Genesis of an Anti-Semitic State

mahmoudThis week, a “Global Forum Against Anti-Semitism” will gather in Jerusalem.

The time has come for the Global Forum to consider the fact that a new anti-Semitic state is in formation.

Imagine, if you would, if any nascent nation-state anywhere in the world was in formation, and that it had taken on the following features:

* Selling land to a Jew would be defined as  a capital crime.

* Its new constitution would not allow for juridical status for Judaism and  Jews would not even be allowed to live in the country.

* The school system would inculcate children to make war on the Jews.

* Those who murder Jews would become the heroes of the new country.

* The designated head of state earned his Ph.D. on the basis of a published thesis arguing that the millions of Jews who were murdered during World War II were actually executed by the Zionists, who were allies of the Nazis.

The reaction to such a “state in formation” would be an outcry from all of the Jewish groups that monitor anti-Semitism.

Yet there has been no outcry from most Jewish groups in the case of the proposed Palestinian Arab state, based on the ideology of the Palestine Liberation Organization, even though the proposed state possesses these six characteristics, as described above.

However, there are some influential non-Jews who have expressed concern about the anti-Semitism of the nascent Palestinian Authority.

A case in point: Ten years ago, our agency covered a briefing for a visiting United States congressional delegation provided by the former Vatican representative to Israel, Archbishop Pietro Sambi. The Papal  Nuncio warned US lawmakers that the new Palestinian Authority approved a draft state constitution, funded by USAID, which provided no juridical status for religions other than Islam in the new Palestinian Arab entity.

The Papal Nuncio also warned that the Palestinian Authority had adopted a Shariah law that was modeled on the Sharia law that rules in Saudi Arabia, which dictates absolute supremacy of Muslims, as matter of law.

Archbishop Sambi provided the text of that proposed PA constitution, with the hope that Jewish groups which would object to such a proposed Palestinian state constitution.

In addition, Archbishop Sambi initiated a Vatican study of the new PA textbooks, which the Vatican would determine to be anti-Semitic in nature.

As a result of the Vatican study of the PA textbooks, the Italian government withdrew its money from the Palestinian Ministry of Education textbook project.

An expert whose research is impeccable on this subject is journalist Dr. Arnon Groiss, who earned his Ph.D. in Islamic studies at Princeton, and who worked for ten years as a researcher for, also known as the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace, where Dr. Groiss became an expert on Arab school books.

Over the past year, Dr. Groiss made presentations for staffers and members of the US Congress and the Canadian Parliament, in which he showed how the new textbooks of the Palestinian Authority, instead of educating for peace with Israel, promote the “armed struggle” to liberate Palestine — all of Palestine.

From these textbooks, Groiss showed that the PA curriculum teaches the following fundamentals:

* Jews are foreigners and have no rights in Palestine.

* The Jews have a dubious, and even murderous, character.

* Israel is an illegitimate usurper that occupied Palestine in 1948 and 1967.

* Israel is the source of all kinds of evil done to the Palestinians.

* Peace with Israel based on reconciliation is not sought.

* Armed struggle for liberation is encouraged instead.

* The exact area to be liberated is never restricted to the areas taken by Israel in 1967.

* Jihad and martyrdom are explicitly encouraged.

The list of accusations against Israel appearing in the new Palestinian Authority schoolbooks includes more than 25 allegations, including:

* Israel contributes to Palestinian social ills and family violence.

* Israel causes the increase of drug abuse cases in Palestinian society.

* Israel pollutes the Palestinian environment.

* Israel usurps Muslim and Christian holy places.

* Israel strives to obliterate the Palestinian national identity and heritage.

Over the past two years, New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith, a 34-year Republican veteran of Congress, announced that he would lead a campaign for the US to condition aid to UNRWA and the Palestinian Authority on the nullification of the anti-Semitic curriculum of the Palestinian Authority.

Rep. Smith’s initiative was reminiscent of Archbishop Sambi, who died two years ago while serving as the new Papal Nuncio in Washington.

Archbishop Sambi was never afraid to take a stand on the official anti-Semitism which he discerned in the Palestinian Authority.

It remains to be seen whether mainstream Jewish groups will follow the lead of Rep. Smith and the late Archbishop Sambi to make such demands of the Palestinian Authority.

Sometimes it takes a courageous gentile to speak up, so that Jews will not hesitate to follow their example. Perhaps the Global Forum Against Anti-Semitism will toast the legacy and the message of Archbishop Pietro Sambi, whose warnings about the anti-Semitism of nascent Palestinian Arab entity should be heeded.

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  • richard sherman

    The PA IS BASED on FATAH WHICH COMES FROM THE PLO whose Charter calls for the murder of six million Jews…Abbas is a Holocaust denier….From their schoolbooks to their CHARTER every Arab associated with the PA ( and HAMAS and Hezbollah) believes the only good Jew is a dead Jew.

    • Guest

      It isn't Fatah, or the Hamas Charter, it's islam (Koran+Hadith+Sunna+Sharia) that tells them what and how to live and behave.

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    Why haven't the Jews protested the establishment of a "judenrein" palestinian state? Because they're all agog for a "two-state solution." Never mind what's happened in Gaza, since Israel's 2005 evacuation. Israel should annex Judea and Samaria. No two-state solution.

    • stern

      Unfortunately, a huge proportion of Jews today hate the thought of being anything but "democratic" – which in this case, means caring more about "the other" than they do about their own. To them, Judaism is archaic, nationalism is outdated, and the poor "natives" are to be pitied and forgiven for anything they do to us because after all, "it's all our fault". In other words, they think the "Palestinians" should have a state, but Jews don't really need one, "Palestinians" can resist any way they want, including by the use of terror, but we're not allowed to defend ourselves.

      It's a truly sick form of liberalism.

      • AnOrdinaryMan

        I agree with your perception that(in the view of liberal Jews) nationalism is outdated; however, if this is true, and the Jews don't really need a state, the Palestinians certainly don't. Especially since the Palestinians have proven they can't govern themselves.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Israel first became a nation in 1312 B.C.(E.), – two thousand years before the rise of Islam!

    "The land of Israel belongs to God, and He has decided to give it to the Jewish nation, in accordance with the covenant sealed on Mount Sinai, a covenant that no other nation was willing to undertake. After a long exile, we've returned home. We bear no malice toward anyone and seek no harm to anyone. But we will not surrender any portion of our land to foreign powers, and if foreigners rise up against us to destroy us, we will fight against them and, with God's help, we will destroy them."
    ~ Martin Wasserman

  • PAthena

    The origin of the name "Palestinian" for Arabs is shown in the name "Palestine Liberation Organization," "Liberation Organization" being a typical name of Soviet origin, for the Soviet Union and Gamal Nasser invented the "Palestine Liberation Organization" in Cairo, in 1964, to destroy Israel – both being haters of Jews. The propaganda worked when the P.L.O. came to fame at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972, when they murdered the Israeli athletes.
    The name "Palestine" always meant "the land of the Jews" from the time that the Roman Emperor Hadrian renamed Judea "Palestina" in 135 A.D., after having defeated the last Jewish rebellion under Bar Kochba. "Palestinian" was synonymous with "Jew." Thaat is why after World War II, Great Britain was awarded the "Palestine Mandate" to be "the homeland of the Jews." Israel, Jews, and others, should not dignify the "P.L.O." by calling the Arab haters of Jews "Palestinians." Arabs do not deserve any more states than they have.

    • Margaret Proctor

      You are spot on…….Thank you for your thoughtful historical knowledge of the Truth and and your
      clear explanation of factual reality…… to the evil nature of the PLO………..they deserve nothing….
      not now not………ever. The world should know by now……Isreal has done everything possible
      to appease these barbarian scum…………..and the world also knows what they really want…….and we
      know it' will never come to pass……….God keeps his promisses to his people……….you keep on
      informing us of those historical truths and just maybe those Jews who refuse to listen today will one
      day hear………..and put away their foolish "political correctness". God Bless your good works

  • watsa46

    Many among them do not care about a Jewish state. They believe in the illusion of safety. What did not affect them wont happen to them. This is selfish at best, at worst delusional.