Neo-Communism Out of the Closet

Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States is a ludicrous encapsulation of the Kremlin’s view of the Cold War, amplified by the Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez, Hamas version of the post-Communist decades. Indeed, America is portrayed by the Stone-Kuznick author-team as such an evil force in the events of the last 75 years, they evoke overt sympathy for the Germans and the Japanese during World War II, as well as for Stalin himself, and then for really any self-declared enemy of the United States, not excluding Saddam Hussein and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

I consider the reception of this latest Stone travesty to be a significant cultural event signifying a final coming out of the closet of what can only be termed the Communist left. It is the well-known views of the Communist left that undeniably constitute the Stone-Kuznick version of the events of the last seventy years, and their portrait of the United States. The fact that Henry Wallace, the hero of their malevolent work, was a Communist and Soviet pawn, is a perfect summary of the pathetic Stalinism that is the heart and soul of the world-view of Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States.

Some years ago I made a case for characterizing the progressive, liberal left, including the organizations that form the heart of the Democratic Party  — the government unions, the Soros Shadow Party, the Center for American Progress, and the Netroots activists – as “neo-Communists.” I made the argument for calling them neo-Communists on the basis of the fact that there was no discernible difference between the view these political actors took of American capitalism – corporations are evil, capitalism is bad, America is the great imperialist Satan – and the view taken by the Communists of the Stalin era.

Of course, time changes everyone somewhat. Even Communists like Khrushchev, who spearheaded Stalin’s purges, came to find it politically wise one day to be anti-Stalinists. So with the progressives. They may decry Communists who have been dead for fifty years but they are busily burnishing the Communists’ ideas and preserving their legacies and passing them on in the curricula of our schools and now on cable TV.

In light of these fairly obvious (if widely unspoken) facts, “neo-Communist” seemed to me an apt term to describe progressives and their liberal fellow-travelers. It seemed just as apt a term as, say, “neo-fascist” and more apt a term than “neo-conservative” (since even Norman Podhoretz says that neo-conservatism is no longer distinguishable from conservatism – although for Paul Gottfried and others that is undoubtedly a controversial statement).

What is striking about the Stone-Kuznick myth-making adventure, and the reason I am making these points once again, is its reception. The Untold History has been widely embraced by the leftwing academic establishment, by the Huffington Post pundits, by the Dissent historian, Michael Kazin, by The Nation and by the progressive culture generally (although not, be it said, the New York Times). Even more impressive has been the silence of the liberal lambs. This is in striking contrast to their reaction to the appearance of Stone’s equally awful JFK. When that piece of rot appeared twenty years ago, there were thunderous and near hysterical denunciations of its lies from leading Democratic Party figures. No such dissents have greeted Stone’s Stalinist revival, no outcries over the libels committed on the memories of Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, not to mention America.

I read this as concrete evidence that neo-Communism is alive and well and is now the heart of the progressive movement and the Democratic Party, at least its activist center. I would include in this category the president, his likely new Secretary of State, and his chief political advisors.

[After writing the above I sent it to a conservative academic listserv with the following query: I am interested in the list’s thoughts on this. I would ask one favor, however. Please don’t bring up the fact that few people are still talking about the “dictatorship of the proletariat” or “taking over the means of production” in those words, or identifying themselves as card carrying Communists. First, the left has a history of studied and disciplined mendacity in pursuit of its goals. Second, its goals shift with its accretions of power. Finally, it has been to school with Saul Alinsky (about whom I have written quite a bit) and has absorbed his two main lessons: lie about your agendas; and remember that the end – the destruction of American capitalism – justifies any means.

[There were no responses to my query. I then sent the list this observation: When I posted the question of whether the term “neo-Communist” is not appropriate to describe the current generation of “progressives” I suspected there would be no takers no matter how persuasive the case I made for such an appellation. And that suspicion has been confirmed. What I conclude from this is that the left — the neo-Communist left if you will — has been so successful in its ongoing campaign of political intimidation of any critics of its loyalties, allegiances and endorsement of views that are totalitarian in origin and result —  few are willing to risk even speculative thoughts on this matter. I think this is one of the most significant political problems that confronts anyone who wishes to raise his or her voice against this march to serfdom.]

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  • AdinaK

    The left, its manifestation under Barack HUSSEIN Obama, is a revolutionary left, the opposite of the liberal mantle they uphold.

    It is no coincidence that neo-communists have become radically emboldened under the Radical-in-Chief. The signs are crystal clear. Moreover, as they witness him ram fiat after fiat against Constitutional ethos – with nary a push back by conservatives – , as well as see Communist world leaders feel free to support him, then why shouldn't they come out of the closet?

    The proofs are manifold and manifest –

    Leading to here –

    And ultimately here –

    To reiterate, why should they hide? Indeed.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Gary H.

    Excellent commentary. This is spot on. Living in northwest WA, there's a prominent and influential segment of the population here that will accept Stone's propaganda as gospel. Most of them are the eco-fascist, Gaia worshiping types who see our traditional values as impediments to their utopian dream of universal equality and harmony with nature. They despise capitalism and true freedom. They are quick to criticize the United States, while ignoring the outrages of the totalitarian regimes and movements of the 20th and the 21st Centuries. I have been calling them neo-Marxists, but "neo-Communists." also works.

    • Mary Sue

      I have to wonder if there's something in the water in the Pacific Northwest. This is where all the stupid hippies went.

      • Shawny

        Oh, there's crap in the water up here for sure, but it's not political. I've lived here in NW WA since the late 60's and there was always SDS working the kids in the Seattle areas and many identified communist communities like Mercer Island, etc. It's just at they didn't call themselves Democrats and Progressives back then. You know, back when there really were still Democrats Anyway they ran on the ballots as what they were, Socialists, Communists, Nazis, whatever, nobody wanted one so they didn't win elections. They have to lie like hell to get anything and unfortunately it's working.

      • Cassandra

        I think so to Mary Sue.So Why do we see this and why they don',t? Because of the education system in this country that brainwashes the young. What Stone movie tells the people in the audience is false. What the children are taught in school if false. I took a look at my grand son social studies book, not call history book anymore, and the section on Islam and Mohammed is full of lies and bias. When I brought this to my son's attention he replied that he told his son not to believe any thing from his history class. Wrong answer in my opinion. He should have told him the facts. But he, himself does not know the facts.
        I saw the free section of the movie and I knew right away what Stone agenda was and not because I am smarter but because I know the facts. My son does not know the facts and my grand son will not know the facts until it is too late.What is happening in this country is very sad and the fish rots from the head and we know who the big fish is.

    • Dwatson

      I don't know if neo communist is the best word for these people but I do agree that identifying the mentality is important. I saw these kind of people in the 70's at Berkeley. It is an anything but free market capitalism attitude. Engineers, of which I was one, were considered borderline evil. Their idea of a higher power is the government. The belief is unshakeable. I'll go with neo communist if it advances the narrative.

  • Shawny

    Thank you for your voice of reason and truth in the darkness and confusion we've allowed ourselves to sink into with all the lies and labels of an age old threat parading in a new disguise. We need many more old voices who still recognize the dangers to speak up and teach. New bellringers, to sound the alarm.

    • davarino

      We sure aint going to get it from the "repubs". They've been neutored.

  • Mary Sue

    Neo-Communists is a great term, though shortening it to neo-com may cause confusion among those who like to throw the term "neo-con" around.

  • poptoy1949

    Could not agree with you more. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cedarhill

    The final phase of all left take overs is the "emergent" phase where they emerge from the shadows and take the public stage. This clearly happened with the 2008 election. MSM magazines even declared we're all socialists, at least one anyway.

    If history is any guide, the left feels it's safe to fight in the open. Neo-Communism is a good designation. And guess what? They're winning and likely will take home all the marbles for a short term supremacy unless the GOP somehow becomes a miracle party. Of course it will all collapse as they all have or are in the process of collapsing but that will likely be beyond my lifetime.

    • Maxie

      The GOP is fifty years behind the times and is philosophically incapable of defending against the utopianist Left. The bright young guys (Marco Rubio) are willing and capable but the 'old guard' thinks nothing has changed since 1950.

  • ross1948

    By coincidence, I watched a short documentary this week which made me sad but was a timely remonder of the true evil of communism., in the context of those lost boys betrayed to the Gulags of Russia, Korea, China and Vietnam.

    THAT's the kind of movie we need to spread far and wide, to counter Stone's stoney-hearted treachery.

    • Roger

      I remember reading about how they used mental illness as an excuse to imprison political dissidents. Then I hear them throw around mental instability as a reason to keep guns from people and it scares me.

      • zalukas

        Sadly what you read about Soviets using dissension as mental illness is true. Just as true that German National Socialists used KGB manuals as guides when Gestapo manuals were written.

        Failing to educate American youth about that grandiose tyrannical crime, is a crime in itself at the least. Not to mention preparing the soil for repetition of the same old.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It may provide a list of individuals coming out of the closet to be boycotted, shunned for
    thier vile revisioning of America and the false objectivity of Stone and Kuznick. The enemy
    within is now bold with the Leftist in Chief in the beginning of a four year attack on all
    that he has not already undermined and has set up for destruction. Unfortunately the
    Conservatives have not only leftist, communist, progressive liberals to fight but must
    overcome the inebriant of choice of the American public to gain thier attention before
    it is to late and anarchy prevails…………………..William

  • Chezwick

    David's last paragraph is particularly telling. Whether or not one agrees with the overall thesis of this article – and I happen to agree completely – there can be no denying that there exists a re-asserted orthodoxy on the progressive left,…an orthodoxy from which any deviation means banishment to a gulag of sorts, one where career aspirations are derailed and social-pariah status is almost assured.

    My brother once called the Tea Party "a bunch of racists". When I protested that his characterization was unfair, he asked "what about all the signs depicting Obama as a monkey?"

    My response was: "in a crowd of 100,000, the media locates 4 or 5 racist signs and proceed to build a narrative….utterly false, but enthusiastically imbibed by much of the public."

    What I didn't say (but should have) was: 'During the anti-Iraq-war demonstrations in 2003 and 2004, there were literally DOZENS of signs held aloft with communist slogans denouncing "US Imperialism"…and hundreds of participants who were members of the SWP, the RCP, the CP of the USA, the ISM, and other Communist groups. Yet, if I had characterized the entire movement as "communist", you'd probably have called me crazy. And yet, look how you're now slandering the Tea Party on far, far less evidence.'

    • Randy CA

      Those Tea Party "Obama is a monkey" signs only exist in the imagination of the racist left.

  • Fred

    It is very apparent that the Commies have taken over our courts, media, education and govt. They did it very slowly and now have succeeded. And good men did nothing to stop this. And now they have their man (even though he is illegal) in the White House.

    This is why our representatives will not speak out. Have they been threatened or paid off?

    • Roger

      We were told to be moderate, to be inclusive and reach across the isle.
      McCain should resign with every other member of that gang of 14 that didn't force the liberals to confirm or at least vote on the last batch of decent judges our country might have had.

  • aspacia

    Actually, I have had numerous professors who openly claimed they support the concept of communism, but this was in the early 90's, and I suffered no repercussions. However, while working as adjunct, I had to keep my mouth shut because most of the other professors were hostile toward opposing viewpoints, including the department chair.

  • Edward Cline

    Mr. Horowitz sent his comments to conservative academics, and got little or no response. Had he sent it to conservative politicians, he would have elicited a similar response. The problem with conservatives is that they share the same moral code with their opposite numbers: altruism and collectivism. They can't argue against those tenets, and those tenets can be adopted and promulgated by communists and fascists alike. After all, that touchstone of conservative wisdom and high priest of conservative values, William F. Buckley, Jr., argued for national service and self-sacrifice. How on earth could contemporary, living conservatives beat that? Conservatives are morally and intellectually bankrupt. Which is why the acolytes of Saul Alinsky are winning with lies, deception, arrogant power grabs, and brute force. Imagine a Roman centurion armed with a mere slingshot, fighting a Hun, armed with a spiked club. No contest.

    • tompro97

      i can imagine though David slaying Goliath – we Conservatives share nothing with the Neo-Communists and never will. Osama will take that one step too far (probably already has with this gun control crap) and there will be a great awakening in the country. If there isn't, then the country will descend into chaos and self- destruct. This is what the demagogues want anyway.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      Interesting attempt to redefine meanings midstream. You clearly attempted to associate modern American conservatives with fascists. Sorry. Communists and fascists are two sides of the same statist coin.

      • PAthena

        The difference between the Communists and Fascists is that the Communists were internationalist socialists while the Fascists were nationalist socialists. The Fascist Party was founded by Benito Mussolini in 1917, to be a nationalist socialist party. He had been a leader of the Italian Socialist Party, and editor of its newspaper Avanti. The Italian Socialist Party opposed World War I because of the Socialist view that war was between capitalist countries. Mussolini changed his mind and joined the Italian army in 1917. Fascism is a form of socialism.

  • clarespark

    I am on that list that David H. mentioned, and it is diverse ideologically. There are a few vocal liberals who despise David's ideas; there are neo-isolationists and paleoconservatives as well, who are equally opposed to what Frontpagemagazine stands for. So if there were no public answers, it is predictable. As for myself, I have been greatly fortified by David's writing since the mid-1990s. Two examples that take on recent issues:…. "American [Fascism?] and the future of English and American Literature." Also, in this blog, I distinguished between early Progressivism and the New Left version that was indeed communistic:…. "Communist Ideas Go Mainstream." The original Progressives moved to the Left only partly, and were mostly populist. Their aim: to defeat the specter of red revolution. But the 1960s changed all that.

  • Charles Roberts

    Time is not on our side. When cultural skills, like basket weaving, are abandoned due to the introduction of modern methods, it takes only three generations to lose the knowledge and skill to weave baskets. When the grandparents lose any knowledge, it is gone forever from the culture. What is happening now is the moral and intellectual equivalent of losing a cultural skill. We are losing our reliance on moral and ethical knowledge. We are allowing the dreams of our forefathers to disappear into the lies of people who are tyrants. These tyrants only want power over the masses, they do not want the masses to be powerful. The schools rewrite history, and Hollywood rewrites history. Our children do not know the difference, nor do their parents. We are witnessing the third generation that will forget who they are and how to live in a free world. It is so sad and depressing….but it is not new to history. However, I did not think that I would see it in my lifetime….but, it is so. I don't want to keep fighting, but sometimes I do not know what to do that is truly effective. Is it too late for us as a country to remember that we need to continuously fight for freedom in order to retain it?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      It is never to late Charles and the fight for freedom is always right on time…………William


    I've been calling the Left "Communists" for years and I was emailed to not use the word but to use "Left" instead. Know thy enemy!

    Since I have been dealing with members of the Communist Party USA for years, I know their tactics, strategies, and goals. Today, the CPUSA and the Democrat Party platform and talking points are the same. Did the CPUSA moderate or did the Democrats radicalize? If you go to the CPUSA website and their People's World, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them and the Democrats.

    In the 80's, the CPUSA teamed up with the SOVIET KGB to brainwash college students and now those students, LIKE OBAMA, ARE THE LEADERS OF THE UNITED STATES TODAY!!! I WARNED YOU but you were too afraid to say "COMMUNIST!"

    • WilliamJamesWard

      My Dad always called them Commie bastards, somehow it just never goes out of style.

  • stevef

    Too bad the GOP, who have a public visibility, won't say that Obama's economic policies will wreck the economy. Of course, with the DPM (Democratic Party Media) he'll effectively blame the GOP.

    • Roger

      Yes he will, they won't escape the blame and will only deserve it if they don't try to stop him.

  • Just a mom

    Any use of the term "communist" ("neo-" or otherwise) by someone on the right is a non-starter. All it does is get one labeled a McCarthyite or kook. The Left has entirely captured the culture, it's the sea everyone swims in. Older broader terms like tyranny, authoritarian, totalitarian are more useful when trying to reeducate people about the nature of the threats to liberty.

    • Mike C.

      Maybe so, for starters–but it is my belief that making that accommodation is allowing the enemy to win. We need to negate that tactic by telling the truth. Words have meanings.

  • slider 96

    What an "ironic " article David . Some years ago , you held quite a different position at Ramparts . As far as demeaning Truman and Kennedy , enough of the pundits found RIGHT HERE at FPM have done a goodly share of that , whenever a good strawman was appropriate .A find concern for their reputations and actions a bit facetious .
    As for Stone , most Americans RIGHT OR LEFT do not by his revisionst history , and know thw m,an has issues .To cite the opinions of PUNDITS at Huffpo , is no better than citing pundits here on other issues . Anyone with a half decent education in history would wwrite off Stone as a moron anyway and not take ANY of his movies serious . A quick and even superficial survey of history going back to the Russian Revolution easily exp[oses this film as revisionist fluff , in fact not too different than ome of the stuff that's put up as historically correct on this blog . Stone in effect is insulting everyone's intelligence both on the Left AND Right .

    • Sound&Fury

      There is a little Oliver Stone & Michael Moore in all liberals… some more so than others.

    • Western Spirit

      Stone is insulting their intelligence only if they have intelligence. And unfortunately many people who have intelligence don't use it.

      Propaganda is propaganda because it does lead people to believe garbage like Stone puts out. Otherwise why bother to put it out? As Hitler said the bigger the lie the more it's believed, or something like that.

      All I know for sure is such garbage doesn't serve the best interest of free people and is more than an ugly waste of the airwaves.

  • slider 96

    The trick to tanslating Stone , is no more difficult than seperating truth from fiction .If Stone thinks people take his films serious , then he is deluded . Although the Jim Morrison bit was accurate , but everyone already knew that stuff .

  • Mr. Polly

    "Even Norman Podhoretz says that neoconservatism is no longer distinguishable from conservatism." No doubt, since the word "conservatism" has been completely redefined by Jews to serve Jewish interests, and only Jewish interests. How else could David Horowitz pose as a conservative?

    • JacksonPearson

      How did you escape from your antisemite restraints…again? Or, when was the last time you've had your shrink give you a check-up, from the neck-up?

      • Roger

        You know, if that wasn't a guest comment I'd pay attention to his comment stream.

        • JacksonPearson

          Mr. Polly's just another well established anti this and that, but mainly an antisemite that from time to time creeps out of the woodwork. What would we do without them, or better put, it would be nice if they were gone.

          • Roger

            It's still a guest post, so I can't pay close attention to her.

    • Ghostwriter

      Where did you go for that gem,Mr. Polly? "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?"

      • Mr. Polly

        There's no need for "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" when "Protocols of the Old Testament" carry the same message.

        • artslap9

          Here's a cracker – go away!

        • JacksonPearson

          There's no need for anti-Semite's like you either. Flush yourself.

  • JacksonPearson

    Communists will do anything they can, to humiliate that will bring America down to her knees. It's a shame our laws protect them.

  • Ghostwriter

    I didn't watch a whole lot of this series myself,but my mother recorded the last few episodes of this series. What little I did watch was out of curiosity and it wasn't very good. I didn't really like it.

  • BLJ

    Oliver Stones needs his butt kicked. He is a creep. I would to see him get dropped into a Taliban stronghold.

    • Roger

      Yes, or a Siberian gulag. Either one for just 24 hours would be a real education for him.

  • Scotch Indian

    Don't forget that Howard Zinn's history of the US is widely read and used as a textbook!!!

  • fanlad

    Yes, I agree the progessive left has totally captured our culture on most fronts. For example, most in our society are clamoring for security and safety for themselves, their families, and their loved ones. People are looking to the government and its institutions increasingly for safety, security, and protection at all levels. We now live in a society that demands an entitlement that has never exsisted before, that is, a guarantee for safety, security, and protection at all levels.
    And where are the neo-comms/ progressives in all of this, they are fully entrenched in our government and manipulating the politics of power, control, and influence on the American people, all the while promising safety and security for all. That is unless you happen to be an unborn baby.
    We have lost our taste, it seems, for freedom and liberty, and are willing to exchange it for a false sense of safety and security. Have we become a nation of soccer moms now? ( no offense to the good women of America).

  • edgineer1

    A Communist is a Communist. Neo is so sophomoric.

  • Barry Cooper

    The danger will be past if the truth about both our victory in Vietnam, and the consequences of our chosen surrender on the South are taught consistently in our schools. Until then, constant vigilence must be our creed. Evil still walks the streets.

  • Indio Viejo

    It is a sad occurrence when a bastion of freedom and democracy is slowly slipping into serfdom. Miami use to be a conservative Hispanic enclave at one time, only to watch it transformed into a leftist cesspool by successive waves of communist Latinos and Cuban immigrants. The generational shift leans left by degrees with every class of immigrants who graduate from high school or college. American schools are doing the job better than the old communist schools in Cuba. Most young folks never heard of Oliver Stone nor watched his propaganda, but have learned American History a la Howard Zinn. Why are so gifted in traitors? It breaks my heart to live through this earth shattering nightmare.

  • Barry Cooper

    As I think about it, Leftism still serves the purpose. It references directly the original act of nihilism in the French Revolution, and the "ursprung" of all modern totalitarian ideologies.

    And this creed is inseparable from atheism. With no God, everything does indeed become possible. There have been countless atrocities in human history, but nothing like those which began in the 1790's, which had as their aim not just power, but the eradication of individual moral agency outright. Prior iterations appealed at least to cultural logic, the past, and a group identity.

    Increasingly, it seems to me that the best path forward POLITICALLY might be through a campaign to force scientists to recognize the mountains of data which do not fit within their materialistic models.

    I would suggest as a starting point the simple, easily replicated but paradigm shattering work of Cleve Backster. A video excerpt of a nearly perfect experiment can be seen here:

    He spent decades with the CIA and other agencies, and is to this very day one of top experts on the use of the polygraph. Given a polygraph, a child could replicate his work.

    It is a sign of the moral and intellectual malignancy that fills the halls of our "best" universities that no major scientist has attempted to do so.

  • slider 96

    You got your "- isms " confused .

  • Jake Tobias

    Thoughtful comments as usual Mr. Horowitz. But I think "neo-communist" is as meaningless as "post-modernism." It is the left that try dodging everything with terms like "mere semantics." Or, "it's relative." Even "words have no meaning." Or, "When you label me, you negate me." They are clever, slippery snakes, who are more creative with language than conservatives, because they are not tied to reality. A commie is a commie. I admit at this point, "commie" is a throw-back. Too old fashioned. What's more, they aren't really communists anymore. They are fascists. That is, they leave property rights in place, but tax the bosses within an inch of their lives. And eventually the workers. Adolf Hitler once said; "let them keep their factories, I'll just socialize the man." Or words to that effect. That is, again, the bosses do the hard part, and the workers; and the politicians get the glory, and the money. They are fascists. Which is why they are now making excuses for Hitler. Hitler! And they get away with calling capitalists Nazis. I wish at least, some of the regular trolls, and other visitors to this site, would sit up and notice, liberals are now undeniably making excuses for Adolf Hitler. Adolf. F——. Hitler.

  • Mike C.

    Thank you Mr. Horowitz. Not many who see the big picture, who understand the nature of the beast, as well as you, are brave enough to say it. Keeping track of the labels, appelations and smoke screens is tiresome work, but is necessary in ferreting out the truth. And when the day comes that we can once again teach the truth in our schools, someone will have to dredge it up from memory–like the Torah of old–but let's keep the vowels.

  • Catfitz55

    The word I've preferred to use about the "progressives" at CAP, the Soros-funded organizations and fellows, the Nation, sadly, the New Republic now under Chris Hughes, etc. is "technocommunist".

    That's because they place great hopes in the Internet and electronic gadgets wired to the Internet as a new collectivized common society where everyone "shares" and no one really has to work. The Internet means that the "state has withered away". Every cook can rule the state — she just has to go on Redditt.

    If you look at all the Silicon Valley gurus for the social media platforms, they all have socialist/communist utopian ideals. Some are actually Red Diaper babies or were on the Port Huron left; others are too young to have been in the SDS but they have imbided all the communist ideals — just because the form this communism takes has oligarchs in it doesn't mean it isn't communism.

    I think it's a hopeless cause trying to label and call out the progressives for this actual communism, however, because they invoke all the anti-anti-communism memes and ruses and you just spend all your time trying to prove you are not a McCarthyite blah blah. That isn't to say that it's not worth doing, but I think the more you can line up the ideas with actual communist ideas described in detail, rather than just invoking the label, as accurate as it is, the better.

    For example, Obama adopted one of the central Soviet propaganda memes of the early 1980s, from his days at Columbia and the Socialist Scholars' Conference: "no first use of nuclear weapons". I was shocked when I first heard that slogan roled out by the Obama people. Surely they must know how discredited it was in the 1980s because it came from the Soviets! They were utterly disingenuous because they had superior tank strength in Europe and could afford to posture about "no first use". For Obama to wield that term now is breath-taking — but…nobody remembers. Nobody is old enough, or…they don't want to remember…

    Every time I try to use the word "socialist" or "communist" on Twitter, there's a guy with an account that comes around stalking me and making comments — he pretends he is a bot. It's very creepy.

  • Western Spirit

    What’s broken America is spiritual and that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in a country where truth is scarce. Correct the spiritual and you’ll correct America. America worked when it was a Christian nation.

    The scripture that has always intrigued me is where Jesus said that he had come to set the captives free because this scripture puts the finger on the problem.

    The captives are all of us. We’re all enslaved by something. Some of us are enslaved to the narcissism in homosexuality, for instance, where likes likes like there is an element of Narcissism and where the drive to procreate is transmuted into an addiction. Add all the other addictions flesh is heir to— the list goes on and on, money, alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, fame you name it. Serial killers, who are driven to kill, are enslaved to killing.

    We’re all chained to something that is dump-like. Mainly we’re chained to ourselves. I am God may sound noble and uplifting to some but it sounds like narcissism to me. How fitting, a religion of narcissism for a narcissistic people that Americans have become. And what a pathetic God we make. Then we wonder what has gone wrong with America.

    How ironic that many of we, the enslaved, think freedom means the freedom to engage in what enslaves us. And maybe it does but it isn’t prudent to indulge in what causes us to dump in the den where we live, America. Only sick animals do that.

    Christianity, when grasped right, is a transformative religion where we are set free of all the forms of this enslaving Narcissism we’re born with and in varying degrees remains with we overgrown children throughout our lives.

    As Rick Warren says “its not about me.” “God is God, and I’m not”. Without the Judea-Christian God the best we can do in life is leave footprints in the sands of time that are washed away with each succeeding wave and how pitiful is that?

    We need to connect with the Eternal to be whole, grownup and free. “Man cannot live by bread alone.” This bread is what will heal our nation.

  • Western Spirit

    No matter how wonderful David H is, and he is, he needs to get to the root of the problem to do any good.

    Communism is communism it’s nature is to enslave. What David is fighting is how communism is enslaving us. What’s made us vulnerable to this menace is a broken America. What’s wrong with America is spiritual and that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, in a country where truth has become scarce. Correct the spiritual and you’ll correct America. America worked when it was a Christian nation and returning it to its roots will save the flower of America.

    The scripture that has always intrigued me is where Jesus said that he had come to set the captives free because this scripture puts the finger on the problem in America.

    The captives are all of us and we need to be set free. We’re all enslaved by something. Some of us are enslaved to the narcissism in homosexuality, for instance, where likes likes like there is an element of Narcissism and where the drive to procreate is transmuted into an addiction. Add all the other addictions flesh is heir to— the list goes on and on, money, alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, fame you name it. Serial killers, who are driven to kill, are enslaved to killing, so you can see where we all need to be set free.

    We’re all chained to something that is dump-like. Mainly we’re chained to ourselves. The stirring pronouncement of new age religion “I am God” may sound noble and uplifting to some but it sounds like narcissism to me. How fitting, a religion of narcissism for the narcissistic people that too many Americans have now become. And what a pathetic God we make. Then we wonder what has gone wrong with America.

    How ironic that many of we, the enslaved, think freedom means the freedom to engage in what enslaves us. And maybe it does but it isn’t prudent to indulge in what causes us to dump in the den where we live, America. Only sick animals do that.

    Christianity, when grasped right, is a transformative religion where we are set free of all the forms of this enslaving narcissism we’re born with and in varying degrees remains with we overgrown children throughout our lives.

    As Rick Warren says “its not about me.” “God is God, and I’m not”. Without the Judea-Christian God the best we can do in life is leave footprints in the sands of time that are washed away with each succeeding wave and how pitiful is that?

    We need to connect with the Eternal to be whole, grownup and free. “Man cannot live by bread alone.” He needs the word of God and this is the bread of live that will heal our nation.

    The Prince of this world is the enslaver but God, who is the ultimate truth, sets us free and according to the Constitution He is also the guarantor of this nation’s freedom.

    No wonder that in turning from God we are losing our freedom.

    The much-maligned social Conservative has his finger on the problem of what has gone wrong with the country and. So instead of pooh-poohing him we should listen to him and learn.

  • nightspore

    The silver lining in this dark cloud is that these clowns are not nearly so clever as one might imagine. After all, to bring out something as preposterous as Stone's latest work hardly reflects an intelligence of Machiavellian proportions.

    On the other hand … what are we to make of the response to this work – especially by those who supposedly form the higher reaches of the intellectual Left? This seems to me to be the real problem – that so many people on the Left are willing to believe anything that supports their basic attitudes and fond beliefs.

    As a result, clowns like Stone don't have to be very clever to have influence. But it also suggests how to deal with the problem (or at least a general strategy for dealing with it). Because stupidity (which is what we're dealing with) can be easily led and, therefore, led to its own demise.

    • nightspore

      (If I'd thought of it, I would have labeled my little comment, "What's to be Done?")

  • A. Sheldon

    Congratulations everyone.
    You're all that is wrong with the world.
    Whether you are left, right it doesn't matter.
    Bipedal and barely sentient?
    You're what's wrong.

  • Maxie

    Instead of neo-Communists I would suggest political Postmodernists who are what I call perfumed Marxists. The core of political postmodernism is the denial of objective reality and truth as advanced most notably by the French intellectuals Derrida and Foucault. This ideology was fabricated to escape from the deadly communist stink of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, et al. At least two generations of American university students have been marinated in this pathetic Marxist makeover. Truth simply takes on whatever expediencies suit the needs of the moment. Lying is defined out of existence:" I did not hav$ex with that woman; Ms. Lew!n$ky"). Moral relativism; Situational Ethics; legislation by the judiciary, advance the radical Agenda. It's all working to perfection as election 2012 proved.

  • scum

    This article is truly sad, just the latest musings of a fallen pseudo-intellectual who is primarily upset because he can't even find an audience among conservatives. Lucky for him, he pulls in about $600,000 a year, if not more, attacking phantoms. Notice the lack of logic: because the critics of JFK are no longer heard following the new Stone film, then this is 'evidence' that neo-Communism is ruling the roost. Another beauty: after submitting to a CONSERVATIVE listserv and receiving no reply, he 'takes this' as meaning that the Right has been completely cowed by the neo-Communists he has so much trouble locating. Finally: "…the march to serfdom…" Utterly vacuous.

  • Mary Grabar

    I was not on the list that you sent to. I wonder which one it was. They were all probably tenured, and although they have the most job security, are often the most timid. The outspoken conservative academics never get tenure, but we could use your help, Mr. Horowitz. Please visit

  • Pat

    America is showing earmarks of communism everywhere where entitlement mentality has taken over, and entrepreneurship is maligned as too risky, and not as easy as working for government, and guaranteed pay checks handed out by government officials who pay themselves and their cronies very well.

    America has reached that state of affairs, and Congress has no incentive to do otherwise in having to rely upon those with money, or corporates with money, to get reflected.

    It all boils down to who can get paid for the least amount of work, or effort, and that is how outsourcing became popular with companies that destroyed American jobs.

    the Constitution and justice is dead in pursuit of these simple ideals.
    america has succumbed to its greed.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    David, sadly, your conclusions are all too true. When I began teaching in one high school 16 years ago, one of the social studies teachers — seeing I was of a more conservative bent — came up to me and said, "Communism may have collapsed in the Soviet Union, but it is alive and well in [this high school/name omitted]." Experience demonstrated that his remark was not mere bravado, but true.

  • Hambone

    I've been calling the dupes, useful idiots, yellow running dogs of communism, and the malignant 5% who are running the Demoncrat/Communist Party, "Neo-Comms" for a decade or longer. They go nicely together with the moronic Neo-Cons, making a poetic if deadly-to-civilization pair.

    Bill Clinton was our first Commie Puppet president. Carter was merely a dupe and a fool.
    O is an evolution, combining the reds with the radical caliphates into a deadly formula of our most dangerous enemies.
    They've captured the schools, the universities, the unions, the media, many in the military, many capitalists who should know better but are the Gates style of useful idiot, to name but a few.
    That the Constitutional Right is doing as well as it is, is somewhat miraculous. But miracles occur on a daily basis on God's Green Earth.

    It looks dark, but many days during Geo. Washington's war looked far darker. As Churchill said, Never Surrender.


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  • Tudval

    Well, I guess since the alternative has proven to be a neo-colonialism, it makes some sense.

  • StephenWV

    Actually, since Taxed Enough Already was screamed out loud, it is neo-grassroots growing to confront all the neo-politicalisms of greed and special interests to control the people from the top down.