Mass Attack Thwarted in Jerusalem

israel hotels_jerusalem hotels_jerusalem hotel _mamila jerusalem hotel_mamilla_mallAs Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) approaches on Thursday this week, the mood here in Israel has been oddly “schizoid.” On one hand, the usual rush on apples, honey, pomegranates and the like for the holiday; on the other, a rush on gas masks as Syria and Iran threaten “retaliation” against Israel for a possible U.S. strike on Syria.

This week there was more news on the grim side of the ledger. It turned out Israel’s Shin Bet (internal security service) had arrested five Hamas operatives who were planning a terror attack on a Jerusalem mall—timed for, and exploiting, the holiday season (reports here and here).

The leader of the cell was 22-year-old Hamdi Romana of Ramallah in the West Bank. He recruited two other West Bankers to make the explosives—and two East Jerusalem residents with Israeli ID cards, who worked as maintenance men in the mall, to plant the bomb.

The plan was to “cover the bomb in wrapping paper to make it look like a present, then place it in a restaurant, cafe or store while the mall was filled with shoppers….” The “explicit aim” was to “kill…the maximum number of Jews.”

The cell was also

planning other attacks, including planting a bomb in Ramallah that would target Israeli soldiers, firing homemade rockets at Israeli settlements near Ramallah, and firing at soldiers stationed at [a] checkpoint in northeast Jerusalem.

A few things are worth pointing out here:

● The West Bank remains a terror tinderbox. The Shin Bet said the cell’s discovery “demonstrates that terrorists in the West Bank, led by Hamas, are highly motivated to carry out terror attacks in Israeli territory….”

In other words, even with the West Bank under Palestinian Authority rule and ultimate Israeli security control, Hamas remains strong there. This at a time when, intensively pushed into it by Secretary of State John Kerry, Israel and the PA are engaged in “peace talks” aimed at an Israeli withdrawal from the area. But if Hamas remains potent and dangerous there even when Israeli security forces are active, one is hard pressed to understand why, or how, anyone thinks Hamas’s takeover could be prevented if those forces were gone—any more than upheavals and takeovers have proved preventable recently elsewhere in the region.

● While the cell’s three operatives from the West Bank are part of a population widely regarded in the West as living under “occupation” and having a grievance against Israel, the two East Jerusalem bearers of Israeli ID cards had—rationally speaking—no such grievance. While the reports don’t mention whether they had taken out Israeli citizenship, as East Jerusalem residents they had that option. Indeed, as I’ve noted,

the numbers of [East Jerusalem Arabs] requesting Israeli citizenship have dramatically climbed in recent years. Polls find that, even if the Palestinian state was established, most East Jerusalem Palestinians would prefer to remain Israeli.

And yet, in the wake of this incident, the Shin Bet warned of a high risk of West Bank-based terrorists “exploiting those who have Israeli identification and enjoy freedom of movement, and using them to carry out terror attacks inside Israel.”

The two East Jerusalem members of the cell, in other words, were representative of the Arab world’s real, fundamental grievance against Israel: its existence, not its control of any specific territory.

● As Rosh Hashanah nears, Israelis can look back at another year in which lethal terror attacks have been kept to a minimum. But as the Shin Bet keeps emphasizing, the reason is not any drop in motivation or attempts to commit them but because Israel retains security control over the land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. There could be no more fervent prayer than that situation should continue.

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  • Veracious_one

    because peace is Un-Islamic..

    • lori

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    • m4253y

      absolutely correct!!!!

      here’s how they celebrated their holy days of ramadan

      Ramadan Bombathon 2013

      Jihad Attacks:310
      Dead Bodies:1651
      Critically Injured:3048

      and for Weekly Jihad Report of Aug 24 – Aug 30
      Jihad Attacks:55
      Allahu Akbars*:5
      Dead Bodies:325
      Critically Injured:763

      *Suicide Attacks=Allahu Akbars (high councils on sharia law are currently debating changing allahu akbars to McCain’s in honor of sen. McCain as a tribute to his stupidity)

      stats courtesy of religionispeacedotcom

  • docmusic

    Monkeys…..muslims are monkeys…facts are facts !!

    Until and unless the planet does not BAN islam and all things

    islam there will be NO PEACE on Earth. islam has to be banned !! The supreme

    courts of the world have to read the islamic master manual of terror called the

    co-ran and stop this nonsense cult that has reached mega proportions because of

    the idotic thinking of a mad and psychotic and completely bonkers arab. islam

    is reversing our civilization and turning humans into mad monkeys in thinking

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    We need brave judges. This is the modern world. We have to set the women and

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    control their minds and turn them evil. Bad blood has to be shed from the

    planet. We have to do this. We will do this.

    is a new word. Memorize it .

    • Chezwick

      There are so many legitimate methods for repudiating Islam. The violent, hateful, sexist, discriminatory, intolerant, barbaric tenets of its creed, and how it effects Muslim behavior….is there for all to see.

      Write about the “prophet’s” pedophelic relationship with 9-year old Aisha and how this has perpetuated legalized pedophilia in the Muslim realm for 1400 years. Write about Muhammad’s genocidal extermination of all the adult males of the Banu Qurayzah tribe. Write about his soliciting the murder of three poets, including a 100-year old man and a pregnant woman. Write about the Islamic conquests and the slaughter of over 100 million souls through the centuries of Jihad. Write about how there has been over 21,000 religiously-motivated Muslim acts of terrorism since 9-11. Write about stonings, amputations, the killing of apostates, and other horrific aspects of Islamic law/tradition.

      But why the necessity of sinking to THEIR level and emulating their disgusting, de-humanizing mentality (Quran Suran 5: “Jews are sons of ape and swine”)? Why the need to call them “monkeys” when they are obviously not? Why give fodder to the enemies of this web-site who insist it is racist?

      • Dr. John

        I agree with you that such language is nasty and unnecessary, but I don’t think it gives fodder if it’s just a talkback. If one of the writers on the site used such language that would be different, but of course they don’t.

        • Chezwick

          You’d be surprised, John. Years ago, when I used to do battle with the Islamo-left at the Guardian, I was amazed at how many detractors of Jihadwatch would quote from the website’s comments section in order to “prove” that it was racist. I would respond just the way you have, insisting that the comments don’t reflect the actual content of the site. Their response was always something to the effect, “you’re known for the company you keep”…or, “if it isn’t racist, then why do so many racists gravitate there?”

          I love FPM and I’m a disciple of David Horowitz’s. I don’t believe he has a racist bone in his body. It’s just unfortunate that people come here and spew such nonsense.

          • Dr. John

            Well, that’s a good, convincing response. You’re more experienced with this kind of thing than I am.

          • wildjew

            If left-leaning folks hold that “you are known for the company you keep” why didn’t they apply it to Barack Obama who ran with racists, anti-Semites, PLO activists, jihadists, etc. much of (if not the entirety of) his adult life?

          • defcon 4

            The amoral leftards don’t have much problem w/the zero’s membership in a church that regularly spouted racist epithets against whites and Jews, nor do they have problem w/the zero’s support of Morsi and his explicit Jew hatred.

          • wildjew

            Can we now include John McCain, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, perhaps Marco Rubio among these?

        • docmusic

          They deleted my comment…..if you can’t call evil evil and a monkey a monkey what do you call these 2 ??

          • defcon 4

            Personally I don’t think there’s any point in being polite to islam0nazis at all. They’re my enemy. I’d be dead for criticising their death cult in ANY one their islamic cesspools — as would be many other people who have reasonably and nicely criticised islam here.

      • defcon 4

        Why bother being polite to an enemy that is demonstrably working towards the total extermination of all other faiths in the Mid-East and N. Africa? Do you think a polite debate about the nature of islam would be any more acceptable in any islamic state?

        • Chezwick

          It’s not a matter of “being polite”…and our discourse is aimed not at Muslims, but at liberals and the uninitiated. I believe in hammering Islam on every issue they are vulnerable. But when we start calling Muslims “monkeys”, we lose any and all claim to the moral high ground….and become the mirror image of what our opponents claim we are. And let’s be clear, we HAVE the moral high ground in this argument with Islam, and it’s imperative we keep it.

          One thing I’ve noticed over at Reddit….the lefties pounce on opponents of Gay marriage and abortion as if those opponents are the embodiment of hate and bigotry…but on Islam, there is some real mixed emotions and even disenchantment on the center-left. If we package our argument the right way, hard-hitting, no holds-barred, but FAIR, we can eventually win this thing.

          • defcon 4

            Debate is not going to defeat islamofascism.

          • Chezwick

            My interest is not in defeating “Islamofascism”, but in defeating the root of the problem, which is ISLAM itself. No doubt there is a significant military and demographic component to the conflict, but ultimately, this is an ideological struggle….a war of ideas. The content and form of our civilizational arguments will be central in eventually shaping policy and in the process, determining our success or failure. Right now, with the multicultural fallacy enjoying its heyday in the West, we are losing the argument. But tomorrow never knows.

          • defcon 4

            The Jews of Israel only gained their freedom from islam0nazis through force. As a matter of fact, I believe the only two instances of the najjis kaffir ever gaining their freedom from islam0nazis within the last hundred years are in Israel and possibly the Southern Sudan (a country whose existence was first recognized by Israel).

          • Chezwick

            East Timor would be a recent example of liberation from Islamic rule that was largely a political settlement. But when I speak of the ideological struggle, I’m referring more to the fate of the West.

          • defcon 4

            The islamic genocide of the najjis kaffir in E. Timor was only stopped by the direct military intervention of AUS. I wonder if anyone will step up to the plate for the najjis kaffir being slaughtered and persecuted by Indonesian islam0nazis in W. Papua New Guinea?

      • docmusic

        Seeing is believing. Have you seen a monkey lately? Open your eyes!! LOOK !!

        • docmusic

          Islam is a heritage vandal.
          like a rampant genetically defective monkey in a china shop. and rabid to boot.
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          the bigger ALLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH is written the more beautiful it is
          …..yeah sure ! Islam needs to be put to sleep permanently . i can’t imagine the
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          primitive man will surface from modern man to challenge and lance once and for
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          small pox this planet has to eradicate. once Islam is out of the planetary
          system pc will once again be cool and good manners. watch !

      • m4253y

        Chezie, i agree with all and can add substantially more. However, you left out the persecution of Christians which must be discussed openly and fiercely such that those Christians who have not seen such overt persecution in over 7 centuries and thus are complacent will begin to see the true light of islam.

        btw, where in the world is the Pope? where is his condemnations of these acts of barbarism? where is his attempts to reach our to leaders of the world to halt these monstrous and evil attacks perpetrated by islamofascists?

    • wildjew

      Chezwick made a better case than I did. I will defer to him.

  • Mr. W. H. Braden

    Those that preach hate inside a Temple, Church or Mosque are the criminal element to be imprisoned and loss of religionist protection.

    • defcon 4

      Duh, Jew hatred is part and parcel of the Islamic faith. Dr. Bill Warner did a statistical survey of antisemitism in the holey books of islam and found it to be higher than that found in Mein Kampf. The holiest man in islam was responsible for the complete ethnic cleansing of the centuries old Jewish tribes of Saudi Arabia, an ethnic cleansing that is still in force today and unchallenged anywhere in the muslime world.

  • JVictor

    The Fall Feasts of Messiah have been used by enemies of Israel for years. This will be the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War that was led by Egypt and Syria in 1973. Since 40 years is a generation according to the Scriptures, I wonder what this “new” generation of people has in mind for this season. Those people are precious because they are created in the image and likeness of God, just like every other human being. Sadly, they have been hijacked by the neo-Babylonian moon god currently masquerading as Allah and their devotion has been turned to murderous mayhem. Israel and her allies (can we still include the United States in that list based upon the actions of the Obama administration?) must be vigilant in their defense of their interests.

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    • lovemykids

      Yes they are deceived, but like any other murderer, they should be held to account for their actions.

      • JVictor

        Agreed. Wholeheartedly.

  • wildjew

    “Hamas remains strong there. This at a time when, intensively pushed into it by Secretary of State John Kerry, Israel and the PA are engaged in “peace talks” aimed at an Israeli withdrawal from the area…..”

    God speaks to us in many ways and circumstances. I wonder if it has occurred to Barack Obama and John Kerry that God (or in Obama’s case, Allah) “might be” speaking to them though events happening in Syria?

    • Lumpy Rutherford

      Please, don’t give Obama any more ideas–he’s got enough delusional voices within his head guiding his every move…

      • wildjew

        I don’t think Syria has been a positive for Mr. Obama and his ‘image’ thus far. I don’t see any good options in Syria. Do you?

    • Lanna

      I think you are right about God speaking in various ways, and Syria may be the ignition for a bigger Middle East War.

  • Metatrona

    There should be NO JAIL TIME for terrorists. The penalty should be death for them and their housing should be destroyed or given to Jews who have been injured by the mad dogs. The mad dogs should let Allah handle their problems.

    • Jack Wisdom


    • defcon 4

      I’d imagine the housing would be in the middle of islam0fascist ghettos in Israel.

  • Lanna

    Islam never makes peace, its usually a false peace and then retaliation. We are now into the wars and rumors of wars prophecies happening every day.

    • defcon 4

      Mohahahahamad himself was fond of making false peace treaties. After all he wiped out the last Jewish tribe in Soddy Barbaria after making a peace treaty that he only made null and void by attacking the Jewish tribe with whom he had made the peace treaty.

      • Lanna

        Yes, have spoken to several leaders in Israel, the treaties are signed with the intent to break them, by Islam,…all you will get is lies and war from Islam…too bad so many Americans have to find out the hard way.

  • Donald J DaCosta

    Just from a common sense perspective Israel cannot help but feel considerably less secure with Obama and company in control of America’s response to any attack on Israel. They’re essentially on their own “in the belly of the beast,” one who considers them no better than pigs and hates the ground they walk on.

    • defcon 4

      Israel had best not think of the US as an ally anymore, its C-in-C has made it clear he has no regard for Israel whatsoever. As evidence of this, I’d point to the zero’s advocacy that Israel return to the pre-1967 borders, which are indefensible.

  • Jack Wisdom

    Judea and Samaria belong to Israel and must remain under Israeli control forever.

  • Federale

    Sounds like Israel should deport all Palestinians with Israeli ID cards.

  • Well Done

    The “land between Jordan and the Mediterranean” should all be Israel. No “gaza”. No “west bank”. Ship ‘em to Jordan and/or the Sinai. Stop playing patty-cake with these creeps.

  • herb benty

    God Almighty, please be the eyes and ears protecting Israel, your Eternal covenant with the Jews and your “grafted-in” gentiles made righteous through your Son. Make each Israeli soldier like Samson, Uriah and David,

  • Bob Bartlett

    What this article failed to mention is that the Mamilla mall is near the Jaffa gate. This is popular place to visit for Americans. (I was there in February) Was the real purpose of the plan to kill Jews or Jews and Americans. I feel it was the latter.

  • tanstaafl

    Vigilance is eternal.

  • Lanna

    God give your people Israel the edge…they are a productive people producing technology, ways to farm in the desert, and miraculous breakthroughs in medicine. Islam is the decay of the land, never for peace, and never helping its people, only the winds of war motivate this culture, and they have stayed in bondage for 2000 years!