CAIR’s Thought Police: At It Again

The thought police over at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are urging journalists to delete the word “Islamist” from their lexicon.  Though CAIR claims that the word stems out of bigotry, CAIR’s real agenda is to protect Islam — and Islamists — from so-called “defamation.”

The Associated Press Style Book is a guide for journalists which lays out rules for spelling, punctuation, and other guidelines.  In its most recent edition, it added the word “Islamist,” which it defines as: “Islamist: supporter of government in accord with the laws of Islam.  Those who view the Quran as a political model encompass a wide range of Muslims, from mainstream politicians to militants known as jihadi.”  Generally, the word “Islamist” is used to distinguish those who want to practice Islam as a spiritual faith, as opposed to those who interpret it and apply it as a political ideology.  Those in the latter category desire the merging of mosque and state.

On January 3, 2012, Ibrahim Hooper, national spokesperson for CAIR, published a column suggesting that in the New Year journalists should refrain from using the word “Islamist.”

He complains that news reports unfairly focus on Islamists and notes that there are no news reports of “Christianist,” “Hinduist,” or “Judaist” political leaders.  He further insists that the word “Islamist” is used almost always “pejoratively” by “Islamophobic groups and individuals” who link the word to terrorism, persecution of religious minorities, and human rights violations committed in the name of Islam.  Hooper whines that such “bigoted attacks” unfairly target Islam because they are not equally hurled at other faiths.

Hooper goes on to claim that often the word “Islamist” is used by “Islam-bashers” who “disingenuously” claim to hate political Islam, though deep in their hearts they hate all Islam.  As proof of his assertion, he accuses the alleged Islamophobes of failing to explain how a practicing Muslim can be politically active without attracting the label “Islamist.”  After all, he writes, Muslims who wish to serve the “public good” and are merely “influenced” by their faith are slapped with the label “Islamist.”  He professes that they just want to work for the “welfare of humanity and to be honest and just,” and if that same inspiration had eminated from the Bible instead of the Quran, they’d be deemed “good Samaritans.”

However, Hooper allows one exception for when use of the word “Islamist” is acceptable, and that is when it is used by Islamists themselves.

And therein lies the rub.  It’s not really the word to which Hooper is objecting.  It is the negative connotation which serves to “defame Islam.”  In the eyes of CAIR and other Islamist organizations, anything that sheds a negative light on Islam or Muslims constitutes “defamation,” even if it’s true. This is a definition at odds with that in the American legal system which requires defamation to consist of a false statement of fact.

So the real agenda of CAIR and its ilk is not to stop “bigotry” against Islam or Muslims, but to whitewash and obfuscate the truth and propagate a disinformation campaign about, yes, Islamist terrorism, Islamist persecution of religious minorities and Islamist human rights violations, all of which are done in furtherance of the ultimate goal of Islamist Supremacy.

The word “Islamist” has negative connotations because the underlying idea that the word represents is negative in the minds of freedom loving people.  Any cosmetic word change that carries the same meaning will eventually attach a negative connotation as well.

The real issue here is not to let the Islamist thought police like CAIR remove the arsenal of words from the English language in service of undermining the War on Terror.  Words have meaning and it is critical that we accurately use them to identify our enemies.  By placating CAIR’s demands, we tie one hand behind our backs in defending freedom.

Hooper conflates those whose values come from their religious faith and practice it within a constitutional framework, with those who use their faith to undermine constitutional freedoms. The reason news reports don’t contain allegations of Christianist, Hinduist and Judaist politicians is because there are no analogous political movements cloaked in the language of other faiths which seek to subvert the government and replace it with so-called “religious” institutions to be dominated by a monolith.

Though it isn’t incumbent on reporters to explain to the likes of CAIR how a Muslim can be influenced by his faith without being labeled “Islamist,” for Hooper’s benefit, it is laid out here:

1. Consider Islam a spiritual practice and not a political ideology to be imposed on others.

2. Do not work toward the merging of mosque and state.

3. Don’t demand that infidels comply with Islamic laws.

4. Support equality under the law between Muslims and non-Muslims, and between men and women.

5. Support freedom and refrain from advocating for anti-Constitutional measures such as restrictions on freedom of speech or special preferences in the workplace not afforded to those of other faiths.

6. Stop supporting terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah and start supporting national security measures that will protect American citizens from terrorist attacks including terrorist attacks by Muslims.

Muslims who can’t practice their version of Islam without violating these rules, accurately warrant the label “Islamist.”

It makes sense that Hooper would object to the negative connotations inherent in the word “Islamist” since the organization he represents qualifies for that label.  CAIR has close connections to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.  It was an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror-financing trial in the history of the United States.  Several of its former leaders sit in jail on terrorism-related convictions.  And, its current leadership is well known to be empathetic to Hamas and Hezbollah, both State-designated terrorist organizations which seek the obliteration of the State of Israel.

CAIR serves as an apologist for what is commonly called “creeping Sharia.”  It opposes every free speech stance that might be deemed anti-Islamic even if it’s true. CAIR has also opposed every national security measure that would protect American citizens from Islamist terrorism.

During the meetings from which CAIR sprung into existence, its founders proudly referred to themselves as Islamists.  They fully believe in and support the ultimate vision of a worldwide Sharia State, where Islam reigns supreme over all other religions.

But, whether the term is spoken by those who favor or abhor its meaning, an Islamist by any other name is still an Islamist.  Journalists have a duty to report the truth even when, and perhaps especially when, the subjects of the information find it offensive.

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  • AdinaK

    This is CAIR, the chief propaganda arm of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia –

    And this is their FINAL goal –

    Time to smell their jihad – stealth or through the sword.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

    • JacksonPearson

      CAIR, the unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation's funding to terrorist organizations are a hoax. Any other country would bounce them into a jail cell.

      I mock them, Obama, and their faux prophet Muhammad.

  • kafir4life

    From what I've heard, the ever widening doug hooper is an islamist who practices the gutter cult of islam that was invented by the pedophilic madman, mohamat, the pig faced dog. And a giggle snort is in order when I saw dougie the creep's picture right over that of the Geico pig that I had first mistaken as a picture of mohamat the dog faced pig (pigs brothels understand him). I had to do a double take, then realized that doug's the one in the tie.
    Didn't someone mention that doug had his stomach stapled?? It looks like he popped them.

    allahu snackbar to the muslims.

  • Carolyn

    I would add that the Muslims cannot spew their anti-Semitism and anti-non-Muslim dicta. Why they always get away with it, I don't know. They must be prosecuted when it is warranted. Also,it's time for Hooper and the like to be strongly encouraged to study American History and the Constitution, and if they do not like what they learn, then, they are not compelled to live here. Period. Islamist could be substituted with Muslim, Muslimist, Jihadist, and/or, terrorist. He has his choice.


    Abe Hooper. You are a TERRORIST supporter. YOU are an ISLAMOFASCIST. You are no different than osama bin laden.

    I wish CAIR and the rest of your klan ETERNAL NAKBA!


    • kafir4life

      He's quite the fatty, too. Apparently gluttony is A-OK with his false prophet mohamat the pig faced dog.


        kafir4life AKBAR1

  • pennant8

    Islamist is a mushy word. One can assign almost any meaning to it in order to meet the needs of the moment. In my opinion a far more accurate term to define those Muslims who are causing most of the carnage throughout the world is doctrinaire Muslim. Hooper wouldn't like this term and neither do do the PC police in the West. The problem with the term doctrinaire Muslim is that it carries with it an acknowledgement that pure, doctrinaire, by the book Islam is in fact a deadly threat to non-Muslims and to lackadaisical Muslims as well. Our preoccupation with multiculturalism discourages us from drawing this obvious conclusion so we pussyfoot around it by inventing euphemisms such as Islamists, extremists, radicals, insurgents and sectarian violence.

    • Mary Sue

      they'd probably find an excuse to take issue with that term also.

    • ratonis

      Right. What is called "Islamism" is the real Islam. It is the Salafist embrace of the "rightly guided caliphs" of the 7th century who spread Islam through conquest, blood, pillage, and enforced dhimmitude. They are the real deal.

  • SoCalMike

    Who is more nauseating??
    Terrorist/supporter traitor Ibahim Hooper or the left-wing enablers who legitimize this POS???
    It would be impossible NOT to spit in his face if I ever saw it.

    • kafir4life

      You really should have more respect for your spit, Mike. I suspect if you got close enough (the face would be tough to hit with that gut running interference), the smell would be overwhelming.

  • rightwingcanadian

    we have an even more laughable figure here in Canada by the name of syed soharwardy (google him) who once said when Muslim women couldn't wear the burka during citizenship ceremonies he said Muslims are being persecuted like the Jews by the nazis.

    • Mary Sue

      oh yeah i remember that bs.

  • TimN

    Dear Ibrahim
    Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist
    I hope this clears up any misunderstandings.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      You left out dirtbag, murdering scum Islamist and batrastid Islamist to name a few but well don TimN.

    • kafir4life

      Doug's a bit of an islamist chuncky monkey too. His islamists are attempting to build an orbiting bomb that could be launched from islamist dougie's belt and into orbit around that islamist gut.

  • Drakken

    CAIR and the rest of the alphabet soup islamist organizations are muslim terrorist, muslim financers and islamist propaganda fronts. The day is coming where we in the west will deal with these islamist traitors and the Quislings sympathizers in their own bloody coin, ole dougy hooper reminds me of the little kid who cried wolf one too many times,sooner or later the wolf is going to have a very good meal.

  • dionissismitropoulos

    He complains that news reports unfairly focus on Islamists and notes that there are no news reports of “Christianist,” “Hinduist,” or “Judaist” political leaders.

    Maybe it's because Christians and Jews and atheists (like me) don't detonate themselves?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      There are news reports, the Christians, Hindus and Jews are listed under victims.

  • Mike in VA

    This is obviously another attempt by the Islamofascists at CAIR to intimidate non-Muslims from using a term that Muslims have no problem using themselves, often in the most pejorative terms.

    This is a typical tactic of terrorist-supporting Islamists who attempt to portray criticism of Islamists and their jihadist champions as anti-Muslim hate-mongering, as if all Muslims are Islamists and jihadists. This might work on ignorant Leftist invertebrates who have never traveled outside the United States, but no one else is buying this skullduggery.

    • Andy Lewis

      And isn't "Islamofascist" already effectively a banned term? I say we should bring it back.

  • Brujo Blanco

    If we cannot acknowledge evil we cannot do anything about it.

  • Barbara Griffith

    I believe the word Islamist was one of the words that the Muslim Brotherhood told the FBI that they had to remove from their training manual. They demanded that all references to Islam be removed from what I read about what went on.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Well, since CAIR wants us to refrain from using the term 'Islamists,' I recommend we use it all the more! Let's also refer to Muhammad as the 'pedophile prophet,' and instead of saying as do the Islamists, 'May peace be upon him,' let's instead say, 'May pig piss be upon him'! The Muslims are evil and they want to destroy all white, western and civilized nations. Don't treat them with respect, and warn your children of the dangers of this hideous and murderous religion. They are at war with us and we better wake up real soon!

  • Latinfidel

    This sorry a$$hole is right for once. People should drop the term "Islamist" and use the more correct terms "Islam" or "Muslim" when refering to each and every one of their evil, despicable acts, whether they are deception, murder, treason, destruction, infiltration, intrussion, lying or any other similar acts muslims excel at.

  • Thomas Abraham

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  • jakespoon

    "The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam."- barack obama. He might be on board ,too.If he succeed in squashing the second amendment, the first can't be far behind.

  • Questions

    Actually, I reject the term "Islamist" for reasons that are the opposite of those given by CAIR shill Ibrahim Hooper (in his former life known as Doug Hooper). The term implicitly assumes that the majority of Muslims are "good"; it's just a handful of bad apples, you see — "Islamists" — who are making all the mayhem.

    The reality is that virtually all Muslims are enablers of terrorists, even if only a relatively small portion among them carry out the dirty deeds. My preferred term: "Islam." Jihad is what Islam is all about. It's certainly what Ibrahim Hooper is all about.

  • Christopher Logan

    "Muslims who can’t practice their version of Islam without violating these rules, accurately warrant the label “Islamist.”
    "Muslims who can’t practice their version of Islam without violating these rules, accurately warrant the label “Islamist.”

    No, they warrant the label MUSLIM. It would helpful if non-Muslims such as this author stop trying to reinvent what Islam is. Not naming the enemy is one of the reasons we are losing this war. Enough with the politically correct nonsense.

  • Christopher Logan

    I have to wonder if the author of this article has any actual knowledge on Islam itself. Islam is political, and I would love for her to show me where in the Islamic scriptures the word "Islamist" is used.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Islamist is just the abbreviated form of the more accurate and descriptive, but unwieldly proper term, Islamic imperialist, supremacist, jihadist, racist, fascist, misogynist, aggressionist.

  • Anamah

    Are Islamists kidding? How would they like to be called?

  • Ghostwriter

    This Hooper is turning into a real slimeball here.

    • JacksonPearson

      Ibrahim Hooper's a turd with no clean ends.

    • Questions

      "Turning into" a slimeball? He's been a slimeball all along. That's how he won his present job.