My Thoughts On Boston

dzhokhar-tsarnaevWatching the news about the Boston bombing and the Muslim fanatics who perpetrated the deed, I cannot help reflect on all the nasty attacks that liberals and progressives and Muslim activists have conducted against conservatives who have attempted to warn Americans that their enemies are religious fanatics driven by an apocalyptic hatred of us because we are Jews, Christians, atheists, democrats – in a word, infidels.

It has been said by Nancy Pelosi, George Soros and other Democrats that George Bush created the terrorists by attempting to enforce a UN Security council resolution and take down one of the monsters of the 20th Century in Iraq.  It has been said by the late Susan Sontag and other progressive intellectuals that the heinous attacks of 9/11 were the result of American policies. The Center for American Progress and university administrators have relentlessly defamed as Islamphobes and bigots those of us who have had the temerity to talk about the Islamic roots of Islamic terror. If only we ignored the Islamic beliefs behind the terrorism and made nice to all Muslims indiscriminately, the terrorists wouldn’t hate us.

Boston has exposed this as the Big Lie and fatuous delusion that it has always been. The Boston killers were treated better in America than all but an elite among Americans born here who love their country. They were given scholarships, they were admitted to the most exclusive prep schools, they lived in a Cambridge environment where critics of Islamic terror were regarded as Islamophobes and they as a minority deserving special consideration and concern. And yet they hated us. They hated America and ordinary Americans like the victims of their mayhem, and enlisted in the army of our mortal enemies. They hated us because they were fanatical believers in the idea that Mohammed had desired them to kill infidels and purify the earth for Allah. This is the face of our enemy and the sooner the delusional liberals among us wake up to this fact, the safer all of us will be.

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  • Gran Cor

    How dare those Chechens be angry at America! After all we've done for them!

    Oh wait…

  • chimoi

    just listened to the bbc they interviewed the aunt of the murderers, and she said "they became much harder with religion" presumably the more religious the more fervent? speaks volumes ,out of the mouths of dingbats.
    if you become a harder bhuddist or christian, or jain or hindu or whatever, what happens ? you love more, if you are a muslim
    you kill…………..because you have got to the whole point of the "religion"

  • Clara S

    Amen, David. Nothing more needs to be said.

  • tagalog

    Now they say the Dhzokhar (call Batman!) was led astray by his brother.

    Yes, planting a bomb that you know is going to cause mass damage because your brother tells you to, is something that any of us, falling into our siblings' bad company, would do, right? I know if I was 19 and my brother told me to join him in a conspiracy to commit mass murder, I wouldn't tell him to kiss off, I'd fall right in line, you betcha.

    I get so sick of his neighbors and teachers saying "He was SUCH a nice guy!" Yeah, they say that about all mass murderers after the fact. It's like a knee-jerk thing. And his relatives say the two of them were "set up." Who would set them up? Why? CAIR, maybe?

    He put a gun in his mouth and failed to blow his own brains out, and the MSM is agonizing over whether or not he intended to commit suicide. Jeez, what a circus.

  • Cathy

    Research the building of the Boston Mosque. Research Isamic appeaser Boston Mayor Tom Menino's connection. Research Islamic appeaser Mayor Boston Tom Menino's hypocrisy encompassing the Chick-fil-A issue. The people of Boston have to wake up to what is going on around them or … Islam has won!!

  • bipasho

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  • mlcblog

    Today I learned from our Radio Rabbi that Tamerlan, the name of one of these brothers, was a mass killer of olden days. Killed more proportionately that Adolf Hitler, so you can see where this family is coming from right there.

  • Huffn'Puffn hater

    Interesting that Comrade Obama and his cabal demand:
    "WE" don't judge Muslims by the acts of a few Crazies yet
    want to punish law abiding citizens by disarming them and
    dismanteling the Constitution BECAUSE of a few CRAZIES!

    2nd Amendment TODAY, Freedom of Speech and Religion tomorrow!
    Habius corpus has 2 strikes on it . . . DRONES with presidential hit lists!

  • shariaunveiled

    Another excellent article Mr. Horowitz! It is important that at the end of the day, we, the citizens lay the blame for the loss of life right where it belongs: At the doorstep of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C. The blood of the innocence is on the hands of Barack Hussein Obama. For anyone that does not yet know.. Obama enacted a special concession for muslims via executive order to bring in 80,000 muslims in 2010 and 100,000 every year since. He is denying immigration and entry to the U.S. for persecuted Jewish and Judeo-Christians around the world but, is bringing in muslims as fast as he can get them here. These are not persecuted muslims but rather, many are jihadi terrorists and there families with money and connections through King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Please read this story at sharia unveiled and share it:… Sha-alu' shalom' Yerushala'im

  • fiddler

    The Skewed Measure:
    I have said it before. The left has this internal "Ledger" where America to them must suffer to make attonement for our past evils. Our "ounce" equals their "ton" is how they somehow try to balance the morality fulcrum. The Left must manufacture home-grown terrorists and set them up as the default evil whipping boy. The Tea Party? Ask them compared to OWS how many Tea Partiers were arrested, destroyed property, commited rape or worse and you will get an immediate attempt on changing the subject to find some obscure reference to our evil past. Show them 100 things and they will "counter" by eeking out one to balance their internal ledger. The news media are like Hollywood, they must be adored or admired. Therefore they chant the mantra, because it is in vogue to hate one's country.

  • @MrWhiskas24

    The Boston attack was nothing but a presentation card. This hasn't stopped yet and it will only get worse. This is a wake up call, our enemy already lives here among us.