Even the Arabs Have Turned “Injun”

storyArabs have now joined the protest business, imitating the American Indian mascot issue and the language of victimhood. The Arab-American Discrimination Committee has protested California’s Coachella Valley High School mascot of the traditional Arab image.  That would include images of the belly dancer, the magic carpet, the saber wielding cutthroat warrior, etc. This image, of course, was chosen by the school (80 years ago) rather than the modern image of the lying, murderous mayhem Muslim, the cruel, self-idolizing Islamic Arab so detrimental to all free nations, so intend on humiliating, denigrating, even enslaving all other people and all other religion.

But “ethnic stereotyping” was the accusation levied by the ADC in their November 1, 2013 letter to Dr. Darryl S. Adams, Superintendent of the Coachella Valley Unified School District.  They even protest the beautiful kaffiya, the headdress worn by virtually every Arab in Saudi today.

They don’t want the Arab to be a mascot, like liberal Indians don’t want Indians being used as mascots.  This is the white liberal racial agitation training, and Arabs have picked up on it entirely, always looking to abuse American political jargon to advance their own Islamic colonization in free societies, with the intent to deny all basic freedom.

The Coachella Valley High School was established in 1910, about 135 miles southeast of Los Angeles, and the Arab mascot was espoused in 1920’s (or in the 1930’s) in honor of a once large Arab colony involved in the date palm growing industry there. The name was considered a gift to the Arab peoples for their contribution to the economy of the Coachella Valley and certainly not meant as a slight or insult.  As of today, of course, the school is 98% Mexican-American. Certainly wasn’t so in the 1920’s or 30’s.

The racist media instinctively leaped to support the effort to change the mascot.  Following every pattern created by the professional American Indian protesters (like the American Indian Movement and their leftovers), and their Communist Manifesto playbook procedures, the arrogant Arabs are throwing their kaffiya into the ring of racially abused minorities, and media is the primary tool accompanying the side-walk protests and published letters to authorities.

Huffington puffed about the Arab mascot protest on December 12.  Fox news hit it earlier, on November 7, the same time USAToday dramatized it.  And a local paper in Florida even got in the act. The Orlando Sentinel ran the story November 7.  (The Sentinel, however, was pleased to include photos of several Indian mascots to validate the Arab protest.)

Huffington puffs:

It’s a twist on a decades-old issue that has centered primarily on Native American mascots, logos and nicknames and has transformed Indians to Cardinal at Stanford University and Chieftains to Redhawks at Seattle University.

But the Arab debate spurs the same set of questions: Is it possible to craft a mascot in the image of an ethnic group that doesn’t offend, or are schools better off scrapping the idea altogether?

The debate comes as the more familiar Indian controversy has gained increased heat.

No question about the Indian basis for this.  The Arab spiel is obviously superficial, manipulative, and hackneyed.  But, Arabs have wielded American political language to sneak in their cruel, tyrannical sharia for decades.  Even the “Palestinians” tried to imitate American Indian protests, even dressing in cheap, dime-store Indian costumes to emphasize their imagined affinity with the American Indian plight.  This is all wholly denigrating to the American Indian, professional liberal or not.

Arabs love to intimidate, to invade, to take over, to denigrate, humiliate, and to demonstrate superiority, at any level. This is why mosques are built on formerly Jewish or Christian sites.  Great sportsmen, these murderous Arab Muslims.  There is nothing “Indian” about this.

The Arab, never having a reputation for peace, for mutual respect, nevertheless has a unique aesthetic, and no doubt a unique appeal to the world.  The “stereotype” that the Coachella Valley High School employs is actually the more positive image, one that accentuates the free-flowing spirit, the sensual beauty, and the appeal of natural enthusiasm and aggression. This is to say nothing of the Arab accomplishments in calligraphy, art, science, exploration, and even philosophy. But, this is all forgotten in modern times.  They stand only for fraud, deception, cruelty, and tyranny.”  Arab-Americans” would do well to reconsider their protest. The California high school is offering a romantic, pleasurable image of the Arab, much like the 1992 Disney Aladdin movie.

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  • A Z

    “The “stereotype” that the Coachella Valley High School employs is actually the more positive image”

    I could have a romantic or otherwise positive image of Arabs that we had in the past, but not any longer.

    We should take it all out of our society to include any Mohamedic imagery in masonic temples.

    • David Yeagley

      I really don’t think the Arabs ever did have a positive image in the world. I think British romanticists of the 19th century may have tried to extract some such. But, even “Lawrence of Arabia” failed to change that image: “it is a silly people, cruel and barbarous…”

      • A Z

        Yet Shriners 33rd degree Masons call their building Mohammedan temples and were fezzes. So obviously well to do people and connected people (many shriners are) would not want to imitate a “cruel and barbarous” people.

        So while no doubt Arabs experience some discrimination, all groups in America do experience some discrimination. Yet the Shriners show that there was much that was positive for the Arab Muslim community to build on. Yet what did they do to us?
        Use their moques to conspire to blow up the World Trade center twice over a decade.

        • David Yeagley

          Think the Shriners come from the Turkish (Ottoman) version of Islam, not that that makes too much difference. Whatever redeeming factors there are, they have faded into the smoke of Islamic fury and murderous tyranny.

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    Perhaps the school should read the quran/hadith for ideas on using Arab traditions in the academic arena. No one can complain about that!

    1. Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out…” — Great chant for football games!

    2. Have a mohammed mascot (oh the horror!) chasing a 7 year old little girl around looking for marriage and fun.

    3.Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.” — Great discipline policy for keeping teenagers in line!

    4. Quran (4:95) – Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home) — Awesome policy for preventing the age old problem of truancy.

    5.Bukhari (52:220) – Allah’s Apostle said… ‘I have been made victorious
    with terror’ — Another inspiring football cheer.

    6.Quran (5:33) – “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned;” — No talking back to teachers!

    7. Bukhari (11:626) – [Muhammad said:] “I decided to order a man to
    lead the prayer and then take a flame to burn all those, who had not left their
    houses for the prayer, burning them alive inside their homes.” — Again, defeats the truancy problem!

    • David Yeagley

      I’m afraid the school wouldn’t want to promote THOSE images–true as they are today.

  • Mark McDonald

    I pulled the numbers for 2012, 20111, and 2010 hate crimes.

    It appears that there is a very small increase for Anti-Catholic, Anti-Multiple Religions, Group, and Anti-Atheism/Agnosticism/etc.

    However, I also looked at the numbers for race and found that there is a large increase in anti-white crime in 2012 and I am sure that 2013 will show the same thing. There is a small increase in Anti-American Indian/Alaskan Native hate crimes


    • David Yeagley

      Mark, the crimes against Indians are probably the least reliable. Most of that never gets reported at all. It is considered insignificant. It happens, yes, but, it isn’t important enough, to enough people.

  • Yulia Demkin

    He looks like Punch of Punch and Judy fame.

  • Waiting

    Even the Arabs Have Turned “Injun””

    Excuse me, but that last *word* in the title of this article is insulting. My great grandmother was what one would call an Indian or Native American, and what the tribe called, “The People” and the word *injun* is insulting. Have you never noticed that it is the one most used in old western movies and television shows? It is not a term of respect.

    As far as Arabs playing the ‘victim,’ they don’t need a ‘reason’ to do so and they have learned without looking at American Indians as a ‘model.’

    • David Yeagley

      You play into the victim bit, eh? That defeats the whole purpose. This article isn’t about Indians, anyway. It’s about how Indians are used. Thus, the word “injun.” Get over it, man.

      • Waiting

        Tsk, tsk. Although some of my relatives were “victims” of others who didn’t understand, didn’t want to understand, and used “words” and other tools to get what they wanted, I have never experienced what my grandmother did and never will.

        But, the point I was making, is that to write about what muslims are doing while using the term applied to ones like my grandmother is insulting. Maybe since your line up above saying who your ancestor was, in your mind gives you license to use it, others shouldn’t object. But, I disagree.

        Those like my grandmother, and perhaps your own, were victims and didn’t deserve the term. Modern day muslims coming here and trying to make all things sharia is not nearly the same thing.

        • David Yeagley

          Frankly, I think it is entirely insincere and racist, what the Arabs are doing, copying the Indian complaint. The brown people of the world think Indians automatically identify with them, that Indians should automatically disdain America. I call this racist. My use of the word “Injun” reflects on that racist attitude, and is perfectly appropriate. I’m happy you honor your grandmother, but, your point is just way, way off, that’s all. But, never honor victimhood. That is not the warrior way. I will not be a begging, crying Indian. I am a warrior Indian. You are not reflecting this value. You are acting out the white liberal part that was taught to a few paid professional half-breed (or less) Indians starting with AIM. It doesn’t make a person Indian to be an ethnic chauvinist about it, or to childishly protest letters or syllables in a word. This is a disgrace to Indian honor and strength. Weakness is never something to be proud of or through.

          • Waiting

            And neither am I begging or crying. Frankly, I have never thought it right that those first to this land were called “Indian” as this was firstly, a mistake, and secondly,when found to be untrue, was so attached that it stuck. It would probably not have been changed anyway, such was the disdain felt by many of those who came from other places. But the use of the slang tern is much like calling other groups slang terms, and then putting them in an article with muslims as tho the Irish or Scots, Italians, or others are all the same as this group doing a lot of complaining.

            What the muslims are doing in the world is to make everyone bow to their way, first by the ‘victim’ card and when they are doing all of the victimizing, they won’t need it any longer.
            My grandmother was not a beggar. She made the best of a bad situation as did her daughter and her sons. And it is not childish to wish others respect those who never wanted to be re-educated to fit in, to be ‘taken care of,’ and took an awful lot of verbal abuse that still continues today.

            If you do not wish to refrain from the term, that is your choice. I was just disagreeing with that part of your article.

  • Marosheviz11

    A camel with a burka or hijab as a mascot, not a good idea, but a possibility. You can honor a camel, an elephant a horse or any peaceful animal, and get rid of the Arab mascot. Instead of honor they look at it as an insult, however every nonmuslims is an insult to them, and a target for jihad. Peaceful coexistence is probably a dream only, am so is multiculturalism, shame, we are all children of God as are all living organisms. No one is superior!