France Fights Public School Islamism

Sharia4FranceBurqasSecular France wants nothing to do with religion.  Yet, it has been forced to grapple with its increasing Islamization that appears to be spinning out of control.  The French Education Minister has a new plan to push back:  a secularism charter in every public school.  However, France’s misguided efforts are unlikely to solve the problem.

France is officially a secular country with separation of church and state.  There is no state religion and everyone is free to believe or not believe as they wish.  The expression of religious faith is permitted within the boundaries of public order.  All creeds are respected and treated equally under the law.  But, unlike America which has true religious freedom and allows religion in the public square so long as one religion is not favored over another, the principles underlying France’s 1905 Laïcité laws call for the cleansing of religion from State functions and institutions.  Therefore, despite the fact that France’s  Constitution claims otherwise, secularism reigns supreme over faith.

In recent years, France’s secular underpinnings have been challenged.  Largely due to faulty immigration policies, France is quickly becoming the most Islamized country in Europe.  Approximately 200,000 people immigrate legally into France every year, and another 200,000 people immigrate illegally.  Currently, approximately 10 percent of France’s population is Muslim (an estimated 4.7 – 10 million people) and the numbers are rising.

Muslim immigrants pose a severe threat to French secularism and therefore to the nation’s identity.  Many Muslim immigrants show little interest in assimilating, learning French, or integrating into mainstream society.

Increasingly, Islamic institutions and practices are replacing French secular traditions.  Muslim University students are demanding separation of the sexes, excused absences for religious reasons, and pressuring universities to alter their curriculums.

In some areas, there are Muslim enclaves governed by Sharia law.  In these “no-go zones” government officials have de facto relinquished control.  Police, firemen, and even ambulances refrain from entry.  At last count, France had 751 “Sensitive Urban Zones”, as these areas are euphemistically called.

The French are loosing control in other regions of the country as well to groups of Muslims who regularly violate State laws.  For example, in some locales Muslims block traffic and fill the streets for Jummah prayers on Fridays, in violation of French law.  Yet, the police stand idly by.  There are numerous other examples along the same lines.

In recent years, the French government has been trying to push back against the Islamization of its country.  It has introduced several initiatives in an attempt to enforce its secular principles.

For example, in 2010, the Parliament passed a law making it illegal to wear a full face veil in public.  Though the Islamic burqa was not specifically named in the legislation, everyone knew that the burqa was the target of the bill.  In 2004, the government outlawed all religious symbols and attire in public schools.  Students can no longer wear yomikas, crosses, or hijabs to school.

Now on August 26, 2013 the French Education Minister Vincent Peillon has announced that the government will post a secularism charter in each of its 55,000 public schools by the end of September.  The purpose of the charter is to remind students and teachers of France’s secular underpinning and restore “secular morality”.  Some of the items embodied in the charter mirror France’s Constitution, reiterating that there is no State religion and emphasizing separation of religion and state.

Additional items listed in the Charter expressly assert that the school is a secular institution, students are prohibited from proselytizing, and that students are disallowed from demanding excused absences or challenging class lessons based on their religion.

Minister Peillon’s true thoughts on the role of secularism in the Republic are revealed in his 2008 book titled, “The Revolution is not Over”, published by Seuil.  In it he asserts that the purpose of secular education is “to remove the student from all forms of determinism, whether familial, ethnic or social” in order to “enable each student to emancipate himself”.  He states that the goal of the school is to produce “a free individual, emancipated from all guardianships: political, religious, familial, social – so that he can make his own choices….”

His writings aspire to a new religion …. that of secularism, as indicated by his language:  “the Republican system is forced to invent a new metaphysics and a new religion in which man can transcend himself… It is not a religion of God made man… It is a religion of the man who creates himself thought constant movement”.  He expressly states that socialism needs a new religion to take the place of the old and that Secularism can be that religion.  His claims that done properly, this can create a “new birth”, “a transubstantiation” and “a new Church”.

Apparently, he and other officials in the French government believe that true religion is the problem and that squelching it in favor of a secular manmade religion is the solution.

To date, there is no evidence that such an approach will work.  At the current rate of Muslim immigration combined with its high birth rates, France will be a Muslim majority country in 23 years.

The measures instituted by the French government are largely symbolic.  The government doesn’t appear to have the fortitude to enforce French secularism by doling out consequences for serious infractions of French law committed in the name of Islam, whether in the no-go zones or elsewhere.

True religion is not the problem.  Religions that operate within the spiritual sphere, respecting the laws of the land are not a threat to the fabric of French society.  There is no reason to repress the religious freedom of all because of the problems posed by only one “religion” that seeks to impose itself on unbelievers.  The government must acknowledge that those who seek parallel societies run by Sharia law constitute a subversive political movement, cloaking itself in the language of religion.  France must treat the movement accordingly.  If it doesn’t, the Islamist threat will continue to erode the foundations of French society.

This article was commissioned by Islamist Watch,  a project of the Middle East Forum.

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  • davarino

    The west has to start turning back muslim immigrants. They dont get along well with others and we have no need for them.

    • defcon 4

      I wish I could believe that.

  • Pastorius

    The article states there are 4.7 to 10 million Muslims.

    France has a population of approximately 50 million people, I believe.

    This means 10-20% of the population is Muslim.

    France does not count people by religious affiliation. It is against their secular tradition.

    Back in 2003, when I began paying attention to this issue, it was THEN estimated that 10% of France’s population was Muslim.

    I suspect the number is more like 20% now.

    Do you have any numbers on how that will translate into 50+% within 23 years? Where did you get that statistic from? It would help to be able to make the point with people other than those of us who really watch these things.

    • Gus

      65,8 millions inhabitants.

  • Aizino Smith

    “France will be a Muslim majority country in 23 years.’

    So in 20 years after that the Louvre will have been looted an burnt down. the French language a a dead language. But socialists and their multi-culturalists will deem themselves successful because they had more power for longer than those stupid conservatives.

    I think France would have lasted longer and been more French under the NAZIs.

    • bjedwards

      Nazis, Progressives, Marxists – all the same.

      • Aizino Smith

        I hesitated writing the last sentence. I can see Himmler wiping out French Culture. But I do not know if he would have been able to depose Hitler or succeed him.

        I kind of think that as Waffen SS was growing in size to the army and many of them were foreigners from Nordic and Romance countries that they might have something to say about hegemony becoming racial and cultural suicide. Hitler had an Iron cross. Himmler did not. It made a difference.

        Maybe I place too much importance on an incident when a Nordic SS officer cadet and a German instructor got into a heated argument over the eventual fate of the conquered European countries. Maybe it was just NATSI taqqiyya. It did take about 3 days to make a decision. The instructor went to the front.

        But yeah they are all the same. the longer they NATSI would have been in power the longer they would have had to loot and destroy culture.

        The left always denies that the NATSIs are part of the left. at most a few academics will say it was a syncretic mix of left and right.

        All the same

  • Northern Leo

    Right now the French-speaking province of Quebec here in Canada is trying to bring in legislation (called a Charter of Values) that, among other things, will prohibit all government workers from wearing any kind of religious clothing or symbols — from turbans and yarmulkes to large crucifixes and burquas. It’s a very ham-fisted way in trying to deal with minorities in the province who are perceived to be not French enough. The sad reality is that what made Quebec distinctive through most of its history is not the language so much as the Catholic religion. But Quebecers have largely repudiated their Catholic heritage over the last couple of decades. By throwing out the baby (what remains of their distinctive Catholic heritage) with the bathwater (all forms of religious identification) they are achieving nothing. It seems highly unlikely that this legislation is going to pass.

    • Van Grungy

      I always ask militant atheists what will replace culture in a world that magically drops all forms of religion.

      • defcon 4

        The atheists must be living under a rock if they think muslimes are going to abandon their death cult. In any conflict between the amoral, apathetic atheists and islam, I know who I’ll be betting on to win.

        • madge hirsch

          You really do spout crap. Most western Christians are too busy interfaithing or turning their eyes away from the slaughter of their fellow Christians in the Middle East.

          • defcon 4

            I agree w/your last point. However, I notice most atheists reserve their vitriol for Christianity, while soft balling islam, or worse yet, defending it.

          • Jacobite2

            That’s because Christianity is their immediate problem. Also, as Christians lost their faith, they replaced it with tolerance, which means, in the struggle between good and evil, they are neutral. This creates a hothouse atmosphere for atheism and it’s grown amazingly, like any other pestilence not kept down. Original Sin, baby!

          • defcon 4

            You’re right. Apathetic amorality isn’t just a problem among atheists, but I despise the way some atheists paint Christianity w/the same brush as islam, while muslimes are busily murdering and persecuting Christians all over the world (incl. Dearbornistan, Michigan).

  • madge hirsch

    To say that America has true religious freedom may be true but unlike France it does not have true freedom of belief as those who have no belief and openly acknowledge it face rreal problems in being elected to public office. I have no idea whether my President (François Hollande) has religious beliefs or not. I don’t want to know and I believe that a person’s relationship or lack of it with some Supreme Being who might or might not exist should remain a private affair. This is the essence of laïcité. Hollande is probably an atheist but I do not believe that an American could be elected President without professing belief in God even if secretly he did not believe. There is still lots of evidence of religion here. I live in rural France and giant crucifixes and Virgin Mary statues abound in many villages. Most villages ring their church bells 3 times a day. But most French people even those who profess themselves Catholics or Protestants support the principle of laïcité. I think this author’s ideas are simplistic.

    • Van Grungy

      Muslims are going to force Faith into the open by demanding native French choose between submitting to islam or getting the “Syrian” punishment.

      • madge hirsch

        Most French people do not have any faith to be forced into the open. But all polls show a lot of dislike of Islam. People are being driven to violence. Last week a supermarket manager stabbed a “jeune”(code for young Muslim male) who was part of a gang who repeatedly came into his shop to steal.They were throwing cans of Coke at his pregnant wife who had tried to stop them and he just lost his rag. He has a lot of sympathy.

        • JVR

          True, he did that, but the French state will still punish him, pregnant wife or not. Any state would, as the state has a monopoly on violence. The reality is that as the Muslim population grows in France, they will (democratically) affect French policies. Their influence will expand, and I assume they will eventually set the terms whereby they live in France.

          The pure lien French are too far gone already to prevent this from happening. Instead, they will convert in large numbers to become part of the new power center. Independent observers may argue that a Catholic France would have been a better place, but I doubt whether this will be thought or even cross the minds of the French once Islam is the dominant (but not even majority) religion.

          What happened in France is that the separation of church and state turned into a throwing out of the baby with the bath-water. The French future is now like that of the Byzantium Empire once it turned Muslim — it forgot its past, accepted the Muslim future, and existed as such. In the same way the French will forget what they once were and live the Muslim future. Sure, at the transition some might object, but they are far too few to stop a historic process of this size and momentum. What has to be done to stop this is far too large and inhumane to be possible — so I consider this a done event.

          Do I feel sorry about it. Yes, in some way. The French were at some point the center of Western culture — a beautiful tapestry of art and culture, intellectually rich, emotionally deep. Even recently the French had amazing artists in the Western tradition such as Edith Piaff — the New France will not match this.

          On the other hand, banning Christianity as essential to your cultural identity, and replacing it with a neo-Marxist ideology, has consequences. One consequence is that a more potent cultural ideology will take over. And so this will happen. Compared to the barren and stripped populace of France, her immigrant Muslims have a fecund and pregnant quality. My money is on them to achieve dominance, and to impose their culture and views on a decadent people.

          • defcon 4

            The fate of France would seem to be the fate of Western civilisation.

    • defcon 4

      Keep drinking the kool aid, or in your case whine.

      • madge hirsch

        What exactly am I whining about? Oh perhaps you mean wine.

        • defcon 4

          You find the author’s ideas “simplistic”. Doesn’t France have no-go areas controlled by muslimes now?

  • bjedwards




  • ObamaYoMoma

    Someone please tell France that Islam isn’t a faith-based religion, and anyone who believes otherwise is just plain ignorant of the texts and tenets of Islam.

    Indeed, the first and foremost prerequisite of Islam is the total, complete, and unconditional submission to the “will of Allah” under the penalty of death for blasphemy and apostasy of all Muslims, and what is the “will of Allah”? In essence it is Sharia, i.e., Islamic totalitarian law. As a matter of fact, the word “Islam” in Arabic means “submission”, while the word “Muslim” in Arabic means “one who submits”.

    How many faith-based religions compel faith via total, complete, and unconditional submission under the penalty of death for blasphemy and apostasy? The answer, of course, is none of them.

    Faith-based religions in stark contrast to Islam embody the freedom of conscience, while Islam, on the other hand, requires total, complete, and unconditional submission to Islamic totalitarian law under the penalty of death for blasphemy and apostasy, and that means that Islam is a very totalitarian cult as opposed to being a faith-based religion

    Furthermore, when you take into account the infamous sword verses of the Koran together with the universally accepted throughout Islam doctrine of abrogation, it becomes crystal clear that the sole fundamental purpose of Islam is to subjugate into Islamic totalitarianism all religions and all infidels through violent and non-violent jihad and the eventual imposition of Sharia, which again is Islamic totalitarian law. Again, how many faith-based religions have as their fundamental sole purpose the subjugation of all religions and all infidels into their brand of totalitarianism through holy fighting and the imposition of their own brand of totalitarian law similar to Islam? Again, of course, the answer is none of them.

    Moreover, the highest pillar of which Islam stands is jihad as jihad is a fundamental holy obligation incumbent upon all Muslims in one form or another. Thus, all Muslims are jihadists in one form or another. Otherwise, they are blasphemous apostates that according to the texts and tenets of Islam must be executed. Indeed, there is no freedom of conscience in Islam.

    As a matter of fact, mass Muslim immigration to the West is in reality stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad for the very devious purpose of demographic conquest. Indeed, the threat of violent jihad attacks pales in comparison to the threat of stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad, as France, for instance, is literally becoming Islamic before our eyes without opposition.

    • Softly Bob

      Agreed. Well said.

    • madge hirsch

      No one needs to tell us. There are plenty French language counter jihad sites that have been around as long as American sites. There is opposition here. The TV news for the last week has talked of very little else than the huge surge in support the polls show for Marine le Pen. If you can’t read or speak French then you get a partial view of what is actually going on here. Things are bad but people are aware of it and getting more and more pissed off. But at least we don’t have a mainstream media who fawns all over a POTUS who if not a closet Muslim gives a good impression of being one.

      • defcon 4

        Wasn’t Brigitte Bardot (of all people) arrested not once but twice for criticising the religion of peace in France? Personally, I think France needs a second Revolution.

        • Jacobite2

          It’s becoming clear that France died in the first Revolution. The first seriously secular state of any note on earth was the USSR. They lasted 70 years and killled tens of millions. Today the Russian Orthodox Church is legal and we’ll see if their society can be reborn. No state or nation has ever existed in history without some religion or other (for longer than 70 years, as stated) so there’s no precedent to refer to. In any case, France will die because nobody can beat ‘something’ with ‘nothing’.

          • defcon 4

            I agree w/you, the apathetic amorality of those who believe in nothing certainly doesn’t seem to inspire them with the courage to face down islam0nazism.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    If it doesn’t, the Islamist threat will continue to erode the foundations of French society.

    Sorry but there are no Islamists, i.e., radical Muslims, since all Muslims in the world are jihadists in one form or another. Otherwise, they are blasphemous apostates that according to the texts and tenets of Islam must be executed. Indeed, Islam isn’t a faith-based religion that embodies the freedom of conscience. Instead, it is a very totalitarian cult that forbids the freedom of conscience under the penalty of death. Hence, since all Muslims are jihadists in one form or another, which ones would the writer suggest are radical, i.e., Islamists, relative to the ones that are not? Of course, the existence of so-called Islamists, i.e., radical Musims, is an unhinged political correct myth.

  • theBuckWheat

    At its core Islam is waging a war in slow motion against the secular west. Because this war is one of spiritual values, it must be fought on that basis and secular people are disarmed and clueless. Soon, elites will wake up to the fact that the only way you can counter a virulent and hostile religion is with another religion. Elites in Europe have long called upon the Roman Church to step into society and culture where the elites could not. However this is resolved, the experiment in achieving a secular utopia via multiculturalism has been a very dangerous failure that will not end peacefully.

    • defcon 4

      It’s not a slow motion war to the Christians of Pakistain, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Egypt. It’s not a slow motion war to the Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists living in the Indian sub-continent. It’s not a slow motion war for the Zoroastrians, Jews and Bahai of Iran. It’s not a slow motion war for the atheists of Bangladesh. It’s not a slow motion war for the unfortunate najjis kuffar in W. Papua New Guinea.

    • madge hirsch

      Rubbish. Countries like France fought long and hard against clericalism. That is what the 1905 law was all about. Hardly anyone here attends church regularly. Most villages have to share a priest and can only have Mass once a month. We have what you might term a post Christian culture in Western Europe. Secularism here has nothing to do with multiculturalism which is a much later development. Nobody except a few monarchist/Catholiic nutters wants to give any power back to the Church. Unfortunately the struggle to remove the Roman Catholic Church’s influence was so long ago people forget how bitter it was and how there must be the same sort of struggle to resist Islamisation. But to suggest you can thrust any sort of Christianity down the throats of people who no longer believe in God at all is daft.

      • defcon 4

        At least the Catholics fought the islam0nazis (sometimes to the death), while today’s amoral lieberals embrace it or lay down for it.

        • Jacobite2

          Somebody once said that the French Resistance is the only object that appears larger and larger the farther away from it you get. Such as it was, I believe many of those involved were atheistic Communists/Leftists. Hard-core Catholics had no use for the atheists ruling France, so why fight the Germans (who weren’t declared atheists or druids or whatever, no matter what Hitler might have had in mind for later)? And these same Catholics had observed the Jews’ leading role in the French Left (just as in Germany) and were happy to get rid of them. America is going to experience this soon, just as the very same USSR did when the Wehrmacht invaded Russia. While Stalin hid under a desk in his dacha, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church got on the radio and rallied Russians to fight “The Great Patriotic War” as even the Commies referred to it. If there’s one word more terrifying to a Jew than Christianity, it’s patriotism, since this leaves the Jews out as aliens.

          • defcon 4

            I was referring to the Catholics of the Reconquista and those who fought at the gates of Vienna, but I see your point.

  • 8ball

    “He states that the goal of the school is to produce “a free individual, emancipated from all guardianships: political, religious, familial, social – so that he can make his own choices….”

    And unburdened with any knowledge of the world or history.

    • defcon 4

      NOt merely unburdened w/any knowledge of the world of history, but propagandized w/a world history in which islam is a tolerant, peaceful faith of sheep herders being persecuted by the evil Christians.

  • Walter Sieruk

    With the rise of Islam in France it’s only a matter of time before the awful,terrible , and murders actions of suicide/homocide bombings occur in that country. These heinous bombing and attacks are the result of the irrational ,far-fetched and nonsensical and strange Islamic belief of people in the teaching from the Quran and other written works of Islam of a paradise with many virgins for the jihadist who dies as a “martyr” for the cause of Islam. Thus much murders and mayhem are the outcome of this Islamic belief. To put this in another way ,this type of thing may be explained by the words of the French philosopher, Voltaire, who wrote “As long as men contiune to believe in absurities they will continue to commit atrocities.”

  • Walter Sieruk

    France doesn’t need the problem of Islamic contamination. France in now infected withthe plague of Islam. France may well well have its problems but the new one of being contaminated with and by Islam is sure a new problem that France doesn’t need.

  • roccolore

    Muslims hate Europe but love the European welfare benefits.

  • Tradewinds

    Good for the French.. Now it is America’s turn to take back our schools..

  • doruss03

    Brave for French. Keep this up because it is needed. You can’t let your country be islamized. If they don’t want to listen load them up and take them where they came from.

  • Raj Modi

    Once I was in Air Fance traveling to New Delhi from JFK. A well educated, an engineer, of Algerian ethnicity, who was born in France joined me from Paris. On 9 hours long flight, we exchanged lots of ideas. I was stunned to know that he and his brother, both Arabs, were married to French white christian women, but when I asked what about your sister. He turned almost violent, as if I had insulated his family. He said, his sister has to marry only a Muslim Arab man. I asked why such difference, when both you are your brother were married to Christian French?

    There was no answer, except rigid look at me.

    Basically, marry as many as “other religion” women and convert them and their off springs to Islam. Look at BBC report of grooming Sikh girls by Muslims in UK.

    Islam wants to over power this world with their hateful philosophy.

    Civilized world must stop it.

  • Golam Dawood

    lol … very little in this article is actually true.

  • paul2081

    Anyone illegal that’s a lawbreaker is a threat to national stability. If mosque imams will not help France assimulate their foreigners encouraging adopting dress and customs, they constitute a threat to national stability and be banned from ever preaching in public: either depose them to Alba or deport them without future French citizenship.