1 in 4 ObamaCare Applications are Bugged


1 in 4. Or as ObamaCare’s media defenders would say, a tiny minority. I bet most of them also belong to white males.

After refusing for weeks to detail the extent of back-end problems with healthcare.gov, the Obama administration on Friday said a technical bug affected approximately 25 percent of enrollments on the federal exchanges in October and November.

Those technical bugs, separate from the troubles consumers had experienced accessing information on the website during the first two months, are posing a significant new problem for those who signed up and are expecting insurance coverage come Jan. 1.

One in four of those applications either did not get transferred to insurers, were transferred in duplicate form, or had major errors in information shared.

Insurers are supposed to receive the 834 Forms from healthcare.gov. The forms, meant to be read by computers, provide insurers with information on enrollees and what plan they have chosen. Without the information, insurers have no way of knowing who has signed up on the Obamacare exchanges and what coverage they need.

Shouldn’t be a problem. This is just like Amazon.com which also gets 1 out of 4 orders wrong. And Kayak.com routinely books people for trips to the wrong destinations. Every fourth person just randomly gets booked for a one way trip to Benghazi.

Still if Obama Inc. is admitting to a 1 in 4 failure rate, the real failure rate is anywhere from 50 to 100 percent. That raises the question. What’s more dangerous? Trying to buy health insurance through ObamaCare or being an Obama diplomat in Benghazi?

  • Gee

    As Hillary said – “What does it matter?”

  • A Z

    H/tler had Goering, who told his him the Luftwaffe could get the job done at Dunkirk, Malta and resupplying the encircled troops Stalingrad.

    It appears that Mr Obama has his Goerings.

  • pupsncats

    Now Daniel. We know that liberal policies, procedures, laws, rules, regulations and ideology are never, ever failures.