The Greatest Scandal of Them All

dc_edited-1An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

— attributed to Marcus Tullius Cicero.

We have been reading of late of the blizzard of scandals that has buffeted the Obama administration. Every week or so a major storm wracks the political climate in the U.S., so much so that it is hard not to grow somewhat blasé. Whether it’s the odium of the Benghazi betrayal and ensuing cover-up; or the IRS training its sights on conservative and pro-Israeli organizations; or the DOJ seizing the phone records of News sources; or the Attorney General caught lying (or conveniently forgetting) about a subpoena against a FOX News reporter; or NSA snooping on Verizon customers under a court order granted in April, as if replicating thriller novelist Brad Thor’s grisly tale about internal espionage, Black List; or a follow-up spy program code-named PRISM, expanding an operation begun under George W. Bush that was relatively measured, judicially redrawn and discontinued in 2007, but now, in the words of Matthew Vadum; “a warrantless surveillance program on steroids”—the time comes when we expect nothing less of a meretricious administration.

The scandals go back years: the Affordable Health Care Act passed in the middle of the night and encrypted in thousands of pages that nobody seems to have read; a multi-billion dollar stimulus project that didn’t stimulate anything; the defrauding of Chrysler’s secured creditors in favor of the UAW when the auto company went bankrupt; the Fast and Furious gun-running plan yet to be clarified by the Attorney General; the loans and grants to crony Green entrepreneurs who regularly fail to meet their goals and end up in default; the numbing disgrace of a Muslim outreach scheme that has seen known terrorists and dubious Islamic groups and individuals welcomed at the White House and operating to influence policy at the highest levels of government. The net result is always the same: a modest degree of public indignation followed by business as usual. Sarah Palin is on the money when she laments that “Obama supporters…naively and blindly (despite failure after failure and scandal after scandal) continue to give him the benefit of the doubt.” After all, this may be a scandal-prone administration, there have been others, let’s move on.

In an article for the Wall Street Journal titled “The Decline of the Obama Presidency,” Fred Barnes argues that Obama’s second term is coming undone not because of scandals but because of inept decisions made during his first term—his sclerotic partisanship, his alienating of potential allies, his broken promises. For Barnes, the scandals themselves are not the major factor in “the Obama breakdown,” though they “have worsened his plight and made recovery next to impossible.” Even The New York Times editorializes that the Obama administration has “lost all credibility.”

In a most important way, however, we have tended to miss the point. We do not have the leisure of indifference or jaded boredom. Concerned citizens have no choice but to grapple, in the succinct depiction of PJ Media’s Roger Simon, with “the absolute Orwellian madness that is the Obama administration.” The issue is not simply that the U.S. government under the suzerainty of Barack Obama is beset by a concatenation of scandals or has proved itself incompetent. Indeed, pace Barnes, poor decision making may be considered scandalous as well. But the real scandal is Barack Obama himself, a man demonstrably unfit to be president of the United States, who makes the hapless Jimmy Carter and the sleazy Bill Clinton look like choir boys. The scandal is that America is being led by a man about whom we know all too little, who has placed his salient records under seal (including his original birth certificate)—a man who, as Bill Schanefelt writes in in an article titled “President Photoshop” in American Thinker, has “left surprisingly few documented footprints in the sands of time”; who is assiduously liquidating the economy; who is gutting the military while rendering it a politically correct monstrosity; whose foreign policy lies in shambles as he cozies up to dictators and theocrats or sits on the sidelines twiddling his thumbs; and who gives every indication of having managed to evade the responsibilities not only of his position but of genuine adulthood.

One might be forgiven for thinking of him as a paragon of cluelessness, except for the fact that, like a spoiled child, he is determined to get his way and has mastered the art of persuasion all along the spectrum from the temper tantrum to surreptitious appeal to feigned innocence—whatever works. The prophecy of Isaiah has come to pass: “As for my people, children are their oppressors…”(3:12). The child in this case is certainly precocious, shows himself adroit at manipulating both his peers and his elders, and has been educated by a battery of mentors whose outlook on the world is indisputably malign—theft masking as “social justice” and “redistribution,” antisemitism, unchecked spending, ends justifying means, the evils of free speech, deception as virtue, self-indulgence rather than duty and obligation. The president has been well schooled in the arts of his masters. No one can deny that Obama is clever, but it is a cleverness in the service of moribund and irresponsible policies. This is Barack Obama, a curious amalgam of petty vindictiveness and ingratiating charm, freighted with a leftwing agenda that has faltered everywhere save in his own sectarian mind. Manifestly, he is not presidential material, not by any stretch of the most enamored imagination, as the country will belatedly learn to its own prohibitive cost.

America has put a disaster in the White House. “America, as my generation knew it,” writes Richard McKenzie Neal in America…Hanging By A Thread, “is but an abstract distortion of a time when our country was sustained by the substance of its people. Today’s general population seems to live in a vacuum of ignorance and complacency.” In effect, Obama is a reflection of Rousseau’s “general will,” the very image and compendium of a lax, frivolous, puerile and intellectually suborned public that has voted into office its own synoptic representation. But Obama has taken the political game a giant step further, enfeebling the republican structure of a once-great nation and governing in a manner that will eventually impoverish, peonize and endanger the same electorate that gave him their trust and adoration and placed the reins of power in his hands. They are the victims-in-waiting of what Michael Savage has aptly called Trickle Up Poverty.

For under Obama’s leadership, the nation is in full retreat on every front, both domestic and foreign. Domestically, the debt and the deficit are rising exponentially; real unemployment remains staggeringly high and remunerative jobs are drying up, except for the burgeoning public sector and government sinecures; fiat money continues to be printed; a proliferating tangle of business regulations is garroting the economy; entitlement spending is creating an underclass of dependents and parasites that weakens the fiber of the nation; confiscatory taxes are shrinking the Middle Class; environmentalism-gone-mad is sapping productivity; and FBI training manuals are being scrubbed of references to the Islamic source of local terrorism and thus increasing the likelihood of jihadist atrocities on American soil.

The international theater is equally menacing. Obama likes to boast that al-Qaeda is on the run. This is true in a way, for al-Qaeda is indeed running—straight toward us. North Korea is exporting its nuclear technology to America’s enemies while America dithers. China is militarizing and expanding its influence in the Pacific. Russia is flexing its geopolitical muscles. Turkey is aiming for a neo-Ottoman Caliphate. The Palestinians are bloodsuckers on American largesse, offering nothing in return but self-righteous intransigence, a false historical narrative and systemic Jew-hatred. Egypt, Libya and Syria are imploding—the first two thanks to American meddling and the last—well, we recall that Hillary Clinton lauded Assad as a “reformer.” Iraq and Afghanistan are going rogue. Terror-sponsoring Iran is on the verge of nuclear capability and has made no secret of its enmity toward the U.S. Meanwhile Obama does nothing but take vacations, preen on television, switch to campaign mode, target his local adversaries, appoint fools, political dandiprats and ideological doppelgängers to positions of power, and blab about “red lines” to no effect but his own embarrassment. “When the blast of war is in our ears,” exhorts Shakespeare’s Henry V, “then imitate the action of the tiger/Stiffen the sinews…/then lend the eye a terrible aspect.” Obama has imitated the action of the sheep, relaxed the sinews, and gazed benignly upon our enemies.

Apart from pursuing a narrow and rigid social(ist) agenda, Obama is in way beyond his depth, especially in the field of foreign relations. Arguably, this may be his intention, to render the United States unrecognizable to itself and ultimately to turn it into an international laughing stock, a waning power no longer to be taken seriously. Given his “disdain for his country,” writes David Horowitz in the explosive pamphlet How Obama Betrayed America, Obama “has set in motion policies meant to make America far from indispensable—a diminished nation that ‘leads from behind’.” But Obama’s glaring mismanagement of America’s interests may also indicate, perhaps no less plausibly, a feckless and myopic understanding of realpolitik and a complete inability to play with the big boys. His political immaturity coupled with his natural cynicism is equaled only by his bloated self-regard, and America’s adversaries have taken definitive advantage of the debilitating flaws of his temperament.

There should be no doubt about this in any rational mind. The various scandals plaguing the current administration are distractions. Poor decision making is a common trait—Eisenhower’s self-admitted mishandling of the Suez Crisis, Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs, Carter’s support of the Iranian Shia revolution, and so on. What we are observing now is different by an order of magnitude, a kind of logarithmic spike on the scandal scale. There is a catastrophe afflicting the U.S. and it is summed up and embodied in the person of Barack Obama—his election to the Oval Office, the policies he has subsequently enacted, the vectors of his character on daily display, the progressively devastating consequences of his tenure. “Let us make no mistake about this,” as the president is fond of saying. The greatest scandal of them all is the present occupant of the White House.

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  • JerseyJoe

    Excellent! Bravo. Complete, succinct and direct to the point! Thank you!

  • Adam

    Excellent and frightening description. Obama is the quintessential child King. He wants to rule while pretending to govern. Unfortunately when this President /child throws a temper tantrum real people suffer.

  • Rdlake

    Wow! Great article

  • Kate Curry


    • Bert

      We cannot say that we were not warned. But what to do? How to defend and to push back? There is a critical disconnect here.
      We need local leadership and local ways to nullify Obama’s treason at every turn. There are ways to step away from the ‘grid’ to make ourselves less reliant on big banks, big, medicine, big education, big media, big energy, etc. We need practical, successful, examples that can be copied all over the country.
      Conservative talk show hosts are of no help. They never invite listeners with practical ideas to provide input for dissemination. We can even learn something from those Muslims who organize in Egypt and Turkey to rebel in the streets. It is even easier to organize here and less dangerous. At some point we Americans must mount a sustained public protest to directly challenge Obama’s police state.

      • Kate Curry

        Geez, Bert, you’re making me feel like I oughta do something. I’m already trying to live semi-off the grid, but my garden is a big flop. It’s not that easy when you don’t have the money to sink into generators and wells and chicken coops and barns, etc. (Pardon my whining, please.) Not to mention there’s not a single grist mill for . . .well, I don’t know where there are any operating grist mills. Do you? There used to be one at Spring Mill State Park in Indiana.

        Yeah, conservative talk shows, fair and balanced news organizations, conservative blogs are almost devoid of practical ideas. I agree that we Americans must mount a sustained — and very large — CO-ORDINATED protest against Obama’s police state, plus all the other politician-crooks on Capitol Hill and every other place they infest.

        Also, if you’re some government operative, just know you’re gonna have to kill me to shut me up. Although, I’m getting old so you can probably just wait.

        • Bert

          Hi Kate. I am a frustrated old geezer. Have been an energy activist for 20 years trying to get officials to pay attention to the work of suppressed energy inventors. See Seems that both parties are determined to keep us enslaved to oil no matter what. The suppression of energy inventors has been going on for a century and is emblematic of our steady slide into a police state. The question is whether the public will wake up before it is too late. Energy freedom has been my issue because I understand the toxic politics of energy suppression and the price we pay for unwittingly funding our enemies. The biggest obstacle remains apathy and yet I cannot quite bring myself to give up.

          • Kate Curry

            There’s no reason to go gently, Bert. Never, never, never give up.
            I had a journalist friend who worked for a renewable fuels magazine. She thought it was pretty much a racket. But I go now to check out your link. Thanks.

          • Kate Curry

            Whoa! That looks interesting! And a little daunting, but I shall read . . .and share.

  • dizzyizzy

    First, understand petit-bourgeois radicalism, which is where I place POTUS. See Even if his mission is to take America down, he is in line with prior liberal internationalists like Wilson and other populist-progressives.

  • Alan
  • Jsjk

    Excellent assessment. But, given the electorate, no matter the disaster of Obama, to borrow a phrase, they probably think, “What difference does it make?” Until the entire nation is on its knees and crumbling — maybe not even then — will they ever wake up? I can only shake my head in disbelief — and all these multiple scandals? Have they hurt Obama in the least? I don’t think so. Obozo welcomes the scandals — the more the better — it just shows how tough he is and that he can withstand anything, and the media and his worshippers will stand and applaud his every disaster.

  • tokoloshiman

    well said!

  • Bill Cloven

    I beg to differ. True, as a President he is an unmitigated disaster, but as an Enemy Agent dedicated to the destruction of the United States, his administration has been pure genius. Everything is going exactly as he planned. He is far from a failure.

  • Suzanne

    This situation has been going on for years and the hippies and leftists are now winning big time. Even 13 years ago, George W. Bush won the election by a thread as the WW2 generation, once such a formidable voting bloc, started to die. A country is only as good as its people. What can anyone do when most Americans don’t have the political sophistication to understand the concepts that made this country great? What can one do when this country keeps letting in people from the third world who never have really understood the roots of our amazing success and immediately need government assistance assuring their votes for the left? Yes, we can continue to educate, we can organize etc, but in the end, it’s going to be a massive job turning this country around. We should start with drastically decreasing immigration until we can educate the people who are here now (legally). Then conservatives should take every page out of the leftists strategy manual and do their best into influencing the schools, colleges, media, public entertainment etc. We need a huge increase of people with conservative values and we need it now.


      This is a very good short summary of how we as conservatives need to proceed. The reason the Left has been winning is because we let them win the culture wars, and once in control of education and media they were in a position to dumb down the electorate to the point that a man like Barry Soetoro could become elected President.

      I would only add to decreasing immigration and the other points you cite the importance of taking over the Republican Party. We have the numbers to do it, but the Establishment has in the past been better-organized than we.

  • georgacollins

    Absolutely nailed it. It should be published on every news media outlet in the country because it is blisteringly honest.

  • PouponMarks

    He is not inept. He is the front man for the Trans-national elite, hidebound Marxists and Communists, which strives for a One World Government in total control of all the World’s resources and people. Mega money and ultimate power are interchangeable. This relatively small number sees themselves as an elite that must control people out of necessity for a false utopia that masks naked desire for power. Read Alinsky and the Frankfurt School and its spin offs and affiliations.

    This is a retrogression to the era of royalty and landed gentry, hereditary lordship.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Who the hell is deleting my posts? Does the order come from David? Are you running from the truth that Barry Obama has usurped the office of the POTUS? Shame on Frongpage for ignoring the scandal of the century.

  • spyeatte

    It can be turned around with the right leader – Reagan turned the Carter disaster around. The fundamental American spirit is still there – simmering.

  • slhancock

    Well said! This is as good a description of Obama as you will read anywhere. And your comments about him being the “child king” are so apropos! His first term was marked with petulance in his public remarks, only to be chided by his handlers to go back out and get it right. Then we’d see a more serious, but not better, response. Now we have the constant petulance, arrogance, lying, etc. I cannot even stand to hear his voice any longer.


    With this article, Solway gives us the best short description of the Obama Presidency ever. He puts his fingers on Obama’s flaws and traces his policy failures back to them as well as describing the horrific effect they are having on this suffering nation.


    It may have been disqus. Frontpage is a great organization, but it’s small and may well have to outsource the monitoring of this forum.

  • The Oppo Man

    What perplexes me is why everyone is now up in arms about this degenerate. I could have told you this “thing” was a problem when his name was on the ballot in 2007. One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. – Plato

  • Ellman48

    “Concerned citizens have no choice but to grapple, in the succinct depiction of PJ Media’s Roger Simon, with “the absolute Orwellian madness that is the Obama administration.”

    The key phrase is “NO CHOICE BUT TO GRAPPLE”. How can any sane and rational person simply ignore the MADNESS which we have been living through since Jan 2009 unless they move to a remote island in the Pacific devoid of any news about what is transpiring here? Madness and insanity describe our situation precisely!

  • Ellman48

    “The scandal is that America is being led by a man about whom we know all
    too little, who has placed his salient records under seal (including
    his original birth certificate)—a man who, as Bill Schanefelt writes in in an article titled “President Photoshop” in American Thinker,
    has “left surprisingly few documented footprints in the sands of time”;
    who is assiduously liquidating the economy; who is gutting the military
    while rendering it a politically correct monstrosity; whose foreign
    policy lies in shambles as he cozies up to dictators and theocrats or
    sits on the sidelines twiddling his thumbs; and who gives every
    indication of having managed to evade the responsibilities not only of
    his position but of genuine adulthood.”

    Obama is the beneficiary of his skin color which counts for far more than his lack of experience and irrelevant experience. He represents the nation’s desire to purge itself of the guilt and shame it imposed on itself during the Civil Rights movements in the 1960’s. Many thought that he would finally enable the US to put its racial tensions and animosities behind it. Instead he has divided the nation along ethnic, racial, demographic, economic grounds to such an extent that we may never undo the damage unless (and if) a real leader emerges who can unify the country on some common moral principle. The Democrats expect everyone to agree with their agenda and when they don’t the Dems move to Plan B – Alinsky’s methods for dealing with opponents.

  • truebearing

    Another devastingly eloquent post by David Solway.
    What has confused people about Obama from the very beginning is that they assumed his goal was to improve and strengthen America. When he promised to “transform America,” they didn’t bother to research his past for clues as to how he would do all of the wonderful, and vague, things he promised. It certainly never occurred to most Americans that they would hate the transformation, or worse, that the “transformation” was actually intentional destruction. Simply researching his past would have clearly exposed the truth, and therefore his lies.
    The great — and false — American assumption is that any president, regardless of party, will automatically do what he thinks will protect and prosper this nation. Obama used that assumption to get into office. Obama may well be incompetent at growing the economy, conducting a successful foreign policy, acting as a Commander-In-Chief, or even living up to the presidential oath…..but all of that is irrelevant to him. From Day 1, Obama’s perverse and insidious goal was to deceive, destroy, diminish, and degrade America. Obama encouraged Americans to project their values onto his blank screen, knowing they would vote for an image of him that they, not he, created. Obama the perfidious, always the consumate liar, tricked Americans into lying to themselves.

    • Teddi

      Very well said. :o)

      • truebearing


    • JustAskin’

      I presume by “They didn’t bother to research his past” you’re referring to the MSM. In the time running up to the 2008 elections I remember hearing about his associations with people like Bill Ayers for example and said to myself “Better watch out for this guy. He’s not who he says he is.” The ones that knew and cared used their vote (in the end more so for Palin rather than McCain, but that’s another matter). The MSM (reality tv pretenders) wanted the feel good of promoting a person who appears to be black; it’s sad to think of the missed opportunities there to carry on the fight against poverty and prejudice. America has been set up with this imposter. Someone that doesn’t even know what he’s going to talk about until he gets his “talking points” placed before him on the podium. Does anyone really think this person (celebrity, athlete wanna-be) is the leader of this nation? Great article Mr. Solway.

      • truebearing

        I was actually refering to the voters, whose responsibility as citizens is to make sure they know who and what they are voting for. I had given up on the media a long time ago, but the same applies to them.

        • JustAskin’

          I certainly agree with that as well. It seems very few were doing their homework in preparing their vote by vetting this candidate. The press was lax (and that’s probably giving them a lot of credit) in getting any kind of info out there too. Their hate for Booossshhhh!!! ran deep.

  • truebearing

    “The prophecy of Isaiah has come to pass: ‘As for my people, children are their oppressors…'(3:12). ”

    While there is much in this post to admire, I especially like the brilliant choice of the quote from Isaiah to describe our national curse. Obama is a pathological narcissist, and a narcissist is essentially someone who has remained emotionally infantile — they are the center of the universe. This fits Obama like shrink wrap.

  • 8ball

    David Solway is a Canadian treasure and an inspiration to thinking Americans.

  • ca1

    excellent descriptive expose of what we’re enduring… my question remains… how does he get away w/this? does the chicago thuggery machine have a scandal story on EVERYONE in every branch of the government and media?? the house of cards that IS this administration must begin to fall… and soon!

  • Barb3000

    From what I can find the out the Tea party in several states are trying to attract other conservatives to start a movement to impeach Obama. On guy said he already had at least several thousand signed up. A guy on one of the blogs mentioned about a march in LA against Obama. I found it on google. Something like this might be the way to wake up the country. I’s worth a try. If the public sees others trying to do something about removing this guy from the White House they would be more inclined to join.

  • bodge

    Someone once asked me “If you were born early enough in time to have been a soldier in the german army at the time hitler came to power and you knew what was going to happen in 5 years time, all the mass murders, the genocide, the hate and the war, what would you do about it??” So I sat long and hard all week end thinking about that little problem and when we went back to class I said “I would inform the public exactly whats going on telling them everything I know and undoubtedly would be either assasinated, put in a mental institution or be accused of a crime I could never have committed” and the teacher sat there looking at me whilst various ignorant sheep guffawed and tittered. He didnt speak he just wrote something on a sheet of paper and folded it away. Every other person in the class said they would shoot him or somehow kill him but thats not how it works because when you have a dictatorial, psychopathic mass murderer in power he is ALWAYS surrounded by useful idiots who think they are protecting something great and they ALWAYS hide behind the “law”. 96% of people are far too afraid to even think of doing anything either because they are natural cowards or just afraid to go breaking the law but under a psychopathic dictatorship everything you do is against the law, you are only “allowed, to live if you stay quiet”

  • kafirman

    Although this essay mentions the global warming culture, it misses the larger
    point of evolutionism and its incompatibility with the self-evidency of
    “nature and nature’s God.” Yet there are few essays on the Obama
    administration that rival this excellent essay, either by insight or