated both parties. if you think it’s bad now you better find out the latest trend called Common Core. It will so fundamentally change America into a third world country.

      We do not want vouchers. That will play right into the US Dept. of Ed. They will use them as blackmail as soon as a good school accepts one of them. They will force their agenda driving curriculum to be taught just like they are doing right now with Common Core. We want tax rebates to the parents if anything at all but I’d rather see schools run completely locally and in competition with each other. You want a great education, make them compete. You want better colleges get them off the federal dole and make them compete too.

      Our schools are a breeding ground for the socialist progressive agenda!

  • john

    Let’s print some news about communist leader actions:

    (why did he do it? How can he do it? Why MSM do not tell American public how “nice” it is there? We know):

    (Dennis Rodman’s pal?). Kim jong-un’s ex girlfriend was machine-gunned
    with other members of North Korea’s most famous pop groups and their
    immediate families WERE forced to watch.
    And were then sent to prison camps, victims of the regime’s assumption of
    guilt by association

  • matism

    Some very nice words, until you realize that Romney was nothing more than Obama without the tan. He is for amnesty just like McCain and Rubio. Romneycare was the Daddy of Obamacare. His treason against the 2nd Amendment was every bit as bad as that of Obama. The Republicans and the Democrats have become nothing more than opposite ends of the same steaming turd. We will NOT vote our way out of this sewer.

    • Big___D

      I disagree. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 is most anti-Constitution, democrats are a 10 and the GOP is a 5. Voting the democrats out in favor of the GOP would be a huge step in the right (heh) direction, just not far enough.

  • RCraigen

    Voucher system: depends on how it’s done. If it amounts to a handout, this is just another form of socialism. School vouchers should function as a hard currency in a competitive education market: It should get schools competing for students, particularly motivated and high-performing students. This will create an incentive also for students. I’m for the least intervention of any type. However, interventions will happen, so when they do they must be designed to produce correct incentives, not perverse ones like most socialist interventions do.

  • Chris Shugart

    This is not a new Horowitz philosophy. He’s been calling for counter attack strategies and tactics for way better than a decade. It has yet to catch on among a timid and fearful GOP.

  • antioli

    Unless you have the means of reaching the huge number of people that the Big Media has, not enough people will hear you no matter what you say.

    Propaganda need to be designed for the people you are trying to reach. That takes research and crafting.

    Winning means not saying stupid things. If you say what Romney said expect to lose.

    Use blame shifting a lot.

  • logdon

    Seriously, who moderates on this site?

    I comment on Daniel Greenfield stuff and get plaudits. I send a perfectly good comment in on this and its gone.

    Some kind of explanation would be nice and actually serve the ethos of Front Page.


    If I want modding I can quite as easily comment on the Guardian site.

    • seewithyourowneyes

      Don’t polish your prose – you may sound like a writer eager to open his own competing blog. Replies seem to last on this site, while comments inexplicably vanish. Also, try dividing a four paragraph comment into two two paragraph comments – shorter comments seem to have better luck.

  • Clare Spark

    Why are we still suck in 1930s-1960s politics? The nature of labor has shifted, and so should our political culture. So I argued here: “Labor Day 2013.” Not everyone will like it, but a few might.

  • logdon

    If this is the respect I get from FP what is the point?

    My comment chimed with both the atmosphere of the site and with David Horowitz’s piece.

    I wouldn’t normally adopt such repetitive postings but quite frankly I’m beginning to feel insulted.

    If you’re not going to post it please return it to my email address and this will be my last contribution to FP.

    Shame as the site is quite excellent and Daniel Greenfield especially adds
    immeasurable insight to what is without doubt the greatest challenge
    faced in modern times.

    Ignoring is a derivative of ignorance and ignorance is a result of censorship.

    OK, it’s your site and you can cry foul if you want to but much of the
    pleasure derives from other opinion and what readers think.

    If you selectively censor in such an arbitrary manner you are basically
    joining the other side and end up talking to either yourselves or the

    That is wholly inimical with the ethos of the internet and you know it.

    I am quite honestly extremely saddened.

    • seewithyourowneyes

      I have the same problem. My short or off-the-cuff posts make it through the filters, but my best posts disappear. Writerly competitiveness, perhaps?

  • LV Guy

    Copy the winners! Saul Alinskys “Rules for Radiclals” has gotten the Progressives the Power they have today. READ IT!

  • MrUniteUs1

    White man says to the Black man. You people are taking all the jobs!
    Black man says to the White man. What?! You people got all the jobs!
    Asian man smiles and says next customer!

  • tfeqh

    I’ve been saying for years that until we start telling the truth about the Democrat Party, we will never save our nation. Historically it’s been the party of racism, and it still is. Blacks don’t know this because our educational system has been corrupted by liberals/progressives/socialists/Marxists/communists (all one in the same.)

  • rupertmundy

    Ronald Reagan appealed to the heart and could also make the case for Free Market Capitalism. He won two landslide elections…

  • Julian

    Simple strategy to fight socialists is to bring truth that they try to hide. Why don’t compare results of their ruling on level of city, state, country with comparable results of republicans ruling? Why don’t have book with statistics and stories of their hypocrisy, moral and criminal corruption scandals compare to republicans for last, let say, 50 years? This statistics are pretty compelling. And last recipe to win – Tea Party should confront economical polarity of CEO’s in America who rob middle working class and undermine capitalist system because nobody control them

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    It’s not just that obama is black that he is protected. If being black was his immunity card other blacks like West, Cain and Carson would be protected as well.
    They certainly are not!
    The msm protects obama because they believe what he believes.
    Without a msm to hold all parties accountable, corruption and incompetence is allowed to flourish.
    Politicians by their very nature are partisan. It’s when the msm is partisan that we have problems. This is why I hold the msm responsible for why we are so divided and in so much trouble.

  • Paul Marks

    Mitt Romney’s campaign reminded me of Tom Dewey’s 1948 campaign – the “high road to the Presidency” is (normally) the road to DEFEAT.
    Politics is a full contact sport – one’s opponent must be made to look personally terrible. The candidate does not have to do this job personally – but there must be a massive (and well funded) campaign doing this. Concentrating on a “positive message” is just hopeless.

  • Big___D

    This is HUGE, to the point, and powerful. I would like to think the right power will take it to heart (but don’t hold your breath).

    One quibble: The proposed attack is NOT turning the same guns on the liberals. There is a monumental difference between their attacks and the attacks we should mount: Our attacks would be the TRUTH.

  • William Richardson

    I have been a big fan of yours, Mr. Horowitz, and I appreciate your efforts, but the nation is dead and has been so for quite some time. The culture war that Pat Buchanan warned of is done, and the good guys lost. We are not the America of three decades ago and never will be again. I am glad I am older and won’t live to see the nightmares that lie ahead. I have no hope whatsoever for America nor any faith at all in the younger generation. There simply aren’t enough caring Americans left to repair the damage that was begun with the Baby Boomers in the God-awful 1960s.

  • tokoloshiman

    the money has spoken and imam obama is king.

  • Nancy Murdoch

    No where did Mr. Horowitz advocate telling lies. We have the truth on our side, but we need to find a more effective way of packaging the truth. Facts are of little importance to the millions of Americans who are more interested in the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars or how their football team is doing. We need to use emotion (appeal to their heart) to get their attention. That’s what the left has done for decades.
    Because of our basic decency we have allowed the left to control the narrative through lies and deception. They have effectively convinced millions we hate minorities and love the rich. Many minorities think we all make six figure incomes. Forget the fact conservatives are the most generous people and are fair and ethical in their business dealings.
    We will never change the truly committed lefties, but we can change those who have drank their Kool-Aid. We can start by having honest dialog with those we meet in our lives. No need to rant and rave, but simply tell them we think it’s unfair the way the Democrats treat minorities. When they mention the rich GOP, remind them of George Soros, Bill Gates, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi. None of them are paupers. FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE BUT DO IT WITH A SMILE AND HONESTY!

    • Roo_REPUBLIC

      By the way, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding Common Core in our schools along with Pearson. That should tell you something about where our schools are heading.

  • logdon


    First of all let me say I love FP and its outstanding and quite unique standards of journalism which in a world dominated by Islamo Marxism and its crushing censoriousness, brings a freshness, intellectualism and honesty you’ll never find in the MSM.

    Maybe I was over reacting or delving into the emotionalism of rejection but I can tell you that living here in a ludicrously dishonest and thoroughly pc infiltrated Britain, an existence on the edge of mild paranoia is quite normal amongst the free spirits.

    I once commented on some semi controversial subject in the High Tory Bible, the Spectator Magazine site only for it to be rejected.

    David Blackburn was the moderator whose sense of appropriateness was so fine tuned that honesty was upturned if even the slightest critisism of our Muslim brethren entered the fray.

    As an experiment I wrote my piece as a document then copied and posted it.

    No show.

    So a bit of pruning followed and I tried again.

    Still zilch.

    This went on until the concept of reductio ad absurdum had reached its apogee and the thing, mangled beyond meaning appeared.

    That’s how it is. They’d rather have gobbledegook than the truth.

    Apologies for my rant but now perhaps you’ll know why the importance of free speech is so meaningful to me.

  • James Keir Baughman

    Thank you, David. Thank God! Someone finally said it. That we need to fire their attack right back at them…with the facts.

  • NotPropagandized

    This is excellent, but the message should also portray what the future is for BO’s present course. Minorities and the poor view being on food stamps and welfare as a good thing, there certainly is little if any shame.
    Recipients should know that dependency vastly reduces the chances for upward mobility and that Dimocrats rendering them as dependent thus nails them down with the masses upon whom Dimocrats apply their parasitic sucking for power and wealth.
    Someone can say that a lot simpler, though.


    I ask you all to check out someone with a message that works.

    He is getting around the media by using social media. Facebook and twitter. He has 64,010 followers on facebook and 40,735 on twitter He speaks the truth based on our Constitution. He and a handful like him are our truth! His Town halls are educational about our government. He wins hearts and souls at everyone.

    He showed slides yesterday about what the War Powers act actually says and it is not any kind of justification for Obama to attack another country that has not threatened us.

    When he is attacked by McCain and those like him, he turns it into a joke and makes that person look really bad. McCain later apoligized for his comments.

    Watch him. Follow him on facebook or twitter. I expect a President Amash one day.

  • tyke007

    David is the man, but why does he make himself look exactly like Lenin?

  • Spencer Warren

    A variation on school choice is to fold the many useless categorical Dept of Ed programs into larger block grants to the states, on condition the state negotiates an end to restrictive union contracts. These keep incompetent teachers in their jobs and prevent assignment of good teachers to inner city children needing them the most.

    Also, it is vital to have as the VP candidate in 2016 a strong black conservative like Dr. Carson or Col. West.

    Obama would have lost in 2012 to a competent opponent. Republicans have got to change their primary rules and keep out Democrat voters, who gave us McCain and Romney.

  • giant33

    Should have been mandatory reading for the wimps in the RNC. Its to late now. He mentions race but how can you change racist blacks from voting for someone because of the color of their skin?

  • Douglas Reimel

    MLK had a dream, in that dream a man would be judged by his character and not the color of his skin. So, what does that say about a man who prefers to be judged by the color of his skin first, and his character somewhere down the list.

  • Rod Prather

    GOD, you people are truely SICK!