10-Year-Old Boy Threatened with School Expulsion for Shooting Imaginary Bow

avengers 15 arrow

“I shot an arrow into the air/It fell to earth, I knew not where/For, so swiftly it flew, the sight/Could not follow it in its flight.”

I’m sorry but that Longfellow poem now falls under educational zero tolerance guidelines for describing a weapon being used. All children have already been put into kneeling position and told that they might be killed at any moment.

Johnny Jones, a fifth grader at South Eastern Middle School, was suspended for a day and threatened with expulsion under the school’s weapons policy after playfully using his hands to draw the bowstrings on a pretend “bow” and “shoot” an arrow at a classmate who had held his folder like an imaginary gun and “shot” at Johnny.

The incident took place the week of October 14th, when fifth grader Johnny Jones asked his teacher for a pencil during class. Jones walked to the front of the classroom to retrieve the pencil, and during his walk back to his seat, a classmate and friend of Johnny’s held his folder like an imaginary gun and “shot” at Johnny.

Johnny playfully used his hands to draw the bowstrings on a completely imaginary “bow” and “shot” an arrow back. Seeing this, another girl in the class reported to the teacher that the boys were shooting at each other. The teacher took both Johnny and the other boy into the hall and lectured them about disruption.

The teacher then contacted Johnny’s mother, Beverly Jones, alerting her to the “seriousness” of the violation because the children were using “firearms” in their horseplay, and informing her that the matter had been referred to the Principal.

Principal John Horton contacted Ms. Jones soon thereafter in order to inform her that Johnny’s behavior was a serious offense that could result in expulsion under the school’s weapons policy. Horton characterized Johnny’s transgression as “making a threat” to another student using a “replica or representation of a firearm” through the use of an imaginary bow and arrow.

Horton doesn’t actually know what a firearm is. But sadly there’s no zero tolerance policy for grievous ignorance or incompetence by educational personnel.

According to the South Eastern School District’s Zero Tolerance policy for “Weapons, Ammunition and other Hazardous Items,” the district prohibits the possession of “weapons,” defined as including any “knife, cutting instrument, cutting tool, nunchaku, firearm, shotgun, rifle and any other tool, instrument or implement capable of inflicting serious bodily injury.” The Student Code further prohibits any “replica” or “look-alike” weapon, and requires that the school Principal immediately contact the appropriate police department, complete an incident report to file with the school Superintendent, and begin the process of mandatory expulsion immediately

In the year 2013, for the first time in human history, imaginary weapons were outlawed. It’s quite a milestone.

Southeastern looks like a cheerful place. Its motto is “Providing progressive education to strengthen the global community.”

Providing Progressive Education to Strengthen the Global Community. We demonstrate mutual trust and collaborate to champion respect and responsibility on a local, national and global level. We recognize and nurture the value and unique abilities of all individuals as we demonstrate respect for the beliefs and ideas of one another.

So basically just the kind of place you would expect to ban imaginary bows and arrows.

“Long, long afterward, in an oak/I found the arrow, still unbroke/And the song, from beginning to end/I found again in the heart of a friend.”

  • DogmaelJones1

    “The incident took place the week of October 14th, when fifth grader Johnny Jones asked his teacher for a pencil during class.” Obviously, the teacher also missed a chance to go ballistic over the pencil, which can also be used as a weapon (or as a “firearm,” as the principal would call it, as well). She was so focused on the imaginary bow and arrow, that she overlooked a very real pencil. The next thing you, if these educational retards see a light bulb, they’ll ban pencils and other sharp objects. Maybe even chalk. And even pieces of paper that can be fashioned into imaginary pistols. The sky’s the limit.

    • A Z

      A 911 suspect used a pen as a nearly lethal weapon. They drove it into the eye socket of their attorney, who suffered brain damage as a result.

      “Some of the 1993 plotters stabbed a NYC resident, a federal prison guard deep in the eye with a pen, giving him brain damage and motor control loss for the rest of his life. He almost died. ”


      I was not looking for this, but it will work

      The left blithely handles deadly weapons every day and willingly hand them out to the children.

  • BenJabo1Machal

    Get used to it, the present mal-administration is going to tell you what to eat, think, act & play

  • Biff Henderson

    The spit wad of yesteryear is today’s biohazard delivery system. The paper airplane a lethal projectile that can maim an innocent. Chalkboard dust in the hands of a vicious child a deadly threat to asthmatics. They won’t rest until every student is issued a bubble boy containment unit.

    • CaoMoo

      A paper airplane is clearly a terrifying drone strike

  • pupsncats

    Is Longfellow banned as well? Soon any and all literature or writings that dare mention any kind of weapon will be banned from all taxpayer funded government schools.

  • A Z

    There is a hadith telling Muslims to practice archery and horsemanship. Sage counsel to be sure.

    I am also sure that these people will think better about giving these children the 5th degree in the future as it will be considered insensitive.

  • UCSPanther

    Thanks, public education, for giving private schools and homeschooling a boost in popularity.

    You have problems with low graduation rates, schools that can’t even teach kids reading or arithmetic (Skills that can ACTUALLY be of use in the real world) and inner city schools that are infested with REAL violence and disorder, and yet you get bent out of shape with kids playing with imaginary guns and medieval weapons.

    I guess its easier to harass kids engaging in imaginative play rather than to confront and deal with real problems which would require real effort on the part of the public education bureaucrats…

  • garyinetex

    This story is fiction! Notice no real locations are given.No city name,no state. NOTHING that would allow any back checking to be done! Strait up poppycock !

    • CaoMoo

      check the link at the top for article on lawyer defending kid and location. Not hard to follow up at all.

    • cscape

      417 Main Street, Fawn Grove, PA

  • Walter

    No common sense teacher an principal needs to be fired.

  • cscape

    There is a very simple solution here…. He should claim that his “imaginary” bow and arrow were of the NERF variety, and could not possibly hurt or even scare anybody

  • cscape

    The “shod foot” is considered a deadly weapon under our battery laws…. All shoes need to be banned from our schools

  • cscape

    Shakespeare…. Famously told us that “the PEN is mightier than the SWORD”…. Thus, pens need to outlawed from our schools

    • Arrimine

      So long as they are registered with the State and ink is tightly regulated a few people outside of the military should be allowed pens.

  • cscape

    Underscoring my previous comment…. WORDS of a racist nature were spray painted on a family’s home, and the entire town (Lunenberg, MA) shut down – canceling the final two HS Football games of the season (including the all-important Thanksgiving Day game), and there was a candlelight vigil attended by over 300 townfolk…..And following all this Liberal idiotic carrying on, it has come (through State Police and FBI investigation) to be known that the homeowners did it themselves to get attention

  • American

    Muh freedoms

  • Darqan Hamileria

    Soon enough, pillows will be regarded as deadly weapons of mass destruction and have a 2-month-long registry period.