Support for Dorner Is Troubling

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all with the Sandy Hook murders of a classroom full of children, America experiences another new low: A man named Christopher Dorner murders (as of this writing) three innocent people in order to air personal grievances. And his grievances are given serious attention by the national media, not to mention left-wing websites.

To better understand this, imagine the outcry if, let us say, a white student who was certain that he was denied admission to a prestigious university because of affirmative action, murdered a university official and the daughter of the dean of admissions and her fiance.

Imagine further that this man had posted a lengthy manifesto delineating how unfairly he had been treated by that university, and that he would continue to murder admissions department officials until the university admitted he was wrongfully rejected.

And imagine if the murderer had listed Fox News and conservative talk show hosts as media personalities he admired, as Dorner listed Chris Matthews, Tavis Smiley and Soledad O’Brien, among others, nearly all on the left.

Finally, imagine how the media, and perhaps the president himself, would have reacted.

A tsunami of vilification of conservatives and of conservative media would have ensued. We would be told 24/7 that talk radio is hate radio and that Fox News should be ostracized from civilized company. We would be told how right-wing hate had produced such a murderous man.

Moreover the murderer would be labeled exactly what he was, a murderer, and would not be regarded by any conservatives as in any way heroic. Conservative commentators would, rightly, outdo one another in condemnation of the murderer.

This has not been the case with Christopher Dorner. He is widely depicted as a man with legitimate grievances that caused him to “snap.” His “manifesto” is widely read and often praised, a Facebook page has been set up to defend him, and thousands of commentators on left-wing sites concentrate their fury on the Los Angeles Police Department, while portraying Dorner sympathetically.

It is important to remember that Dorner murdered a young woman and her fiance simply because she was the daughter of a cop — the man who acted as Dorner’s defense advocate in the LAPD proceedings against him.

But as one comment on a left-wing site noted, that was a good idea because if the cop had been murdered, he wouldn’t have suffered, but if his daughter and her fiance‚ are murdered, then the cop would experience real pain until he died.

Any public figure, especially any member of the clergy, who does not unambiguously condemn Dorner as a psychopathic murderer, is failing in his or her duty. This is not the time to discuss allegations of racism in the Los Angeles Police Department. For one thing, being wrongfully dismissed from a job — if, indeed, that is what happened to Dorner — inhabits a different moral universe than murder. For another, the more the public pays attention to this murderer’s “manifesto,” the more murders-for-attention will take place.

How could any number of self-pitying angry individuals who see themselves as victims not get the idea that murdering people is a great way to get people to take you and your grievances seriously?

Constance Rice, a prominent Los Angeles civil rights attorney, a black woman called by NPR last year the “Conscience Of The City [Los Angeles],” wrote in a Los Angeles Times op-ed column about “the disturbing support for Dorner’s manifesto from the black community on the Internet and on black radio.”

And Rice, who has said that she woke up every day for years wondering how she could sue the Los Angeles Police Department for alleged abuses, went on to write, “Dorner is absolutely wrong when he states in the manifesto that ‘the department has not changed since the Rampart and Rodney King days’. … The good guys are now in charge of LAPD culture.”

But that apparently does not matter to the many black Americans who have so much anger and so clearly define themselves as victims that they will, in too many cases, support black murderers — from OJ Simpson to Christopher Dorner.

What we have here is another proof that nothing leads to murder and other evils more than a sense of victimization. This is true for nations, just as it is for individuals. The German sense of victimization led to World War II. Dorner believes himself to be a victim and consequently feels entitled to murder.

But the real victims are decomposing in their graves.

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  • AnOrdinaryMan

    This guy–Dorner–is trying to start a race war; and the scumbag media make him out to be a victim.

  • pinnie

    Dorner is an animal..taught to hate and loves it.The left…taught to hate and loves it.They live hate for a variety of reasons .this fool gets a casket… the Race pushers get a big pay day…Put him down as soon as possible,before he hurts or kills someone else.

  • NotAmerican

    Wow. Can someone say spin? All that "left-wing" stuff in his manifesto was added in and the original one keeps getting taken offline whenever someone posts it. Why do people keep trying to make this a left-right political issue when it's a guy who witnessed brutality, racism, and corruption within an organization that is supposed to protect people? The video of the man who was beaten by Dorner's training officer surfaced online, giving validity to the claims within the manifesto, and the police have already shot up three innocent people who clearly looked nothing like Dorner in looking for him. The police have now reopened the case files to look into Dorner's claims and dismissal because they know something isn't right here.

    Did Dorner over-react? Yes. I don't see him as a victim, and I don't know what news you're watching because every major news channel is condemning his actions or suggesting that he's nuts from PTSD, but you do have to admit that this man went through every legal option to hear his complaints about problems within the LAPD and ended up disgraced and dismissed.

    Again, what's with Americans and this dichotomy between "left" and "right" and quickly using any news whatsoever to attack the other side? If you want to see where his biggest support lies it's actually on right-wing image boards. A lot of "left-wing" people support him too, and this just shows that he speaks to concerns across the political spectrum.

    • Charles Wenzel

      Prager should add your 'post' as a PS for more evidence in support of his assertion of just how myopic a significant part of our society is.

      • slider 96

        Hope you're not referring to the types posting and the authors tossing out the redmeat for them , as " a significant pat of our society " , because they are NOT . They're nothing more than a vocal minority , issuing paranoid and hatefull screeds . Believing any lie that suits their warped views , all the while claiming to be the "super-patriots" , that they are NOT .Nor are they Conservatives , they are of the plantation mentality , throwbacks as it were . The Confederacy attempting a rebirth . But they are fast petering out .

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      "Why do people keep trying to make this a left-right political issue when it's a guy who witnessed brutality, racism, and corruption within an organization that is supposed to protect people?" Nobody is trying to make this a left-right political issue. That was done by Dorner himself, who unabashedly castigated anyone who criticized Obama, in his manifesto; putting words in the critic's mouths, in a very direct and intimidating way. "Did Dorner over-react?" No, he went way beyond that, and murdered four innocent people.(the casualty list is now four) How many people who witness "brutality, racism, and corruption,"react by indulging in murder? When are you going to stop giving animals like Dorner a pass? Dorner is trying to start a race war; thus he's intimidated the LAPD into re-opening his case.

      • NotAmerican

        A response to a combination of all three posts above:
        How am I myopic and how is my post at all an expression of a paranoid and hateful mind? It's not. Apparently I have "warped views" for trying to interrogate the false dichotomy that permeates American political discourse (left vs right) which effaces the intricacies and differences on each side. Politics is much more nuanced than left vs right, but perhaps this binary way of thinking is the consequence of having a two-party state (with small independent runners in between that not many people pay attention to).

        Dorner did not make it a left-right political issue. Again, if you've read my post you'll see that I mentioned that his manifesto was actually doctored. I've been following this story since it broke and the originally manifesto didn't have this "liberal/left-wing" crap added.

        In no way am I giving Dorner a pass, and I don't think he's trying to start a race war. That's absurd and betrays a conspiracy-mindset. I think, in his own perverse way, he's seeking some sense of justice. His actions are inexcusable and no one should respond to brutality, racism, and corruption with murder; however, his claims are still worth investigating because the we can't stand to have a faulty police force "protecting" people. And by the way, they've done a real bang-up job protecting people from Dorner. In fact, their casualty count is almost as much as Dorner's. They shot 3 innocent people and then burned Dorner alive. Great. Real justice there.

        I'm not even going to apologize for critically engaging the original post by Prager. Apparently I should just gobble up all of his views like you three.

  • Asher

    So, The Left, which is totally against guns supports a rogue Cop who was fired, and also shot the daughter and husband of the man who defended him, plus shooting and killing 2 other officers. The hypocricy is staggering. This is more excuses for killing, just like excuses for Jihad…the left and Islam are One. So if guns are the problem, then why are they supporting this maniac with guns? Ask yourselves that one. Demonic.

    • ThinkingConservative

      Do Americans not teach logic in their public schools? What is this "left"? Some all encompassing hive mind where everyone thinks the same? One lefty supports gun control; therefore, all lefties do? Is this what Americans really believe in their two-party state? Must be great thinking the world is that simple.

      How are the left and Islam one? The Muslims are very conservative minded people in their values, with the exception of honour killings (which not ever Islamic person believes in). Again, you take an entity with many divisions – Islam – and simplify it as one thing, and then conflate it with "the left".

      Silly Americans, maybe one day you will be intelligent and stop making sweeping generalizations and oversimplifications about complex issues. Until then, the rest of the industrialized world's citizens will laugh at your failing state filled with trigger-happy police and citizens.

      • EarlyBird

        This is not a conservative website. It is a far right, extremist propaganda site. This is not a place where thinking is encouraged or helped.

        • ThinkingConservative

          I wasn't sure. It came up under Google News. Perhaps Google should rethink its understanding of news?

      • reader

        "The Muslims are very conservative minded people in their values, with the exception of honour killings (which not ever Islamic person believes in)."

        This could only a moron write – thinking or not. Thank you very much. And, by the way, I'm not an American born, if this is what matters to you – not that I care.

    • EarlyBird

      Prager is just lying again.

      There is absolutely zero "support" or "sympathy" for Dorner either on the left or the right. In our world of 24/7 "news," they need to fill air time. Dorner's thousands-of-words screed explains his motives and is fully relevant to everyone. Asking and trying to understand "why" is not an attempt to excuse evil actions.

      Prager knows this, but his job in life is to build a non-existent "left," and attack it. A once good man has become a hack.

  • artur

    You americans are idiots. Bless God for this guy, because there is no another way to fight corruption. he is not gonna make it, but he is gonna show, what angry citizen can do. Remember, the authirities are made to serve the people, not the opossite. sorry for my english. CHRIS, SMART PEOPLE ARE WITH YOU, GOOD LUCK ON HUNTING AND DON'T LET THEM HUNT AS LONG AS YOU CAN!!!

    • EarlyBird

      Go away, artur.

    • jakespoon

      He lost all credibility when he shot and killed innocent people. The coward shot and killed the daughter of his former superior officer,and her fiance. He's no better than any terrorist any where in the world. Screw him,and you too,maggot.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    OJ Simpson….part II

  • Mike pierce

    I want to know if he is Muslim! This would also be why he has support and possibly a network of protection.

    • EarlyBird

      YEAH Mike! He's GOT to be a Muslim! And I bet he's for higher taxes and for taking "In God We Trust" off of money, and he crosses his fingers whenever he pledges allegiance! I bet he watches Rachel Maddows between murders, and he's for librul gun control and is a commie too!

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Dorner proudly cites as sources not Marx or Mao but the likes of MSNBC's Chris Matthews and CNN's Piers Morgan.

    What he has absorbed from these news people is less a political philosophy than a generalized sense of moral superiority.

    ~ – DORNER: The new O.J. SIMPSON! …..

    WATTS going on here is not exactly clear…


  • bowingkohin

    I've felt for a long time that there is a sub-culture of radical law enforcement officers and whenever one goes against the grain/policy, they set him/her up for the eraser

  • oldschooltwentysix

    Agree completely with this column.

    I would add that aggressive religion can lead to the same thing, and when it does, to maintain that it was victimization is also troublesome.

  • Chris_Shugart

    I always thought that anyone who murders innocent people instantly loses all of their credibility as an automatic matter of course. Is that not a sensible assumption? Apparently in some circles a lack of ordinary reason is what prevails. Kind of scary.

    • EarlyBird

      Chris, absolutely nobody supports this guy one iota. This is just another desparate attempt by Prager to slime anyone to the left of him, which means, about 98% of humanity.

      • bkopicz

        That's pure BS, I have seen many posting on liberal sites (HP for one) praising Dorner. So you are either a lier or ignorant of the situation.

        • EarlyBird

          Name a single liberal website you've ever been on, and point us to a single post "praising" or even defending, Dorner.

      • Chris_Shugart

        Prager may be many things but he's hardly a slimer. There are those in the media that have lent credence to this psychopath's manifesto. Dorner lost his credibility the moment he resorted to senseless murder. Yet some in the media have suggested that he's someone who might have something meaningful to say. No. Anti social behavior does not make one a folk hero philosopher.

        • EarlyBird

          Dorner was an evil man, and I'm very happy he is dead. He wasn't insane or fighting a necessary cause, he was just an evil narcissist who believed that "clearing his name" justified killing innocent people.

          That said, the media simply shared his 11,000 word manifesto – I mean, how could it be ignored? – but that is not so "side" with the killer's reasoning.

  • BlackHawk

    There should be Zero tolerabilty of racism in Government departments

  • Fred

    First, your analogy is totally off base. Comparing police corruption to corrupt university admissions – hardly the same thing nor impact on society. The LAPD are not the good guys.

    What is appalling  is support for cops. Rodney King – how many times has that been repeated. Gun control – you want to be safer take the guns away from cops. Trigger happy bozos that shoot up three people in two different cars – just because they can. Will those thugs ever do jail time for their crime? No. They wont even be disciplined. They sure as heck will not be fired. How long in court will it take for those innocent victims to get compensated for their property loss, medical bills, pain and suffering? 

    We have this massive man hunt because three people were murdered. If three ordinary peons – mere civilians – are murdered do the cops even bother? Protect and serve? What a farce. Cops sure protect their own ass. They are a protection racket, and the protection is piss poor. 

    • EarlyBird

      Fred, you obviously hate cops. You've gone too far. This is absurd: "We have this massive man hunt because three people were murdered. If three ordinary peons – mere civilians – are murdered do the cops even bother?"

      Uh, yeah, they bother all the time, and they'd go on a manhunt if you were gunned down, too.

  • obama guy

    I know Dennis Prager, Dorner is a hero of ours on "The Left."

  • obama guy

    Good points Not American. Dorner, someone mentions O.J. Simpson here, Dan Greenfield attacks Obama, Eric Holder and the Congessional Black Caucus today. You left out Snoop Dogg. You see a pattern here. Pathetic.

    • jakespoon

      Yes,you are.

  • Steven Zak

    And don't forget the vicious sociopath Michael Vick, who had the support of Whoopi Goldberg, Jamie Foxx … and yes, the Alinskyite in Chief, Obama, who called the Eagles and thanked them for taking the sadistic Vick back. All that mattered to these morally vacuous commentators was that Vick was a brother — just as all that mattered to the vast majority of black voters was Obama's race, all the damage he intentionally inflicted on the US be damned.

  • bkopicz

    2nd that

  • Underzog

    And where is the call for gun control in all this? It would be hard to use this horrific incident as a call for gun control as the (probably deceased) Mr. Dorner is a cop and would have access to weapons even in a completely gun controlled society.

    As a matter of fact, with his victims piling up, this is an argument against gun control because citizens may need guns in case members of the government blow their stack and start killing police and civilians..

  • Robert Smith

    Nothing like the smell of burning Dorner in the early evening! That is the smell of victory in the air. Reminds me of the justice by fire the symbonese liberation army got.

  • Laurie

    Dorner needs a nickname. Maybe Main Stream Murder? MS-Murderer?

    • BillyBob

      Chocolate Rambo.