The Bleak Prospects for Europe’s Jews

20070226BerlinAntisemitism0A new report by Dr. Dov Maimon of the Jerusalem-based Jewish People Policy Planning Institute paints a bleak picture for European Jewry. As Maimon puts it delicately, “European Jewish life has quite possibly reached a negative inflexion point.”

Jews in Europe seem to be caught between the hammer of persecution by Muslims and the anvil of “post-multicultural” native-European animosity toward both Jews and Muslims as “outsiders, clinging to backward, unsavory rituals and beliefs.”

Maimon notes some results of a forthcoming large-scale survey of European Jews by an EU agency. One-fourth had experienced anti-Semitic harassment in the year preceding the survey; 7 percent had undergone physical attacks or threats over the past five years.

Of nine European countries covered by the survey, things appeared particularly bad in France, Belgium (both with large Muslim populations), and Hungary (where the neo-Nazi Jobbik Party is the third largest in parliament). In those countries 40-50 percent of Jews are considering emigrating because they no longer feel safe.

Indeed, in Europe overall in 2012, anti-Semitic incidents increased by 30%—and in France by 58% “with a staggering 96 violent attacks.” That rate quickly accelerated after the Toulouse attack on March 19, which was perceived as an inspirational event by part of the French Muslim population. At about half a million the French Jewish community is Europe’s largest, and about one-tenth have already emigrated to Israel.

And yet, while the native-European hostility toward Jews (and Muslims) takes radical-right forms particularly in countries like Hungary and Greece (where the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn movement entered parliament last year with 7 percent of the vote), it also takes a more “civilized” and mainstream form that involves, as Maimon puts it, “a rejection of Jewishness and its subtle political and legal ejection from the public sphere.”

Just as Europe has been criticizing Israel as an allegedly immoral country for decades, in recent years—as the post-multicultural mood intensifies both on the far right and in the mainstream—Europe has been training its sights on the Jewish religion as allegedly too morally deficient for European standards.

The most famous instance occurred in Germany last June when a Cologne court voted to ban circumcision. Activists have also pushed for a ban in Denmark, Austria, the UK, and other European countries. Such activists, Maimon notes, “deny they are motivated by anti-Semitic or anti-Islamic feelings. The issue, they say, is children’s rights.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics, for its part, stated in August last year, two months after the Cologne court’s ruling: “After a comprehensive review of the scientific evidence, the…Academy…found that the benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks, but the benefits are not great enough to recommend universal circumcision.”

Amid Jewish and Muslim protests over the court’s ban, Chancellor Angela Merkel was quoted as saying: “I do not want Germany to be the only country in the world where Jews cannot practice their rituals. Otherwise we will become a laughingstock.” In December the Bundestag voted to legalize circumcision. Yet “disturbingly, if before the Bundestag decision, the rate of Germans who opposed circumcision was 45%, this number reached 75% following the vote.”

Efforts are also underway to ban Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter in the Netherlands, Poland, and France; both are already prohibited in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. Again, the basis is alleged to be a moral one—animal rights, even though claims that Jewish animal slaughter is less humane than other kinds are unproved and controversial.

In any case, it seems clear that the outlawing of Jewish religious life is incompatible with any genuine hospitability toward Jews.

Underlying it all, Maimon observes, is Europe’s current economic decline. French historian Fernand Braudel “found that as a general rule every major anti-Jewish persecution in Europe was preceded, accompanied or followed by a severe economic crisis.”

Maimon sees a possible increase in European Jewish emigration and urges the Israeli authorities to prepare for it. Ideally, though, Jews should already be leaving a continent where anti-Semitism is so deeply rooted that dignified Jewish life is impossible.

The raw hatred of Jobbik and Golden Dawn on the one hand, and the “subtle political and legal ejection [of Jewishness] from the public sphere” on the other, are two sides of the same coin. Add the often violent antagonism of the Muslim-immigrant communities, and it’s not a pretty picture.

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  • Arf

    I still can’t figure out why Jews chose to stay in Europe after the Holocaust. How much convincing does it take for them to realize that Europe is not a good place for Jews?

    • GENUG

      2000+ years of life – hard to leave. But it’s time.

    • Darth Judah

      They stayed to rape more europeans on interest to pay european politicians to change business laws in their favor, so they rape them for more money, so they can use that money to control media and cram how bad the jews have been treated when they caused themselves to be thrown out of nearly every country they have been in throughout history. If a people have been persecuted throughout by almost all the places they have been then they are obviously something is wrong with the people in question.

  • defcon 4

    “Ideally, though, Jews should already be leaving a continent where
    anti-Semitism is so deeply rooted that dignified Jewish life is
    impossible.” Um, are the Mid-East and N. Africa (outside of Israel) any better?

    • Dr. John

      Who said they were? That’s not a reason to stay in Europe.

      • defcon 4

        I’ll bet there are STILL places in Europe that are much more civilised than anything you’ll see in the rest of the islamo-nazi Mid-East and N. Africa. The Czech Republic for one.

    • RoxanneRoxanadana

      America is fine. You have dirtbags here like Minister Farrakhan, but they tend to be so stupid they pose no real threat.

  • Sailsman

    –In those countries 40-50 percent of Jews are considering emigrating because they no longer feel safe.
    And what are the odds they’ll end up in the US where they’ll engage in far left politics? They should go to Israel.

    • poetcomic1

      Visible practicing Jews who bear the brunt of persecution both from Neo-Nazis and Muslims tend to be Orthodox, conservative, pro-Israel and are NOT the secular Jews ‘in name only if even that’.

      • tokoloshiman

        only because they can be easily identified.
        but all jews are equally hated be they secular, reformed or orthodox.
        the nuremberg laws tried to weed out all traces of jewishness,
        and nothing has changed.

  • FalkoBaumgartner

    I was at first neutral about circumcision in Germany, but I too belonged to those who changed their mind after seeing how a few Jewish pundits tried to play what I feel was the Holocaust card. Circumcision IS a violent intrusion on an infantile which cannot speak its mind. There are, moreover, a number of clinical studies and reports by now demonstrating that the sexual arousal is significantly smaller in circumcised persons as the most sensitive parts of the foreskin are removed. However, I would agree to the practice if it only entails people who have come of age (16 or 18) and can make a decision for themselves.

    • itaintmojo

      Your points are valid regarding circumcision. However, Jews are not promoting it for other faiths. Banning Jews from their cultural ritual, which affects no one else but themselves, is controlling, and intrusive. You have a right to think its wrong, but less right to tell others what is right and wrong, when it does not affect you. The only accomplishment from this type of legislation is to insult and alienate Jews, in the hopes they might leave.

      • defcon 4

        How do you feel about FGM (called female circumcision by muslimes, the largest practitioner of such barbarity)? Do you feel you can oppose one form of circumcision and not the other?

      • FalkoBaumgartner

        The point is THE BABY is the one who has the right to think what is right or wrong for him, but it cannot exercise this right because circumcision is imposed on him by adults. In current legislation it is the family and the priest who makes the decision for the infantile, but it should be able the decision for himself – when it is a mature person, an adult.

        • defcon 4

          I find myself agreeing w/your position.

          • Dr. John

            Jewish circumcision is done when the male baby is 8 days old. He has zero anticipation, suffers a few seconds of pain, and then heals easily and painlessly. Circumcision at later ages like adolescence is scary and requires long and painful recovery. As the article by Hornik notes, the American pediatric organization says circumcision is on the whole medically beneficial. It is also very fundamental to the Jewish faith and practiced by almost all Jews, including very secular ones. Opposing it is anti-Jewish at least in effect, if not in intention. It is ABSOLUTELY not comparable to the horrendous, extremely frightening and painful, harmful and destructive, misogynist practice of female circumcision.

          • defcon 4

            Hmm, I never thought of it that way.

        • itaintmojo

          Yes, your point is well taken. Circumcision is extremely outdated, and useless. Especially nowadays when we are so easily aware that proper cleaning of the area solves any issues. I asked some Jews (not orthodox), if they could tell me the reason for the tradition, and not one could give me a straight answer other than the hygienic response, which as i say no longer applies. I only meant to say that while I disagree with the practice, Jews don’t promote this on others, and I’m not sure if anyone has the right to restrict them from continuing making baby boys scream at such an early age. Just curious…would your opinion on the baby’s rights put you in the pro life side? I’m a pro lifer in the sense that I think more ought to be done to educate preventing unwanted pregnancies, but I’m also a pro choicer for the women who are put in impossible positions that would be very punishing for them, if they were forced give birth.

    • RoxanneRoxanadana

      As long as you also ban 1) ear piercing of infants & persons less than 18(far more deleterous as it affects a visible structure on the face) & 2) tattoos of persons less than 18, you can say you are not a hypocrite. The trouble is that few specify that the most common circumcisions occur with Muslims, far more so than with Jews. Very likely, if circumcision is banned for all not adults, Jews will comply.

  • FalkoBaumgartner

    Jewish life in France is definitely under pressure from the Islamization of the country. There has been an attack on a Rabbi recently, but it is only the tip of an iceberg of a strong Anti-Jewish sentiments among Muslim immigrants. In Germany, there has been an influx of 200.000 “Jews” from the former USSR until 2004, but half of them turned out to be either relatives or economic refugees. Still, the German Jewish community tripled to ca. 110.000, but since then its numbers are slowly declining, mainly due to the aging of its population (the average Jewish immigrant from Russia was 45+). The native German Jews only make up 30.000. They are influential in the media, but too few to have a real impact on the country the way the Muslims (unfortunately) now do.

  • itaintmojo

    When scuzzz like Golden Dawn, Jobbik, and moronic legislators against circumcision finally manage to rid themselves of their Jewish populations, I wonder who then, they will have left to blame, and hate?

    These hate groups show their own laziness when they choose to spend their time on jealousy and hate, rather than to educate themselves, and compete fairly for life’s rewards.

    • A Z

      Freud said that society putting pressure on people could cause Neurosis. Some of Freud has been refuted or built upon with a twist.

      Yet I believe that. I believe that a significant proportion of the tin hat crowd is due to people wheeling and dealing in Washington and keeping it secret for good causes(national security) & bad causes such as nepotism/cronyism.

      I believe Golden Dawn falls into this category also. Not that it matters if they are chasing you down the street throwing rocks at you and wanting to lynch you. But when politicians do not enforce borders & use Ponzi schemes to get elected, you are going to get this.

      I married a foreigner. On one visit to their home country (1997) they said there is a recession. People are not feeling good. Don’t act to boisterous or happy, you ‘ll draw trouble.

      Some people are going to got to conspiracy theories because they are bored, they want to fleece people, or they are ignorant about certain things. but other times I believe it is because the elite are scr_wing things up, keeping their secrets & CYA and thus not getting hurt.

  • Dunnyveg

    While the far right threats the author mentions are real, other “postmulticultural parties”, such as Geert Wilders’ PFF party, are actually philosemitic. And, more often than not, Jews rebuff friendly gestures from these parties.

    By far the larger problem, and one the author alludes to only in passing, is Muslim antisemitism, which is part and parcel of their rejection of all of European civilization. So, ironically, when European Jews resist overtures from the “postmulticultural parties” to join them in efforts to stop Muslim immigration, Jews are actually encouraging more attacks upon themselves.

    Finally, I am just as sympathetic to Europe’s native populations as I am to Jews. The big difference is that Jews at least have Israel. Non-Jews have nowhere to go to escape Muslim attacks against themselves.

    • tokoloshiman

      Israel is attacked daily and faces a real existential threat.
      how safe is that?

      • Dunnyveg

        The threats facing Israel are sobering, but more in potentiality than actuality, especially since Israel built its security fence to keep out dangerous aliens. The threats facing both Jews and native populations in Europe are right here, right now, and only growing worse.

        • tokoloshiman

          Yes I agree.
          That old unfailing glue of antisemitism is as strong as ever.
          it unites all causes no matter how disparate.
          it is sickening and pervasive and the baton of hatred for jews has been carried forward over the centuries without fail, strengthened by the catholic church and endlessly promoted by vile baseless propaganda that the credulous lap up and then slobber over. the arabs learned well from the nazis.
          one wonders who who will be next after the jews are all “safely” in Israel.
          of course there is much persecution christians as well
          and the intractable islamists and their different sects are at
          each others throats as well. but the jew is the ultimate target, always.

          • defcon 4

            Islamic Jew hatred predates the existence of the German language, much less Germany, much less Nazi Germany.

        • defcon 4

          Assminijihad threatened to “erase Israel from the pages of history” among other things. Security fences wouldn’t stop Iranian medium range ballistic missiles from hitting Israel.

          • Dunnyveg

            Again, this is a threat of potentiality versus actuality, as Iran does not yet possess nukes. For what it’s worth, Europe itself wouldn’t be completely safe from similar attacks, even with some of the pro-Muslim groveling we see.

            While potential threats do have to be taken seriously, actualized threats, such as we have to see in Europe, have to be taken at least as seriously. When Jews, or anybody else, dies because of ethnic conflict, it really doesn’t matter if that death comes from being stabbed in the back while waking down a street in Europe or from a missile hitting Tel Aviv. Death is death, and Jews and gentiles alike should work together to prevent the conditions that lead to such tragedies.

          • defcon 4

            Iran has been supplying short range rocket tech to the paleswine. High explosive warheads in SSBM’s can still kill people and destroy property, but maybe Iron Dome is good enough to stop it?

  • AmericaFirst

    The jews should feel ill at ease in Europe. For centuries now, they’ve been nothing but parasites on White European societies, ransacking European economies and introducing degeneracy into the culture. Jews were and continue to be at the heart of leftist/Bolshevist ideology, which is responsible for tens of millions of European deaths in the 20th century. Ironically, the jews are reaping their just desserts from having led the charge on promoting third-world immigration into Europe; the savage Muslim immigrants are now recognizing what European societies have known for centuries, that “anti-Semitism” is indeed a very natural reaction to despicable jewish behavior. You jews have your little bandit state of Israel now; leave Europe and go there.

    • UCSPanther

      Still regurgitating neo-nazi talking points? Maybe you should move to Europe, loser. It will be a nice Judenrein paradise for schmucks like you, complete with Islamic neighbors who will gladly turn on you when there are no Jews left to persecute…

    • UCSPanther

      And if you nazis read a little about “Uncle Joe” Stalin, you would love him too, for he also held violently antisemitic views and would have acted on them were it not for his fateful stroke.

      You also cannot offer a satisfactory explanation about why the Soviet supported the likes of Gamal Nasser during the Six-Day War…

      • defcon 4

        I always found it sickening the way the USSR supported the islamo-nazis in the Mid-East. I had always thought it wasn’t so much because of anti-semitism (the USSR supported the formation of the state of Israel), but because Israel was being backed by the USA.

        • Joanne

          Yes, I think you’re right. But I it’s likely that the antisemitism was there to fuel Stalin’s hatred even more, once it became clear that Israel would not be the USSR’s proxy in the Middle East.

    • Madhvi

      Because of Jews (Israeli division of Intel saved Intel) you are able to write your poisonous parroted stupid completely unoriginal racist propaganda-joining the ranks of losers like yourself that stretch back millennia!!. Your flash drive is Jewish (invented by an Israeli company). A good many of your medicines are Jewish (Israeli made-better clean out your cabinet!), Your God is Jewish, your monotheism is Jewish, your morality (the Ten Commandments and the commentaries ) is Jewish, your film industry was created by Jews, half the Christmas songs you sing every year and so much other great music-both popular and classical was and is created by Jews; your CELLPHONE was developed by the ISRAELI division of Motorola–better throw that away immediately!. You don’t have polio because of a Jew who invented the vaccine -even for monsters like yourself-… could go on and on. We defeated Hitler’s Germany and save Europe, thanks to Jews (Einstein and Oppenheimer) though no doubt you regret that! The positive Jewish contribution to this world is so phenomenally disproportionate to their small numbers, it is staggering. ABsolutely staggering. The “Jews” have contributed so much greatness to this world, that were you to get rid of everything in your life that was invented, developed, created, inspired by Jews somewhere and at some time, well you would probably be dead –and at the very least utterly miserable (well you already are), sick, ignorant, pagan, and computer less:} You, on the other hand, contribute nothing to this world but hatred and ignorance.

      • MarxistMangler

        Computers, phones, cell phones, internet, film, photography, were invented by White men. To be frank, the list of White inventions and innovations makes the Jewish list miniscule. Whites did just fine before Jews and would do as well without. Morality existed far before Judaism came to exist; that’s a very silly claim. Whites would be better off pagan than with universalist Christianity welcoming all trash as ‘brothers in christ’.

    • defcon 4

      You should follow the example your leader set in the Fuhrerbunker in ’44’.

  • Philip

    Israel is not ready at all. There is no affordable housing.

  • RoxanneRoxanadana

    Countries that prohibit ritual slaughter out of concern for the pain suffered by the mammal permit hunting, wherein horrific pain is experienced in general. The Netherlands lets hunters torture rabbits. Poland, all manner of mammals France, by considering itself a “hunting country”, deems torture of animals a virtue Switzerland loves to torture Alpine animals to death Swedes view animal torture a national pastime–Sports/Hunting-in-Sweden/ Norway has a register of animal torturers, beloved by all there As for Iceland, here’s a nice video about the brutal slaughter of whales.

    Hypocrisy abounds in these matters.

    • AlaninMontreal

      I just love how the Spaniards support the ban on seal hunting in Canada and discuss it on their way to watch the blood-ridden bull fights that are, apparently, a part of their culture and heritage.

      • Roxanne Roxanadanna

        Yes. You see the problem here. Moreover, i gave up eating mammalian flesh for my gastrointestinal health; it has been a marvelous thing that way. One wonders what those against ritual slaughter would say if I rode a high moral horse on this matter; claiming that no one could possibly be moral on this if they killed mammals for any reason other than their being dangerous pests like Norway rats. Of course, my leather shoes, purse, etc. would have to be discarded. . .

  • vassal

    Let’s make this very clear, it is not only the Jews who are in danger. All indigent Europeans of Western and Christian traditions are in trouble. If you are a white Caucasian, Christian or secular, you are seen as an infidel by many of the Muslim population. Some of the children of the Muslim population are going to madrases schools or schools at least teaching Islamic ideology and are being funded by both left and right-wing governments, that teach hatred and intolerance toward white European laws and traditions. Yes, the prospects are bleak for Jews but also for the rest of us. We are all, in a sense, Jews.

  • MarxistMangler

    Yeah? What about the bleak prospects of indigenous Europeans with the massive immigration of non-Whites and their exponential breeding rates?

    • AlaninMontreal

      What the heck is wrong with Europe? These mass immigrations have taken place in North America. Canada the US seem to be able to deal with it and in fact benefit from it. Why can’t Europe get its act together?

  • AlaninMontreal

    I can’t ever remember hearing a discussion about how we have to go through 3 hours of pre-flight security at an airport because we’re afraid some Jew may have a bomb on board. Despite years of terrorism and thousands of deaths brought upon the world by Muslim terrorists, the world still blames the Jews for its own stupidity. And every time Europe is in trouble because of its own stupidity, as it is now, it turns against the Jews. The is predictable and not at all surprising.

  • oscar1609

    The article equates opposition to circumcision (genital mutilation) to anti-semitism. That is ridiculous. Circumcision is barbaric and should be outlawed.