Washington’s Will Is Done: Bloody Terrorists Freed

130812-feinberg-prisoners-830a.photoblog600Just after midnight on Wednesday, Israel Hayom reports, 26 Palestinian security prisoners were set free by Israel. Twenty-one were sent to the West Bank, five to Gaza.

All of these prisoners were convicted either of murder or attempted murder. They constitute the second of four groups of 26 prisoners who are being released periodically during the current Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. For Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, freeing them was an iron-clad condition for entering the talks at all. Israel acceded to it under heavy U.S. pressure, spearheaded by Secretary of State John Kerry.

“…Palestinians in Ramallah and Gaza,” Israel Hayom informs us,

celebrated the release of the prisoners. The 21 prisoners returning to the West Bank attended an official reception at the Mukataa in Ramallah, where…Abbas greeted them personally.

“We welcome our brothers the heroes coming from behind the bars to a world of freedom and liberty,” Abbas was quoted as saying.

None of the American diplomatic personnel in Israel attended this reception. That may not seem worth pointing out. Wouldn’t it be a diplomatic slap to Israel? And wouldn’t it contradict American values to attend a celebratory reception for terrorist killers?

Indeed, it would. But why, then, did it not unacceptably contradict American values to pressure Israel to free them in the first place?

Indeed, these 26 are a nasty lot. Here are just a few examples from a partial list compiled by Israel National News:

Awad Masalkha took part in the murder of Yigal Vaknin…and also murdered another Jew, David Reuven…, an Iraqi-born father of three who ran a mini-market…. In 1991, Awad and other terrorists entered the mini-market, attacked Reuven, tied him up and beat him to death. He was 59….

Ahmed Damuni murdered reservist soldier Amnon Pomerantzin 1990. Pomerantz was on his way to reserve service in Gaza when he entered the Al Burej neighborhood by mistake. He was pummeled with rocks, murdered, and his body was burned inside his car. He was 46. He was survived by his wife and three children.

Haza Yusef and Abdullah Bani-Hassan murdered Yosef Eliyahu and Leah Elmakayes…, two teachers, in 1985. The teachers were preparing a field trip for their pupils in the Gilboa area, when they were accosted by the terrorists. Eliyahu, 35, married and a father of five, was shot at close range, and Elmakayis, 19, was strangled to death. She had been a National Service volunteer. She left behind her parents and three siblings.

The peace talks, by the way, are reportedly going nowhere. The ordinary, humble, logical person might remark—that’s not surprising, is it, considering that one side regards such people as heroes?

And not only that, but well-compensated heroes. “Palestinian media,” Israel Hayom adds,

reported Tuesday that every prisoner who was released will receive a special grant from the PA, according to the length of his prison sentence. The grants—some of which are expected to amount to tens of thousands of dollars—will join a monthly stipend the PA plans to allot the prisoners, ranging between 2,500 and 4,500 shekels ($710-$1,280) a month.

Whether Israel should be giving in to the Palestinian-U.S. advocacy for these terrorists is bitterly debated in Israel. On Monday Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said:

Ordering the Palestinian prisoners’ release has been one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make as prime minister…. I am sure that any prime minister who has ever had to make a similar decision in the past has agonized over it as well, given the injustice of seeing these heinous murderers freed before they have finished serving their sentences in full….

My heart goes out to the bereaved families. This decision was a necessary evil, dictated by the reality we live in. We must navigate a complex international arena that presents us with multiple challenges. It mandates that we consider various factors and do what is best for the State of Israel.

A translation might be:

It is very difficult getting along with the current U.S. administration, but nevertheless we remain dependent on America. At present the main issue facing the State of Israel is the Iranian nuclear threat. I have had to play along with the Palestinian game in the hope of achieving maximum understanding with Washington on a matter that poses a far more strategic, indeed an existential danger.

Just how difficult it has been to get along with the Obama administration on the Iranian issue was evident this week in Kerry’s thinly veiled reference to Netanyahu’s “fear tactics.”

It may seem like “fear tactics” to those who split their time between Washington and Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket. To Israelis, the “fear” induced by batches of freed terrorists and Iranian genocidal threats is quite real. At some points in Israeli history deferring to America has turned out to be more dangerous and costly than not doing so. This may be one of them.

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  • rsilverm

    I like Bibi, but the release of terrorists sickens me. I think he is wrong on this one. He should have said no and taken whatever punishment was forthcoming from Washington.

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      I agree, Mr. Silverman. But does this mean Israel won’t strike Iran? There’s got to be a line in the sand–somewhere.

    • J.

      Who knows how or what the muslim supporting terrorist in Washington did to pressure Mr. Nentanyahu to do such a thing that goes against his very integrity. Maybe it was for political show, or maybe even threats from our leaders to turn back on our ally, and covertly support Israel’s enemies. Whatever it was it certainly not what Mr. Nentanyahu would do on his own accord.

    • A Z

      We do not know with what Obama threatened Israel.

      Obama slowed down and stopped some aid to Egypt and they are Muslim. What might he do to Israel?

      Obama is a snake. I just watched CNN program “Out Front”. They had the news that we had been tapping Angela Merkl’s phone for 10 years. It thought would I want the phone line tapped of the German PM? If they were a Green Party PM or socialist, yes indeed.

      Then I turned the question around. If I were the British, the French or anyone else would I want to tap Obama’s phone or blackberry? Yes indeed.

      I might even release the audio tapes if I thought it could get him impeached. Obama is that dangerous.

      Obama might have threatened more than cut of of all aid and.or selling of military weapons. He might have threatened sanctions against Israel and loss of diplomatic relations.

      Am I serious? How many RINOs do we have?

  • defcon 4

    I gotta wonder how the corrupt a-holes in the zero administration strong-armed Israel on this one. It would be nice if such factoids would see the light of day — because we all know it was back room extortion that resulted in this disgusting event.

    • Bert

      I must assume that Obama made grave threats against Israel to force the release of killers while he refuses to release Pollard after 28 years. Obama;s threats should be leaked to the media as proof that Obama is intent on betraying Israel and he is becoming ever more dangerous. So much news from Israel gets leaked and I wonder why this remains secret. U.S. Jews must also be blamed for their craven silence while Obama endangers six million Israeli Jews.

      • Chavi

        Remember when Obama revealed Israel’s air bases in Azerbaijan? The man will stop at nothing. Mr. Hornik’s translation is spot on.

      • justquitnow

        Yes, if such threats exist, they should be taken to the media. If no evidence to your claim has surfaced, don’t be deterred…it just means that it’s a conspiracy. I hope to Christ this isn’t your only news source.

        • defcon 4

          Yes Al Jizzera and Press TV should always be the first choice for news about the Mid-East and Islam.

          • justquitnow

            That’s what you watch huh? I got rid of cable a while ago.

          • defcon 4

            I was being sarcastic.

      • Michael Garfinkel

        I have little sympathy for Pollard, who accepted money for the intelligence he sold. Still, there is no reasonable justification at this point for his continued incarceration.

        As a separate issue, the pressure exerted by Obama and Kerry for these releases is nothing short of obscene.

        • defcon 4

          I’ve read Pollard also offered US intelligence to countries besides Israel, for money.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    The release of these prisoners offends decency, and each new release further diminishes the state of Israel.

    Netanyahu knows this, but obviously does not feel he has a choice.

    This is very disheartening.

    • AgentGreen

      “Offends decency”! That’s not only an understatement it offends the word “decency”.

      • Michael Garfinkel

        Hey, I’m on your side!

    • BS77

      Re: Orwell’s 1984 where War is Peace etc etc….The whole so called “peace process” is a sham and everyone knows it…but the theatre of the Absurd charades and treaty signings continue……

      • justquitnow

        Er…no, 1984 does not apply in this situation. Maybe our global war on terror kind of applies…after all we have always been at war with EastAsia

        • http://eacafe.blogspot.com/ roma_caput_mundi

          Calling something involving releasing and paying murderers a “peace process” is indeed Orwellian, sorry.

          • BS77

            Umm Hmmm….just as predictable as Monday following Sunday, the latest agreement immediately followed by rockets and bombs from Gaza into Israel…..five Israeli soldiers injured by explosions….militants shot dead….yep, the peace process at work.

          • http://eacafe.blogspot.com/ mithras

            Right, the “Palestinians” (which is just a made-up group consisting of Muslim Arabs who invaded Israel) don’t want peace, they want to destroy and re-capture Israel. The way to peace is through Israeli victory. Only an Ivy League graduate could believe that these people can “dialogue” their differences away. No. “Palestinians” (particularly Hamas) need to be convinced that they are defeated. That’s how wars end.

  • v

    I fully blame the so-called American Jewish community and all the so-called Jewish legislators, headed by Chuck Schumer. They have blood on their hands for betraying the very Jews that secured a strong National Homeland for the Jews of the world. Shame on them, the are no different than those Jews of Europe who collaborated with the Nazi and Fascist regimes, only to end up in gas chambers and meet their demise anyway. May they go to hell and on fast track

  • wildjew

    Obama is not going to support Israel taking defensive measures against Iran’s nuclear threat, regardless. That has been clear for several years. Obama is trying to buy the Iranians time to make nuclear weapons. Projecting weakness in the face of Obama’s immoral pressure, threats, demagoguery, is a huge miscalculation. Republicans are internalizing that harsh lesson.

  • http://israelisverige.info Ralph Haglund

    BB – repeat after me: “NO” “NO” “NO” “NO” See, now you have expanded your vocabulary! Do not forget! Ortherwise the history books will call you stupid.

  • WhiteHunter

    This is yet another example–as if one were still needed–why terrorists should never be taken alive, or held in prison instead of immediately executed. As long as they’re alive, they’re a liability, and a “bargaining chip” to be used as extortion against the civilized nations that hold them. The “blind sheik,” whose release is periodically demanded of us (the demands backed up with further threats), is another example. Ditto the Pan Am bomber in Scotland.

    What possible argument can be made against promptly executing these murderers whose guilt of hideous crimes is beyond the slightest doubt? That it will “inflame” their fellow terrorists, who will cut our throats anyway, no matter what we do? That it will “show the world that we’re no better than they are”?

    Don’t bother “setting an example” of decency and mercy to “demonstrate” our moral nobility to the savages who are determined to kill us and destroy our civilization; it has never done the slightest good for us, and never will.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Immediate execution can be counter-productive, in that captured terrorists can provide valuable intelligence.

      I agree, however, that the incredibly “soft” treatment terrorist prisoners have enjoyed in the West makes a mockery of justice – and adds insult to the injury of their victims.

      • Drakken

        Keep the savages alive long enough to bleed any and all information from them, always remember, red is positive, black is negative and make sure their nuts are wet, they will tell you anything you want to know, then have a special pig pen of Corsican pigs made and feed muslim savages to the pigs.

        • Michael Garfinkel

          You’re awfully circumspect – don’t be shy, tell us what you really think!

          Actually, I think hanging terrorist killers is sufficient.

          • Drakken

            You have to use what scares the living jihad out of them and trust me, it works.

          • justquitnow

            Because if anyone knows about keeping another man’s balls wet, it’s Drakken.

          • Drakken

            I always said you had a kind chin, the kinda chin your boyfriend rests his nuts on.

          • justquitnow

            your lame comeback needs a rimshot.

          • defcon 4

            I’m sure you’re the expert there champ.

          • justquitnow

            god you guys are stupid. I’ll aim lower.

          • defcon 4

            Can’t get much lower than you already are.

          • Drakken

            Your the expert!


            You enjoy getting tea bagged.


            Hanging, followed by bathing their carcass in pig blood to eliminate any chance to enter “islamic paradise” would be the nail in their coffin.

      • Jaques Massu

        Interrogate captured terrorists in the field, then summarily execute them.

        • defcon 4

          You’re being very intolerant as your actions may lead to a virgin shortage in islamic heaven.

  • Marty

    It’s a pit that these inbred sociopaths didn’t have the decency to die in prison. There is no doubt that their miserable lives will be dedicated to slaughtering more innocent Israeli men, women, and children.

  • Chavi

    At the 12-month mark of the peace talks having gone nowhere, I hope we see these bloody criminals mysteriously dropping dead one by one. IDF knows how to do it. Please G-d.
    יוודע בגויים לעינינו נקמת דם עבדיך השפוך. והשב לשכנינו שבעתים אל חיקם, חרפתם אשר חרפוך ה’.

  • Adheeb

    SOLUTION: Take no prisoners.

  • Gee

    I hate Netanyahu – a spineless suck up to Odumba.

    This should be a wake up call to the IDF – do not take prisoners ever again.

    • Drakken

      You had better pray to God that that traitor Livini doesn’t get in, so deal with the devil you do know for now.

      • Gee

        Pray – no she needs a prayer just to get back in the Knesset. We hate Livni – and that is over 90% of Israel

  • SoCalMike

    There is a special place in hell with John Kerry’s name on it as well as the malignant coterie of American diplomats who insist on continuing the evil fraud that the Palestinians negotiate in good faith.

    The PRIMARY beneficiaries of this so-called “peace process” are posing diplomats and parasitic officials preening themselves on false pr generated by a press corps of false prophets.

  • justquitnow

    Again, I read all about an issue and then come here and find out it’s really about Obama. No mention of the settlement announcement on the same day? No mention of Netanyahu trying to keep his government coalition together….Nope.


    Nice blog post David.

    • StanleyT

      You have no problem with the release of convicted murderers, but you do seem to have a problem with building houses for Jews. Explain.

      • justquitnow

        Yeah that’s right asshole…because I expressed an opinion on this vacuous blog post, I must support the release of terrorists. Grow up dude.

        • defcon 4

          Yeah retread, because building settlements and releasing convicted islam0nazis terrorists are morally equivalent acts. Shouldn’t you be molesting islamic dancing boys somewhere?

          • justquitnow

            Are they morally equivalent acts? You are strange.

          • defcon 4

            The subject of this article is the release of more than two dozen muslime terrorists convicted for murdering people. An action that you haven’t condemned or disapproved of but instead tried to excuse.

          • justquitnow

            Yeah…this is your thing. You accuse me of such things no matter what the comment, article, or even the point. You’re a self righteous douche defcon4.

            You don’t read the comments do you? You just breakout that dishonest tool first thing.

    • http://eacafe.blogspot.com/ roma_caput_mundi

      Can you actually show why Israel would ever release them, if not American pressure? Or do you just mock people like a 6-year-old?

      • justquitnow

        Yeah, go read about the issue anywhere else…and if you’re first impulse is to go to the Blaze or Alex Jones, resist the temptation.

        Besides, Obama can’t be the weakest President in history whom everyone is laughing at as they walk over him AND the powerful secret force that drives the jews.

        • http://eacafe.blogspot.com/ mithras

          The critique of Obama is that he appeases our enemies while alienating our allies, not that he’s the weakest president in history. This is of a piece with such classic diplomatic moments as returning the bust of Churchill and bowing to Hu Jintao.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “…not that he’s the weakest president in history.”

            He’s weakest in his allegiance and competence but not in political power.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “Besides, Obama can’t be the weakest President in history whom everyone is laughing at as they walk over him AND the powerful secret force that drives the jews.”

          The weakest POTUS can make *Israel* do just about anything if he’s ruthless enough. His “powerful secret force that drives the jews” is something you made up.

          • justquitnow

            Yes ruthless Obama forcing the BB to do something he doesn’t want to do. And those are the only factors here to even consider…and that’s Obama and what happened and how he’s at fault for it. Instead of all the nonsense why don’t you just say “yes the article is shallow and tells us what we want to hear and already believe…and we like it that way…so stop implying that there is anything outside this bubble I’m in.”

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “Yes ruthless Obama forcing the BB to do something he doesn’t want to do.”

            It looks that way to the objective observer that has enough information.

            “And those are the only factors here to even consider.”

            I don’t know why you’d say that.

            Everyone is accountable for what they do and in some cases for what they fail to do.

            ” Instead of all the nonsense why don’t you just say “yes the article is shallow and tells us what we want to hear and already believe…and we like it that way…so stop implying that there is anything outside this bubble I’m in.”

            It is shallow because it’s written more or less as a primer. But at the same time that doesn’t make it deceptive. It just means you have to search more for additional evidence to support or dispute the statements.

          • justquitnow

            OK…now you’re just supporting my original post. Nice talking with ya?

        • defcon 4

          have you been reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion again? Or watching the Egyptian television documentary because reading hurts your zabiba?

    • Drakken

      I’ll bet you a hundo that if your hero Obummer was in front of you, that you would get down on your knees and blow him, and then have the common courtesy to ask for seconds.

  • johnnywood

    There will be a special place in Hell for Mr. Kerry, Ms. Clinton and Barack al-Obummer..

  • Omar

    kerry disgraced himself in hos 20’s and has never recouped. He is as low as a person can be and still be above obama.

  • LindaRivera

    Releasing barbaric Muslim terrorist KILLER MONSTERS is utterly evil.
    It screams to Muslims that Jewish blood is cheap and that if Muslims
    murder Jews and are captured, they will stay in the very best facilities
    and be later released for a PHONY, murderous peace.

    God doesn’t give anyone a free pass to break His Holy Laws because of their ‘religion’. God’s Law is eternal:

  • LindaRivera

    Over the years, American leaders have the terrible guilt of intensely pressuring Israel to release THOUSANDS of terrorists from jail.
    It is UNFORGIVABLE to free barbaric killers to please God-haters who are EAGER for the killer monsters to rejoin the jihad and maim and murder many more Jewish innocents.
    What kind of inhuman monsters pressure to release filth, depraved, unrepentant
    barbaric, bloodthirsty savages.

    The satanic killer MONSTERS are received back into Palestinian Authority society as HUGE HEROES. Releasing satanic killer MONSTERS is said to be for peace? What DIRTY LIES.
    Their release is sought so that the demonic monsters can murder more
    innocents. This is what the INHUMAN monsters have done when released in
    the past as fully documented. They are evil beings, killer MONSTERS who
    lust after innocent human blood.
    ROTECT INNOCENTS! Don’t release more filth! Act like CIVILIZED human beings!
    Give these dangerous, demonic, scum of the earth, the DEATH SENTENCE, not freedom!

  • LindaRivera

    Free POLITICAL PRISONER, Jewish Jonathan Pollard, UNJUSTLY Jailed for Life in America for Protecting Israel.

  • LindaRivera


    September 26, 2001
    Terror in the U.S. and the Jonathan Pollard case

    “… thanks to Jonathan Pollard, Israel was ready with gas masks and
    sealed rooms when Iraq attacked her during the Gulf War…

    The usual sentence for spying for an ally is 2-4 years…

    Indeed, the Government’s own Victim Impact Statement (VIS), which was
    submitted to the court prior to sentencing indicated that Pollard’s
    greatest “sin” was that by giving Israel vital security information
    which permitted the Jewish state to act in its own defense, he had made
    Israel “too strong” and thus angered America’s “moderate” Arab

  • LindaRivera


    The European Parliament Resolution on Jonathan Pollard
    September 16, 1993

    The European Parliament,

    1. noting that Jonathan Pollard, then of the US Navy, was convicted in
    1985 of passing classified information to Israel concerning the
    military activities of Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern nations,

    2. noting also that the information dealt with the chemical,
    biological and nuclear arms build- up in these countries and that
    Pollard considered he had a moral duty to warn Israel of the developing
    massive threat to its security and to the lives of its people,

    3. whereas Pollard has expressed remorse for his action,

    4. whereas Pollard, who was not accused of treason, or of intending to
    harm the US, pleaded guilty under a plea
    bargain, and was thus convicted and sentenced, without a full trial,
    to life imprisonment, despite the Government’s promise not to seek such
    a penalty,

    5. noting that the sentence imposed on Pollard
    was grossly disproportionate to those imposed on others by US courts
    for supplying information to a friendly power (normally from two to
    four years),

    6. shocked that most of Pollard’s eight years in prison should have been spent in solitary confinement and underground,

    7. astonished that Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, described by
    one of his Under-Secretaries for Defense as having had ‘an almost
    visceral dislike of Israel’, should have sent a message to the trial
    judge, one hour before the sentencing hearing, asking for the stiffest
    possible sentence commensurate with Pollard’s ‘treasonous’ (sic)

    8. noting however that Mr. Weinberger stated
    recently that he thought it was time that Mr. Pollard should be
    released; aware that Christian and Jewish organizations throughout the
    world have pleaded for the harsh sentence of life imprisonment to be
    commuted and that Judge Steve Williams wrote, in a dissenting opinion
    to an appellate court finding, that ‘the government’s conduct in this
    case resulted in a ‘complete miscarriage of justice’,

    1. Urges the US Administration to commute Pollard’s sentence to one of time served and to release him immediately;

    2. Calls on EPC to intercede with the US government with this end in view;

    3. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council,
    the Commission, EPC and the Government of the United States.

    Voted almost unanimously on 16th September 1993.
    See Also:

    * Euro-Parliament Adopts British MEP’s Motion Urging Pollard Release
    * U.S. City and State Resolutions
    * The Calls for Pollard’s Release Page



      May casper weinberger BURN in H E L L for ETERNITY!

    • defcon 4

      I’ve read that Pollard also either offered, or actually sold, US military secrets to nations besides Israel, for money.

      • LindaRivera

        An EVIL LIE from the Jew-haters.

        • defcon 4

          Maybe you’re right. I think I might have read that info from wikipedia, back when I still trusted them as a source for information on Israel or Islam.

  • Guest

    This is why instead of sentences of life in prison for these murdering animals they need to be immediately executed! Solves that problem and saves money.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Washington motto: ‘Bama know betta.”

    Health insurance?


    Engagement of the “moderate Muslims?”


    Defense issues?

    Social justice?

    ‘Bama know betta. You’re too stupid to understand. But the transformed world will be grateful when the fruits of these obvious “blessings” come to fruition.

  • Webb Cook

    Zippy is Chief Rabbi in the Synagogue of Satan. No real Jew would ever let murderers of Jews walk free. It’s a travesty.

  • Arty Cohn

    Most all of these murderous terrorists were residents of Israel. I don’t see how the Palestinian Administration, or the US government have any say on their sentences.

    • defcon 4

      You sure would think so. You wouldn’t think the United States would be acting as an agent of evil An agent that supports and promulgates islam0fascism.

  • Nixys

    Why, why, why do American Jews still vote democrat?? Obama HATES Israel. The European left is anti-Semitic and hates Israel, too. Communists hate Israel because to them the very concept of nation states is evil and oppressive. And leftists ADORE fundamentalist Muslims who also hate Jews, while simultaneously supporting gay rights, women’s rights and abortion. This makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER yet no one bothers to notice this massive contradiction. The only people on Earth who might actually be a good friend to Jews and Israel are the American right, and American Jews somehow fail to realize this, thinking the American right are the real “nazis” of the world today!! The liberal brainwashing machine at work.