Chavez’s Successor to Obama: ‘Yankee Go Home!’

Nicolás_MaduroVenezuela President Nicolás Maduro has expelled three top U.S. Embassy officials, accusing them on Monday of fomenting economic sabotage, including all-too-frequent power blackouts, in the oil-rich yet impoverished South American nation. Maduro’s remarks were right out of Hugo Chavez’s anti-American playbook. They dashed Washington’s hope that Maduro, a former union leader and bus driver, would be more “pragmatic” than Chávez, the popular firebrand president who died last March. Maudro was apparently unimpressed with President Obama’s desire for a reset in relations with Venezuela.

“Get out of Venezuela! Yankee go home!” Maduro shouted on live television, during a celebration marking the bicentennial of a battle for independence from Spain. “Enough of abuses against the dignity of a homeland that wants peace.”

The embassy officials were identified as chargé d’affaires Kelly Keiderling; political officer Elizabeth Hoffman; and vice consul David Moo. They have 48 hours to leave the country.

Maduro didn’t say whether the trio had anything to do with the dark side of Venezuela’s so-called “21st Century” socialism: toilet paper and food shortages; an annual inflation rate of more than 45 percent; epic levels of corruption; and Caracas’ status as the world’s murder capital. Power blackouts also have been a problem.

“We have detected a group of officials of the United States Embassy in Caracas, in Venezuela, and we have been tracking them for several months,” Maduro explained. “These officials spend their time meeting with the Venezuelan extreme right wing, financing them and encouraging them to take actions to sabotage the electrical system, to sabotage the Venezuelan economy.”

Regarding the Obama administration, Maduro said he “doesn’t care” about its response. “We’re not going to allow an imperial government to come and bring money to stop companies operating, (and) to take out the electricity to shut Venezuela down.”

“Señores gringos, imperialists, you have before you men and women of dignity that…will never kneel before your interests and we’re not afraid of you. We’ll confront you on all levels, the political, the diplomatic.”

Maduro’s rant underscores that things can only get  worse in Venezuela. Under Chávez and Maduro, Venezuela’s old pathologies — Statism, bread-and-circus populism, and corruption — have grown to epic levels. But like Chávez, Maduro is clueless about what’s wrong; and so he finds it convenient to promote conspiracy theories and anti-Americanism. But this isn’t merely about political expediency and demagoguery, because Maduro no doubt really believes what’s he saying, as do many Venezuelans.

“Yankee go home!” Sadly, it’s an old story in Latin America and many parts of the world.

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  • herb benty

    The U.S. officials are interested in trade between the two countries. As is common among totalitarians, blame for stagnation , inefficiency and corruption is/ must be projected onto others. Frankly, America doesn’t need communism, Venezualan style. Go back when the people have had enough of that gross system.

  • Jason

    Left wingers love the South American socialists. They rabbit on and on about how wonderful it is there, and this presidente knows how to pluck their strings, going on about imperialism. Yet, here in Sydney, I know of so many Venezuelans who have fled their country because of the government, because they are scared. It’s the same as when people thought the USSR wasnt all that bad, when refugees were telling us it was horrible. I wish the left would stop singing praise of horrible regimes the world over, while criticising Western governments for minute human rights abuses.

    • Softly Bob

      It’s the way they are. They are blind, romantic fools. Facts are not important to them, because their ideology and their arrogance makes them think that they can overcome the facts.

    • H_Canáhmoac

      Venezuelans in Sydney Australia ?

      • Jason

        yep, I know two of them. There’s a whole heap of South Americans in Sydney, as well as a large Spanish and Portuguese population.

        • H_Canáhmoac

          Someday I hope to visit Australia – my wife has some cousins there. Its a great country so why not South Americans there too ?

    • Omar

      Or better yet, the world needs to simply outlaw Communism and Islamism as both ideologies are a political, social and economic cancer.

  • oandroplex700

    obam, is a yankee??

  • Omar

    We will scream back at the Castro/Chavez/Maduro cronies, “Mets, go home!” (I stated that because both the Yankees and the Mets are Major League Baseball teams based in New York City). Until Venezuela democratizes and Henrique Capriles assumes his rightful position as president of Venezuela, I say that the U.S. should break diplomatic relations with the South American country (which is currently dominated as a colonial client state by the criminal Castro family dictatorship in Communist Cuba), as well as suspend trade.

  • Lookatme

    Yankees go Home! Venezuelans go to America lets worry about visas later!