Is the Zimmerman Case Really Open and Shut?

george-zimmermanIs the Zimmerman case really open and shut?

Many conservatives seem to think so. But are they letting leftists dictate their conclusion? Are they not guilty of the same rush to judgment that made liberals convict Zimmerman before the facts, and merely reacting to that injustice rather than to the actual elements of the case? Is it not possible that they are themselves victims of a toxic environment that polarizes all things racial?

It is a fact that many, if not most conservatives have already concluded that George Zimmerman is innocent of any crime in connection with Trayvon Martin’s death and should be acquitted if justice is to be served. Indeed, this opinion was formed long before the trial began as a reaction to the outcry of liberals that Zimmerman was guilty — and guilty of being white – and that the crime was murder, and must be punished. But just because a lynch mob has formed to condemn Zimmerman in advance of the facts, does not mean one must conclude that Zimmerman is innocent of Trayvon Martin’s death.

The political melodrama that surrounds, and often overwhelms the judgments in this case reflects a culture war that has been roiling in this country for decades. It is a war in which the liberal ethos of “political correctness” requires that whites are bad and blacks are victims. Right-thinking individuals are justified in rejecting this poisonous standard.  But in the interests of justice, the political melodrama should also not be allowed to obscure the reality of this trial: it is about the death of an unarmed 17-year-old, who was not a felon, who was on a neighborhood run to get Skittles, and whose life has been extinguished. Given that the young man was unarmed and that he inflicted very superficial injuries on his adversary during their scuffle, Zimmerman’s claim that he was in fear for his life has to be taken with a grain of salt, to say the least.

What we have learned through the process of the trial thus far is that the only surviving witness, Zimmerman, is not credible. He has lied on several revealing occasions. First about not having any money to post bail when he had $150,000 in his account. Second, about not being aware of the Stand Your Ground Law, when he had taken a class that discussed the law. Third, and most importantly, about Trayvon jumping out of the bushes to attack him — because those bushes don’t exist. So, one has to ask, did he also lie about returning to his vehicle and that only then was he attacked? Or was he still following Trayvon, provoking the alleged attack?

Most disturbing to me is the interview Zimmerman gave to Sean Hannity before the trial began. Sean asked him if he regretted anything he did that night. He said no. Sean rephrased the question and asked him if there was anything he did that night that he would do differently. He said no. Then Sean asked him to explain why not. He said, “it was God’s plan.”

I thought to myself, even if I had been jumped and beaten until I was scared for my life as Zimmerman claims, now that I knew my victim was an unarmed 17-year-old with no criminal record, angry that I had followed him, wouldn’t I have had some second thoughts? Wouldn’t I have felt I should have phoned 911 from my vehicle and left it at that? Wouldn’t I have wished that I had been more careful with my firearm and aimed it away from his chest? Or not carried it at all that night? Wouldn’t I have been full of remorse that I had taken a man’s life?

Might it not be possible that the toxicity of the racial environment also affected Zimmerman so that he saw in Trayvon an image from the melodrama and not the actual young man who was walking in front of him? Might Travyon have been a victim of the same racially poisoned atmosphere then, as Zimmerman appears to be now?

We’ll never know.  What really happened that night is buried with Trayvon Martin. We cannot hear both sides and split the difference or reject one and embrace the other. What we do know is that a young man  who was unarmed and guiltless of any crime is dead. And shouldn’t there be some penalty to pay for that?

Here is what I think as a result of these reflections. The Stand Your Ground Law should be rewritten to apply only to home invasions since then it is clear that the intruder is the aggressor and the response is self-defense. Second, Neighborhood Watch guards should not be permitted to conceal and carry. If you are carrying a weapon it changes your attitude and can well lead you into dangerous situations (such as following someone who doesn’t want to be followed) that you would otherwise avoid. And worse it can lead you to take the life of someone who whatever he did, did not deserve to die.

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  • JCM

    Mr. Horowitz concludes that we should give the streets over the the thugs.

    That’s what repealing stand your ground outside the home would mean.

    That some place I have a legal right to be, when someone wants to perpetrate a crime on my person, I have a duty to retreat.

    I cannot protect my family, I cannot protect others around me… I must give way to the thugs.

    Liberty includes many things, among them the responsibility for our immediate safety and security.

  • Progressives Rule

    The defense has done a good job of muddying the waters. However, Zimmerman, aka WannaBeCopCoward, is now a proven liar. None of his cockamamie story can now be believed. He showed his malice towards an unknown kid right from the beginning. All the jury has to do is listen to his interview with the detectives. They call him on each of his lies. It is obvious he concocted his unbelievable story after finding out he got his ars kicked by a barely 17 year old kid.
    Where’s the blood on Martin’s hands that supposedly were suffocating the lying coward with a broken, bleeding nose?
    Why didn’t any of those 911 calls pick up Martin screaming “You’re gonna die tonight”?
    Does anybody believe a 17 yr old black kid would say “You got me” after being shot in the heart?
    Zimmerman killed that innocent kid without EVER thinking that maybe that kid was also a member of his neighborhood.

    • JCM

      The defense hasn’t presented it’s case.

      The prosecution utterly failed to prove the elements of murder two, let alone manslaughter.

      You are advocating the death penalty without evidence, only suppositions.

      • Progressives Rule

        The prosecution has provided plenty of evidence proving Zimmerman pursued Martin, against his training and 911 instructions. They proved he attacked Martin. They proved he’s a liar.
        Perhaps the death penalty is a tad harsh. ;^) However, the coward’s true heart was exposed when he told Hannity he would not do anything any differently. This after he knew Martin was no threat to the community. He would not even say he should have stayed in his truck or followed at a safe distance and waited for the police to arrive. No, he wanted to be in a situation where he could act and feel like he was a real cop.
        Hang ‘em high!

        • JCM

          What evidence proves Martin followed?

          He said he was follow, but then return to the his vehicle and Martin attacked. There is NO EVIDENCE to contradict that, therefore there is reasonable doubt.

          The evidence so far does not support charges…. look up the FL laws for what they have to prove, the prosecution has proven none of it.

          Even if you don’t believe Zimmerman you have to take the evidence, the evidence is what matters, and the evidence does not supporting the prosecutions case.

          • Progressives Rule

            The WannaBeCopCoward was told immediately upon exiting his truck that he didn’t have to follow Martin. So, how did he end up way the fk up where Martin was murdered?
            The coward showed in his walk thru where he walked “after” he was told to stop following.
            Use yer dam brains!

          • JCM

            What law says he has to obey dispatch?

            What law says following a suspicious person is illegal and constitutes elements of murder 2?

            Park your emotions.

          • ConradCA

            When the operator told Zimmerman that he didn’t need to follow Trayvon what did Zimmerman say? He said OK and according to his statement he walked away from Trayvon to the mail boxes where he was going to wait for the police. Then Martin approached him from behind and assaulted him.

            The persecutor provided no evidence that contradicted Zimmerman’s statement and in fact proved that he was telling the truth. The lead investigator for the case stated that Zimmerman’s statement was corroborated by the evidence in every significant respect. He also told of telling Zimmerman that there was video of these event and Zimmerman said “Thank God!”. This is all the proof you need to understand that the persecution didn’t meet their burden of proof. The only crime was the persecution of Zimmerman.

        • keyesforpres

          I am guessing you are a hate filled, racist, black man.

    • cristo52

      And no one in the Sanford Mayor’s office warned Ms. Fulton that the tape they were about to play for her for the very first time may have contained the screams of her dead son. Trayvon’s mother cannot be believed.

      • Progressives Rule

        You don’t think the defense interviewed everyone who was in that room? If they had any evidence anyone was warned about the content of that recording don’t you think the defense would have put them on? Use your brain.

        • cristo52

          Hey, “use your brain,” the defense only opened its case Friday afternoon and put on two witnesses, Zimmerman’s mother and Zimmerman’s uncle. Court was then recessed until Monday 8:30. Attorney Crump is being deposed Sunday, you can be sure there will be a lot of questions about how he set this thing up, and who knows what the world might find out if he actually tells the true under oath – our maybe he believes in “critical race theory,” and that the oath is a “white man’s oath” and he doesn’t have to tell the truth.

          • Progressives Rule

            This issue is for soap opera lovers. It has nothing to do with the murder of an unarmed 17 yr old boy.

          • keyesforpres

            17 is not a boy. Most 17 year olds are men. You are right that Martin was no man in the moral sense….he was a thuggish piece of trash. He had just been suspended from school because they found stolen jewelry and tools in his locker at school.
            He was full grown though in size.

    • ConradCA

      Maybe Martin’s knees were on Zimmerman’s upper arms which allowed Zimmerman’s arms to been at the elbow and thereby reach his gun. The fact is that Zimmerman was pinned to the ground and being beaten up by Martin. This was proven by the evidence presented in this case. Zimmerman’s injuries, wet grass on Zimmerman’s back, Trayvon’s knees, and eye witness testimony. The lead investigator for this case stated that Zimmerman’s statement was supported by the evidence in every significant respect.

      People frequently die from head injuries that appear on the outside to be insignificant. You don’t have to actually suffer life threatening injuries to defend yourself. You only have to have a reasonable fear of it to defend yourself as Zimmerman did. Being hit in the face, knocked to the ground, pinned down and being beaten are plenty of justification for defending yourself.

      • Progressives Rule

        “Maybe Martin’s knees were on Zimmerman’s upper arms which allowed his arms to bend at the elbow and thereby reach his gun.”
        Put your arms in that position. Your arms, from the elbow to the hand, are not long enough to reach your waist.
        I’m not saying he was a “fighter”. I think he’s a weakling, wanna be cop-like man. However, MMA is a lot about working while on the bottom. He couldn’t get up or roll over with a barely 17 yr old on top of his who he outweighed by 50 pounds? Not believable.
        The prosecution proved the WannaBeCopCoward is a liar. NOTHING he said happened can be believed. In fact, much of it doesn’t make sense. Martin’s friend was on the phone with him most of the time and she heard nothing like Martin running after the coward. In fact, she testified consistently that the coward attack Martin while she was on the phone with Martin.
        There is NO evidence Martin backtracked on the coward and attacked him. None.
        His head injuries were NOTHING!
        The coward attacked Martin. Martin was using HIS right to self defense. You can’t start a fight and then use deadly force claiming self defense when the fight goes against you. I don’t know about Florida but, in most states the threat of death has to be real to a sane person. Just because he’s a puzzy and got scared because a barely 17 yr old punched him in the nose isn’t a life threatening situation. He had no cause to shoot that kid.
        Remember, Zimmerman is asking the jury to believe that he, a grown man weighing 204 lbs, was actually afraid for his life from a barely 17 yr old kid weighing a whopping 150 lbs. Not believable!
        Zimmerman attacked Martin. The evidence is there. His lies about what he did and why he did things are evident in his interview.
        Measure him for his striped suit.

        • ConradCA

          You are a sad person. Full of hatred and ignorance. You are ignoring the evidence in this case to present your feelings about the case that have no basis in fact.

          Zimmerman wrote a statement that told the police what happened that night and how he came to shoot Trayvon. The lead investigator for the case stated that the evidence support Zimmerman’s statement in every respect that was significant.

          There was an eye witness that testified that Zimmerman was pinned to the ground by Trayvon and that Trayvon was beating on him MMA style. This fact is supported by Zimmerman’s injuries and the grass stains on their clothing.

          We have see the complete persecution case and they provided no evidence that contradicted Zimmerman’s statement that he shot in self defense. Your belief otherwise is evil just as evil as the racists who abused the justice system against the ni*gg*rs in the Jim Crow south.

        • keyesforpres

          Awww….the barely 17 year old kid….most 17 year olds are adult size. Remember, Martin jumped him and immediately started pounding his head on the pavement. That would stun a person.

  • cristo52

    If Mr. Zimmerman hunted Trayvon Martin, as the prosecution claimed today, why even call 911, why not just wait in the truck until Martin moved into the darkness, follow him and put a bullet in his back? Why go through all the extra effort, complication and danger? And if Trayvon Martin was at the father’s fiance’s condo, as Rachel Jeantal testified, why did the altercation take place at the other end of the dog walk, six or seven condos away from Trayvon’s sanctuary?

    • Progressives Rule

      To cover his ars. To LOOK like he was a cop. But, we all now know he is nothing but a lying coward wanna be.

      • ziggy zoggy

        “Lying coward wanna be.”
        Yes. Yes you are.

  • Junior Samples

    So you know nothing about firearms, self defense, fighting and this case? Yet you feel qualified to not only write about it but propose changes in the law? You’re almost as bad as that other neocon, Michael Savage. Go away.

  • JoeThePimpernel

    Too bad Dave didn’t familiarize himself with the actual facts of the case.

    Evidently David is unaware of the fact that Stand Your Ground was not invoked.

    When someone is in the process of beating you to death and trying to smother you, it’s not stand your ground. It’s ordinary self-defense.

    Unless David believes that you should not defend themselves when someone is beating you and putting his hand over your nose and mouth so you can’t breathe.

  • Molly

    I have never disagreed with any assessment of David Horowitz until now, and I’ve read at least 3 of his books and subscribed to Heterodoxy for its entire life.

    Yes, Zimmerman’s refusal to express any regret at Martin’s death in the interview with Hannity was disturbing, but he had probably been coached by lawyers to not publicly admit to any wrongdoing. This would have been standard legal advice for someone giving an interview pre-trial, and he could have just overinterpreted it.

    As for his guilt or innocence, Zimmerman is on trial for murder, not manslaughter.

    He may have some culpability and probably could have avoided a physical confrontation with Martin, but murder?

    Conservatives are right thinking and well reasoned to believe him innocent of that.

    • ConradCA

      Zimmerman said OK in response to the operators statement that he didn’t need to follow Martin. Then he turned and walked back towards his truck and the mail boxes to wait for the police to arrive. He was attacked by Martin from behind and this prevented him from using his weapon as he was punched in the face, knocked down, pinned to the ground and beaten MMA style by Martin.

      • wildjew

        You might be right. Zimmerman might have turned and walked back towards his truck and the mail boxes to wait for the police to arrive. Is this Zimmerman’s testimony? Are there any corroborating witnesses to this effect? Is it possible Zimmerman said said OK and then continued to pursue Martin? What then?

        • Laurel

          The defense is just starting to mount their case. It might very well be his testimony. Why is your mind made up that he is guilty until proven innocent, and in this country proven innocent never seems to happen regardless of jury verdicts. Guilty is guilty forever.

          • wildjew

            My mind is NOT made up that he is guilty. I have barely been following this trial until now. I find more important issues (at least in terms of priority) taking up my time, such as what Obama is doing to this nation and its security; his eavesdropping on law-abiding Americans rather than mosques, his apparent use (misuse) of the full force of government (IRS) to destroy his enemies, Obamacare, etc.

            It seems to me when this story first broke, the left (along with many in the African American community, including this president) took the political position Zimmerman was guilty, while the political right took the position he was and is innocent. I am uncertain. I ask probing questions on the right (as I did when George W. Bush was president) and immediately conservatives assume I am a traitor to the right. What is that about? Bush repeatedly lied about Islam and Israel. Bush sold-out Israel to his Saudi friends. Where was the right? Where? They stood shoulder to shoulder with Bush; circled the wagons around Bush and his lies. Where were you??

          • Laurel

            Your posts portend otherwise and of course took up the view he was innocent because in this country you are innocent until proven guilty…remember?!

            Your left right scenario has little to do with it and I am unequivocally without a doubt sure your obsession with Bush has absolutely nothing to do with it.

          • wildjew

            How do my posts portend otherwise? Please be specific. “Left-right” scenario has a lot to do with politics here in America, as does my “obsession” with the right’s (Republican party, conservatives and conservative activists’) strong and consistent support for George W. Bush, notwithstanding the many untruths he told the American people about our friends and allies. Ever wondered how the political right handed the White House to Barack Hussein Obama Laurel? Have you given it any thought? The right might be correct about Zimmerman’s innocence – I cannot say – yet because I am a conservative, I am not going to swallow willynilly the “conservative line” on this issue, hook, line and sinker.

          • Laurel

            Read your posts objectively…if you can.

            Your comparisons are not comparable and quite frankly ridiculous. I have thought plenty on it…but it still has nothing to do with Zimmerman.

          • wildjew

            Someone wrote above, “Conservatives are right thinking and well reasoned to believe him innocent…” etc.

            My response was largely to that. I read my posts objectively. You will have to give me an example of a lack of partiality.

            Did you read this piece authored by David Horowitz? Horowitz wrote “Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream, Radicals: Portraits of a Destructive Passion,” among others. My guess is Horowitz has given this issue some thought. Do you lightly dismiss his point of view?

          • ConradCA

            Horowitz obviously hasn’t paid any attention to the evidence presented at the trial. This evidence proves that Zimmerman was telling the truth and that he shot in self defense.

            This trial clearly shows that the only reason Zimmerman is being persecuted is because Obama’s son looks like Trayvon. Obama and the progressive fascists needed to scare blacks into supporting Obama in 2012 and they lies and the persecution of Zimmerman to achieve that.

          • wildjew

            Obama injecting himself politically into the case did not help the prosecution any more than his statement that the Cambridge police acted stupidly when they arrested his friend.

          • Laurel

            No I don’t lightly dismiss his point of view but his entire point is not based on rational examination of the evidence…it’s based on emotion. Furthermore the trial isn’t even finished yet and he has him convicted based on conclusions not in fact. He should never ever be allowed to sit on any jury just based on this article alone.

            Now if he had written this and included more evidence, less emotion, AFTER defense has presented Zimmerman side, then I might just maybe if well examined and well written replete with logical conclusions, come to the same result…but that isn’t what Horowitz did here. Quite frankly I am surprised at David for this. David usually gives evidence and here he did not.

          • wildjew

            Horowitz did provide evidence. It’s just that you and others reject the evidence he presents. There were a few (not many) on the right that questioned early on, Zimmerman’s need to pursue (follow) Martin, beyond the fact the 911 operator told him he need not do that. To some, the idea of following or pursuing connotes aggression. You might not agree with that point of view but it is a point of contention.

            Horowitz wrote:

            “What we have learned through the process of the trial thus far is that the only surviving witness, Zimmerman, is not credible. He has lied on several revealing occasions. First about not having any money to post bail when he had $150,000 in his account. Second, about not being aware of the Stand Your Ground Law, when he had taken a class that discussed the law. Third, and most importantly, about Trayvon jumping out of the bushes to attack him — because those bushes don’t exist. So, one has to ask, did he also lie about returning to his vehicle and that only then was he attacked? Or was he still following Trayvon, provoking the alleged attack?”

          • Laurel

            Stop posting nonsense to me because you want to hear yourself babble.

            Horowitz is wrong in the eyes of the law, and so are you, since numerous witnesses were presented in court including an eye witness to the fight itself. You are silly and ridiculous for even quoting that pablum that he wrote back to me. What counts is the law itself and witnesses and evidence were presented in court. Horowitz’s conclusion is just plain wrong. And Zimmerman hasn’t testified so how is it he is wrong? How is it that a cop on the stand said she and the other officers believed Zimmerman but you and Horowitz somehow know better when neither one of you are cops, investigators, or were even present. You as well as Horowitz put the damn cart before the horse and now are dancing especially since you didn’t even address my other points! YOU HAVE DRAWN CONCLUSIONS BEFORE THE TRIAL IS EVEN OVER. Now let that sink in. Anyone with any objectivity at all would of never ever written this column or defend the author for writing it. I don’t know where you learned critical thinking skills but you need to go back and re-learn them. And take note that the bulk of the comments are against you and Horowitz and most are logically presented. Same with the comments at Breitbart about this column. Horowitz is attempting to deny not only Zimmerman but Trayvon himself justice simply by writing this damn hit piece. Shame on him and shame on you for defending this un-American behavior. We are innocent until proven guilty in this country and we don’t sit as judge and jury when the trial isn’t even over yet.

            NOW GOOD DAY!

          • wildjew

            Question. The prosecution looks to be incompetent. Some lawyers ask, why they would put Zimmerman’s interview before the jury (in essence Zimmerman’s side of the story) without any cross examination.

            HANNITY: Do you regret getting out of the car to follow Trayvon that night?

            ZIMMERMAN : No, sir.

            HANNITY: Do you regret that you had a gun that night?

            ZIMMERMAN: No, sir…. I feel it was all God’s plan, and for me to second guess it or judge it —

            HANNITY: Is there anything you might do differently in retrospect now that time has passed a little bit?

            ZIMMERMAN: No, sir.

            Why do you think Zimmerman has no regrets? Why do you think he said “it was all God’s plan.” ?

          • ConradCA

            You clearly haven’t paid attention to the trial and the evidence that was present. If you had you would have and no doubt that the state failed to make their case. Actually you would be certain that the state proved George Zimmerman was innocent of all charges. That this is a political trial in which the George Zimmerman is a victim of Obama and the progressive fascists.

          • wildjew

            I am running a business during the week. I’ve not had time to follow this trial closely except for hourly news reports during the day. Oh yes, there is talk radio. Over the past couple of days I’ve been catching up on my reading and on-line videos. Fox has several I’ve been watching including Greta Van Susteren, etc.

            Most attorneys interviewed are saying the prosecution is doing a terrible job; that they are helping make the case for the defense. Maybe Zimmerman is innocent of all charges, as you say.

            One thing that baffles me is this. Why hasn’t Zimmerman (the accused) been put on the stand to testify under oath? That would be one of the first things I would demand were I the prosecution.

            Maybe in Florida that is not the prosecution’s call, but it is left up to the defense. One of the defense attorneys seemed to indicate precisely that in an interview with Greta. He says defense has not decided whether or not to put Zimmerman on the stand and he generally does NOT put a defendant on the stand unless the prosecution’s case is hurting his client which clearly it is not in this case.

            Don’t you think it immoral that a defendant who is accused of murder can refuse to testify or that his defense team can make that call?

          • ConradCA

            “One thing that baffles me is this. Why hasn’t Zimmerman (the accused)
            been put on the stand to testify under oath? That would be one of the
            first things I would demand were I the prosecution.”

            This shows that you have zero knowledge of US laws. The prosecution can never put a defendant on the stand. He only testifies if he and his lawyer decide to.

          • wildjew

            Which again begs the question, “Don’t you think it immoral that a defendant who is accused of murder can refuse to testify or that his defense team can make that call?”

            The other day, I was asked by another low life: “Don’t you support the Constitution?” My answer: “I support the Constitution where it is moral.” Why should I support what is immoral in the Constitution such as allowing IRS employee Louis Lerner to take the Fifth?

            Are you one of those simpletons who say,” Well, it’s the law” or “that’s the way we do things here…” ?


          • ConradCA

            No! If the state wants to convict me of a crime they have to do it with my help.

            Obama sent his criminal Louis Lerner on a paid vacation as a reward for keeping her mouth shut. She should be fired for failing to do her job which is to answer their questions.

        • ConradCA

          I am familiar with Zimmerman’s statement. Furthermore, as the persecution has completed their case and none of the evidence they presented conflicted with Zimmerman’s statement. If they had any evidence that Zimmerman was lying then why didn’t they produce it in court? Add to this the lead investigative officer for this case stated that Zimmerman’s statement was corroborated by the evidence in every significant respect and he was testifying for the persecution!

    • ConradCA

      When you are charged with 2nd murder in Florida you are also charged with manslaughter.

      • Molly

        Well the two charges have different criteria in Florida, and they are trying to prove 2nd degree murder. Actually, I’ve never heard that he was also charged with manslaughter. I think you made that up.

        • ConradCA

          See for:

          “The formal charge against Zimmerman is murder in the second degree: 782.04. Murder.

          In Florida (as in most states) manslaughter is a lesser included offense of murder, and so the jury will also be read the manslaughter charge as a matter of course. 782.02. Manslaughter.”

        • T.A.

          Because manslaughter is a “lesser included offense” of murder the jury could find him guilty of manslaughter even though they find him innocent of 2nd degree murder.

          In addition, I’ve read that if the prosecution thinks they won’t be able to get a murder 2 conviction they have the option of reducing the charge to manslaughter before final jury deliberations.

    • wildjew

      You say conservatives are right thinking him innocent of that (i.e., murder). Martin was not armed, we do know that. Doesn’t it depend on Zimmerman’s intent?

      • Molly

        For 2nd degree murder it usually depends on not just intent but what can be proven about intent. The evidence against any prior malicious intent is pretty solid. For example, why would call 911 a few minutes before the shooting? When the police told him the incident had been videotaped, his response was “Thank God.”

        What is with the random rant on Bush.

        • wildjew

          You make some strong points. I will have to give them some thought. I do not know Zimmerman’s history. Do you suppose there might be murderers who displayed no prior malicious intent to the murder? My guess is you are correct, murderous violence does not come out of the blue but can someone murder without having a prior record of killing?

          Note, radio talk show host Michael Savage has gotten lots of coverage on Daily Caller and other publications for telling his listeners the other night, Zimmerman must be found guilty. Savage has been a disappointment to me in some respects, the most recent of which was his strong support for Mitt Romney -coupled by some hostility toward his primary opponents – before he became the nominee. That having been said, I listened attentively the other night.

          My “random” rant on Bush? Were you an uncritical George W. Bush supporter for seven plus year post 9/11? If you weren’t, with what if anything did you take issue? The point about Bush is this. The vast majority of conservatives whom you believe are right thinking and well reasoned, uncritically supported Bush. Consequently my appraisal of the judgment of my fellow conservatives took a significant dive.

          • glennd1

            You offer nothing of value to argue other than hyperbole. Many conservatives saw this trial as politically motivated in the first place as after the initial, throrough investigation by police it was concluded there was insufficient evidence to even charge Zimmerman. In fact, the Dept of Justice used is special race-case division to intervene locally and various race hucksters like Sharpton applied massive, hateful pressure to have charges brought at all.

            Given just those facts, one who is rational might be sensitive to Zimmerman in this case. But when the “evidence” for the case against Zimmerman was shown to be basically nothing this week, many of us have now had it. This guy was pilloried in the press and has been brought up on politically motivated charges that never would have been brought had it not been for the race-maniacs at DOJ and lowlifes like Sharpton.

            But still, until the trial started, I kept an open mind. I was concerned by Zimmerman’s mistatements, but in fact these kind of inconsistencies are much more common that you’d think in these cases. Zimmerman may have been embellishing out of fear, but that doesn’t mean he attacked Zimmerman.

            However, after this week, it’s an open and shut case. Maybe you and Horowitz don’t know it but many lawyers publicly opined that the lack of evidence was so extreme as to justify a dismissal by the judge – and I think if this wasn’t such a nationally racially charged case, it would have been dismissed. Elliot Abrams (a noted legal journalist at ABC) concluded just this morning publicly that he couldn’t see how a jury could convict based on the evidence presented in any event. And the defense hasn’t even presented it’s case yet.

            You and Horowitz speak here as though it’s 7 months ago and none of this had passed. We conservatives don’t just go trawling around for cases to support where black people are killed – but we do get activated when we see systematic and institutional injustice being perpetuated by race baiting thugs.

            Wake up and shut up. You have no idea what you are talking about.

          • wildjew

            You make some good points about the motivations on the left. I expect the jury will find Zimmerman innocent. When you write STFU elsewhere, and shut up here, you undermine your credibility “with me.” Horowitz is not the only one on the right asking questions about Zimmerman’s statements. My late father (an attorney) always warned his clients to tell the truth. Do NOT lie to the judge or the jury. Do not lie in depositions. Zimmerman’s untruths do not help him in the eyes of those of us who value honesty over dishonesty. You apparently wink at the latter. Why? Or will I get another STFU?

          • glennd1

            Yeah, I do because you prattle on like a thoughtless child. Your commentary illuminates nothing, and is often at odds with facts on record or elsewhere, like your moronic comment about Zimmerman having a round in the chamber and no safety above.

            You are totally focused on supposed mistatements Zimmerman made, and your claim that this somehow makes him guilty of attacking Martin. Again, you just show how little you know about the real world. People often make incomplete and incorrect statements to the police – victims and suspects alike. I’d like/ to know more about those inconsistencies, but again, you bring this up as though we didn’t get eyewitness testimony that Martin was beating Zimmerman and Zimmerman was screaming (the 911 call gives us the second piece). You seem to think this breaks the case wide open – but actually it’s not material given the other evidence on offer.

            So really, just shut up. You have nothing to stand on, nothing to teach us – you are on some bizarre little campaign of your own for your own reasons. It has nothing to do with Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence – that much is clear to me. Because if that was your concern. the trial so far would have you saying what Elliot Abrams said this morning “There is no legal basis for a jury to come back with a guilty verdict.”.

            That’s why I go at you. i’m sick to death of people who can’t think clearly but run their mouths all the time. Enough already with you.

          • wildjew

            It was a pretty amazing statement Zimmerman made to Sean Hannity, that his killing Trayvon Martin was “God’s will.” Amazing, don’t you think? What he is saying is that Martin’s death was foreordained and Zimmerman was merely the instrument for God’s will. No other outcome. No choice. No free will. The entire bloody thing was pre-determined. You are OK with that?

          • JamesMc

            What’s objectionable? Admittedly, as an agnostic, I find it hard to credit but we’re talking about Zimmerman’s beliefs. There’s nothing unusual about a Christian claiming a tragedy was “God’s will”. It’s an often used way of dealing with tragedy, by allowing oneself not to be driven insane by the what if’s that can’t be changed in retrospect.

          • ConradCA

            The persecutor should be disbarred for taking this case to trial and they sued for everything he owns and well every earn.

          • BAW

            Pretty much what happened to the DA in the Duke Rape Hoax. But rational people stepped in and stopped that travesty before it ever got to trial. For one thing, the President of the United States had not joined the “lynch mob.” Actually, Obama stood for the rule of law then (proof that he does know right from wrong). He supported a federal inquiry into the misconduct of the Duke DA. But he longer needs to be seen as a voice of reason and he chose sides. Hard to imagine how justice can ever be served in this case.

      • glennd1


        • wildjew

          You are a low life.

      • ConradCA

        “You say conservatives are right thinking him innocent of that (i.e.,
        murder). Martin was not armed, we do know that. Doesn’t it depend on
        Zimmerman’s intent?”

        Whats important is what the evidence shows. The evidence supports Zimmerman’s claim of self defense. That he was attacked from behind while walking away from Trayvon. That is why he was unable to defend himself with is gun before suffering a beating at the hands of Trayvon.

        Furthermore, the lead investigating officer stated that Zimmerman’s statement was supported by the evidence the police collected. That when he told Zimmerman that there was video of the confrontation Zimmerman said “Thank God!”. If you still believe Zimmerman is guilty after this testimony then you are a liar or an idiot.

        • wildjew

          I haven’t see that bit of evidence, that as you say, he was attacked from behind while walking away from Martin. Can you provide a good link? That Zimmerman allegedly indicated to the officer he was thankful there was a video of the struggle, redounds to his side or benefit. On that I can agree.

          • ConradCA

            The evidence is logical deduction from the known evidence. It is the only explanation of how Trayvon was able to beat up Zimmerman without him drawing his gun. If Zimmerman had been facing Trayvon he would have seen him approach and have his hand on his gun ready to shot Trayvon if he assaulted him.

        • wildjew

          How do you respond to Horowitz’s statement, “Given that the young man was unarmed and that he inflicted very superficial injuries on his adversary during their scuffle, Zimmerman’s claim that he was in fear for his life has to be taken with a grain of salt, to say the least.” ?

          • ConradCA

            Trayvon was beating Zimmerman. He had him pinned down and was bashing his head into the ground. You can die from that and Zimmerman doesn’t have to wait until he suffers a sever injury to defend himself.

            Though it was justified Zimmerman didn’t shoot Trayvon until he tried to grab is gun and kill him with it. IMHO Zimmerman was a fool not to shoot Trayvon when he started bashing his head into the ground.

  • ColdHeartedPatriot

    Any one who reads his article will see his argument consists of emotional appeals:

    “What we do know is that a young man who was unarmed and guiltless of any crime is dead. And shouldn’t there be some penalty to pay for that?”

    non-sequitur legal issues:

    “not being aware of the Stand Your Ground Law, when he had taken a class that discussed the law,”

    and irrelevant facts to the case at hand:

    “First about not having any money to post bail when he had $150,000 in his account”

    This case is about a man charged with murder claiming self-defense. Pitying the aggressor, propping up an SYG strawman and then changing the subject to an anti- 2nd amendment argument, and brining up peripheral BS about the aftermath of the event instead of the event itself is all standard Marxist bait and switch and not at all a conservative or libertarian argument.

    Horowitz shows you can take the man out of the commune but you cant always take the Communist out of the man.

    • wildjew

      Why do you consider TM the aggressor and not GZ? The 911 operator told Zimmerman “you don’t need to do that,” (follow Martin) and he did follow (pursue) Martin nonetheless.

      • ConradCA

        When the operator stated that he didn’t need to follow Zimmerman replied OK. That indicates acceptance and conforms to his statement that he walked to the mail boxes away from Trayvon to wait for the police. So the only evidence supports Zimmerman’s claim that he stopped following after talking to the operator.

      • ColdHeartedPatriot

        No, he didnt. He lost sight of Trayvon from his truck, was asked by the 911 op what the address was. Zimmerman got out, walked down a path to get an address and on the way back to his car with the address, NOT following anyone at this point, is when Trayvon came out of nowhere to Zimmerman’s left.

        Trayvon according to Jenteal in 3 different versions, verbally confronted GZ and according to their other eyewitnesses, Trayvon had GZ pinned and beating him. Unless you find calling 911, looking for an address, being confronted, being pinned and being beaten aggressive actions I dont see why you would consider that GZ was the aggressor.

  • ConradCA

    In fact Trayvon Martin committed a felony when he hit Zimmerman, when he knocked him down, when he pinned him to the ground and when he beat Zimmerman MMA style. These facts are supported by the evidence presented at the trial by prosecution witnesses. Furthermore, they provide plenty of justification of Zimmerman to shoot Trayvon in self defense.

    Now if Zimmerman had hunted Trayvon Martin down as the prosecution claims then why did he call 911 before shooting Trayvon? Why did he let Trayvon beat him up before shooting? He would have drawn his gun and shot before Trayvon could have assaulted him.

  • T.A.

    I would take “came out of the bushes” to mean “came out of the shadows”. For a traumatic experience taking place after dark, I wouldn’t expect anyone to have a perfect memory of landscape features that are largely irrelevant.

    • ConradCA

      Trayvon attacked Zimmerman from behind. This is the only explanation for him being able to approach and inflict a beating on Zimmerman without being shot beforehand.

  • kenroyall

    “Second, Neighborhood Watch guards should not be permitted to conceal and carry.”

    That statement alone leaves Dave’s credibility in shambles.

  • Bill Cervetti

    David, thank you for an extraordinarily shrewd, mature and even-handed assessment of this case. As usual you stand (nearly) alone, though I have been arguing these points with friends of mine from nearly the beginning. Let’s hope the jury finds it within itself to remain objective and not succumb to the idiot’s refuge of partisanship/polarization that virtually DEFINES the way most of us do our “political thinking” these days. Kudos to you.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Trayvon Martin was an attempted murderer and worthless piece of $hit. He got what he deserved.,

  • Donald Joy

    It’s not a “stand-your-ground” case, and never was. The media has been misreporting it from day one. It always has been a traditional self-defense doctrine case. If you want to know why, ask me.

    • mamapjs

      Just in case there are libs lurking here who don’t know, what is obvious about the news media misreporting this as a SYG case is that they are after Florida’s SYG law. They are trying to MAKE it a SYG case, even though it’s clearly self-defense, in order to indict the law itself. This is yet another gun-grabbing attempt.

  • ConradCA


    It’s clear that you haven’t paid any attention to the facts of the case as presented in the trial. As the state has presented it’s case they have proven that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in self defense. Next time, please take the time to learn the facts about the issue before writing your column.

  • Alleena

    If you do a web search, you will find that Skittles is part of a street drug called lean, and that Trayvon Martin had been taking lean for months before his death. If you also search images, you will find that the innocent looking Trayvon pictured above was long gone. Please check out the images of Trayvon Martin just before he died. He’s an angry young man with both middle fingers raised.

  • CAStr8talk

    Having carefully observed the background when watching the video of Zimmerman walking the police through the incident, I saw at least a dozen places where Trayvon Martin could have hidden around the scene of the altercation. Including a bush plenty big enough to hide behind in the direction Zimmerman said Martin came from. Remember, it happened after dark in the rain, which means it was even easier for Martin to hide while he laid in wait.

    As for Martin innocently walking home from the convenience store, he had all the makings for lean or tuss in his pocket except the couch syrup. Robitussin will do for that in a pinch.

  • hippiepooter

    Just when I thought it’s not possible for Mr Horowitz to go higher in my personal estimation, he proves me wrong! The reporting I’ve seen in right wing intermedia, there is a real palpable sense of a right wing herd mentality willing an acquital.

    I’m glad – relieved – for the sake of conservative honour that Mr Horowitz has slammed the brakes on that, although I fear that the right wing herd has got such momentum it’s going to go careening into a ravine no matter what.

    One bone of contention I would have with Mr Horowitz’s article is that the only reason Trayvon Martin didn’t have an arrest record at least was because of the policies of Miami Dade Police Chief Hurley.

    One of the reasons Trayvon Martin was suspended from school was because he was caught with burglary equipment and woman’s jewellery he couldn’t account for. According to the report above, one of the detectives who interviewed Zimmerman was instrumental in concealing this.

    • T.A.

      That’s right. It is very possible that Trayvon looked suspicious for very good reason. He may have been casing the neighborhood for a vulnerable house to rob. We don’t know that, but it’s quite a coincidence that he apparently has been a burglar in the past.

  • TopAssistant

    Let me see if I have this correct. When I see pictures of GZ, his head is bloody on the front and back. TM did not have beat marks but did a hole in his body. This tells me up front TM had to be providing GZ with a beating. And, if it was me, I would have also shot him in self-defense.
    Now David, disarming someone is not the answer and it appears self-defense not a Stand Your Ground Law issue.

  • Bob Honiker

    Just as soon as Martin punched Zimmerman he was no longer “guiltless of any crime”. The crime was compounded with each punch, and every time Zimmerman’s head hit the concrete.

    Trayvon should have taken the chip on his shoulder home, and put it to bed.

    • TopAssistant

      Bob: I agree! I have been in a lot of fights in my life and Zimmerman was getting hammered. How bad would it have gotten for him if he did not have a gun?

      • Bob Honiker

        You cannot punch someone and beat on them because they hurt your feelings or call you names or look at you funny. I’m aware that it’s the way things are done in some neighborhoods, but it won’t be tolerated elsewhere. People don’t have to put up with it and in Florida and some other states they have the right to effective self defense.

  • Billiam

    Why 2nd degree murder instead of an easier charge of,say, involuntary manslaughter? Politics. First they make Zimmerman magically white, then play the race card. Oh, and let us not forget the evil gun. Zimmerman should be found not guilty of 2nd degree murder. He has some responsibility in this, of course. Second degree murder? No. The prosecution over reached because of political pressure. They deserve to have their collective asses handed to them on a platter. People also need to tell race pimps like Jackson and Sharpton to go pimp somewhere else.

  • Michael Geer

    I have been an avid follower of David’s work. This article stuns me. Flat out stuns me. I am going to have rethink my support of him. I’m … flabbergasted. Okay, I’ve thought it over.

    Goodbye, David. I don’t know who got to you …

    • T.A.

      Is it so hard to respectfully disagree?

      I appreciate that conservatives think independently rather than being locked into a herd mentality like the liberals.

      • ConradCA

        When there is no evidence of guilt. Every fact from the trial supports Zimmerman’s innocence. When the lead investigator says that Zimmerman’s statement was supported in every significant respect. Only the ignorant, liars and brain damaged could believe that Zimmerman is guilty.

      • BAW

        I can’t speak for Mr. Geer but to me this isn’t a simple difference of opinion. Horowitz starts by assigning a mindset to “most conservatives” that I find offensive. I know I did not jump to the conclusion that Zimmerman was innocent only that the mob mentality of the left was in full view once again. Nor have I determined that he is in fact innocent “reacting to that injustice” but rather based on the facts.

        Worse still, in support of his “false narrative” he uses nonsense, feelings, and misstatements while exhibiting a lack of familiarity with facts, the law, and reality.

        For me, it suggests an mindset that I completely reject. Which in turn, discredits him rather thoroughly.

      • JamesMc

        He didn’t “respectfully” disagree. He presented a false choice argument. There’s conservatives like him, then there’s those darned hard headed reactionary conservatives.

        He starts by assuming wrongness on ZImmerman’s part against the “innocent” Martin then makes an argument against SYG. It seems that Horowitz shapes his opinion on the guilt or innocence of the parties from his opinion on self-defense law. There is little factual basis in his opinion on their guilt. The 3 big “lies” are just a litany of lame talking points from the left. His opinion is based on his feelings about Conceal Carry, so he comes off as just as partisan in his beliefs as the liberal lynch mob he initially decries.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    This article shows an intellectual honesty that David Horowitz has that lifts him above other social critics. My guess is that Zimmerman will be found guilty of a lesser charge than 2nd degree murder, and I think that total acquittal and exoneration would be a miscarriage of justice. D.H.’s analysis brought out quite a few facts that I was unaware of, and reflects a nuanced view worthy of a wise,informed, and righteous man. D.H. , in my opinion, worthy of all three adjectives, although I’m quite sure that he’s not looking for my compliments or anyone else’s for that matter. Thank you for this article.

    • ConradCA

      What facts do you base your guess on? I have paid close attention to the trial and the evidence prevented by the state. The state proved that Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in self defense.

      It is a crime that Obama and the progressive fascists destroyed Zimmerman’s life in order to lie his way into power for a second time.

  • Blake hitler

    I sense more “peaceful” monkey riots after a not guilty verdict similar to the Rodney king riots. better stock up on bananas to quell their rage

  • oldironsides

    Everything in this case, in my opinion, rests upon the Forensics Report and I have followed all the reporting and haven’t read about it being presented in court by the prosecutor. Were there powder burns found on Trayvon Martin’s clothing that would indicate the shot was fired at close range? And what about the angle of the bullet wound? If Martin was on top of Zimmerman when he was shot, it would almost have been at point blank range. And I also wish someone would publish a current photo of Trayvon. He was not the little boy that most publications have shown him to be. One estimate was he was 6′ 2″ tall.

    • ConradCA

      The Forensic Report is irrelevant to this case. Zimmerman and the persecution both agree that Zimmerman shot Martin from close range. No one knows or can tell at exactly what distance. What is at dispute is whether the shooting was in self defense. The persecution claims that Zimmerman murdered Trayvon though the evidence that they presented to prove their claim supports Zimmerman’s innocence.

      • mamapjs

        One area where the forensic report is important is that it demonstrates that Trayvon’s shirt was several inches away from his chest when the gun fired. The only thing that could have done that is gravity… ie: Martin was on top leaning over Zimmerman at the time of the shooting, just as the single eye-witness said.

  • MannieP

    Have you reviewed the evidence? Have you followed the trial?

    There was never any evidence of Zimmerman’s guilt. After the persecution [sic] has rested, there is even less evidence of his guilt.

    Prejudging? I think not.

  • patricia

    David H,this case is not SYG? Is he lost in a fight about laws in FL or the Zimmerman case? GZ is saying he was in fear of his life,self-defense . It’s a clear case of self defense David.

    • ConradCA

      Sorta hard to understand what your saying but I will try.

      The reason SYG is not applicable to this case is that SYG states that you don’t have to flee in order to defend yourself. Zimmerman was pinned to the ground by Trayvon and was unable flee. It was ordinary self defense that justified his shooting of Trayvon.

      • patricia

        I meant, David talks about SYG in this case. I agree it is not about SYG. I agree with you, funny how you thought I didn’t think this was a case about self defense.

        • ConradCA

          This statement would have been better with out the ?:

          David H,this case is not SYG?

          Furthermore, this statement is confusing:

          Is he lost in a fight about laws in FL or the Zimmerman case?

  • Tipper Top

    Mr. Horowitz makes a terrible assumption. That being that all Republicans suffer being low information voters who listen only to talking heads and do no further investigation as to the facts of the case. He cites several instances wherein he says Zimmerman is not to be trusted. However, aside from the very iffy target of Stand your Ground laws being covered in class, called something else all those years ago, none of what Mr. Horowitz ascribes as being evidence of Zimmerman’s untruthfulness has been presented to the jury, as of this date. And, I’ve been watching, so I can say Mr. Horowitz is simply assuming while the facts don’t stand up to his scrutiny. Assumptions are not facts sir – ask Dr. Bao – LOL. Maybe he needs to put that into his assumption mix and decide again if one size fits all when it comes to the voting public especially when speaking of Republicans.

    • BAW

      I find Horowitz’s most egregious assumption to be that conservatives all jumped to the conclusion that Zimmerman was innocent. I don’t think “we” generally did. I know I didn’t. I just jumped to the conclusion that a lynch mob had formed and that was wrong. My “knee jerk” reaction, while waiting for the facts, was to stand against the mob.

  • keyesforpres

    Mr. Horowitz, I would like to remind you that people have DIED from ONE blow to the head.

  • tickletik

    Thank you for bringing to me (and others) the other side of this issue in a way that is rational and sane. I am sad though, because I wonder who we can believe at this point.

    • Tipper Top

      If you cannot listen to the facts presented in a case and approach that evidence with an open mind and find, within your own mind, what is rational and what is not, we can thank our lucky starts you are not on the jury.

      If you need Mr. Horowitz to explain reality, then indeed you have issues.

    • keyesforpres

      Go to the RIGHTSCOOP and look back over the friend’s testimony.

  • myforest40

    I appreciate D.H.’s perspective. But I only agree that conservatives should not be to quick to judge before the facts come out in the trial, and especially to not be too quick to react in opposite fashion to the bigoted knee-jerk positions that the Left have vomited out.

    • JamesMc

      One big problem with your perspective about being quick to judgement, the prosecution has already rested it’s case. It’s argument and requisite proof are all there is to support it. It hasn’t even come close to proving a case, and ironically, it has even barely presented reasonable doubt about the defense’s case. It’s a farce. A sham trial that shouldn’t have been prosecuted.

  • BAW

    “But just because a lynch mob has formed to condemn Zimmerman in advance of the facts, does not mean one must conclude that Zimmerman is innocent of Trayvon Martin’s death.”

    So was it the author himself who had the poor judgement to do that? It wasn’t me. I don’t know who did.

    The only thing I concluded, in advance of the facts, was that the press and others had assumed an all too familiar “lynch mob” position. That was and is always wrong, regardless of the facts.

  • LindaRivera

    WND.COM: Rumblings of ‘lynchings’ over Trayvon verdict
    ‘Threats that some supporters are making are absolutely chilling’

    But a number of bloggers and watchers say there are not-so-subtle rumblings of violence developing.

    On the Mr. Conservative blog, Twitter threats were reproduced in abundance.

    “If Zimmerman don’t go to jail ill kill him for $20,” said one.

    “Gimme me tha pistol ill kill Zimmerman myself,” said another.

    “If George Zimmerman win I’m gonna kill a fat white boy dat look lik George Zimmerman I swear,” said a third.

    “This is despicable and seriously frightening,” wrote blogger Kristin
    Tate. “There is no way this would be tolerated if the threats from
    whites were against a black man.”…

    The blog reported thousands were threatening to riot should Zimmerman not be determined guilty by a jury.

    “In addition to hundreds of racist, disturbing tweets, there are
    several Facebook pages dedicated to promoting the murder of George
    Zimmerman,” Tate wrote. “One of those pages even urges riots if he is
    not found guilty for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

    One of the postings states: “Let’s flex our muscle!. What, you scared?”…

  • Charles

    Well, I guess it is ok to attack someone for following you, instead of letting the police take care of it. And, I guess you are suppose to be on the edge of death before you use deadly force to save yourself. jeeezzzzz. Who is this idiot Horowitz???

    • Progressives Rule

      The WannaBeCopCoward did a lot more than “follow” the unarmed 17 yr old boy.
      What RIGHT did the Wanna Be Cop Coward have to follow and question ANYBODY? NONE!
      His injuries show he was not “pummeled” or beaten. For one there wasn’t enough time. Second, experts testified those minor injuries on the Coward’s head could have been the result of only 3 contacts with the ground.
      Morons like you believe the Coward’s story. The facts and evidence presented do not support his story. But, I guess facts don’t matter to pukes like you.
      Carry on.

      • Charles

        He has ever right to follow a suspicious acting person, while reporting it to the police. He did not question anyone. Yes, his injuries are consistent with multiple hits.
        The fact is, Martin inflicted bodily harm on a man who in turn defended himself for anything more. I am sure, in your moronic little pea brain. it would be fine if MArtin had beat GZ to death.
        What an idiot.

        • Progressives Rule

          Martin’s friend testified that someone approached him and challenged him “WHILE SHE WAS ON THE PHONE”! The coward was the attacker.
          Martin was using self defense after the Coward attacked him!.
          The Coward had no intention of simply “reporting this suspicious” person to police. This one he was gonna make sure “didn’t get away.
          His racist, hate filled remarks will suffice for 2nd degree murder.
          I wish Martin had run away once he decked the Coward. He had no idea the Coward had a gun. Zimmerman will pay, one way or the other. Either he goes to jail, where he belongs, or he becomes Casey Anthony 2.

          • mamapjs

            Martin’s friend? You talking about that silly girl who thinks it’s perfectly OK to call someone a “creepy-a@@ cracker”??? I guaran-dam-tee you that’s a vicious racial epithet, that it is meant to be vicious, and meant to be a racial slander.

          • keyesforpres

            She did NOT hear Zimmerman ask Martin anything. She was no longer on the phone with him.
            Did you NOT see her testimony? It was all over the website RIGHTSCOOP. That witness could not even read the statement she supposedly wrote to police. She said should couldn’t read “cursive”. She LIED.

          • Progressives Rule

            Dee Dee testified: “An old man said, “What are you doing around here?” She called Trayvon’s name and he didn’t answer. She said someone bumped him, and she heard the phone drop. She could hear a little bit of sound. Trayvon was saying “Get off, get off.”

            Maybe you should read her testimony since your ears and memory are so lacking.

    • wildjew

      Doesn’t look like anyone is deleting your posts.

  • Charles

    So, I guess it is ok to physically attack someone who is following you, instead of calling the police. And I guess you are suppose to wait until you life is on the edge of death, before you defend yourself.
    Whis is this Horowitz fool?

  • Charles

    So, I guess it is ok to attack someone for following you, instead of calling the police. And, I guess you are suppose to wait until your life is on edge, before defending yourself. Yeah, right.

  • Charles

    Who keeps deleting my posts?

  • Charles

    I guess if you can THINK, and UNDERSTAND that you can defend yourself from attack, you are not allowed to post here. Because my posts keep disappearring. NAZIism.

    • T.A.


      Since there are thoughtful posts appearing on both sides of the issue, I don’t think censorship is the explanation.

    • mamapjs

      Charles, I see a whole string of posts by you. Sometimes these servers don’t immediately post or after posting cause a post to temporarily disappear. It’s a Discus glitch.

      • Charles

        I didn’t see anything. they just keep disappearing.

        • mamapjs

          I see six posts. It’s a Discus glitch.

          • Charles

            Sorry. I did not mean for that to happen. I could see my replies to others, but my Posts kept disappearring.

  • Hit Manfan

    Horowitz is another false intellectual who lacks original thought. I read (or tried to) Radical Son when it first came out and the best thing that I can say about it is that it’s boring, poorly written, self indulgent pablum. He proves my point in the article above.

    What exactly does it take to “Provoke” an attack by a nice well raised 17 year old? The attack isn’t an “alleged attack” as Martin has the broken nose and cuts that prove it happened. A credible witness saw Martin on top of Zimmerman and throwing punches. Martin was the aggressor.

    This article is written by a man who likely has never faced anything more dangerous than a hangnail. “Aimed it away from his chest”? Try to get that load of crap put in place in any police academy. If the injuries that Zimmerman sustained were really “very superficial” would it be unkind of me to wish those same injuries to Horowitz and under similar circumstance only without Horowitz being armed and is his wish.

    It is always unfortunate when a 17 year old looses their life. However, Trevon Martin attacked someone who had the ability to defend himself with lethal force and did. Horowitz wishes the stand your ground law only applied to home invasion (as opposed to having to abandon your home?). I wonder if all of the people who’s lives have been saved by this law would agree but it so happens that this case isn’t being tried under stand your ground.

    This article is a weak product of a juvenile mind. If this is representative of the best that front page mag has to offer then both mag and writer can be safely ignored in the future.

    • wildjew

      There is an opinion piece (“A Bullet through the heart”) on today’s Washington Post written by Kathleen Parker, a token conservative who writes for WaPo. Parker writes about the conflicting testimony of the two mothers both claiming the voice crying for help was their son. If the voice crying out for help which ceased after the gun shot was Martin’s, would it hurt the defense? How would you respond to the following reader who addresses Parker and the largely Republican right?

      MackinOz wrote:
      6:59 PM EDT
      Republican Barbie wants us all to know she is anatomically correct!

      How about this question, Republican Mummy? Does lying run in the family?

      Zimmerman had a gun and he was obviously ready to use it – he had a round in the chamber of a gun that has no safety catch. Why would he be screaming for help? If you had a loaded gun on your hip and you were in a fistfight, why would you be screaming for help?

      And what we know for sure is that Zimmerman never said anything like, “Back off, I have a gun!”

      Zimmerman’s version is that when Trayvon saw he had a gun, that made him MORE aggressive! What garbage.

      The only reason Zimmerman had the guts to confront Trayvon in the first place was because he knew he had a concealed pistol on his hip with a round in the chamber and all he had to do was pull the trigger.

      Zimmerman got himself in a fight and then, instead of giving the other guy the chance to stop, Zimmerman just shot him dead. The guy is a fool, a coward and a murderer.

      • glennd1

        “had a round in the chamber of a gun that had no safety catch” – what a moron. Many guns are sold without safeties today – the real world experience is that they don’t make guns any safer. In fact, they only make them harder to use in a sudden emergency like the one Zimmerman was subjected to. So yeah, take your dingbatry and focus it on something you understand. Otherwise, shut your ignorant mouth. With each comment you make on this thread you only demonstrate how little you know and how flawed your reasoning is.

        • wildjew

          What about the rest of the post?

      • Kevin Stowell

        The only handguns I’ve ever seen without a “safety catch” (did you mean safety?) are revolvers. That’s why, when carrying them, it behooves you to leave a chamber empty. I’ve never seen an autoloader without one.

      • keyesforpres

        He didn’t confront Martin. Zimmerman got out of the car to try to find a street sign so he could tell the operator where he was. The reason Zimmerman was yelling for help was because he did NOT want to shoot Martin. He was probably hoping some ppl would come out of their condos and yell at Martin to stop and hope that would chase Martin off. Think about it.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Well-raised 17 year old? Far, far from it.

      Those guilty of killing Trayvon are his parents, the black gangsta culture, the media and entertainment industry, the street justice proponents (NBPP, Farrakhan, Sharpton, et al), his peers who cheer violence and hurting whites for fun, the liberals and race industry who enable criminal and immoral behavior by their benefits and entitlement programs and policies, and finally, the direct, cumulative and interactive effects of the drugs Trayvon had consumed and finally, Trayvon himself for his choices and values.

  • 15 watts

    What I think I’m understanding is that George Zimmerman and his defense team opted out of using SYG and decided to go to a Jury trial without the opportunity of going before a judge and perhaps not having to face a charge of 2nd degree murder. So self defense for the average person means that you were not the aggressor, and you could not safely get away from an attack without using deadly force. Why was the SYG law discussed when the jury cannot take it into consideration?

    • ConradCA

      SYG can be used to in some cases. It’s that in this case it’s irrelavent because Zimmerman had no way of retreating because he was pinnned in place by Trayvon as he assaulted Zimmerman.

  • Nomadic100

    I have watched almost the entirety of the trial. Zimmerman may have lied about how much money was in his account but it is less evident that he lied about being ignorant of “stand your ground” law in Florida, given recent testimony by his professors. But those issues are trivial.

    All credible testimony in the trial to this point is consistent with Zimmerman’s testimony as presented via videotaped recordings presented to the jury. Judge Nelson is clearly biased in her rulings and it seems that many people want to convict Zimmerman out of political correctness (“white Hispanic”), or to avoid anticipated riots. To expect racial riots if Zimmerman is acquitted may be realistic, and, if riots occur, then the expectation of riots will be shown NOT to be due to a racist attitude but, rather, on a realistic appraisal of what a segment of the African American population will do.

    The jury should not take any concerns about ramifications of their judgment into account but, rather, make a determination on the basis of the evidence presented.

  • PeterP

    Here’s the problem I have with the Zimmerman case: 40 cops and a prosecutor evaluated the evidence and decided it was insufficient to arrest and charge Zimmerman with a crime. Only when black race agitators like Al Sharpton threatened unrest if Zimmerman not charged, did State arrest and charge Zimmerman. That was a politically motivated decision and makes this entire prosecution unjust and suspect.

  • PeterP

    David, if he admits he has second thoughts he’s admitted that he didn’t have to confront and shoot TM and that would devastate his case. Would have been suicide.

  • brigin

    Just because black ppl are on the rampage slaughtering, raping, and killing white ppl by the thousands all across the country. And white crime against black ppl is almost non-existent according to FBI stats, we still need to wait to see the evidence before judging.

  • AmericaFirst

    Notwithstanding the fact that Zimmerman shouldn’t even be on trial, I truly hope he gets acquitted. I want the average White American to watch in horror as hordes of savage negros around the country begin doing what they do best: looting, pillaging, raping, and murdering. Time to wake up and understand that these hominids have no place living as “equals” in advanced White societies. Jefferson knew this. Lincoln knew this. But leave it to the jews and their traitorous liberal understudies to push “civil rights,” “diversity,” and “tolerance.” These are the ingredients destroying America and Whites of European descent across the globe, and you better believe that the jew is the one stirring the pot.

    • UCSPanther

      Hey mods: Can we ban this worm?

      • Gee

        Removed by author

      • AmericaFirst

        Oy! Zhe truth! Ve must ban it before zhe goyim wake up! A shanda, it is!

        • keyesforpres

          Jews are not the problem. The folks you speak of are secular commies. Their Jewish religion has nothing to do with it. They are secular commies who just happen to have a Jewish surname.

          • AmericaFirst

            Is that right? Well how about neocons like Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, et al., who have bankrupted America and tarnished its reputation on endless wars for Israel? Or the disproportionate number of jewish Wall Street CEOs, Fed/World Bank/IMF players, and Hollywood moguls who are either plundering the world economy and polluting the culture? Are you gonna tell me that they’re “secular commies” too? Or that the ethnic jews in the Bolshevik leadership weren’t primarily motivated because of the perceived “anti-Semitism” directed at them by the royalists? Whether it’s the jewish religion or the jewish ethnicity is beside the point. The fact of the matter is that jews, on the whole, are the most corrosive, vindictive, unscrupulous, and dangerous group of people in history. Learn more here:

  • 1gravity

    It is clear that Mr. Horowitz does not understand the case, and that there is no one at Front Page willing to tell him so. Mr. Zimmerman is on trial because the political elites are not willing to stand up to the black thug culture.

    • ConradCA

      I think your mistaken. Zimmerman was charged because Obama and the progressive fascists needed to scare blacks into voting for them in 2012.

      They used this case to prey on the failings of the Black community so they would vote the right way.

      First they manufactured lies about this case to scare them. A photo of Zimmerman carefully chosen/edited to hide his injuries, followed by lies that Zimmerman was not injured. Then a carefully edited 911 call to make them think that Zimmerman was a racist. These lies supported by more lies about Zimmerman hunting down a poor black child returning from the store for candy.

      Then Obama says “If he had a son he would look like Trayvon.” and they force this unwinable case to trial to tell blacks that the progressives had their backs.

      They destroyed an innocent man’s life in their quest for power. Zimmerman was Trayvon’s victim and now he is the victim of the progressive fascists. This is the same stuff the Dems use to do to blacks in the Jim Crow South. They really haven’t changed much since then.

  • Conniption Fitz

    The officers who interviewed Zimmerman gave a different picture of Zimmerman and his mindset about the shooting:

    Officer Serino: “We now have a video of the fight.”

    Zimmerman: “Thank God! I hope they got it all!”

    In the interview with the female police officer, Zimmerman said, “It’s always wrong to kill another person.”

    The officer had to explain that it is not immoral if you have to kill someone to save your own life.

    The gun was purchased, not because of the burglaries, but because of the pit bulls that had attacked someone in their neighborhood.
    All this is direct testimony backed up by recordings.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Mr. Horowitz, this is one of the very few times I’ve strongly disagreed with you.

    No one with killing and vigilantism on their mind calls the police first and identifies themselves.
    No one with racist hate defends a homeless black person against the son of a policeman.
    No one with anything to hide would have told Officer Serino that he hope the tape they found ‘got it all’.

    This is not a Stand Your Ground case – Zimmerman was not standing and was not able to stand.

    This is not a Duty to Retreat Case – Zimmerman was overpowered, pinned down and could not

    This is a Right to Self-Defense to SAVE Your Life Case.

    And, this is a No Other Recourse Case, because one would come to help him!
    Zimmerman was out of options. Martin was threatening to kill him and reaching for his gun.

    And this has become a Gun Control, Racial hate-mongering, Election Year desperate to win Florida, Politics and Money case!

    This is a Leftist Liars Political Circus Case!

  • Tina Trent

    Good points, but limiting SYG to homes makes no sense. There are other ways to reform the law.

    But they won’t happen because the Fl Bar is in the pocket of leftist, pro-criminal race activists.

  • Donald Joy

    I’m normally one of David Horowitz’ biggest fans, but on this one he is late to the party and hasn’t even acquainted himself with the case. Unfortunate that he is spreading nonsense and helping to railroad an innocent man.

    • Donald Joy

      For example, someone please inform Horowitz that you don’t have to have a single scratch or a hair on your head out of place to be justified in the use of deadly force to defend yourself. Someone swings a baseball bat at your head and misses, shoot them before they swing again. Someone distracts you in an attempt to be able to grab for your gun, shoot them before they get it and use it against you. Zimmerman’s injuries show that he was in close contact with someone intending to not only harm him, but that that person was close enough to use Z’s gun against him ,as Z describes, and there is no evidence to contradict him. All that is in addition to the fact that despite what Horowitz says, Martin WAS armed with a deadly weapon–the sidewalk against Zimmerman’s head. Was Zimmerman supposed to wait and see if another or more blows finished him off?

      Furthermore, Horowitz claims that Martin was “guiltless of any crime” and had “no criminal record.” I advise Horowitz to realize that Zimmerman’s suspicion that Martin was up to no good, apparently casing his next burglary target, is credible due to the fact that Martin DID have a record–Miami-Dade school police documents obtained through FOIA requests show a pattern of Martin’s involvement in burglary and breaking into off-limits areas, destruction of property, drugs, and violence. Martin’s social media trail indicates more violence and drug dealing. Zimmerman’s statement to police dispatch that Martin appeared to be on drugs was borne out by the toxicology report. Furthermore, Martin’s social media accounts evidence involvement in the habitual use of “lean,” the intoxicating concoction (popular in the gangsta-rap subculture) of cough syrup-based codeine, fruit-flavored drinks such as Arizona watermelon drink, and candy such as Jolly Ranchers or Skittles.

      The two police investigators assigned to the case took the witness stand and said that no inconsistencies in Zimmerman’s interviews are significant; that he is telling the truth, with only minor discrepancies that are typical of anyone who relates the details of a traumatic event multiple times.

      The police dispatcher testified that Zimmerman’s remarks and expletives on the call are typical of concerned citizens who call to report suspicious activity–therefore, they do not support the 2nd degree murder charge requirement of ill-will, hatred, and a depraved mind.

      David Horowitz should get up to speed on all of this, as well as the trend of young blacks’ playing “the knockout game,” aka “knockout king,” aka “polar bear hunting.” Random, innocent whites and asians are being attacked and even killed when black males across the land suddenly punch them as hard as they can and beat them down, for fun and to put their self-made videos of the rampages on the internet. Martin was of that violent. criminal sub-culture, and his reaction to a neighborhood watch volunteer trying to keep an eye on him (dispatcher to Zimmerman: “Tell me if he does anything else,” and “keep an eye on him”) aligns exactly with that mentality/behavior (as thoroughly documented by Colin Flaherty in his book, “White Girl Bleed a Lot–the return of racial violence and why the media cover it up” and his articles on World Net Daily).

      As to Zimmerman not recalling SYG (which doesn’t even apply in this case) doctrine being taught to him by Capt. Carter at Seminole State, it is plausible that, being a new legal doctrine in Florida at the time of the class, the nickname “stand-your-ground” was not yet in use during the course, so that when Hannity asked Zimmerman about it, it just didn’t ring a bell.

      David, please pull this piece down, because you’re aiding and abetting the Leftist, racially-fueled lynch mob in this case. Zimmerman never should have been charged, because as Alan Dershowitz has repeatedly said, there isn’t even a shred of probable cause in the charging affidavit. Angela Corey is another Mike Nifong, and you are acting like another mainstream media useful idiot of the dishonest Left.

      • krinks

        Amazing isn’t it how Libs like David would reduce our ability to defend ourselves down to saying “please don’t”.

        • ¡Jorge Libre!

          I don’t know how detached they have to be from reality to think that defenselessness = a peaceful society.

  • NaMoNai

    I believe that the Soviet penetration of the black civil rights movement and political life in the black community generally was one of their most successful influence operations.

    And I think it is no coincidence that for decades there has scarcely been a single black “civil rights leader” who was not also a committed leftist.

    I think that the mass hysterics around the Zimmerman case, like the OJ Simpson case and many others is a demonstration of how very successful the communists were.

    And they still mostly have the upper hand in these matters.

  • M. Simon

    How old was Tray in the picture you use David H. ? Perpetuating another myth are you? Front Page used to be better than that.

    • Bryan Schmick

      Point of fact. That wasn’t the innocent pre teen used by the MSM