Thoughts On Learning That the Killer Kathy Boudin is a Professor at Columbia

This article first appeared at National Review Online.

People who ask how it is possible that a convicted killer — a participant in a failed plot to blow up a social dance attended by 18-year-old draftees and their dates; a murderess who abetted the cold-blooded massacre of three law-enforcement officers, including the first African-American on the Nyack police force; a woman whose actions left nine children fatherless and who has shown no genuine remorse for that — should be hired as an adjunct professor at an elite school like Columbia University haven’t been paying attention to what’s happened to our educational system from kindergarten to the university level, which has long been under the academic thumb of a Left that is comfortable supporting Islamic supremacists and anti-American terrorists both at home and abroad. After all, it was at Columbia that, in the wake of 9/11, Professor Nicholas De Genova told 3,000 Columbia protesters against America’s war on terror that he wished for “a million Mogadishus” and that a peaceful world would have no place for America.

The prestige of Columbia derives from its scientific and professional divisions (Social Work and Education excepted), in which traditional standards drawn from the Enlightenment and the scientific revolution and including two sides to controversial questions are still observed. Over the past several decades, the liberal-arts divisions and the aforementioned professional schools have reverted to their religious origins, except that the doctrines being rammed down students’ throats without the benefit of opposing views are Marxist rather than Christian.

Conservatives have been lame in opposing this ominous development. They have abdicated responsibility at the trustee level, they have had little or nothing to say about it at the policy level, and they have been inattentive to it at the political level, despite the fact that 85 percent of college students attend state universities whose curricula and liberal-arts faculties are as monolithic, intellectually deficient, and politically perverse as Columbia’s. For example, a course at the University of California, Santa Cruz, is described in the official catalogue in these exact words: “The goal of this seminar is to learn how to organize a revolution.” The course description goes on to explain that this would be an anti-capitalist revolution. Kathy Boudin would feel right at home there. In fact, her colleagues Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who organized the terrorist Weather Underground in which Kathy Boudin was a soldier, were not adjunct faculty members like Boudin but full-fledged professors (at Northwestern and the University of Illinois). Ayers, a Columbia graduate, is an iconic figure at Columbia’s Teachers College (a third professional school at Columbia that is an ongoing disgrace) and has edited its series of classroom guides on how to use subjects like Mathematics to teach “social justice” — which, as Ayers understands and articulates it, is indistinguishable from the principles of the Communist gulags that the Cold War disposed of.

But of course it is terribly outré to mention all this, and those of us who do are marginalized not only by the academic profession but by the editorial supporters of political bomb throwers at institutions that function as the arbiters of the intellectual culture — such as the New York Times, which played an active role in securing Boudin’s undeserved release from a federal prison. These are sad times for our country, and the hour is late.

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  • truebearing

    The hour is late, indeed. The conscience of most Americans is as numb as their survival instincts. Lemmings rushing a cliff have a better future.

    The basic operating principle of the Left is the great anti-ethic, the end justifies the means — a principle that not only enables but encourages evil behavior. Is it any wonder that Islam teaches Muslims to do the same? It is an expedient to power, power being the only "good" for either cult. Coincidentally enough, the Satanic Commandment, though worded differently, is basically the same: "Do as thou wilt."

    It shouldn't surprise us that those who promote institutionalized evil would hire a murderer, but it should horrify anyone that we have allowed things to go this far.

  • Hill

    A murder teaching in a University? Is this really a surprise?

    Not really? Not if that person is a luvvie of the Left. What do you expect from the indulged 68'ers/hippies who have now aged into positions of authority.

    I hate to sound cliche, but the mental patients are indeed running the asylum.

    • onthejob

      It is a shame that good honest people who have worked towards their hire education were probably not hired to teach in place of this piece of garbage. It shows what kind of University Columbia really is!

  • franny

    Columbia did not so much as hire a condemned murderess as it bought itself the illusion of contributing to the transformation of America through (half baked and totally anti democratic) "revolutionary"ideas; There may be a cold hard method behind the madness however. Does Columbia, through the hiring of Boudin and its lean towards leftism hope to attract money from the likes of the Soroses of this world? (and the anti-Semitic pro Palestinian but moneyed support groups) Does it want to upstage other institutions like Brown, known for their agendas? Is Boudin the token leftist and poster girl? What other purpose does she serve, if any?

    • mlcblog

      I think Columbia wants prestige among the leftist circles.

  • Chezwick

    Folks, Email this article to your liberal friends and family….and witness either the lame rationalizations or the gnashing of teeth.

    • Choi

      Columbia also HIRED Rahhid Khalidi ,PLO member/Advisor and confidant of the FATHER of MODERN TERRORISM,Yasir Arafat to POISON students' minds.

  • Linda

    Parents… beware where you send your kids to college. At my son"s college the biggest thing he has to worry about is the fact they have changed it's name and now they can't even smoke on campus or the fact they are making them eat "healthy". I can handle that. I tend to worry about what you feed the mind.

  • AdinaK

    We are dealing with an absolute takeover of western academia. And the U.S., as a gold standard, is buried due to the left's hegemony.

    This is precisely why the paradox and pitfalls of liberal democracies was written, as well as the death of the west runs through academia –

    Additionally, when requested to review BRINGING DOWN America, I dropped everything to accommodate –

    The west is on the precipice.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Rostislav

    "an elite school like Columbia University" – I have at once remembered the title of an old article in The Red Star (a Soviet variety of your Stars and Stripes), devoted to some KGB jubilee: "Elite Corps of the Socialism Defense". It was a well-deserved title (the untouchable henchmen of our State Security were the elite corps, indeed). Probably now the same can be said about the untouchable elite corps of your Columbia – with just one necessary amendment: the Columbia's elite is surely not of the Socialism Defense, but of the Socialism Offensive. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    • tagalog

      Krasnaya Zvezhda; Vassily Grossman wrote for that publication when he was with the Red Army.

  • tagalog

    If my experience with the "revolutionary" left during the 60s is any indicator, any university course taken by wannabe revolutionaries with an eye to learing how to organize a revolution is nothing to worry about.

    First of all, our universities have demonstrated for at least two generations their inability to teach students anything that works. Second, those "revolutionaries" have to be wiling to discipline themselves into learning small unit tactics, studying successful military tactics and strategies, and orient themselves to weapons of destruction; I don't think the demographic from whom the "revolutionaries" might come are capable of any of that. They couldn't organize a visit to the lavatory if their bladders were bursting.

    • John

      Awesome post! You articulated perfectly something that I have thought about for awhile, but could not have said it as well as you did.

    • john

      Maybe maybe not – Even morons can press ''send'' on a cell phone connected to …….

    • mlcblog

      good points

  • antisharia

    Shock, another tenured radical. Conservatives have so thouroughly lost the battle for academia that it's no wonder that so many don't even bother to fight back anymore.

    • Guest

      Or, rather, an untenured adjunct.

    • mlcblog

      Most radicals are not blatant murderers.

  • clarespark

    This is not just another tenured radical, of whom there are many, but a scandal that would be intolerable were we not moving to an authoritarian society beyond the dreams of my generation and David Horowitz's. I have been calling it "proto-fascist" but soon may have to change my nomenclature, and take your pick if it is fascist or communist. It has the features of fascism to me, for so far, private property has not yet been confiscated, at least not yet. I predicted this state of mind and law here:…. "Proto-fascism and the Democrat People's Community."

  • Grocer

    It figures. Before looking we knew Boudin came from a leftist family. Just reading it is so much worse.

  • theleastthreat

    If this sort of academia ever encroaches on medical science we will see a return of bleeding and leeching as standard therapy.

  • lizaz

    If I had children now who wanted to get a college education, I would certainly encourage them to avoid "universities" such as Columbia. It has no prestige in my mind any longer…their fascist agenda is taking a huge, negative toll on the young people who attend and are indoctrinated to fascism and don't even know it. Too bad…..we can only hope these children will some day realize what has been forced on them!!!

    • Questions

      The word is "Communism," not fascism. These are Communists.

  • Jack Wisdom

    I am stunned and shocked to read about Kathy Boudin's appointment at Columbia. I should not be shocked; but the descent into neo-communist and neo-fascist ideology is now so rapid, I am repulsed by developments on a daily basis. Thank you for this article.

  • Rostislav

    I've sent my commentary (the 7-th) five hours ago, with an instant answer that the commentary must be approved before its appearance at FMP. Since that the general count rose to the present 14, with no my few lines among them. And it's quite a frequent case of the censors' pensiveness here – at least in my experience. I'd honestly like to understand, what's the exact reason to think so seriously over:
    "an elite school like Columbia University" – I have at once remembered the title of an old article in The Red Star (a Soviet variety of your Stars and Stripes), devoted to some KGB jubilee: "Elite Corps of the Socialism Defense". It was a well-deserved title (the untouchable henchmen of our State Security were the elite corps, indeed). Probably now the same can be said about the untouchable elite corps of your Columbia – with just one necessary amendment: the Columbia's elite is surely not of the Socialism Defense, but of the Socialism Offensive". Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

  • MLCross

    No question in my mind at this point: If Charles Manson were ever released from prison, he would most certainly be offered a university position.

    • pagegl

      Darn, MLC you beat me to it.

  • pagegl

    When you consider their love for folks like Boudin and Ayers, their acceptance of Stalin's and Mao's purges, their acceptance of the brutality of Islamists, you kind of have to wonder why they get their knickers in a twist about Hitler. Really, what is the difference?

  • John

    I am Johngkyneur—go you tube–with this name–okay– a former field op spec ops and all the rest of it Aussie Fedpol agent —who happened to be married 24 yrs ago to one Dr Erin Neill- Phd who got assualated and destroyed by leftist feminist neo marxist academic rsoles here in Australia at unis of Tech QUT….QUT..

  • hikerdude


  • JOHN

    This story about us should be pursued by David — call me Australia 0449684483–I have the goods on leftist feminist academics and politicians in Australia and their associations with the Whitehouse– to a degree of course–yes these global international socialists –yes—the haters of males and sovereignty –and nationasiistic tendecies-=-thats them alright–

  • Notalibfool

    Several years of my life were wasted working at a left-leaning university in Washington state. Thank God that horrible experience is over!

    I miss the days when professors taught useful information and not pc dogma.

  • Maxie

    Columbia has long had a fondness for Marxist whackjobs such as Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno and Herbert Marcuse who fled Franfurt Germany circa 1937 and were made welcome @ Columbia U. This displaced "Frankfurt School" proceeded to subvert our Capitalist, Judeo-Christian culture using Antonio Gramsci's "capture-the-culture" slo-mo nihilism with great effect. "Critical Theory" was spawned there and is pure nihilism aimed at all aspects of American culture. Postmodernism's denial of objective reality and truth is another still-functioning nihilisim being dished-out to a third generation of college students.

    • Guest

      Adorno, Horkheimer, and Marcuse fled the fascists in Germany, that's true. But, your link to Gramsci is bogus, and there's nothing particularly anti-American in their thought. Anti-fascist, sure, anti-instrumental thought, anti-domination, sure. It might help to actually read something like *Dialectic of Enlightenment* with some openness of mind.

      What is "slo-mo nihilism" anyway?

  • Horace

    David gets it right when he recognizes Communism as a religion. It is shoved down peoples throat along with atheism and sodomy and abortion and anti white racism, anti semitism, and general all purpose treason against the USA. The Democrats facilitate this vile rot at our core in their lust for power- a coalition of degenerates and sellouts heading for destruction and taking us with them.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Columbia has become a cauldron of Anti-American activity and it draws all of the enemies
    of our Nation to it where they are welcomed with open arms and this piece of trash Boudin
    is at home and icing on the rotten cake, drawing flies and maggots…………………..William

  • Attila_the_hun

    If there is anyone to be blamed here, are the stupid parents who are willing to shell-out couple hundred thousand dollar to fill their children empty head with all this useless knowledge. Just wait in a few years time the entire higher educational ponzi scheme will collapse on its own weight. Sooner rather than latter people will stop paying those outrageous tuition bills, and that will be the end of Colombia and the rest.

  • Lawrence

    I'm disgusted that my alma mater, Columbia, has sunk to new this new low. To reward an unrepentant left- wing murder accomplice with such a plum position is beyond the pale . I encourage the friends and sympathizers of the deceased by Boudin's hand to make her life at Morningside Heights miserable. Audit her classes and eviscerate her positions, relentlessly harass her on the college walks that she has blood on her hands , tell her that she belongs with the lowest of the low. i'm writing Columbia president Lee Bolliger to tell him that i'm encouraging my Columbia friends to withhold alumni donations pending rectification of this error.

    • John Stone

      Pardon me, but I really think you need to get your head straight. If Columbia is even willing to consider this women they are radical lefties. Simply not taking her changes nothing. If they do not take Boudin, she will be replaced by somebody with the same mind set who is not known to have killed people.

      Is nostalgia for the old alma mater really a good enough reason to contribute money? Why not use your money for something useful? While I do not need an answer personally, the previous questions are not intended to be strictly rhetorical. Really, why give money to those people?

  • Len_Powder

    "But of course it is terribly outré to mention all this, and those of us who do are marginalized not only by the academic profession but by the editorial supporters of political bomb throwers at institutions that function as the arbiters of the intellectual culture — such as the New York Times, which played an active role in securing Boudin’s undeserved release from a federal prison. These are sad times for our country, and the hour is late." Unfortunately much of the country is living in a Matrix and believe that the steak they are eating is real because that is what they have been told and conditioned to believe. The marketers have become so sophisticated and the consumers so gullible that poison can be easily sold as an elixir for all that ails mankind.

  • BS77

    A pile of garbage becomes a professor………I guess anything is possible.

  • DP111

    The work of past generations is not taught in universities or schools. If it is, then only slavery is mentioned, but not that slavery, a system that was in place for tens of thousands of years,. was abolished by White Europeans worldwide.

    This generation is brain dead. Let us hope that the next generation, will be better. It could well be, as they are not or cannot afford to go to university, and thus will not be infected by the left.

  • Phil

    Why should anybody be surprised? After all, the Hitler wanabee from Iran was given a podium at Columbia U. when he was at the UN. When confronted, the Columbia admin istrators defended it by the ususal boilerplate gobbledygook of academic freedom, of freedom of speech etc. Can you imagine Columbia giving a posium to the former head of apartheid S. Africa before the end of apartheid? What these obscene so-called educational leaders understand is the golden rule—those who have the gold, rule. If the alumni stopped contributing to the alumni fund when an murderer gets hired, then this loathsome practice will stop.

  • mlcblog

    "Conservatives have been lame…" Wow. That about says it all. Across the board.

  • ana

    There is no statute of limitations on murder in civil courts in most jurisdictions of this country. My question to the families of the victims killed by these terrorists – why don't you sue these murderers to prevent them from profiting off their crimes? If restitution worked for the Goldman family for the murder of their son Ron at the hands of OJ Simpson (and OJ was acquitted of murder in a criminal court while Weather Underground terrorist Kathy Boudin was convicted), it should work for them too. This is probably the only time in my life where I wish I were a lawyer. If I had a member of my family killed by these terrorists I would use the same lawyer the Goldman family used.

  • Al Davis

    Ayers and Boudin and all those other spoiled, rich little debutantes who were self-styled revolutionaries should be your heroes; after all, they’ve used their social connections and skill sets, like you, to succeed. That’s the core principle of right-wing free enterprise zealots, is it not? They’re shining emblems of the American Dream. You, Horowitz, are a man who went from one rigid ideology when you were young to another different rigid ideology when your categories, along with your arteries, hardened. My suggestion? Run a marathon. Try meditation and yoga. Or, if you insist on silliness, send your c.v. to, whose slanted stories are always good for a laugh (or two). They’ll like you there, little man. They’ll like you a lot.