Jihadists Flock to Israel’s Borders

jihgOn Sunday morning five Katyusha rockets were fired from Lebanon into northern Israel. They did not hit anything, but one landed near the town of Kiryat Shmona. Israel responded with a volley of tank shells toward the source of the fire.

When one thinks of rocket fire from Lebanon into Israel, one may well think of Hizballah. According to Israeli assessments, though, Hizballah was not the source of the Katyushas. The Shiite organization is heavily involved in the fighting in Syria, and considered unlikely to open an additional front with Israel.

Instead, it’s believed the rockets were fired by global jihadists of the Sunni variety. Amid the chaos wrought by what was once called the Arab spring, they’ve been infiltrating the area by the thousands lately. That includes Sinai, where Egypt’s control has been weakened by the turmoil in the country; Syria, where the jihadists are fighting the regime head-on; and Lebanon, where they hope to challenge Hizballah’s hegemony and are probably behind a recent wave of attacks on its strongholds.

Indeed, Israeli military analyst Yoav Limor responded pessimistically to Sunday’s Katyusha incident, saying it was

most likely a preview of the future security reality along Israel’s borders, entailing surprise terror attacks by an unknown and undeterred enemy, leaving Israel with only a limited ability to respond.

As for what motivated the Katyusha-firers, Limor cites two views among Israeli defense experts. Some believe they “sought to create an escalation that would force Hezbollah’s hand in the matter”—that is, get it pounded by Israel. However,

Other experts believe reality may be simpler: world jihad groups seek to eradicate all those they deem as infidels, be they Muslim, Christians or Jews. Once an opportunity to strike Israel presented itself—just like it did earlier this month when explosives were planted near the border—there was no reason to hesitate.

Sunday’s incident, in any case, comes in the wake of the killing last week of an Israeli worker by sniper fire from Gaza, and an incident earlier this month of mortar fire into Israel from Syria. For Israel, Middle Eastern developments do not occur in some abstract world of speculation but have real, direct consequences.

There is, though, one border—and one only—that has been quiet: Israel’s Jordan Valley border with the Hashemite Kingdom. Israel and Jordan share an interest in containing the radicals and engage in quiet, effective security cooperation.

In light of that, it is hard to look forward to Secretary of State John Kerry’s next visit to Israel, set for later this week. Kerry’s Israeli-Palestinian “peace process” now centers on the Jordan Valley—which can only mean undermining the current stability and replacing it with something worse.

According to various reports, that “worse” could mean diluting the Israeli presence with Palestinian, American, or other foreign forces, or dismantling the Israeli civilian communities in the valley. Israel’s defense minister Moshe Yaalon opposes that idea on security grounds, viewing those communities as “critical” to maintaining control.

But Yaalon is, after all, merely an elected Israeli official and a general with decades of experience, inferior in expertise to diplomats from Washington who plan Israel’s future for it.

And there is also the time factor, with, again according to various reports, Israel supposed to abandon the valley five, ten, or fifteen years after the signing of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement.

Defense Minister Yaalon is not the only Israeli who doesn’t like these ideas. A recent poll found 63 percent of Israelis opposed to a pullout from the Jordan Valley even if international forces were deployed there, and 74 percent opposed to international forces replacing the Israeli army there.

And on Sunday, in a symbolic but important vote, Israel’s Ministerial Committee on Legislation voted 8-3 to apply Israeli law to the valley.

With firing incidents from Lebanon, Gaza, and Syria and Secretary Kerry once again on his way, it is hard not to feel beleaguered. The United States has an old habit of strengthening Israel with one hand and weakening and threatening it with the other. Under Obama and Kerry, it’s become an obsession.

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    There is only one way to deal with black masked/hooded sand nazis…


    Israel is too strong to be defeated militarily so socialists in Eurabia and Washington are trying a different tack.

    There can only be peace with Arabs when they are groveling at Infidel feet.

    I suggest that socialists self deport to Arabia where they will fit in – as dhimmis.

    • defcon 4

      Or Iran, or Somalia, or Pakistain, or Bangladesh, or Syria, or Turkey, or Indonesia or any of the other, various, freedom loving and tolerant islam0fascist states of the world.

  • truebearing

    Israel simply has no choice but to refuse Kerry’s idiotic plan. An international force won’t stop the jihadists, especially with Imambama working overtime to assist the jihadists. Israel is better off without our “help” until Obama is history.

    Israel should put as many armed drones as possible into the air along its borders, 24/7. Destroy as many of these infiltrators as possible with drones, then, when Obama complains about it hurting the so-called “peace talks,” point out that Obama used drones to attrit Al Queda leadership in Pakistan, while continuing to escalate the use of drones. Let the most aggressive Muslims self-select a drone death.

    Obama is a dedicated enemy of Israel and the United States, and an obvious ally of the jihadists. nothing he says or does can be trusted.

    • einnob

      Very well spoken truebearing. Obama is indeed a dedicated enemy of Israel and of the USA. Kerry is not different than his evil master. I just hope Israel does not trust them an do what is good for Israel.

    • defcon 4

      Counter-battery artillery fire is cheaper and might be faster at getting on target.

      • marvin boggs

        No,just drop a MOAB,and take out all the deep bunkers and tunnels where the rockets and mortar rounds are stored,and where the “Palestinian” leadership hides. Added benefit is that the “Palestinians”(any that are left…) would learn VERY quickly to not do it again. One or 2 MOABS would put an end to it once and for all. Shock and Awe. Perhaps Hezbollah and others would learn from that.

        • defcon 4

          So many 72 virgin rewards as well. It’s a win-win!

  • Steve Benassi

    Saudis playing a double game, as largest financiers of Sunni terrorists, and as new best friends with Israel to “divide and rule” against the Shias

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    How many more like Salah Shukri Abu Latyef have to die? Mr. Prime Minister, what are you waiting for? (When is Israel going to strike Iran?)

    • wildjew

      I read an editorial the other day on YNet whereby the author wrote, Obama forced Netanyahu to implement a settlement freeze and he forced Netanyahu to release terrorists with blood on their hands. Obama cannot force Netanyahu to do anything against his will. Netanyahu has complied with Obama’s demands. Israel needs a prime minister who is honest enough to tell the Americans and the international community, there will be NO Palestinian state in Israel’s heartland; “Period!”

      • TheOrdinaryMan

        And I’ve heard Israeli security experts–whose business it is to know–state that Iran will have the bomb by the END OF JANUARY. Israel has had YEARS to prepare a plan of attack. Will they carry it out?

      • guest

        Israel should return them,but first give them “immunizations” that drastically shorten their lifespan,to just a month or so. Then they get “early release” in two ways.

    • Bert

      Keep in mind that the U.S. Jewish establishment still supports Obama. If these people were normal they would be hammering away at Obama and exposing his treachery. Unfortunately even AIPAC is quiet.

      • TheOrdinaryMan

        Support Morton Klein and the Zionist Organization of America.

  • wildjew

    Yoav Limor responded pessimistically to Sunday’s Katyusha incident, saying it was: “…most likely a preview of the future security reality along Israel’s borders, entailing surprise terror attacks by an unknown and undeterred enemy, leaving Israel with only a limited ability to respond….”

    This is the kind of thing that irritates the heck out of me. Lebanon provides more than a base to these terror organizations like (Iranian proxy) Hezbollah. Hezbollah has seats in Lebanon’s Parliament; in Lebanon’s municipalities. By any rationale standard then, Lebanon is a state sponsor of terrorism. Israel’s prime minister is correct when he says Lebanon itself (the people and the government) bear responsibility for any violence and terrorism. Israel does NOT have a limited ability to respond. Israel has Beirut’s address. Israel has Tehran’s address.

  • Knower of Truth

    Islam will destroy civilization as we know it today, it has done it in the past and wil do it again if it is not stopped.
    We must drop this political correctness bullshit and grow some balls and destroy islam for good, people are sick and tired of all the crap that islam brings.

    Islam is the reason the roman empire, byzantine and spanish empire were destroyed, Islam has more than 270 million deaths on its concious (if it had one) since its creation when the Jihad against all Kafir started in 600 AD, 576 or so battles/attacks across the world and still going on today.

    It makes all other religions and religious inspired/Influenced wars pale in comparison, and it is still going on in the modern world.


    This is truth and if truth is ignored, we as a race will never..ever survive.

    This is the Knower of truth, Spreading the truth of Islam.
    Peace out.

    • herb benty

      Very well said! I read versions of the Koran also and IT demands the killing or domination of ALL non-muslims. How can Leftist Western men and women support Islam over the LOVING and SANE, Judeo-Christian Faith?

  • celador2

    Obama has undermined regional and US security with his policies in ME especially backing Arab Springs that all were friendly to anti American jihad. Hillary was pushing that too by breaking the treaty Bush had in place to contain Gadhafi and his WMDs.
    No one knows where they stand except jihadists know they come out with benefit of the doubt is how it looks in the destabilizing policy of Kerry -Obama.

  • American1969

    I think Israel should tell Kerry and the Obama Administration to go pound sand and get out of the way so they can defend themselves since they’re more concerned about aiding ours and Israel’s enemies!

    Worst President Ever. Worst Administration Ever. Impeach Obama.
    Throw All Establishment Bums Out.

    • defcon 4

      A fleet of Israeli boomers would go a long way towards insuring the attention of the corrupt dhimmicrats in the US federal government.

  • Dirty Steve

    Isreal should tell Kerry not to bother. He has no intelegence to offer or experience in World affairs much like the last Sec of State.

  • https://CrossChek.net/ Donald Edwards

    Why would Israel follow anything coming out of the Obama administration? Clearly Obama is a pro-Muslim, communistic radical and Kerry was an indicted traitor to the US in the Vietnam war and a radical socialist. Israel HAS to cover it’s own back until we can get a conservative President back in office.

  • defcon 4

    If the psychopathic, Jew hating muslimes can’t seem to stop mortar and rocket fire into Israel (yeah, right) then Israel will have to do it for them. Maybe a scorched earth policy where anyone found in the no man’s lands from which rocket and mortar fire is originating is fair game for artillery fire. Alternatively, since mortar and rocket fire into a sovereign state can be considered an at of war why not invade and annex the territories from which rocket fire is being received?

  • defcon 4

    Maybe Kerry can march out there and catch the mortar rounds and rockets as they fall…

    • marvin boggs

      I’d like Traitor Kerry to ‘catch’ a mortar round or rocket.