Reflections on My Muslim Ex-Friends

ex_edited-2Some of my best friends are Muslims. Or rather, some of my best friends were Muslims—not that they are no longer Muslims but that they are no longer my friends.

The problem I had over years of friendship had to do with certain personal attributes which I value highly, namely, consistency and the ability to recognize facts. My friends were good men who believed in Western democratic values, in selective immigration policies based on the possession of needed skills that would contribute to both society and the economy, in the necessity for Muslim (and all) immigrants to assimilate into the heritage culture, and in customary methods of education and a traditional curriculum; they rejected the utter folly of multiculturalism as it is practiced in Canada. At the same time they were staunch adherents of Islam as they understood it and swore by the distinction between Islam and Islamism, between genuine Muslims and radical Islamists, a distinction characterized, they claimed, by an unbridgeable divide.

I enjoyed a positive and warm relation with two of these men in particular. Both are published authors. Both are much in the limelight, reviewed and interviewed in many different places, for defending the liberal society they find superior to any other. And both are under a fatwa issued by their less tolerant brethren. And yet one of these valiant combatants considers Mohammed to be the perfect man whom Muslims should strive to emulate, is not well versed in the complex history of the Middle East, and entertains a corrosive skepticism about Israel. The other, while regarding his jihadist co-religionists as barbarians, yet argues that the atrocities associated with the development and diffusion of Islam should be historically contextualized, that the doctrinal heart of Islam is untarnished by events, and that the faith has not been properly interpreted by those who, he feels, wantonly abuse it. He believes that Islam blossomed under Mohammed as a spiritual quest, ignoring completely the historical fact that the Prophet was also a conquering warlord who engaged in raids for booty and committed bloody and indiscriminate acts of slaughter.

My two ex-friends reminded me of Irshad Manji who, in The Trouble with Islam Today, anatomizes everything that is wrong with her religion but makes a passionate case for its reform, including the revival of the faculty of ijtihad (independent thinking and counsel). It is hard to take her argument seriously. After 1400 years of nearly unchecked imperial conquest, with a holy book brimming with commandments to kill, mutilate, tax and enslave those it denominates as “infidels,” with hardline clerics in control of dogma today, and with terrorist regimes intent on bringing the West to its knees, can one credibly argue that Islam is even remotely susceptible to wide-scale, peaceful renovation? Moreover, reform would entail the gutting of myriad canonical texts, including the Koran, the Hadith and the five schools of Sunni and Shia jurisprudence, leaving nothing but a rump scriptural archive. Plainly, under the aegis of “reform,” Islam would cease to exist.

My own trouble with Islam, and the reason for calling it quits with my former friends, involved precisely what I understand as the immutable or essentialist nature of Islam. This nature prevails despite the historical nuances, the times when the faith was less oppressive than at other times (e.g., the Abbasid dynasty of early ninth century Baghdad), and the existence of comparatively enlightened movements like the eighth-and-ninth century Mu’tazalites, who fought for the primacy of reason, man’s free will, and the moral responsibility of the individual. The Mu’tazalites, be it noted, were decisively crushed in the tenth century by the fundamentalist Ash’arite sect, after which, as the latter’s leading theologian al-Ghazali wrote in his perennially influential The Incoherence of the Philosophers, “the gate of ijtihad is closed.” And it has been closed ever since. Additionally, we should keep in mind that although the Mu’tazalites believed that the Koran was a divinely created text, contingent upon the circumstances of its revelation, and not, as the Ash’arites claimed, co-existent with Allah and therefore fixed eternally, it nevertheless could not be transformed into something it was not.

My Muslim friends struck me as contemporary if somewhat more theologically and philosophically flexible Mu’tazalites, advocating for the rule of reason and the supremacy of democratic institutions and culture over their tribal competitors, and yet unable or unwilling to see that the faith they professed was constitutionally inimical to the liberal ethos they championed—and indeed in a state of perpetual conflict with it. There have existed, admittedly, occasional historical interregna, like Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s Turkey, but these were, and are proving to be, labile and relatively short-lived. The Ash’arite complexion of the faith remains inherent and effectively permanent, irrespective of its historical fluctuations. As was remarked by a blogger who attended a recent lecture featuring meliorist Daniel Pipes at a synagogue in Toronto, “no amount of verbal equilibristic could change the fact that Islam was established as a political ideology with expansionist goals and remains the same even today.” The distinction between Islam and Islamism is basically a sop to the Western conscience and a conceptual means that allows us to evade hard truths and to avoid painful action. It is the product of fear and laziness, with a large admixture of electoral and fiscal self-interest.

This is where the bastard notion of “moderate Islam” comes into the equation. Obviously, there are millions upon millions of peaceable and reasonable Muslims who are loyal and productive citizens of the Western nations to which they have given their allegiance. No sane person would contend otherwise. But such, regrettably, is not the issue we are discussing. The sticking point is that “moderate Islam” provides the ecological or hyporheic zone essential to the flourishing of Islamic jihad and the viability of Sharia law. Without that vast circumambient population of “moderates,” many of whom may even be nonobservant, the “radicals” would have nowhere to breed, to thrive and to justify the assertion of their will. There is no Islam without a substantial body of believers, however nominal—the moderates—and there is no “Islamism” without a host on which it can parasitize. In reality, host and parasite become one. In an article I wrote three years back for PJ Media, I quoted Leslie S. Lebl of the American Center for Democracy, who argued that the basic problem is “an ideology fundamental to ‘traditional’ or ‘moderate’ Islam as much as to its ‘radical variant.’” Lebl was clearly on target. “Moderation,” I continued, parsing his message, “is also a perfect cover for immoderation as well as its fecund seedbed and its sustaining medium…what we call ‘moderate Islam’ is the water in which the sharks swim and seek their prey.”

Furthermore, what is meant by “moderate” may well provide less comfort than one would hope. According to Reuters, AP, the New York Times and The Economist, former Iranian president and mass murderer Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is both a moderate and a reformer. Hillary Clinton extolled Syrian president and mass murderer Bashir Assad as a “reformer.” The labels do not inspire confidence. We like to think of the ummah as comprising chiefly “moderate” individuals and families who disagree with suicide bombings and beheadings and whatever else may lurk in the terror armamentarium, and yet they may harbor views we would be hard put to categorize as “moderate.” A recent Pew survey of global Muslim attitudes yielded worrisome results, with distinct majorities in many Islamic countries favoring the imposition of Sharia law and other illiberal tenets associated with the practice of the faith.

And the West is not exempt from Sharia creep and stealth jihad. Many analysts have commented on the large proportion of Muslim immigrants in Britain, the U.S., Australia, Canada, and Europe in general who, in the words of Australian economist and Director of the Institute for Private Enterprise (IPE) Des Moore, are “either sympathetic to violent action by extremists or prepared to play a role in it” (email correspondence). They may not qualify as a majority but they are inching upwards. True, American Muslims appear less given to supporting the extremists among them. Yet there are various enclaves, like Dearborn, Michigan, where Islamic law and sentiment are strongly entrenched, and according to a scholarly survey conducted by David Yerushalmi and Mordechai Kedar for The Middle East Quarterly, approximately 80% of American mosques feature texts advocating diverse forms of violence “in the pursuit of a Shari’a-based political order or advocat[ing] violent jihad as a duty that should be of paramount importance to a Muslim.”

Of course, the Press and Western political leaders are mired in a deep state of denial. There exist, as mentioned above, clearly ideological reasons for being so, as well as issues involving electoral politics and, in many cases, financial incentives. In the wake of the grisly beheading of a British soldier on a London street, which Islamic cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed called “a courageous and heroic act,” Prime Minister David Cameron ignominiously referred to the act as “a betrayal of Islam.” Blame must not be attributed where it is due. Similarly, Muslim rioters are routinely described as “youths,” “Asians,” or “the unemployed.” Thus our fellow travelers do everything in their power to launder Islamic savagery and barbaric practices as a violation and corruption of core Islamic principles, conceiving of Islam as, at root, irenic and moderate.

But moderate Islam is by no means the panacea that, for example, Daniel Pipes considers it to be in his avowal that “radical Islam is the problem and moderate Islam is the solution.” Would it were so. Unfortunately, Islam is Islam. Second-generation “moderates” often manifest as lone wolf terrorists or as members of various jihadist organizations to wreak terrible harm—we have seen this happen again and again. But no less disquieting, moderates are the unwitting confederates of the extremists. They may abhor violence and lobby for democratic values and usages, for which they should be praised, yet their liberal orientation does not change the stubborn fact that their existence is logically and materially necessary if those we call “Islamists” are to prosper in advancing their anti-West agenda.

How to resolve this dilemma is perhaps the major question of our time, but I suspect it will abide with us indefinitely. One cannot expect more than a billion Muslims to take a page out of the probably mythical book of the Khazars and convert en masse. Neither is it feasible nor advisable nor morally acceptable to apply force or repressive legislation, even were it theoretically possible. That Muslim armies did precisely this among their subject peoples is no paradigm for the modern West. The truth is that Islam is here to stay and the specter of conflict and misunderstanding will not magically disappear. It is inevitable. Ultimately, the question must be left to the individual, not the collective. Discussion and debate may sometimes work, but the decisive factor will always be personal experience. Such has been the case with brave apostates like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan, Walid Shoebat, Bosch Fawstin, Ibn Warraq and Nonie Darwish, who should be respected and admired and welcomed among us. They are consistent and are capable of recognizing facts.

And because others are not, I have broken with my Muslim friends.

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  • TG Browning

    IF Muslim believe the Qu'ran in perfect, unchangeable, and IF Islam MUST be based upon the Qu'ran, there can be no accommodation with Islam and Muslims. Period. It's that simple.


    • geoffreybritain

      You're close. There's no 'IF' about it. Muhammad emphatically declared that he is NOT the Qur'an's author. That he only took DICTATION from the arch-angel Gabriel who TRANSMITTED Allah's DIRECT testimony. Gabriel made sure that Muhammad got it exactly right. (angels don't make mistakes)

      There's absolutely NO wiggle room there, NO possibility for misinterpretation. If Muhammad told the truth, then this is Allah's very words and NO man may change even a comma because to do so would set man's understanding above God's. On the other hand, if Muhammad didn't tell the truth, then he was either a liar or deluded. In which case, Islam's entire theological infrastructure collapses.

      • Defcon 4

        Then there's the Satanic verses, where muhammad said that Satan was speaking in his ear instead of Gabriel.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Daniel Pipes believes that "moderate Islam is the answer" and then admits that "moderate Islam" does not now exist. Hmmm…..It's like believing in the tooth fairy.

    • Jaladhi

      There is no moderate Islam and no moderate Muslim. A so called moderate Muslim can become violent and believing Muslim in a nano second whenever the "sudden jihad syndrome" is awakened in him. So there – believing in moderate Muslim or blaming the violence on Islamism and Islamists is equivalent to dreaning up an imaginary Muslim who does all jihadi atrocities and the rest of Muslims are fine among us! Nothing beats this delusion of some of our experts and our leaders and our "esteemed" media. All of these lie like a sieve, knowingly or unknowingly, when it comes to Islam and Muslims. Lesson – all Muslms are same and not to be trusted with our and nation's safety!!

  • Deerknocker

    At the core of Islamic culture is submission. At the core of Western culture is freedom. In the old Western flicks "This town ain't big enough for both of us" is usually followed by a gun fight.

    • davarino

      They need to just "get the f@ck out of Dodge"

    • Pontotoc Bill

      At the core?

      Islam means SUBMISSION, not peace. Just another lie by the Muslims.

    • .?!

      The core of Islam is "freedom from" while the core of Western culture is "freedom to." Yes, the meaning of the arabic word Islam is submission, but the root of the word Islam comes from the arabic word meaning peace, therefore there is peace through submission. Both sides can contort aspects of the religion or textual references to their own desires.

      • Pontotoc Bill

        WRONG! The root of Islam means to hand over, submit, surrender, etc.

        If you mean, Aslim Taslam, you're still wrong. Translated this means to SURRENDER to allah and then get peace (won't be attacked).

        We understand the Islamic concept of lying to promote your demonic religion.

        allah's real name is Lucifer.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Yes, the meaning of the arabic word Islam is submission, but the root of the word Islam comes from the arabic word meaning peace, therefore there is peace through submission."

        Liar or dupe? Does it matter at this point? I suppose not.

        "Both sides can contort aspects of the religion or textual references to their own desires."

        And then there are facts. The "Islamic peace" of submitting to the will of Mohammed / allah. We get it.

  • Chezwick

    For the record, the Mutazilites, that singular historical example of reformation WITHIN the Islamic experience, spent most of their energies violently repressing alternate versions of their faith, until they themselves were violently repressed. A leopard can't change its spots.

    And yes, there are presumably tens of millions of non-observant Muslims world-wide who could be quantified as "moderate",….and who are NOT apostates because they have not formally/openly renounced their faith. This is why there hasn't been mass executions of non-observant Muslims even in modern Sharia states such as Iran.

    But the existence of these non-observant Muslims in no way repudiates the argument that there is no such thing as a moderate Islam. And as the decades roll by, we see the constant movement of the bar here in the West for what we classify as "moderation".

    Before the Iranian revolution, ANYONE advocating Sharia was considered in the West to be "radical". Now, we have none other than the brilliantly astute, conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer referencing Turkey's PM as a "MODERATE ISLAMIST"!!!!

    In a sane world, the US government and our society-at-large would be encouraging mass apostasy from Islam, engaging in critical scrutiny of the faith in our educational and media discourse, and even providing safe-houses for Muslims who have openly apostated. But of course, it isn't a sane world.

    • Rob

      Well said Chezwick. In an insane and upside down world, it is comforting to know that there others out there, like yourself, who can see through the lies and deception!

  • Jericho

    When you dump the Moslem “friend” you are doing yourself a favour and him a favour. People of principles can’t be everybody’s friend.

    • Chezwick

      Great point. I've discovered through the years that those people who possess a multitude of friends tend to be superficial in depth and in substance. Those with strong convictions tend to have just 4 or 5 really close friends, people they can confide in and be themselves, without any pretense.


        It's like Facebook Likes.

        The more the less meaningful they are.

  • Michael Copeland

    How to resolve this dilemma? A vital first step is to dismiss wishful thinking. Islam and Western democracy are incompatible: they cannot co-habit. Islam belongs in Arabia. As commented above, in the old movies there is usually a shoot-out. Islam’s own texts shed some light:

    “The strongholds of Islam will be knocked down, one after the other,”
    “Islam will crawl back to the land of Hejaz like a snake crawls back to its hole“.

    Those are both “prophecies” by Mohammed. They envisage a conflict.


      Cut off the head of the snake.

      • TexRanger

        Unfortunately, merely cutting off the head of the snake is not sufficient as the Islamic snake has more than a billion heads-in-waiting that will flourish the moment a major head is cut off. Bin laden is dead but we see the Islamic filth killing more and more Americans as evidenced by the Boston Marathon bombing.
        We freedom loving people must either gut up and send ALL Muslims back to the desert where they may concentrate their fun of killing upon their own kind as there is no room for that slime in a free society or we shall be defeated, subjugated and murdered by the Muslim slime.
        It is truly amazing that the White European (that's us Caucasians regardless of which country we live in) are so ignorant that we do not understand the serious nature of an "ism" and those who adopt it as their way of life tell us they intend to kill and enslave us if we do not convert to their Islamic slime, and then go about murdering us and enslaving us and we nincompoops just sit here on our thumbs like the Jews did in Nazi Germany as we are picked off a few at a time.
        T he Islamics are laughing up their sleeves at just how ignorant we have become and the fact that they are are 250-500 years ahead of their schedule to enslave the entire world.

        • KarshiKhanabad

          Nuke Makkah into glowing ashes & let the Muslims square that with their allegiance to their pagan moon god who would never let that happen.

          Meanwhile, any Muslim friendship with "infidels" is a false front since the Koran commands that there is no such thing outside of temporary made-to-be-broken truces.

        • Kevin Stroup

          Tex, it is not understanding that is the West's problem. It is cowardice. If you acknowledge Islam as a problem, then you must then ask: What are we going to DO about it? But that requires sweat, blood, money, death, and a lot of hard work. Just easier to ignore it and hope it goes away. But it won't go away. The people in Western civilized countries need to get physically in shape, train in martial arts, get armed, and most importantly, get psychologically prepared for some really awful things that are on our future. The government will not save you. In many cases it is using Islam as its shock troops on the conservative, pro-West people in its own countries. But people need to face up to a terrible reality. War is coming.

          • Drakken

            Whether we like it or not, war is coming. Chance favors the prepared mind.

    • D-Boy

      I have a sense that the starting point of cleaning up this mess is to do away with the UN. Kick all UN officials out of the US and close the doors to all real estate that has anything to do with the UN. Not one more dime and seize all UN funds in America. Tell the rest of the world you want to be a part of life? do the same. Then…? fight the war on terror. Oh yeah Impeach Obama for treason in giving aid and comfort to our enemy during the war on terror. He has done this too many times to not call it treason.

  • ziontruth

    "My own trouble with Islam, and the reason for calling it quits with my former friends, involved precisely what I understand as the immutable or essentialist nature of Islam."

    I disagree and yet agree. On the one hand, reinterpretation can go a long way. In the Torah, which Orthodox Jews hold to be the immutable, verbally dictated word of God just as Muslims do the Koran, reinterpretation has caused "An eye for an eye" to mean monetary compensation, even back when the Sanhedrin existed. The passages in the Christian New Testament that were for so long used as a pretext for Jew-hatred, such as "His blood be upon us and our children," have likewise been reinterpreted by the majority of Christians today to absolve the Jews of guilt. If there's a will there's a way.

    On the other hand, that's exactly the problem. Why should there be a will to reinterpret the jihadist verses in the Koran when jihad pays so rich dividends? With all the statesmen today scrambling to appease the Muslim world (including Muslim colonists in their own infidel countries), there's simply no incentive to reinterpret the Koran so as to enable Islam to coexist with others.

    "Neither is it feasible nor advisable nor morally acceptable to apply force or repressive legislation, even were it theoretically possible."

    If you mean forced conversion, then I concur; and even if I thought conversion was the best means of defusing Islam, I wouldn't call for it, because I'm an Orthodox Jew, and Judaism is famous for not seeking converts.

    What I envision (for my own country, of course; not my business what other countries decide to do) is not conversion but quarantine: Instead of the ineffective, wasteful efforts of reaching out to the other side, just keep its adherents completely outside your borders and let them stew in their own juice. Oil bankrolls the jihad, true, but it can be circumvented (the U.S. alone has so many treasures of oil, if only the government were willing to tap it) and alternative forms of energy (I'm in favor of nuclear, myself) will make it moot one day; but the reason why the jihad is a potent force in today's world is not the oil funding it so much as the establishment of bases for it on infidel soil. It's the multi-culti paradigm that's leaving us open to attack.

    Islam is imperialism, Marxism is treason.


      Socialism is treason.

      Look at Eurabia for proof.

    • TexRanger

      You are correct. Islam pays off as the politicians of the free world kowtow and give the Islamics billions of our dollars. The North Koreans and the Islamics have noted that the idiots of the free world are such lunatics that all they have to do is behave in a threatening manor and we will throw billions of dollars there way as well as fabricate excuses for their bad behavior.
      The North Koreans and the Islamics may be playing a very deadly game because, at some point, we of North European heritage, may suddenly realize what fools we have been and decide to rid the world of these dangerous snakes.

    • Defcon 4

      How would you go about reforming islam? It's as ridiculous a notion as reforming Nazism. It's fundamentally violent, supremacist, antisemitic and totalitarian.

    • traeh


      At one point in your comment you seem to assume that reinterpretation in a benign direction is as easy in one religion as in another religion. That's a mistake. Judaism and Christianity can be reinterpreted in increasingly humane ways because they start out from a basically human base, one that gives some scope for the individual and some scope for creativity. Islam starts out from an anti-human base. I'm not saying benign reinterpretation is impossible with Islam, but it's far, far more difficult with Islam than it is with Judaism and Christianity. Religions are not all the same.

  • Kathy

    Excellent article. As Bosch Fawstin recently wrote, “A good Muslim to us is a bad Muslim to them.” This can only end badly. As one reply says, with every unprovoked Muslim attack on free citizens, the anger against the Muslims will grow.

  • Jaladhi

    Anybody who thinks that Mo/allah was a perfect man to be emulated ought have his head examined. He has not left any kind of Islam. He is still a Muslim and will follow his jihad against us at any given moment of his choice. I would never trust Muslim or ex-Muslim still following Mo unless he has completely cut off ties with Mo/Islam who was the worst criminal in human history.

  • Jaladhi

    Islam is Islam!! There is no moderate Islam, no radical Islam, nothing like Islamism nor Islamist. Islam is what it is – violent, cruel, murderous, criminal – it will never ever change. We shpould not live in fear of Muslims. When they use force against us it should be answered with force because Muslims only understand the language of force. Reason, logic, peaceful co-existence,etc are all signs of weakness and they are emboldened to attack us more. We should understand the choice for us in daling with jihad and Muslims.

    • Jafri basron

      Your "nick" name -Jaladhi and your statement "Islam is what it is – violent, cruel, murderous, criminal " implied nothing but your de-arranged and sick mind.

      • Defcon 4

        And what's the standard solution to that islamo-nazi? A good head chopping? Or maybe a stoning? After all, we all know what muhammad said was to be done to those who renounce islam.

      • Jaladhi

        What's the matter?? Just like all Muslims you can't stand anybody telling the truth about Islam – plain and simple!! There is no implication but a direct statement of stark truth about Islam and Muslims. Leave Islam and be human!!

      • Pontotoc Bill

        Sorry, but Jaladhi got it right. Islam IS what it is – by the fruits of Islam – Murder, Rape, Terrorism, Theft, Slavery, etc. Islam IS a violent, cruel, murderous, criminal enterprise, not a religion.

        Islam bows down to allah. However, MooHammed was right when he tought it was Satan speaking to him instead of Gabriel. The lord of morning, the morning star is Lucifer who pretended to be Gabriel to give MooHammEd the load of demonic manure called the quran.

  • Michael Copeland

    Conflict is not coming: it is here.
    These unprovoked attacks are war. They will increase.

    • Jafri Basron

      Lest we forget the atrocities committed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Plalestine and many other part of the world …

      • Defcon 4

        Lying idiot. The vast number of civilian casualties in Iraq were not the result of the actions of coalition forces, but rather muslime on muslime violence (except in the cases where muslimes were killing Christians). If your muslime brethren in paleswine were to stop firing thousands of rocket and mortar rounds into Israel, unprovoked and without cause, Israel wouldn't have to respond by killling them.
        Go suck some camel urine, straight from the source, it's prophet recommended!

      • Drakken

        We muslim if you thought those were bad in your little muslim worldview, you ain't seen nothing yet, but you will.

  • kafir4life

    If you see a muslim, watch a muslim.

  • tamale

    Islamic values are in diametrical opposition to Judeo-Christian values. There is nothing moderate about Islam. We should all stop prefacing the ideology with adjectives eg moderate, radical, etc. Followers of Islam are fully deceived and to be pitied. Islam is full-blown insanity. We must be aware and ready to take appropriate measures to protect ourselves.

  • brigitte

    Real Islam together with Moderate Islam is the problem.

    Ban of “Medina Islam”: the quran would be so short there’d be no islam left. I don’t believe in it.

    Radical Islam:
    “Muhammad was the prophet who got everything horribly wrong. Muslims shall study Muhammad carefully and do the opposite. Muslims are honoured survivors of Real and Moderate islam. When they prostate 5 times a day apologising to humanity for the crimes of Non-Radical Islam, we may join them in lamenting past human savagery and stupidity”
    …is one solution.

    The other solution is permanent, total ban from healthy countries; deportation of Muslims to one of 57 Institutes for the Study of Psychopathology (OIC signatory countries).

    IMO, “choice by individual”, “not using legislation/force” no longer makes any sense. Of course we can and MUST exercise serious pressure! If we don’t, if islam keeps its monopoly on writing the rules, accumulated anger by non-muslims is bound to explode sooner or later, and THEN we’ll turn into dangerous, racist fascists. For ‘god’ sake, who decides in Muslim countries? Muslims. Who decides in non-Muslim countries? Muslims. And they’re among the stupidest least rational least compassionate people on this planet, and their countries the most dysfunctional! Let’s wake up. Let’s help them by helping ourselves.

  • http://frontpage richard sherman

    Muslims revere a sociopath named Muhammad who according to three haddiths PERSONALLY decapitated 600-900 UNARMED Jews in 627 of the Banu Quarayza tribe. CASE CLOSED.


      The Religion of Peace has already claimed the lives of 70,000+ in Syria with no end in sight.

      Eternal Damnation on the "prophet" muhammed.

    • Defcon 4

      Muhammad was also responsible for the complete ethnic cleansing of the peaceful, prosperous Jewish tribes who had lived in Saudi Arabia for centuries. An ethnic cleansing that still remains in force right now, in the 21st century.

  • loseyateefa

    A good 44 min video explanation by Dr. Bill Warner of of why we are afraid to look under the hood of Islam can be found here:
    It explains why only a minority of us recognize the evil inherent within Islam while the bulk of the world seems to have their head in the sand or elsewhere.

  • F.K. Juliano

    I'm an American citizen of Armenian descent. The Armenian people suffered domination and genocide at the hands of Muslims. I'm determined to do whatever I can to prevent it from happening to Americans. I urge my fellow Americans to do the same. The U.S. Constitution is neither suicide pact nor death warrant against Americans. It contains 27 amendments, and freeing the country from Islam justifies a 28th. The truth is that the Mohammedan death cult is only here to stay if we allow it. Just as it came, it ought to go, and the sooner the better.

  • esperanto

    There are other things the general public does not know.Like this:

    "The Greatest University of India at its Time was destroyed by the Muslims"

    "The Greatest Book in Arabic,the “Thousand and One Nights”,is a Copy of a pagan,pre-Islamic book from Iran"

    "The Legend that Could be True:the Cousin of Josephine,wife of Napoleon,had been made a Slave and later Wife of the Ottoman Sultan"

  • visitor

    Every religion has evolved, some sooner than others.

    In the Torah, the punishment for violating Shabbat is death by stoning. But we Jews don't do that today.
    The Christian church burned women for "witchcraft," massacred Jews and Muslims in the Crusades, and suppressed science; they don't do that today.
    It doesn't matter what the Muslims did 1400 years ago any more than it matters what the Greeks or the Romans or the Persians or the Mongols did. What matters is what they do now.

    The Islamic fascists say that the West is at war with the Muslim religion and that therefore the world's 1.5 billion Muslims should make war on the West. And you play right into their hands by saying our enemy is not Islamic fundamentalist terror gangs but rather the entire religion and everyone who believes in it. I don't think that is a very intelligent strategy.

    • Jaladhi

      Yeah, it matters what Muslims did 1400 uears ago – Muslims are still doing what they did in the sevent century and subsequently until today. They declared all non-Muslims as their enemy and declared war on them and that is what they are doing now. They have declared war on 5 billion non-Muslims and and yet keep saying we have declared war on them. That is the height of hypocrisy. They claimed victimhood in the seventh century and they have been victims ever since then and yet they have systematically killed more than 300 million non-Muslims in last 1400 years. What a bunch of taqiyyah you are peddling here. So according to you the religion was started by a gang of Islamic fundamentalists and yet you follow the same funadmentalist religion! You want to separate yourself from the bunch of fundamentalists and yet tomorrow you will be one them without hesitation. Islamic lies and taqiyya has to stop and the truth about Islam has to be spread far and wide.

    • sablegsd

      You said it. You don't think. There is no moderate islam, there is no extreme islam. There is only islam. And it's evil. These inbred, brain dead, violent, sadistic, misogynistic, pedophiliac, necrophiliac, animal raping sub human cannibals have NO redeeming qualities. Also, it's not a religion. It's a 7th century barbaric form of totaltarian, repressive government.

    • Drakken

      The only way islam is going to change is at the point of a gun with our boots on their necks, anything less than that is wishful thing.

    • traeh


      The reason Judaism and Christianity have been able to reform in a humane direction is that they start from a human base that gives some scope for the individual and for creativity. Islam does not start from such a base. Reform in a humane direction will be far far more difficult for Islam.

      What matters is what the prime exemplar for Muslims, Muhammad, did. He is considered the best of men and his example is considered valid for all time.

      To see what I'm talking about, check out the well-referenced site &lt <a href="http://;;Quoting” target=”_blank”>;;Quoting Islam, which quotes verbatim the canonical core texts of Islam on things Muhammad did and said. Every quote is linked to a database at a university, or to the earliest Muslim biography of Muhammad. You will be shocked at what Muhammad did and said, according to the core Islamic texts themselves. Then maybe you will drop your false moral equivalence between the Judeo-Christian tradition and Islam. The similarities are purely superficial.

  • Rory Gorey

    Islam does not tolerate other religions, nor does it tolerate democracy; its over mission is to subjugate religions and governments. To protect Islam because we believe in freedom of religion is to invite an ideology to take hold that will do away with that very freedom.

  • Scaramouche

    Re "the historical fact that the Prophet was also a conquering warlord who engaged in raids for booty and committed bloody and indiscriminate acts of slaughter"–the same can be said of, say, Genghis Khan and Atilla the Hun, neither of whom were clever enough to start their own religions. If they had, there would likely be followers of both these "prophets"–let's call them Khanists and Hunnites–today.

  • kafir4life

    The muslims will say "there are over 1.5 billion muslims." The way I see it, it's 4-1 against.

    NEVER hire a muslim. We don't. NEVER shop in a muslim's store. We won't. Avoid businesses that hire muslims, but explain to management why you won't do business with them, to give them an opportunity to correct it. It's strictly a safety issue. I wouldn't want to be in a room with a rabid dog. It's like that with muslims.

    If you see a muslim, watch a muslim.

    • Defcon 4

      The above is EXACTLY what muslimes are doing in the USA today. I used to work at a Fortune 500 company, the one division who had a muslime VP was called the Dearborn division, because ALL the managers and directors were muslimes as were the majority of drones and the percentages of kufrs/infidels in the Dearborn division decreased on an annual basis.

    • wandsworthpriest

      You have to re-phrase that so that u wont be accused of anything. Say, 'I will boycott the sharia or any business or people who support the sharia, be they man, woman or beast. And Allah knows best.'

  • Defcon 4

    "Neither is it feasible nor advisable nor morally acceptable to apply force or repressive legislation, even were it theoretically possible." Then you lose. This nicely written essay would constitute a criminal act in any islamofascist state on the face of the earth today. Unicorns and rainbow hugging aren't going to stop the totalitarian, intolerant, Jew hating ideology that is islam.

  • geoffreybritain

    The author does IMO an outstanding job. He does however leave out an important point. WHY a strict interpretation of Islam consistently wins out over a more liberal one.

    Islam's most fundamental tenet is why.

    Muhammad emphatically declared that he is NOT the Qur'an's author. That he only took DICTATION from the arch-angel Gabriel who TRANSMITTED Allah's DIRECT testimony. With Gabriel making sure that Muhammad got it exactly right. (angels don't make mistakes)

    There's absolutely NO wiggle room there, NO possibility for misinterpretation. If Muhammad told the truth, then this is Allah's very words and NO man may change even a comma because to do so would set man's understanding above God's. On the other hand, if Muhammad didn't tell the truth, then he was either a liar or deluded. In which case, Islam's entire theological infrastructure collapses.

    This is why there has been no reform in Islam, it cannot tolerate reform because to do so requires rejecting Muhammad's most fundamental claim, making him either a liar or deluded. It simply doesn't get more basic than who wrote the Qur'an. For if Muhammad got THAT wrong, what else did he get wrong?

    • D-Boy

      well He got TRUTH ABOUT GOD WRONG! He listened to the devil and he personally rejected everything God said about himself. Poor Mo he believed a lie from the father of lies.

      • geoffreybritain

        Most of us realize that D-Boy. I was speaking within the context of Muslim belief, as to the 'whys' mentioned in my comment. If you're a Muslim, you have to be a fundamentalist or you're violating the most fundamental tenets of the religion you profess. Moderates simply pretend otherwise.

  • kafirman

    Lovely article: a blend of a narrative of redemptive relationships intended towards Muslims and a lament that those Muslims have used Islam to unskin themselves of their humanity so as to stymie themselves of making sociological progress.

  • sablegsd

    No such thing as a good muslim and they were NEVER your friends. Beats me why anyone would even want to associate with the evil, inbred, sadistic worthless stains on humanity.

    • Defcon 4

      I used to know a muslime guy. He was never what I would call a friend and he was always trying to get me to do his work for him. In any case, one night I was working late and so was he, we were the only people in the office and he began spouting the most unreal racist, antisemitic vomit I've ever heard in my life. He was an Arabic muslime, yet his vitriol for non-whites was amazing, as was his delusional antisemitism (which I now find par for the course w/any scuzzlum).

    • Drakken

      Sure there is such thing as a good muslim, you know the rest.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Plainly, under the aegis of “reform,” Islam would cease to exist."

    Works for me.

  • Infovoyeur

    [1.] As to the nature of Islam. I read online a collection of two dozen comments on Islam by Western historical figures–Churchill, Jefferson, many more. I had the impression of a rubber stamp. ALL evoked what I called a "hermetically-sealed" (airtight, brittle) aura or aspect of that religion. So either (A) they were just multiculturally insensitive, continuing stereotypes of the Other, or (B) THEY SAW TOWARD THE TRUTH currently blocked.
    [2.] As for what to do? Alas, the seemingly-draconian, but actually self-preserving, methods needed will be blocked by plural factors (unawareness, denial, structure of democratic society, etc.) which readers here know well…
    [3.] And So: Well, global warming is now a given (uncontrollable momentum) and our political cultural survival is more possible than climate collapse, but by how much????????? "Later"

  • Samuel

    We MUST treat islam (which I refuse to capitalize) the SAME way the British treated Thuggee, and for the same reasons.

  • Ellman

    "The truth is that Islam is here to stay and the specter of conflict and misunderstanding will not magically disappear. It is inevitable."

    Like the eternal conflict between good and evil, the conflict between Western ideals and culture and those of Islam will never cease unless, and until, one of these subdues the other. This is, of course, the publicly pronounced goal of Islamists. They will never surrender to the West but whether the West will surrender to them is not as clear.

  • vanhetgoor

    @ David Solway

    You are right! But I do not yet make the decision to kick all moslems out of my life, I still believe that it is possible to make humans out of them. Maybe I am wrong, maybe a few souls can be saved.

    What I am serious about, the islam is a criminal organisation. Never stop telling that! Without the moderate islam there would no be any funds to pay for the raping-and-killing islam. Therefor the moderate islam should be fought, those who give money are the real criminals! The moslems by culture only are the real bastards!

  • @proud2b4family

    Anyone here ever read Frank Herbert's fictional "Dune" series? It's set 10,000+ years into the human future and features jihad, with elements of Islam, as a primary method of conquering the universe.

    My suspicion is that Herbert was a bit of a prophet himself. This will go on for ages.

  • sheikyermami

    “millions upon millions of peaceable and reasonable Muslims who are loyal and productive citizens of the Western nations to which they have given their allegiance. No sane person would contend otherwise.”

    Scratch the surface and see what you find.

    “Wherever Islamic psychology rules, there is the inevitable rule of despotism and criminal aggression.

    ‘The danger lies in Islamic psychology, which cannot integrate itself into the world of efficiency and progress, that lives in a world of illusion, perturbed by attacks of inferiority complexes and megalomania, lost in dreams of the holy sword.

    “The danger stems from the totalitarian conception of the world, the passion for murder deeply rooted in their blood, from the lack of logic, the easily inflamed brains, the boasting, and above all: the blasphemous disregard for all that is sacred to the civilized world…their reactions — to anything — have nothing to do with good sense.

    “They are all emotion, unbalanced, instantaneous, senseless. It is always the lunatic that speaks from their throat.

    “You can talk ‘business’ with everyone, and even with the devil. But not with Allah… ”

    Dr A. Carlebach, 60 years ago……

  • stu4

    David, I love your work, including your literary and education criticism-and your poetry, which I need to delve more deeply into.
    I am, however, very disturbed by what I have just read. You have decided to end two, by your admission, good friendships because these Muslim friends of yours will not declare Islam to be a fraud and become ex-Muslims. Even if we accept your essentialist take on Islam , what is so objectionable if they continue to tilt at their Muta’zalite windmills and try to sway their fellow Muslims away from Islamism?
    Your decision seems unfeeling, unreasonable, and ideologically zealous on your part. People don’t easily throw off their entire cultural heritage. Keep in mind, also, that Hirsi went through horrific traumas, ones not experienced by your two friends-I’m assuming, of course. They can’t but nurse a desire to remake Islam in a Western image while retaining its distinctive piety. They want to reanimate a certain strain of Islam, which did actually exist at one time. Are they drunk on hope and cultural pride, doomed to fail? Maybe, as you cogently argue.
    But given that they embrace the most essential political and cultural tenants of Western Liberalism, given their willingness to speak out against Islamism, why demand that they renounce the religion they were born into?

  • mebuckwheat

    Arabs have had a burr up their butt since Abraham kicked Hagar and Ishmael out of the tent.

  • poetcomic1

    If the Muslim is not a member of a mosque he is not a practicing Muslim. If an American Muslim IS a member of a mosque, then over 80% of these mosques have been found to have radical associations, preach hate and distribute hate literature. Case closed.

  • Nabaa

    This post is just a sad rambling of a man that has nothing to do.

    with a holy book brimming with commandments to kill, mutilate, tax and enslave those it denominates as “infidels,”

    I was born a muslim,i am only 19 but i would like to know where in the entire Quran is it written that we should kill, murder and mutilate anyone. I hate people like you from the bottom of my heart who blindly believe things without researching anything on their own…maybe try actually reading it before judging.

    ignoring completely the historical fact that the Prophet was also a conquering warlord who engaged in raids for booty and committed bloody and indiscriminate acts of slaughter.

    And you are an ignorant bastard because just incase you didnt know the prophet Mohammed p.b.u.h was declared the best man to have ever lived somthing you couldnt even dream of.