Conversions to Islam

tamerlanAn alarming feature of our current sociocultural world is the striking frequency of conversions to Islam across the entire gamut of Western private and public life: prisoners converting to the religion of peace in record numbers; women who crave the emotional comfort and feeling of security that donning the hijab or the niqab purportedly confers; disaffected youth who find purpose and meaning in attending the mosque, often becoming radicalized in the process; African-Americans reacting against Christianity as the white man’s religion and who “associate conversion to Islam with recovering their ethnic heritage”; political figures who, whether secretly or publicly, swear by the Koran, the most conspicuous recent example being the bizarre spectacle of Arnoud Van Doorn, one of the Dutch producers of the uncompromising anti-Islam film Fitna and a former leading member of Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, happily and gratefully converting to Islam. Even a Gitmo prison guard proved unable to resist the seduction of Islam. To read only a partial list of notable converts to Islam is chastening.

Such conversions reveal a craving for the collectivist embrace of an explanatory and consoling paradigm, and are a symptom of cultural irresponsibility. Some of these, it is true, remain more or less innocuous, but others lead to the espousal of sanctified violence. Michael Ledeen points out in an interesting article debunking the myth of the “homegrown terrorist” that such people, “motivated by strong ideological or religious beliefs,” have come to identify with foreign doctrines and ideologies that are “anything but homegrown.” The indoctrination they undergo may be learned online, though “more often than not [it] takes place at the feet of foreign teachers and trainers.” They are not to be understood as homegrown terrorists since they have “turned to non-American visions and visionaries.” Reiterating his rejection of the “homegrown” label, Ledeen calls them “converts” who “have taken leave of us to join our enemies.” Of course, the terminology we use may also be a question of semantics. Rudi Giuliani has no qualms about using the term “homegrown,” but he means the same thing as Ledeen. He goes wrong, however, in claiming that a significant number of terrorist attacks come from a “distorted Islamic extremist ideology.” Such attacks are enjoined in the Koran and validated in the Hadith and derive not from some rarefied or ultraist version of the faith but from Islam proper. There is nothing “distorted” (to echo Giuliani) or deviant about them.

“Imagine,” writes former Muslim Bosch Fawstin, “if…we used terms such as ‘Radical Nazism’…and ‘Militant Communism.’ The implication would be that there are good versions of those ideologies, which would then lead some to seek out ‘moderate’ Nazis. Those who use terms other than ‘Islam’ create the impression that it’s some variant of Islam that’s behind the enemy that we’re facing.” He continues by stressing the undeniable fact that Islam “is a political religion; the idea of a separation of Mosque and State is unheard of in the Muslim world. Islam has a doctrine of warfare, Jihad, which is fought in order to establish Islamic (‘Sharia’) Law, which is, by nature, totalitarian. Sharia Law calls for, among other things: the dehumanization of women; the flogging/stoning/killing of adulterers; and the killing of homosexuals, apostates and critics of Islam. All of this is part of orthodox Islam, not some ‘extremist’ form of it.” Many, if not most, converts appear serenely unaware of the central tenets and imperatives of their adopted faith, and never seem to ask themselves the obvious question: was Mohammed, with his program of military conquest and his many sanguinary injunctions, a “moderate Muslim” or an Islamist?

What we are dealing with is a local subset of V.S. Naipaul’s Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions among the Converted Peoples. Naipaul treats of the tragic effects of Arab imperialistic conquest of four Asian nations, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan and Indonesia. He writes: “The cruelty of Islamic fundamentalism is that it allows only one people—the Arabs, the original people of the Prophet—a past, and sacred places.” Converted peoples “have to strip themselves of their past…It is the most uncompromising kind of imperialism.” Naipaul’s stories about his travels and the people he met are often heartrending and testify to the confusion and dislocation he sees in their lives and the desertification of mind and spirit that Islam has visited on these countries—the most “retrograde force” in the world, as Winston Churchill described Islam in The River War.

Naipaul is speaking chiefly of massive, forced conversions, but the same is true, mutatis mutandis, of the inroads that the religion of peace has carved into the West where voluntary conversions seem to have attained near-epidemic proportions. Islamic supremacy operates through various complementary means: fear triggered by outright violence and the threat of violence; infiltration of administrations at the municipal, regional and national levels; the suborning of a debauched and obeisant media apparatus; the abject scrivenings of a submissive intellectual class; the pervasive compliance of the entertainment industry; and the corruption of the academy with the willing assistance of university syndics, professors and student unions—a perfect illustration of the Gramscian long march through the institutions. The evidence is pouring in from everywhere, dutifully ignored by those who have a stake in the multicultural fiction. Bruce Bawer, our point man in Norway, has abundantly chronicled the ongoing Islamic conquest of the country that proceeds with the willing complicity of media, academic and political elites. “One way to avoid warfare,” he quips, “is to surrender,” and tells of a representative youngster, a terrified native Norwegian schoolboy menaced by Muslim gangs, who “alone knows five people who have converted.” Multiply by a correlative census coefficient and the picture darkens considerably.

When all these factors are assembled, abetted by the growing phenomenon of conversion, Islam is virtually assured of subverting vast segments of Western social, cultural and political life. Indeed, as if to rub salt into the wound, Islamic speakers are increasingly hosted in our auditoriums, public venues and places of worship while those who oppose the surrender of our rights and liberties to an alien and hostile creed are vigorously repudiated.

To take only the most recent instances of such blatant ignominy, in the immediate wake of the horrific Boston Marathon bombing and the terrorist plot to blow up a VIA rail passenger train over Niagara Falls, the anti-semitic director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies at SUNY-Binghamton, Ali Mazrui, is to be honored at Georgetown University, and Leila Shahid, a convicted terrorist, airline hijacker and spokesperson for the Palestinian mafia, has been invited to speak by satellite link at the University of British Columbia. At the same time, Pamela Geller’s speech at a Toronto synagogue has been cancelled, owing to police pressure and a flexible rabbi who caved before it, determined, no doubt, to retain his police chaplaincy. Geller is thus deprived of the opportunity to tell the truth about sharia, jihad, honor killing, female genital mutilation, blasphemy laws and all the other gifts showered upon us by Islamic advocacy. But Ali Mazrui and Leila Shahid will be offered the occasion and the forum to fire up sympathy for and make a few more enthusiastic converts to the religion of peace.

The longer we insist on ignoring the dromedary in the room, the sooner the acropolis of the West will be invested and despoiled. The drift toward political and cultural capitulation signaled by such callow genuflections as we have noted here is one of the most important issues of our time. The specter of conversion in particular is the sign and stamp of a successful imperial campaign. Once it acquires the force and sweep of a movement, it is too late for a biopsy. The disease has entered its final stages. It is, perhaps, only a matter of one more generation before the curtain comes down—two if we are lucky. To adapt T.S. Eliot’s famous aphorism, this is how a culture dies, not with a bang but a simper.

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  • AdinaK

    Dhimmitude is a mirror image of Stockholm Syndrome, not unlike Oslo Syndrome, Delusions of a People Under Siege. As such, the afflicted feel that they will somehow be "saved" from the wrath of Islam via self-inflicted submission –

    Don't know about anyone else, but submission is NEVER an option!
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Michael Copeland

    Excellent piece. With thanks and respect, Leila Shahid in the article is Leila Khaled.

  • Chezwick

    Fabulous article….one long overdue. But David has overlooked one final aspect in the equation of Islam's creeping triumph in the West…..and that is our own cultural self-repudiation.

    A couple of years ago, I read the account of a public high-school teacher in America who witnessed how her Muslim students often openly express their pride and devotion to their culture and faith. She contrasted this to her American students….who seemed to possess none of either. They were adrift, dispossessed, without any strong sense of cultural or even national identity. This is what the schools have succeeded in doing….stripping our children of love of country.

    Recently, the Denver public school system attempted to introduce a curriculum that emphasized teaching students to "challenge and criticize the MAJORITY culture". It was under the guise of teaching "critical thinking"….but conspicuously opposed critical scrutiny of MINORITY cultures. This important distinction reveals the TRUE objective of the initiative, which was to detach our children from love of country.

    Is it any wonder our people are growing up eager to embrace a religion that promotes pride and cultural self-assurance? The fact that it is grotesquely barbaric is apparently of small consequence.

    • Bamaguje

      I totally agree with you Chezwick, that the pervasive leftist anti-American bias of the US educational system and lamestream media facilitates Islamic infiltration. In that respect America's Muslim terrorists can be considered "homegrown." The traitorous multicultural left grew them!!

      I am of the opinion that this conversion-to-Islam thing is exaggerated – mostly hyped by Muslim propagandists.
      Around the world, far more people abandon Islam than are converted to it, but we don't get to hear about them because many of them keep quiet about it in fear for their lives, given the Islamic injunction to kill apostates.

      • Chezwick

        Lot of truth to what you've just put forth. I happen to feel that the conversion phenomenon is real and growing, but I agree that those who have either left Islam or who completely disregard its teachings are far more numerous.

    • Indus Valley

      Exactly……When people criticize the majority culture & religion at home & in public places but leave the minority culture untouched, the children in that society think that the majority culture & religion are both wrong & they never really critically question the minority religion & culture. This is where the Muslims creep in with their dawah on one side & the Muslim males preying on the Islam ignorant western/non-Muslim girls/women on the otherside leading to conversion to that death cult….

    • Alvaro

      "She contrasted this to her American students….who seemed to possess none of either. They were adrift, dispossessed, without any strong sense of cultural or even national identity. This is what the schools have succeeded in doing….stripping our children of love of country."

      Islam has been the same way since the year 700. What has changes is ourselves. It is a growing tendemcy to embrace primitivism and question and deconstruct sane moral values and national pride. The primary force behind this deconstruction and path to cultural suicide is cultural Marxism. Their wet dream is to see the West lying down with a broken back.

      The answer to this problem is a pan-Western 1776.

  • Michael Copeland

    Those thousands of detailed rules impart comfort and confidence to the "slaves of Allah" who follow them. The vigilante enforcement process (the right to hit and kick, the killing of disobedient daughters etc.) ensures continued obedience.
    Islam means “Submission”. Of course, there is no such thing as free-floating submission: it has to be submission TO something. The full title is:
    “Does Islam or does it not force people to submit by the power of the sword? Yes.”
    (Osama bin Laden).

  • AlgerHiss

    The Islamic male: Vile…ignorant….violent….and best defeated at every turn.

    • Ali Husaini

      Sounds like you are one who is vile and ignorant.

      • Lan Astaslem

        Own up the savagery that defines your 'religion'

      • Drakken

        Soon muzzy, you will find out just how badly you misjudged our western DNA, hint, it has a really nasty habit of coming to the fore front once our backs are to the wall and it is not going to be a pretty picture for you and yours, the Serbs are rank amateurs compared to what we can do once our minds are put to the task.

      • Defcon 4

        The all too typical islamofascist response, it's not muslimes who are the problem, it's all the rest of you.

        • KarshiKhanabad

          Then come & get us.

      • Nanis

        If muslims hate gays so much…. How come muslims love obama? He is gay but he hides it…… Muslims just talk the talk but don't walk the walk….

        • Lan Astaslem

          one of their idols – that rotting sac of pus arafat died of aids from molesting boys

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "one of their idols – that rotting sac of pus arafat died of aids from molesting boys"

            Which is not even gay according to Islam unless any of them had beards and played pitcher. It's the fault of the receiver, always. Mo's rules.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "If muslims hate gays so much…. How come muslims love obama? He is gay but he hides it…… Muslims just talk the talk but don't walk the walk…."

          Their definition of gay is very different than ours. They don't care who we refer to as gay. They are more concerned about a man who shaves too much than they are about a bearded man having sex with boys. Seriously.

          If 0'Bama does get in trouble for being gay, it will be from lack of facial hair. But gauging "gayness" in Islamic society is hugely subjective too.

          Actually a lot of sharia standards are very subjective. And they all know he has to pose as a "Christian."

  • @paulvmarks

    Western schools and universities (and the media they produce) teach that the past of the West is evil – and that the historic rivals of the West (such as Islam) are noble.

    The left (under the influence of such things as the P.C. Frankfurt School of Marxism) believe that getting people to despise their own history and culture will lead to the victory of the "Progressive" cause. Ironically it may well lead to the victory of the Islamic cause.

    • defcon 4

      I sometimes wonder if the leftards think they are using islamofascism — as opposed to islamofascism using them. In the final analysis the leftards will be dispensed w/by islamofascists — in the same way Iranian Communists were dispensed w/after the Iranian Islamic Revolution.

      • @paulvmarks

        Agreed. Especially as socialism just does not work – so the socialists (no matter how clever they are) out bound to lose in the end.

    • american

      ah yes, the marxism and the franfurt school and hollywood and the media. and who exactly are these "un-americans"? the elephant in the room that no one dares speak of? lets play a game; krugman, emmanuel, bernake, schumer, feinstien, boxer, sustein, stewart, mahr…. turn over a leftist rock and what do you think you find? so much influence for such a tiny minority. just saying.

      • Lan Astaslem

        go suck the a$& of your idol hitler

      • @paulvmarks

        Do not bother replying to the socialist who accused you of supporting the National Socialist German Workers Party leader Adolf Hitler.

        You are quite correct – for example Jon Stewart openly admitted (when interviewed by Larry King) to being a socialist. A group of people can be a tiny minority – but if the control such things as teacher training and Schools of Journalism, they can have a vast influence. Ditto by having an iron grip on entertainment – when they the left are mocked (as they were, for example, in the comedy show "The Half Hour News Hour") they complain so savegely that the shows that mock them get closed (if they ever manage to appear at all), but the left can mock as much as they like.

      • Defcon 4

        Feinstein regularly supports the paleswine over Israel.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "lets play a game"

        You already lost.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "The left (under the influence of such things as the P.C. Frankfurt School of Marxism) believe that getting people to despise their own history and culture will lead to the victory of the "Progressive" cause."

      Patriotism ultimately leads to conservatism. They want Utopia and don't give a damn about America or any other sovereign. National sovereignty is so passe and leads to conflict. Social justice requires central planning and committees to measure fairness results and so forth.

      "Ironically it may well lead to the victory of the Islamic cause."

      Because they view Islam as archaic and either ready to bloom in to modernism or to fall away completely in to the ash heap of history. It never occurred to them that they might have to live according to 7th century Arab Pagan values…as slaves. How could an ancient people defeat a modern people? It defies Darwinian evolution, or something like that. In any case it just can't happen. It can't. Progressives are superior. That's all we need to know.

      • @paulvmarks

        Yes – that is what they think.

  • festus magill

    islam is one of satans best works! only a fool would follow it!

    • Nehama, UK

      True, but unfortunately, the world has no shortage of fools.

  • Jack Woodward

    For a Christian to convert to Islam, the following conscious acceptance of an alternate reality must be in place with this new thought process: 600 years after sending Jesus to preach about peace and love and dying on the cross for our redemption, God one day decided he had screwed up and decided to send an angel to Mohammed with his new vision for mankind involving subjugating women and hunting down Jews and Christians.

    The fundamentals of the two beliefs are such polar opposites that you have to make a decision about what kind of a god you prefer to believe in, one who would preach love and forgiveness for neighbor, or one who instructs you to slay your neighbor if they do not believe as you.

    The media often uses the word ‘Fundamentalist’ to describe both Christians and Muslims. When you understand the fundamentals behind each, you will understand how great the divide is

    • BringItOnBitches

      Ahh, have you read the Old Testament???

      • defcon 4

        The same old, tired, argument of false equivalence. A fallacy of argumentation that in the 21st century is so plain to see even an idjit would see it…

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Ahh, have you read the Old Testament???"

        Yes. And?

  • annem040359

    While there is conversions to Islam, in the "global south", there are many, mnay more conversions to the Christian faith. Look for that part of the world to seen missionaries to the west in time to bring the Gospel of Jesus back to the west.

    • ssmith

      Especially in Iran. The largest Christian revival movement around at the moment. The East is experiencing an unprecedented revival. But the mainstream media will never report it. They don't even report persecuted Christians unless they really can't avoid doing so.

      • annem040359

        I think Raymond Ibraham's article on Middle Eastern Christians fleeing got posted over at the Fox News website.

  • Bob FitzGibbon

    Great read but the Pamela Gellar speech is still on in Toronto, just changed venues.

  • SoCalMike

    I would add that Stockholm syndrome is more widespread and deeply engrained un the human psyche than is generally understood.

    • Western Spirit

      Right you are. It's the old if you can't lick 'em join 'em syndrome. Scared people with "leaders" who won't even name our assailants are joining those threatening them, simple as that. We have no real leadership.

      Also a vacuum has been created in the West with the hatred of Christianity by atheists who are ignorantly creating a hell on earth for themselves.

      Because God has put eternity into the heart of man and therefore man must have religion in his life hence the vacuum the atheist is creating.

  • LindaRivera

    Islam's WAR against Jews is a war against ALL non-Muslims.

    Non-Muslim countries use the term, multiculturalism, but only ONE culture, one religion is aggressively promoted by our rulers: ISLAM.

    Western ruling elites loathe and intensely hate God, the Bible, Judaism and Christianity and LOVE Islam and it is why ruling elites have colonized Britain and Europe with many millions of Muslims. Muslims are obligated by their totalitarian political-religious system to conquer all countries and install EXCESSIVELY cruel Islamic sharia law in our nations. In Islam, the world is divided into two, the 'House of Islam' are the 56 countries conquered by Muslims. The 'House of War', are the countries not yet conquered by Muslims – the rest of the world.

    We must NEVER give up the fight for our freedom! NEVER!

    Winston Churchill: "We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender"

    In Britain, join and support Paul Weston's new political party, LIBERTY GB, Britain's last great hope!

    • Western Spirit

      No, the elites do not love Islam. They love totalitarians. And their enemies enemy is their friend. But they've bitten off more than they can chew with Islam. And fighting is what we're going to have to do with these ghouls who've taken over our institutions.

    • kaz

      hate to mention this to you, linda, but the country of origin of the "we shall fight on the beaches….." quote has already submitted to islam as its inevitable slavemaster. the country (can you guess which i am referring to?) that was led by a communist sympathizer who opposed churchill and favored stalin at every critical juncture has also accepted islam as its future, and is frantically importing all the peaceful muslims it can get, and supporting them on its welfare system, enabling them to breed like rats, just like the "beaches" country did.

  • antisharia

    Conversion to Islam should be taken as proof of mental illness.

  • BringItOnBitches

    How can you say Jesus only preached Love if he is one-in-the-same god as in the Old Testament?

    • defcon 4

      What did the idiot write?

      Yeshua practiced what he preached. So did MuhamMAD, and he enslaved or murdered unbelievers in the name of his ideology of hatred and intolerance.

    • UCSPanther

      With a username like that, be careful what you wish for…

      • Drakken

        Make no mistake, it is coming.

    • Alvaro

      Did not Jesus only preach love? It is a plain fact.

      In comparison, Muhammad preached hatred, was an evil man and is followed by evil people doing evil things. If you judge people by their actions, you'll see that Jesus was perfect and Muhammad was plain evil.

    • Porky's2istan

      There are a million different types of Christians. None of them have killed each other since England broke the back of the corrupt Catholic church, and permanently defanged it.

      Here's a group that easily solved the Old Testament wrathful God / New Testament loving God, conflict:

      • objectivefactsmatter


        Will you please publish your address? I need to send a bomb to kill you for promoting heresy.

        Just kidding about the bomb. I hope the jihadis get the point.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "How can you say Jesus only preached Love if he is one-in-the-same god as in the Old Testament?"

      You're question is rather vague. I also have to question whether you would understand any of the discourse. But hey, go for it and try to make a point clearly if you can manage.

  • Texas Patriot

    I think it's fine if people want to convert to Islam, so long as it is a free and fully informed choice by a consenting adult. I just wonder how many prospective converts really know what they're getting into. Once you're in, you're in for life, and leaving is regarded as apostasy, which carries a death sentence, and any criticism of Muhammad or the Koran, however slight, can be regarded as blasphemy which also carries a death sentence. There are many more nuances of Islamic law that may or may not be known to the prospective convert. And as we have seen all too clearly, Muslim recruiters are very happy to convert even 11-year old boys, whether they have any idea what they are doing, or not.

    • Alvaro

      Islam is just like any other group of organized crime. They were the Mafia/Hell's Angels/Bandidos/Mongols of the 7th century. They prospered from criminal activity: Theft and slave trade instead of narcotics, had strict internal justice and saw themselves as superior to anyone else. And everyone knew that once you agreed to join, there was no way out. Sounds familiar?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I think it's fine if people want to convert to Islam, so long as it is a free and fully informed choice by a consenting adult. "

      I'm fine with the government's stance on personal belief. It's all of the other activities that I have a problem with. On top of that, if someone asks my views or even offers any chance to comment, I'll present the facts as best I can according to my perception of how they might best be led towards the truth about what they've gotten involved in.

  • LindaRivera

    The dollar – and the USA – is toast
    Exclusive: Lord Monckton sees China prepping for final collapse of America
    Published: 14 hours ago

    (Christopher Monckton of Brenchley advised Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher…)

    Obama has done it. He has brought America down. It only took him just over four years. The Republicans could have stopped him. They didn’t.

    How did the nihilistic left succeed in destroying America? Simple. They learned just a little of the capitalism they hate, and they drove your nation into outright bankruptcy.

    And here is what the GOP has to say about it: just about nothing.

    The once-mighty United States is now the most indebted nation on Earth. In round numbers, here are just some of the vital statistics as the patient dies…

    Finally, pray. God bless America. It has been nice knowing you. Only when you are gone will the world realize how much it misses you, and – paradoxically – how much it owes you.

    Spending money like there is no tomorrow. Insanely borrowing money. Printing money out of thin air to DELIBERATELY CREATE OUT-OF-CONTROL INFLATION.

    Every year giving away many millions of dollars to other countries, especially Muslim countries and the PLO/Palestinian Authority who build mansions, fill their war chest and LAUGH all the way to the bank with FREE infidel money.

    The financial destruction of America is DELIBERATE. It is perpetrated by Obama and all those who HATE America and Americans.

  • Western Spirit

    Islam converts through coercion. If Islam created happy lives for people they wouldn't have to take the frustrations Islam creates in them out on other people with terror tactics to convert them. And misery loves company. Consequently we've got lunatics loose in the world trying to force us all into their misery and relieve the pressure Islam creates in them at the same time, all in one neat package.

    At least Islam provides a remedy for the problems it creates in its members—kill, maim, decapitate, spread the misery boundlessly, share and share alike with other people. Just take out on others the rage it instills in you, and you've got the recipe for how to spread a billion person religion.

  • Don Lond

    "…African-Americans reacting against Christianity as the white man’s religion and who “associate conversion to Islam with recovering their ethnic heritage…"

    Ironic behavior seeing that it was the Omani Islamic Sultans that oversaw the enslavement and deaths of uncountable numbers of Africans in order to profit off the ivory, spice and black flesh markets from Zanzibar, until the Enlightened Europeans stopped the slave trade on the east coast of Africa.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Ironic behavior seeing that it was the Omani Islamic Sultans that oversaw the enslavement and deaths of uncountable numbers of Africans in order to profit off the ivory, spice and black flesh markets from Zanzibar, until the Enlightened Europeans stopped the slave trade on the east coast of Africa."

      It is forbidden to teach or even speak of those facts. It hurts very sensitive religious feelings.

      • defcon 4

        It also might upset the muslime slave traders still plying their goods in N. Africa…

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "It also might upset the muslime slave traders still plying their goods in N. Africa…"

          Among many others. It hurts so much because they still do it all today as far as they can get away with it.

          That's yet another reason why American hegemony (minus the lunatic leftist factor) is so crucial to world peace and stability.

  • BLJ

    Just proves P.T. Barnum was right. I will stick with the anti-Islam crowd.

  • cxt

    What did they call it "an urge to give up control" something like that–perhaps thinking for themselevs has become tiresome, maybe they thought they could be relived of the troublesome burden of doing their own thinking.

  • Ian

    They must be stopped! Their Muslim puppet, Hussien Obama, and his lefist supporters, who have betrayed Western Civilization because of White Guilt, are just standing aside while they flood into our country. How dare they speak at our churches? No doubt they think about bombing or burning it every second they stand in them, just like their fellow Muslims in Egypt. Even when they advocate peace and tolerance, everyone knows that they are plotting the best way to kill the audiance, and mutilate the young girls in the audiance, and smiling as they do so, because Muslims know that female genitle mutialtion never existed before Islam, and they are proud of their sadistic contribution to the world. They are too powerful, they silence good freedom loving American's like Pamela Geller, who have always stood for womens and homosexuals rights. They must be stopped! Every single Muslim, even white converts, must be deported now and dumped back in Saudi Arabia where they belong!

  • The Hammer

    Very nice piece. Excellent summary of the worldwide slide into submission. Organizations like Frontpage have to continue the good fight, presenting the real face of Islam to the world. It is a thankless job, but I thank you.

  • Alex Kovnat

    To all who are thinking of embracing Islam, I have this message:

    I would like to think you wouldn't dream of embracing Naziism/Facism/Right wing military dictatorship to address the problems of crime in our cities.

    I would also like to think you wouldn't embrace communism or left-wing dictatorship as a means of addressing poverty, racism, urban ghettoes, et cetera.

    Therefore, is it not equally abhorent to embrace Islam as a means of addressing sexual immorality, pornography, cultural decadence, et cetera? Surely there must be better ways of dealing with those issues, than submitting to Taliban/Al Quaeda/Islamic dictatorship.

    • Drakken

      Well my friend, as they say, you just can't fix stupid, not even with duct tape, so those folks who converted are our enemy as much as he other islamaniacs are.

      • Defcon 4

        "not even with duct tape"? What about a bigger hammer?

        • objectivefactsmatter

          ""not even with duct tape"? What about a bigger hammer?"

          Yes, after the duct tape fails it is clearly hammer time. And I can see by the clock on the wall…

  • tagalog

    One of the great historical mysteries is how quickly the Christian worlds of the Near East and North Africa adopted Islam back in the 7th and 8th Centuries. One theory is that the doctrinal disputes of early Christianity turned many people away from Christianity back then, and the relative simplicity of Muslim doctrine was appealing to them.

    But today we don't have a lot of doctrinal wrangling in Christianity. I can't believe that people have swallowed the denigration of Christianity that has been going on. I tend to think that Mr. Solway has winkled out the major reasons why Westerners adopt Islam, essentially rebelliousness and reaction. I get a hoot out of the fact that Islam's treatment of women gets a pass among the ever-so-radical women.

    Since we no longer teach the unique values of Western civilization any more, it isn't entirely surprising that people might stray to some other culture or mind set; particularly if it portrays itself as both apocalyptic and saving. After all, you don't miss what you never understood.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "But today we don't have a lot of doctrinal wrangling in Christianity. I can't believe that people have swallowed the denigration of Christianity that has been going on. I tend to think that Mr. Solway has winkled out the major reasons why Westerners adopt Islam, essentially rebelliousness and reaction"

      One of the flavors of lies we don't often talk about here at FPM is the one that claims Islam is a mere extension of Christianity. They have an entire presentation for people raised in Christian cultures that answers common objection (wrongly of course). It reminds me of, "Did God say?" or other "common sense" arguments that atheists use. They actually use common atheist objections and then "resolve" them with various BS that is very flexible according to the audience.

      You have to admit that Mo is a lot more human than Jesus, and if they clean up his history they can sort of present him as the logical human prophet that came to make sense out of all that fantastic Judeo Christian stuff.

      So for many Westerners Islam starts out as a bridge between humanism and spirituality. Ironic in a way, but it's the ugliest side of "humanism" that you can imagine. That's what they get. Of course they hear nothing but lies. That's always how cults work.

      And there will always be more adherent-slaves born in to Islam than there are idiotic dupe converts.

    • Micha Elyi

      The Christian worlds of the Near East and North Africa DID NOT adopt Islam QUICKLY back in the 7th and 8th Centuries. Christians lived in the Near East in large numbers until Islam returned to jihadi militancy beginning in the mid-20th century. In North Aftrica, there remain many Christians – the Copts for example. Alas, the Mohammedans have begun to slaughter them too – with the tacit aid of President Obama, by the way.


    Personally I consider most of the conversions by Westerners as largely a pop phenomenon. An honest question to ask about all those who convert, is how long they remain devout to their new religion? No one really delves into this issue, but considering how fickle Americans are, for example,on changing religions, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is quickly discarded. I’ve even known a few who went through the ‘Islam is cool’ phase only to hear they later lost their zeal for this religion that demands so much and is at odds with some of our most cherished principles (life, liberty, happiness). As long as our governments are prevented from declaring Islam as the official, state religion, there is no problem with leaving the faith, even if you are born into it.

    All that may be well and fine, but I still think the West has not given Islam a proper amount of skepticism as yet. Too many are quick to equate any criticism of Islam as de facto racism/bigotry without knowing anything about the tenets of the religion. We also should admit that Islam in principle remains an aggressively prosyletizing religion and that its sacred texts advocate for state as religion (and vice versa) and that violence to non-believers is part of its mandate. My concern is not from natives taking up the religion, but from Muslim immigrants who start tipping the demographic balance (sadly and too often paid through our generous welfare systems) and their unassimilated progeny participating in ever growing numbers to influence Western governments. The idea of keeping state and religion separate then are a moot point. “Demographics is destiny.”

    • Defcon 4

      Demographics is what it's allah about alright. Just ask the Christians of Lebanon, or Bethlehem.

    • And So It Goes…

      The question then becomes "where do we go?" Where do we move in order to escape this insanity even if we are surrounded by lunatics? Those of us who refuse to see up as down, black as white, good as bad and murderous as benevolent and spiritual must remain steadfast and hold on to each other for dear life. We will not be defined by such inadequate and ridiculous labels as "Western" or "Christian" or "Jewish" for these categories tell us nothing. We will find ourselves defined by our core moral beliefs and we must see each other as closer to ourselves than family or "co-religionists" for those categories in the big scheme of things no longer exist.

    • amber

      Islam against life Liberty and Happiness its clear you dont know jack all about Islam Deadwood your a jack ass, Islam is growing what you gonna do about it little boy!

  • TruthJew

    The attraction of Islam in the West may be primarily due to two factors:
    1. There are many decent Christians, however Christianity's abandonment of Biblical Law, its obsessive focus on an idolatrous man-god and on being "saved", and thus it's failure to regulate and satisfy man's spiritual needs and purpose has left a spiritual vacuum for Islam.
    2. Failure of secular "democracy" to offer spiritual solace and a meaningful purpose to life has also left a spiritual vacuum for Islam.

    Traditional Judaism (excluding the liberal religion of the Reform movement) is the only spiritual force that can oppose and expose Islam's lies. Islam has thus designated Judaism as its greatest enemy.

    Thus the stage is set for the final battle of history – the conflict between Judaism and Islam.



    • Pontotoc Bill


      Islam is a demonic religion given to Moohammed by an angel, but not Gabriel. The angel lied about who he was. The quran was given to Moohammed by Lucifer, the Prince of Lies. The quran is a mixture of Judiasm and Christianity with demonic influences to set Islam apart and against the world.

      This makes Islam a demonic religion which worships Satan. Look at the fruits of Islam – murder, rape, theft, etc.

      You need to read the real Word of God, the Holy Bible.

    • Derelictus

      If Islam is a "religion of peace" why do they kill so many people all the freaking time? For the stupidest reasons, too. Sorry, not buying it.

    • Alvaro

      Muhammad was a murderer, rapist, thief and child molester. If he was around today he would be in prison.

      How can such evil deeds be an example of a perfect life, unless Satan himself is the idol?

      You need to convert to Christianity and pray for forgiveness.

    • Drakken

      I'll convert to your devils religion over your dead body.

    • Defcon 4




      YOU LIE.

      May your false prophet "muhammed" continue to BURN IN HELL for eternity.

  • Kevin Stroup

    So says the koranimal.

  • Questions

    Never underestimate the stupidity and shallowness of American women who convert to Islam for the sake of pleasing a male mate. The sexual bonding and the Islamic conversion become almost as one; the woman identifies with each in the same way.

    Parents should discourage their daughters from dating Mslims. It's like dating blacks. Such males aren't interested in love, despite what they may say to the contrary. They're interested in sexual conquest, especially through the womb. Each new birth to a Muslim child, within or outside the framework of marriage, is a victory for them.

  • RiverFred

    I asked a convert why she accepted Islam, apparently a Muslim knocked on her door one evening and she agreed to the religious lessons. She then converted after taking the classes. I asked her a basic fact, "So you are aware that Mohammad robbed Meccan caravans." She was shocked, why would he do that she asked. Need I say more.

    • And So It Goes…

      Oh my God, we are in very big trouble.

  • Eduardo

    Only Israel will be unaffected by such cancer!

    • Defcon 4

      You realize 20% of Israel's population is muslime right? You do realize the Mt. Carmel fires were started by these self-same muslime "citizens" of Israel right?

    • And So It Goes…

      No, I'm afraid not Eduardo. Israel's land is being stolen daily. Not via phony peace treaties but by Muslim thugs (usually Bedouins) who destroy fields, burn property, torture and kill livestock owned by Jewish farmers and ranchers and threaten the farmers and ranchers with murder. The Bedouins are then paid off by the Israeli government and as we all know, any behavior that you reward, you will get more of.

  • pierce

    I am a bit late to enter into this discussion, but I need to get it off my chest. Why would any one want to embrace Sharia Law. If I am not mistaken Islamic Law, and thus Sharia Law treat women/girls like they don't even belong to the human race, and just for that reason I would never embrace it's tenets. That, plus I get the impression Islam is not a peaceful religion, so I don't want to know more about it. I know no Imams, and again from what I have seen, would not want to as there is a bit of swagger to them which is not becoming. I am not particularly religion oriented, but in no way do I wish to join something with swagger, that is distasteful, and disgusting.
    And one last question? Are all muslims Islamist, or are all Islamists muslims. I would sort of like to know.

    • Rothschild

      I am no expert…I think Muslims are the individuals within Islam, the religion, that are the most dangerous…where, Islam as a religion, has historically been basically non-violent before Muslim Palestinian terrorists… got religion, around 1933….see:

      Relations between Nazi Germany and the Arab world
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      See also, Haj Amin al-Husseini, the founder of the modern day Palestinian terroristic movement of today, that the Boston suicide bombers are a apart of.

      Haj Amin al-Husseini

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "where, Islam as a religion, has historically been basically non-violent before Muslim Palestinian terrorists… got religion, around 1933"

        No. It's about opportunity, not desire. Islam is quiet when they know they have no chance. That is why appeasement intoxicates them. We've been appeasing them since the British partnered with the Arab jihadis against the Turks in WWI. Before that, the Turkish Empire kept them quiet for a period of time but only as it lie a dying empire, hoping Germany would help revive it. That was seen as it's only hope.

        The brotherhood movement formed out of the ashes of the humiliation of losing their caliph, but also out of the perceived opportunity to create an Arab caliph in place of the Turkish one. That has been the MB project for almost a century now.

        Terror started when they got the means and opportunity. It's just that simple. It's an extremely fatalistic ideology.

  • Lehnne

    It would be interesting to know if this wave of conversion is occurring in metropolitan areas as well as social, academic and economic demographics of these converts. Once understood a comparison could be made regarding conversion rates among those who are responsible for actually making the infrastructure of the post-modern West function.

  • kaz

    the appeal of islam to men in general and criminals in particular is no mystery. islam makes a virtue of the enslavement, abuse, and rape of females, which has to be appealing to men's baser instincts. for criminals, islam is a slam-dunk. islam makes virtue of everything criminal, including rape, murder, robbery, pedophilia, slavery, and spousal abuse. the inconveniences of islam-worshiping a nonexistant god of evil and venerating a filthy desert pirate just dont outweigh the advantages. it would take a very moral society to defeat a criminal conspiracy as enticing to men without conscience or moral standards as islam. we do not have such a moral society, and are ripe for conversion.

  • TruthJew

    The situation of gender wars, dilution of masculinity and femininity, and treatment of women as sex objects in the secular West may be making Islam attractive to some people.

    Traditional Judaism emphasizes the importance of maintaining masculinity in men, and femininity in women, while also emphasizing respect between men and women, and rejecting treatment of women as sex objects. In contrast Western feminism movements, secularized Christianity, and secularized (Reform/Conservative) Judaism have very much diluted masculinity and femininity to the detriment of men and women, have promoted much gender hatred, and have turned women into sex objects.

    Despite Islam's tolerance of violence and abuse against women, many people in the West, including many women, may still find Islam more attractive than the gender perversions and loss of gender identity being promoted in the secular West.

    • Texas Patriot

      Well said, and very true.

  • And So It Goes…

    This was the most insightful and disturbing article I have read in a long time. Many thanks to David Solway. I had no idea things were this bad. The fact that Arnoud van Doorn, a producer of the video FITNA converted to Islam made me truly ill. Solway's analysis on the craving for security and purpose as impetus for conversion is spot on. As life gets more chaotic and frightening, especially for the young, I'm afraid the situation will get worse as people seek to escape threat and run to an ideology which devours them whole. The economic situation only speeds the process along and gives it strength. I used to think Islam was actually dying. Now I think it is the entire planet.

  • Texas Patriot

    The fundamental problem is that Islam is masquerading as a religion of peace when in fact it is a religion of conquest and submission that exercises absolute totalitarian control over its followers. There is no freedom of speech in Islam. There is no freedom of religion in Islam. There is no equality between men and women or between Muslims and non-Muslims in Islam. And there is no separation of church and state in Islam. There is only submission to Islam, and failure to submit in any of those areas results in the death penalty. How many Westerners would convert to Islam if they really under stood what it meant? To the uninitiated, Islam is presented as a higher, more noble, and more disciplined way of life. To the convert, Islam is a life of submission from which there is no escape.

  • Gordo

    David Solway speaks for all people who love for freedom of expression–and their fellow man. Thank you David.

  • Amber

    Say what you like, show Islam and Muslim’s in a negative light weather it’s through the media or television it will never stop the growing number of Muslim converts, people like Pamela Gellar are zionists that even a large number of orthdox jews dont respect and have made clear that people such as Gellar are the reason that Jews are so widely hated, Gellar and such like her use the jewish religion to spread racist hate especially against Islam and Muslims.