Showdown in Syria

putin-obama-420x0A war of words and threats is shaping up over the Syrian issue. On one side stands Russia, the embattled Assad regime’s main backer along with Iran. On the other—not necessarily acting in any sort of unison—stand the United States, Europe, and Israel.

The Daily Beast reports that the Obama administration “has asked the Pentagon to draw up plans for a no-fly zone inside Syria that would be enforced by the U.S. and other countries such as France and Great Britain.”

That report prompted this probably deliberately ambiguous response from Pentagon spokesman Dave Lapan, who told the Daily Beast: “There is no new planning effort underway. The Joint Staff, along with the relevant combatant commanders, continue to conduct prudent planning for a range of possible military options.”

Meanwhile Israel’s leading daily Israel Hayom reports that the leak to the Daily Beast about planning for a no-fly zone came in response to Russia’s stated intention to provide Syria with the game-changing S-300 anti-aircraft system. The S-300 has a range of about 150 miles and would both endanger Israel’s own airspace and constrict its air force’s—or other Western air forces’—ability to operate over Syria and Lebanon.

Although the Russian-Syrian deal for the S-300 was inked in 2010, Russia had postponed delivery at Israel’s request. Reportedly, Israel’s (according to foreign reports) air strikes on Damascus targets earlier this month enraged Moscow and made it change its mind.

On Tuesday Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Rybakov said sending the S-300 to Syria might “help restrain some hotheads considering a scenario to give an international dimension to this conflict.” Officials in Jerusalem interpreted “hotheads” to mean Israel.

That same day, though, Israeli defense minister Moshe Yaalon said the S-300 deliveries “have not taken place—I can attest to this—and I hope they do not. But if, by some misfortune, they arrive in Syria, we will know what to do.”

While the S-300 standoff is at this moment the main arena in the war of words and threats, there’s been further activity on the sidelines.

Earlier this week Sen. John McCain slipped into Syria from Turkey and met with members of the Free Syrian Army rebel group, who asked him for U.S. heavy weapons, a no-fly zone, and airstrikes on regime and Hizballah targets.

McCain, a harsh critic of the Obama administration’s reluctance to get militarily involved in the mayhem, seems oblivious to the fact that by this time the Free Syrian Army largely consists of Muslim Brotherhood supporters while the Syrian rebels in general are now dominated by Al Qaeda-linked and other radical Sunni elements.

That didn’t stop the European Union, for its part, from getting into the act by agreeing on Monday to end its arms embargo on the rebels. Here too, though, words—for now—appear to prevail over actions, with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton saying there are no actual plans to send any actual weapons to the rebels at this point.

Meanwhile, on the diplomatic front, the U.S. and Russia have agreed to try and patch up the Syrian imbroglio in a Geneva peace conference sometime in June—a notion that appears detached from the Syrian reality as the two implacably opposed sides fight viciously to the death.

Possibly in a more realistic vein, 15,000 soldiers from Western and mostly-Sunni countries are reportedly set to carry out war games in Jordan next week, and to remain on the ground “in case the need arises to intervene in Syria.” According to some reports U.S. soldiers will be taking part.

In sum, the situation is fluid, complex, and unpredictable. Much depends on whether Russia is just saber-rattling about the S-300 or really intends to dispatch it and create a strategic escalation.

Jerusalem and Washington appear to share the perception that, while neither side in the conflict is attractive, certain contingencies—like game-changing weapons transfers, or mass-destruction weapons falling into terrorist hands—call for military action. So far, though, it is Israel alone that (according to foreign reports) has shown itself prepared to act.

That Iran, as the battles in Syria rage, keeps quietly building its nuclear capability in the background, while also increasingly sending forces to Syria, puts the situation in a grim light. Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu calls it a regional deterioration. Whether Israel has an ally in Washington that is prepared to do anything about it remains to be seen.

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  • Mladen Andrijasevic

    We seem to be heading towards a repeat of the a quasi Cuban Missile Crisis,The S-300 are on their way to Syria and Netanyahu said Israel would not allow it. Netanyahu is being forced into becoming the leader of the free world since his decision will determine the course of events, while all the US and European players have backed out. Israel will not since it has no choice.

    • truebearing

      Better Netanyahu than Obama. Obama is currently the #1 enemy of the free world. He enables the insane jihadists, then sits passively while they threaten or kill Americans. He continually weakens our military, while forcing them to operate in Afghanistan under rules of engagement that our enemies couldn't dream up.

    • EarlyBird

      Good luck to Israel. Syrian missiles pointing at Israel is Israel's problem, not "the world's."

      • Roger

        And Israel has taken steps to curb Assad without giving the country to the islamists who would replace him.

      • Mary Sue

        your hate-on for israel is irrational and naively and objectively unhelpful.

  • zebrano

    No fly zone = Syria downs planes = Russia and Iran get involved = Israel gets involved = Armageddon?

    • Everett

      in all honesty, im torn between wanting that idea to come to fruition, but also not wanting it to. i kind of want it to because if Iran gets into it we can kick their a$$ and take down another terrorist network, and i dont want that idea to happen because if Russia gets involved, it would be World War III.

      then again, World War II got us out of the Great Depression while a leftist president could not. maybe history does indeed repeat itself

      • Roger

        Obama won't fight Iran, he likes their ideals too much.

        That muslim heritage is going to cost us more than we realized at his election.

        • patriothere

          And how did that "muslim heritage" work in killing OBL?

          • EarlyBird

            Yeah. Funny how the "Muslim Terrorist in Chief" has done far more damage to Islamist terrorists than our previous "Christian Patriot in Chief," huh?

            Of course, Roger is a brain dead moron as are most of the readers of this site.

          • Roger

            The islamist terrorist now have safe haven and oil revenue to fund themselves.

            Thanks to obama.

          • patriothere

            Liar. We have a good defense. We have allies and intelligence. Lots of people want to attack America, but it's very hard to do so. I'm not afraid of terrorists. Every nation on earth has policies against terrorism.

          • Roger

            I'm not. Have you heard of 9/11/01?

          • patriothere

            He's 50 years old and still lives at home with his mom.

          • Roger

            Are you now trolling for personal information for alinsky or something?

          • WhatUp

            Roger, shut the F * * * up.

            Nobody wants to hear your inane blather.

            Even One More Thing and those folks in Belfast are tired of you.

            You are an embarrassment.

          • Roger


            Oh, I'm sorry I was trying to pay attention.
            You are anonymous so I really don't know what to say. Other than being a coward which one are you?

          • Kevin Stowell

            Can't be Alinsky, everything was spelled correctly. For the same reason, unlikely to be Wee. Hmmm…

          • Roger

            It must not be one of the popular ones.

          • Kevin Stowell

            Prolly another green-eyed monster. 'No shortage of those these days.

          • WhatUp

            If spelling were a prerequisite, you certainly would never have made the cut.

          • Kevin Stowell

            Your opinion matters to me; please, tell me more.

          • Looking4Sanity


  • Hangman

    Abeed Hussein Obama and John McLame are nothing more than Saudi puppets who love to see and want to further the genocide of peoples like the Coptic Christians in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood / Al-Qaeda affiliated FSA had already massacred the Christian dominated town of al-Duvair murdering women and children. Obama and now McCain belong in prison.

    • Cassandra

      I agree with you. It is interesting how it always gos back to the Saudis. Saudis everywhere who give money to our universities, to our government but there is a price to pay for this money and i is the sell out of America and the Europe to the Saudis and to Islam.A Muslim in the white house and a Musim as chief of the CIA. We are doomed.

  • AdinaK

    David, regardless of whether or not a "no fly" is imposed, we are at the bewitching hour. As such, the stakes are so high that there is no room for even a marginal error from Jerusalem. But we know that Israel's leadership leave much to be desired, even though the Pyromaniac-in-Chief set the region alight –

    The ax will soon fall, regardless of fly zone or not. Batten down the hatches…

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • EarlyBird

      We don't need to fight another war for your country, you wretched gnome. We've done far, far more than our duty to Israel. You're welcome.

      • Roger

        We do need to help those who deserve it.
        islam is on the march, and after Israel – we're next on the list.

        • patriothere

          American patriots are tired of dying for israel. israel is a liability.

          • Roger

            American patriots are even more tired of dying to islamists.

      • Mary Sue

        um, dummy. They have a saying. "First the saturday people, then the sunday people."

        We are duty bound to STOP them from going after the "saturday people", so we must keep Israel from going under at all costs. Because we're next.

        "They came for the Jews, and I was not a jew, so I said nothing. Then they came for the Catholics, and I was not a catholic, so I said nothing…

        …then they came for me. And there was nobody to speak up." (quote that i forget who said or where it came from but it's pretty famous holocaust reference)

  • Shalom Freedman

    As David Hornik indicates here the picture is extremely complicated. One question Israeli military planners must be asking is where to concentrate their efforts, and what first strike to make if they decide to make a first stake. The ultimate danger is a nuclear Iran but the Syrian and Hizbollah missiles have as Avigdor Leiberman says the capacity to hit every point in Israel.
    There is another point which I rarely see made. i.e. Israel with its prospering and developed society has the most to lose by a war. Putting Hizbollah and Syria back into the Stone Age is not accomplishing that much since in certain ways they are already there.
    All this suggests the decision to open a conflict which will involve Israel against Iran, Hizbollah and Syria (Along probably with U.S. intervention on Israel's side) is one which must be close to being an Ein Breira one. i.e. It must be a decision made because there is no choice in doing otherwise
    PS It is distressing to see people who believe they are being pro- Israel demonize and defame the President of the United States. What's the point of this? The President is not a Muslim and he is not out to destroy Israel. He may not be the warmest friend Israel ever had , and he may be very reluctant to involve the U.S. in any future Mideast conflict but he has according to Israel securities officials enhanced U.S.- Israel security cooperation. I disagree with many things he has done in regard to Israel but I too understand that he could have done far worse, including isolating us internationally by allowing the U.N. to have its way against us. Criticize him when he warrants it but do it with evidence and not abuse. Give him credit to for what he has been good in. And too pray he will cooperate with us in the right way in the tests to come ahead.

    • Webb

      When I served as a Sar-El IDF volunteer in 2011, every soldier I talked with about Obama told me he was a muslim. I agree.

      • Cassandra

        I agree with this too and so is Brennan

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      "It is distressing to see people who believe they are being pro-Israel demonize and defame the President of the United States." Valid criticism of Obama is NOT demonization or defamation. For example, Obama can fairly be criticized for not addressing the Knesset when he was in Israel this past March. The Knesset is Israel's duly elected house of representatives; and it only makes sense that when the leader of another country arrives in Israel, he/she addresses the Knesset. But not Obama. Why not?
      (In addition to Obama's lack of protocol being insulting to Israel; which Obama obviously knew it would be) Obama isn't now a practicing Muslim, but he was raised as one; and nearly all of his actions towards Israel thus far have been harmful to the Jewish state. If he's not out to destroy Israel, show me someone who is. And give us two examples of "what he's been good in."

      • Roger

        Obama waited long enough that his preferences for their enemies was pretty clear.

  • trump

    "The Daily Beast reports that the Obama administration “has asked the Pentagon to draw up plans for a no-fly zone inside Syria that would be enforced by the U.S. and other countries such as France and Great Britain.”"

    I do hope these plans already exist …………
    Otherwise, what has the pentagon been doing for years ?

    • Roger

      Shuttling Obama around on AF1 for all sorts of vacations

  • mally

    Psalms 83 and Isaiah 17 is at the beginning.

  • slickdemetrius

    Not our fight, let them beat the **** out of one another and we'll deal with the "winner" afterward.

    • Everett

      i think that just might be Israel. they are the tough little runt of the litter, so to speak

  • onecornpone

    Barry the BS'n community organizer meets KGB… What ever could go wrong?

    Who writes l'il o's material?


    • Roger

      Vallerie Jarrett.

      And Michelle feeds in the background on another tub of lobster.

  • rosasolis2013

    Of course they against working women, and against education for women, to make it impossible for them to get a job. The Ultimate Goal of the Islam is World Domination, as written in the Koran. They are now taking over Africa, Europe will be next, followed by North and South America. In order to conquer the world, they need young men to train for the Jihad. This is why they are forcing young girls to give up their
    jobs or education, to be married off to an older man. Or face the "Honor Killing". This is why we are
    seeing young girls everywhere pushing babybuggies. And this is why the Safe Houses in Europe are
    full of young girls and women, fleeing from their own families!

  • butpygmies

    It's all certainly complicated…all the bad guys killing each other. But I have not seen much about the obvious: Kerry goes to Russia; they did him — keep him waiting three hours, a diplomatic giving him the bird; he requests that Russia not supply these weapons; he leaves; two days later they announce they are handing over the weapons. Don't need to be Kissinger to figure this out.

    Nobody cares about Syria. It's a playground. This is the fruit of the "re-set" from the first Obama/Clinton term (Remember that?). Just imagine if we had the missile shield to trade for no weapons to Assad. But we gave that ace of diamonds away for free.

    We have politically-correct imbeciles running the world. Russia has people who still know that masculine qualities matter.

  • Anti sharia

    What part of "mind your own business" don't we get? There are no strategic interests fo the west, let them butcher each other, just fewer terrorists we have to worry about in the future.

  • Drakken

    The Russians are playing chess and are 10 moves ahead, Comrade Obummer and company are playing checkers and are still trying to figure out how to get the pieces on the board. Has anyone else noticed that the muslims of the so called Syrian free army never mess with the Russians? As far as the 2 factions are concerned, let them slaughter each other to their little hearts content, better for us infidels.

  • UCSPanther

    If anyone thinks that the war in Syria will be over with the removal of the Assad clan, they are mistaken.

    The Civil war will continue with the assorted terror groups fighting for power, and what may be left over will more than likely make the tyrannical Assad dynasty look like nice guys in comparison.

    Rebellions and revolutions in the Middle East generally have a poor track record and generally go from corrupt monarchies > brutal dictatorships > hopelessly insane totalitarian theocracies.

  • patriothere

    "stand the United States, Europe, and Israel. "

    Wrong. israel is doing nothing to help the US like always. They are subversives. The US is working with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain and qatar. gulf countries.

    • UCSPanther

      You profile betrays you. Lots of material I can use against you…

      • Roger

        How about this one?

        3 hours ago @ KTLA-TV – Local Reaction to Obam… · 12 replies · 0 points
        jews do suicide bombs.

        stoning is a jewish thing.

        marrying goats is universal….

        • UCSPanther

          Or this one:

          "We should have never had troops in Beirut in the first place! Do they make us a lot of money in beirut? Was their civil war of any importance to us? We all know why we had troops in Beirut, the same reason we have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and soon to be in Iran and Syria. It's because just like WW2, the jews are behind another world war. "

          Spoken like a true WW2 era antisemite…

          • Roger

            That's a good one. Don't forget this one!

            42 minutes ago @ – growl · 0 replies · 0 points
            We want to see israel destroyed. Israel is coming apart at the seams! They can't even manage gaza. You know gaza? That open air concentration prison camp? Well israel can't beat hezbollah, can't manage gaza and they want to get into a war with Iran? HA! What a joke. I hope israel does try something stupid like that because that will be the end of israel.

          • patriothere

            I stand by that comment whole-heartedly.

          • Roger

            Yes, we know.

            That's why it's a great quote, it exposes you for what you are.

          • patriothere

            An American patriot I know. Just like Charles Lindbergh. I'm in good company.

          • Roger

            No, a hate filled anti-semite with muslim loyalties.

          • Mary Sue

            That proves your blatant idiocy. Gaza is not an open air concentration camp! IT'S COMPLETELY RUN BY HAMAS! NOT ISRAEL! Israel said eff it and gave Gaza up to them, and it's WORSE now!

            Palestinians "have" their Gaza back for all intents and purposes and it's still not enough? Grab a clue.

          • patriothere

            Liar. Gaza is blockaded by israel.

          • Roger

            If it was blockaided then the gaza tunnels wouldn't be allowed. Fishing for 2 miles off the coast wouldnt' be allowed, and the electricity from Israel and the food and supplies allowed in would be cut off.

            Facts are not your friends.

          • UCSPanther

            Excellent. I'll start treating you like I treat that troll DeShawn…

          • patriothere

            Thank you.

          • Roger

            And you considered that a compliment.

            How telling.

      • patriothere

        Go ahead and try.

        • Roger

          No thanks, we men in the west have women.

          Could you imagine, women who enjoy the men that treat them equally and allow them to expose skin and hair? It's amazing!

    • Lan Astaslem

      still sucking moslem butt?

    • Drakken

      Guess what sand ape? Nobody is buying what your selling so GTFO of the west while you still can, and good riddance.

  • aishasahibaa

    Nice strategy of Americans.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The possabilities have always been dire for Israeli's future but the introduction of the S-300
    Rissian missile into Syria threatens Israeli war planes and I wonder if Iran already has
    them. If Israel destroys these millile bases the stakes go higher into the range of open war
    with Syria's backers with the thinking it may just make the Russians and Iranians back down
    for another area of approach in undermining Israeli security. Iran is commiting more troops
    into Syria and with and Iranian buildup in Syria it is probable it will never lessen and they
    will be part of the invasion force Iran plans on using against Israel. Dark times ahead………William

    • EarlyBird

      I don't know the exact type of missile, but Iran has had very good air defenses for decades. Israel is of course the region's 800 lb. gorilla, but Iran's military is nothing to sneeze at. If it was, the Israeli Air Force would have struck long ago.

      Lets' consider that fact that Israel, which has far, far more to lose than any other country if Iran goes nuclear, is extremely hesistant to strike at Iran's nuclear facilities, before we root for the US to do so.

      • Roger

        muslim military force has always crumbled when Israel makes up it's mind to survive.

        The fake god can't stand up to The Almighty.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        The U. S. will not do so unless it is threatened and we have a different administration,
        nuclear weapons would not be used by a civalized people unless there is no other
        way and annihilation anxiety is created by the actions of a demented opponent.
        Ooops! Iran may get the Nuclear weapon they are after but in a way that will be
        a bright light complimenting those death rags they wear……..what a way for Israel
        to become toastmaster dejure…………………..William

  • fanlad

    Question, who gave McCain the cross border authority? O hhh.
    The result of this power vacuum and instability in the Middle East, can be layed directly at the feet of O and Hillary, for their failed foreign policy of over throwing governments in the region, better known as the Arab spring, or is that the Arab nuclear winter.
    All that is required now is a spark.
    I pray for Israels and Jerusalems safety.

    • EarlyBird

      Sorry, you terrified little idiot, but even the US can't control every outcome everywhere. There is history and movements and uncontrollable events and inevitable change. There always has been and always will be. The idea is to make the best out of circumstances as we can.

      The overthrow of Arab governments has occurred at the hands of Arabs themselves, not Obama. The 100 year old Great Powers'-manufactured borders are disintegrating by those who've lived in them, not Obama.

      All Obama has "failed" to do is help those tyrants smash those revolutions. Would you have preferred to see the US help Mubarak mow down the hundreds of thousands of Egyptians in Cairo in the name of "stability," or would that be in the name of "democracy"?

      Some how I think that if Obama was a white Republican you'd see things a bit more clearly.

      • Roger

        Why not? Until Obama we were a superpower.

        And we all know that Hillary gave Russia a reset button. So, all must be going well for us, right?

        • patriothere

          bush ruined our reputation around the world. He weakened us in Iraq. Exposed our weaknesses. bleeding us dry in Afghanistan. Almost going to war with russia in 2008. bush ruined us.

          • Roger

            All that was under Obama.
            Nobody would have asked or expected Bush to bow for the saudi kings crotch.

          • patriothere

            Bush weakened us in Iraq and Afghanistan and almost got us into a war with Russia. That's why bush is considered one of our worst presidents. Obama is top 10 best right now.

            Sucks to be you.

          • Roger

            Are you just the paid hack troll trying to keep me busy so wee can spew more hate?

          • patriothere

            Are you talking to yourself?

          • Roger

            Are you just a rented mouth talking for your handlers?

            6 minutes ago @ – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
            I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

          • WhatUp

            If you think that Bush ruined our reputation around the world, you should see what Roger is going to us in Belfast…………

          • Roger

            Explain that intelligent design makes sense.
            That socialism is wrong.
            That Hitler actually was from the German socialist party.

            It's amazing how the basic things are the most harshly received.

          • One_More_Thing

            You didn't explain any of that Roger. You asserted that you "feel" (yuck) intelligent design makes sense. To you. Intuitively. You did not explain that "socialism is wrong". You just emptied out some more pretty thin gruel about what you "feel" about that. And you argued, outrageously, and repeatedly, that Hitler was a socialist, because the Nazi party was called the National Socialist Party. Which is risible. You're really beneath contempt, Rodge. I don't think I've ever come across someone as impenetrably thick as you. That's really saying something.

          • Roger

            Yes actually I did.

            I realize you just can't grasp simple concept.

            What does N.A.Z.I stand for?

  • buddy

    If I were the US, I'd go in big and take Syria. This would break the gordian
    knot. Both sides here are disgusting, and no one wants to deal with either
    one, so crush them both, and set up a rights respecting government, that
    should have been done in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

    Then I'd give it to Russia, if they want it. As long as basic rights are established
    who cares. I think the biggest problem is no body wants to commit.

    Women in that part of the world need a country. Israel needs to get rid of the
    missiles. The world needs a project.

    What does Russia want with Syria anyway?

    • EarlyBird

      Oh how neat, Buddy! Tell us more:

      Okay, so we just go in and "crush both sides," and then magically set up a "rights respecting government." Hey, let's make them wear wigs like our Founding Fathers, too, okay? I'm sure everyone will just go along with the program and start respecting rights and reading Jefferson.

      How long do you think all this will take? Three or four weeks? And only the bad guys'll get hurt and it will pay for itself too, right? There's no possibility of blowback of any kind. Because Good Wars fought by the Good Guys against the Bad Guys are always neat and tidy.

      It all worked so well in Iraq, why not Syria?

      • buddy

        You don't really offer a solution, only invective, because
        that's all you've got. And you don't really understand
        power, military power.

        You are a perpetual opponent, you're a leftist American democrat.

        It's so obvious.

        Please keep doing what you're doing, you deserve your miserable life.

    • Roger

      The problem is, there is no set of good guys there.

      Who will offer the most predictable stability?
      One one side is a tyrant that focuses on his neighbors, and hasn't sponsored car bombs here – yet.
      The other is al qaida loyalists who have.

      Why not just play the waiting game and let them jockey for position. At least they're too busy to focus on us in the meantime.

      • buddy

        Waiting is bad for Israel.

        Just go in big with the military, and yeah, colonize it.

        Put a general in charge of it, a let the bad guys be killed.

        And ignore the leftists. This is a win win, in many ways.

        The longer those missiles sit pointed at Israel, the odds
        rise that they will be fired. Nassrallah means 'run now' in
        arabic, doesn't it?

        Maybe Israel could hire Petraeus? That would be a hoot.

        • Drakken

          As for you comment on Petraeus? He was and still is a beauracrat not a leader, That bloody abortion called the COIN manual is a complete clusterfk, and a doomed strategy, full of wrong headed leftist/muslim groupthink and assumptions.

    • Drakken

      No buddy, we should sit on the sidelines and let the savages go at it, there will never ever be a :rights respecting muslim country, the reason the Russians want Syria is for the warm water med port. Basic rights in a muzzy country? Your clearly joking right ?



    • Drakken

      Not defending Putin, but at least he is a patriot of Russian and defends Russias interest, Obummer? God only knows what he is and it sure isn't in our interests.

      • Roger


        That bow to the Saudi King really was a powerful indicator of things to come.

  • Angel

    Better Assad than the Islamists. We need to stay out of Syria. The same enemies we fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, we now suddenly support in Syria????….What is wrong with this picture???? This is a slap in the face to all the servicemen who gave their lives to defeat these throwbacks!!! McCain you are an idiot for illegally crossing into another country's territory!! I guess you think we live in a BORDERLESS world, no wonder you support amnesty!

    • UCSPanther

      Better the devil you know, since you know what makes him tick and what methods he favors, rather than a new one who may be exponentially worse…

  • qv36

    The US is a corrupt, greedy Predator of nations and their resources. Every free nation is in danger with War Mongering America. The US has invaded, unprovoked, at least seventy countries since 1947. Bombed, Straffed, Napalmed, Oranged and Abused, at will. What the US is doing in Syria is criminal. America is an affront to humanity.
    Russia and China are for World Security, and World Peace.

    • Roger

      Pieces of what?

      • patriothere


        • Drakken

          If your an example of muslim peace, I'll take War anyday.

    • EarlyBird

      Go soak your addled little head, QV36.

      • qv36

        Typical reply from an ignoramus. Who happens to be a psychopath too. Others die OK. Amerikans are satan's gift to mankind to war, murder, invade, plunder to feed a continent of parasites. A most disgusting nation.

        • Drakken

          Just wait until we really get rolling, you will really love us then muzzy.

    • Mary Sue

      typical peacenik stupid hippie non-logic.

      Earth to completely spaced out vitamin B12 deficient leftist commie qv36: Free nations were never under attack by USA. The ones that got attacked? Decidedly NOT-FREE! Even the ones that were purportedly "democratic".

      You don't know what freedom is. Move to China and then tell me it's free.

      • qv36

        China does not have your darling 0bama's NDAA that gives him the right to determine who to kil, when to kill, where to kill. China does not have the TSA that gropes little boys, old ladies, little boys, while letting the muslims pass. Your human rights? What a laugh. What meds are you on?? Maybe you should change your doctor??? Typical dumbed down broad.

  • qv36

    Putin is the Saviour of the world. He is a Man. The rest of the west have greedy leaders .

    • Mary Sue

      commie in da house. Turn your Little Red Books to the Hymn to Stalin.

      • qv36

        Spoken like the typical ill-educated, ill-informed, ignoramus.

  • guest

    Yep, it's all America's fault. No body wants liberty, life and to pursue their happiness.

    No body wants to come to America. It's eeeeevil!

    Get real dumb-ass.

    • Roger

      It seems all they dream of is a goat and a cave to live in.

      • patriothere

        It seems all you dream is more blood. You're blood thirsty warmongering chicken hawk.

        • Drakken

          Take your peace at any price and peace of the grave and shove it sand ape.

        • Mary Sue

          Freedom ain't free, bub. It costs in blood. But there's more blood if the pro-sharia crowd gets in.

    • qv36

      Is that why 10 million americans have FLED the ooh la la continent? Wake up and smell the coffee, guest.

  • qv36

    Any Amerikan care to comment on this????

    NEWS STORY: ""More Americans Committing Suicide than During the Great Depression", Washington's Blog, May 17, 2013

    Care to explain why tent cities are cropping all over, 1000 live in tunnels, and 1 in 5 US child goes HUNGRY

    • fanlad

      O's transparent, job growing economic and surrender foreign policies.

      • Roger

        Yes, there was a time when liberals failed at everything. (IE Detroit) But Obama has proven that when a marxist is determined enough, they can tackle any job.

        Too bad he hates this country and wants to destroy it.

    • Drakken

      Oh that's an easy one, Comrade Obummers economic policies at its finest, and coming to a neighborhood near you.

    • Flowerknife_us


      Free housing.
      Lack of Twinkies.

  • guest

    People in your paradise don't live long enough to commit suicide.

    What's the lifespan now? 45?

    No one's trying to get into Russia. It's funny how
    the Nashi is so very close to nazi.
    Just can't make this up.

  • qv36

    Dumb Ass guest. We have octogenarians by the thousands out here. And our healthcare for them is quite unlike the Auswitchz camps your darling 0bama has set up for 'useless eaters'. Didn't he ask an elderly lady not to seek medical treatment, but just go die? There's a video . Wonderland is soooooo great. 55 million on foods stamps, 28 million UNEMPLOYED. Oooooh, Wonderland. What you smoking?

  • qv36

    Americans are making a bee line to Russia. That's where the jobs are. But keep being ignorant. That's why 0bama has some 800 FEMA camps for brain-damaged morons like you. Wonderland! Ha. Ha. Ha.

    • UCSPanther

      I hear Russia has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, with Japan right behind it.

      Care to comment?

      • qv36

        keep reading the disinformation your lapdog leftist media spins.

        I''ll be charitable .

        All who are interested to know about Russia, its beautiful women who are women, always well dressed, always elegant; unlike the rollers in the hair British women, nor the papya boobs that hang down to the knees American women , UGLY AS HELL.
        Russian men who are men. They open doors for their women!!!!! And Russian women are ALWAYS elegantly dressed. With a hair not out of place.


        See its glorious buildings. Its beautiful women.
        The Anglo saxons are nothing but BARBARIANS. Pretending to be civilised. With a history of 500 years of Murder, Plunder and Parasitism.

        • guest

          You're the guy who holds Pootys white horse
          when he takes his shirt off to go for a ride.

          You guys are such a joke.

          And now you'll be fish food.

          • qv36

            What a loser you are. Pathetic. You must have voted for the Muslim so you can have your food stamps. Soon he'll herd you to his FEMA camp. LOSER!

  • guest

    Touched a nerve, eh?

    NASHI so close to Nazi, ouch!

  • DVult

    Look at it from Putin's side – Obama is full of crap and has a yellow streak down his back a foot wide, Kerry has IDIOT stamped on his forehead for all to see. They probably have files of information on both of these scumbags that would cause all kinds of mischief if revealed. Now is the best time for Putin to push forward everywhere. If he has to play chicken what better time than now? Ditto for all the other enemies of the US who needed to be kept in check by the occasional hammering.

  • Landis Atkinson

    The indecisive battle of Siffin took place in Syria in the 7th Century A.D. Sunni and Shia have been killing each other for more than 1000 years! Why would any sane Western nation allow itself to be drawn into a fratricidal sectarian conflict with Christians and other minorities caught in the crossfire?