Airport Security & Double Standards

niqab-2“Take off the cap!” barked the TSA official working security at Los Angeles International Airport.

The recipient of this curt order was my young son, Sean, who was brandishing a Batman baseball cap. News Flash: Apparently, 11-year-old Canadians are responsible for a disproportionate amount of terrorism. But I digress…

In any event, the kid complied and dad (for a change) kept his triple-XL mouth shut. When you have a flight to catch it’s seldom prudent to perturb those ever-so-pleasant folks working airport security.

Still, I felt compelled to return to the screening area once the family was safely seated in the departure lounge. And here’s what I observed: some Muslim women proceeded through the checkpoint without having to remove their headwear (hijabs.)

How odd. If one can presumably stash a box-cutter or a dollop of C4 underneath a baseball cap, surely an hijab can serve the same purpose?

I approached a policeman standing guard. I politely asked him: why the apparent double-standard?

He told me hijabs cannot be removed because “that would be against their religion.”

I corrected the officer, noting there’s nothing in the Koran that mandates the wearing of the hijab.

“OK,” he conceded. “But it’s a cultural thing or something.”

Or something.

Then he said in a tone reminiscent of how a principal would speak to a seven-year-old: “You see, sir, in America, Americans and people visiting America have rights.”

No argument there. Except for a small caveat: surely there’s a reasonable expectation that one’s “rights” will be curtailed somewhat when one enters an airport. That’s why we are prodded and poked and X-rayed when we proceed through security in the first place. That’s why one can’t waltz into a terminal brandishing a legal handgun.

The cop simply shrugged. I upped the ante: if those women had been wearing full-face coverings such as a burqa or niqab, would they have been forced to unveil to confirm their identities?

“Nope,” came the reply. “It’s because that’s a religion thing, too.”

My jaw was now resting on the linoleum.

Reminding him that the vast amount of terrorism in the world today emanates from those shouting “Allahu Akbar!” before pressing the detonator, the poor constable’s face contoured as though he had just bitten into a sour lemon. Our conversation was over.

Still, on reflection, perhaps I got off easy. After all, I wasn’t detained against my will and put through the wringer – which is precisely what happened to author David Jones at London’s Gatwick Airport last year.

According to an article in The Telegraph, Jones placed his belongings into a tray to pass through the X-ray scanner when he spotted a Muslim woman in a niqab breeze through the area without showing her face.

In a light-hearted aside to a security official who had been assisting him, the 67-year-old said: “If I was wearing this scarf over my face, I wonder what would happen?”

Oh dear. Red alert! Jones was promptly accused of racism and sequestered. An airport security guard, a British Airlines official, and even a policeman all agreed he had been “insensitive” with his comment and needed to apologize. After being detained for almost half-an-hour, Jones issued a mea culpa; otherwise, he risked missing his flight to Portugal.

But Jones also rightly noted: “I had not made a racist remark but purely an observation that we were in a maximum security situation being searched thoroughly whilst a woman with her face covered walked through. I made no reference to race or religion.”

Amazingly, Department for Transport rules don’t prevent people covering their faces at U.K. airports for – you got it – “religious reasons.”

Bottom line: Wednesday marks the 12th anniversary of 9/11. How sad that whatever lessons we supposedly learned on that dark day back in 2001 already seem to have been sacrificed upon the alter of political correctness.

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  • Biff Henderson

    The MSCE (Mobile sexual commodity enclosure) covers the Muslima’s ‘awrah from the leering eyes of sexual predators that would steal a look and tarnish her purity by questioning it with lustful innuendo. Who knows what a male without a pleasure unit in tow is capable of once their passions are aroused. I know what you’re going to say; think of baseball. Molesting an infidel, i.e., Bat’her up, isn’t always an available solution in certain climes. Now it all make sense.

  • Bronson

    Even worse with the David Jones example, and it is a double whammy, is that the airport security official who initiated his detention was a muslima,Travellers are by now used to this absurd situation and in this case the absurdity was realised with the muslima corruptly using her office for personal gain and the police and BA staff being complicit in that harassment. Sadly that is how it works in the UK.


      There needs to be a total boycott of the UK until the rights of Muslims in the UK are not held above the rights of all people.

      • Howard

        Among other reasons.

  • Michael Shaw

    Tyranny is not the application of iron law but the capricious application of law.

    • Aizino Smith

      I would say Tyranny can be the application of iron law and capricious law. But Iron law need say for an emergency, equally applied and rescinded afterwards is nowhere near as distressing or tyrannical. You point is good.

  • Hass

    I cannot believe how far this security idiocy has come too since 9/11.
    The Cult of Death has committed multiple terrorist attacks around the world. And what do the arse licking powers that be do? They put many of it’s adherents in charge of Airport security who play god with whom they want.

    This Leftist suicidal PC contribution has brought enormous misery to the very people it was supposed to protect.

    That’s not rubbing salt into the wounds of victims, no, it’s more like pouring acid into them.

  • outraged_mom

    Wow David – how appropriate for today. I heard a discussion earlier today about how since 9/11 our country has taken on a sort of Stockholm Syndrome. Pandering to those who captured us in fear, trying to prove how devoted we are to them, some may even say we elected a President that doesn’t even like us – have we proved our love for Islam yet?


  • Douglas Mayfield

    Hass. You get it.
    The problem with airport security is that it totally fails to address the problem.
    The basic problem is that Islam is an evil ideology which spurs its followers to murder or enslave anyone who disagrees with them, while committing atrocities such as rape and child abuse for their own perverted pleasure.
    To institute airport security to handle the mortal threat which Islam presents to this country is like putting a band aid on arterial bleeding. The patient will die.
    As we will die as a nation if we don’t loudly, clearly identify Islam as evil and therefore our enemy, as we did with Nazi-ism and Shintoism in WW 2.
    Whatever the mindless bureaucratic foibles of the pathetic luggage Nazis at the airports, correcting them will do nothing to stop Islam sending out its followers to attack us and every other free country around the world.
    Islam, another form of vicious enslavement like that practiced by the Nazis, the Communists, the Fascists, impels its followers to hate and fear free countries and, as we have seen for many decades of attacks on the West, they act on those beliefs.

    • Stop Hating

      LOL. you small minded person. Of course we Muslims wouldn’t put a band-aid on arterial bleeding as we invented surgery. We invented hospitals. In fact, I hope you know that your entire education was by Muslims. We invented algebra. We even invented universities. Even better, you start your day with our inventions. The toothbrush was invented by Muslims. So if it wasn’t for us, you’d be dirty, illiterate, and sick. I hope that doesn’t take too much time out of waiting in line for your flight. (We also invented the first flying machine hundreds of years before Da Vinci.)

      • tabby

        You made up a lot of things up. Not really sure there’s a point to further your argument if all the facts you quoted are made up.

  • EllenO

    Same thing happened to me. As an aging white coming home from a long trip abroad carrying nothing, but a briefcase I was stopped, questioned and searched extensively.

    And right behind me a Muslim with beard and full regalia and carrying an extraordinarily large suitcase just sailed past me. Not stopped at all.

    My charitable conclusion is that the security guard was trying desperately to show his superiors that he was not racial profiling and than he does not just pick on Muslims. Either that or there is something screwy with the system.

  • tokoloshiman

    i wonder if fully clad knights of the KKK would be allowed to pass through as well
    in their white head to toe eye slit coverings?
    after all if you asked them to show themselves it would hurt their feelings, or something!

    • defcon 4

      That would be an interesting situation, but we all know they would be thrown to the ground long before they ever neared a checkpoint.

  • Swag Alert

    Great piece. I often travel with my adult sister who has a very rare disability and her life is made easier by being seating in a stroller/wheel chair contraption. She is 4’10” and petite. It never fails that each time we stroll through TSA security she is taken aside and padded down for weapons. On the same token, myself and my family pass through security flawlessly. This article highlights and brings up the bias and appeasement we show to only Muslims. What a joke and a terrible achilles heel.

  • Gee

    Try that at Ben Gurion airport – the not only will be searched – but talked to as well.

    • defcon 4

      So is Israel the only sane state left in the world?

  • Watcher

    I had a weird experience at gate 40 something at LAX. An old lady with black Hajib started raising a fuss and tried to board to El Paso but was held off by the attendant. Then she got louder and was gesturing wildly to others seated and waiting to board. I don’t think anyone even called security! I boarded my flight without seeing the conclusion.

  • Guest

    The solution to this problem is really simple. Fire anyone who is pro TSA.

  • JH

    altar… it’s… an altar. Too bad our English has been sacrificed on the altar of self-righteous indignation.

  • herb benty

    Britain is conquered without a shot! Oh, I’m not counting the young man who was murdered on the sidewalk in broad daylight. Aren’t the “left” good for a country!

  • Mario

    With all due respect, nothing in the bible mandates the wearing of the cross either… other than the one Jesus had to wear… on his back… and I’m sure he could have done without. In that regard, your point is somewhat weak.

    • tabby

      I think you are the one missing the point. Christians are not required to wear a cross. The point is that the women should remove their hijab for the purpose of identifications. Being exempt due to “religion reasons” are unfound and unfair for other passengers.

      • iizii

        @tabby. Exactly, it’s not about race or creed, it’s about security. If one person has to identify himself and be checked, then the other one should too

  • Bob Josward

    The 9/11 incidence indeed provided a lesson to airports and other ports to strengthen their security. With today’s advancement in technology. such security solutions can be strengthened. –

  • Happy Husband

    When I reported to the Captain of our AA flight he informed them they had to go back and comply with the removal. The man who was in accompany said they would not comply. He then told all three to disembark and wait for their luggage to be returned to them. He being the pilot can have anyone removed for any reason and there is nothing anyone can do. Some pilots have them and some don’t. He had a huge pair and a lot of thanks from some passengers.